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Ninhau commented on Square Enix Wants To Bring Dragon Quest VII To...:

@ajcismo if a publisher doesnt sell the amount is was expeting, and then reevaluates their publishing policies, can you blame them? in the case of DQ7, the game has already been released in NA on PS1, so they could use the original translation, but its still a financial gamble. Bravely did nice, but was a original release, not a remake. As long as they keep the costs down, and receive Nintendo support, DQ7 could make decent business, especially trough digital sales (more than that, dont believe)

also, the same happens to the music or movies industry. just look at the amount of crap movies released during summer, all playing it safe. im just saying that publishers look at past sales data, and try to predict where they might make money, or not. And Square is hardly in a amazing financial situation right now, so they really try to not have a loss.

all im saying is that people around here forget that this is a business. dont expect Square to make a financial loss, just to show its fans some love. you dont run a business on "love" and "appreciation" (though they might try to convey that feeling trough marketing. in the end, games are meant to sell and make a profit). if some dont have the capacity to understand that yet, they will as soon as they grow up past their romantic view of the industry



Ninhau commented on Square Enix Wants To Bring Dragon Quest VII To...:

@Geonjaha people, who? internet users on forums? dont see "us" as the majority. they need more than a niche group to make a profit.
releasing games is always a gamble, and all comes down to how much of an investment they would have to make in order to translate the game. if they keep the costs down, with a decent marketing push, it might turn in a profit and make it worth their while.
Would you gamble/bet your own money on DQ7's success?



Ninhau commented on Square Enix Wants To Bring Dragon Quest VII To...:

their only problems with nintendo consumers are the sales. on the wiiu there are few systems sold, and on the 3ds, anything that isnt published by nintendo likely doesnt get sold (as seen on the charts). all comes down to the money. its expensive to release games, so they try not to risk too much



Ninhau commented on Wii Owners Are Upgrading To PlayStation 4, Cla...:

Already a proud owner of a WiiU... but recon that in 1-2 years, when the good games are here, i'll also get a PS4 for the multiplats/exclusives. Until then, theres not much there besides remakes. TLOU and GTA5 are tempting, though (never played them, though i also own a ps3)
XO doesnt interest me



Ninhau commented on Satoru Iwata Believes Nintendo Can Establish a...:

they definitely should not put all their eggs in the videogame basket. they have to expand into other areas... like sony & ms do. more than a videogame company, theyre a entertainment company, and QOL fits into that



Ninhau commented on Download Sales On Nintendo Formats Have Treble...:

so far the eShop has been too expensive for me to bother (only bought NES Remix 1 so far). The same can be said about Live & PSN. Dont mind having to swap discs, certainly not going to pay trough the nose just to be able to change games without having to leave the couch



Ninhau commented on Review: Golden Sun (Wii U eShop):

Since when is 8/10 a bad score? Played it back in the day, and its certainly not a 10/10. No one, outside of a fansite, would ask a 10/10 for this game... its just not amazingly good. Its just "good".



Ninhau commented on The Nintendo eShop Is Like Paradise, Says Imag...:

im 34 and would love such an offer, but had i been on the fence about getting a WiiU, free roms would not have convinced me to get the machine. Dont think such an offer would turn the WiiU's fortunes around and have a decisive impact in sales



Ninhau commented on The Nintendo eShop Is Like Paradise, Says Imag...:

really? maybe old games are important to you, but to the average gamer theyre not. and id be disgusted if the wiiu were "saved" by old games. Thats hardly why i bought a wiiu. theyre nice to play inbetween good wiiu games, but theyre certainly not system sellers.

Im sure a couple of gamers would be tempted to get a wiiu because of those 100 free games... but wouldnt certainly turn the fate around. and you saying that it would cost nintendo nothing to give away roms, is the same like saying nintendo wouldnt lose money by giving away MK8 etc for free on the eShop (because its "digital" and doesnt exist in the "real" world)

dont be fooled by what is said around this website. over here everybody is a huge nintendo fan and we love anything nintendo does... but we're definitely in the minority and other people would not be as easily convinced to buy a WiiU just based on 100 free retro games.



Ninhau commented on Nintendo Download: 24th April (Europe):

im right now playing NES Remix1, and while its fun, dont think ill get the sequel, certainly not at 10€.
Maybe one day, when im lacking any WiiU games to play and theres a discount... but id rather wait for SNES Remix



Ninhau commented on Nintendo Involved In Patent Dispute Over Wii U...:

there are tons of companies that just exist to sue other companies. they buy all the patents they can buy, and then try to find any big company who has similar products, and just sues them

the parasites of the economy



Ninhau commented on The North American Version Of Tomodachi Life W...:

considering Canada is part of NA, and french is a official language over there, that language should be made available
also, dont think that games are allowed to be sold in french speaking regions of canada, unless they have french as an option



Ninhau commented on Yumi's Odd Odyssey Is Coming To Europe Under I...:

Games that sell hardware and make people happy!? Nintendo, take notice, there might be something here to learn for the WiiU

This, Tomodatchi, etc... are the reason people buy the 3DS, exclusive and fun games, different experiences, that you really cant have anywhere else



Ninhau commented on Capcom Investing $80 Million in Two New R & D ...:

R&D stand for Reasearch & Development... you know, the kind of activity that brought us Dead Rising, Resident Evil, Street Fighter etc... in the first place.

unfortunately, its the same mentality as yours that put Capcom in the tight spot. Leaning back and milk the same old same old franchises will kill Capcom in the medium run. Guess you dont care, though