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Male, 28, Canada

My gaming tastes are very diverse and I can enjoy almost any genre. I split my gaming time fairly evenly between my Wii U and PS3, though I also find time to enjoy my 3DS XL, Vita, and 360. I believe in being a multi-console gamer; those who stick to just one are missing out on so much.

Mon 4th November, 2013

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larry_koopa commented on A Resident Evil 2 Remake Has Been Confirmed:

You know, when you possess other consoles besides just Nintendo ones you don't have to hope beyond hope that every third-party game might somehow make it to the one console that you own. You can just play every game and not have to come here and complain how all these evil developers are being mean by not bringing their games to Nintendo systems.



larry_koopa commented on Feature: The Unexpected Legacy of Wii Music:

Yeah sorry, this game sucks. It epitomizes everything that was wrong with the Wii/Nintendo's casual focus in general.

The Wii caused me to buy a PS3 when at that point I had always been a Nintendo-only gamer. I still play my PS3 more than my Wii U. To me the Wii will always be remembered as the system that made me embrace Sony, and to a lesser extent Microsoft. Garbage like Wii Music are a big part of that. Better luck with the NX, Nintendo.



larry_koopa commented on Soapbox: It's A Tragedy That Rare Replay Isn't...:

... Or, you could just buy the console in question and stop complaining about all the games that the Wii U can't give you. I'm sorry, unless you only care about "Nintendo" games, that's pretty much all you're going to get. Nintendo let Rare go in 2002 and they were purchased by Microsoft. Why exactly would this collection be on a Nintendo console?



larry_koopa commented on Exclusive: Project CARS "Simply Too Much For W...:

Maybe next time Nintendo will make a console that can actually handle third-party games.

I don't really feel sorry for fanboys who only own a Wii U and magically expect third-party games to arrive for the system. Just buy a PS4 like the rest of the world so you can actually play everything that comes out. Stop crying when your under powered Wii U can't handle an X1 or PS4 game.



larry_koopa commented on First Impressions: Trying to Believe in Devil'...:

The game looks absolutely terrible. There's plenty of other outstanding games available on Wii U, so why even bother with this? I know Wii U-only gamers are starved for third-party games, but don't settle on garbage like this just because nothing else is available on the console.



larry_koopa commented on Nintendo NX Will Avoid The Launch Issues Which...:

The only issue with the Wii U launch was that they were launching a crappy product which didn't have any great software to speak of until several months after launch. It still only has a handful of great games, but that's a Nintendo home console for you. They support it for 3-5 years, and third parties support it for 0 years.



larry_koopa commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Tackles Metroid Prime: Federa...:

"Look, we know that the fans want a straight Samus Aran game"

Then make one, you idiot.

This is not a Wind Waker situation. Though he's right that people were not crazy about the graphical style in the beginning, the fans at least knew that Wind Waker was going to be an actual Zelda game. The same is not true about Federation Force.



larry_koopa commented on Tablets Stole The Wii U's Thunder, Laments Shi...:

Well I'm glad that he admitted that they were wrong from the outset. Usually Nintendo doesn't fall on their sword like this. I bet they still think that online gaming will never catch on, which was their company line during the GameCube era...

But seriously, "tablets stole the Wii U's thunder..." Umm, excuse me, by the time the Wii U came to market iPads and other tablets were everywhere. What exactly did they expect?



larry_koopa commented on Video: Star Fox Zero - What We Know So Far:

Great video, folks! Much appreciated.

Now, referring to the game itself: the fact that you simply can't play the game without the GamePad is a huge deal-breaker for me. Unless they somehow revamp everything so that you can play with the Pro Controller I doubt I will ever own this game. I just want to play a classic Star Fox game in HD with normal controls. Not too much to ask.

This is why I like Sony. When you're looking forward to a PlayStation game you know you're going to play it with a DualShock. You don't have to worry about them doing something absolutely idiotic with the control scheme.



larry_koopa commented on The Current State Of Virtual Reality Just Isn'...:

Right, just like online gaming wasn't becoming a thing in the early to mid 2000s. Nintendo said that would never catch on; they'd rather you connect your Game Boy Advance to your Game Cube - that's the future! They ended up dugging themselves a hole that they're still trying to get out of.

Nice to know that Nintendo learns from their mistakes. Forever being left behind...



larry_koopa commented on First Impressions: Our Maiden Flight In Star F...:

Thank you for such an honest article here.

To me this game sounds like an absolute mess. Just make a normal Star Fox game with good graphics and Pro Controller support. That really is not asking too much... None of this two screen garbage.



larry_koopa commented on Reaction: Nintendo's E3 Digital Event Brought ...:

Their biggest game of the show was probably Star Fox Zero, and yet I have no interest in it as I will not play a game where I have to divide my focus between my TV screen and the GamePad. I just want to play Star Fox, on an HD screen, and with a Pro Controller, but apparently that is too much to ask.

Nintendo's insistence on "changing the way we play games" is what drove me to the PS3 in the last generation: I don't care about your motion controls, I don't care about your tablet controllers. I just want to play games normally.



larry_koopa commented on Review: Samurai Defender (3DS eShop):

Anybody else think that the character in green with his sword above his head looks like Toon Link from Wind Waker? That was my first thought when I saw this review on the home page. Those eyes...



larry_koopa commented on Splatoon Producer Inks Out Reasons For Lack Of...:

I get the man's point, but I'm sorry, only Nintendo would create an online, team based shooter and then not allow you to communicate with your team.

I'm surprised Nintendo hasn't found a way to ban trash talk when you're playing Smash Bros. on the couch with your friends. Heaven forbid anybody swear when playing a Nintendo game.



larry_koopa commented on Exclusive: Slightly Mad Studio Head Ian Bell S...:

I know it's been stated by members prior to my two cents, but people should not be at all shocked by this. The Wii U cannot be expected to run a PS4 or X1 game. Nintendo's console is simply not powerful enough, period. Nintendo wonders why they have pathetic third party support - maybe stop creating underpowered consoles that can't run the games that the rival consoles can.

I'm not a hater as I enjoy my Wii U, but I'm sorry, I'm smart enough to not expect third party games to appear on the system, and I'm not outraged when they don't. That's why I also have Sony consoles.



larry_koopa commented on Splatoon Global Testfire Demo Confirmed For Th...:

I love this website, but from top to bottom the first 10 stories on the homepage are all Splatoon related. Overkill much?

I get it. A Nintendo home console is actually going to have an original, exclusive IP for the first time in years. But seriously, enough is enough.



larry_koopa commented on Preview: Unraveling the Truth in Yoshi's Wooll...:

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island is one of the best games ever made. I really don't think the Baby Mario mechanic was that "irritating."

Anyways, apart from those digs this was a great preview that got me more excited for this game. Can't wait to play it!!



larry_koopa commented on Those Yoshi's Woolly World Yarn amiibo Are Up ...:

The dig at Call of Duty wasn't really necessary. The four New Super Mario Bros titles were all original and entirely different from each other afterall... Right down to completely unique soundtracks. Just a bucket of original ideas there.

Anyways, yes, these amiibo are rather expensive.



larry_koopa commented on Rumour: Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Teased For N...:

I don't get this. Nintendo-only gamers don't care about this series as proven by the fact that Black Ops 2 and Ghosts did not sell well on the Wii U. If Nintendo-only gamers did care about the series they'd own either a PlayStation or Xbox where they could actually play the games, but then they obviously wouldn't be Nintendo-only gamers.

Anyways, we'll have to see I guess. I'm perfectly happy with Ghosts on my PS3. I don't really see the need to buy such a similar game every November; having just one in the series is good enough for me.