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Hardcore Gamer and Nintendo fan.

Male, 27, United States

I'm a hardcore gamer and Nintendo fan. I play pretty much any and all games ranging from retro console to handheld, mobile, and current-gen -- of all genres.

Wed 29th December, 2010

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SphericalCrusher commented on Nintendo of America Launches Camp Miiverse Cha...:

I will keep my eye on this! Really cool idea. I don't own Wii Sports U Baseball so I can't do the first challenge. I'm hoping that they maybe do a speed run contest playing as King Dedede in Kirby Triple Deluxe. That would be a rad challenge IMO!



SphericalCrusher commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

I think it's sad that people complain about this. Sure, if I had the option, I'd pick a physical reward, but free games are always great. Sony and Microsoft do not do this. I chose Game and Wario. It was the only game on the list I did not own BUT I've been meaning to picking it up for a bit. Fun little party and family friendly game for us.



SphericalCrusher commented on Watch: Super Smash Bros. Melee Evo 2014 Finals...:

Mango won! I was rooting for M2K, Armada, and HBox. Glad to see HBox make it to Grand Finals and put up a decent fight. Great competitive matches. Was so stoked to see Smash Bros up there again. Maybe next year EVO can do Smash 4. I need to catch up on Street Fighter and Killer Instinct.



SphericalCrusher commented on Interview: Pro Smash Competitors Armada & Mew2...:

Awesome! Great little interview! I follow both of these players a ton, so always good to see stuff like this. The landing lag for Smash 4 does concern me a little, but I think, like Mew2King said, it's going to be a little different for each character. (I'm scared Link's is going to be bad though lol). When I played Smash 4 at Smash Fest, the only one I noticed it on was Mega Man, and it really did not seem that bad. I was able to recover quick. As far as the graphics go, they're both really comparing it to Brawl and PM, and it is a huge step up from those games (as MK8 was to MKWii). I highly recommend watching "The Smash Brothers" documentary as they've mentioned. It's a 9 video series and really really good.



SphericalCrusher commented on First Impressions: Going Portable With Super S...:

@Caryslan Very well! It was very smooth (60 fps will do that!). I only got to play a few minutes of Smash Run and a 2 minute FFA match, but it played great! I was able to do a few advanced techniques and put together some combos. It also looked fantastic. The circle pad of 3DS was very sensitive - I never had one issue moving around to where I needed to go.

The WiiU version was the obviously better version though. It's the definite buy for big smash bros fans.



SphericalCrusher commented on First Impressions: Going Portable With Super S...:

I played this version (and WiiU version) at Best Buy. Both felt fantastic! I loved the 3DS Smash Run mode. I played as Lil Mac and although he had issues with climbing the platforming parts of the level, he was a beast. Loved the mode. Also played a 4 player free for all and won a match as him. Can't wait for this game to come out!



SphericalCrusher commented on Dragon Quest X Is Now Adventuring Onto 3DS:

Stoked about this if it would ever make it's way to NA. I submitted this as a News Tip as soon as my friend told me they posted it (He lives in Japan). They credited the link, but not me so this will be my last news tip ;)



SphericalCrusher commented on Report Suggests Bayonetta 2 Will Come With Ori...:

Good point about the bonuses! Although we don't know if that's true, we can only hope. As far as the controls go, I'm really quick at adapting to controls. Originally, I wasn't going to have Bayonetta 1 on WiiU, so I was prepared to jump into the sequel on new controls, you know? Pro Controller all the way. But yeah I may just have to take 1 again and then go to the sequel.



SphericalCrusher commented on First Impressions: Getting Our Hands Dirty in ...:

This game looks incredible! The graphic style alone makes me more interested, as I'm a huge fan of SNES and N64 games. Great write-up NintendoLife! I will be following this game in great detail. I'm wondering what kind of street pass stuff they can add.

On a side note, I'd love to see Harvest Moon 64 come to WiiU/3DS VC or even be remade. :)



SphericalCrusher commented on Cooking Mama 5: Bon Appétit Cooking Up a Trea...:

@AVahne You're going to complain about 5 Cooking Mama games when there's 10 Call of Duty games? Seriously!???? I kid, I kid!!! I bought the first game on Wii because my wife and I had a blast when we rented it. I bought her the 2nd version of it and it wasn't as fun. She got the first game that came to DS and it was okay... but yeah, to us, it was a one and done experience. It was fun and we may try it again someday, but I think we are good. Not bashing it though.