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Thu 29th July, 2010

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ecco6t9 commented on Nintendo NX Will Avoid The Launch Issues Which...:

Well, Nintendo basically let Ubisoft handle the 3DS and Wii U launch.

Come out strong with 5 games and none of them on the level of Steel Diver or Nintendoland while both are good they are not launch worthy for new hardware.



ecco6t9 commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Asks for Fan Trust With Metro...:

It is a Nintendo game, even if they half ass the game it will still be good.

The problem is they are dismissing the fan base that would even take a Xeodrifter style remake of Metroid 2 and would be ecstatic.



ecco6t9 commented on Talking Point: The Mystery of Devil's Third an...:

@FLUX_CAPACITOR to be fair I have never like Reggie, granted he was able to sell the Wii and DS to an expanded user base whose last experiences with video games may have been Pong, Pac-Man, or even as late as the NES and he should be rightfully praised for that.

It really is not that hard to keep the fanbase of Nintendo happy, most users see that there is no Call of Duty or Batman or Madden and they either do not care or raise a small fit. The issue is seeing the other 4 major branches of Nintendo to an extent dialoging and releasing products that the fanbase wants and being for the fanbase and seeming against it. The last time a U.S. branch resented it's fans so much was Sega of America under Bernie Stolar.



ecco6t9 commented on Talking Point: The Mystery of Devil's Third an...:

We only blame Reggie since the decisions that he does make go against what the Nintendo faithful want, granted some may not be major hits but they would at least break even or make a small profit. Breaking even here and there keeps the fans happy and buying new games.

Fatal Frame 4, ASH, Soma Bringer, Disaster, Another Code, Standard new 3DS all decisions by Nintendo of America to not be released here.

The other possibility is that Nintendo of Japan does have full decision making of what Nintendo of America can do and Reggie is spineless when it comes to dealing with his bosses.



ecco6t9 commented on Exclusive: Slightly Mad Studio Head Ian Bell S...:

One benefit to skipping the Wii U and being a launch title for Nintendo NX is being an excellent racing sim, launching along side new hardware, and damage control by giving Nintendo NX owners an even bigger roster of cars all for $29 or $39.

The cheaper price and extra content can be seen as doing what EA should of done with it's Wii U line up.



ecco6t9 commented on Former Castlevania Producer Koji Igarashi's Ki...:

No 3DS, Wii U, or Vita version? No support from me then.

Even if there were stretch goals for those systems I could guarantee that the Wii U version would be 1.5 million and the 3DS version would cost two million.



ecco6t9 commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Problems With Trends and...:

You read what others had done and you took the next step. You didn’t earn the knowledge for yourselves, so you don’t take any responsibility… for it. You stood on the shoulders of geniuses to accomplish something as fast as you could and before you even knew what you had you patented it and packaged it and slapped it on a plastic lunchbox, and now you’re selling it. You want to sell it!



ecco6t9 commented on Sega Producer Explains Exactly What Went Wron...:

How to fix Sonic...

*Anything Sonic R and later is no longer cannon.

*Make a new Sonic 4 on the 16-Bit hardware, port the finalized game to modern systems then upscale it.

No Cream, No Cheese, No Heroes, No Shadow, No Silver, No Chris none of that extra stuff. I kept Sonic 3D Blast part of the series but it could easily be argued that it could go too.

If they want extra characters use Knuckles Chaotix or the Sonic Comic.



ecco6t9 commented on Nintendo Share Prices Continue to Climb in Res...:

It's troubling that it has shot up that high when a majority of mainstream news is not going into full detail what the plans really are.

If Zelda Wii U sells only two million copies the shareholders will plummet the stock wondering why "Zelda Wii U is not on a device that Nintendo actively supports and has a consumer base of one billion."



ecco6t9 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Right to Take Its Ti...:

I could go all digital but on the Nintendo side of things that means all digital.

So basically Nintendo needs to figure out a way to release GBA and DS games on the 3DS eShop, and convince some early 3rd party retail release to go digital. (Dead or Alive, Frogger. Centipede.)



ecco6t9 commented on Nintendo Held Back Western Launch Of New 3DS D...:

I can't figure out what Nintendo is thinking these days.

Amiibos are hot yet no one seems to know if they are even getting ones that were reserved, retailers seem to make up the release dates, Nintendo has never 100% said what or if some might only have one run or when they might come back or something or yeah.

Limiting a variation on a handheld that fans want and Nintendo is still the King of the handheld market.

Staggered release dates on Virtual Console games for no reason other than making it up. Remember Kirby 2 on the 3DS?

I don't think too many of us are genuinely upset but confused and Nintendo's half answers are not helping.



ecco6t9 commented on Talking Point: New Nintendo 3DS, Operation Fac...:

One of the issues is that this is yet another NIntendo of America decision that in their words "Angers up the core fanbase".

How many times can they make these decisions and expect the core fanbase to stick around?