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MoonKnight7 commented on Fire Emblem: If Special Edition Bundle Sold Ou...:


Haha. Yeah I know. I mean I understand the concern, I do, but I think people are taking this to the extreme. Are gamers just that unhappy with everything nowadays? We are getting a new Fire Emblem, so we should be celebrating, but instead people are so worried about the unknown that it is hampering the joy.

Me personally, I'm thrilled. It's FE and FE: Awakening was my favorite 3DS game so far. I'm even happy if I can only play one side of the game, I don't care, and I actually appreciate that there is more content if you want it.

@Olmectron has a very good point in saying there is a big reason why Nintendo has different Directs in different countries.



MoonKnight7 commented on Fire Emblem: If Special Edition Bundle Sold Ou...:

"You know what? Yes. We will wait until we have more western information.But I am amazed with all the somersaults people have done over the FACT that content is locked off. My main point in the first place was stating that they lock content away from you yet somehow you've embraced that argument as "Well that's okay because it's their game"... alright. Yup okay."

I fail to see what the problem is with this statement. It is their game, and they can do with it how they please. That said, I think it is unreasonable to believe they are going to rip you off. If you believe that to be the case when you know more, then by all means, bash the hell out of it. Then it is perfectly understandable to do so.

@JaxonH said:
"It's much cooler to make a choice that permanently affects the rest of the game."

@Kyranosaurus said:
"This is amazing. I want Intelligent System's next game to just self destruct when you die in game. Just buy another copy if you want to try that level again. I seriously wouldn't see it past people do defend Nintendo to that extent if it actually happens."

Lol, what a weird thing to say in relation to JaxonH's comment.

"What's EVEN cooler than making a choice that permanently effect the rest of the game is replaying the game to see what different outcomes you could make had you done something different. Brilliant."

I said this before and I'll say it again, it just may not have been possible to warrant a $40 price tag with any or all of these options:

The amount of content.
The work ethics and man-hours involved.
That all the data may not have fit normal 3DS cartridges.



MoonKnight7 commented on Fire Emblem: If Special Edition Bundle Sold Ou...:


I'll bend on the Pokemon example, given the connectivity part, as I'm sure FE won't have anymore connectivity other than what they do with Streetpass. Bad example on my part, so I apologize.

"@MoonKnight7 Have you even considered that it may not have been possible to put it all on one cartridge?"
"They do exactly that with the Limited Edition, so no, I didn't."

How do you know that the Limited Edition cartridge has the same data size as normal 3DS cartridges? Prime example is when RE: Revelations was ready for production, it didn't fit on the normal data size cartridge. They had double the size of it to get it to fit and they were going to charge $50 instead of $40. Then people got their panties in a bunch so they backed off and just ate the cost. Porting it over to home consoles could have been an indirect result of this decision to make some of that money back. I'm not saying you're wrong, but all I ask is that you consider it as a possibility.

"Besides, when thinking this through, they use one world, and reverse the roles of the available characters. Don't forget that all characters show up in both versions, either as allies or enemies, as well as the same locations, just in different order. Only the (not voiced) dialogue and the missions themselves differ between games, so I'm not buying that this couldn't just be one game."

So your stance is that even though there's 2 separate story lines, that somehow doesn't add more data? So just because the characters are already there, having two different outcomes for said character doesn't add more data? So if on one side the final outcome is sunshine and puppies, and the other is a circle of Hell, that somehow doesn't add more data? How? Please enlighten me, cause I'd certainly like to learn something new today.

Even if what you say is true, you're still not considering man-hours. Doing two stories takes double the time, logcially, yes? I hardly doubt that this is a simple copy and paste. Meaning this character says the same thing another character says in the other game. I don't believe that for a second, and it's not going to be that simple. Sure the characters are the same, but they behave differently. How do you think that was done?

If Nintendo and Intelligent Systems believes that the cost warrants the content, then that's their decision to make. If you really have a problem with this, then don't buy it, but I think it's an unwarranted stance to take until more is known. I personally believe that people are theorizing way too deeply just because of Japan's choices, where FE is massively more popular than in the west.

I'd suggest we table this discussion until AFTER we find out what's going to happen in the other territories.



MoonKnight7 commented on Fire Emblem: If Special Edition Bundle Sold Ou...:


"It's really annoying how readily people jump for this rip-off. The game is simply cut in half and sold separately, without any incentive beyond this. You either buy full price for half a game, or you buy double-time for one game."

I also find it really annoying that people jump to the conclusion that it is a rip-off, with no real knowledge of just how much content this FE will have. Have you even considered that it may not have been possible to put it all on one cartridge? Maybe there was so much work involved that it financially made sense charge more than usual. We simply don't know. Just because it is split into two games doesn't mean they are ripping us off. Even if your thinking of a rip-off comes true, need I remind you that Pokemon gets away with this all the time. There is literally no difference between the games other than about 6 pokemon, yet people roll out the red carpet for the new Pokemon games.

There are also rumblings, that we can get the second half for around $15 as DLC. What is so wrong with that? FE Awakening had over $50 in DLC and that didn't even pertain to the story in any reasonable way. This sounds like much more bang for you buck if you ask me.

Let's not forget that everything we are discussing is simply extra content. You DO NOT have to buy more than just the one game. Some people will be content with one side of the story, and that fine, but the offer is there for more. We just do not know how it will translate once it gets to us.

I dunno man, be mad if you want to, but I think you are jumping to conclusions and taking this too much at face value.



MoonKnight7 commented on International StreetPass Week Details Confirme...:


Yeah, I've tried my local Best Buy before, but alas, it didn't work. When it appeared nothing happened, I asked an employee about it, but he just looked at me like a deer in the headlights. Not that I was expecting him to know, but I just thought I'd ask on the off chance he knew something about it.

Home Depot is one I've never heard of before, so thanks for that update. If I go there for any reason, I'll test it out.



MoonKnight7 commented on International StreetPass Week Details Confirme...:


Yikes. I'm sorry to hear that. Are you referencing getting a new 3DS and doing the transfer? If so, that is by far the scariest thing that is keeping me from upgrading. It just seems like a nightmare.

In reference to Streepass locations. That is a fair comment to make, but I do not like doing that. I come from an old school of thought, that if I walk into a place, I should at least intend to buy something. Again, it's no one's fault but my own, because it's my own personal beliefs.



MoonKnight7 commented on International StreetPass Week Details Confirme...:


If I am to be completely honest with you, I don't really go for fast food often. It's because of political/personal reasons, but I appreciate the input though. I had not known Burger King had AT&T.

As far as Ruby Tuesday is concerned, that is a more likely outcome for me, but again, I do not visit often. My wife and I usually stay home to cook.



MoonKnight7 commented on International StreetPass Week Details Confirme...:


Yeah, some people have filled me in on this as well. I don't get Streetpasses anymore at Starbucks, and I assume that Google is the reason. It kind of stinks because the only other place I can get them is McDonald's and I have a personal vendetta against them. So these Streetpass events are all well and good, but it means nothing to me personally now that Starbucks is out.



MoonKnight7 commented on Nintendo Download: 16th April (North America):

I really enjoy the streetpass games, so I'll be getting those. It's usually pretty difficult for me to get Streetpass hits on a normal day, but I'm visiting New York City soon, so I'll certainly get some hits there.



MoonKnight7 commented on Sales Fall Away in Japan as Xenoblade Chronicl...:


Not only that, but it is only on one specific 3DS family member. It's essentially a launch title, so it hurts it's chances even more. Realistically, how much better could it have done?

Edit: I realize now that is essentially what you said. Haha, sorry for that, it's been a long day for me.



MoonKnight7 commented on Poll: Is Splatoon a Blockbuster That'll Help R...:

Splatoon will be a solid hit, and I'm sure it'll sell enough to warrent Nintendo to make more. That said, I think this is a too little too late moment. Nintendo has gotten a lot of press lately about NX and the Wii U winding down, I find it unlikely that is will turn things around. If MK8 and Smash couldn't turn things around, I'm doubtful this game will. I imagine a good boost, and will likely hold well, but pushing systems is very unlikely at this point.



MoonKnight7 commented on GAME Launches UK Pre-Orders for Splatoon amiib...:


"The folks in NA could definitely learn a thing or two. Though despite customers literally breaking the GameStop servers, I think they handled their pre-order situation well by forcing folks to go to the store."

I can tell you that it wasn't handled well. GameStop announced on Twitter that online pre-orders would be going live at 3pm EST. However, they failed to mention that it was only for at the stores. They apparently sent out memos later but most places didn't have enough time to post their update, nor would people have payed attention because they were ready to go on the GameStop website. Me personally, I only found out around 4pm from people posting on twitter.

It was a colossal fail, because the entire NA internet was waiting to go, hence the server crash. By the time people knew that they had to pre-order in the store, it was too late for most. If you couldn't skip out on your responsibilities it was, oh well, tough luck.

I have a job, and there was not way I could just, up and leave. By the time I made it to GameStop, I only managed to get Pac-Man, and missed Ness by mere seconds.

I'll agree that making people go to the store is fine, but the bait and switch GameStop pulled wasn't appreciated. It's made even worse to make people choose between their responsibilities and pre-ordering amiibos.



MoonKnight7 commented on Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. Update Goes Live to Spee...:


"Just a bad game. How hard was it to put a "SKIP" button? Making it 3x faster only New 3DS users? Great! Seems like I finally have a good reason to own my N3DS. /sarcasm"

To the point of what @outburst has said, the computer AI takes your moves into consideration. It adds more of a realistic difficulty curve if the computer is actually trying it's best to beat you. How exactly do you propose they handle a "skip" button and the computer using real-time strategy?

Your anger is placed in the wrong direction. If anything you should be blaming the 3DS hardware, rather than spouting off and saying Intelligent Systems made a "bad game." They did their best with the hardware, and even improved on it. What more do you want (realistically speaking)? I don't understand gamers sometimes, I really don't.



MoonKnight7 commented on Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. Update Goes Live to Spee...:


If I recall correctly, that reviewer hated everything about the game. It wasn't just about the long wait times.

To me the review was really off, and I'm not just saying that because I really enjoy the game. They had mentioned something about how awful and stereotypical the characters were. I believe that was largely the point to make it seem like a campy Saturday morning cartoon show. If I recall correctly, I believe NL even said the same thing, but were in favor of it. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. I'm not going to go digging for whoever made the comparison.

For me personally, Polygon has ruined whatever reputation it had ever since that MK8 sales article nonsense.


Thanks I couldn't remember. I hope you all enjoy it when the time comes! It's a really fun game, and even though you have to wait, at least the patch will be there right away.



MoonKnight7 commented on Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. Update Goes Live to Spee...:

I personally didn't mind waiting, but I'm happy they listened to the initial feedback. I heard so many people say (not so much here, but elsewhere) that they were not going to buy the game because of the wait. Now they don't have an excuse.

Does anyone know if it launched in Europe yet? If not, you guys are all set with this patch.



MoonKnight7 commented on International StreetPass Week to Bring New Str...:

I enjoy the streetpass games, so I'm looking forward to more. That said, it's still pretty difficult for me to get Streetpass hits, and I live in a decently populated area. I guess people just don't take their 3DS's out much.



MoonKnight7 commented on International StreetPass Week to Bring New Str...:


I'm doubtful it's your 3DS. Sometimes those hotspots don't work for me either. I'm supposed to get streetpass relay hits at Starbucks, sometimes they happen, sometimes they don't.

As for Nintendo Zone, I don't really live by a convenient location, and have only tried it maybe once or twice, so I can't really comment on that part.



MoonKnight7 commented on New Fire Emblem on 3DS Takes Shape as Two Sepa...:


Haha, yeah I know right, I like the idea too. I guess 16 bucks, that you don't have to spend, signifies the end of days. Like you said, they want to appeal to both crowds, and I don't see what's so wrong about it. The point is to sell the game right? The point is to get people interested in extra content right? There may in fact be so much content that the second purchase had to happen as a stand-alone, or DLC, or whatever. Some of the hate comments this thing is getting is just strange to me.



MoonKnight7 commented on New Fire Emblem on 3DS Takes Shape as Two Sepa...:


Yeah I get what they meant, their example was just so, I dunno, depressing and heavy-handed.

I simply don't agree in this case. Intelligent Systems isn't crashing a burning, but doing the exact opposite, and got great press to boot. I felt Awakening was fantastic, and I've played prior games in the series as well. I just feel like it had something for everyone to enjoy, but still felt like Fire Emblem, but hey, you can't please everyone I guess.

I personally would rather have the people at Intelligent Systems keep their jobs then to gamble, only to please a few hardcore FE fans.



MoonKnight7 commented on Poll: Which Characters Do You Want to Win the ...:

Shovel Knight all the way. He has creative moves, and plenty of "relics" that could be used too. I believe he fits the bill of what Sakurai looks for when choosing new characters.

Plus Shovel Knight was intended to be like a forgotten Nintendo classic, so I think they complement each other nicely.



MoonKnight7 commented on New Fire Emblem on 3DS Takes Shape as Two Sepa...:


"Watching every following Fire Emblem be comparable to Awakening is like watching a relative die from Alzheimer's. Despite being alive, the person is no longer the same person you knew. In a way, you accept that that person is gone, but every time that you see some kind of glimmer of their past self, there's this spark of hope. Maybe, despite all odds, they are getting better; maybe, tomorrow, a cure will be discovered. It doesn't happen. The cycle continues, maybe for days, or years, but has a conclusion. With Fire Emblem, an idea, it does not reach a conclusion. Ideas can rise up from the dead. So I ask, would you rather see something you love die, while still fully intact, fully dignified, or atrophy away, living on, but a mere shell of the figure in your memory?"

Haha, well that was depressing and morbid. Also, a little strange to be comparing a game to losing a family member with Alzheimer's, but hey if that's how you personally see it, that's fine. In the future I'd just stick with game references like Sonic, Sypro and like you said, Banjo-Kazooie. Games that tried to reinvent themselves, but couldn't do so very well. That's all you needed to say to get your point across, rather than really bumming me out for no reason. All I ask is you try to keep things in a proper perspective. We are just talking about entertainment after all.

Anyway, I digress.

I totally understand your point, and I did understand it from the beginning, that said, it just isn't good business; which Nintendo is, first and foremost. Why should Nintendo continue an IP with below-mediocre sales? On the same note, why should they just let Fire Emblem die? Personally I do find that to be a bit "selfish" as you put it in your second sentence. These are just games after all, but more importantly, it's a business. Can you blame Intelligent Systems for trying to keep their jobs by saving a flagship title? Better to do that, than trying your luck with a new IP. As it appears, Intelligent systems smartly tried to do both, with both Awakening and Code Name S.T.E.A.M. It's too early to tell about Code Name S.T.E.A.M., but at least Awakening re-invented, got critical praise and sold well. How often does that happen? Not very often.

You and I seem to disagree about Awakening, which is fine, but it did breathe new life into the series, and was smartly much more approachable for people who never played before. You may see it as a walking corpse, while I see it as Nintendo finally being smart and trying to reach a broader audience for a series that never sold well to begin with.

Like I said, my wife really didn't like FE before Awakening, but now she's a fan of the series. The times change, so I was happy to see Nintendo and Intelligent Systems re-direct a failing IP. You and I do agree on one thing though, even if you are a bit more pessimistic about it following Awakening's footsteps, and that is we don't know enough yet about this new FE. It could be a game that spans across both casual and experienced gamers, if it does do that, everyone wins.

Me personally, I'm pretty optimistic that it will do that.



MoonKnight7 commented on New Fire Emblem on 3DS Takes Shape as Two Sepa...:


"Awakening was an overall disappointment/failure and even if both games have a comparable amount of content, if the content is just as lacking as it was in Awakening, or even more-so, then this game will be a true disaster."

No offense, but I find this part of your comment slightly strange.

Even if Awakening is reviled by the hardcore fans of the series, to say that it was a disappointment/failure is rather inaccurate. The game was a hail-mary, and saved the series from being retired. The fact that these games exist and are coming next year is quite an accomplishment for an IP that was nearly cancelled indefinitely, at least for outside of Japan. I'm not sure if Japan was going to keep these games going.

But still, Awakening was entirely necessary to keep the series afloat, and it accomplished that goal. The relationships you could create in Awakening got my wife hooked on the series, and she wasn't overly fond of FE before. Now she's very excited for this new game. Whether or not people want to hate on it is up to them, but they should consider my point, that without it, FE wouldn't exist anymore.

"I would like to remind everyone that Awakening wasn't much better with it's DLC though. If you wanted all of the DLC in the game, you'd have to pay $53 at least, after playing $40 for the game, an overall cost of $93 for the actual full experience."

Also your DLC comment is true, but who in their right mind would spend that much on the game. There were a lot of options, but some of us know where to cut-off the extra transactions. I bought one DLC pack, and it was plenty for me to feel it was complete. They weren't necessary to complete the game, but were there to help you along if you wanted it. Some of these simply sped up the process to complete the game faster. That said, the prices were a little steep, so I'll give you that.



MoonKnight7 commented on Review: Mario Kart DS (Wii U eShop / DS):

I still don't get why the Wii U is getting this and not the 3DS. Sure you could just buy the cartridge and still play it on the 3DS, but even so, I don't get it. The upscaling on a large tv just sounds awful.



MoonKnight7 commented on New Fire Emblem on 3DS Takes Shape as Two Sepa...:

I honestly don't mind either way. Fire Emblem: Awakening is my favorite game on the 3DS so far. If there's 2 versions, then my wife will get one, and I'll get the other and we'll just swap. That said, those of you who want physical copies, could just swap with friends, if you want both play throughs. That of course depends on if you have friends nearby.

We don't know enough yet in terms of what they're doing for other territories. It could be one package, or it may not. There may in fact be a big enough story here to warrant 2 cartridges. Has anyone thought of the fact that it may have been necessary to put it on two cartridges? If that's the case can you blame Nintendo for charging more than we're used to? We just don't know enough yet. That said, no one is going to make you buy the second part if you think, eh it was good, but I don't need to play more.

Either way, I'm so excited for this, no matter how they do it.



MoonKnight7 commented on North American Retailers Confirm Super Smash B...:


Thanks for calling them as well. I had just written to Nintendo yesterday, because I really feel like the fans of these characters are getting taken advantage of. People were posting jigglypuff pre-order codes on ebay merely minutes after it sold out on Target. It seems that the only place for exclusive characters isn't Target, Toys R Us, and GameStop, but eBay, and eBay alone.

The Club Nintendo thing is good idea, however, anyone can make a Club Nintendo account so I don't know how solid it would be in execution, but I agree, something different needs to happen. Really anything would be better at this point.

Like @shazeobock said, it is a much better idea to throw up pre-orders first so they can get a better idea of how many to make, have a set window for people to pre-order, and then have a closing date. Then they can mass-produce them. It may take more time, but I would rather they take their time and get this right then what happened the last few days.

I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt in the beginning, but by wave 4 they know these things are a smash hit. Hell Charizard is one of the most popular characters ever. What happened to Iwata saying more popular characters will be more readily available? It's starting to turn into more of a cluster with each wave. This was by far the worst chapter for amiibo so far, and we certainly shouldn't be regressing as more time passes.

If you're interested I found a rather humorous article from Destructoid that really drives the point home as to just how bad it was this time around.



MoonKnight7 commented on North American Retailers Confirm Super Smash B...:


Well I'm happy that I provided a positive influence, despite me complaining for paragraphs, haha.

A lot of what you said makes complete and total sense. I do believe a better way to handle it is, as you said, getting a number for preorders, THEN making the correct amount. It is a much better way to handle it. Even if it takes more time, so be it. I would rather Nintendo takes adequate time to get proper shipments in order, then just doing this half-ass approach and only making a limited amount, and shrugging when they sell out in 5 seconds.

Again, thanks for calling them. It's exactly what needs to happen to send a clear message to them.



MoonKnight7 commented on North American Retailers Confirm Super Smash B...:


Ugh, man, your story just gets worse. I'm sorry to hear that. This is why it's become an insulting venture. People are losing time and money on it, only made worse if they give in to scalpers. Any level-headed business knows that they need to avoid this, so I sincerely hope Nintendo quickly adjusts. I'm not going to remain optimistic about it though, and I'm sure my only satisfaction is going to be typing "Olimar amiibo" into google and looking at pictures.

I imagine people will grow very tired of it, and quickly if it's not corrected soon.



MoonKnight7 commented on North American Retailers Confirm Super Smash B...:


Truth, man, truth. Kudos to you, cause you get it, and are singing my tune.

This whole amiibo thing has become an insulting venture. I don't know if you saw my post earlier (#113), but I'm already heartbroken that I will not get Olimar. Sure it hasn't come out yet, but I know I won't get him. It doesn't have to be this way. Nintendo needs to change this process quickly, otherwise this whole amiibo thing is going to go down as great idea, but with beyond terrible execution, to the point that long time fans can't even get their favorite character. If that happens, what a wasted opportunity, for both Nintendo and their fans.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to a Nintendo rep, I myself will probably email them about this over the weekend. Strength in numbers is the only way to make them fully realize how it's just poor business planning.



MoonKnight7 commented on Talking Point: It's Too Early to Write Off the...:


Hey man, that's awesome, good luck with the PS4. As for your new concept, that's pretty awesome that you took a couple month's work and could do it in a 5-10 minute meeting. That's skill, haha. Best of luck, and keep me updated, I'm looking forward to more.

That's a fair point for MK in the holiday running. I feel with that and Smash, things could have turned around better than what it currently is. I always felt it was very wrong to release the 3DS Smash first, as I think it hampered some sales from the Wii U.



MoonKnight7 commented on North American Retailers Confirm Super Smash B...:


I wouldn't bank on scalpers being less greedy. We just need to not give in to them, plain and simple.

I feel your pain man, that sounds like a nightmare. I'm sorry to hear you couldn't get any. I went to GameStop yesterday after I finished work, and could only score Pac-Man. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled about that, but I was a merely seconds away from getting Ness. The guy added him to the cart, but sold out before he could process it.

I now have to accept that I will never get Ness, which is fine, they are just toys after all. That said, I feel this is doing more harm than good, even if there is another run for more, I imagine the same thing will happen all over again. My co-worker just told me he's going to take off from work next time. That is just plain ridiculous, as people shouldn't have to do that. Nintendo simply punishing their fans now.



MoonKnight7 commented on North American Retailers Confirm Super Smash B...:


"As for those complaining about Nintendo not getting you enough Amiibo's, low supply drives demand and is good for business whether you like it or not it is a smart move on Nintendo's part."

@Quorthon and I had a lenghty discussion about this a month or two ago, and I was leaning a bit on your current side at the time. After this nonsense yesterday, I have dramatically switched sides, and let me tell you why:

I was willing to give Nintendo the benefit of the doubt in the beginning. I understand that you may want to limit some stock to try and build hype. The exact same thing happens when consoles launch. Not that we like it, but I understand the mentality. They want the "sold out" headlines. I also understand that these things take time to make. That said, I have to sharply disagree with you. This is not "good business", look how pissed off everyone is. Look at Facebook and Twitter and NintendoLife. Everyone is mad as hell. This is wave 4, it shouldn't be this difficult to find these things, as Nintendo has had ample time to adjust for demand. We shouldn't have to spam four different websites only for them to sell out in mere seconds. We can't even find them on store shelves on the actual launch day, because the pre-orders take all of the extras. Some of us work, you know, and we shouldn't be punished for pushing society forward.

Scalpers are a huge factor in this, but Nintendo needs to realize the current model they are running isn't acceptable anymore, not by wave 4. For a company that is really struggling to strike black ink again, this is just plain stupid because they are going to loose out on a lot of sales. Look how many people on here said, "I'm done, I don't want them anymore." That's not the language you want to hear. I get what you're saying, I do, but let me drive the point home:

They just announced Olimar in the last Nintendo Direct. I freaking love the Pikmin series. In all honestly, Pikmin 3 was the driving force behind me getting a Wii U in the summer of 2013, when Nintendo posted their worst quarter ever for the system. I am now dreading when he gets released. Want to know why? Because I know I won't get him. To be frank, I would rather they just not have made him, then to make him, and fall into the hands of scalpers. I will never pay more than 20 bucks for these stupid things, so I just won't have him.

To me, there's something deeply wrong with this. A lot of fans, are being punished because we live normal lives, because some of us work, because some of us can't spam company websites all day. This isn't normal anymore, and it's become more of a pain in the ass, and people are starting to hate these things. "Good business" you say? I don't think so.



MoonKnight7 commented on North American Retailers Confirm Super Smash B...:

Yeah amiibo is getting out of hand. Apparently, according to Twitter, people have been standing in line for over an hour now with crashing servers mostly to blame. I'm gonna try my own gamestop once I finish at work, but I'm certainly not getting my hopes up. This is getting ridiculous now. I doubt I will get any, because like most of us on here, we have to work for a living.