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Fri 26th Feb 2010

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arielp commented on Kirby Mini-Games Now Available on North Americ...:

i bought it for my son's 2DS, i already have the Kirby Triple Deluxe,

the bad thing is that Kirby Fighter and Kirby Fighter Deluxe ARE NOT COMPATIBLE for Multi Player...

come on nintendo, i really i can have full featured play with my son (vs limited selection Download Play)

too bad....



arielp commented on Review: myPostcards (DSiWare):

bought this instantly when available on 19th, but unsatisfied instantly too, as the 'email' is to take out you card, insert to your pc (with card reader) and attach it manually...

why oh why nooo does not support direct email/FB from the app

also, you need to rotate the postcard manually




arielp commented on Discolight:

I'm thinking of a app with MIC input, to visualize surrounding music/beat, then the DSi display flash-es/animate accordingly



arielp commented on Review: VT Tennis (DSiWare):

This is just rebrand of RAFA NADAL TENNIS DS(also by VT), just the name 'RAFA NADAL' gets removed (royalty issue maybe, to keep the price low), same game all the way...

for 500dsi point, kinda worthed, rather buying the RAFA NADAL version on cart