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Fri 7th August, 2009

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Monsti commented on The North American Version Of Tomodachi Life W...:

It makes no sense and I can't think of any excuse Nintendo could have for this. If the European version has all languages why not just do the same thing in NA? And I don't count "the French and Spanish are different here" because I'm pretty sure those people would have rather something than nothing. I know it's just a small amount of people who will have a problem with this but it just annoys me how often I have to read about Nintendo making decision for the customer.



Monsti commented on Feature: Kickstarter's Wii U and 3DS Campaigns...:

I backed Cult Country. Doesn't look too good right now which is sad since Renegade Kid are awesome. Earthlock also seems cool, I'd definitely back the Hamster if Wii U would be part of the normal goal but they'll never reach that stretchgoal.



Monsti commented on GBA Titles Super Mario Ball And Pac-Man Collec...:

Mario Pinball is exactely that kind of game that is more fitting to 3DS than Wii U. Still think this is all really werid.
I'm still excited though to see how it'll all look on the big screen. Mario Pinball is flawed but fun. I'd actually like to see a sequel.



Monsti commented on Wii U and 3DS Nintendo Direct Confirmed for 13...:

First I got really really excited when I read there's a Direct coming (aka "this is gonna be the one where the announce all the big changes coming") but "end of spring sound like "here's a new character for Mario Kart" :/
We'll see. At least I think I'll finally get my photo finder europe release date...



Monsti commented on Book Focused on EarthBound's Development and L...:

Normal company: Oh cool. Let's support this guy and make some profit of it, make the fans happy and help this franchise to become more popular.
Nintendo: No. Our product must be secuuuuuured!!!!

As much as I love them for their weirdness I just shows again how far far far they are away from changing into the direction they need to right now.



Monsti commented on James Pond Kickstarter Campaign Has Been Cance...:

Even with the chance of repeating myself over and over: I would love to support all those campaigns but it's always the same. Wii U and 3DS are always just Stretch Goals and the Rewards are usually just download codes for a PC version. I don't think Pond would have made it anyway but most of these campaigns would look a lot different if they'd promise 3DS right away.



Monsti commented on Nintendo Download: 8th August (Europe):

Hmmm...Maybe Galaga...Maybe I'll wait because I think that life will be like a hurricane next week or the week after that. So I need some money on my account. ^^



Monsti commented on Candle May Light Up Wii U If It Reaches Its St...:

Some problem as with every single Kickstarter game. Wii U fans can't really support them bringing it to Wii U because it's a) only a stretchgoal and that might not work out even with my support and b) the reward is the PC version...why would a back a Wii U game to get a PC game. :/
I understand that it's not easy but it really is too bad. I'd love to support many more games. I did support Shovel Knight for example.



Monsti commented on All New DuckTales is Coming to Wii U:

@DePapier Or we are freaking old. ;)

Well, although I think the backgrounds in the trailer look pretty bad, this is still the best news ever. ^^ I just didn't expect somethling like this happen...ever again. ^^



Monsti commented on Wii U Direct Scheduled For Tomorrow:

Yes, announcing Zelda and Smash Bros won't happen. Get off the hype train.
But not expecting them to at least announce one new Franchise game is also weitd....we don't have anything announced for Wii U past June really...there's gotta be something.

Also guessing: VC for Wii U