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rjejr commented on 8 Player Smash Mode Confirmed For Wii U Super ...:

If anybody is interested Nintendo has a new 4 minute video on Youtube showing the 8 player w/ 4 people if you want to see some of it in action. Its mostly about amiibo. At the end when they show the usual amiibo slogan w/ the 5 games it now has Hyrule Warriors on the bottom. Sorry I csnt link very well on my tsblet, Im sure NL will cover it in the morning when they wake up.



rjejr commented on 8 Player Smash Mode Confirmed For Wii U Super ...:

@IxC - Thank you very much for taking the time to write that all out and answer my question. And I did have that 7 bluetooth number in my head, its what the PS3 was limited to.

For me 8 player SSB isnt about the living room, its about Conan Obrien playing on tje scorebosrd at Cowboys stadium or other large venue events w/ colossal monitors.

Also, if you dont have 7 friends or spare controllers you can still have 7 CPU, or 4 players 4 CPU.

@Ryno - if you have 7 amiibo you can fight them all at once ;-)



rjejr commented on Wii U-Exclusive Super Smash Bros. Modes and Ch...:

I dont think we'll play board mode more than once, we keep trying all those Mario and Wii party games but Dokapon Kingdom was the only one we liked, but I still think its a nice addition. What I don't get is why fighting can handle 8 playets but a board game only 4?

Oh, and Im not exactly sure which stages this applies to, but all those co-op additions is for my kids. They'll need some time to play together after fighting over the Gamepad to create levels.



rjejr commented on You Can Use The Wii U GamePad For Voice Chat, ...:

Stage builder was highlight of the ND for me, voice chat was the most shocking as I was sure Nintendo forgot the Gamepad had a mic. And Im ok w/ it being limited to friends, I have 2 kids to think of, and I bet they patch in consistent gameplay voice later on after they see how the servers hold up (see Sonys DriveClub disaster).

So @damo, just how many of those 50 things seemed like they would be patched in later? Seems like the word "later" came up several times, even if "update" and "patch" werent actually used. Oh yeah, now Nov 21 is officially official, no please understand tonight ;--)



rjejr commented on Mewtwo Returns to Super Smash Bros., Ridley an...:

When my kids came home from school and asked about the vid I told them a new character was added and they both yelled out "MEWTOO!!!", so yeah, they're excited.

Imortant question - I have 1 Wii U and my 2 kids each have a 3DS (so does my wife) but the boys each have their own copy of SSB. So will both of their copies of the game get Mewtoo or only 1? Its all registered to my US CN acvount but the games are under different acvounts, mine and my wife, b/c Nintendo wont let you put 2 copirs of 1 game on 1 account.

Im not worried about the CDs, 1 set is enough for everybody.



rjejr commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Takes Sharing Expe...:

Is NL going to make a post about all the things to be patched in later, seems like there were several.

And can you find out if the Wii U will really work with 8 wireless simulataneous connections? I just cant believe it.



rjejr commented on Bigger Stages, Dual-Plane Battles and Danger Z...:

Watched the entire video but I was typing a comment to someone about the DK level and completely missed the dual layer zones. I hope thst shows up in at least a few other levels.

Of course that level editor looked good enough that we may never play on any others once we can share them online. Was that a "later" thing?

Miiverse level
How many other things were scheduled to be patched in later, Im sure at least 1 or 2 were also mentioned.



rjejr commented on Talking Point: Platinum Games Has Secured a Go...:

@WanderingPB - Sorry but I think I'm all commented out, but I did read all of yours of course, always fun and educational.

OK, 1 last one - if milk came in a can for many years that you needed to open w/ 1 of those pointy can openers, but then somebody came up w/ the idea of a simple twist off top for easy access, but then another company decided people needed to build up their muscles w/ the can opener so after using the twist off top for awhile they went back to the can opener, I would switch brands of milk, or start drinking oj instead. :-)

FYI - Beer is almost always better when you need a bottle opener than a twist off bottle. Cans don't count.



rjejr commented on Feature: Five 'New Things' We Want in Super Sm...:

So I'm driving back from Target and I realize the ND is on at 1AM UK time, so should make for some fun sleep deprived running commentary from the NL crew. :-)

3 hours. I'm predicting over 1,500 comments in the live feed. Anybody know how long it's supposed to be?

i hope Nintendo keeps up w/ their wacky sense of humour of late and the Fils a Mech is back. Maybe the non-specific action figure can make a comeback, eh's been in hiding for over 2 years?



rjejr commented on Feature: Five 'New Things' We Want in Super Sm...:

@GrunkFace - You win for best idea, based in part on a seldom used mic being built into the Gamepad. And a camera, but nobody in their right mind would wish for videochat during gameplay in a game like this. Bayonetta 2 should have it for the online mutlipayer, its' an M rated game and she's already naked, what harm would videochat do in a game like that?

Though I do think voice chat in SSBU would be locked to "friends" but I'm ok w/ that, I don't need my kids chatting w/ strangers anyway.



rjejr commented on Nintendo of Europe Distributes Free Halloween ...:

@The_Ninja - In the US both my kids were singed up for the Pokemon newsletter but never got one. Turns out my parent account was signed as "no spam", so even though their's was signed to get spam they never did. Fortunatey I changed mine to get spam so they got the new Pokemon demo codes on Tuesday. Though I only just checked their email now, oops. At least they'll be super excited when they get home today.



rjejr commented on Nintendo of Europe Distributes Free Halloween ...:

It's nice that there doing it. There's enough holidays that they could almost give out 1 a month year round and you wouldn't need to ever buy any :-)

And I know I just said this morning the new 3DS face plates were unnecessary but I don't see myself as being hypocritical, free <> $17.95. And you can actually see both screens a lot more than the bottom panel on your new 3DS.



rjejr commented on Talking Point: Platinum Games Has Secured a Go...:

@SamirMalik - "Nowadays people are glued to their cellphones and what are they doing? Reading social networks."

I think in a new Paper Mario game Mario should carry around a 3DS and post all his in game memorable moments to Miiverse :-) I'm pretty sure Pitt would have a cellphone if they made a Kid Icarus Uprising 2, that game was hilarious, and did have a good story and was fully voice acted - I still think it should have had a Wii U HD port for the Wii U launch, there really hasn't been anything like it on Wii U. (Well besides all the late ports of Mass Effect 3, Batman Armored Ed and Darksiders and the AC games, I mean a new Nintendo game). And a Luigi's Mansion 1 and 2 HD package. Not for the story or voice acting, just b/c I want them :-)



rjejr commented on Talking Point: Platinum Games Has Secured a Go...:

@JaxonH - "we'll continue enjoying the games that we love."

Well my fear has never been Ninteod's downfall - they have options a plenty, 3rd party on consoles, 3rd party apps, merchandise and licensing up the wazoo - but the Wii Us failure a la Dreamcast, and I don't play portable games. So if Nitneod stopped making home consoles - which I can easily understand, look at the sales of all the home consoles, who wants to waste money making those? - then I lose the games I want the way I want them. Though I would buy a 4DSU for W1012 or Pikmin 4 but I want a home console, and I want it to have games. I currently have faith in Wii U giving me a solid next 2 years, and after that it will be time to get a PS4 anyway, so I'm finally at Wii U peace now. :-)



rjejr commented on Masahiro Sakurai Gives a Glimpse of Super Smas...:

@JaxonH - No neither of us said anything about W101 being a platformer, but I do remember either reading something you wrote or writing something that at first glance could have been interpreted that way. Oh, and I played W101 on "Normal" thank you very much. Though I did spend a lot of hours playing the demo on super easy, easy, normal and hard so I was kind of prepared for it ;-) And I get why some people might think its difficult, but I don't lose my mind over it like some people ;-) No, not you, your always level headed, even on those very few rare occasions you aren't.

Not sure if "technical action" is an actual game genre but I'll admit I don't know how to describe this one. Besides the normal fighting levels that made up half the game you still had on rails shooters, boxing, 2D side scrolling and probably a couple of others. And some problem solving and sort of platforming. It's really a complete game. W/ several Difficulty settings. I think I push myself forward even when it gets tough b/c I know I can play at an easier setting if need be, its a psychological safety net that takes the fear and stress out of getting stuck.



rjejr commented on Talking Point: Platinum Games Has Secured a Go...:

@WanderingPB - None of my points about the W101 poor sales, well except the cartoon graphics - which I like but some people don't, for example see the negative reaction to Windwaker's cell shaded graphics unveil - are about the game though, I didn't spit in it's face.

A better analogy using a car, b/c all good analogies are car based - you are sitting in a your shiny new beautiful BMW riding on a ferry, and the ferry gets hit by a huge meteor rocketing from the sky, then the ship's wreckage is washed up on the shore by a tsunami caused by the meteor crashing into your ship in the ocean, then a volcano erupts caused by your ship smashing onto shore and enulfs the ferry in molten lava, and then when your entombed body is discovered still sitting in your car people say you died b/c the BMW is an "unsafe" vehicle.

And as for DK, one last time, my biggest problem wasn't so much it's difficulty but that they took out the skip-a-level mechanic from the 1st game. I don't even recall what that mechanic was, but I do know I played every level in that first game many times and made it all the way until the end and final boss battle. Therefore I got my money's worth out of that first game, even though a few levels I had to skip AFTER PLAYING THEM MANY TIMES TRYING TO BEAT THEM. In the new game, which was a sequel, I think we can all agree on that, made by the same company and the same type of game - they made a conscious decision to take that mechanic out. If the 1st game didn't have it I wouldn't have expected the 2nd game to have it, but the 1st game did have it, and then they took it out. So they expect me to pay $50 for a game that I can't unlock most of unless I replay the same level over and over again. And over. And over. Again and again and again. Over and over again. So I'm not buying it and I'm not going to continue playing it. I don't care if it's the greatest platformer in the history of videogames (which is Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy BTW) I'm just not doing it. It's the year 20-whatever, and they took out a basic mechanic from the game just so all the "cool kids" can brag about how hard it was but they persevered and beat it anyway. I play for fun, not for the challenge, not for the victory, not for any accomplishment, achievement or trophy. F. U. N. Plenty of fish in the sea, when I get so stuck that every trick and cheat has been tried several times w/o any hope or sign of success in site, I move on.

And just b/c somehow this is all your fault, you troublesome instigator you ;-) @JaxonH



rjejr commented on Feature: Five 'New Things' We Want in Super Sm...:

Things I'ld like to see confirmed and things we won't get but since it's a wishlist -

1. Stage builder - sure it will almost certainly be in there, but has anybody seen or read anything about it yet?
2. A really good stage builder - Brawl was so limited, 3 backgrounds? Give us all the backgrounds and colorful 3D objects to place in it, the first was worse than a Colorforms playset
3. Hub world - I may be the only 1 who wants this but I liked the hub in Nintendo Land, I want to fill it with my trophies and walk amongst them
4. amiibo area - let me play as my amiibo and decorate a home and take them for a stroll
5. Match-making actual lobby - Finding people in Nintendo Land was a fun little diversion, but I want to challenge them to a fight in SSB U. Picking people from a list is so last gen, I want to walk up to both computer NPC and live opponents and challenge them face to face

A Subspace Emissary sequel would be #1 on the list - utilizing purchased amiibo would be PERFECT for a sequel - but they already said we aren't getting it so...



rjejr commented on Five Additional Cover Plates Announced For New...:

Considering the LL outsold the new 3DS 3 to 1 in collection crazy Japan I expect a lot of these plates will go unsold. Or sold but returned by people trying to them attach to their old 3DS. ;-)

The more I see these the less impressed I am. How often do you or snybody else look at the bottom of your 3DS? I think $1 decals for the top - which could then be used on both old and new 3DS and the XL - would be better than $18 plates. Probably the chinese knockoffs will just be sticker versions of these.



rjejr commented on A World of Keflings Unleashes On The North Ame...:

Lots of games coming to eShop. Not on par w/ Sony and Microsft but a huge improvement over Wii and its 40mb games.

Did NL ever have a video link, I know I watched it but cant find it now? Not that games from 2010 are hard to find on Youtube but I'd like to see the Wii U version.

So much stuff coming out, almost certainly wont get this anytime soon, but maybe in the winter after the Christmas presents are played out.

10 hours until the SSBU ND :-)



rjejr commented on Talking Point: Platinum Games Has Secured a Go...:

@JaxonH - "Now I'm happy I remember there's still a good platformer on the way"

Yeah, good thing you remembered that ;-) Well, I'm glad to finally be of use.

And there's lots of geat upocming games, but now its late and I really dont remember what we were talking about.

20 hours to the ND. I know I'm down on Nintendo a lot but I really am looking forward to this one. So many games to look forward to, I really need to learn to focus on the games ad not the Wii U inability to sell. I'll always care about dates and advertising though.



rjejr commented on Talking Point: Platinum Games Has Secured a Go...:

@JaxonH - "despite any bickering you may read on a fansite"

Yeah, that's pretty much what I was referring too.

"and unfortunately they might stay the only ones for the rest of the generation."

Yoshis Wooly World and Kirbys Curse aren't 2D platformy enough for you? (That's an actual question, not a snide remark.) But no, Mario Maker doesn't count.

"Paper Mario, Mario Strikers and Metroid"

Metroid is the only 1 of those 3 I'ld like revealed at E3, the others could just pop up in the spring pre-E3. Unless they Paper Mario gets a complete make-over and looks more like Paper Monsters Uncut - real paper, not a cartoon - or something else extraordinary that I can't even imagine. It it's just another Paper Mario I don't see that as E3 unveil worthy. Same for Strikers U, which should have been out by now just to block shots on goal w/ the Gamepad - the opposite of shooting at them in Charged w/ the Wii-mote - you would be the goalie via FP view.



rjejr commented on Talking Point: Platinum Games Has Secured a Go...:

@SamirMalik - " the lack of marketing"

Well I do like to blame Nitneod for it's extreme lack of effort in the marketing dept, a lot actually, but W101 was practically the only game in 2013 that had a demo, and it had it's own ND right before that, and it had the inside cover of Game informer and a really cool 4 page inside ad that looked like a newspaper. So at least they tried a bit. Probably the entire rest of their apparently extremely limited marketing budget went to Pikmin 3 which came out a few months earlier and had live action commercials that I even saw in a movie theater. So at least they tried a little for W101.

As for Nintnedo gamers lack of enthusiasm for voice acting and story, as far as I can tell most people hated Starfox Advenutres, which was 1 of the few games I've ever played on a Nintnedo consoles that had a lot of voices and story. And whenever anybody mentions a Zelda game getting voice acting the internet melts down. So if Nintendo fans do like voice acting and stories they aren't letting Nitneod know b/c what we get are an abundance of 2D platformers.

Wii U has been out for almost exactly 2 years and it hasn't even received a Paper Mario game yet but we have both a 2D and 3D Mario w/ very limited story. Wii had Paper Mario near launch. And everybody complained b/c there was too much reading. :-(



rjejr commented on Talking Point: Platinum Games Has Secured a Go...:

@JaxonH - Hey Jax, finally take a break from work and your 18 video games you got in the mail the other day to join us. :-) I didn't trade-in DK, I just rented it b/c I knew they took out the mechanic from the first game that let me skip those timing based minecart levels and play the rest all the way until the end. I just posted to PB that I'ld buy it if they patched that back in as all the rest of the game had a great ascetic, but no point paying for a full game if I can only play 15% of it. If Wii U ever gets that PS4 "play for me" function I'll pick it back up again and you can help me out ;-)

You gonna be around for the live ND tomorrow night, should be fun? Oh wait, it's probably 5PM by you, guess you'll be commuting or working huh, bummer.



rjejr commented on Masahiro Sakurai Gives a Glimpse of Super Smas...:

@Kasplat - I never meant to say Bayonetta shouldn't be in the game, just that as a Nintendo mascot shes already sloppy seconds. Wonder Red could be a real Nintedo mascot along the lines of Mario or Donkey Kong or Samus, not just in SSB but in Mario Kart or Nintendo Land or other odds and ends like the Pikmin are used here and there.



rjejr commented on Talking Point: Platinum Games Has Secured a Go...:

@WanderingPB - Haven't belittled W101 since the launch trailer when I thought it was a "When Vikings Attack clone, but that was years ago. Literally years. And I've admitted DKC:TF was too difficult for me, great game, but I couldn't get past W2 - L2 no matter how hard I tried. I'd buy it if they patched the level skipping mechanic back in.



rjejr commented on Yoshi Circuit From Double Dash!! Makes A Comeb...:

@WanderingPB - Never said I wasn't buying it, there was never any question I was buying it, I have said on several occasions I was buying it, just don't see the point in paying for something until I know when it's coming out as I don't want or need colored "skins".

If it makes you feel any better if Cereza or Wonder Red was in it I probably would have purchased it by now ;-)

Oh, and I purchased the HW DLC once we had the Oct 16 date, or right after Epona was announced, but I'm pretty sure I knew both ;-)



rjejr commented on Talking Point: Platinum Games Has Secured a Go...:

Sticking Scalebound in the middle of this piece is like Iawata saying "Please Understand" halfway thru a Nintendo Direct. Nicely done.

Outside of the obvious reasons W101 failed - new IP, low Wii U install base, 3rd party on a Nintedo console, looked and played like a PS3 game (Nintendo fans seem to hate stories and especially full voice acting), cartoon graphics that sort of made it look like a $15 downloadable game, well OK that's a lot to overcome, but its still a great game, and I think historically will be recognized as such.

As for difficulty, I hate hard games - will never get another Donkey Kong - and I was fine w/ this on normal, and my kids played on easy no problem. Though that part where you had to turn a big fountain outside a baseball stadium by shooting into holes inside a stadium, that sucked until I figured it out. Everything else was great though.

Bayonetta > Dante, 'nuff said



rjejr commented on Masahiro Sakurai Gives a Glimpse of Super Smas...:

@sinalefa - Yeah I think I had that 3 Mii thought in my head for a second at some point but I forget it and went w/ Wonder Pink for the girl factor to go along w/ game mains Red and Blue, and I always appreciate whips as a weapon. And attitude wise she was 1 of the best parts of the game. Maybe the W101 can get a Tomodachi Life game of their own ;-)



rjejr commented on Masahiro Sakurai Gives a Glimpse of Super Smas...:

@WanderingPB - W101 is a great game and it does deserve better. And I sitll think it would have done better on PS3, install base alone says so, but it really should sell better. Cant believe it's been out over a year already. It's one of the more unique games w/ unique characters and varied gameplay I've played in a long time. Keep in mind I completely wrote this game off as a "When Vikings Attack" clone when it was first shown as P100 or whatever it was but it eventually grew on me and it is a complete game. Wonder Red should be a mascot, Nintendo needs new blood, and Wii Fit trainer as a mascot just doesn't cut it for me. Bayonetta can't be a mascot as she started on PS3 and Xbox360, Wonder Red is all Wii U.



rjejr commented on's £180 Wii U Bundle with Bayonetta...:

@midnafanboy - I don't know, I was just going off of the front of the box and it looked like an 18 to me.

Well the 2 game bundle is 18:

but B2 by itself is 16:

The US version, we only get the 2 game bundle, is M, which says 17+:



rjejr commented on Yoshi Circuit From Double Dash!! Makes A Comeb...:

@jariw - Well it was a nice little bonus, I'll give them that. But we wouldn't use them. I don't use Dark Link either but the HW first DLC content came out a couple of weeks after the season pass purchase, so that's why I pre-ordered. And to try and get that box off my start screen. It at least it alternates w/ the blue box now. And considering all my recent HDD issues I'm glad I haven't pre-paid yet. :-)



rjejr commented on Yoshi Circuit From Double Dash!! Makes A Comeb...:

@WanderingPB - No you shut up. And get off of my lawn :-)

BTW I guess somebody took my complaining to heart. In case you missed it when I posted the opening sentence of this article read:

"If for some unknown reason you haven’t already pre-purchased the upcoming Mario Kart 8 downloadable content,"

and now it simply says:

"If you haven’t already pre-purchased the upcoming Mario Kart 8 downloadable content,"

So there Thththththththththththffffppppt!!!



rjejr commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Continues to Thrash ...:

I'm sincerely torn between "Wii U is doomed" and "greatness awaits" (thanks Sony) due to the upcoming Wii U line-up for 2015 w/ Kirby, Yoshi, Splatoon, Starfox, Mario Maker (my kids most wanted game), XCX and Zelda (though I still think 2016 for Zelda or they could risk killing XCX sales), which all follow on the heals of CT:TT and SSBU. If the Japanese don't want home consoles though then the games don't really matter though, do they?.

It is possible the Japanese gamers are holding out for the MK8 bundles announced last week that come out Nov 13, same day as CT:TT, and SSB U isn't out until Dec 6, so maybe they are waiting? Guess we'll see.

Either way, doom or no doom, I feel confident Wii U owners have at least another 2 years worth of good games coming out, which would make 4 years total, so I'm ok with that.



rjejr commented on Masahiro Sakurai Gives a Glimpse of Super Smas...:

@WanderingPB - If you change zero-suit Samus to black and squint a bit you can probably pretend she's Bayonetta. That was my first thought seeing this in April, which dashed my hopes of Bayonetta in SSB:

I'ld still like to see Wonder Red, Wonder Pink and Wonder Blue as 1 character that you can switch mid fight like Pokemon or Zelda-Sheik. They really do seem like Nintendo characters to me that would fit in well w/ SSB yet be unique.

Here's some random guy's prediction from last Sept:



rjejr commented on's £180 Wii U Bundle with Bayonetta...:

Never thought l'd see the day where the Wii U would be bundled w/ an M rated (PEGI 18) game. Though I realize this is less of a bundle and more of a buy the 8GB Wii U and we'll give you Bayonetta free. Here's a look at some of Shoptos other bundles - sort by highest price to compare bundled prices:

As for 8GB vs 32GB. I was doing fine w/ 32GB until I decided to test out the Disney Infinity free 10GB DL so hooked up an external HDD. Once hooked up everything goes to the external, the Wii U has NO option to set or ask you where you want to DL stuff like every web browser for the past 20 years. So then when your kids are playing HW and the HDD light goes out and the entire room smells like smoke, even though you are playing a disc game all the patch content - and the save files - go to the burned out external. Then when you tear apart the HDD and put it in a new external enclosure it still works, but while playing on the internal storage w/o the HDD there are then 2 separate save locations, internal and external, so when trying to copy the 1 external save from my son onto the internal the other 2 internal saves are deleted.

So while it's nice of Nintendo to let us use an external drive, they made the situation far from ideal and the situation really needs to be patched to be more user friendly. Having the ability to hook up 2 external drives at once but not being able to play while they are both hooked up is also odd. Too much concern on their part about piracy, not enough about end users.



rjejr commented on Yoshi Circuit From Double Dash!! Makes A Comeb...:

I wouldnt say "unknown reasons" as much as sane financial decisions. Why pay for something in Aug you wont get until some still undiclosed date in Nov and May of next year? Unless people are worried about DLC selling out fast and becoming a hard to get collectors item on eBay? ;'-)

Give me a date Nintendo and I'll give you my money.



rjejr commented on Tetrobot and Co. Puzzles Its Way Onto Wii U Ne...:

Thanks for the reminder that I still need to get Pushmo World, I keep forgetting.

I never thought the day would come when Wii U would be getting a game a week, even an indie. Good to see all the support.



rjejr commented on Young'uns Invited to Camp Pokémon on Apple De...:

Now we're talking. Too bad this didnt come out a few hours earlier before TW wrote that excellent Talking Point about Nintendo going after kids (but Pokemon weren't included).

This is how you leverage and advertise to children w/o sacrificing your brand, free commercials for your cards, games and movies.

Too bad no Android support, I want to know what mystery is in Mystery Cave.



rjejr commented on Review: Paper Monsters Recut (Wii U eShop):

@Mega719 - Everybody should call it that, just look at the pictures and read the description of the game play. If LBP had released on a Nintendo console at some point I'm sure it would have come up in the review.

Edit - Oh I forgot, 9 out of 10 dentists who watch and listen tot he trailer think it's for LBP as well, game voice-over and music.

I'm not supposed to be buying any more games but 8 hours for $8 works out so nicely. And the DDP 10% offer only has about 70 days to go, might as well take advantage while i can. And I've been meanig to check out the Nintendo online tore, now where's that link...

Edit - Giving up on the online link, could have sworn we could buy stuff online now, guess I jumped the gun a bit. Here's the official page anyway if anyone is interested in watching the trailer:



rjejr commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Ability to Charm You...:

Nice piece, seems like it's been awhile since TW wrote one. It's also nice to see all the frazzled thoughts in my scrambled mind written out so elegantly.

Just a couple of additional thoughts -

Wonderbook barley made it stateside. I don't think we ever got disc versions of the newer games. Eye Pet 2 was pretty much the end of Move in the US.

I'ld like to see "Play Nintendo" as an app, as the best place to market to kids is on phones and tablets. Not real games, but advertising material such as that.

Question - was Pokemon left out of the article on purpose, b/c I see Pokemon as a bigger draw for kids than Mario or Zelda, and I think Pokemon will still be around long after Minecraft is forgotten. It may be a great highly addictive game, but Steve's no Pikachu. Even if they do ever make that Mincecraft movie there probably won't be 17 (as we wait for Diance).