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rjejr commented on UK Retail Survey Highlights the Challenges Fac...:

On the bright side, UK is smaller than Japan (population) but Wii U still seems to do better in UK than X1 in Japan, but I dont think anyone is writing off the X1 yet. Consumers, retailers, and Nintendo themselves, nobody seems to care aboutNintendo in UK. If Nintendo cared -in the slightest - Captain Toad would not have been scheduled to release in early Jan. That was just so wrong. At least DKCTF got pushed back to Feb.



rjejr commented on Matters Of Import: Collectible Badge Centre Br...:

When does the Wii U get a Home menu theme? And why isnt there a screen like that badge screen on the Wii U where people can show off all the amiibo they've purchased and leveled up? I can't understand why the company that invented the Pokedex doesnt have an amiibodex app or screen on the Wii U. Its like Nintendo heard all those stories about Sony putting a trophy room in Home and therefore decided it would be a great idea to follow in their footsteps and never create thst room for amiibo. (For those who dont know Google Home trophy room, something should pop up. It was the first thing Sony promised for Home but it never happened.)



rjejr commented on Video: Shigeru Miyamoto Outlines Online Sharin...:

@JaxonH - Maybe Nitneod can't make a horrible Zelda game but I was plenty disappointed in Skyward Sword. It was a great kids lullaby, but I prefer rock music. And I still can't get over Link never being able to fly at night, even after he was knighted. Of course the only other game I played was Twilight Princess so it is a pretty limited sample on my part. WW HD was between the 2, fun, but I think they upgraded it enough to hold my attention.

I'm llooking forward to this 1. Ever play Dragon Quest 8 on PS2? (ask your brother, I'm sure he must have) Very open world and slow going until you get to ride a lion. But you find treasure adn meet people along the way, it was fun. The horribly voiced Arc Rise Fantaia had an interesintg limited overworld that was enjoyable to play on, not huge, but fun. I don't think they can mess this up, TP and OoT (even though I never played it obviously I know about it) give me a good feeling, but I can understand peoples apprehension over ANY game these days. Drive Club, AC Unity, I hear Halo MCC had issues. The less we know, the more people worry, it's only natural.



rjejr commented on Video: Shigeru Miyamoto Outlines Online Sharin...:

@aaronsullivan - "PS3 was built to last."

I know it's crazy, I'm buying an 8 year old console w/ 3 new ones on the market, but spec for spec I can't find a better device for the price. And I've been exhaustively searching for 3 months - I really wanted a PS TV but Sony botched that launch big time. And those streaming sticks are nice for $40 but my WiFi's iffy so I like wired. And if my 6 year old PS3 dies - I got a feeling - now I have a back up to play all my disc games. My PS2 disc collection is pretty huge but no PS2 :-(

We'll see how DI goes. Adventure packs or whatever they are called sound limited but the toy box sounds like a time eater, my kids love building their own stuff. Maybe they'll stop playing Minecraft finally :-) But Santa is leaving me a gift receipt just in case the reception is chilly, never know w/ kids. :-)



rjejr commented on Parent Trap: The Eyes Have It, Why amiibo Deta...:

@Drawdler I didn't like the Frozen ones, even though its a CG movie it's a cartoon in my head - hard to explain. And their chins are too angular.

And I think all the amiibo stories have been slanted a bit different - new wave, out of stock, breaking street date. Well except for yesterday (maybe Tuesday) when TW wrote his op-ed piece right after a very similar piece which gave me a feeling of deja vu commenting on the 2nd one. Fortuantley I like all of his soapbox rants so it wasn't a hardship, but I can understand why you think it's too many, but I can understand Damo's reason for postig them all also.



rjejr commented on North American Release Date Confirmed for Duck...:

@andyg1971 - Pretty much my thought. Only problem is all the people in America who travel on Christmas may not be home to DL it. :-( And I'd buy it for $1, does't have to be free. More than $1 and I'll play Boom Blocks Bash Party Back or Link's Crossbow Training.



rjejr commented on Parent Trap: The Eyes Have It, Why amiibo Deta...:

@sgotsch - Well Kirby does need to look like that, but my thinking is if I'm going to spend $13 anyway and I'm not really invested in any particular 1 I'd rather get 1 that didn't look like it might have come out of a Happy Meals box. Not Kirby's fault he looks that way, it's true to him, not true to my wallet ;-)



rjejr commented on Parent Trap: The Eyes Have It, Why amiibo Deta...:

@Drawdler - As a big Phineas and Ferb fan its first few seasons I'm actually ok w/ them. Though it makes me glad they were a cartoon and not CG.

Looking at all of them closer now it's mostly the Marvel ones I really hate. Probably b/c I grew up reading the comics in the 70s and 80s. Pirates figures aren't too bad. The Toy Story ones looks really good.

I don't know, they all look like they are made out of modeling clay to me and would melt in the sun.



rjejr commented on Parent Trap: The Eyes Have It, Why amiibo Deta...:

@sinalefa - For the record the amiibo were for my kids :-) I'm not that attached to any Nitnedo characters really, only 1 I can think of would be Olimar w/ a pikmin, but I can't recall seeing any that complicated yet. My 1 son bought the other Double Trouble and Sonic Boom (both wave 2) Skylanders that have side kicks. Double Trouble is really cool. I may need Tinkerbell and Fantasia Mickey for Disney Infinity. Yeah, we're getting all 3 this holiday, things are out of control in my poor house.



rjejr commented on UK Retailer GAME Is Selling Captain Toad: Trea...:

@Grumblevolcano - Were you the one who ordered this online hoping to beat the street day w/ early delivery? Might have been Captain Gonru or Gerbwu. It was somebody who started w/ a G. Looks like they had the right idea whoever it was.

And if all these stores have this game in stock a full 2 week early they might as well sell it before the holidays. I bought 2 as presents, it just seems like a great holiday gift, all it needs is a Christmas tree level. Maybe they can DLC 1 Christmas day:-)



rjejr commented on Parent Trap: The Eyes Have It, Why amiibo Deta...:

@sgotsch - That's pretty much exactly how I feel. Some are great - I bought my kids Link and Fox - but others aren't, Kirby, Yoshi even Luigi just look cheap. And overall there's something about the amiibo that's lacking to me. As good as Pitt is I think Knight Light is better, certainly the wings (if the final product looks like this photo)

Disney Infinity characters I think are made to look like cheap CG animation, they are all way too smooth. My guess is they are trying to match the in game look as close as possible. And that horrible Super Hero Squad cartoon look. Mickey and Tinkerbell at least look somewhat ok, but no not as good as Skylanders and some of the finely detailed amiibo.



rjejr commented on Matters Of Import: Final Fantasy Explorers Fig...:

If this releases in the west before DQM2 then DQ will seem better, but it won't make this one seem worse if we play it first.

Speaking of releasing in the west, is this demo available in the west?

This looks like fun multiplayer w/ the boys but at this point STEAM might be the way to go for us.



rjejr commented on Talking Point: Super Smash Bros. and amiibo Ha...:

"Situation Not Resolved:
The amiibo will need to be replaced.

The retailer from which you purchased the amiibo may be able to replace it. This will depend on the retailer's return policies. Nintendo cannot repair, replace, or sell amiibo directly."

Got my kid a Fox amiibo, first time trying to use it keeps giving him an error message. We finally got it to work, but I'm not happy about Nintendo not being able to repair or replace faulty amiibo.



rjejr commented on Video: Shigeru Miyamoto Outlines Online Sharin...:

@aaronsullivan - I think I have the opposite conern about Starfox from you. Starfox 64 was just a series of levels and did nothing for me. In fact I think Ive only gotten about halfway through that game before seeing the Game Over screen. It had been so long since Id seen one - a real game over screen, not one where it says game over but then you just have to redo one fight - that I just stopped. Im guessing thats how this game will be, really short, no story worth mentioning, which is how they can get it out so fast.

I stopped playing DKTF b/c I got annoyed playing the same level over and over even though that game at least saved your spot. Never got past the 1st haunted house in SMW - I hear theres a checkpoint after that - b/c of the hard stop game over. I cant imagine in 2015 they would make a game w/ a game over, back to start, but I am expecting short and pointless. Hope Im wrong, such potential - was watching my kids playing SSBU Final Destination level today and the graphics are awesome - but Im not expecting much.



rjejr commented on Black Forest Games Confirms New Giana Sisters ...:

This is the second game I've heard about in the last few days coming out in early 2016. Can't I enjoy my holiday 2014 before thinking about 2016? Couldn't the companies have announced these before Thanksgiving? Just seems like weird timing for small companies making indie games to announce them more than a year out.



rjejr commented on Talking Point: Super Smash Bros. and amiibo Ha...:

B/c of all the amiibo news of late I almost bought Zelda while in Target yesterday. I thought about giving it to my wife as a gift but she doesn't have any use for a $13 NFC toy she won't use. I bought her a Cynder Skylander a few years back to put on her desk at work, she likes dragons, but they were new and $7.99 back then. And she does play that game w/ me.

Gave my kids Fox and Link last night for Hanukkah, they went over well, but I'm not sure how many they'll get on their own. I think my youngest wants Bowser.

"Nintendo, in typical style, is being mysterious in terms of how we can use amiibo in 2015."

One's man's "mysterious" is another man's annoyance or SMH.

And just what gives w/ CT:TT in Jan in the UK/EU? Surely they could have had that out in time for Christmas. I bought 2 as gifts.

So much not to like about Nitnedo this holiday - adpater shortage, amiibo shortage, new 3DS in Japan and elsewhere but not the west, no SSBU Wii U bundle, no Wii U price drop - but at least for those of us who have a Wii U we at least have 1 more good year ahaed of us for games.



rjejr commented on Activision Expands Skylanders Line-Up With New...:

Hey look @sinalefa - it's the Bayonetta bundles w/ angels and demons :-) Do want.

"With amiibo proving to be something of a hit with Nintendo players"

um, I think amiibo are a hit w/ eBay resellers more than players. I bet just on Wii U Skylanders toys log a whole lot more hours than amiibo collectibles. At this point amiibo are much more collectible than playable. I can't imagine Activiion is all that worried. About Disney Infinity, yes, but not amiibo. If 700 Pokemon amiibo release then Activision will have something to worry about.

Man these sets are going to be going for hundreds of $ each on eBay, I can't even find a Kaos trap. I'm extremly thankful to Activision for releasing them Dec 26 so no child can make their parent insane asking Santa to bring what will probably be a near impossible to find item. Probably easier than the Villager though.

My kid has a birthday mid-Jan, hopefully we can find them by then.

SkylanderDad is probably sh't'n himself.

Edit - now where's my Cereza amiibo? Maybe launch/link w/ SSBU Bayonetta DLC?

Edit 2 - Watched the vid, nice to see I'm not the only one who cares about the look of NFC bases.



rjejr commented on Yo-Kai Watch: Shin'uchi Storms to Japanese Cha...:

@sinalefa - I actually had to go back and look for it. And yes it is there, but it isn't too horrible. All I really see is a Meowth (form the tv show) clone.'s_Meowth

Obligatory - where's Wonder Flick? Seriously, the thing was all over the place in 2013, but it's been so quiet in 2014. What's the deal? I expect this from Squenix, but not from Level 5.

That DQH PS4 is awesome. Nintendo has done very little this year in Japan w/ Wii U - only MK8 bundle recently - as it focuses on new 3DS themes and face plates. Though I suppose amiibo are intended to push Wii U, but since new 3DS have NFC built in I can imagine some people deciding they don't need a Wii U for amiibo, just patience.



rjejr commented on Feature: Time to Vote For Your Game of the Yea...:

@JaxonH - Armillo is really that good? @sinalefa Said you would talk me into it. Guess I wont even bother asking since its on sale for $4.

And I'm surprised you voted for anything over DK. B2 must be good. I voted for HW, even though those types of games have been around forever it was still different enough and really good. Of course I haven played B2 yet.



rjejr commented on Poll: Have You Been Able to Buy the Super Smas...:

@BensonUii - There are plenty of controllers around because you need the adpater for those and nobody can find one. Which is what really makes the lack of adapters bad. They decided to build those cool themed new $30 Gamecube controllers but then didn't make enough $20 adapters for people to use them? That's just poor management.



rjejr commented on Poll: Have You Been Able to Buy the Super Smas...:

@Captain_Gonru - I don't think I've ever worked for a major retailer but I have helped out a few parents in the video game sections and stores - I always seem to know more than half of the people working at Gamestop. Though in their defense they are trying to sell stuff, not teach stuff, so they may be intentionally lieing at times. Or apathetic making minimum wage. Sometimes it's a fine line between ignorance and apathy, sometimes they go hand in hand. Any parent had you helping them out should consider themselves very lucky.

I got my 1 son Link (playing Hyrule Warriors) and the other Starfox b/c he just looked so cool compared to the others. I had Kirby and Yoshi in hand at first but they just looked like Happy Meal toys in comparison so I put them back on the rack. I also assumed those would stay in stock w/ the upcoming games so if my kids decide they want them - Yoshi and Kirby are their 2 mains in SSBU - I'm sure another B1G1 will arise after the holidays.

And speaking of holidays, time to go shopping at Target and Gamestop, then wrapping, Hanukkah starts this evening.



rjejr commented on Poll: Have You Been Able to Buy the Super Smas...:

@Captain_Gonru - "Nitro Magna Charge or Crystal Buzz Lightyear"

Remind me never to argue NFC toys w/ you. :-)

And I like the amish, just not prepared to be one.
I may start looking for amiibo though just to pick them up for people. I'll be in Gamestop a lot the next month of so - my sons birthday is in Jan and Santa is bringing him Skylanders Trap Team. We buy 1 more Skylander we get a free one. :-) And Target for Rosalina. Personally we're sticking to Sylanders though. Though I could be tempted by an Olimar accompanied by a few Pikmin. :-)



rjejr commented on Best Buy and Walmart Pitch In With Festive Wii...:

@Ryno - I don't know the price, the 2 new boxes disappeared before I could price check them. Only 1 Wii U left as well.

I'm not sure what's worse, the eunuch Wii Mini that comes w/ MKWii but no online (no Wiiware, no VC, no Netflix, no nuthin'), or the 2DS that plays 3DS games but not in 3D. Kind of makes me think a Wii U w/o the Gamepad (and Mahe's vindication) is all but inevitable.



rjejr commented on GAME Selling Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Conso...:

Nice bundle price. Throw in the Gamecube Adaptor and they could double the asking price ;-)

For people that are buying the Wik U only for SSBU and maybe MK8 and Zelda U 8GB might actually be enough.

Can Zelda U please get a name, its due out in 12 months - Nintendo all but promised at the Game Awards - its time to have a cool sounding name. Preferably w/o U in the title, though "Zelda Unbound" kind of explains the open worldconcept they are shooting for.



rjejr commented on Feature: 12 Days of Nintendo Christmas - Day Five:

5 Sonic rings is way to easy. Try marketing "5 player asynochronous game play". The line bombs as bad as the marketing, but thats the idea.

Really surprised this feature is so light on the comments. Dont people like to have fun for the holidays? My kids made up a 12 days of Christmas Hanukkah song last year. Of course it only went up to 8, not 12, and it was nights, not days, but it was fun.



rjejr commented on Poll: Have You Been Able to Buy the Super Smas...:

@Captain_Gonru - "there are some stores I don't want to give my money to."

At this point n my life there isn't a single store or company - I want to do business with, I've had run ins w/ them all, but I'm not cut out to be amish or a bunker prepper. Though in junior high school I said in 2000 I would be living in the outbacks of Saskatchewan w/ my family in a cabin. Ted Kaczynski later changed my mind.



rjejr commented on Sorry to Disappoint, But That 'New' GamePad Ma...:

@megamanlink - " multi-touch can then be a natural migration"

I'm by no means an expert, but I'm fairly certain single touch is built into the Gamepad's resistive screen, you can't update it to function like a capacitive multitouch screen via software.

If you are talking about an updated Gamepad then yes they could replace the screen in the new one, but they can't change the screens functionality just by adding a "processor pack" on the back. I do like the idea though, truly turn the Gamepad into a tablet by screwing tablet innards - wi-fi, RAM, processor - on the back. Considering they already make a 2DS, 3DS and 3DS XL those innards would probably only cost them a few bucks. And all those holes and connectors on the Gamepads back and bottom could finally be used for something.



rjejr commented on Poll: Have You Been Able to Buy the Super Smas...:

@Sir_JBizzle - "retailer exclusives"

Forgot all about those. You would think that after Gamestop was charging $80 or $90 for used copies of Xenoblade Chronicles they wouldn't even offer them an exclusive. (I finally gave in and bought XC for $50 used w/ Kirby Return to Dreamland $50 used and Super Mario Galaxy 2 $30 used w/ a B2G1 free coupon and my 10% off rewards)

I'e said this before but I wouldn't mind - too much - if the retailer exclusives were custom colors or costumes - for example see "Legendary" Skylanders in TRU and "Nitro" in Target - but I shouldn't have to go to a specific store to buy a character I like. If Zero Suit Samus were a Walmart exclusive but you could buy normal Metroid Samus everywhere else. Which is what they should do b/c then people who really wanted every one would buy both - I think we have 4 Spyro Skylanders, but I didn't do any extra legwork for them.

I'm guessing a fair amount of those store exclusives wind up on eBay.



rjejr commented on Sorry to Disappoint, But That 'New' GamePad Ma...:

@sinalefa - "If selling Wii U with one Gamepad seems hard enough, imagine two of them."

I think it would be easier to sell them w/ 2 Gamepads. I've thought that since Day 1. Not 2 in the box, but separatly. Think about it, how many consoles have you owned in your life when you only owned 1 controller for it? Most people these days buying any Sony or MS console probably buy a 2nd controller right near launch, at $60 each. How many people paid $60 - $40 for Wiimote and $20 for nunchuck - when they bought their Wii? How many people bought 2 or even 3 extra Wiimotes at $40 each? It's why I don't buy the price argument that people won't spend X amount of $ for a 2nd Gmaepad. People have ALWAYS spent X on a 2nd controller - no system comes w/ 2 but everybody wants more than 1.

People don't understand "asynchonous", probably never will until they experience it, it's very hard to explain. 2 players flying ships in Starfox FP view while the tv shows a wider view, or 2 people in FPS playing Splatoon while the new shows the entire battlefield, people would get that. I honestly think it's an easier sell.

Of course the problem - as someone else recently mentioned - which I do believe to be true - is the tech. Wii U simply can't handle it. That's the real problem, not explaining to people they need 2 controllers - people needed 1 Gamecube and 4 GBA to play FF:CC how did they explain that? - not the price of the 2nd controller - Balance Board for Wii Fit cost $80 - just the Wii U hardware limitations.



rjejr commented on Poll: Have You Been Able to Buy the Super Smas...:

"a few key products that Nintendo has used to drive sales of the Wii U, all related to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U."

This is the weirdest part to me - the amiibo, the Gamecube Adapter, the new Gamecube controllers and SSBU are like an interconnected ecosystem which exits to drive Wii U sales. Yet there aren't enough Gamecube adapters so serious SSBU players aren't going to want to play, either w/ new controllers or their old ones, and amiibo are so rare I bet at this point it is putting some people off from buying them at all. Meanwhile the Wii U continues to be outsold by the PS4 and X1.

The adapter is a cheap - by hardware and software gaming prices - piece of plastic, that should have been stocked way more than what was needed to keep them on store shelves so people can see them and see the new controllers next to them and the amiibo next to them. These aren't PCs or flat screen tvs, just cheap $20 adapters, make more than enough, way more than enough, to help sell everything else involved. Whatever is left markdown to $10 later. Write off whatever if anything is left after that.

Every amiibo released so far should be on store shelves or restock coming in w/ dates. Just b/c UK didn't "officially discontinue" anything doesn't mean they are manufacturing more. Anybody waiting for a Wii U and SSBU for the holidays to start collecting amiibo after that is going to be sorely disappointed that several can not be found. If Villager and Fit Trainer are on a cargo ship somewhere Nitnedo please let us know how many and when it will be arriving. If current stock is exhausted but you plan on making more just say that you need time to make more of the old models b/c the factories are currently busy making wave 2 and 3 - which is probably true.

Only problem I had so far this holiday - I don't want much - was finding a copy of Captain Toad:TT, it seems to be sold out many places both in store and online. I'm guessing they weren't' expecting to sell too many of these either, it's an offline single player game w/ little name recognition. TRU online had them though so I'm done.

Good luck to everyone looking for this stuff. Maybe next year?



rjejr commented on Sorry to Disappoint, But That 'New' GamePad Ma...:

@megamanlink - I wonder if they could upgrade the Wii U simply by building a better Gamepad? While Wii U doesn't have any 2 Gamepad games, it does allow use of the 3DS as a controller if the 3DS has a copy of the game. And it works - my kids each have a 3DS and their own copy of the game. Maybe they could build something into the Gamepad that could offload some of the processing from the Wii U itself? Several consoles have had this - the Dreamcast controller had a slot for the VMU, N64 had a rumble pack, Wiimote has the + attachment.

Maybe even attach it to the current Gamepad? Has anybody seen anything yet that attaches to that unknown type connection port on the bottom of the Gmaepad? Why is that thing even there? Since you have tech in your name maybe you know @Spoony_Tech

And adding analog shoulder buttons for Gamepad VC would be nice.



rjejr commented on Sorry to Disappoint, But That 'New' GamePad Ma...:

@Spoony_Tech - "You do know it can handle 2 right, it's just no game has utilized this feature yet "

I have wings on my back and I can fly, I just choose not to. ;-)

I don't believe that $100 price. Amazon's 6" tablet (close in size) goes for $99. It has a quad core processor, 8GB storage, 1GB RAM, front and rear camera, 8 hour battery life, HD resolution multi touch screen. The Gamepad is a $40 chinese knockoff at best - no processor, no RAM, no storage, low res 1 touch screen, bulky 3 hour battery. If they sell it for $79.99 that's $20 more than a Wii Pro or X1 or PS4 controller w/ a screen. They sold the Wii Balance board for $80 and that only worked w/ 1 game at launch. Release a couple of games like Splatoon and Starfox and tack on SSBU support - any 2 player game w/ amiibo support should support dual Gamepads just to use the amiibo - and announce it as a new dawn of Wii U gaming. Anybody planning on couch co-op who was going to spend $50 for a Pro could spend $80 for a Game pad instead. Even if the screens just mirror, like many games the Gamepad just mirrors the tv anyway. I really don't see money as the deal breaker if they could market an $80 Balance Board for 1 game.



rjejr commented on Video: We Go Hands On With Some 2nd Wave amiib...:

My wife saw the original Liuigi in an ad yesterday and asked why he was in such a stupid position. When I showed her a photo of the actual figure she said they shouldnt have put him in such a stupid position if it needed that holder. I concur w/ her.



rjejr commented on Sorry to Disappoint, But That 'New' GamePad Ma...:

Commercial may not show a new Gamepad but that doesnt mean Nintendo doesnt need 1. Its a 2 year old tablet design. Go back and look at the difference in tablets this year and in 2012. Why not upgrade it, smaller, lighter, better battery life? And much wider connection distance. Id like to use it as a tablet but it only works in the basement room w/ the Wii U. Ecpand the range or just throw in a cheap WiFi chip to the Wii U for Miiverse, eShop, web browsing and Netflix.

And w/ Splatoon and Starfox both coming out next year its time for dual pad support. And think how much better Kirby would be w/ 2 Gamepads as you draw on the screen?
Maybe we could even get Madden if you could pick offense and defense secretly on your Gamepads. Everything from chess to SSBU and MK8 would be better w/ dual Gamepads. They shouldnt have botheted making Wii U if it cant handle 2.



rjejr commented on Rosalina & Luma amiibo Exclusive to Target in ...:

@aaronsullivan - "makes it easy for me to just collect my favorites and move on..."

I think what makes it easy for you to lay off the crack, is that you're already hooked on the crank. ;-) Or maybe burned out and rehabbing the crank at this point?

I've been thinking of you, was this><close to buying a PS3 DI 2.0 bundle for myself for Christmas. The missus said 1 PS3 and Skylanders was enough though. And she's right, was just caught up in the shopping frenzy of the moment.



rjejr commented on Rosalina & Luma amiibo Exclusive to Target in ...:

@JaxonH - Well you seem much more on top of this than I am, but do you think it's possibe Target isn't taking pre-orders on this b/c they don't know what their stock allotment will be so thy aren't going to put them on sale until they have them in stock, no pre-orders at all? I have no idea how Target splits it's in store vs online allotment but I'm sure they would at least want 3 of these in each store.

W/ all the Target stores in America (I have 9 within 10 miles of me) maybe they simply won't sell any online?



rjejr commented on Review: GetClose: A Game for RIVALS (Wii U eShop):

@Shambo - Yeah, it's really fun for such a nothing game tossed into a really good overall game. My older son and I take on my younger son - 2 vs 1 - but we still can't beat him, he's the action platformer in the family.

This makes it hard to pay $5 for a stand alone like this. Castle Crashers also had a similar pretty good volleyball minigame. And we have Mario Sports Mix which goes a lot deeper in depth but that dodgeball game is good.



rjejr commented on Review: GetClose: A Game for RIVALS (Wii U eShop):

@Gerbwmu - We don't do challenging, we're all about fun, which is 1 reason we don't have it yet. That's and it's so ugly. like Wiiware ugly. Makes me wonder if it started life as a Wiiware game? Oh and it's single player, I try to buy only offline mutplayer games. Captain Toad is an exception to that rule.



rjejr commented on Talking Point: What's Next For amiibo?:

@Captain_Gonru - " my K'Nex minifigs have "magically" migrated into the living room"

Our living room is covered in Trios (like Legos, only, well only called Trios) and Magnetix. And wicker baskets filled w/ Star Wars figures and another w/ Pokemon toys. Makes me wonder how different my life would be if I had a daughter rather than 2 sons? Probably Peach amiibo instead of Link and Fox.