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Thu 5th September, 2013

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HappyHappyist commented on Nintendo Provides Some Context to 2013's Tomod...:

a shame people can't marry who they want to marry, in real life and in the game. if you're heterosexual, don't play gay in the game and you should be fine. i don't care what you are, but if someone else's sexual preference gets in they way of your enjoyment of a game, sorry, but i do not like you. let me play the game i want to, i'll let you play the game the way you want to. simple as that. it only becomes a problem when you people try shoving your beliefs onto eachother.



HappyHappyist commented on Rusty's Real Deal Baseball Has Some Interestin...:

both of them are kind of hideous, really. can't tell which i prefer. all i know is that i don't like sport, or sports mini-games, so no interest for me. i'm not sure if the game is micro-transactions or not, like if you use real money to haggle. probably and hopefully not, maybe something stupid like play coins.



HappyHappyist commented on New Watch_Dogs Trailer Highlights a Living, Br...:

@GannonBanned i don't understand why you feel like i need to justify buying this game by lying to myself. i'm not lying, Chicago is literally built around the capability to hack into devices. without that aspect, sure its a GTA clone. however, since the whole game is built around hacking, even the online aspect, it is okay. and i'm willing to bet the wiiU version will be the best port of the game. sure the graphics won't be as pretty, but the game will also be built around the gamepad. that's why its coming out later than the other ports.



HappyHappyist commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

saying games like this shouldn't exist is like saying that girly magazines shouldn't exist. if you say this game is stupid and shouldn't exist, you are just wrong.
everything in the media has an audience, if if you don't like balloon breasted females, you don't need to play Senran Kagura, nor do you need to buy a girly magazine. no one is making you buy anything, so saying what other people should or shouldn't be allowed to buy, play, or read. if you find something offensive, that doesn't mean everyone else does, you don't need to play the game.
also, over-suxualization is ALL OVER the place in the media. Movies, books, comic books, magazines, and video games. women are over-sexualized EVERYWHERE in the media, so don't act like when it's in a videogame, a crime has been committed.
i've said it before, but video games are about as sexual as the real world. the reason there are strip clubs in GTA is because they're there in real life and people like going there. the reason some women have bubble-breasts in cartoons is because girls still get breast implants. until the day comes that all women treat themselves with dignity, we won't see the end of over-sexualization anywhere.
tl;dr : if you don't like bubble-breasted women, or anything for that matter, don't let you preferences get in the way of my preferences.



HappyHappyist commented on Video: The Legend of Zelda Brings the Epic in ...:

well guys, first person zelda is still looking like a good idea. this is only more proof of that. aside from the nauseating camera (blame oculus rift & the player), this looked like a good demo of the idea in a zelda fashion. if we had an official zelda game by nintendo that was first person, with nicer graphics (i'll admit that the 8-bit style looks revolting), it would be amazing.



HappyHappyist commented on Just 2% of Ubisoft's Q3 Sales Were for Wii U:

well the game was also released on Xbox360 and PS3, current gen consoles that most gamers already own. not nearly as many people own a WiiU or PS4 or Xbox1. look closer, all next gen systems have lower scores, and current gen systems have the highest scores.



HappyHappyist commented on Wii Fit No Substitute For Real Exercise Accord...:

wow, you're going to sharpshoot my minor spelling errors so that you can undermine my point that you clearly understood so that you could underline your own point? clever b**tard. you have my applause.

and exercise in front of a TV is just as good as anywhere else. why and how does location impact how much weight you lose? so by your logic, if i watch an exercising CD on my TV and do the activities, i won't lose any weight because i'm in front of my TV? oh wait, i understand what you mean now; exercising in my bedroom is more effective than in front of my TV, right? no wait, i should have known that if i want to lose the most weight, the bathroom is the best place to be. thanks for the weight tips.

and if you want to lose weight, exercise isn't all you have to do. you also have to eat healthy. i bet your fat friends play Wii fit a lot, and judging on how effective the game has been to all these people in the comments, i bet they lost some weight. however, is it at all possible that they could still eat too much junk/ fatty food? if a fat guy exercises, but still eats everything on the McDonalds menu and a diet coke (because duh, he's trying to lose weight), he's not going to lose any weight, he's going to gain weight. i don't care how much you exercise with any software, it won't work.

finally, people must be willing to lose weight. if i go to the gym and try to lose weight, i need to commit to it or else nothing will happen.



HappyHappyist commented on Watch_Dogs Delayed Again on Wii U, Will Arrive...:

next thing you know:

This just in! Watch_Dogs cancelled on WiiU! Devs had this to say:
"WiiU is just such a weak console, we can't make the game the way we want because of hardware limitations. also the game won't sell on useless hardware no one wants lol."



HappyHappyist commented on As The Maker Of Flappy Bird Withdraws His Crea...:

you know what? nintendo knows that the game is original. sure, it wears a nintendo skin, but the game is its own. it isn't a clone of anything (not that i know of). i bet that's the reason why they didnt sue. they're reasonable company, even when they could use the money right now (based on poor wiiu sales and how many court cases they're losing).



HappyHappyist commented on Wii Fit No Substitute For Real Exercise Accord...:

"I have Wii Fit U, since release day actually.
I use it sometimes just to measure my weight.
I don't have scales."

... so what your saying is, even though you don't even do the exercises, you are still going to say that the game doesn't work? even though a ton of other people are telling you that it worked for them? if you're going to argue against something like this, at least know what your talking about, because as of now, you know nothing other than your questionable prejudice on "exergames".
me personally, i've never played WiiFit, but i at least know that if i'm totally ignorant to something, and several people are telling me otherwise, i know there's a problem. maybe before saying the game doen't work, try it yourself before judging it based on how much the scales tell you how much you weigh.



HappyHappyist commented on Team Meat's Name Originated From a "Random" Ni...:

i do recall that Team Meat at one point tried to bring the Binding of Isaac to 3DS eShop, but Nintendo wouldn't let it happen because they didn't want to get mixed up in the "religious aspects" of the game.
and i agree with the standpoint you mentioned on indies where its much more grey than it seems. its absolutely stupid to argue that the picture is black and white, mainly because of the size of the indie crowd.

oh, and everything below the ellipses wasn't directed specifically at you, that was just what i felt on the overall attitude of the comment section.

(and FYI, we only have a WiiU in our household. not because we're fanboys, far from it actually, but we're not the richest family, and the WiiU was the best option we could afford, and i'm too young for a job,so there's nothing i can do about it. i still keep myself informed on everything going on.)



HappyHappyist commented on Team Meat's Name Originated From a "Random" Ni...:

@Emblem what you have said made no sense. at all.
put yourself in their shoes. why would you put a game on a console for people to play for free? there are two people working at Team Meat, so they need the money to be able to make games.

"Games are not just a business product."
actually, put yourself in the shoes of EVERY game developer ever. to devs, games ARE business products, because they need to SELL their game so that they can make money. porting a game to an unpopular system will NOT let them break even and make a profit.

seriously, i'm seeing little to no actual reason or logic in these comments, mostly just loyal butthurt Nintendo fanboys. if ANY of you were in their shoes, then you would not make the investment either, and you know you wouldn't too. so thanks, @Kirk and @DerpSandwich for being people that actually have common sense.



HappyHappyist commented on Video: Japanese Donkey Kong Country: Tropical ...:

i've heard that excuse before, and it just doesnt work. there's absolutely no reason why cranky kong can't be playable AND cranky. now his name is a contradiction. his charm comes from sitting in that chair and making fun at the player. now he's a playable character, which is bearable, but his name is STILL cranky kong. i'd appreciate it if his attitude was more, "this game is too easy! back in my day..." and less "i'm so happy to be here! i hope everyone playing this game has a good time."



HappyHappyist commented on Video: Japanese Donkey Kong Country: Tropical ...:

still not interested in this game. level design looks awful. green balloon mechanic is ridiculously poopoodoodiecacapoopledoople. and why the heck is cranky kong... HAPPY??! he's CRANKY kong, but look at how happy he is.
Please watch the profanity — TBD



HappyHappyist commented on Satoru Iwata Admits The "Wii U Isn't In Good S...:

yea, thanks for the update iwata. its not like that wasn't obvious. i wouldnt be surprised if he actually said he still thought the wiiU would dominate the generation, because thats all they think of. its not like everyone has been yelling at them that the WiiU is in bad shape for a year... i wait, everyone was yelling at them. fix the problem nintendo.