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Thu 29th November, 2012

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Morph commented on Industry Veteran Peter Molyneux Warns The Indi...:

I think he's wrong personally, i think the indie thing is here to stay. However my only concern is that those indies who do well will sell out to big publishers, and like he says maybe be forced in a different direction.



Morph commented on Nintendo Passing on PAX East 2014:

The simple fact of the matter is nintendo has barely anything to show off, from meory the only games with release dates are mario kart 8, kirby 3ds and mario golf 3ds, i think thats literally it.

We know they have bayonetta, smash, X, and hyrule warriors and smt x fe but they must be working on a lot of stuff we dont know about yet and they arent ready to show it



Morph commented on Keiji Inafune Discusses the Indie Experience i...:

Just on that last point, about a new video game creators. The 80's and 90's gave us guys like inafune, suzuki, naka, miyamoto, kojima, aonuma proper legends of the business, to me we just dont seem to have that now. Those guys are all in their 50's and 60's now, who exactly are we looking at as the next wave of proper legends. Maybe with nintendo we have sakurai but I struggle a bit after that, I miss those days, when you'd look forward to a particular developers new project, rather than a company as a whole.



Morph commented on Yo-kai Watch Maintains Strong Run in Japan as ...:

Can someone explain to me why the 3ds is split between standard and LL, its the same console, it plays the same games, iys should be combined as standard. They dont list all the different sku's for other systems so why for the 3ds.



Morph commented on Nintendo Has "Lost Its Way" But Should Never B...:

Hard to argue with what he says, I think in the end while wii u is a great console with some great games, it just wont get the traction it needs to be a big hit for nintendo. Home consoles from nintendo have been a bit hat and miss since the snes, their biggest strength is with handhelds. And while I wouldnt want to see them abandon home consoles, I think they need to rethink what people want in a home console.



Morph commented on Review: Yoshi's New Island (3DS):

Im surprised nintendo let this out in this state, usually you can bank on a nintendo release to be at least an 8. I cant recall a nintendo game scoring this low, what makes it worse is, i remember all the previews about 12 months ago being completely unimpressive. They've had a year to try and sort it and it would appear they didnt use the time wisely, instant bargain bin for me, might pick it up when it's £10



Morph commented on Shantae and the Pirate's Curse Taking a Couple...:

I'll never understand why devs dont set more realistic releases in the first place, and if it comes out sooner then great. I've never heard anyone complain about a game coming earlier than expected. As it is delays dont bother me if it's to add extra polish



Morph commented on Airtight Games Feels That Murdered: Soul Suspe...:

Its a shame it has gone this way with 3rd parties on wii u, i think it's a really great console but nintendo dropped the ball by making it too hard to port to for lazy devs. It would take up too much time and resources which companies just wont put into a machine with such a low install base



Morph commented on Dragon Quest Monsters 2 Storms to the Top of t...:

The trouble with 3ds now is that apart from sequels there arent many nintendo franchises they can bring to it that havent been done, metroid, fzero and a proper starfox are about it. Im actually quite intested to see what nintendo have in store for us this year, because after yoshi's new island there's nothing on the release schedule



Morph commented on Nicalis: We'd Like To Support Europe, But Nint...:

@KeeperBvK maybe because the issue has been raised before by another developer and they specifically stated their problems with ratings boards in pal territories. Of course it is an assumption that nicalis has the same issues, but no other developer has spoken about issues with pal releases that im aware of, so it stands to reason they are talking about the same thing.



Morph commented on Video: World 2 Of Donkey Kong Country: Tropica...:

@Frapp First off monolith is split over two teams so you can't include skyward sword, animal crosing, pikmin 3 or link between worlds as part of your argument because they were from the kyoto studio and it's also difficult to know how much they contributed to those games anyway.

But anyway as far as productivity goes, no maybe they don't output the same volume as Monolith but from what i've seen the Japanese have a very different philosophy to working than most western countries.

Also you don't really know what Retro have been working on that we haven't been privy to yet either, it could be that they have another project well along in it's development, maybe we'll find out soon enough.



Morph commented on Video: World 2 Of Donkey Kong Country: Tropica...:

@Frapp 1 game every 2 years on average, whats the problem with that? most studios their size would have the same output. Every game theyve put out has rated 90% plus on average and i dare say tropical freeze will too. They are nintendo's go to team when they need help with a project, im sure they must be very unhappy with them



Morph commented on Monochroma Release Delayed on All Platforms:

I think its only to be expected that these kickstarter games will hit delays, in many cases these titles are a developers first big project so i think its only natural they maybe dont get the timeframes right. Plus they probably promise more than they can manage to get as many backers as possible



Morph commented on The Nintendo Phone Almost Happened A Decade Ago:

I really dont think theres any great demand for a phone that plays nintendo games, it didnt work for sony. Plus there doesnt seem to be anything wrong with nintendos handheld side of the business anyway, there might be some mileage in a handheld that has some mobile functions, but again sony tried that and it didnt work either.

Nintendo's next step needs to be some sort of hybrid handheld/home console i think something like that would clean up



Morph commented on Video: The 10 Biggest Wii U Games Of 2014:

Im surprused theres even 10 games coming to wii u this year lol.

Seriously tho, i cant watch the video right now but my list would be:

SSB, mario kart, bayonetta, x, donkey kong, yarn yoshi, fe x smt, watch dogs (if we still get it), hyrule warriors not including eshop



Morph commented on Kickstarter Research Highlights Low Delivery R...:

I think you have to use your common sense really, games from well known people like keiji inafune or well known indie studios, or even studios that have gotten their name out through sites like this one are more likely to deliver games than those you have never heard of and who maybe only offer some concept art to advertise their idea.



Morph commented on Rumour: Ubisoft Refuses to Comment on Watch_Do...:

I think this will be the final nail in the coffin for wii u and major 3rd party support, we might see the odd lego or skylanders games but other than that i think it will be exclusively nintendo developed/published titles in the future, not good really.

Its such a shame because wii u is one of my favourite home consoles ever, but they've never gotten over the absolutely abysmal launch



Morph commented on EA's Peter Moore States That "Nintendo's A Gre...:

EA really are strange company, say one thing and do another. I can half understand them not supporting the wii u with its current userbase, although they havent helped with half baked ports, but then i suppose its not their responsibility to increase the userbase.

But i cant understand why they dont support the 3ds, that console worldwide has got the biggest instalbase of all the newer consoles and all they've put out recently is a reskined fifa 12, makes no sense at all



Morph commented on Nintendo Was Dead To Us Very Quickly, States E...:

What kids games does wii u have? I cant think of any exclusively kid games at all, there might be games like lego city which cover a broad audience but thats about it. If it ea wanted to make a go of things on wii u then they would have kept releasing games on it. Truth is all their efforts were half baked, fifa was based on the previous years engine, mass effect was pointless without the previous 2, need for speed was good but it was still a port of a previously released game, what did they really expect



Morph commented on Feature: Nintendo Games Our Readers Would Love...:

Why not do an excite truck/bike crossover with waverace, i could see plenty of potential there, maybe even thow in pilotwings as well and it could be like triathlon, but done in a different way to the sega racing transformed games



Morph commented on Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians Campaign D...:

@Peach64 I'm pretty sure most people know how kickstarter works and you can dress it up whichever way you like, the simple fact of the matter is they positioned 3DS all the way at the $3m mark so that they could screw as much money from loyal Nintendo fans as they possibly could. I forget the exact original figures figures now but how could they possibly position the 3DS version something like $1.5m after the vita version and not expect some sort of backlash. If the game was good enough at that stage of development to warrant a vita release then the 3DS should have been right after that (or before it but that's nit picking). It seems fairly clear to me that they wanted to use nintendo fans to attain as many of those additional goals as they could and those same fans might never have seen a release on their console of choice, even after helping the project hit it's minimum target.

The fact they've altered those goals now, suggests they have realised the project was never going to hit that top 3ds goal, and looking at the trend graph it most likely wasn't. And they are now depending on those same fans to help pull it towards the initial goal just to get the project going in the first place, it might be good business, but it's cynical and takes advantage of fans.



Morph commented on Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians Campaign D...:

So does that prove a point to all those who said the 3ds stretch goal was fair and that those of us complaining didnt know anything about game development? Clearly it wasnt fair as they have been able to knock $1.3m off the asking price for 3ds.



Morph commented on UK Retailer Argos Drops Wii U Premium to £179.99:

My biggest gripe with nintendo is it really doesnt pay to be an early adopter. I bought my 3ds at launch, paid the full price and within 6 months the rrp had dropped by a third. I get a premium wii u at launch within 12 month the rrp has dropped by a third. At least with 3ds we got some free games to compensate, what do wii u owners get? Not much by the looks of it, they could have made wii sports free if they'd wanted. After 2 fairly unimpressive console launches i dont think i will be picking up another nintendo console within its first 12 months again



Morph commented on Iwata Accepts Responsibility For Poor Financia...:

I cant see any quotes calling for him to resign?

Anyway why should he, under his watch nintendo have released wii (nintendo's most successful home console ever), ds (nintendo's most successful handheld ever), 3ds (well on its way to being a very successful handheld) and wii u which admittedly hasnt gone to plan. Let's see what can be done to rectify it first, 1 poorly performing console out of 4 doesn't make him unsuitable as president does it?



Morph commented on Boost in GAME Retail Sales Suggest a Potential...:

The prices in game are abysmal, i cant remember the last time i bought anything from them, grainger games is cheaper on the highstreet and the likes of amazon, zavvi, shopto are far cheaper online.

Im struggling to think of one redeeming feature of game,. Its a shop i walk into from time to time and always come out empty handed