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Imaginative dude with a nice hat.

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Just a humble guy from GA. I stand up for my morals, my loved ones and my country. I like video games, collecting Pokemon cards, raising dogs, and drawing stuff!

Thu 21st Mar 2013

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J-Manix98 commented on Rumour: A Class in Bravely Second is Supposedl...:

I am so tired of people are to sensitive to walk on the ground barefoot. This isn't offensive at all! I'm not a native American... But if you are HONESTLY butthurt that a relatively obscure video game character has a costume option that represents your culture (in a really cool looking way), then you should take a step back and reconsider, for everyone's sake.



J-Manix98 commented on Video: Splatoon Gets the Did You Know Gaming? ...:


Sure! Heres one of the earlier/easier levels:

This one is a bit trickier:

This one is a different type of level. it utilizes FLOOD, but is 100% ink-free (you use him for platforming purposes 90% of the time anyway). This particular level is made about 50% harder if you are also trying to collect the blue coins that are passing by on the clouds, not easy to do (you buy stars with blue coins):

Also, all of these minigames (minus the ones that utilize FLOOD) have a replay option, where you are timed to beat the level, and collect 8 red coins.

Anyhoo, this is only the tip of the iceberg, they get a lot harder as the game progresses. Hope this helped!



J-Manix98 commented on Video: Splatoon Gets the Did You Know Gaming? ...:


Let me just say, the number of levels where you are forced to clean large areas are very few. But yeah, I can understand where you are coming from. For me, I really enjoyed the FLOOD mechanics, and getting the rocket nozzle, and the water jet and hover nozzle, but its definitely different.

Anyway, I reccomend playing it all the way through before totally shunning it. There is some seriously fun platforming to be had, and it definitely outweighs the tedious stuff, very, very few levels just have you cleaning crap up. IMO, its more fun than Galaxy. But whatever floats your boat.

(BTW, those minigame levels make up roughly 50-60% of the game)



J-Manix98 commented on Video: Splatoon Gets the Did You Know Gaming? ...:


I highly reccomended you play it through all the way. The levels are all very fun, I often found myself just hopping around different worlds, just for the sheer enjoyment of the mechanics. The mini game levels are amazingly fun too! Those are the levels where you go into a special cave or building in a given world, and you have FLOOD taken away from you and you have to beat a tough obstacle course without him. And then you can replay those for another Star (or rather, "Shine"), only the second time around you have FLOOD, and you are timed to get red coins.

The bosses are very fun, the races with piantisimo are very challenging but fun.... All in all, Sunshine definitely on par, if not better than the Galaxy games IMO.

Don't get me wrong, I loved the Galaxy games, but I could play sunshine 100x in a row and still want more. I will say however, it has tendencies to act a little buggy, but nothing bad. Usually just little visual hiccups or wall clips, nothing game breaking.

I played the living crap out of it as a kid, and it still holds up as one of the most fun games ever to me.

Definitely reccomended it.



J-Manix98 commented on Gold Mega Man amiibo Will Not Be Coming to Europe:

I consider this payback for you guys in Europe getting all the Club Nintendo favor. We in the US got very little for our participation, especially compared to what you guys got near the end of CN's life. (Soundtracks, Captain toad lamps, Mario kart trophies, goodbye coins, the list goes on)

So ha!



J-Manix98 commented on Video: Check Out Cloud Strife's Marvellous Sup...:


Nope! It's happening probably not for the next two years (FFVII 20th Anniversary), but it is happening!

As far as I know, the ps3 trailer was just a tech demo, to show off what the system was capable of back when it released in 2006. (Correct me if that date is wrong)



J-Manix98 commented on Final Fantasy's Cloud Is Set To Cause Some Str...:


No, the Ballot status was, as far as I understand, not made visible to the public. I think the way people have been gauging the popularity of certain characters, is by holding their own polls and asking people who voted, who they voted for.

That is 100% speculation though. I just remember seeing an unnoficial chart with a bunch of character stats and percentages on it, that was pretty extensive. And I never saw Cloud on there.

So I other words, take my words with a rather large grain of salt. Haha!

But I think you are right! We will most likely see a multitude of new fighters in next months Smash direct.



J-Manix98 commented on Final Fantasy's Cloud Is Set To Cause Some Str...:


I can't understand all of you people ranting about "sword weilders". Since when is a sword a bad thing?

Do want more Pokemon!? How about another "magic user" because by your logic, we have like 50 of them already. Not to mention the countless fist-fighters we already have, and gunners as well!

And seeing as literally NOBODY was expecting this, and Cloud was all but nowhere to be seen in the Ballot polls, I'd say that this was most certainly not just something to "please the fanboys".

I must admit, I'm rather excited! He looks like a really unique Fighter. And Cloud is a really neat character anyway.

(Contrary to popular belief, he is not just an emo-anime turd with spiky hair. People always see him for his Advent Children appearance, which is a much more emo portrayal of him. But in the game, he's actually a rather chipper dude all things considered.)



J-Manix98 commented on Final Fantasy's Cloud Is Set To Cause Some Str...:

I almost died when I saw that!! I am a HUGE FF fan, and am just about to beat FF VII for the first time, so this was so strangely well timed. Completely unexpected though! The last character I would have thought would make the cut! (No pun intended...)

Cloud is a neat character, and I am happy that they chose to go with his original in game costume, as well as his Advent Children costume! FFVII is definitely on my top favorite games list.



J-Manix98 commented on Random: Fire Emblem 0 Will Be Getting Some Car...:


Look dude, I'm not saying that the game is perfect. Okay? It has its flaws. I can totally agree that during the later portions of the game, your characters get really OP. But IMO, that's the fun part about Awakening. I Love the older FE games, and don't consider Awakening to be anything "better". It's just different, and I like it. getting to that godly power level is just something that has never been in an FE game before, and its fun! The DLC that was made available, REALLY leveled the playing field once your units got to those levels anyway, so it gave you something else to work at post game, and it required ALL of your units to be that level, not just Robin+Chrom.

And ummm... A chore at a casino? Don't you think that's a bit extreme?
Okay I get it, crit rate is slightly increased on enemy units.... That's the point of Lunatic. Making it harder, not just by adding more units, but by making those units more powerful/annoying!

I mean, in early game Lunatic, if you don't plan your moves right you will get killed regardless In 2 hits... So what do you do if someone crits you? You reset! That's how everyone plays FE, and always has. I mean, crit has been around since game 1 and has always been a threat, you could be winning and before you know it you are dead because of a crit. Nothing new, they just raised that chance a little bit in Lunatic. Hardly a "chore at a casino"!

But enough about awakening. You've made your point, and are entitled to your opinion, and I to mine.

But, "Paying €40 for a game and enjoying it how you like? The world is ending...(facepalm)". I never said anything like that. I don't give a monky fart how you spend your money, I was just saying that I think it's stupid, because story is only half or less of the game, and if you are playing through the game, dreading the battles (either because they are too hard, or too boring) then you would probably be happier with a a good TV show, or a book.

But, Please don't bad mouth Awakening for being " unbalanced" and then go on to defend Phoenix Mode and Nerfed difficulty to come in Fates. Lunatic Mode is just as much an option as Phoenix Mode is!

Let's just agree to disagree. I hope you have a great day!



J-Manix98 commented on Random: Fire Emblem 0 Will Be Getting Some Car...:


Yes, it is stupid. Paying $40. For a game, that you have zero intention of ACTULLY playing, just to "experience the story" is really dumb. The story is okay, bit that is only half if not, a third of the game! You can buy great fictional book for 5-10 dollars!

And no, Lunatic is NOT all down to randoms generators. The ONLY thing random about it is enemy criticals. Other than that, the enemies all attack you in according to where you move your units. Which is why it is NOT all up to "Dice Rolls",

So gripe all you want about how "unbalanced" it is.
It sounds to me, like someone had a hard time with the game and gave up in frustration, and instead of admitting that, is deciding to just call it "Unbalanced"... But don't worry, there's always Phoenix Mode for ya'!

And by the way, if you have the EXPonential Growth map unlocked, the game is only truly "Lunatic" for the first few levels. Once you gain access to level grinding things get easier.

I am done here.



J-Manix98 commented on Random: Fire Emblem 0 Will Be Getting Some Car...:


It took a great deal of thought to arrange certain units so that nobody got slaughtered on chapter 2 (I was stuck for days on that level) , and was very rewarding once completed.

Without weapons breaking, all I would have had to do is send Chrom and Fredrick out in the middle with an "indestructible Silver lance". And sweep everyone. But it was designed in such a way that if you had been over using your S lance up to this point (which is VERY easy to do), it made chapter 2 EXTREMELY difficult, if not impossible. And in order to not over use the S lance, you had to move your units ways that would take extra valuable turns to trade all the Iron/bronze weapons to Fredrick, which, if you weren't thinking ahead, was VERY hard to do effectively in chapter 2. Not to mention, that early on, everyone but Fred+Chrom is pathetic, and stands no chance if caught off gaurd on their own. So you have to worry about that too!

Weapon uses are extremely important in high level play, especially if you are a completionist and don't want any units to die.

And yes, I am very aware of Weapon triangle variations, and tbh this one really isn't that bad. Not a huge fan of double weaknesses, but they are balanced by double advantages so its really fine.

And as far as Phoenix Mode goes, as a FE veteran, you must admit that it is stupid as crap. Idc how "fair" it is, and I 100% realize that I am in no way required to utilize it, but that doesn't make it any less stupid. I mean, there is literally no point to playing the game if you play Phoenix Mode. You could literally just skip your turn and not move a single unit the whole battle and still win. This is made that much more possible with unlimited Weapon uses!

Again, I understand I do not have to use it, but I cannot help but make fun of how stupid it is.



J-Manix98 commented on Random: Fire Emblem 0 Will Be Getting Some Car...:


Hey its nothing personal, we're just laughing at the fact that they saw a "Phoenix Mode" necessary at all! I mean, if you are playing FE on Phoenix Mode, you might as well just play a dating simulater at this point. I mean, the battles are completely pointless at this point, in order for it to make any actual sense, you would have to literally suck SO bad, that you manage to get completely swept in one turn on easy Mode! Casual mode made a lot of sense, and I can totally respect not wanting to deal with perma death, but immortality?

And weapons breaking was one of the hardest aspect of Lunatic mode in Awakening, if you didn't budget you weapon uses wisely, the game was literally impossible to beat early on. Not anymore! Weapons breaking was a huge part of the strategy in the early levels of Lunatic, but now that challenge is gone.

And I was merely misinformed on the triangle thing, I looked it up and its not as big a deal. But it does add multiple weaknesses to weapons, which again, is making things easier then they need to be.

And then gay marriage seemed unnecasarry IMO, but whatever. Again they did it for shippers.

All in all, though yes I do realize that I do not have to use any features I'm unhappy with (except weapon uses) but we were just making fun of the stupidity of Phoenix mode.

Have a good one.



J-Manix98 commented on Random: Fire Emblem 0 Will Be Getting Some Car...:


Dude, I know its obnoxious. You can tell the developers really buckled under the pressure of the begginers, and people who just want to play for character shipping. I hope they bring back the triangle in future titles. Anyhoo, I'm probably gonna get this game used.

Phoenix Mode though? Was that REALLY necessary?? Ugh!



J-Manix98 commented on Weirdness: Miyamoto Wanted A Murder-Free Golde...:

I kinda liked the end reel, showing that all the characters were really only actors. It gave the game a certain charm. But holy cow, it would've been dumb if he had shaken hands with all his fallen adversaries afterward...

But hey, that's why if I wanna play a good shooter, I boot up good ol' steam, and get my Borderlands on! I do love GoldenEye though... Really awesome game!



J-Manix98 commented on Eiji Aonuma is Aiming For an Open World "Surpr...:

"In this game, we've decided to implement the technology of the Wii Balance board, to move Link across such great distances. So instead of merely 'controlling' Link, its more like you actually ARE Link! There are still a few bugs, but we think this will get kids imaginations running, and get them running too! We hope you enjoy this as much as we have been."


...just saying



J-Manix98 commented on Poll: The Tricky Issue of Retail Games as Down...:

I never buy downloadable versions of retail games of I can help it. I like having a tangible, physical item in my hands.

One of the biggest cons IMO, is that you can't let a friend/sibling borrow a download. But there are so many more...



J-Manix98 commented on There's a Free Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate 3DS H...:

Nah, NA has had like 2 free MH4U themes. I would still like to get my hands on an AOT:Humanity in chains theme. No interest In the game, but the theme is cool!
(If anyone has an AOT theme they don't want, gimme a shout!)



J-Manix98 commented on Nintendo Marks Back To The Future's 30th By Re...:

Ha-ha! I had no idea that was Elijah Wood, how funny! I've only ever seen the first BTTF, but I am planning on watching them all soon! Really love that movie. And I'll probably have to download Wild Gunman for the occasion



J-Manix98 commented on XSEED VP Talks About the Future of the Rune Fa...:

I have only ever played the 1st Rune Factory, for the DS. I used to play the CRAP out of Harvest moon when I was younger, so when I heard that there was a harvest Moon with swords and monsters.... I was all in! Great game to. Now I need to get a copy of 4, haha...



J-Manix98 commented on Sources Suggest Nintendo NX Is A Fusion Of Hom...:


Dude, wish you the best of luck. The idea of a FFVII Limited/collectors edition PS4 system bundle is literally the only thing holding me back from buying one. I know its a long way off, but it'll be worth it methinks. That is, if it even happens. It's killing me too! I have been wanting to play The Witcher 3 so bad!



J-Manix98 commented on Nintendo Allows Players To Blacklist Troublema...:


Well we are just far enough off the road for Comcast not to throw in a free installation of the new cables. They usually don't charge for that when you buy a plan, but since we are more than 500 feet away from the road they want us to pay an extra $1,000+. It's a total rip off. I might have paraphrased the exact details a bit, but that's the gist of it.

In other words, I can sympathize with you man. That's why I'm on a retro gaming spree right now! Lol! (FFVII, Fire Emblem, Chrono Trigger, LInk to the past, all that good stuff.)