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Interneto commented on Random: Don't Forget to Celebrate Mewtwo's Bir...:

@amiiboacid I know all that but did you read what the user said? The user was complaining about the legendaries being unable to breed in the games and therefore it was wrong that Mew could give birth to anything. I explained to him that this was not the normal Ditto scenario we know since it was CLONED and it had to be another scientific way.



Interneto commented on Mercedes Arrives in Super Mario Maker With a C...:

@SanderEvers I did not get angry, I did not get happy and I did not disapprove Nintendo's decision. I stated my point of view about the profit.

That said, I enforce my opinion that their catalyst was the money and not the humorous factor otherwise Nintendo would have put a brandless car instead. But they didn't and they got money for that being it funny or not.



Interneto commented on Video: Watch Kids React To The Original Pokém...:

@Chubblings But it didn't go downhill in Sinnoh... (?) ._.

It is considered one of the best written seasons by the Pokémon community in terms of story, battles and characters' development. Even the movies from that time are said to be some of the best ones...

The Original Series had many flaws in the script because it was just the beginning (but those episodes are really emblematic) and "Best Wishes" is usually the one pointed out as the worst/down hill.