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New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced

Posted by Damien McFerran

NFC, Second Circle Pad, Extra Shoulder Buttons And Improved Screens

It has been revealed during today's Japanese Nintendo Direct that Nintendo is refreshing its 3DS line of consoles with new features.

The revised hardware will include NFC as standard — for Amiibo support — a second, smaller Circle Pad, additional shoulder buttons and improved 3D viewing angles. The upper screen will also have less blur.

Nintendo has moved the placement of some key features — such as the cartridge slot and existing buttons — and has confirmed that the system will also use MicroSD instead of SD.

It is also suggested that hardware CPU has been improved, with elements such as downloading and Miiverse running faster than on a standard 3DS console. A port of the Wii RPG Xenoblade Chronicles is in the works which will only run on these new systems.

The two new models will have their own set of accessories — such as charging docks — and the smaller model will have interchangeable covers, like the GBA Micro.

Interestingly, Nintendo will be refreshing both the original 3DS and the 3DS XL (know as the 3DS LL in Japan). The systems will launch in Japan on October 11th. The New 3DS will retail for 16,000 Yen (around £93) while the New 3DS XL will cost 18,800 Yen (around £109). No release date has been confirmed for the west, but Nintendo UK has already confirmed that it won't hit Europe until 2015 at the earliest.

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We'll update this post as new information becomes available.

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User Comments (464)



WebHead said:

Yeah...I think I'm getting one of these, as I'm sure they'll come stateside.



Monsti said:

OH MY GAAAAAAAWD!!!!!!!!!! This is beyond awesome. I hope it's not too late in the 3DS's life cycle to make a difference in game development.



Detective_TeeJay said:

This is. Awesome. I have....mixed feelings about it. It's just so cool that they're doing this but...the will I get the freakin money...



twadezelda3dsxl said:

I need to get one of these. If they are released in the UK before next May I will ask for one of these for my birthday instead of a PS4 even though I already have 2 3DS XLs and a 3DS.



Peach64 said:

Well that's one way to boost it's sales. I'm sure a huge percentage will want to upgrade. As soon as they come out with the new XL in White, I'm in. Mainly for that screen. The custom plates is brilliant too. I never bought any console or handheld with a game's design all over it, as it seemed weird to me to be stuck with that one game staring at you for a whole generation, but this is perfect.



TsunamiSensei said:

The micro SD thing puts me off. I've already spent too much getting a 32 gigabyte SDHC card as is. I don't want to go buy a new one in order to play my downloaded games again.



Undead_terror said:

Oh my, I wonder when these are coming out, if I knew about this I probably would of hold out to get it....but oh well, got the dream team XL now.



Giygas_95 said:

That second pad is TINY!

The speakers on that thing had better be louder than the ones on the XL though.



Cloud-San-VII said:

I'm really gonna be out of money.
But on the bright side, I'm glad that we're on the same page for the interchangeable plates.



nathatruc said:

can't wait to upgrade to the new model, it looks so great... and Xenoblade 3ds!!!!!!!!



Drawdler said:

Glad I didn't get a second XL to replace my older one. But darn, that second circle pad looks tiiiiny! It's really cool that these'll have interchangeable covers!



Mecha_Boo said:

jeez I JUST BOUGHT 2 3DS XL'S LAST CHRISTMAS. why must you hurt me nintendo.... it hurts soooo goooood.



Kirk said:

Nintendo just caught me totally off guard for the first time in many many years and in the best possible way. It has addressed/fixed basically every single issue I ever had with the 3DS. VERY happy they've apparently solved the main issue I had with the 3DS, which was that terrible 3D viewing angle in my experience.

Totally didn't even sniff this coming and apparently neither did a single video game website either. That's actually slightly mind boggling for this day and age of the Internet leaking or even just rumouring basically everything

This is the first time I've "walked" away from a Nintendo Direct with a genuine smile on my face and no hint of disappointment at all. It came totally out of left field, I'm still slightly stunned, and I think it's going to make a LOT of 3DS systems fly off the shelves this holiday season. It could even be the first big step in the 3DS reaching DS like total sales figures by the end of the generation.

NOW...Just IMAGINE if SOMEHOW Nintendo could figure out how to address/fix basically every single issue I have with the Wii U similarly (within the realms of what's actually possible to fix at this point)...

THAT would be akin to black magic!



Trikeboy said:

I got the Zelda 3DS XL, looks like I'm upgrading to the Smash Bros New 3DS XL by the end of the year. The C stick will make it better to play. Though, I want the SNES themed buttons Can I get both?



Kawaiipikachu said:

It is also suggested that hardware has been improved, with elements such as downloading and Miiverse running faster than on a standard 3DS console.

I don't know how that would be possible without updating the highly custom dual CPU chip & if that's the case then it would make these more like 3DS successors rather than plan new 3DS models.



kenzo said:

What they haven't announced is the use of the new 3DS as a gamepad for the WiiU.

Its obvious they updated the internal hardware for a reason, now we just have to see what future proofing has gone into it.

I really want to see how good the stereo head tracking is.

Hopefully the stereo sound will also track the users head and adjust stereo accordingly. Hope they also fixed the sound volume too.

Be interesting to see what they do with the 2DS, if it gets upgraded.

Nice one Iwata San.



jenkje said:

I was wondering what to give my two sons for christmas. Now I know! Thanks Nintendo...

Oh well, maybe after christmas then... SIGH!



Poki said:

Damn, Nintendo! Just make the screens four times the resolution (so that old games still look great) and update the GPU and you'd have the perfect 3DS successor!



allav866 said:

People complained when the XL didn't have a second Circle Pad and two extra shoulder buttons, and also when the 2DS didn't have them either. Looks like Nintendo decided to actually listen to people.



ElkinFencer10 said:

I'm not a big fan of the tiny circle pad (hopefully that's not a finalized component and they'll take feedback about its size into account), but any second circle pad is better than only having one. I'll be picking thing this up, though lord knows when I'll have the money.



Tallion said:

My body is ready. I hope that game like Resident Evil Revelations will support the new buttons and analog stick as if they were a circle pad.



1BrightGamer said:

I recently got a Circle Pad Pro XL not too long ago, and now Nintendo announces the 'New Nintendo 3DS/3DS XL'. Which from what I can tell, pretty much merges the 3DS (XL) and Circle Pad Pro (XL) together in one system. I'm hoping the second circle pad and additional features won't feel too necessary for future software, as I really don't want to invest in another 3DS model.

Although, this is a brilliant concept for newcomers. So I'm sure these systems will sell to some people.



ajcismo said:

I love my aqua-blue 3DS I got at launch, it goes with me everywhere... but its quickly becoming a dinosaur. May have to upgrade soon.



Kirk said:


I reckon it will actually work better than you think.

It could even better a better way to handle these analog/circle pads on mobile/handheld devices going forward because it's far more compact and can allow for these products to remain nice and portable while still offering the full range of controls that many gamers have come to expect.

I'm pleased Nintendo finally actually got around to adding a second analog control at all to be honest.



mystman12 said:

Oh my gosh these look amazing, but I think I'll be content with my XL. Mainly because they put the stylus on the bottom... That nearly ruins the entire model, we all know after extensive use it's going to start slipping out just by holding the system upright, unless Nintendo totally redesigned the stylus. Also, it seems the new 3D screens use facial tracking, which I can't see working that well, so hopefully that isn't the case. Then the SD card slot is on the bottom and isn't covered, so I can see people accidentally popping it out in the middle of a game. I guess there's the micro SD though.

Other than those things though, man, that thing is awesome. I especially love the colored buttons on the normal sized one. The faster speed is great as well, but will there be New 3DS exclusives now? If Farsight manages to create a New 3DS version of The Pinball Arcade, that would make it a little more tempting.

In the end though, the flaws I pointed out, and the fact that I really don't need a CPP for any games leaves me content with my XL. Still a little jealous though. and if my XL ever breaks and my warranty is gone, I'll probably get me one of these! (Although by that time it would probably be best to wait for Nintendo's next gen portable.



MrKenta said:

Dem Super Famicom color coded buttons!
So glad I didn't buy an XL already.



Aqueous said:

I might have to jump on this, really hoping that bottom slot they showed was for a normal sd card



TingLz said:

@allav866 Yeah this time what's the point? The 3DS is already 3 years old, so a successor with these would have made more sense...



Marakuto said:

This is the model I've been waiting for. I didn't bother grabbing an XL since I thought that it wouldn't really be a reasonable upgrade other than size (battery life doesn't bother me the least.)



Tsurii said:

Aw yiss, MH4U bundle please, Nintendo. I'll definitely be getting one of those :3



erv said:

This is now a wii U gamepad people. It makes me wonder what nintendo plans in the future



Azooooz said:

New 3DS features:

  • Improved CPU performance
  • Better 3D technology and viewing
  • Internet browser uses HTML5, like the Wii U
  • NFC built-in
  • Improved brightness adjustment
  • New Nintendo 3DS now uses micro Sd instead of standard SD.
  • Wireless transfer between 3DS and PC through the same network.
    Interchangeable 3DS plates.
  • Improved Battery performance.
  • Increased Screen size, but keeping the same resolution.
  • Coloured 3DS buttons, with the addition of C-stick.
  • Zl/ZR has been added.
    Let me know if I missed something.


Kirk said:


Are you actually being serious?

Three years and you think it's already time for a successor?!!!

THANK THE LORD you're not in any way involved in the future direction of this industry.




LasermasterA said:

Well the good thing is now that more games will support the Circle Pad pro! I will so buy that Monster Hunter 4 new 3DS XL in a heartbeat if it comes out here!

The bad news is that the CPU is buffed up and there might be exclusive new 3DS games...



NintyMan said:

Well, I'm in an intriguing spot now. I have never upgraded from an original 3DS and was considering the Smash Bros. 3DS XL if it ever comes to North America, but now this comes along. I suppose I'll do a bit more research and then chew this over...



KodyDawg said:

I know I'll get hate for saying this, but PLEASE STAY JAPAN-EXCLUSIVE. I don't wanna have to spend another $200 on an awesome 3DS I don't need but really want.



SphericalCrusher said:

Was watching the Nintendo Direct... was texting my friend and this 3DS came up on screen.... dropped my phone and my jaw. So epic. I AM BUYING THE MH4 ONE!



WiiLovePeace said:

Good timing! A bit of the plastic on the back side of the hinge of the top screen broke off on my 3DS XL so I may buy one of these.



KeithTheGeek said:

@DestinyMan I'm in a similar position, though my having not upgraded yet was more out of stubborness than anything else. I can definitely see myself getting one of these whenever the system makes it oversees, and while I hate to skip out on getting the XL again...those changeable face plates are too sweet. A Kirby themed one would be killer.



Link506 said:

@JimJam707 Its just that they can't really upgrade graphics or anything now, or you'll have millions of 3ds owners who bought nintendo's system and without "upgrading" they have to get a whole new device. Companies only upgrade their software when they get their new consoles. Like how all the software is better on wii u compared to wii.



AyeHaley said:

I died and went to heaven.

Btw with those new buttons it can function as a 2ND GAMEPAD for Wii U.



XFsWorld said:

Looks old school and a lil weird, but we'll see.

Do this mean they will have more 3D games than 2D games tho?



CaviarMeths said:

Er... what the heck am I supposed to do with that tiny "circle pad?" It looks like the little mouse nubs on old laptops, and those were terrible. Also, going from SD to microSD would be great if I wanted to cut my storage capacity in half.



Monkeh said:

Ugh, must have this. Pretty lame Japan is getting this only a month after they get Smash, while we (Europe, in my case) have to wait until at least January 2015 and probably a few months after that, so it'll most likely end up being released 4+ months after Smash's release..



dinosauryoshi said:

These look cool (I'm a particular fan of the coloured buttons) but I'm not desperate to get one right away to be honest. I'll likely get one once I've trashed my current XL playing Smash Bros.



YuuMonMu said:

We better get some type of deal for those who already owns a 3DS. A 80% off for trading a 3DS XL for it or something. If not, this is a kick in the balls for us who want to play the newer games that only supports the new hardware. This is why I'm a little upset.



dkxcalibur said:

@Lasermaster123 This is my fear. Although the new systems sound and look great....I want one. At the same time, I don't think existing 3DS owners should be forced to buy an upgraded system to play new games.



Jimmy_G_Buckets said:

I hope that SNES color scheme comes to NA. Does anybody know if these new models are still backwards compatible with DS games?



TheJebou said:

NOOO I really don't have the money if it comes out in the early 2015 because of all the great releases. I really hope that it doesn't get any exclusives and it's not that much better, because I would hate to be disappointed in my normal 3ds xl. They do look great tho... :L



DarkCoolEdge said:

I just hope these models won't get exclusive games.
In that case I'd be VERY mad at Nintendo.



Einherjar said:

Ok, this in a Xenoblade bundle and im sold...for the THIRD TIME !
@DarkCoolEdge says that in the article already. Xenoblade 3DS will ONLY run on these systemsfor instance.



crzysortagamer said:

question for everyone. If this 3ds is slightly more powerful, do you think it could help with frame rate issues like on pokemon x and y?



Einherjar said:

@crzysortagamer Nope, the games are build around the 3DSs original hardware and will only use so much.
But i guess you could patch them though.
IF the system is significantly more powerfull. My best guess is, that it will just be enough to support the new screen etc



Sakura said:

Wow! Another massive surprise! Nintendo is awesome.

Nintendo's really good at keeping its developments secret. I wonder what the punishment would be for leaking this kind of info. I love this kind of innovation. I would think that there will be extras for those with older consoles like the amiibo pad thing. Not sure what the price point will be though for the new consoles. £109 seems a bargain considering that the current XL goes for £139 - 179. Have they chosen different, more efficient components or have prices decreased in electronics overall?



Beau_Skunk said:

@DarkCoolEdge Sadly, they said above the 3DS version of "Xenoblade Chronicles" (Yes, the Wii one is coming to these portables) will only work for these models... So us previous 3DS owners are getting hosed. Now I almost regret getting a 3DS XL last year... (Oh well, I have alot of great Virtual Console games for it, and such that I got on all the Eshop sales cheaper then they normally were.)

One thing I will critique is, I kinda wish they'd make the buttons a li'l more bigger, and more comfortable. Sometimes it feels like they dig into my thumb, due to how small they are.



MajinSoul said:

Nintendo DS, DS lite, DSi, DS XL, 3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS, 3DS LL .. sorry, but that's just stupid. I start to understand some of those frustrated reviews that are complaining that their "Gameboy" cannot play a certain game. Nintendo should stop releasing newer versions of an old handheld.

Anywho, the 3DS LL looks pretty neat, and I'd buy it if I didn't already own a 3DS, but I'd never trade my ambassador-one in.



RainbowGazelle said:

This is, effectively, the next handheld generation after the 3ds. The faster CPU means that some games (such as Xenoblade Chronicles) will only work on this new model. The DSi added online and camera to the ds line. The 3ds was brand new hardware. Now the New 3ds has improved CPU. If these take off, I can see all future 3ds games using the better horsepower, leaving the old 3ds abandoned. This is the 4th generation of the DS console chain.



FlaygletheBagel said:

This is so freaking cool, but the switch to MicroSD is going to kick me in the wallet. I already have a 32GB SD card in my current 3DSXL. If I AM able to transfer my data to the New 3DS (which I sure hope I can do), it's still going to run me a good bit of money to get a MicroSD of comparable size.

Nintendo... I love you so much, but... have mercy on my wallet!



SanderEvers said:

@RainbowGazelle Correct. Nintendo did the same with the original GameBoy, adding colour. But the GBC also had a better CPU than the GB, so some games were GBC only.

Also the DSi does have a better CPU than the DS



EverythingAmiibo said:

I'm guessing these'll be dished out in the west along with MH4, if they do that, it (MonHun) will be guaranteed to finally get the sales they need to make it big!



LasermasterA said:


Exactly! I just hope that many of the 1st party games OR the 3rd party games are not built around the increased horsepower. They can use the 2nd circle pad though but people will have to buy the Circle pad pro. That is a better option than buying a brand new 3DS XL though.



BinaryFragger said:

I didn't see this coming at all because we haven't seen any rumours or leaks about this newest model (the DS Lite, DSi and 3DS XL were all heavily rumoured before their official announcements). It does make sense, though, considering the 3DS has only been on the market since 2011. It's too soon for a successor.



Jazzer94 said:

Hold up a sec @Damo is Japan the only region getting the special edition Smash design on the New 3DS XL, because if so.



Radbot42 said:

So glad I did not upgrade to XL, now to decide on regular or XL version of this...



Jmaster said:

@AyeHaley Nope, they're not clickable like the Wii U's sticks. Also, the images would have to be scaled to below 240p to fit on the 3DS' touchscreen.



Drawdler said:

"and the smaller model will have interchangeable covers, like the GBA Micro."
Wait, so ONLY the smaller one? Hmm, I want both interchangeable covers and the larger screen



Reverandjames said:

@Radbot42 Same. I have a standard 3DS, and was going to updgrade to XL, and now obviously I won't, but I don't know if the new XL will be too big?

The New Standard looks to be half way in between a Standard and an XL size wise, so might go for that version.



GN004Nadleeh said:

so where are these extra shoulder buttons? are the extra or duplicates? does system transfer mean i lose the ability to play on the older system?



ryuudou27 said:

Not too happy about some games only running on the new models. It just seems like a bad idea to segment the audience like that.



WebHead said:

I'm willing to bet that DQ XI(dragon quest) is going to be on 3ds and require these models ..



Reverandjames said:

I'll probably get this and keep my old 3DS as a spare. Also, I'm guessing it will be out in March next year, along with Monster Hunter



Vee_Flames said:

Totally unexpected, and looks like I'll be interested in this, especially because of the possible exclusive games. Just worried about that microSD card.



FragRed said:

I needed a reason to upgrade from my original 3DS, and now I have it. But the fact Nintendo UK have said it won't be released over here until 2015 AT THE EARLIEST, suggests that it will be holidays next year we will see it or beginning 2016.



NodtheThird said:

I have an XL now but I might switch back to the New3DS cause it also has a larger screen. I look forward to the hardware reviews on this one.



BertoFlyingFox said:

Hmmm, I wonder where the gamecard slot is? On the side seems weird.

I'll be picking one of these up when they release for sure. A great reason to upgrade my 2DS to an N3DS. I wonder if the new XL's screen smooths out jaggies for games.



sillygostly said:

I'm excited and all (I was not excited at all for the DSi and I never ended up getting one since there weren't any good exclusives for it), but I don't think that the upgrades are substantial enough to warrant an instant purchase.

I will however, consider the prospect if they release a limited edition design as I want to hang onto my Pikachu 3DS XL for as long as possible.



Takerkaneanite6 said:

I can imagine that the New 3DSLL will be EXTREMELY popular in Japan because the 3DSLL always tops the charts weekly, good move Nintendo...



archlord said:

Will definitely upgrade from my 2DS when an NA version is released (or how about a region-free announcement Nintendo?).



fluggy said:

Sorry but that is NOT what I meant when I insisted the 3ds shoulda had dual analogue. A tiny analogue nub???!!!?? Why not just give us dual circle pads. They continually revise these things and get it wrong time n time again. This fragmentation is appalling and unforgivable in the console industry.



Trippinator said:

@fluggy What's wrong with it? Sure, it doesn't give tons of precise control, but it's predominantly going to be used for cameras anyway.



Laxeybobby said:

Let's hope retailers or Nintendo offer an upgrade / trade in scheme like they did when the 3DSxl was released. If they do then I'm a day one purchaser.



tanookisuit said:

Man damn them, but still I think unlike my regret with the lousy DSI, this I would buy and use it and like it too. I hate to think back on it, but this isn't just a tacked on set of a few little features (online) with DSi, this is more like the upgrade of the GB to the GB Color Beefier internal hardware, but it also adds something that'll bring in more third party work, a standard controller with dual analog sticks, 4 top buttons, and four primaries on the face. This will be given the power of the 3Ds a portable console on the go pretty much.



Klunk23 said:

Super cool. Since they said 2015 at the earliest, I'm guessing we have a year or more wait. So I think I'll still get my self an XL for now, mostly for Smash.



DualWielding said:

I really can't think of a justification for that tiny right analog, looks ridculous and its a bit unfair for 3DS owners that some games won't be playable unless you upgrade that goes against the nature of consoles



triforcepower73 said:

So is this like a new console or just a new model. Did Iwata say new model or new console? Cuz if this is a new model I'm pissed. You don't release a newer model of something and then release exclusive games for it to bait people into buying it. That's cheap. Nintendo did an Apple with this.



Genesaur said:

Wait, wait... the Xenoblade port would only work on these systems? That doesn't seem very Nintendo-like at all.



Sneaker13 said:

Don't mind the new system, but pretty bummed that some games can only be played on this new one. I have that circle pad, but why not make those games use that pad. I really don't want to upgrade.



tanookisuit said:

It does when you're desperate to pull out of years of losses thanks to the WiiU being an anchor. They need to make money, taking a limited game like Xenoblade both by release period and due to that wii console, it's a smart move even if it's infuriating. I'm not thrilled but I am too because this isn't your usual nintendo halfass upgrade, this is like the bump to gameboy color in the later 90s.



KFlow325 said:

ball til you fall whoodie...

Im completin' ALS ice bucket challenges and cashin' checks gettin' served...

I didn't know I wanted a New 3DS until I saw this video...I too have recently purchased an XL but now I feel inferior...



Caryslan said:

To be honest, I don't like this news. I just bought a 2DS, I don't have the money to go run around and keep buying new 3DS consoles. We did not need a new model! What we needed was an improved a virtual console and a steady stream of games.

My issue is simple. I have wanted a Xenoblades Chronciles port for the 3DS for years. Now, it finally happens and I can't even play it? Good job screwing over your customers Nintendo.

I have no issue with hardware upgrades, but they are splitting up the 3DS user base with this move. I don't have money laying around to go upgrade my 2DS.

I'm sorry, I was not on the bandwagon that we need a new 3DS model every year. We were fine the way we were.

And yes, I am mad, upset in fact that I won't be able to play Xenoblade on my 2DS.

I feel screwed over. Not everyone can go buy new 3DS models every year Nintendo.

I know this will be a success, but Nintendo will make me think twice about buying thier next handheld. They are good systems, but what's the point if Nintendo pulls the rugs out after only three years?

I am not happy about this. This just reeks of Nintendo playing underhanded and dirty to sell a system.



SanderEvers said:

@triforcepower73 The 3DS isn't a console. It's a handheld. And sometimes you need a new handheld. Just like an iPhone 4 won't run iOS 8.

Or a GB won't run Pokémon Crystal.

Or a DS won't run DSiWare games...

@Caryslan When this is released in EU it will be 4 years since the 3DS. And that's the same life span the original DS had (before the DSi)



KikReask said:

Thank the gods I didn't upgrade to a 3DS XL already this year, but for those who did just purchase an XL, there's always another circle pad pro to use.



HumaneBlaze said:

Uh I would get one but when I see the placment of all the buttons it seems like it would feel weird to use....but I said the same about the wiiu gamepad and ened up loving it but I dont know about how I feel about the smaller circle pad. And it seriously sucks for people who want to play xenoblade on the 3ds because now they need to buy a new system just to.



IKAY said:

I'm a little sad, that the faceplate can only be replaced on the smaller one. I was excited to create my own ones...



rjejr said:

So is this for real? Ive spent the last 6 months saying the 3DS would get an upgrade - last time was last night which is a big conicindence this morning - and mostly getting ridiculed. And now this?

So what's it called? 3DSi, 3DS U - nice NFC for amiibo, I think I owe somebody an apology for them not showing a 3DS NFC adaptor now - 4DS? Guess I know what Im getting for my birthday now, too bad its 11 months away

PS - posted from breakfast in the Hamptons, having a staycation day, so I probably wont be replying until tomorrow



TsunamiSensei said:

My guess is this'll be treated like the DSi was when it came to physical exclusives. There might be a handful of games that only work on the new 3DS, but most games will work on both the new and old models.



AyeHaley said:

Some older titles will run much smoother thanks to the better CPU, the new models have a LED light next to the front-camera, will probably work as a 2nd gamepad in the future.

I said this morning: we are getting either a new model or Majora 3D (or both). friends didn't believe me when I said they would make a special 3DS for Amiibo.
What I didn't know: so many other awesome features! And finally a way to play CPP games like kingdom hearts without that bulky piece of plastic.

I am actually getting the smaller 3DS this time...I want those faceplates and I already have my XL for at home where I dont have any 3D issues.
Besides the new smaller 3DS had a slightly bigger screen than before.

I am way too excited haha can't wait for it to be 2015! I'm sure we'll get these around march next year.

I wish they made face plates for the new XL and give it those fully colored buttons like the smaller one...that would make me buy the new XL.



tanookisuit said:

I get the anger here, but it's not like Nintendo didn't do this before. Gameboy was around from 1989 through 2003, but in that time, the Gameboy was effectively trumped back in 1998 by the Gameboy Color. With the GBC came the black carts (works on the old) and the charcoal see through GBC only games. They're doing it again with the 3DS. It's a new, but not a new piece of hardware that happens to share a name and use the older games but will have some unique. This isn't the little step of the DSi, this is a bigger step and as such they'll end up dragging the life of the 3DS on the whole out a few years longer than it would otherwise (GBC was alone from 1998-01 then died in 03.)



AyeHaley said:

One more thing....splitting the user base isn't such a great idea. I know they made the DSi but games made for that system still worked on the normal DS. It just added more features like camera stuff but the games still worked on a regular DS.
Xenoblade is new3DS exclusive...and I dont think it'll be the only one. Why not make a 4DS while you're splitting user bases anyway? I don't get it. Or give the new 3DS a screen resolution upgrade.

I guess this means we'll still have those low-res games in 2 years. The 3DS's successor won't be out before 2016]..thats for sure.



Smooty said:

@Kawaiipikachu no they could SO not be 3DS succesors.
The DS phat was okay
The DS lite improved over RAM and several other things
The DSi improved RAM big time and added cameras




Ralizah said:

How is the sound? If the sound isn't better, I'm not buying it.

And what's up with the stylus placement? It was PERFECT on the side of the console.



ejamer said:

Yeah. So I just recently bought a 3DS XL and am kind of disappointed about the timing now. Oh well.

If Xenoblade 3DS comes out here I'll probably rebuy (again) anyway. sigh



Rect_Pola said:

Well, great. Guess I should be GLAD they never wide released charging docks or circle pads for XL.

And I love how it's functionally a new system (with unique software) but the only distinction is the damn "NEW" label.

I'm not mad Nintendo is making an updated system. I'm mad they screwed over the experience promised.



VictoryStar06 said:

Wonder if you will be able to system transfer from the old 3ds to the new 3ds because they use different sd cards.



retro_player_22 said:

Yes I'm planning to get this day one once it launch, I just hope Nintendo isn't money hungry and sell it for over $200. $170 is all I'll go for, also the Super Famicom style buttons, the new extra shoulder buttons, the C-stick, better clarity for the upper screen, and the support of cheaper microSD card had me very excited to get. Also with the C-stick (second circle pad), I'm sure Nintendo is thinking of bringing some N64 or GameCube classics to the 3DS VC soon in the future too.



Vee_Flames said:

OK, have a question. I think this is obvious, but do we have to gt this system to use NFC in 3DS games or will that attachable NFC reader for the 3DS still be released?



tanookisuit said:

If Nintendo wants to really cash in with Amiibo they'll do an add-on for the older 3DS models. They want to slice into Disney and Activisions action with their little toys.



SanderEvers said:

@eviLaTtenDant Not except "common sense" those games use builtin IR to communicate with the CPP. This needs to be patched in order to make it work with the New 3DS.



ToastyYogurt said:

Sweet! Was planning on upgrading to a 3DS XL, definitely gonna wait for this new model. The colored buttons on the regular New 3DS looks kinda gawdy, though the way they are on the XL looks nice. Doubt they're gonna be colored for the NA release though....



Caryslan said:

@SanderEvers Thing is, the DSi did not splinter the userbase like this. Outside of the DSiware store, I can't remember any exclsuive DSi retail games that could not be played on the normal DS.

What people make the mistake of thinking is that the Game Boy Color as a mere "upgrade" to the Game Boy. It was not, the Game Boy Color was marketed as a brand new system that had BC with Black & White Game Boy games.

My issue with this is that Nintendo is promoting these systems like they are yet another model of the 3DS. But yet their specs have been changed, things have been upgraded and a second analog nub has been added. They are selling these two consoles as yet another 3DS system.

The issue is that they have splintered the userbase. Not everyone who invested money in a 3DS console are going to upgrade. I won't. And do you know why? Because the true successor to the 3DS family is in the works, and will likely be announced in another year or so.

I'm sorry, I'm just kinda bitter about this. I know Nintendo has done this in the past, but as I said before, the Game Boy Color was a full-fledged console. It was not an upgrade like so many people love to claim.

I have a PS3 to support, I have other consoles. I want to get a Wii U! What makes Nintendo think everyone has money to run around and buy new 3DS models every few years.

As for the length of time, that argument does not fly. The Game Boy lasted 8 years before the Game Boy Color arrived, the Game Boy Advance lasted 7 years and only got minor hardware revisions, and the DS lasted five years before the DSi arrived.

Three years is just too early for something like this. It feels like a stopgap measure in a way.

I wanted Xenoblade for the 3DS, but Nintendo can go shove it for all I care. I am not going to be strongarmed into buying a stopgap console that will be replaced in another few years anyway.

The DSi came out in 2009 and the 3DS was announced in 2010. We will be getting another Nintendo handheld, it's just a matter of when.

I know I sound bitter, I know I sound angry. But I feel screwed over. I just bought my 2DS this year. And now one of the games I wanted on it I can't even play. Sorry if I'm not thrilled about this.

I would have prefred Nintendo to focus on the 3DS hardware they have and bring out a true successor in another few years. I'm not going to reward Nintendo with money for treating it customers like sheep. I'm sure if Sony pulled something like this with the Vita, everyone would be bashing them over how vile and money-grubbing they are.

I don't mind hardware revisions, but this is too much.



Robo-Knight said:

They could've made the first 3DS XL like this, but I still plan on getting this though just as long as I can transfer all of my stuff too it as well as this thing about the Micro SD Cards, how would I be able too transfer all of my stuff from my 32 Gig SD Card too a Micro SD Card instead?



FragRed said:

There sure are a lot of negative comments on here. I for one am happy about this new system, but perhaps thats because I will be upgrading from the original 3DS.

I see these New 3DS handhelds with the slightly improved hardware as a stop gap to try and keep the sales of the system alive while Nintendo work on the true successor, what ever that maybe.



Einherjar said:

@Caryslan Uhm...actually, the NEW 3DS is exactly teh same as the GBC.
Both use the same tech as their predecessor, only slightly upgraded. Both come with several hardware additions and both have their exclusive titles.
The GBC was in no way marketed as a whole new generation of handhelds.
Its was still an 8bit handheld with colored games that could also be played on the original brickboy. It was the same line of hardware, only that it featured a bit more horsepower for a selected range of games.

Its the exact same with the N3DS. On the outside, its the exact same as the original 3DS range, except for a few exclusives titles.



XyVoX said:

I hope somewhere does a deal like GAME done and offer you a good price to trade in your 3DS-XL against the new mode like they did with the 3DS-3DSXL where you could keep your older model and bring it in once you've transferred your content across.



Aceboss100 said:

I am so getting the monster hunter 4 ultimate edition if it is released in NA....COME ON CAPCOM!!!!! AWSOME!!!!! NEEEEEDDDD MONEYYYYY!!!!!!



flightsaber said:

@Kawaiipikachu If I remember right, the Gameboy color had slightly better specs than the Gameboy. Game developers kept games backward compatible with the gameboy because they wanted the sales, but also gave games the extra features (color). It'll likely be the same here, sort of like pc sliding scales...insert mario into a legacy 3ds system, get the game without advanced particle effects. Insert the same game into a newer system, play the same game with advanced particle effects.



AlexOlney said:

I honestly don't think the size of the little circle nipple is much of a problem - anyone who's played a game with the Circle Pad Pro will know that it's not exactly used for precision.

I will almost definitely be getting the new XL, I just wish the coloured buttons were on it as well.



Ufaowl said:

I think it's awesome. I got my 3DS XL just a couple month ago, but i don't mind getting a new one. Because 3DS is my only gaming device. And i would be happy if they made next gen DS after a year. But my wife won't..



WiiLovePeace said:

I wish the new 3DS XL had interchangable covers like the smaller 3DS does. Oh well. Not enough to make me downgrade to a smaller screen after owning the bigger 3DS XL since its launch.

@XyVoX it's both screens on both new & current 3DS XL models are exactly the same size.



SkywardLink98 said:

6k yen is only $53 dollars. At that price I'll take four.
EDIT: Dang NLife, I was really confused there for a second haha.



Einherjar said:

@AlexOlney One of my decade old laptops hat such a nub between the build in mouse buttons (right under the touchpad).
Its a stiff nup, that doesnt move when being touched, but it recognizes force and thus, controlles mouse movement.
And i have to say, its one of the most comfortable ways to operate a laptop mouse
Even better than using a touchpad.
It looks like that this nub will be the same, and if so, it will be more than efficiant in doing its job.



larry_koopa said:

Well, it appears that I owe people an apology for all the times I said that a 3DS with a second circle pad will never happen. Clearly I was very wrong lol.

I have no interest in this because I love my XL and don't really plan on getting any more games for it, but to everybody else I hope this news finds you well.



Barbiegurl777 said:

What is NFC & Amiibo? Maybe if it has longer battery life I might consider it but it just sound's like a tweaked 3ds with a few more features added on..

Will it still be able to play DS games? & Can we still play our older 3ds games on it? (o_O)

Not sure what NFC & Amiibo is... If someone can explain that I'd be very grateful.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



aaronmclaren said:

Little concerned by this. Everything added to the 'new' range is fine and doesn't warrant an upgrade from a previous model... except the CPU. That's where the problem lies.

The fact Xenoblade will only work on this system is worrying. The fact NoJ have now confirmed there are a range of exclusives coming which will only work on this system, is even more worrying. They're fragmenting the user base, and if it comes to physical media being exclusives, will have games next to one another on retail shelves for '3DS' with little really to differentiate them. It's a massive blow to users who may be at risk at missing out on new games because they haven't, and don't want to, upgrade.

I don't really get it. Why not just work with what's already there and launch a successor when the time's right? It's just dragging the 3DS brand out even longer but in a way which may do more harm than good.

I for one am perfectly happy with my Aqua 3DS from launch so won't upgrade, but won't be best pleased if I miss out on new games for really no reason. Especially if they go announce a successor within the next few years!!



Za23 said:

@XyVoX I'm pretty sure the new 3DS XL screen size is the same, whereas the OG 3DS' screen is increasing in size.



Franklin said:

They do look cool, but to release a new version that will have exclusive games on it, so soon after the release of the 2DS, is out of order I think.

I wouldn't buy one on principle.



Laxeybobby said:

Wonder if the games downloaded on my 3DSXL will transfer across when I have one of these?



Bulbousaur said:

WHAT?!? A New 3DS with better CPU, a second circle pad and more shoulder buttons?!? This is fantastic! I guess my dud XL which I had to return was a blessing in disguise. But this does throw a wrench in my plans to get a XL for a bigger screen for Smash, so I guess I'll have to play it on a small screen until 2015, but a port of Xenoblade will be completely worth it.



Nestalgic said:

3DSi... $179.99 in US$

So probably $219 for Xeno edition.

Probably get $100 for my XL... yeah I'll bite for Xeno.



FragRed said:

@aaronmclaren I guess the reason is that the new exclusives couldn't be made to work on the original hardware, which is partly why the CPU was upgraded. And as said by @SkywardLink98, the DSi did the same thing.

And to be fair, I have seen parents in shops get confused by DS and 3DS when buying games so it's always going to happen regardless what Nintendo does.



Dogpigfish said:

I'm cool with a silent upgrade. Maybe make the resolution high definition too. Rather than having a noisy e3 announcement, make an upgrade every year.



Rect_Pola said:

@Smooty DS lite got nothing (in as far as games go) DS phat couldn't handle. That was an upgrade; exactly like the original only better. But DSi did. It was a "soft" succession, where the official format of the line hasn't changed, but it also had it's own thing the havenots would have sit out.



Za23 said:

@aaronmclaren I don't recall Nintendo saying much about exclusive games. (or that range of titles is going to be exclusive) The only one they seemed to talk about was Xenoblade. They did say other games will take advantage of the new features, but never said the games would only exclusive to the new model.



Caryslan said:

@aaronmclaren That's my issue, what is the point of this upgrade? People love to tout the Game Boy Color, but that came out 8 years into the Game Boy's lifespan in response to developers who wanted a more robust system. The Game Boy Color was for all intents and purposes a new system.

The DSi was a minor upgrade that did not split up the DS' userbase.

But Nintendo is taking a huge risk with this, since unlike the Game Boy Color, there is no clearly defined reason to upgrade to your average customer. That, and it basically splits up the user base of the system.

Also, some people like me will wait for the true successor of the 3DS.



whodatninja said:

Why yes, thank you! I would buy this. I never got around to getting a 3DS before, but now I just might...



Caryslan said:

@Za23 That's the thing, if Xenoblade does well what's to stop Nintendo from doing this with other games. Want to play the newest Fire Emblem? Then play it only on the new 3DS models! New Pokemon? Enjoy it on the newest 3DS.

Nintendo is a business, and if they smell money they will push it. They will go out of their way to push these new 3DS models, even if it messes with the older 3DS owners.

Maybe they will make the games work on both systems, but I just don't like this. Plus, what's to stop them from splitting up the Virtual Console to drive sells?



FritzFrapp said:

For me this is the right move at the right time: a great bridge until the next systems arrive in a couple of years and to reinvigorate a declining 3DS market whilst testing features for the next system and shifting focus away from the casual market.
Adore the cover plates (one of the best features of the GB Micro), the small camera nub from the Cube, the wider 3D and better browser. Sold, sold and SOLD.



Theober555 said:

Not happy about this, especially if more games are made to be exclusive to this N3DS! I can live with missing out on Xenoblade (I'd like to play it but I'm not upgrading my XL until the next generation of handhelds), but any other exclusives will really tick me off. I also don't want to see gimped versions of new games on the original 3DS and XL because of these new models.
I think this was a bad move on Nintendo's part, should have saved these new features for the next console generation.



GameInfinite said:

From my sources,Japan will come first with the system's release October 10th,2014. Eurogamer asked Nintendo of Europe and they stated 2015 and the American release remains unknown.



MoonKnight7 said:

I'm not fully sure how I feel about this. It's great and all, adding the second circle pad, extra buttons, etc. But this is going to be confusing as hell to customers who pick up Xenoblade thinking it will work on the other 3DS models, and who knows if there are any other games in the works relating to this. Even if they slap a sticker on that says "will only work on New 3DS models." People don't pay attention to that kind of stuff. I just foresee a lot of confusion at retail.



Ryu_Niiyama said:

Sigh. On one hand I'm absolutely excited since this means that the system has more functionality out of the box. I'm going to be supporting Amiibo pretty heavily and a I'm getting smash 3ds to play with a friend.

However, this will be my third and fourth 3ds and I still need to buy a JPN WiiU. That is a lot of money to spend just due to region lock. I'm willing to do it this gen but if Nintendo goes region lock next gen I'm just buying games and waiting till the end of the gen to get a new system.



mystman12 said:

@VictoryStar06 Well, my SD card is basically a Micro SD card that goes into a normal SD card, (I didn't even realize that when I bought it though, but it's a good thing I did if I ever decide to get a New 3DS) so transferring wouldn't be a problem for me, but yeah, I'm not sure how most people would do a system transfer if they don't have SD cards like that.



liavcol said:

What the hack are they think they're doing!?!?!?!?
Releasing a new model of 3DS that will run exlusive games???
That is not right in so many ways and I'm so mad right now!!!



Galenmereth said:

This would be perfectly fine if it wasn't for the fact that the "new" 3DS is only a slight upgrade from the old models in terms of CPU and "power". While this was the same for the DSi, the DSi didn't have exclusive retail games. I really don't like this development.



Einherjar said:

@Jazzer94 I have no clue. Its ages old, its equipped with a 600HTZ CPU
Im not even sure that the worn down case had any brandings whatsoever, so it might be a local no brand thingy.



FX29 said:

Well now I'll consider buying this instead of upgrading my 3DS to the regular XL.



piggie_pie said:

Im all for having a bigger screen and a right thumb stick but dang, i JUST bought my 3DS XL



bstie1198 said:

I just got an XL two months ago. I'll stick with that for a few years until there is a flood of exclusive games that I really want.



andrea987 said:

Glad about the improvements, but hardware? Where that leaves all the current 3DS owners?! Unless the only game which will take advantage of it (and not available on current models) will be XC, in that case it's ok.



Vrael said:

Nintnedo, listen to me. If this comes out before christmas in the states WITH a North American version of Xenoblade chronicles, you will make so much money. Do it nintendo, make it happen.



Sakura said:

I would like a white XL whatever they end up calling these, though I quite like the idea of switchable covers of the original upgraded console because it prevents scratches. Suppose there will be hard cases enough for the XL model soon enough.
I would not think there will be too many exclusive games - Nintendo would lose too much money by disregarding the current install base. This is a new iteration of an established console, not a brand new console, more like the ds lite upgrade to dsi, than the changes brought in by the introduction of the 3ds.



GameInfinite said:

@Vrael I posted earlier that I wanted the release date for America to be before Christmas weirdly so it looks like i'm not alone.



Vrael said:

Oh yeah, this is going to tick a lot of people off SO MUCH. And I think they kinda have a right to. I have a regular 3ds and I was thinking of upgrading to an xl for smash bros so this is great for me. But this sucks for those who maybe just got a new xl. Also the idea of a game only being exclusive to a new upgrade is a hard fact to swallow. BUT it was genius on nintendo's part because they have an excellent "launch game" so it will fly off the shelves.



Socar said:

This looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But there are a few problems I'm worried about.....

What happens to those who only have original 3dses? They won't be able to play games that these new ones are having? That worries me as the 3DS then has a short lifespan......



foobarbaz said:

I wonder how many parents are going to buy their kids the wrong 3DS for christmas.

kid: "Mom, can I have a New 3DS for Christmas?"
mom: buys a new 3DS and not a New 3DS
kid: "Mom! I wanted a New 3DS, not a 3DS"
mom: confused

The New 3DS sounds cool and all but I wonder how many games will really make use of the new features in the future. At the moment, I don't see this as a must have.



Galenmereth said:

@Vrael It's not a new console, it's just an incremental upgrade, yet it is released for full price.

While the same can be said for mobile gaming — a new iPhone released roughly every year — keep in mind that the asking price for software in mobile gaming is way too low to produce quality products like dedicated hardware gets. This is the problem. This sets a very bad precedent.



chiefeagle02 said:

Nintendo has become the new Apple, releasing a newer (and marginally better) version of its hardware every year or so. That being said, I've got mixed feelings on this one.

The Good:
-I love me a good web browser! I'd like to see a more comprehensive real world test, but the prospect is promising.
-Considering that a lot of phones and tablets (Android flavor, mind you) use the Micro SD format, it's cool to see Nintendo adopting this style of memory card for its 3DS line (my memory card is a Micro SD in an SD Adapter).
-As much as Nintendo is hyping Amiibo, having native support is a plus. Still have the Amiibo portal for the other 3DS systems in the back of my mind...

The Meh:
-Circle Pad. Not for me. Sorry.

The Bad:
-I don't like the colors on the buttons (the one that's passible is the white console because it reminds me of a European SNES controller, but I didn't like the look of the others).
-Just a pet peeve, but I don't like yearly marginal updates. It's one big reason I don't like the smartphone races. You can pay +$200 for a brand new smartphone only to have something new roll out in a year or so. The original Game Boy was THE thing for nearly a decade before the Game Boy Pocket came out in 1996 (and even then, the last compatible game came out in 2001)! However, I also have to realize and accept that CPUs and RAM are getting faster and more efficient all the time, so it makes sense that consumer hardware would constantly evolve as time goes on (Moore's Law: Plus, Nintendo will still make games that work on the older 3DS models for at least a few more years, so those who don't upgrade aren't entirely left out. But as far as me upgrading to the new 3DS, I would need a more substantial reason to upgrade as opposed to "Hey, it's the new thing!". I upgraded from my DS Lite to a DSi XL because of the bigger screens and WPA internet, but a just a faster browser isn't going to cut it for me. Otherwise, I think I'll be happy with Mario Kart 7 and Smash Bros (both of which will play on my trusty 3DS XL).
-I assume other titles are in development to take advantage of the added hardware, but Xenoblade Chronicles isn't enough to get me onboard. I think I'd pay the $60 to play it on Wii instead of +$200 on the 3DS (cost of both the game and hardware).

The Hopes
-I'm curious to see where developers will go with the beefed up CPU. Right now I feel like it can be the 3DS's answer to the N64 Expansion Pak, where developers CAN put in added effects or other enhancements, but the game can still run on any hardware (eg: Star Wars: Rogue Squadron). Only a select handful of titles would require the Expansion Pak (eg: Majora's Mask).
-Just on my wishlist, but please Nintendo, please make it so that there isn't a limited number of slots for Wi-Fi settings! The reason my 3DS XL isn't my main mobile device is because I'm constantly deleting wi-fi settings whenever I'm somewhere other than home or my girlfriend's mom's house (I don't like asking my friend for his Wi-Fi password everytime I visit his house). Do this and we'll talk...



aaronmclaren said:

@SkywardLink98 Yup, aware of that. On the Japanese website for these new models - seen here, translated near enough - say exclusives are on the way. Not sure whether it's eShop or not, but as I said, if these become physical releases it'll cause issues. If they don't work with the original models, it fragments the entire install base. That's the problem that might arise here.

eShop exclusives can clearly be marked and even prevented from downloading on systems not compatible, physical media from stores, can't be.



gspro15198 said:

Nintendo didn't have trouble with the DSi exclusives so I doubt thy'll have any problems with the new 3DS exclusives.



MoonKnight7 said:


A bundle would help solve that no doubt, but there would still be used copies floating out there, unless they do it digitally of course. The only way I see it not confusing people, would be to do it just on the eshop, for just those new models.

But, I'm sure that won't happen.



Vrael said:

@MoonKnight7 There will be confusion no matter what. As long as they make it clear on the box that it only works for the new 3ds, I don't think there will be THAT big of a deal.



alLabouTandroiD said:

@SanderEvers Well, i'm no tech expert but i'd like to believe they can make the second analogue and the extra buttons "think" they are a CPP so the games will recognize it this way.



ToastyYogurt said:

Don't like that they switched to Micro SD though. I understand the change, they probably needed it to fit in the extra circle pad and the other guff while still keeping the same size, but now I'll have to buy a Micro SD card. Guess it's just a minor inconvenience.



Einherjar said:

@Jazzer94 Yeah, it was something similar Only that is was blue, between the mouse buttons and wasnt as flat and smooth as this one.
It was a rough (alsmost like felt), round blue dot



crazycrazydave said:

Don't know how I feel about this. I might get a New 3DS XL and trade in my old one if the increased CPU power increases the frame rate of games and the system, with or without 3D on. If not, there's no real point in me upgrading.

Do like the coloured buttons though.



rosemo said:

This is intriguing but I don't think I'll buy it. I've got too many games for the non-upgraded 3DS to play to need to spend money on a new one. This seems a lot like the DSi to me. There were a few retail DSi-only games, you know. I think Konami published one, but Nintendo only released DSiware. So this could be like the GBC, which was a stop gap until the GBA was ready. They may just want to extend the 3DS until the WiiU is ready to be replaced so they can introduce new systems built on the same infrastructure.



Darkness3131 said:

I held out on an XL so this may have to be something I look at especially if the exclusive games idea becomes a thing. Lots of people here seem to be annoyed buy the mico sd card change, but that doest matter much to me as I really only own the convertible sd cards anyway, and I always buy physical. What would really annoy me is if I had to buy this to play a lot of the newest 3DS games. I'm willing to, because the upgraded hardware would be nice, but if I HAVE to feel like that would a slap in the face since I do own an original 3DS and a WiiU. The other thing that troubles me is what will happen with my miiverse account and such since it was limited to one piece of hardware. Would I have to do a system transfer?



MoonKnight7 said:


"As long as they make it clear on the box that it only works for the new 3ds, I don't think there will be THAT big of a deal."

You can slap as many stickers on there as you want, but when a parent walks into Wal-Mart looking to buy a 3DS (or games), along with a salesman that doesn't really know anything about what they're selling, its a mixture for bad results. The only difference is the word "New." To me, that doesn't differentiate it enough from the other models, nor the games that will work on said system.



Bolt_Strike said:

Serebii was saying something about more RAM too, no idea where he got that from. But assuming he's right, then more RAM = sold! That fixes pretty much every issue I have with the 3DS,

One thing I'm not really liking is how small the second Circle Pad is, it seems like it's too small to be very useful. But aside from that, pretty amazing, I definitely want this thing.



X_Octo said:

@Rosebud is probably correct in his thinking. To me, it isn't a must-buy until it has several killer exclusives, so I'm happy with my original 3DS for now.



SilentHunter382 said:

Ok not what I was expecting.

My thoughts on the look of the system: That tiny second circle pad, the placements of the new shoulder buttons and coloured buttons all look horrible. Well I will be sticking with my original 3ds and circle pad.

Thoughts on Exclusives: I hated the idea of having exclusives for the Dsi and I hate it even more. Personally once a system has been released people shouldn't have to worry if the game will work on that system. This is why many people stay way from PC game to game on consoles (even though my primary gaming system is a PC) so they don't have to worry about will their game run on their system.

I wasn't planing on getting the system because of the look of it but I could have changed my mind later on but with the added exclusives I am not getting it now. I did the same thing with the DSi. I would have upgraded to it but boycotted it because of the exclusive (what little there was) and doing the same with this one.



DrMonk said:

I was expecting an update like this (essentially 3DSi) this year, and already had money put aside for it. So actually, I would have been disappointed (and was, when the Smash Bros. 3DS XL was revealed) if they only released different skins this year and not a system update. To be fair, though, it's not hitting the West until next year, which is disappointing. The question is, is the software support going to come back for the 3DS, as that has been severely lacking this year outside of a few key releases.

But yeah, I think the changes they've made are perfect and just what the 3DS hardware needed. Certainly it's not time for a brand new platform already? I think it's possible we won't see a brand new handheld platform until the end of the Wii U lifecycle, when they'll be joined into one platform.



Dayph said:

Love it. I'm changing my Nintendo 3DS XL for one of this as soon as they were available.



RandomNerds said:

@Swiket At first glance they look silly, but they are totally meant to make them more visible when playing in low light. I get that most gamers have them memorized, but sometimes when you crack open a new title it helps to see the buttons when that call to action is on screen. I would have preferred back lit buttons that could be turned off at will, would have been a nice touch.



Stunny said:

Just upgraded from a black 3DS to a white 3DS XL... gonna have to upgrade again. Wow! It'll be worth it though!



AugustusOxy said:


Will its screens be the same size or smaller than the current XL?

I'm not sure if I'm in a hurry to throw out all my current memory sticks and awesome special edition 3ds XLs for a couple extra buttons and a circle pad, tbh.

They'll have to sell this concept a bit better to me, I'm a monster hunter person and so far that is the only thing about it that is getting my attention.



unrandomsam said:

I guess it a balancing act for Nintendo. For such as me 60fps and second circle pad support update for older games and GBA on VC would sell me on it totally and immediately. (Or great exclusives not ports).



AVahne said:

If they come over, I hope Gamestop or Best Buy has a trade-in bonus. I got myself a sea green 2DS a couple months ago as a companion to my main 3DS (so I play better in bed), but since there's nothing installed on it I'll have no problem trading it in.



TruenoGT said:

@AugustusOxy The video shows that the XL screens are the same size as the current XL, while the smaller model is 1.2x the size of the current 3DS. They show this around 16:20 in the direct.



Glade said:

It'll be a pain if new exclusive 3ds games are a bunch of must have titles.. I really don't want to buy a new 3ds just to play the latest games? I know a lot of people are excited and so am i but that exclusivity is a big middle finger to all those who won't be able to upgrade. Hopefully they'll work something out..



Ryu_Niiyama said:

@jpfan1989 hey Apple did the new ipad and it sold. Anyway i think these are system refreshes rather than successor. Given that nintendo has talked about console/handheld os synergy i think they will launch the new handhelds with the wiiu successor. This just keeps the 3ds in the game for the new amiibo and additional gaming feature so that they don't have to retire the system early.



invictus4000 said:

I'm...just...baffled. And not in a good way.
I agree with some of the above comments that the design looks less than pretty, but that's all well and good. My true problem with this is it's unnecessary, alianating, and just plain insulting to previous 3DS owners. If having the loyalists upgrade to an XL wasn't enough already, the 2DS came along and now, the NEW 3DS. WHAT?? If the NEW is so much of an improvement over the current one, why would developers even care to support the "old crappy" model? And I HATE the idea of games like Xenoblade AND NFC support only being able to run on the NEW. WHY!? This will further confuse the already muddy market Nintendo has made for the 3DS family. I'm just so speechless right now...



AVahne said:

Not really. They're the same things as the DSi; being a slight refresh with a faster processor and new features. Hopefully they added more RAM as well...



rushiosan said:

All we need is a new account system for properly sharing Network IDs between both consoles. I don't want a full transfer and that sucks.



TheRealThanos said:

@foobarbaz There will be zero confusion if the kid asks his mom for THE new 3DS, not A new 3DS to replace the old/broken one...
@invictus4000 I think you need to take a chill pill. Nothing catastrophic is happening, and for now it's ONLY in Japan, so no reason to cry wolf just yet. And alienating? Really? Just because of it having some extra buttons and being a little more powerful? Apparently it doesn't take much to upset you. No offense but it really isn't that big of a deal as I already stated in the beginning. And as far as it being unnecessary goes: apparently it is if they want to bring bigger franchises to the handheld that it is unable to run now. And you know what? The good thing is that it will also run all your current 3DS games, and probably even smoother, so why should that be a reason to complain?
When the 3DS came out, we already knew that a replacement would be introduced around 4 to 5 years later, so no surprise there. I do agree with some of the other commenters that it is a bit sour if you have just recently purchased your 3DS or only a few months ago. Mine is also just 4,5 months old, so yeah... But I wanted to have it and play the games NOW, so I bought it, even though I knew I was a late adopter so the reveal of a new model could be close.
@IxnayontheCK I agree it's pretty small, but it did make me think of the GameCube controller's C stick, which was also smaller, so it seems to be the same recipe...



WanderingPB said:

I just saw the MH4U new 3DS bundle…wow is it me or is it hot in here?! Damn i really didnt need a reason to upgrade my XL but it looks so nice and i know they'll eventually release a really spectacular special edition…im going to try to wait and maybe just maybe we'll get Majoras Mask new 3DS limited edition!!!!! Yup i took it there…



Gridatttack said:

Im comfused, wheres the regular new 3DS? I only see XL designs :/

I guess its time to sell my 3DS and get one of these.



Ninhau said:

just got a 3ds not long ago, never gonna upgrade, guess Xenoblade is not for me then



Franklin said:


That's how I feel.

I'm going to live and work and Japan soon, and I was quite set on finally getting a Wii U over there, but this development has really annoyed me, I'm not sure I want to give Nintendo any more money.



LoveSugoi said:

I got my Pink/White XL last year in time for Pokemon X/Y. I don't regret a single moment I've had with the little wonder box. But it looks like our time will be coming to a close soon since I likely need to trade it in to afford one of these beauties.

... or I could just have two 3DS's but I planned on buying a Vita and that 3D World Bundle. I'm not sure I could possibly justify spending that much money on just consoles. THOSE INTERCHANGABLE PLATES DOE



MysticX said:

Myeah, not for me...

I upgraded to a 3DS XL last spring (curse these big hands! >_< ), and i just hope we won't get any big titles suddenly requiring NFC or the second circle pad all of a sudden, it's getting as bad as cellphones now, a new one every year...



GameInfinite said:

Nintendo has its history inside the New 3DS in design.
Here are the references:
Colourful buttons(Super Famicom)
Interchangeable Plates(Game Boy Micro)
Start and Select buttons are underneath the ABXY Buttons(Nintendo DSi)
Shoulder Buttons(Wii U)
I'll edit it when I see more.



justinluey said:

@chiefeagle02 You're right that Nintendo is like Apple and that's a good thing. Both companies continue to improve their already best-in-class platforms and make backwards compatibility a priority. Apple and Nintendo may release new hardware every year, but they do a great job supporting their old stuff.

Most Android manufacturers release a new phone every few months, and often it's not possible to upgrade the OS.

PS4 and Xbox One have no backwards compatibility. And the Vita supports some PSP games digitally but you have to buy them again.



AugustusOxy said:

I'm still on the fence about this.

Looks interesting, could be really good. Crossing my fingers for region free play.



Mus1cLov3r said:

I MUST save my Christmas money this year incase it comes to the states! I've never played Xeonblade Chronicles, so I would buy the port.




datamonkey said:

Can someone help me with a question please?

If I sell my 3DS XL now but keep my SD card, will I be able to re-download all my digital games on this new 3DS XL model next year when it comes out? Or will my digital games be sold along with my old XL?




Hy8ogen said:

YES! This is AWESOME! This revision looks absolutely stunning and the Metallic black looks gorgeous!! I was worried that the revision may be as ugly as the XL with added features. Good job Nintendo, this revision looks very premium! Lets hope the price is not too premium though.....

Guess it's time to give my gorgeous midnight purple 3DS to my brother and buy this one when it comes out!

@datamonkey No. You have to do a system transfer which requires your old 3DS. OR you can sell it and contact Nintendo about moving your NNID to the new console. It's more hassle so I would recommend you keep it.



shinesprite said:

I think it looks great, but I would prefer matching button colors, full-sized SD support, and the power button not being on the system's exterior (I can just imagine accidentally pressing it when its in my pocket).

I'm also not in favor of the gap caused by the touch screen's bezel when the device it closed.

Otherwise, I'm all for it!



Chris720 said:

So they've officially fragmented the family. Now devs will be using the second analog control on nearly all of their games... Also that control pad is friggin tiny.



justinluey said:

@Caryslan (and the few others that are upset)

You have the right to be angry (or any other emotion) but don't try to justify it by saying Nintendo is being anti-consumer or making a bad business move.

This announcement is close to perfect. It's inline with what they've done in the past, and it blows their competitors way.

This upgrade is good for everyone:

  • It will breathe new life into the platform, which will mean better software/hardware/retail support.
  • It will attract new people into the ecosystem. More incentive for developers to pump resources into the platform.
  • It will enhance the experience for some existing users. The upgrade cost is relativity small for people who have hundreds, if not thousands invested in software.

The only potential negative is fragmentation, but Nintendo has a long track record of minimizing it. In this case:

  • They will sell an adapter for NFC (already confirmed).
  • If games require the second circle pad, I can almost guarantee the Circle Pad Pro will work.

And if developers (including Nintendo) decide to make games exclusively for the new revision (it will be rare), you'll have to decide if it's worth the upgrade for you. Nintendo isn't doing anything underhanded. Nintendo products (also like Apple) hold their value incredibly well. So if you took care of your 3DS/2DS you will be able to upgrade for next to nothing.



miiandmario said:

Looks amazing but i just upgraded ti an XL earlier this year so im not getting a new 3ds anytime soon.



Yoshis_VGM said:

I've had my original 3DS for about three years now and I can tell it's going. The hinge is really loose now and my shoulder buttons sound like they're about to go out. So if this doesn't come until early 2015 in North America like it is in Europe, then I might actually want an upgrade for my birthday in April (given it's released before then.)



Yeahman said:

O: I'm only getting it if it comes before/with pokemon ruby 3ds or im just getting a regluar xl.



Pahvi said:

A month or two ago I had thought of buying myself a 3DS XL. Now I'm happy I didn't splurge yet



coolvw93 said:

wow, well i guess it has been 3 years with my current 3ds. i guess ill start putting some money aside for the new one when it comes out plus some for xenoblade if it comes over. not really wanting to get new hardware at this point in time but i guess i will. im thinking maybe ill get the new xl. but ill probably end up buying xenoblade first and wait for a good deal to come around



BigH88 said:

I was just thinking about upgrading my original 3ds to an XL. Guess I can wait (hopefully) a couple months if it gets announced for NA which it probably will.



Thejoe66 said:

Micro SD? That's a slap in the face for people like me who got a 32 GB sd card. It's unlikely, but i hope they reconsider if its not to late. I don't want to spend 35$ for a new card when i already have a perfectly working one.



SleepyCrossing said:

To all the people saying "Oh I just bought a 3DS XL but I just HAVE to get this too hehe, love you Nintendo!" - It's great that you are fortunate enough to be able to afford both, but that is not the case for everyone and this is a slap in the face to the average XL owner. NFC compatibility and exclusive port(s)? When I buy a system, I expect it to be able to play that gen's games and not have to worry about exclusive ports of games I want coming to an upgraded version. 3ds -> 3DS XL -> 2DS -> "New 3DS"? Really? I get that Nintendo wants to make improvements but pardon me for being a little angered by this as a loyal Nintendo customer.



VIIIAxel said:

I've had my new 3DS for about a year, but I'm probably going to go and upgrade to this as soon as possible. I love the design (Reminds me of a DS Lite), and Xenoblade on the 3DS is a definite bonus.



Yai said:

Can't say I'm very happy about it. It's nice they realised that the orignal design had problems but increasing the hardware specs alienates owners of the older models entirely.

They didn't go this far with the DSi if I remember right. All main releases worked on regular old DS still.



GameInfinite said:

We're getting around $109 just for the New 3DS XL? Brilliant, Nintendo.
My 3DS was one of the first 3DS's made in 2011,the color is blue and now it's showing it's age.
So I really need an upgrade!



ColdingLight said:

I kinda don't like this new 3DS. It uses micro SD cards... As if anyone asked for that. The new placement of the power button, stylist, and game cartridges. All of these changes are pretty dumb tbh. Especially the stylist.

The new analog stick looks way too small and the extra shoulder buttons are kinda pointless unless it was a completely new handheld console. I really think this new 3DS is unnecessary.



Sceptic said:

More navel-gazing-meets-loyalty-milking from Nintendo. Revolutionary indeed. Next iteration: add a SIM-card and 4g.

I'm seeing their 'QOL' ploy now, too. Ah well.



datamonkey said:

@Franklin - Yeah hopefully someone can help us! I'll repeat the query below incase people missed it

  • If I sell my 3DS XL now but keep my SD card, will I be able to re-download all my digital games on this new 3DS XL model next year when it comes out? Or will my digital games be sold along with my old XL?




Hy8ogen said:

Oh my god these whiners. At least research before you whine mindlessly. Let me address your concerns for you that you could've researched 5 minutes on google.

1. OH MY GAWD, seperate old users with no 2nd analog stick.
Seriously? Is this even a question? EVER heard of the circle pad pro? Ever?

2.OH MY GAWD, the new one can play NFC and we old users can't?
Where have you been? There will be an NFC attachment for the 3DS and XL.

3. So we can't play some exclusives on the system?! That's FRAUD!!
This is a legitimate concern. We will have to see how Nintendo deals with this.

But honestly, I think there isn't going to be many. Nintendo wouldn't want to compromise the 50million install base that they tried so hard to get. There is probably going to be just a handful of exclusives to push the system. I mean look at the DS and DSi, it's probably going to be the same with this.

I'm just getting it because it looks way nicer than the regular XL which is god ugly.



hYdeks said:

seems like a very cheap "upgrade". They couldn't have given us a full 2nd circle pad instead of one of those nubs they used for the mouse on old 90's laptops?



Wonky_Kong said:

I bought a 3ds for £40 so upgrading won't be too much money wasted, but I want the CPP which has the circle pad on the back more than this. It looks more comfortable and fits with what I already have



PokeMario said:

Right now I need to just wait for more information. The new ones are kind of ugly in my opinion and I would rather get a normal XL for Smash Bros. Plus, seeing these won't come until next year, I don't really feel like holding off for something that I could just get the circle pad pro for. I hardly use Miiverse on my 3DS so the faster internet speeds won't matter much. I don't like the design of the second stick, stylus, and trigger buttons. My only concern is that a lot of games will only be playable on the new systems. If that's the case I'll hold off until the new ones come out, but otherwise I'd rather get a normal XL, which I'll probably be able to find cheap since these news ones are coming.



AlphaAlex said:

@datamonkey "If I sell my 3DS XL now but keep my SD card, will I be able to re-download all my digital games on this new 3DS XL model next year when it comes out? Or will my digital games be sold along with my old XL?"

Uh, if I remember correctly, your games will be sold with your 3DS, seeing as the games you bought are linked to your eShop account and not your SD card. If you want to be able to play your download games on a new 3DS, you'll need to perform a system transfer, then move your SD card from the old 3DS to the new 3DS. Simply moving the SD card to a new system without doing a system transfer won't work... Sorry...



MoonKnight7 said:


The only one within that list I'd like to discuss further is #3. Those others are just silly complaints.

I said this above, but I think it's going to really confuse both retailers and customers. Just the word "New" isn't enough to differentiate it with the other models.

Child with a regular 3DS wants Xenoblade (or something that's exclusive).
Parent buys Xenoblade, not fully understanding that it's only for the "New" models
Child tries to play, but cannot.
Now both the child and parent are upset, and they can't return it because it's been opened.

You can slap as many "new" stickers on it as you like, but the fact remains that people will still buy it by mistake. I think you're right, there will probably only be a few exclusives, but with a new CPU involved, I wonder what "few" means exactly. I mean, they have to make it worth their while right? We definitely need more information.



TromaDogg said:

'A port of the Wii RPG Xenoblade Chronicles is in the works which will only run on these new systems.'

Well, that's it then, I'm basically forced to buy one or miss out on games I'd like which won't run on my normal old 3DS or 3DS XL.

Bit annoying, when it's largely going to be the same as the 2 3DS's I already own asides from that. Feels like the Gameboy Color all over again to me. Just like the Gameboy Color though, I'll probably love the new 3DS XL once I've got my hands on one



AlphaAlex said:

Am I the only here that thinks that the ZL and ZR buttons are oddly placed compared to the L and R buttons? I know it's to keep the New 3DS as flat as possible, but I feel like I should of been able to move the circle pad with my thumb, have my pointer finger on the L button and my middle finger on the ZL button (same thing for the right side of the 3DS with my right hand), which is possible with the circle pad pro*.
Also, seeing as this is called the New 3DS, is this going to be the last upgrade for the 3DS? You know, unless they call the next one the Newer 3DS or something.
*I have never used a circle pad pro so I'm not sure, actually.



Hy8ogen said:

@MoonKnight7 Like how people bought Wii U games for the Wii? I can totally see that happening. Nintendo needs a new department for naming their devices...their naming is just atrocious and confusing.

Also Nintendo really needs to be careful with wouldn't really want to alienate your 50 million install base. I think the NEW 3DS will get a handful of exclusives and that's it. Later games with work on both systems and maybe the NEW one will have better frame rates.



unrandomsam said:

@TheRealThanos I will be getting one. The only thing I have issue with is if the second stick can be used like the c-stick for smash bros it will be a major advantage online compared to the circle pad pro or neither. I like knowing if I win it is because I won not because I had the best controls. I don't want an advantage I want a fair content.



NavySpheal said:

We couldn't save this for the successor? If this has more exclusive games on-par with Xenoblade, I'm gonna crack and I'm gonna buy one. (Man, right after the Zelda 3DS XL....)



TheAdrock said:

Meh. Time for a real upgrade. Most cell phones have better screens and more processing power than this handheld. When will it integrate with the U as a second controller or something?



Windy said:

Xenoblade Chronicles! Enough said. I'm selling the house to get one of these. I really hope that Dragon Quest X doesn't require one of these though



SilverLightning said:

wait hold on the New 3DS is going to have exclusives?!?! thats going a bit far, although this new 3DS does look tempting and i could probably get £80 for my XL plus its cradle and if it comes out around may or june i can buy it with birthday money. but i want Nintendo to really sells this to me. like £95 for the normal £105-110 for the XL, i want them to really sell the features, NO EXCLUSIVES?!!?! i do not want that many exclusives on the system that will make me force to buy it just so i wont feel left out which will make me mad. Nintendo you have my attention and you may get my money if they play there cards right



AlphaAlex said:

Is it possible to turn off your 3DS in sleep mode? Removing or running out of battery doesn't count, of course.



MoonKnight7 said:


"Also Nintendo really needs to be careful with wouldn't really want to alienate your 50 million install base."

Yes, careful is the key word there and not just with alienation either. Having Xenoblade be exclusive automatically drops it's sales potential. It has essentially become a launch game.



J-Manix98 said:

Okay...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................I'M SO FREAKITY-FRACKING-EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

However, I'll wait for a super "Limited Edition" comes out.

VERY smart move Nintendo! Your portables are supreme!



MeloMan said:

Loving the stylus and game loading into the bottom of the console and also the volume and mic being on the screen. They definitely put some thought into this. While this is comparable of the DS Lite jumping to the DSi, I think this N3DS will be greatly appreciated by core gamers more akin to the DS Lite and how it was appreciated. I want one, but I'm not ready to sell the farm yet. Now, next year though..........



soma said:

One question, do the metallic versions are still fingerprint magnets? I still have a normal 3DS metallic black and I hate how my fingerprints are all over it.

I really like the new blue metallic color but I don't want to be suffering with it...



3Daniel said:

I'm without a doubt buying one. I wanted this before 3DS XL was announced. This took way to long tho and should have already bee on international shelves by summer 2014. Tho I'm very cautious about the whole only "new compatible" games aspect as I would rather every 3ds game moving forward take advantage of the improvements instead of a handful...



kyuubikid213 said:

This is cool, but... I'm not going to buy this the second it hits shelves.

I like the faster CPU and Circle Pad Pro being built in, but I already have a Circle Pad Pro. I have a 3DS and it's been working fine for me. I can also buy the Amiibo adapter if I really want to use them on 3DS games.

To be honest, I hope there aren't too many games that follow the Xenoblade Chronicles port and are ONLY playable on the New 3DS. That'd be a slap in the face to 44 million people... Of course, half of those people probably jumped on board when the XL hit stores and a small margin likely own all the models currently out, but I'll hold off on this one unless a significant amount of games I want are ONLY playable on the new models.

As for Game Card and stylus placement, I'm not a fan. I'm also not exactly excited about microSD cards since all of my stuff is on a normal SD card and I'd have to buy a microSD card and adapter to transfer over my saves and games.

Here's hoping it's more or less like the DSi where I can still buy all the games I want without worry about compatibility.



kamifox1 said:

Has anyone else noticed the lack of a power button or switch? Or am I just being blind?



FritzFrapp said:

@SilverLightning said: wait hold on the New 3DS is going to have exclusives?!?! thats going a bit far

The DSi had over 500 (to date) exclusives in the form of DSi Ware and a few DSi specific games. It launched four years after the original DS.
New 3DS is launching 3 years 7 months after the original 3DS. So far, it has one exclusive game announced with more stated by Nintendo to be in the pipeline.
I say bring on the games! I loved DSiWare. Some of my favourite games of all time are on that service and I was very happy to upgrade to DSi.
It's a great move in my opinion. Not crazy about the name, though. I'd prefer that they didn't go the Apple route (New iPad) and just named it 3DS 2 and 3DS 2 XL.

@kamifox1, the power button has been moved to the bottom of the console, to the right of the headphone socket.



kamifox1 said:

@Frapp It has? All I see is a stylus to the left and a game card slot to the right, nothing else... O_o I need a view of the actual underside...



DarkKirby said:

All this and still no 2nd Circle Pad for camera control.

Why no 2nd Circle Pad Nintendo why.

Also, I hope the "improved hardware" actually stops games from lagging in 3D.

Well, this is good and bad news, with bad news being this almost guarantees there will be no new Nintendo handheld for at least 2 years.



YorkshireNed said:

Nice timing, I got a 3ds when they first came out and its been heavily used and its......looking a bit rough. I'll get one of these next year, probably when I've moved to NA



AlbertoC said:

What a week.

First, we get leaked footage from Smash Bros for 3DS. Next we get news that freaking Link from the legend of Zelda is going to be playable in MARIO kart as DLC, nothing less. Then a NEW (literally) 3DS line is announced: both regular and XL varieties.

If it weren't because april fools is nowhere near september... I'm surprised, to say the least.

I'll upgrade to the new 3DSXL since the circle pad is failing on my old one. (The north-east diagonal goes only halfway according to the calibration tool, and yes, i've tried calibrating it several times.)



kamifox1 said:

Oh wait, just watched the video, my bad, should've done that first. I don't like the placement of the power button then, I can see it getting knocked too easily down there, especially if it's in a bag...



Megumi said:

...Eh, dunno...gotta see the screen for myself. Kinda wished there was a way they could combat sunlight glare, or whatever you wanna call it. Kinda difficult to take gaming with you outside, if you can't see the game you're playing. lol



SleepyCrossing said:

This really upsets me as I want to play Xendoblade Chronicles very badly, but I most likely will not be able to upgrade. Having the cartridge and stylus slot on the bottom like that is also a major inconvenience, something that would irritate me consistently.

What is next, a "New Wii U" with exclusives? I just hope that when Xenoblade Chronicles X comes out for Wii U that we get the original game too, like Bayonetta 2 is doing.

In the meantime, I guess I'll stick to the upcoming games for the 3DS that I can actually play, like Pokemon OR/AS, Smash, and Fantasy Life..



Doge said:

Why would they put the stylus there? why make micro sd cards when nintendo knows we all bought amazing 32 GB sd cards? i dont wanna have to by a new one



Caryslan said:

@Hy8ogen Only thing I want to say about the Circle Pad Pro is that it's pretty rare in the US, it never came out on the XL in the US, and 2DS owners like me can't have one since a CCP was never made for that model. So, it's not like we can run down to Gamestop or Walmart and pick up a CCP.

That is kinda the issue, although I doubt its a gamebreaker. Games will simply offer different ways to control the camera if they are on the older 3DS models.

That's how games like Monster Hunter 3 and Resident Evil did it.



MoonKnight7 said:


"why make micro sd cards when nintendo knows we all bought amazing 32 GB sd cards?"

Yeah, that part really confuses me too. A normal SD card doesn't take up that much space. Was it really necessary?



LindsayPez said:

I think I'm one of the only people annoyed by this. If I had known they were going to make this, I wouldn't have gotten an XL. I don't want to buy yet another one, but there are games that can ONLY be played on the New 3DS? I really don't understand why everyone is so excited. I feel like Nintendo doesn't respect their fans to make them shell out another $200+ to play new games...Then a couple of short years from now they'll announce a totally new handheld system and there won't be as many games for the New 3DS? I'm going to have to wait a while before deciding to pick one of these up...Xenoblade Chronicles on 3DS is amazing but I'm going to need a lot more amazing games to commit.



SCAR said:

On one hand, I think it's cool, but on another, I already have the XL. There's a few features I really want, but being mostly the same is what kills me with these upgrades. I'll probably cough up the cash, somehow. I have no attachment to a console, so if I get one, my old XL will be gone immediately afterwards.



Webby-sama said:

Nintendo does the new iteration thing all the time. "If I had known" is a terrible way to think. You may as well just live a generation behind if you're gonna regret a purchase because Nintendo basically didn't have a five year plan laid out publicly.



ChuJelly said:

I've been wanting to upgrade to XL already (been rocking the same old 3DS since the system came out, and my hands got too big for it since then) so this is perfect for me! Hope it comes out before Christmas in America, at least. Very glad I waited as I had a feeling something like this might happen eventually.



J-Manix98 said:


I understand how you feel, but companies have to release new hardware or they'll go out of business! This system is looking awesome to me, but I guess I'm a bit of a purist.

The only complaint I have is that the card slot is on the bottom. Why would they do that? What if you are sitting down on with your knees curled up and you bump the 3ds on your knee and the game pops out? That is literally my only complaint. But yeah, I understand what your saying.

But hey, it's better than a new 3ds xl "limited edition". I'd rather be tempted to spend my money on a whole new system than just a new color scheme, which is why I like the smaller version of this system so much (interchangeable face plates!)



AlphaAlex said:

@DarkKirby "If that's the case maybe I'll finally buy MGS3 for the 3DS, assuming it works with it."
What a coincidence! I was thinking about buying Metal Gear Solid 3D: Snake Eater and a Circle Pad Pro XL just recently, but now I'd rather wait for the New 3DS (XL) and see how people think the Circle Pad Pro compares to the C-stick.



Emaan said:

I've had the original 3DS since 2011 and I'm glad I didn't buy an XL recently. You just never know with Nintendo and handhelds, there is always a better version in the works. I'd have to see more about these to get excited.

Very surprised though.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Well, that's unfair. Nintendo wants those who own an older 3DS model to pay for another model full-price just for two more buttons, a second stick, and a bit more CPU?

It sure smells like Apple all of a sudden...



Ferkner said:

Hopefully they change the name when it gets here. New Nintendo 3DS will be confusing for some people. Super Nintnendo 3DS would make things clearer for people.



Weedy said:

Mind Blowing. Finally something tp tempt me to upgrade my ambassador 3DS. Looks like a great solution to the second stick problem.
I think the best name would be the 3DS rite. Calls to mind the old DS lite but also points to the new right slide pad.



WYLD-WOO said:

Of course I will be purchasing one, I'm a Nintendo fan. Expected a upgrade of sorts as it's about that time.



GameInfinite said:

I think I will preorder the Metallic Blue New 3DS with Smash Bros. for 3DS
Then when the system comes out,I will do a system transfer then give my old 3DS to one of my friends.



One-Winged-Pit said:

I knew Nintendo would do an upgraded version of the 3DS at some point. Now I can finally get an XL. My guess is there is still no flash player. Would it really have been a terrible thing to upgrade those crappy cameras? I do not even like to use those things, every picture looks so grainy, but better in the dark so it might be enough.



GameInfinite said:

When I get the system, I will have 1 New 3DS and I will give away my old 2011 3DS to a friend of mine.



Caryslan said:

@darthllama Why would I cry myself to sleep? I love my 2DS! The thing is, as long as I still get new games that work on my 2DS, I'll be happy. Does it suck that I can't play Xenoblade? Yes, but I have that game on the Wii anyway. Not to mention, current 3DS and 3DS XL owners can't play the game either, they are in the same boat as 2DS owners.

And that's the key, if a bunch of exclusive games come to these new 3DS models, then everyone who already owns a 3DS, 3DS XL, and 2DS will have to either upgrade to the new models, or wait until the true successor of the 3DS arrives in a few years.

Why am I going to cry myself to sleep over this? I'm not even mad about the new models anymore. My 2DS rocks, has tons of great games on it, and still has a better form factor then any of the other 3DS models. The current models are still going to get new games, Nintendo is not stupid enough to alienate their existing 3DS userbase by making something like Zelda or Pokemon exclusive to the new models.

What am I missing out on compared to the current 3DS models? 3D that I never use, a bigger screen and stereo speakers that can be fixed with a decent pair of headphones?

Even the newer models don't really make me what to upgrade. It's great hardware, but my 2DS still has alot of life left in it.



HappyHappyist said:

I was planning on buying a 3DS XL and CPP for MH4U, but this may be what I really want instead. I'll definitely need to look at is and see how that second pad feels.



Shambo said:

Just too late to be thestandard for when the Smash Bros design is released... 2 more 3ds's... IF they don't bring that Monster Hunter design to Europe as well... Haven't even had this many Gamecubes, and I have an entire 16 player Double Dash set-up and a boxed one safely put away...



RaymanFan2 said:

No one's going to call absolute bullpoopypoop?
What kind of console has a new model that improves the CPU to the point where it has games exclusive to that new model? That's absolutely idiotic.
DSi had those camera games, but that's only because it had a new external hardware feature. Nintendo has upgraded the goshdarn CPU in an existing console.



HandheldGuru97 said:

Ha! To think I thought old Ninty would get through the year without announcing a new 3DS boy oh boy I was wrong! Still...this (from what I know about the Gameboy and DS lifespans) is the first time Nintendo has released 4(!!!!!) (Really 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) handhelds in one handhelds lifespan very odd, but the times are a changin...Well I ain't gonna lie Nintendo and stopgap handhelds tend to be phenomenal (GBC and DSi come to mind) so I will be getting one. Especially considering that Xenoblade is only playable on that Now the real question is I went from launch day model to XL...but to go small again or stay big???? Eh I got a few months...but those faceplates though...



FritzFrapp said:

@GameInfinite "The only problem I have with the system is the name.
Everything else is fine to me."

I'm the same except for one more thing: they've ditched the wireless switch and gone with the software toggle for wifi in system settings, as they did with DSi and 2DS. Not a fan of this at all.



Retro_on_theGo said:




SahashraLA said:

I've been looking to get a new 3DS since my old one kicked the bucket (drop effect..), but that second circle pad has been reconsidering that idea. I like the idea of the additional shoulder buttons and better screens (Xenoblade Chronicles sounds like a dream) in fact it's reminiscent of my HDS proposal I sent in this year to Nintendo.
HDS: a quad core, 1GB video, 4GB RAM handheld controller that could play 3DS / DS games on its own or connect to an 8 core, 2GB video, 8GB RAM base station to play PS4 quality titles. Alone, the base could play Wii / Wii U titles, using existing Wiimotes, Gamepads, or Pro Controllers.
Both systems would have built in storage (16GB and 500GB, respectively) and would continue use of the existing eShops.



SahashraLA said:

The button colors are obviously part of the Japanese lineup. Reminiscent of the Super Famicom's layout, I think it's a great touch of nostalgia.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

This is only the second UPGRADE of a handheld. Before, we had redesigns which performed identically or at least didn't cut game support for older models - the DSi started this bad trend, but it only applied to DSiWare, which were download-only.
The N3DS is a small upgrade, but the first one to actually improve software and system performance - but it's also the first time physically available software is just deemed incompatible with older versions of the same console (Xenoblade 3D).
That's pretty much the same strategy Apple employs with iPhones: release a new model with only marginal performance boost at a full-price tag before the latest model is even starting to become lacking, and then render that one obsolete.
This isn't even a new handheld, it's literally just a newer 3DS - the performance differences are way too small to call this a new handheld generation.



CanisWolfred said:

This is exactly what I hoped Nintendo would never do...yet I'm probably gonna buy it anyways. I feel like such a jerk...

@Kaze_Memaryu Obviously I agree with you 100%, but the performance boost isn't as much the issue as much as it has more buttons and a second analogue nub (which looks dubious, btw). I actually kinda hope this doesn't do very well tbh. I don't want this to be a trend.



TheRealThanos said:

@unrandomsam I think the difference between the 3DS C-stick, as I will call it from now on, and the Circle Pad Pro is negligible, but there will probably be a difference in playability between the standard setup and either of these two "second analog control" options. I can also appreciate you wanting to have a fair competition, so I can understand your point. Although it's not only about HAVING the better control setup: you also need to be a master in using it, and there are people good enough that they don't even need all these added benefits and they still win. Makes me think of the old programmable controllers for Sega and Nintendo's 16 bit consoles, which were also supposed to offer you an advantage, but in my experience that wasn't always the case. It very much depends upon the user and the type of game. And as far as the New 3DS is concerned: come to think of it, maybe the extra shoulder buttons are more of an unfair advantage than the c-stick: who knows what extra moves you could perform with those babies...
@TheAdrock Yep, and most smart phones are also WAY more expensive, especially the ones that have some quality and durability to them. The only reason I own a Galaxy S5 now is because I renewed my contract for another two years. There's no way in hell that I would pay around $600 for a mobile phone, let alone a handheld...
@Kaze_Memaryu Indeed, but the DSi did give us DSi ware as exclusives and a couple of "DSi enhanced" games, such as Pokemon Black/White and De Blob 2. Admittedly a better option then saying: you can't play this game on your current 3DS(XL) AT ALL, but still. It is backwards compatible so just trade the old one in and use the new one with your old games. Because of the better hardware it will more than likely give you the benefit of smoother gameplay of the older games as well, so you can still play your current games AND get exclusive ones as well. Everybody wins...
@CanisWolfred Yep, gonna buy it too. I own almost every Nintendo handheld except for the GB Micro and the original Game Boy.



WaveBoy said:

Take my Money!!!
Torn between the Aimgo 'white' or black original 3DS.
The improved 3D viewing angles and reduction in motion blur are a huge deal to me. It's a shame though that Nintendo didn't bother including a 6th brightness setting which is only available to the original 3DS models if you plug in your Adapter cable.



CaPPa said:

I'll definitely be picking up a new XL, hopefully there'll be a MH4U themed bundle.

It's a shame that they still haven't fixed the screen scratching issue though.

With the extra C Pad and shoulder buttons maybe it could double as a Wii U controller.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@TheRealThanos It's the best option, but my 3DS has too much sentimental value for me to ditch it - and I'd still need to pay more, since Nintendo would never just take my old one and send me this for free (which I wouldn't even want, would be unfair against Nintendo).

@CanisWolfred Yeah, that c-stick kinda raises questions, but I'll assume it works for now. The shoulder button placement seems really poorly planned, though...
But I also agree that I'll most likely end up getting one despite knowing how wrong it is to support it.



TwilightOniAngel said:

Well i think it's time to save money for a new 3DS.Cause i had mine for a long time,but the old gal never let me down though. So maybe next year maybe,cause i love the new designs.



TheRealThanos said:

@Kaze_Memaryu I don't know how it is over where you live, but here there are some decent game shops that offer good money for handhelds that are still in good condition, so a new one would probably only cost me between 80 - 100 euros. But I personally will not be trading in because I collect Nintendo handhelds, so I will keep my "old" 3DS XL as well.



ecco6t9 said:

I am hoping the extra power allows for GBA and DS to appear as Virtual Consoles on the 3DS?



IronMan28 said:

Well, I'll probably get this. I upgraded to XL two years ago now, so I don't see a problem with this at all because by the time it gets to the US it'll have been more than two years since I upgraded. Not a problem with me at all.



mamp said:

So cool even though 75% of the people on this site were opposed to a new 3DS iteration



CanisWolfred said:

@Kaze_Memaryu True. But I might try to hold out until the end of next year to see if FFXV is on the horizon for the PS4. If not, I'll grab a "New 3DS XL" (or maybe just a regular-sized one depending on the weight) used - even if it only saves me a little (or nothing after the warranty...but I'd try for a warranty regardless...). That's if it doesn't turn out to another undersupported extention, like the DSi and GB Micro before it...



Aerona said:

I feel a great disturbance in the force, as if millions of wallets cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.



kenzo said:

Just a few afterthoughts on what need to be fixed on the New 3DS.

1. Those led lights at the bottom right side where the lower palm goes, need to be dimmed or switched off during game play.

The blue light that you see there, particularly at night time in a darkened room, is a really annoying distraction (unless you cover it awkwardly with your hand hold).

That blue light thing was a fad about five years ago, and it shortens your life too (blue screen of death).

2. Two infrared lights need to be mounted at the back of the top cover, next to the external cameras, like a Wii sensor bar. This will be useful for six degree of freedom positional tracking when used with a Wii U or other new console. The leds could even be put under the casing as the IR lights will shine through it.

Nintendo recently patented such a position tracking concept so its an anomaly given the new 3DS is seemingly being targeted for use as a wii u gamepad accessory.

3. Potentially both upper and lower screens could be equipped with the new 3D screens and new head tracking technology.

Alternatively, just the lower screen could implement perspective correction 2D to give the apparent 3D effect. Be interesting to see motion parallax of the lower 2D screen combined with the upper 3D screen.



Henmii said:

"A port of the Wii RPG Xenoblade Chronicles is in the works which will only run on these new systems"

I do hope that Nintendo isn't planning to make more games exclusive to this "updated" 3DS, because I don't want to buy it. The 3DS succesor is on the horizon, I am sure of it.



WYLD-WOO said:

@Kaze_Memaryu - Ok, I see where you are coming from. I was not talking about the re-designs like the micro and XL as examples. I've always seen the gameboy to colour version as an upgrade and the same with colour to advance. The same with as you mentioned the DS systems. Is this not the same thing?

If an improvement of hardware is offered to play better games, is that not classed as an upgrade? I always thought the next handheld system would play Wii quality games, like we have here.



AlphaAlex said:

Man I sure do hope they make a red New 3DS XL. But if they don't, I guess I'll just have to get the black one, if I do get a New 3DS XL that is.



JimLad said:

So happy to see coloured face buttons. I know it seems like a small thing, but for inexpereienced gamers it makes learning the interface that much easier.

The next step is to get Minecraft on the system. Think how many kids would jump on that.



GameInfinite said:

@JimLad GameXplain discussed about the new system and they said this is proof that Nintendo wants to get back in the core market.
I also would like Minecraft now on my 3DS since they improved everything!



arielp said:

glad to see the new 3DS XL..
will buy it for sure....

my 3DS XL will goes to my son's, and his 2DS will be for sale



Kaze_Memaryu said:

@WYLD-WOO The thing is that the GameBoy Color was actually a new system. It utilized more system memory and played games with higher storage limits than the GameBoy. Games like Pokémon G/S which could be played on the old one but had color palettes for the new one were a good pacer to transfer to the better system.
But here, we have an improved version of the same system. It's a bit hard to explain, but the change isn't impacting enough to justify buying it when you already own one - a slightly better CPU and more RAM in this range isn't worth a full-price handheld when the better parts would only cost about 60-80$ and the additional buttons + c-stick are already available through the CPP.
But for people who were on the fence before, it's the best solution possible. The N3DS offers a lot that is simply great for better gameplay and satisfaction, but at the same time also introduces a roadblock to early supporters who already own a 3DS.

Hell, I don't even know whether I should be angry or happy about it!



MussakkuLaden said:

That. Is. Exactly. What. I. Was. Waiting. For. For. Years. Finally the hardware really convinces me so that I'll finally buy one to enjoy all its great games!



rrpi said:

I'll probably get one for Christmas 2015 if it comes out by then.



WinterWarm said:

Well, better start saving up now.

This is fantastic, I am so excited! I can't waig to buy one when they come to NA.

I understand the irritation some people have about this, fearing Nintendo will launch first-party titles for only the new models, forcing people to buy the new versions in order to keep up with their franchises, but people, it won't come out until 2015 in Europe and maybe NA, AT LEAST, that's plenty of time to save up.

I love it, I love NL for telling me, and I love 3DS.




DeltaPeng said:

I'm liking the enhancements they are adding so far, the colored buttons and changeable face plates (of the new 3DS, non XL) are looking nice. The extra processing power and memory are definite pluses, and while I don't use the 3D effect often, the viewing angles looks much better such that if I had a new 3DS I might use it more.

My main gripe with 3DS XL are that the speaker volume is pretty low compared to original DS. I do have slight hearing loss, but it is quiet to the point where I need to sit 'too close' to my 3DS XL screens to hear the music in certain games, which is bothersome and defeats the purpose of my getting the XL screens. So, I hope these new versions have better speaker volume capability.



WYLD-WOO said:

@Kaze_Memaryu - Thanks for ya explaination, I didn't know that about the gbc and I'ts been a long time since I've used one. I'm not a technical person but I've been a gamer for most of my days. I've seen so many different nintendeo handhelds re-designs and new consoles, come and go. Each time IMO, I've never really seen such a massive jump in system quality and I see no difference here. I really don't look at things like CPU's, RAM's etc. I look at what games or unique experience, that console has to offer. Ports for me are not the preferred choice as I've normally played most of the games, that I've already wanted to play. However, there is always a new generation of gamers that would could experience this for the first time. The answer to ya question, Is wait and see, If there are games on that system that you will play that justifys the cost of it. As I've already mentioned, I'm a nintendo fan, so of course I'll be getting one regardless.



rockodoodle said:

Looks and sounds really cool but I might wait a while to buy one b/c of all the games coming out on the Wii U, not to mention a few that I want for my current system that I got about a year ago. But I will get one eventually.



legend_of_Shawn said:

glad I didn't upgrade to XL! will probably get this one. I just pray I can transfer my $400 of games over to it from my sd card. Also does anyone know how much that translates to in $ for North America?

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