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Wed 28th May, 2014

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Link506 commented on The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Begins Its ...:

The only thing that worries me about this game is that there is a time limit on it. And I absolutely hate time limits. They make me nervous, and I don't get enough time to explore the world. But either I'm getting this one.



Link506 commented on Hands On: Wii U GameCube Controller Adapter:

@BensonUii The funny thing is, the Hori gamecube controller I'm planning on getting isn't going to be for smash, mostly Wii Vc games and what-not. But If I like using the gamecube controller for smash, I have a real one in my stash I could use with the adapter. But for now I'm sticking with my Wii U pro and Wii classic pro controller.



Link506 commented on Video: How Much Faster Is The New Nintendo 3DS?:

It partly matter on how much games you have on the system. If the 3ds XL, has more games on it, it might contribute to a fair amount of time. Plus, Who really cares if you have to wait 15 more seconds just to get on the internet, or the e-shop? Really?