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Thu 29th November, 2012

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Morph commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Approach to Transfor...:

I think it's very obvious whats happened here, Nintendo is working on NX, it's going to be a scalable platform I think where games can be played on a portable and home console system and maybe with a fusion type system.

They are going to want to launch the platform with a good catalogue of games, so why would they pump money into developing major titles for Wii U which has been a comercial flop and 3ds which is obviously near the end of its life.

So they make filler games that pass the time, quickly fill the release schedule and can keep most of the teams focus on NX. We dont know what an awful lot of the in house teams and 2nd party devs are working on and they could have quite easily revealed a few of the titles at e3 except then they would have to reveal NX as well. Seems pretty obvious to me



Morph commented on Take More Risks With Your eShop Purchases, Ple...:

This sounds like nonsense to me, if a game is good people will usually buy it. Its all well and good saying take a chance but if the game is rubbish then it will put you off future purchases.

I tend to make my eshop decisions based on using my eyes, i look at videos read the reviews (mainly on here) and then make a decision based on price. I tend to pick up most of the games i want during eshop sales and pick up a select few full price on release.



Morph commented on Editorial: Cheer Up, There Are Some Exciting G...:

I've been amazed at the reaction to this e3, i've always known gamers can be a bit precious but this has been far and away the worst reaction I can recall.

If i'm honest I wasn't overly impressed with this years slate. I thought the actual style of the presentation was excellent, I loved the puppets but the content did leave me wanting.

Starfox looks a bit shabby if i'm honest, if this was going to be their big e3 game for the year i'd have hoped they would pump significant resources into it. As it is currently it does look like it's being developed on a shoestring budget.

The lesser games they have revelaed to look like filler for the release schedule, the metroid title, the animal crossing party game, the fairly un-noteworthy extras in skylanders do leave me thinking there isn't enough quality out there to see us through even the next six months.

However, I also recognise that the wii u has generally been a comercial failure and to pump significant resources into it now would probably be foolish. I'm a little surprised we didnt see more in the way of 3ds games particularly 'new 3ds games' we've got a console that still only has 1 specific game for it which is disapointing.

I think if Wii U was to bow out in the next 12-18 months , I would still be fairly happy with the first party content i've had to play on it, we've had games from many of the major franchises, but I could understand if nintendo had games in development (which they must have imo, too many teams don't appear to be doing anything) that they have decided to shunt to the NX, it might not be fair from a gamera perspective but from a business point of view it's only logical now.

I think Xenoblade and Zelda will be our last 2 blockbusters and even zelda will probably do a twilight princess and launch on both systems.



Morph commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3 Digi...:

No doubt in my mind they are pushing most of their resources to NX now. We knew about most of those games already and those we didnt arent exactly system sellers.

There seems to be a pattern to nintys e3 showings now, a good year is followed by a rubbish year and so on. I expect next year to be top level



Morph commented on Splatoon is Still Number One in Japan as Wii U...:

I really hope this encourages nintendo to get their devolpers thinking of new franchises rather than the same systematic approach to sequels they always have. I've a feeling we'll look back at splatoon in years to come as a real changing point in nintendo's thinking



Morph commented on Feature: Nintendo Franchises We Want to See at...:

This is the game that bothers me the most this E3. Everyone including myself wants a proper starfox ala starfox 64. But i've got a feeling we are going to get a mishmash of ideas of which the starfox stages are only one part. I hope i'm wrong because I think a starfox wii u version has the potential to be the best in the series with the second screen on the gamepad. I'm cautiously looking forward to this reveal at e3



Morph commented on Nintendo Download: 11th June (Europe):

£9 is a bit too much for dr mario, £6ish and i probably would have purchased. The thing with the nintendo eshop only games is they hardly ever go on sale so i'll probably never pick it up



Morph commented on Mighty No. 9 Signature Edition Will Not Be Ava...:

Id question why, I don't think there is any doubt a wii u premium edition would sell, so why not include it? All it would need is a slightly different outer pack thats pretty much it all the contents would be the same



Morph commented on Sega Won't Have A Booth At This Year's E3:

Segas biggest mistake was not keeping their various ip ticking over once the dreamcast died. The likes of streets of rage, golden axe, daytona usa, skies of arcadia, shenmue, crazy taxi, sega rally, shinobi, alex kidd, virtua tennis, fighting vipers, phantasy star, shining force, virtua cop, house of the dead are either laying dormant, only have games out in japan or have had the odd download game but nothing for years. It makes me sad to see this once great company fizzle out