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Wed 23rd January, 2008

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ejamer commented on NES Remix Titles Coming in Physical Version to...:

Such a Nintendo thing to do. This news would've been awesome two weeks ago... before they encouraged many Nintendo fans like me to download the first game as a Club Nintendo platinum reward for being good customers. Now any interest I have in buying a retail release is (at best) cut in half.

I'm a huge "buy physical" fan, but will pass unless the game gets a ridiculous mark-down at retail.



ejamer commented on Takashi Tezuka: Mario Maker Won't Move Quite L...:

Disagree all the way. The new controls are slippery and awkward. I much much prefer the original physics - to the point where this might be a deal breaker for me. In fact, while playing NES Remix today one of my biggest peeves was that you could tell the in-game physics for Mario weren't the same and it messed with my timing. Hugely disappointing!

That said, it's all a matter of personal preference and what you get used to. I grew up spending countless hours playing the original NES games so it's no surprise that I prefer those controls. People who grow up with NSMB games will likely differ.



ejamer commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

I get what people are saying about entitlement and appreciating what's offered. I do appreciate getting a free game (NES Remix in my case).

But this is still a disappointing year of rewards. Nothing exclusive, nothing physical, and a selection of games that many Platinum members probably already own. It's awesome of Nintendo to give prizes away, but this is the least appealing year for me since Club Nintendo starting giving away prizes.

That said, given their current financial situation (not awesome) and the fact that coins are easier to get than ever before (so probably more people able to claim rewards) I understand why the prizes are what they are.

Oh well. Life goes on.



ejamer commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

There were only 2 games that I don't already own and have any interest in at all... and 1 of those games (DKCR) I already own on a different platform.

Yes, the selection is "good", but the more games you own the less helpful that is. Yes, a free game is "good", but especially for people like me who aren't keen on digital downloads this is a huge disappointment.

Oh well. I guess hoping for one of Nintendo's wonderfully orchestrated game soundtracks really was too much. :(



ejamer commented on Wii U Version Of Project CARS Drops To The Bac...:

Bad news for Wii U gamers - and probably for sales figures of the Wii U version.

Will there be an additional marketing push when the Wii U release comes out? Will people still care about the game? When games get released on other platforms first, the answer is usually "not really".



ejamer commented on Interview: Meet Naked War, The Wii Advance War...:

Best of luck to these guys. Sounds like an awesome idea, and would've been wonderful to see it on Wii. I'm a Nintendo fan... but it's a shame they don't have people in place to make smart innovation like this happen.

(On the upside, WiiWare sold so poorly that maybe this is a hidden blessing.)



ejamer commented on Ubisoft Runs Another eShop Discount Bonanza in...:

Great price for Ghost Recon on 3DS - easily worth that much for any turn-based strategy fans. Glad to re-add that game to my collection after having sold my retail copy earlier.

None of the Wii U games are cheaper than retail versions if you shop around... but at least the digital pricing is comparable while the sale is going on.



ejamer commented on Weirdness: Classic Game Characters Part of Art...:

... or, assuming you believe in Kohlberg's stages, he could be acting at a low enough stage of reasoning that he hasn't reached conventional moral reasoning.

My opinion: what he's doing simply doesn't matter. There is no meaningful benefit to society and no significant harm (outside of maybe incurring some cost to taxpayers for removal/new signs). What he's doing isn't due to a sense of justice - instead it "just is". That's why I consider it a selfish act instead of anything motivated by higher reasoning.

But hey, to each their own. It's not hurting anything and gives us something to talk about, right?



ejamer commented on Weirdness: Classic Game Characters Part of Art...:

I guess I don't really get it. The Nintendo-themed images are cool, but not really fitting thematically for the signs so they just look out of place to me. I'd rather just see the characters put up as graffiti somewhere in this case.

That said, the vandalism doesn't look worse than those super creepy original signs. I don't think I'd want to live in a community filled with weird red houses where the occupants had nothing better to do than spy on others all day...



ejamer commented on Free Copy of Bayonetta Comes as a Separate Dis...:

Here's hoping for physical releases in the West as well! I'd MUCH rather have the game on disc than as a downloadable version.

Ideally, people who want digital can buy digital and get a download code for the first game while people who buy on disc can get both games on disc. Everyone walks away happy.



ejamer commented on Bayonetta Download Code Included With Retail a...:

Digital download instead of being on a disc? Boo!

(It's a freebie, so not really worth complaining about... but I'm staunchly pro-physical when it comes to games so this is unfortunate news for me because the freebie went from "super awesome news" to "I'm sure others will be happy with it". Shame they couldn't have made the physical version all physical and the digital version all digital to keep both camps happy.)



ejamer commented on E3 2014: Monolith's X Becomes Xenoblade Chroni...:

Not sure about the "prefect strategy"... that would probably involve having third party support to fill the gaps. But you've got a fair point about them spacing the major titles and keeping owners excited about the future.

Actually, I really don't mind waiting for this game and would rather wait another year (or more) than have the game rushed out early. As long as it does arrive eventually! News of a Xenoblade sequel was the reason I bought a Wii U though, so clearly I'm excited for the day to arrive. :)



ejamer commented on E3 2014: Bayonetta 2 Comes With The Original G...:

Always felt like not having access to the original Bayonetta was a pretty big miss for this title... but was willing to give Bayonetta a shot anyway. Finding out the original game is included is a HUGE bonus.



ejamer commented on Zen Studios Collaborates With Telltale Games a...:

Meh. The TellTale game never came out on a system I could play so the license doesn't do much for me. Zen Pinball games are generally pretty awesome (some better than others) but I think they'd do MUCH MUCH better releasing a license that Nintendo fans care about on Wii U instead of a table based on games that many Nintendo gamers haven't played.



ejamer commented on Review: LEGO The Hobbit (Wii U):

Yeah, restricting the final 1/3 of The Hobbit to DLC add-on content absolutely killed my interest even before the quality concerns were reported. What a shame. I understand that they don't want to release movie-based content before the movie comes out... but it still makes the game much less desirable to me.



ejamer commented on Interview: Goodbye Galaxy Games on Tappingo 2 ...:

I agree with Vallu. It would be nice to be able to change the background color, or maybe have it change dynamically to avoid matching colors used in the puzzle. You know, because you probably don't have enough work to do on the game already.
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ejamer commented on Nintendo Releases Unlock Code Hint for NES Rem...:

Hahaha. Or you could just practice a little bit to improve your skill level before moving on. If you gave up after 2-2, why do you think you'll do any better on harder levels if given a "level skip" option? I harbor strong doubts that you'd continue playing in either case...



ejamer commented on Video: Capcom's Mega May Spotlight Shows Off T...:

Recently downloaded Mega Man IV hoping it would be fun. I'm not having fun... but that's because somehow my B button has stopped responding half the time. Not being able to shoot consistently when you want to makes Mega Man games feel HORRIBLE... it's like I'm gaming on an iPhone or something with controls like this.



ejamer commented on Photos With Mario Available for Free Now in No...:

Canada usually gets the same games as the US... but not always. Kokuga still isn't available in Canada, which is a real shame because that game looked really cool. Pricing is different in some cases (becoming much more common lately) and sales aren't always the same.

Worth noting that today is a holiday in Canada, so maybe the game will show up later on. Or maybe not. Who knows.



ejamer commented on Reaction: Mario Kart 8 Accused Of Poor Sales P...:

Meh... the negativity is great click-bait, and that's how those sites get paid.

That said, I'm shocked to find out that Toad and Toadette are considered humans. I always considered them intelligent mushrooms.

Of course a black character wouldn't hurt, but it's also not a requirement. More to the point, adding a token character who has no relation to the franchise just to provide "diversity" is (IMO) the wrong approach.

What makes more sense to me is the active inclusion of Mii characters as selectable and/or AI racers. Or add characters that are based off real-world Nintendo-related personas (like Reggie). That way everyone would get meaningful characters - people who you know or have some identification with - that represent many different groups of people showing up in the game instead of just getting empty avatars that don't really fit into the game hoisted on you.

But hey... that's just one opinion. You are free to disagree.

Edit: Huh... seems like you said something similar above about token characters being a poor solution. My apologies for missing that post.



ejamer commented on Preview: Swords & Soldiers HD:

Anyone who missed the original on WiiWare should definitely pick this up. It's a fantastic game (although apparently the 3DS port has some serious issues... shame about that).

Do I want another port? Not sure I care that much since I own the original... but that just means I'm not the target audience.



ejamer commented on EA Releases Lengthy List of Online Services to...:

So what does this mean for Rock Band DLC content. Will it still be accessible if we want to buy more tracks? What about re-downloading content that was already purchased?

People can grouse over EA being a lousy company, but they've published some excellent games. The Beatles: Rock Band is one example: easily one of the coolest games released last gen and something that will be tremendously fun to play for years to come.



ejamer commented on Talking Point: What We Want To See From Ninten...:

Oddly, the biggest thing that Nintendo needs to get in line (my opinion, of course) before their next handheld/home console release are consumer-friendly digital profile systems. The actual hardware improvements are far less exciting to me than what account/service changes might be made.

Maybe people are tired of carrying cartridges... but until the "all downloads are tied to a single piece of hardware" model goes away, I'm not keen on jumping in to the digital world.

(Sony's model for PSN is fantastic, for example, so obviously this can be done.)



ejamer commented on Rumour: Nintendo Will Reveal New Hardware At T...:

I don't know why people get so excited. New Nintendo hardware at E3 is likely a revised controller, a new peripheral, or some kind of minor redesign. This event is almost certainly too early to present a replacement console - although who knows what might be shown behind closed doors.



ejamer commented on Nintendo Download: 24th April (North America):

Child of Light looks gorgeous. Very keen to find out more about the game... but at $15 for a beautiful RPG like that, might not bother waiting for reviews. The only question if whether I have enough HD space available.



ejamer commented on Video: What Could Xenoblade Chronicles Look Li...:

HD or SD, this game remains stunningly beautiful.

I wonder if remaking Xenoblade as an HD title would ever be financially viable though - there is just so much content they would have to create new art assets for, and JRPGs (even great ones like Xenoblade) don't appeal to a huge segment of the market. The sequel might be as close as we ever get?



ejamer commented on Feature: Kickstarter's Wii U and 3DS Campaigns...:

I really hope that Hex Heroes makes it, but am feeling nervous. The game looks awesome to me, but others don't seem to share my excitement. It's clearly made with Wii U specifically in mind... so why doesn't it get more love?



ejamer commented on EA Boss Peter Moore Apologises For Frostbite's...:

Eh, I thought the first one was funny enough and doesn't require any apology. All the things mentioned would be cool, but we know they just aren't happening.

Unfortunately the second tweet wasn't really cute or clever, and reads very poorly (unless it was intended as a direct shot at the Wii U console). Whoever is in charge of the twitter feed should've known better - or maybe they did, and someone with less sense made an unauthorized post?