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rjejr commented on Review: Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U):

@Neko_Ichigofan If you read my entire comment closely you wouldn't have had to troll me, I said "but THAT 20 hours is about what I expected."

THAT, referring to it takes 20 hours to get the skell, is about what I expected.

I read closely, you didn't.



rjejr commented on Rumour: NX Set for 2016 Release With Nintendo ...:

@Yorumi " if I could play portable games on the tv with a normal controller"

I just want to be able to play Kid Icarus Uprising, Fire Emblem Awakening, Luigi's Mansion 2 and maybe MH4 on my big screen tv. 3DS got all of those games, plus ports of Xenoblade Chronicles and SSB. What did Wii U get from 3DS?

And Pikmin 4 is supposedly "near completion", but they never talk about it. It's probably NX, and I think Pikmin's short "day" level system means it could work pretty well on the go. I sitll don't know why the "new 3DS XL" couldnt do tv out, even via the Wii U somehow, Gamecube had the Gameboy player so Nintnod has already done it once.

I think people would pay $250 for a system that could play both Wii U games on the go and 3DS games on the tv w/ just a few new games thrown in.



rjejr commented on Rumour: NX Set for 2016 Release With Nintendo ...:

@Xenocity "Strangely PS4 has lower satisfaction and attach rate based on what NPD says."

Well that's what happens when you sell a console built on promises and then don't deliver. And "The Order" didn't quite live up to expectations.

I think most people bought a PS4 based on future games - mostly Uncharted 4 and FFXV - and are grumbling due to waiting for them. And waiitng forver for No Man sSky, and Tomb Raider being a 1 year wait. And Ratchet and Clank being delayed. What's there to be satisfied about?



rjejr commented on Review: Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U):

@day Yeah I figured it out after I read it, but I'm used to seeing game times in reviews, so when I was paging down to get to the score the "20 hours" caught my eye and that was the first thing my mind thought - 20 hour game. Then I read it and I was ok with it. I'm still not reading any more though, or any comments. I know enough. And until I get a PS4 this is all I got.



rjejr commented on Rumour: NX Set for 2016 Release With Nintendo ...:

@Yorumi "but who is going to buy the NX?"

That's what I'd like to know.

If it's a $300 comparable home console people will just keep buying the other 2.
If it's a new handheld people will just keep playing on phones and tablets. Though they could probably sell 20 million handhelds with new Pokémon, AC and Monster Hunter games.
If it's hybrid console, even just a new handheld with TV out, it could sell better.

Price will be a huge factor though.

And I think maybe Nintendo goes all in on nostalgia with some type of subscription service. Not quite a $40 retro console, but that could be a component.

But who buys it? To me that's the real reason it has to be 2016.
260 million Gen 7 home consoles
60 million Gen 8 home consoles
That's 200 million people with a PS3, Xbox or Wii who still don't have a PS4, Wii U or Xbox One. Some of those 200 million might be convinced to buy an NX in late 2016 if it's unveiled in March and has a blowout E3 and it's $249. If they stay mum until 2017 it will be too late, PS4 and X1 will rack up next holiday. Wii U could sell a few more next holiday with Zelda and $199, but not enough to justify putting off NX to 2017 when PS4 will be too cheap to compete against and Sony starts whispering PS5.

The only device is an inexpensive hybrid with promises of cheap nostalgia that anyone can pick up as a 2nd console. They still may not find an audience, but it's their best chance.



rjejr commented on Rumour: NX Set for 2016 Release With Nintendo ...:

@TheLobster You sold people a $50 used Wii to watch Netflix? That's horrible. Better off with a $35 Roku or Chrome cast or Firestick.
Wii Mini has always bothered me since it released, a Wii without online. You just said you sell Wii for Netflix but no Internet on Wii Mini. And Nintendo launched it $100 at the same time they launched the Wii U, hence taking away potential sales of the newer console. And I've been in Target every and they almost always have 1 or 2 in stock right next to the Wii U. It just bugs me that it exists.



rjejr commented on Rumour: NX Set for 2016 Release With Nintendo ...:

OK, bigger issue: what becomes of Wii U?

You can still buy the Wii Mini in the US and there are even new games for it, I know I just bought Skyaldnrs Racing to get the Bowser set. Does the Wii U stick around? It's pretty expensive, Wii Mini is only $99 I imagine some parents are still picking it up for Mario Kart Wii. Can they sell a $250 Wii U next to NX? Is there a Gamepad less $99 Wii U Mini? Will Wii U still get 3rd party support? I know it doesn't seem like much but it dos still get all the Lego ad Toys to life games, and of course Just Dance.

What does NX mean for Wii U? Or 3DS if it's portable?



rjejr commented on Rumour: NX Set for 2016 Release With Nintendo ...:

20 million units only if it's a handheld, 10-12 if it's a home console. The fact that Nitnodo said the high number and the manufactures said the low number I suppose means it's a hybrid.

For those wondering about the "rumour repeat", the article was posted today on Digitimes so in that regard it's "new". And the actual headline is about the units shipped more than the date:

"Upstream supply chain expects new Nintendo games console to achieve 10-12 million unit shipments in 2016"

No mention of "NX" anywhere, which somehow gives the article more credence for me.

I've always thought holiday 2016, early summer would be odd as 3DS shipped in the US in March I think but it didn't' start selling until the holidays after a huge 33% price drop. Though I suppose if it's June Japan, July US, August EU that kind of makes sense. Japan got PS4 in Feb after shipping worldwide first but I think Ntineod will want Japan to have it first like the "new" 3DS.

Fun fun fun.



rjejr commented on Mario Kart 8 to Feature in Competitive TV Show...:

Well this is nice to see. Especially with Disney having it's own line of games it could see Nintendo as a competitor and eschew it. Nintendo even has that amiibo cross marketing promotion w/ Skyladners.

And I disagree w/ the article disliking the starting time. 8PM in the US is still considered "Family tv time" even though I doubt anybody has used that expression in about 20 years since the Huxtables and Keatons were on. But 8PM on a Saturday night before Christmas seems like the right place for it.

Hopefully every commercial break during the program will be full of all of those Ntinedo Christmas commercials. Maybe even XCX.

I'd watch it, but I don't think we get the Disney big grin channel.



rjejr commented on Review: Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U):

Only read the score and conclusion, and the "20 hours" caught my eye as I didn't think the game would be that short - I don't think XC even really got rolling along until about the 50 hour mark - but THAT 20 hours is about what I expected.

I'll come back next year and read this, maybe around March. Glad it got a 9 though, was thinking 8 after TW seemed so lost during his preview. Maybe the 8 turned into a 9 after he read the manual.



rjejr commented on Art: Halo Character Artist Gives Legend Of Zel...:

I'd prefer my HD Link to be a little less photorealistic like Nintendo showed us waaaaaay back at E3 in 2011 about 4 1/2 years ago.

But still more HD than the TP HD update. That one is still wanting. Can't believe it took them 4 1/2 years for that minor of an upgrade. You'd think in 4 1/2 years we could have gotten the above.

Oh well, I do like the look of Zelda U. Name needs an update though.



rjejr commented on The Splatoon and Mario Kart 8 Wii U Bundle Lea...:

@Great_Gonzalez B/c some people don't want to buy technology that was made obsolete by a "new" model 9 months ago. The newer screen tech really does make a difference, as does the extra thumbstick.

Really wish Nintendo would have called it 3DSn - n could have stood for NFC or nub - like they did w/ DSi. I think i was for internet.



rjejr commented on Guide: The Best 2015 Black Friday Nintendo Dea...:

@Caryslan "It was the droughts and lack of games that made me go pick up an Xbox One."

Yeah, I would have picked up a PS4 this holiday had Uncharted 4 come out like it was supposed to. Or Rachtet adn Clank which was supposd to be out. Or FF15 which was due out years ago. As was The Last Guardian. But evenwith all those delays I sitll would have purchased a PS4 this holiday, except for XCX. That gmae will take me 100 hours to finish at a least. I only play an hour a day so that's about 3 months. At which point I'l buy a PS4.

But I get your point Wii U - WE WERE TOLD LAST DECEMBER - would have both Zelda U and Starfox out in 2015. Thy practically promised us in that video last Dec.



rjejr commented on Video: Check Out Ganondorf's Terrifying Triden...:

@Lady_rosalina "2 player main zelda game "

I don't now, Linkle looked kinda cute, and they are taking freakin forever to even give us any new info about the game, not even the name. Maybe the name gives the co-op away? After SKyrim, The Woitcher 3 adn XCX do we really need another single player open world fantasy game? Wouldn t2 player make it more unique?

OK, I'm just messin' w/ you, they can't even get 1 player out of the door, how could they handle 2? Would be a good seling point for NX though. We knew about Yoshis Woolly World for 2 1/2 years before it came out and I'm pretty sure we only found out about 2 player co-op about 6 moths before release. So I guess its possible?



rjejr commented on Video: Nintendo Kindly Reminds Us That amiibo ...:

@Captain_Gonru I'm still waiting for Pokepark 3. FYI thefist gma eonly let you play as Pikachiu, the 2nd lt you play st Pikachu and the 3 starters from the Unova region, and it was a far superior game in general. Pokepark 3, give you Pikachu, buy the rest as amiibo. I kind of see it as a Supe rMysery Dungeon on Wii U. Well I don tactually know anything baut mystery dungeon so I could be totally wrong. They could do 700 cards - aren't they doing almost that many for AC?

Oh, I know this is a week old, I check theinternet on vacation, but not email. About 130 more emails to go. Mostly BF sales so they can be deleted quickly.



rjejr commented on Poll: Nintendo's Free-to-Play Experiments - Ar...:

@Aerona I really realy liked Badge Arcade at the beginning, and I sitl llike it, but I am playing it less and enjoying it less. The bunny - who I still find adorable - only seems to say 1 new thing a week now, and the free tries seem harder to get. I downloaded Pokemon Shufle on my tablet to play instead. Well that and I don't like any of the new badges as I've never played Majoras Mask, so I care even less now. I need my Pikmin badges but they left.

There's still a good free-to-start game in there, and a great marketing tool for iOS and Android, but its not working very well now to get me hooked liked it easily could.



rjejr commented on Splatoon's Next Splatfest in North America is ...:

@amiiboacid Not "at" Target, "on" And not on Thanksgiving, on Friday.

"Gaming consoles were popular in stores and online, including Nintendo Wii U, which was the top selling item on"

My guess is they are waiting for a response from Nintendo. Something along the lines of - "Who knew if you lowered the price an item and advertised it that it would sell, we're stunned."




rjejr commented on Video: The Latest Xenoblade Chronicles X Survi...:

@IronMan28 Still don't have it on my external HDD as the wait for Christmas is long enough as it is. I am getting good the guide in a couple of weeks. I was getting it only for the pictures but maybe I'll read up on some of the technical non-spoiler stuff.

The video left out my favorite Game pad use, shooting the remote controlled camera into the air and looking around. I'm planning on using that a lot.



rjejr commented on Feature: The Twilight Princess HD Fan Project ...:

Glad the article mentioned the E3 demo. Nintendo never seems to learn.

And I'm still waiting for my Japanese zen garden game. Has any game on the Wii U looked even slightly remotely like those graphics? Bait and switch.



rjejr commented on Nintendo Download: 26th November (North America):

$30 is still too much for Skylanders, but much better than $50 which made absolutely no sense. Though it does point out how absurd Animal Crossing:amiibo Festival not being on the store is. You don't even need a portal, the Game pad is built in, Nintendo made the game, and lots of amiibo are available in stores. Disney Infinite 3.0 is still available for $20 until sometime in Jan.

Activision does what Nintendon't.



rjejr commented on Two Wii U Hits Are Included in TIME's Top 10 G...:

All those iOS games on the same list with the console games gives me a headache.

Unless Prune becomes the next Minecraft it can't be #1. And I don't get Fallout 4 not being on the list but Batman and MGSV are when ev ery thing I've read said F4 was better than MGS and as good as Batman.

And XCX is still coming in out, but I can't tell if the list reviewers even Co side red it or not.

And Splatoon > SMM



rjejr commented on Nintendo of America Confirms Its Black Friday ...:

All I wanted was Lego City Under cover or Sports Club so it wasn't likely I was going to buy anything anyway, but I'm still not impressed. Captain Toad for $28 instead of $40 is probably the best bet as its only 1 year old, making it the newest retail game on sale. They should have had NSMBU or SM3DW for people who bought the MK8 or Smash Splat bundle. Doesn't seem like a Nintendo sale without a real Mario game. Thought I saw Tipping Stars on the 3DS list but it was only very old Minis on the Move.

I suppose there are some deals on there for March or August, but nothing that makes me think Black Friday. Too many retailers have too many good game offers this time of year.



rjejr commented on Poll: Nintendo's Free-to-Play Experiments - Ar...:

Badge Arcade is awesome, the bunny is great when they add new cut scenes or whatever you want to call them, looks like only once a week so that's all I'll be playing, once a week. If it had the same system as Shuffle with 5 tries every few hours I'd be playing every day, maybe twice.

I just started Shuffle again on my tablet and it looks so much better than the 3DS version and it's only 720p. I was up to level 181 on the 3DS version.

Rumble got too boring and repetitive for me after getting most of the balloons up to 100.

Miitomo looks like utter garbage compared to the 3 above, I have no idea what they were thinking. 2 Pokémon games and a game with Nintendo badges and they go with Miis.



rjejr commented on Wii U eShop Exclusive Temple of Yog Will Begin...:

@Spoony_Tech It's a confusing model. I'm not even sure it makes sense, but it is probably the only way to get people to pay the $5.99 up front if the game won't be finished for maybe a year or more based on Spring 2016 for part 2. So they get as much as they can now for $6 from everybody, then just keep working, and if word of mouth is good people pay more later.

It seems right, just hard to explain. Probably b/c no good games come out for less than $20 any more.

Smart thing to do would be to wait until a date is given for part 2, then read reviews and see if it's worth getting for $5.99 just before the price jump to $6.99. Part 1 could be 45 minutes or 8 hours, we don't know.



rjejr commented on Video: Check Out Ganondorf's Terrifying Triden...:

Looking forward to this on the Wii U. Haven't played in so long but I wouldn't mind going back.

Wii U gets this DLC, TP HD, Pokken Tournament and Starfox Zero, winter/spring is looking so much better for Wii U than the holidays. Then SMTxE. Still not holding my breath on the nameless timeless Zelda. Even if it is out on Wii U, if NX gets a superior version will probably just play it on NX. 2 player couch co-op on 2 Gamepads w/ Link and Linkle?



rjejr commented on Video: Nintendo Kindly Reminds Us That amiibo ...:

@Captain_Gonru amiibo are mercurial. Nintnedo coudln't make enough of them at the start, then they finally got around to making enough but they aren't selling. Question is why?

1. Scalpers were buying them all up and have moved on? I'm sure at some point scalpers get bored and move on. Or Ntineod makes too many to buy.
2. SM line was a big mistake. People stopped buying those almost before they bought them, what a waste.
3. People already bought the ones they want? Does the general public really want a Chibi Robo amiibo? Or even Animal Crossing? I know AC has a cult like following, but the general public is more likely to want Mario, Luigi, Bowser and Peach then KK Slider and Mabel or whoever. Tom Nook makes me think of Tom Bombadil.
4. Have the public decided they are worthless as DLC? Maybe all the parents bought them for kids, or even for themselves, but they really are nothing like Disney or Skylanders in game as this abomination of a commercial shows.

Whatever the reason, the selling has slowed. Maybe people are just burned out on toys-to-life? Plenty of stock of all 4 - DI, Sky, Lego D, amiibo - in Toys R Us.

But Nintnedo does seem to be "all in", and that could potentially be a problem. My biggest problem w/ amiibo for Ntineod since before they released was limited IP. Who do they sell after the SSB line? AC never dawned on me, didn't think thy were popular enough. Pokemon is the smart bet, but over 700? My kids think all 700 in Pokken Tournament could sell. My problem with that is, Nintneod sucks at programming. They have amiibo skins in SMM, but only the 8 bit levels? Why not all 4? So how long would it take them to program all 700 in Pokken? 350 years at 2 per year? I do think the Pokemon line will come, maybe 20 started and 10 Legendarires, but then what? I got nothing. Yokai Watch? They should have put Goku instead of Cloud and make all of DB into amiibo.

Disney owns Star Wars and Marvel and Pixar and Classic Disney and 80's Disney and the Muppets and Winnie the Pooh, who knows what else they could license. Skyaldners keeps making them up as they go along. Lego D seems to license anything boys like, and the Wizard of Oz for girls. What does Nintendo have? Sega is a probably, they need Sonic on board, bu tI'm not convinced.

Nintendo can't match this going forward:




rjejr commented on You Can Now Buy A Replacement Wii U GamePad On...:

@aaronsullivan Well you always make me laugh, so thanks.

I think this confirms NX is a Wii U 2 that can finally handle 2 Gamepads. And 4DS will be allowed to work as a Gamepad for all games, not just SSBU. So sort of 4 Gamepads, like Nintneod did way back when with Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Only they've forgotten Link cables and the Gameboy Player were a thing. (I know they weren't related, but I want 3DS games on my Wii U.)

There's your NX set-up, way back in 2003. Only no cables on NX.


NX will be $300 w/o a Gamepad in late 2016. B/c w/ these. 4DS will function as one in early 2017 for those who want to wait.

To be quite honest, I would have sworn these released in 2012 in Japan. My family had an hour car ride on Sunday were all we did was talk about Wii U's failure and NX's future. I told them Gamepads sold separatly in Japan in 2012 when Bill Trinnen was talking up the dual Gmaepad games to come the following year.
"1UP: I think, during the Japanese press conference earlier this morning, they had announced a price for the GamePad if you wanted to buy an additional one. That wasn't mentioned here.

BT: You're right, that wasn't mentioned, and the reason we didn't mention it is that, in the launch window titles, none of those are going to support dual GamePads. The launch window is all going to be single-GamePad. The dual-GamePad functionality, we expect to start seeing that in games sometime next year. Our feeling is, we're not going to sell another GamePad if you don't have something to use it with. We'll make that available as an additional accessory when there's content to support it.

1UP: Which games in Japan are supporting it?

BT: That I don't know. I don't think that they've announced any that are. I think they're just announcing that's going to be the price when it eventually goes on sale. I don't know that they announced a date for when it will be available."

Apparently Gamepad in Japan had a price, guess that's where I got confused.

Wii U will go down in history for me a the only home conosle (that I'm aware of) to only support 1 controller. The fact that Nintneod kept talking up dua GMapeads but the Wii U is too underpowered to support them - which I believe to be true - just shows how messed up they are in the HD generation. They built a console based on dual Gamepad games but built a console too weak to support that idea.

And that's why NX is coming sooner rather than later. I bet someday some Youtubers will find the code for Zombi2 w/ 2 Gamepad support. Ubisoft is on record saying they don't make games without sequel potential. Nintneod has said dual Gamepads were coming. I'm betting Zombi2 was planned as 2 player on 2 Gamepads. Spaltoon will have it. Maybe even Starfox 2. Trick is to sell the Gampeads as stand-alone 4DS and let them offload some of the processing, like cloud computing.



rjejr commented on Video: Nintendo Kindly Reminds Us That amiibo ...:

A few weeks ago when Nitneod released that Christmas morning commercial w/ Spaltoon, SSBU adn SMM I noticed there was a definite lack of amiibo in it, especially since all 3 of those games are amiibo compatible. Heck, SSBU is the game that started it all. And even worse at the 12 cond mark the Wii U is on a table covered by junk that coudl haveeasily bne repalced by amiibo.

So I knew an amiibo commercial had to be coming. But as @PinkSpider said, who created this monstrosity? Total Fail. They just released Mario Tennis. In Mario Tennis you play doubles w/ your amiibo - an actual 2 player team with your amiibo as your partner - and the game isn't even in the ad. In Yoshi's Wooly World if you have a Yarn Yoshi he pays alongside you as well. Did Disney and Activision make this commeical for them? it's hideous.

I really liked that Christmas morning commercial - 2 of the 3 games come in the Smash Spalt bundle and the other is well marketed SMM. But this is just really bad. They shouldn't have even made it. Apparently there is such a thing as bad marketing. So so bad.

Just watched it again. Worse the 2nd time. Half the commercial is based on 3DS usage with HHD and they don't even show the $20 portal for the old 3DS family of systems. I even read all the fine print and it wasn't in there. Yes, the guy did say "new 3DS XL" really fast, but this is a commercial geared towards kids, and kids in the US have the 2DS, the 2DS needs the portal, there is no "new 2DS". Epic fail.



rjejr commented on Free Origin Story and 'Remaster' Update Coming...:

@Samurairu It's funny, it seems like the video game industry is trying to stretch stuff out with DLC and season pass and the episodic model, but TV watching has come down to binge watching on Netflix with an entire season being released all at once.

I'm trying to take it on a case by case basis myself. We signed up early for Lego Worlds on Steam for $15 b/c I wanted to see how that matures, and I bought Spaltoon day 1 b/c of all the promises, but some games seem broken until they get patched. I wouldn't get The Witcher 3 or Fallout 4 until I know they are "done".



rjejr commented on Editorial: It's Not Fun to Criticise Nintendo ...:

@JaxonH Did this remind you of my reply to you 16 hours ago? I think the main difference between TW and I is he apologies for ripping into Nintendo, I just let it rip.

If Nintendo is lucky NX is will launch in late 2016 as a Wii U replacement, and maybe in early 2017 as a 3DS replacement, both components will do well, and in 2018 we can look back on 2015 as the year that was bad b/c Iwsta passed away, and forget about the lack of games.



rjejr commented on Bring a Bit of Splatoon Goodness to Your 3DS W...:

@Spoony_Tech Didn't work, huh? Maybe you just need a nap. Avatar is still a big improvement though. My kids keep telling me to change mine but I like Pipers "hey, come on now" attitude.

I'm in a good mood b/c the last 4 years I've had 22 people in my house for Thanksgiving dinner and this year we're vacationing at my brother-in-laws. I'd rather drive than cook and clean. Maybe I'll change my avatar to my favorite parade float? That sounds festive.



rjejr commented on Bring a Bit of Splatoon Goodness to Your 3DS W...:

@Spoony_Tech You need a Hello Kitty avatar, that Monster High: Ghoul Spirit one is turning you into a grump.

Those 2DS screens are so good they even make the ugly 2DS model look good.

Did Nintendo really share all 6 of those Hello Kitty themes? That's more marketing than they've done for Mario Tennis and AC:aF combined.

Nintneod could really learn a lot from Hello Kitty. I'm not exactly sure where she's from - well besides Japan obviously - or what she's in, but I have an entire shopping bag full of her merchandise to give my niece for Christmas. Bach towel, coloring book, big cup, and some other stuff. My sister is a big Mickey collector but I went with Minnie gifts last year.

But really, Hello Kitty is everywhere, and Mario is trapped inside a tennis tech demo. He must be so jealous of her.



rjejr commented on Feature: Memories of Court Battles in Mario Te...:

@IronMan28 To be fair, the entire western hemisphere acts like Wii U doens't exist. This weeks total ads: Target 1 tiny pic of AC:aF; Best Buy, 1 tiny pic of Mario Tennis. We'll see how things pick up starting Wednesday. I know Wii U makes several appearances for next weekend, but will Ntineod sustain that? XCX deserves a little support. Will Devil's Third show up in an ad or on a shelf anywhere?

So many games, so little coverage.



rjejr commented on Guide: The Best 2015 Black Friday Nintendo Dea...:

@JaxonH Wii U Deluxe

It seems less "deluxe" without the "Digital Deluxe Promotion" of 10% back on digital game sales. And they haven't sold the Basic for 2 1/2 years. I knew the promotion was listed as ending December 31, and it did, but ending that and Club Nintendo so close together I think contributed to the general morbidity around here this year. And the DeNA deal. And Zelda being delayed until next year. Year started off bad, kept getting worse. NWC 2 days before E3 was probably the highlight. The recent ND was another.

All things considered it might not have been an overall bad year for Nintendo - new 3DS, great amiibo sales, Yokai Watch taking off - but Wii U has been a disappointment - NX, delays, games nobody wanted. Splaton is a shining star. Sad thing is Wii U line-up looks pretty good next year - Star fox Zero, TP HD, Zelda U, SMTxFE, Pokken Tournament - but with NX out there all year will have that last year sadness. If only we still had reason to believe Super Mario Galaxy 3, Paper Mario U, and maybe some other new games were coming - more sports for Club, Nintendo Land 2 with amiibo support, Fzero, Metroid, whatever the fans want. But it's hard not to think any of those games, if they exist, are headed for NX. It's the Wii U lame duck death march all year long. Good thing we have you around to cheer this place up, might be a long year of waiting for NX and mobile news. I mean Nintendo could spin it positive with all those games, but positive spin isn't really their strong suit.



rjejr commented on Review: Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (Wii U):

@Adamario Yeah, hard to believe it isn't. This game is insane. When I first saw it I really wanted it for 4 player family play, but then I found out no Wiimotion so I said forget it. Then I read online so I thought I could get it for my out of state 10 year old nephew and he could play online with my 10 year old son. But then I found out no matchmaking, so no point getting it for him. But then when I saw the amiibo I was like "wow, that's the best implementation of amiibo support I've ever seen." I could train my silver Mario and play against my wife and her Peach. My son's could train their amiibo and play doubles against each other. We could arrange round Robin family amiibo tournaments. But then a week or so ago I read 1 amiibo only. SSBU can do about 8 at a time, that's a year old game, but somehow Tennis can only do one. In a game where half the fun is doubles.

No story mode
No motion
No friends online
No amiibo offline doubles

The list of things not in this game is almost longer than the things that are in it.



rjejr commented on Review: Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (Wii U):

@IceClimbers Is that Star Fox Zero? Funny, I keep writing it as SFZ, took me a second.

Nintendo has broken my calendar watch. Now I'm just blown away by how bad Wii U support is in general. If you check the list of Wii U games for 2015 it's nothing short of horrific. Yes, we've had Kirby, Yoshi, SMM and Splatoon with XCX coming, buts a good 6 months spread out over 12. And compared to Wii the Wii U seems like it has so few games. Games like Boom Blox, No More Heroes, Endless Ocean, DeBlob, and all of those games also had sequels on Wii. And no Mario Sluggers, Mario Strikers and Super Paper Mario. I know Wii was out and supported 5 or 6 years compared to Wii U 3+, but it just seems so deserted in comparison. I think last year I didn't notice b/c we had Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2, Capt Toad and SSBU, but this year it's SMM, a delayed from June Yoshi, AC:aF board game and a gutted Mario Tennis. XCX does help a lot, but there's still a drop off. And having to deal with all of the Star Wars Battlefront and Fallout 4 commercials isn't helping.

So I don't care about their calendar mismanagement anymore. I care that in June and Dec of 2014 we were told Zelda U would be out in 2015, and finally in Nov 2015 they tell us "2016". But I don't care about the calendar, I care that a game that was supposed to be out in 2015, now 2016, STILL DOESN'T HAVE A NAME. Unless you think they call it Zelda U on NX?



rjejr commented on Guide: The Best 2015 Black Friday Nintendo Dea...:

@MJKOP - "about a year in to the album release they put out the Thriller short film"

You may have just solved the mystry of why I've always thought there was another album prior to Thriller. WBSS, Billie Jean and PYT I really liked, then the Thriller video came out and I just couldn't get into it. Probably didn't help that my college had a bar and I think they only played 4 videos - Thriller, Bruce Springsteen's I'm on Fire, I always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me and Relax. There may have been a few more bad ones. I did like Billie Jean though. Oh, and there was some weird one w/ guys and power tools, probably German. And 99 Luftballons. I was a head banger though, I was just in the bar for the beer.



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@aaronsullivan "Fast paced side scrollers"

You might have solved the riddle right there as you know I don't like "fast paced" anything. Yoshi's Woolly World looks and plays great to me. I'll take that speed and those graphics anyday. I'd prefer them in open world though. Nothing is ever fast in open world, I prefer the slower pace and exploring.



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@Xenocity "Microsoft barely has any gaming stock on their website and in their retail stores."

But they do have stores, and it has games. And Apple has stores.

Considering how poorly Ntinedo is carried in stores as is, I don't think it's going to matter to brick and mortar retailers who are more concerned about Amazon than anyone else.

Nintneod has a store, it sells games, people pay taxes in there. Everything has changed since the 1980's, except Nintendo.