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MoonKnight7 commented on Sega's Digital Restructure Means 300 Staff Wil...:


Unfortunately my dad is going through this right now with his job. It does put you in a slightly awkward situation, as it makes you feel like you're constantly walking on eggshells. He's so close to his actual retirement too, he's been there almost 30 years and deserves his real retirement. You just have to hope they don't do something worse to get you out, if you say no.

It's basically a polite way of saying get out so we can hire cheaper/less experienced staff. But at least they're being polite, that's much better than doing a standard layoff.

Good quote from Iwata, it does speak for the "people."



MoonKnight7 commented on Nintendo Stays in Profit With Wii U on Target,...:

I'm not overly surprised by these results. I've been saying since Q1 that the 3DS wasn't going to make it. Then they announced the new 3DS in just Japan and Austrailia, and it became abundantly clear they target would be missed. That placed Europe and NA in a weird spot for the holidays for those who didn't have a 3DS yet.

As for the Wii U. It's great and all that they got improvement, but the story is still bleak. Nintendo played its two best cards, MK8 and Smash, and while the outcome was "good", it's not good enough. Having less than 10 million sales shows just how pitiful the Wii U is doing. Unless the Wii U has a sudden spark of insanely good luck, ie. Splatoon becomes a sensation or something, the Wii U will just hobble along with similar numbers in 2014. Maybe Zelda can save it, but I have a hard time believing it can if MK and Smash couldn't.

It's a bummer that there is absolutely no mention of amiibo, but maybe that will be addressed separately.

But yes, good news is good news. I'm happy to see profitability again.



MoonKnight7 commented on Review: Meme Run (Wii U eShop):

I am a little late to the party, but I would have loved to read what @ninjapigstudios actually said. Sadly, said person deleted it, obviously people didn't buy into his poor excuses. Therefore, he's going to pretend like it didn't happen.



MoonKnight7 commented on Ninja Pig Studios Accused Of Stealing Pixel Ar...:


"You guys handled this poorly, you should have hit up NPS first before putting him on blast but maybe that's just how you roll."

That's not how the real world works. If you get into a legal battle with someone do you:

a) Ask the developer in question to politely take it down?


b) Cut them off by hitting the final source? Aka Nintendo in this case.

I assure you one is more effective than the other.



MoonKnight7 commented on Video: TreeFall Studios Releases Its First Eve...:


"...the promise of the "best game ever" calls them like a beacon, just as much as the promise of the "worst game ever" does."

I really don't see them as trying to make the "worst game ever" though. It seems like they are really trying their best, but the insane lack of experience is holding them back. Indeed, people bought The Letter because it was just that bad. I said as such in an earlier post, but I don't believe this notion that this is completely intentional. A good example is Goat Simulator, that was a game where the developers intentionally made the game as bad/but not broken as possible. Do you see TreeFall in a similar mindset? I certainly don't.

I find your theory slightly foolish for one basic reason. The Letter could easily be pegged as the "worst game ever." If they're really interested in this made up title of yours, wouldn't these new games attempt to be worse in comparison?? They certainly don't seem worse, it seems they're really trying to be better. "Trying" is the keyword here. If they really wanted to make terrible games, I don't believe they would have wasted their time on this so called, "Developers Conference."

Personally, I wouldn't bother making up excuses for them. They're just bad developers because they have absolutely no know-how about anything yet. The success of The Letter has stunted them into this weird realm of thinking that they are perfectly capable of making 5 games at once. It is as simple as that.

"Yes, they cost as much as other games that are actually great (or should I say, great game in singular, since Gunman Clive 2 is still not out)."

There are plenty of cheap games that are well worth the price. Gunman Clive, Fairune (just bought this last night and it's great) and Kersploosh! come to mind immediately, but I know I'm missing others.



MoonKnight7 commented on Video: TreeFall Studios Releases Its First Eve...:


"Oh, it's only $1 or $2? Guess what, so was Gunman Clive, and that game was polished, original, creative, and respectful to the customer."

As I understand he is a one man band as well. It was hard to believe it was just him working on that. Indeed, that game was amazing, and filled with style. I'm fully looking forward to the sequel.

If I recall correctly you mentioned Fairune before. Regretfully, I forgot about your mention before so I'm glad you brought it up again. I'm putting that on my wishlist right now...



MoonKnight7 commented on Video: TreeFall Studios Releases Its First Eve...:


The ripping off I am mentioning is not in terms of what people elect to do, but in terms of what TreeFall is giving them. These belong in a portfolio and not for purchase. Generally, people can't ignore something that's cheap. I find they are being taken advantage of whether they care to see it or not.

My quote is taken out of context as it sits, so yes, you are right. If people buy garbage, by golly, TreeFall is allowed to keep giving it to them. That's capitalism for you, but let's sideline the legalities and talk about ethics. By "ripping off," I mean, does TreeFall have the right to sell "games" while they learn the basics of game design? This is something school is for. Or better yet, in reference to The Letter, do they have the right to release a game that isn't even finished?

Nintendo says yes, obviously, but again, I'm looking at this from an ethical standpoint, regardless of if people buy it or not. I just want people to really think about this before they purchase anything from them, because of the message it sends.

I personally find that people are just saying they enjoy them, and aren't really giving much thought into what enjoyment should be. Or they just look at it as, well it was just a dollar. In other words, they're just being nice because the developer is a "nice guy." Fair enough, as I can't think for other people, nor what they think is enjoyable. I do however, find it highly debatable, and question someone's term of enjoyment, if someone says they actually liked The Letter.

I can't be that nice. What they showed in this video looks flat out terrible. I cringed for 10 minutes straight at their amateur presentation, and it's contents. I couldn't even watch the last 2 reveals, because they caused me to have a headache, and I felt sick by the end of it.

"How exactly are TreeFall, RCMADIAX, or others ripping people off?"

For the record, I never mentioned RCMADIAX, I was merely talking to said person representing them. You have made that parallel yourself and are putting words in my mouth. I am specifically talking about TreeFall, and TreeFall alone. There certainly are similar parallels to the ethics of RCMADIAX, but let me be clear, I never called them out in this thread, of which I find to be a low point for the eshop. I don't appreciate your quoted sentence. RCMADIAX at least puts a little more effort into their games, even if it isn't that much more. They allow for a separate discussion entirely.



MoonKnight7 commented on Video: TreeFall Studios Releases Its First Eve...:


"All this arguing about quality and stuff is getting ridiculous. Do you really have nothing better to do with your time than to tell people how they should be making THEIR games? Let them do what they want, you don't like it than don't buy it and move along. Getting upset and carrying on pointless conversation that gets brought up in basically every article from an individual developer is getting old."

I'm sorry to disappoint, but TreeFall brought this up themselves when they released this video to the world. I believe they want us to hold conversations about it. Arguably, they don't want the bad criticism, and that's fair, but that's the breaks. I take this video for what it is, and it's amateur hour, in more ways than just game design.

"Everyone has their own method of making games. Time to move on people, cause the "Nintendo eShop has quality issues" record is getting overplayed."

I am personally tired of another overplayed record. That is the "aww, look they're trying."

I fully believe in giving everyone a shot. Please believe me when I say this, as it is not just a rant for the sake of ranting. The Letter was a complete embarrassment, and they made bank off of it, clearly. It wasn't because people saw the creative spark, this was mostly because people wanted to see just how bad it was. It would be different if there was some sort of creativity, but indeed, it was just bad. His "story" would have caused him to flunk on the first day of Creative Writing 101. At best, it should have remained in a portfolio and not for the world to see.

Let's set aside Nintendo making the eshop bar so low to begin with. The heart of the debate remains, is it ethically acceptable to use the eshop as a testing ground for them to learn the ropes of game design? You say yes, and that it's smart to do so. I say absolutely not, and that from an ethical standpoint, it's ripping off people's hard earned money. This is what school is for. Just because someone CAN make a game, does not mean they SHOULD release it to the world. @Quorthon said it best, "This is amateur hour in a game design class, but they want you to spend your money on it, and yes, $2 can be wasted." You may not like what he says, but at least he's wholeheartedly honest.

I'll be the first to tell you that I do not design games, but before you stick it to me that I don't know what I'm talking about, please read my original comment (#25). Given your frustrated reaction, I take it you already did. We shouldn't have to play watchdog and point out everything wrong with the presentation. Trust me, I didn't want to do it, but it was bad enough that I felt it needed to be said. You see it as being harsh, but I see it as being truthful. It was youtube quality at best. We're talking about basic stuff here. Things like showing two different logos during the presentation, him jumping around like a five year old in his Maze update, and good heavens, why on earth would you film your intro with a phone?! Vertically no less! It was equivalent of a selfie. I don't mean this to be rude, but it wasn't a flattering view. All of this is reflective of their game making process. There's just no creative thought. They need a crash course in how to present their games, because this was cringe worthy, and not good for their brand.

Speaking of which, they are clearly biting off more than they can chew. They are not good enough to be working on 5 games at once. What's going to happen is we will get 5 half baked efforts. Whole baked in terms of what they can do realistically given their own deadlines, but half baked in terms of overall quality.

"This is the new normal, get used to it."

There's a reason I don't visit the app store anymore and it's because 99% of it is garbage. I don't want the eshop to have the same future. Is that so wrong? I find that it is worth discussing, and I'm not going to just sit by and watch it happen.



MoonKnight7 commented on Club Nintendo to Close, With Replacement Loyal...:

I hope we get some clarification as to what to do with any games we haven't registered yet. I don't want to lose the points over a lack in communication. i.e. can I use these old codes for the new Nintendo loyalty program?

As for the news, I'm kind of glad actually, Club Nintendo was mostly a joke that only once in a blue moon threw a random curve of something awesome that sold out in a day. I certainly hope this new program has more to offer.



MoonKnight7 commented on Wii U Enjoyed Its Best Ever Month of US Sales ...:


If it's ok with you, I'm going to try and merge our two simultaneous conversations. Some things cross over anyway:

I don't recall disagreeing about their IPs leaving forever, my apologizies if that was unclear. I do remember saying that I think they're here for a while in the console wars, but you are quite right there, they certainly won't abandon their IPs and leave them for dead. I suppose some people feel if they leave the console business, some of the lesser IPs will get lost, i.e. get sold off to companies that can't manage the brand well. I don't really feel this fear myself, as I believe Nintendo will always be there to manage their IPs in whatever form, third party or console. My argument was can they make as much money as a third party? You say yes, using Sega as an example. I remain unsure. I just don't know how well they'd handle themselves by not using their own technology. It'd take some time to adjust I suppose.

As far as their current finances go, I don't quite see the Sega/Atari downward spiral just yet. Don't forget how successful the DS and Wii were, fad or no. I believe the Wii U was just that much of a disaster which has caused them their current trouble, not a mismanagement in funds. I think we could have this conversation again if they have another flop in the next gen. But indeed, Nintendo is very smart with their money, their marketing just dropped the ball.

You are right about the consoles dying quickly. With the exception of the DS, nothing seems to linger around past it's prime. That certainly is a valid note.

Topic 2:

Realistically, I believe the XOne is at least a year or two away from dropping to their permanent price point. This does allow Nintendo to wisely invest time to lower the cost of the Wii U as much as possible. Then, when a MS price drop does happen, Nintendo can be ready to do the same. We both know that Sony was running away with huge numbers, so MS wanted to get it's hand in the pot. It was just a stunt to give the XOne some "look how amazing this is selling" headlines. It worked for the most part in terms of public image, but it appears the PS4 still managed to outsell it. Or at the very least, it's a too close to call situation.

Now, if MS dropped their price tomorrow, would Nintendo follow suit? I just don't think they can, for reasons I mentioned in my prior post. But the fact of the matter is, I don't believe MS will do it permanently yet. They had to have lost a significant amount of money dropping the price to $400 to begin with, even with dropping the Kinect.



MoonKnight7 commented on Video: TreeFall Studios Releases Its First Eve...:


Trust me, we certainly do not want to discourage you from your own games. I'm happy you said, "It has given me some things to think about in terms of game design."

We're just saying little things go a long way. We all appreciate good design, even if it isn't noticed. Arguably, a good design is one the public never knowingly pays attention to. Color and fonts go a long way for anything visual. Just general thought is all we're asking for.

As you can see, @Quorthon has done most of the legwork here, and knows more about game design than I do, but I can easily point out the tragic youtube-like quality of their presentation. It just made me cringe the whole time. A main goal of any company is to make yourselves seem bigger than you actually are. Everything they showed just felt like "I work in my basement." It may be accurate, and that's fine, we all have to start somewhere right? But for the sake or everyone, try to hide that as much as possible.

Best of luck to you with your games.



MoonKnight7 commented on Video: TreeFall Studios Releases Its First Eve...:


"If I had to guess, I'd say the reason they put yellow on yellow is a blatantly amateurish design mentality of "hey, this is a funny way to add difficulty or challenge," when really, it's just going to annoy and jerk players around."

I'll be honest with you, I hadn't thought of that, and I believe you're right. That's certainly a cheap shot to the poor saps who buy this game.

Sorry to hear about your former co-worker. That sounds like it was a difficult chapter in with your business. I have always had the mentality of, it's ok if you're not full of creative ideas, but you need to own up to it and trust your creative co-workers to make the right choices. In my own business environment I have to work with someone above me who doesn't have a creative bone in his body, but he acts like he does (but has technical know-how). It's quite frustrating, and makes it all the harder to do something you know is creatively wrong to begin with. So I kind of understand what you're talking about. Not with game design, but just in general.



MoonKnight7 commented on Video: TreeFall Studios Releases Its First Eve...:


Hmm that's very interesting, I'll look into that, thanks. I don't doubt that there is a whole process for picking game colors. All of that is so important to anything visual, even proper web design is supposed to follow these "what's important" rules.

Agreed, Eli and crew seem to just pick a color at random, and run with it. But what really, really bothers me is they just don't see why yellow on yellow is a bad thing. They should be able to look at that and say, "Hmm I can't see the coins floating by cause it's yellow on yellow." Assaulting the eyes is a perfect way to put it, and it really grinds my gears.



MoonKnight7 commented on Video: TreeFall Studios Releases Its First Eve...:


"Always, none of these look good, but I can at least appreciate the fact that their trying to make games."

I don't mind if they make games either, but they need to cut the amateur hour over there. I don't design video games, but I am an artist by trade, and there's just so much wrong with everything they have slated for release. Basic things too, like color and fonts. If you're interested, read my prior post. So when you say:

"I'll check one of these out if the price is pretty cheap."

I encourage you to really think about that before you do, cause I can tell you right now, they will be cheap. I don't want an eshop with garbage games like this.



MoonKnight7 commented on Video: TreeFall Studios Releases Its First Eve...:


First of all, thank you.

Everything is complete garbage. I think what bothers me the most about this developer (other than the obvious) is their lack of understanding color. There's a part of the balloon game with a city in the background with bright yellow lights. Then you have bright yellow coins (or whatever they are) floating up and down, it makes my eyes hurt just watching. All they would have to do is make it a more golden color, maybe even a slight gradient. Or better yet, give the background some dimension (gasp! how dare I!) with multiple plains with various degrees of opacity. Yet I doubt they would do it because it's amateur hour over there. I am not a video game designer, but I am a graphic designer/animator by trade so you can take my word for it.

Then the story book "game" has the most hideous and hard to read font imaginable. They should have picked a thicker font, less distracting font. Again, this is my designer impulse kicking in.

The "Maze" update has him jumping around like an insane person, with no context whatsoever as to what he was up to. It made me sick just watching. He could have just simply said they fixed the camera, and I think everyone would have believed him, instead of giving us all a headache by showing us.

The PitterPot game looks like it has no proper physics whatsoever. Even in his demo, I noticed the character doesn't walk or jump as it should. The animation is just too stiff.

I'm going to be honest with you, I couldn't even watch the last demo, so I can't hold a conversation about it. I was just so frustrated by the end of the presentation I completely lost interest (negative interest, if you couldn't tell already, haha) and turned it off.

Lastly, I found Eli on miiverse (I just happened to see this post when I was mindlessly on it) and I called him out on possibly the worst introduction in the history of everything. Did he seriously record it with his phone?! Vertically no less too! The black bars on the sides are longer than a football field. There's just nothing professional about it. Garbage, garbage, garbage. We don't deserve this. Can we call them scam artists now?

FYI I have seen your lengthy (but well thought out of course) replies to my prior posts. I am in the middle of digesting them so I can properly reply back to you. I have enjoyed our Nintendo talks, even if we're butting heads slightly.



MoonKnight7 commented on Wii U Enjoyed Its Best Ever Month of US Sales ...:


"They may need to go back to hemorrhaging if the XBO and (likely) PS4 price drop set new standards for the consoles. This is one of those things I think Nintendo plays too safe. They need to be aggressive in selling and marketing themselves, and that means taking risks, and they just aren't."

I totally get where you're coming from, but I respectfully disagree, for this case anyway. The Wii U has a damaged perception, so going back to hemorrhaging isn't the wisest way to go about it. Remember way back in 2010-2011, when Nintendo first talked about the Wii U. It was supposed to be a warm welcome to third parties.

Point being is they tried, and failed miserably (and for many reasons), but it's initial start was on a good footing in line with what you're mentioning. I wholeheartedly agree that without third parties, you can't do much. But, no matter how low they drop the price of the Wii U, it will not bring the third parties back; they're gone for this generation, and Nintendo has to just dig in. This is why I believe they can't drop the price and has to remain as close to the break-even point as possible, to at least get some profit. Relaying off of what you said, if they cut the price, they will never make up the lost profit with just Nintendo games and amiibos.

As you mentioned, we're talking about two different business strategies here, but I believe Nintendo is on the right path, even if it isn't a very good path to begin with. They just have to ride it out.



MoonKnight7 commented on Review: Maze (Wii U eShop):


Sorry friend, I would have responded sooner, but I was away for a little bit, and I wanted to give my answer some considerable thought.

"The industry no longer looks at Nintendo for innovation or leadership, the industry views Nintendo as the weird guy that keeps trying to reinvent the car when there the models everyone wants to actually drive are selling just fine."

I don't want to linger on this topic too much, but I did want to say that they did innovate the industry with the Wii. Yes, the Wii brought about it's own problems, but at the time both Sony with Move, and MS with Kinnect completely copied Nintendo to try and tap the casual market. Nintendo still has the influence, however it's true that it has become a bit misguided. It's obvious the Wii U suffered from the Wii's mistakes, but it all doesn't hinge just on that. The Wii U mostly suffered from poor marketing and initial negative press.

"I have finally come around to thinking they need to step out of the console business, and that they could truly dominate the industry as a third party, the way EA can sway MS and Sony these days."

I just don't know about that. Would they dominate as a third party? Of course, but I don't think that will necessarily put more money in the bank. Look how Sega often struggles to make money being only a third party. I would also argue that without making their own dedicated consoles they then become a shadow of their former selves, as you claimed before, but this point is moot. Call it stupidity or just being stubborn, Nintendo will never, at least in the near future, shy away from hardware, we should look far beyond the future like you mentioned later. This next part I do find very interesting

"...I think the industry needs to be moving towards a "unified platform format" where any electronics manufacturer can make a game console, all games play on any console..."

Having said that, I do believe that we are very close to Nintendo unifying their own handheld/home consoles, to which I say, it's about time. It's a lot smarter than when we have periods of boom and bust between the handheld software, and the home console software.

This would get us closer to what your suggesting as one sustainable machine to run everything. It's not a bad idea, but it does revolve around everyone being on board, and I just don't believe everyone will agree on how to do it. How do you provide a controller to keep everyone happy? I just can't see MS, Sony and Nintendo all sitting down to decide what the controller would look like, especially since they all have their own plans for said generation. Does a random company just come up with the specs and they all just have to settle for what it is? That alone might make them shy away. Not to mention, how do they decide on who gets to make this set top box?

Also, how do you go about Virtual Console like games that require older controllers? All of this would have to be prearranged, and could get hairy quickly. I have a hard time believing that said manufacturing company would care to figure it out, since they would have too many other things to do in the first place.

Respectfully, It's a cool idea, but I just don't know how it would work in reality, as there's a lot of questions.



MoonKnight7 commented on Review: Maze (Wii U eShop):


"Perhaps the eShop isn't the best place for his games, but I would blame Nintendo for that, not Eli."

Don't worry, I blame Nintendo just as much here. I just can't imagine how the first draft looked when it came to their desks. I have to imagine they had some input. That alone scares me.



MoonKnight7 commented on Wii U Enjoyed Its Best Ever Month of US Sales ...:


"Oh, and yup, Nintendo definitely need to drop the price on the Wii U, even though 50 quid/dollars doesn't mean much to me if the system has the games I want to play, but it means a lot to many people in terms of perceived value."

That just isn't possible right now, at least as of April of last year. The Wii U is a break even console at the moment. If you drop the price you then lose money on each console sold.

Yes, you can make up the difference with games and things like amiibos (which is largely why they exist in the first place). The fact of the matter is, your typical family does not spend as much as we, the fans do. It can take years to recover that lost income. Will they have to drop the price? Of course, once parts become cheaper, but right now it isn't possible as it appears they just stopped the Wii U from hemmoraging.



MoonKnight7 commented on Review: Maze (Wii U eShop):


It's cool man, no worries. Criticism is important, especially when it's something you care about. As much as I love Nintendo, there are some frustrating things that just make me say "why?" While I believe the phrase "Nintendo is a shadow of it's former self", is a bit over dramatic, I understand what your point. Nintendo doesn't have the same amount of influence they once had in their glory days. However, I believe they are agile enough to right the ship, but we'll see. The market has just changed so much since the 80s and 90s.

I just sent you a friend request via the Wii U. If you want to point me toward your game that way that's fine, but if you're not comfortable sharing that information, that's ok too. But I'd be more than willing to give honest feedback once your game releases.

Just as a sidebar, I had no idea you were a developer and I think that's just awesome. I really wish you and your team the best in getting your game out there to the public. Kudos to making it this far.



MoonKnight7 commented on Review: Maze (Wii U eShop):


"Except that I don't see Treefall Studios as much as a scam just yet, and more blatant incompetence."

That's probably more on point than saying it's a scam, but honestly, I don't see much of a difference between the two. One is just a tad more honest than the other. Having said that, yeah RCMADIAX has kind of been a turn off for me, at least with what's been out lately.

When I first heard of him and Drop Block U, I was intrigued, but now I know that they won't make anything more interesting. I see your parallel. It's just quick turn games where it's quantity over quality. That's not the kind of eshop I want, so I'll put my funds elsewhere.

Am I to understand that you have a presence on the eshop or some place similar? I'd love to know what you've worked on. I'll check it out, unless I already own it.



MoonKnight7 commented on Review: Maze (Wii U eShop):


"Of course he still has a lot to learn, but he really seems to love making games and I don't feel at all that he is trying to scam anyone. I think if all game designers had his spirit the industry would be much better off."

Given the "scam" line, I can't help but think this was directed at me. ;)

Just because he seems well mannered does not excuse him of anything scam related. "The Letter" does not deserve to exist on a console. Does it deserve to exist? Of course, but only for portfolio purposes. It should have never made it to paying customers. I understand that it is a learning process, but that's what school is for.

Spirit or no, the guy just doesn't have any creativity. That's perfectly fine, but that doesn't give him the right to use the eshop as his playground to learn while making money. You see it as smart; I see it as a scam. It is going to start an unstoppable trend of sending out unfinished games that wouldn't even survive on kickstarter.



MoonKnight7 commented on Details of Next Level Games' Cancelled Project...:

This seemed like a pretty cool idea. I love the fact that the two main characters were on their last day of the job before retirement. I can just sense humorous dialogue between them.

That concept art though, wow, just lovely.



MoonKnight7 commented on Review: Maze (Wii U eShop):


I personally believe the Letter was a scam. Saying that it was just a build that will "eventually" get better over time. It's the same thing Ubisoft did with AC Unity. They knew it wasn't finished, but shipped it anyway. Much smaller scale, sure, but it's still very similar.

It still doesn't help matters that there is no danger whatsoever with the worst ending ever conceived. That ending was so bad that Creative Writing 101 would have flunked him on the first day of class. It's equivalent to when you watch a horror movie and there's a "dream sequence", and everyone groans. It's cheap, dirty and is only for people who can't come up with anything better.

If you want to support him cause you think he's a good guy, by all means, go ahead, but I certainly wouldn't expect anything creatively better.



MoonKnight7 commented on Review: Maze (Wii U eShop):


"Maze has been a pleasant surprise, and I'd recommend it to anyone, so long they have strong stomachs."

I've never heard of motion sickness from poor textures in a game before. That alone will keep me far away.



MoonKnight7 commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Confirms Playable Star Fox fo...:


"And to those who claim animal crossing is great just because it sold seven million or some odd number of copies, please remember that Justin Bieber sold millions of records and we all know he still sucks. So numbers mean very little when it comes to the actual quality of content."

I'm sorry to call you out, but this is ignorant. Who exactly believes that Animal Crossing sucks?? You may claim it sucks, but metacritic states otherwise. I get it. It's not everyone's cup of tea as it is a casual game, but I don't understand your previous claim that it is a waste of resources. You do not speak for everyone else who likes the series. How many of them were there again? Oh right, 7 million.

It would be absurd to not tap into that audience again, so they can make more money for the titles you want, like Kid Icarus. You don't seem to understand that "quality" is a relative term. Just because it's an Animal Crossing game does not diminish it's overall value to the company, or to those who buy it.

I did lol at the Justin Beiber part however. It was an absurd comparison and has no context here whatsoever.



MoonKnight7 commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Confirms Playable Star Fox fo...:


Keep in mind that Wind Waker was a great success, but they also gave that away for free with MK8.

Pikmin 3 was the very reason I bought a Wii U. I'm sorry if that made your head explode, but it's true. I'd suggest taking some deep breaths. Yes, there are some of us that actually like Pikmin, and it's done decent business. Is it a blockbuster? No, but I'd hate to have a gaming world without it. I call bull on the fact you believe it is a waste of resources.

Those Pikmin short films must really irk your soul.



MoonKnight7 commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Confirms Playable Star Fox fo...:


Animal Crossing New Leaf has sold more than 7 million copies, which is on par with some Mario games. That's a pretty big gun if you ask me. A wise businessman would expand on casual gaming opportunities like Animal Crossing and Tomadachi Life.

You say that they shouldn't waste resources on things like Pikmin, but claim that Kid Icarus is not?? Both are niche titles with a limited amount of games.



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For the first part I misinterpreted, so my apologizes. I will agree with the experimentation, but I largely believe the Wii U has already become an experimental system, as we saw during E3. The demos Miyamoto was showing are typically things to be shown when a system has yet to be released. I think they're already on track with that.

As far as game reductions are concerned, I do not believe lowering the prices on things like Mario 3D World is a wise thing to do. For one thing, it's already considered part of a bundle. If you lower the price, it diminishes how much of a value the customer is getting. Instead of saving $60 it is now $40.

The Wii U is already breaking even with each system sold, and they are using things like games to try and turn a profit. I find it to be unwise to lower the prices of games on a system that is not making any money to begin with.



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"While it probably won't be a runaway hit, it at least can be a decent system."

In terms of sales, it's hard to imagine a world where the Wii U is a success, even a minor one. We'll have to see what the holiday results are, but I wouldn't hold my breath. If Mario Kart and Smash can't do it, I just don't see any other games making it take off.

"I still would like to see them revisit forgotten franchises and do a better job of just releasing all the stuff they make outside of Japan."

Fatal Frame: please, and thank you.