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Mon 16th Jun 2014

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piggie_pie commented on Weirdness: Sony Fan Creates Petition In Hope O...:

Im a fanboy of the Japanese consoles... that being PlayStation and Nintendo... i lean toward PlayStation mostly because it has more games that i like but Nintendo has always been close to my heart as one of my very first consoles (NES). That being said... Smash Bros on the Vita is the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard... and im a Sony fanboy... pretty soon people are gonna start asking for Pokemon and Super Mario... that petition is a waste of time and space.... and now i've just wasted 15 minutes reading comments and typing this message... shakes fist



piggie_pie commented on Square Enix Temporarily Pulls 3DS Dragon Quest...:

Same thing happened when FF14:ARR came out... They didn't expect so many people to buy it so they had to stop digital sales and character creation. You would think that they would have some backup servers on stand by or at least be ready to support everything that you put on the shelf. but ultimately this is a good thing for the franchise... high demand



piggie_pie commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Be Promoting Th...:

back on topic... I think they are two different systems but Nintendo could squeeze into the market more if they would get more popular tablet games... but i don't see tablets going away any time soon... and they really are two different markets... the Wii-U (even though they use a game pad) is a console and people use it as such... thats just my opinion



piggie_pie commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Be Promoting Th...:

My console of choice has always been PlayStation so PS4 is my main console as well... I just recently purchased a Wii-U and a 3DS and i don't regret it at all... my favorite style of games are always on PlayStation or Nintendo and thats the question that you have to ask yourself... if X1 doesn't have anything that interests you then maybe you have already answered that question
Good Luck friend!



piggie_pie commented on Here's What Metroid's Samus Aran Would Look Li...:

I love Metroid games and i would totally watch that cartoon if it was real...

on another note... I would really love to see some hype on a new Metroid game instead of Smash Bros plastered everywhere every time i open the interwebs...



piggie_pie commented on Cross-Buy is Now a Thing on Nintendo Platforms:

This is big news... I love the cross buy function of PlayStation systems... I have quite a few cross buy games on PS systems and there are more to come... I just wish Nintendo would 1Up (pun intended) by allowing you to play 3DS games on the Wii-U via the VC or something like an external plug-in for 3DS games on the Wii-U... Pipe dream probably but they say when you dream you should dream big!



piggie_pie commented on Star Fox (Tentative Title):

@xerneas yeah, i remember when the SNES came out and a bunch of titles had the word "Super" in front of it... N64 was the same... Didn't see that on the GameCube (my favorite Nintendo console)... But you are right that it is a Nintendo trend that has gone on for generations.



piggie_pie commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Successfully Wooed Som...:

This article is true... I would label myself as a Sony Fanboy because i have loved and enjoyed every PlayStation since PSOne... I own two PS3's and two PS4's... While the PS4 is my console of choice I have to admit that what Nintendo has shown from E3 got me excited to be a Nintendo owner once again (having owned every Nintendo console since the NES other than the Wii-U)... so... few days after E3 i went out and bought a Wii-U. Its nice to have a Nintendo that is actually HD! I know its a new console so i don't want to sound impatient but i would love to see more from the GameCube era (manly the original Crystal Chronicles)

Can't wait to hear more on the new Xenoblade, the new Zelda, and rumors of a new Metroid.



piggie_pie commented on Wii Owners Are Upgrading To PlayStation 4, Cla...:

While I believe the title of this article is very true, This last E3 for Nintendo has got me excited for Nintendo again. I believe that the PS4 is the best console on the market right now (personal opinion and not at all saying anything bad about the Xbox One or Wii-U) but if Nintendo brings the goods with the exclusives then I'm gonna support them again. Got me a Wii-U last night and for the first time in 7 years I had a Nintendo controller in my hand.