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Caryslan commented on Nintendo 2DS Drops To $99 In North America:

@rjejr Personally, I prefer the form of the 2DS over the other models of the 3DS. Its the most comfortable handheld I have played since the PSP. It fits in my hands perfectly, and I think its a great little system.

As for no 3D, I don't care about that feature either way. I can't see the 3D anyway due to my eyes, and it hurts to play games in 3D. As for mono sound, the simple solution for me is to plug in a pair of headphones.

My point is this, I can understand if people don't like the 2DS because it lacks certain features compared to other models. For me personally, 99 bucks is a hard price to beat especially when it comes bundled with a game like Mario Kart 7 or Pokemon.

I wanted a no-frills replacement for my old launch 3DS, and I have never regretted getting a 2DS. In fact, I love it even more then I did my old 3DS.

I could get a New Nintendo 3DS XL, but I don't see a point. About the only feature I care about is the C-stick, and that's because I play lots of Smash Bros.

But otherwise, I love my 2DS.



Caryslan commented on Exclusive: MercurySteam Has Been Working On A ...:

@WhiteTrashGuy You know what my biggest problem with Mirror of Fate was? The fact that it was not a 3-D Action game. The 3DS could have handled it, and it would have given the system a nice showcase title in a genre that it is still lacking games in.

3-D action games could have worked on a system with the 3DS' power. The PSP got two awesome God of War games, and its hardware is comparable to the 3DS.

Mirror of Fate was decent, but it felt really bland compared to LOS I or the other Castlevania games.



Caryslan commented on Exclusive: MercurySteam Has Been Working On A ...:

@bitleman Lords of Shadows 1 is the best selling Castlevania game in the entire series. It outsold the old-school entries, the Metroidvanias(including SOTN), and the other attempts at 3D games.

Don't believe me? Here's some links

People can rag on the game all they want, but LOS I is not only the most successful entry of the series in terms of sales, but it was the first 3D Castlevania to get it right.

The 64 games failed to do so, and Curse of Darkness was a mess. Lament of Innocence came close, but still has some issues.

As for why LOS 2 failed, I think the answer is simple. Mercury Stream wanted to move on from the series, Konami stopped giving a damn about anything video game related and did not bother helping with the development, it was stuck in development hell for so long interest in the sequel dried up with most fans that did enjoy LOS, and it had some horrible game play decisions that killed the game(why are sneaking levels in a Castlevania game? Especially the own where you play as Dracula?)

But Lords of Shadows I, I loved that game. Its pretty much in the top three in my opinion, with only SOTN and Rondo of Blood surpassing it.

Personally, I will never get the hate or the people that claim its not Castlevania. I understand it plays like God of War, but the PS2 3D Castlevania games played like Devil May Cry. Not to mention, Lords of Shadows brought back elements like a Belmont as a main character, sub weapons, a whip-like main weapons, and some awesome areas that just screamed Castlevania.

Plus, Gabirel Belmont is the most interesting main character in the series besides Alucard. For a series that quite frankly has pretty by the numbers writing, Lords of Shadows did a good job.



Caryslan commented on A Resident Evil 2 Remake Has Been Confirmed:

@Einherjar So, Monster Hunter IV and Street Fighter V don't exist? Because those games look like some serious effort to make.

I understand its popular to hate on Capcom and I agree they have made some boneheaded decisions, but they can still put out some amazing games.

Which is more then could be said for Konami or Sega.



Caryslan commented on Enter a Crazy Code to Unlock a New Character i...:

@rjejr I don't understand why people think the 2DS was this horrible idea that Nintendo paid the price for. When it came out, it helped spike hardware sales at places like Gamestop because many stores can sell the system as low as 99 bucks which gets people interested who might not buy a 3DS otherwise. During the 2013 holiday season, the 2DS sold 2.1 million units! How is that a mistake?

It helps that the 2DS has often gotten some of the best bundles out of all the 3DS models, with a Pokemon X & Y, Yoshi's New Island, and Mario Kart 7 all being bundled with the system at some point in its lifespan.

Let me put it this way, the 2DS created a market for budget minded gamers who want to play Nintendo 3DS games, but don't want to pay 150 or 200 bucks for the higher end models

As for why it never went to Japan, the answer is simple. Japan was already getting the New 3DS when the 2DS launched in the West, and handheld systems are considered main platforms over there, while in the US handhelds are often viewed as secondary systems.

Hence, why a budget model makes more sense here.

Let me put it this way, I'm the proud owner of a 2DS when I replaced my old launch 3DS. I have never seen any reason to go to another model, and other people I know only own a 2DS because it was cheap and could play all the games on the 3DS.

Not everyone wants a XL model that costs 200 bucks.



Caryslan commented on Movie Review: Pixels Proves Once Again That Vi...:

@Dakt I can understand your point, since I grew up in the 90s
To me, the arcade means Street Fighter II, Daytona USA, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Gauntlet Legends, Final Fight, Konami's licensed games like Simpsons and X-men, the VS games from Capcom, and Virtua Fighter.

Its almost like these movie producers seem to think that arcades only existed in the early 80s and anything beyond that is not worth putting into a movie like this.

Wreck-it-Ralph got it right with their cameos. They included characters from more eras then the early 80s, and even tossed in a few suprises like Neff from Altered Beast.

Which was a very popular arcade game during the mid 80's.

I know Pac-Man, Galaga, and Donkey Kong are cool and all, and I'm not disputing their success.

But it would be nice to see the 90's era arcade get some nods once in a while. Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat, Daytona USA are some of the most successful arcade games of that time.

My parents remember the 80's golden age at the arcades while I remember the 90's golden age that Street Fighter II jumpstarted.



Caryslan commented on Nintendo Is Licensing Hudson Soft IP From Konami:

@retro_player_22 I doubt Konami will sell off their video game IPs unless the company either goes under or they start losing money on them.

I would have to assume that Konami gets a cut of the profits from this game. Which means they get rewarded without having to lift a single finger. Nintendo does all the heavy lifting while Konami sits back and waits for the check to come in the mail.

But I think the main reason why Konami won't sell their IPs off is due to the value their brands still have,namely the older entires in these series.

Konami can still make money off of Castlevania,Contra, Adventure Island, and other IPs without having to make new games in those IPs by simply putting them back up on networks every so often.

And while I am grateful Nintendo stepped in to revive some of these IPs, I fear that it will make Konami even less unwilling to sell off their gaming franchises. Why sell Castlevania or Bomberman when you can just wait for another company to show up at our door who is willing to do the work while you still get a cut of the money?

And still have full control of the franchises to boot.



Caryslan commented on Eager Fans Have Broken Down Fighter Changes in...:

@Xamorus I kinda feel for anyone who plays Samus, because she honestly has no shot, regardless of how good the player is.

Let me put it this way, I once played a really good Samus player online in For Glory with Ike in the early days of Smash 4. The Samus player outplayed me with better stage control, better reads, and just being the better player.

But I won with Ike because of the simply fact that he could just tank her attacks and keep on going. Time and time again, I was hit by Smashes, Aerials, Charge Shots, and Super Missiles, and nothing this Samus player fired or tried would take a stock off.

Meanwhile, Ike was able to take advantage of Rage, and I wore this Samus player down, simply by virtue of taking her best shots while not being able to finish me off.

Let me put it this way, Samus' killing power is pathetic, and is just as bad as it was in Brawl. If she could just get improvements to her KO power, she could be a mid-tier character at the very least.

She has all the other tools she needs. Her damage racking game is very good, her mobility is great, she has good recovery options and weight, and boast great stage control.

The only thing she's lacking is KO power, and it holds her back.



Caryslan commented on Talking Point: Wii U Gamers Have Been Treated ...:

@Squiggle55 I would not hold out any hope. The issue with third-party support has been going on since the Nintendo 64, and each time, Nintendo promises that they will fix it, and then by the middle of the next generation, their console is in the middle of a drought.

In general, the cycle will keep going. Nintendo will show off a new console and a bunch of major third-party games will be out at launch as third-party publishers test the waters. For the first year, the new Nintendo console will get decent third-party support, until eventually, third parties realize Nintendo's console has no potential and they leave for the greener pastures of the PC, Playstation, and Xbox.

Now, to be fair, the Gamecube kinda broke the trend by getting decent third-party support over its lifespan. But it still paled in comparison to what the PS2 and even Xbox were getting.

As for the Wii, I'm sure someone is going to point out the Wii's great number of third-party games. Which sounds great on paper until you realize most of the third-party titles on the Wii U were garbage mini game collections, or cheap knockoffs of Wii Sports or Wii Fit.

Every popular system has its share of bad games, but the Wii had the worst garbage game to good game ratio of any popular system ever made. Let me put it this way, for every Mario Galaxy, there were about three or four crap games like Gingerbread Ninja or M & Ms racing.



Caryslan commented on Super Smash Bros. Battles Its Way Into US Top ...:

@megamanlink Something I want to point out is that unless the 9 million for Advanced Warfare and Smash's sales are from 2015, then they don't count on this chart.

Regardless of lifetime sales of both games, this top 10 only covers the first half of 2015, which means any sales before that(in 2014 or in the case of Minecraft 2013) don't count.

So far in 2015, Mortal Kombat X and Battlefield Hardline have outsold Smash and Advanced Warfare. Now, those two games are likely behind in lifetime numbers, but nothing outside of sales in the first half of 2015 factors into the numbers on that chart.

If lifetime numbers were a factor, Minecraft would likely be in the #1 spot given its enduring popularity.



Caryslan commented on Super Smash Bros. Battles Its Way Into US Top ...:

Wow, Mortal Kombat seems to be more popular now then it was a decade ago. To think MKX would take the top spot on the charts in 2015 and the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions are not even out yet! Mortal Kombat has not looked so strong since the 90's.

Battlefield Hardline was another surprise. Looks like EA made the right choice by not having Hardline compete with Advance Warfare last fall. I'm happy Hardline is doing well, its a pretty cool game.

Still, I'm shocked only Smash made it on the list for Nintendo's systems. Did the Pokemon games not sell enough? Because they are generally strong sellers well into the first half of the next year.



Caryslan commented on Industry Analysts Speculate On Nintendo's Futu...:

@allav866 You could make a TV show work, especially if it is based on a series like Fire Emblem that has a pretty deep storyline and the characters to choose from.

I mean, look at Pokemon. That show had endured for almost 20 years and is showing no signs of being canceled anytime soon. Kirby also had a very successful anime that lasted a few years.

As for movies, Pokemon puts out a new movie pretty much every year.

Nintendo's IPs can work in other mediums, and I personally think Nintendo should take advantage of TV shows, animated movies, and things like Manga.

The wonderful thing for Nintendo is that due to the rise of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, they could make say, a Fire Emblem anime without ever having to win over a tradtional network. The other key advantage is that it gets their brands out there to consumers who might never see them otherwise.



Caryslan commented on Exclusive: Project CARS "Simply Too Much For W...:

@Ouch You're joking right? This is a joke post, right?

Because its like saying just make Tekken 7 a 2D fighter, nobody would notice.

You're going from a racer that is trying to be a realistic racing sim like Forza and Gran Trusimo to something like Super Off- Road.

Not only do they play nothing alike, they only thing they share is a genre.



Caryslan commented on Exclusive: Project CARS "Simply Too Much For W...:

Because unless I'm wrong, the two most note worthy things over the past week in gaming was Iwata's death and Evo 2015.

I buy systems from all of the big three, and they all have their issues that bother me. A consumer has every right to voice their displeasure if they think a company is going in the wrong direction or they don't agree with something a company does.

I'm a loyal Dr. Pepper drinker, but if they decided to change the formula to something that suddenly sucked, I would have every right to complain about it and voice my opinion. Because my feeling is that after years of spending money on a product, I have a right to question them if they suddenly screw with something that I like.

Nintendo is a good company, but they are not perfect. They make mistakes, and they should be called out on them, the same as any other company. It also ties into the fact that I remember the NES and SNES. I remember when Nintendo was the standard of gaming that had third-parties lining up at their door to make games for them! That's why I've sometimes been harsh on Nintendo. To be blunt, I want another SNES and NES.

You think anything I've ever said against Nintendo is bad? Its a good thing I don't get a chance to unload on Sega, much on this site because they would be the ones who would get the worst venom.

And I was a Sega fanboy back in the day.



Caryslan commented on Negative Reception For Devil's Third Is Due To...:

@JaniN83 My guess is since more people owned PS2s then Gamecubes or Xboxes, its easier for many people to understand the comparsion.

Kinda like how retro-style indie games are compared to the NES, even if they showcase graphics that are beyond what the NES could do. You're unlikely to see a review or news story compare an indie retro style game to what was on the Sega Master System or the Atari 7800.

I think its the same thing for the PS2. Because of its popularity during the sixth generation, its the standard for its generation.



Caryslan commented on Tomonobu Itagaki Explains Why the Pro Controll...:

Well, I always tend to use the Pro Controller over the Gamepad in games that allow me the option. Not only is the Pro Controller more comfortable in my hands for fighting games like Smash Bros, Injustice, and Tekken Tag 2 , its a much lighter controller to hold.

The Gamepad tends to cramp my hands, and due to its weight, my hands start to get tired after about an hour of using it, especially for games like Mario Kart and Smash Bros.

Some fans may hate me for saying this, but if I'm ever given the choice, I always opt to the Pro Controller. As I said before, fighting games play better on it, action games like Ninja Gaiden 3, the Batman games, and Assassin's Creed play better with a pro controller. Platformers like Super Mario 3D World, New Super Mario Bros U, and DKC: Tropical Freeze play better with the pro controller. FPS games like Call of Duty Black Ops II and Ghosts play better with a pro controller. Hell,other games like Wind Waker HD and Mario Kart 8 play better with a pro controller.

Mileage varies for person to person, but I think the Pro Controller is the best control scheme on the Wii U, and I'm grateful Nintendo is not shoehorning people into using the Gamepad like they forced the Wiimote down people's throats with the Wii.

Does the Gamepad have its uses? Well, Captain Toad is a great example of the Gamepad's potental being showcased. But its one game, and it says something when even Nintendo tends to be at a loss over how to use the Gamepad.

Plus, one other thing. The Pro Controller gets 80 hours on a single charge! Nothing can beat that!



Caryslan commented on Tributes and an Outpouring of Respect Are Shar...:

@NintyMan I gotta say this, regardless of how people feel about his roster choices or how Smash 4 does not play like Melee, one thing is clear from these tweets and what we have seen in the past.

And that is Sakurai's insane work ethic. He could have taken time off to grieve, we the gamers would have understood. But he came into work because he wants to make us happy and its likely the best way he can honor Mr. Iwata.

I hope everyone keeps that in mind. We might not like the direction a company or creator takes with a project, but they are human and they often strive to do nothing more then make other people happy with their creations.

We might not have agreed with everything Iwata did, but one thing is certain. He wanted nothing more then to make people happy with the products Nintendo sold.

I know he will likely never read the comment of a random guy in Texas, but I'll say this. Thank you Sakurai for all your hard work!



Caryslan commented on Tributes and an Outpouring of Respect Are Shar...:

@DEAD In a way, seeing this puts a smile on my face. I grew up during the 16-bit wars where things were far from civil and I'm happy to see that not only do these companies congratulate each other for their successes, they can come together and support each other in the worst of times.

In many cases, its often the fanboys who are at each others throats over a brand name.

Over the past generation, the big three have been pretty civil to each other. At the end of the day, having all three companies strong does nothing but help the gaming business continue to grow and mature.

I'm just so happy to see so many tweets come out to honor Iwata. Regardless of anyone's stance on the Wii U or Nintendo's recent struggles, the fact is, he made millions of people happy with the Wii, DS, 3DS, and Wii U.

And in the case of the Wii and DS, he helped bring tons of new gamers into the mix, many of whom had never held a controller before but fell in love with games like Wii Sports.



Caryslan commented on Tributes and an Outpouring of Respect Are Shar...:

@ottospooky Just no.... This is not the place for comments like this. If you have issues with Sony and the Playstation brand, there are other forums where we can debate who came up with what ideas and which system can render the most polygons.

Would we chew out a Nintendo tweet if they honored someone at Sony who died?

At the end of the day, Iwata's death is a major blow to gaming as a whole. Regardless of your stance on the whole system wars, the fact is, Iwata contributed to making millions of people happy and pushing gaming in new directions, just as Atari, Sega, Sony, and Microsoft have.

This is not the time, nor the place for debates or even comments like this.

Sony did a classy move in my opinion putting out a tweet to honor Iwata. Why can't we leave it at that without going into fanboy wars?



Caryslan commented on Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Passes Away Ag...:

@yuwarite A 13 year old, while still a child should have enough common sense to realize that you don't insult the dead or the people that are paying their respects.

Are kids from his generation really that rude and insentive? He's not a toddler or small child, there's no excuse for that kind of behavior on a site like this!



Caryslan commented on Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Passes Away Ag...:

@Ninstarkof If you don't care about this and having nothing positive to say, then why are you commenting on this story?

You're right, more then likely, all of us never knew Iwata on a personal level. But you know what we do know? That the man spent his time and his career helping make products that made millions of people happy! That is the legacy he left in this world and that's why so many people are upset over his death.

How many people knew Steve Jobs or Micheal Jackson on a personal level? How many people know famous people, be they leaders, athletes, entertainers, businessmen, or authors on a personal level? But yet we are upset when they pass on because they left a legacy and an impact on the lives of people.

More then likely, many people never met Leonard Nimoy in person. But his death upset people, because we remember him entertaining people when he played Spock and the other various roles he did over the years.

Its called being respectful to the dead. Calling people stupid because they are upset that someone passed on that had an impact on their life is insulting.

I own several Wiis, a Wii U, a 2DS, several DSes, and have played Kirby games from when he led Hal. My life had some impact from the things he did, just as someone who bought an iphone or Mac felt a need to honor Steve Jobs when he passed on.

Its not stupid, its called respect. If he's just a "Man" to you, then go comment somewhere else. This is a comment section for a story where a man important to not only Nintendo's history, but the video game industry as a whole passed on.

I'm not just asking you, but everyone. Please, refrain from any rude comments or insults.



Caryslan commented on Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Passes Away Ag...:

@Mona-Reggie No, not really. I never wanted him or any of Nintendo's senior staff fired, I just wanted to see a more Modern Nintendo that is competitive with Sony and Microsoft and was closer to their glory days with the NES and SNES.

This is the worst possible outcome for Nintendo. Iwata passing away without even having a chance to name a successor is not a good thing, especially when Nintendo is having serious issues that they have to deal with.

Now, Nintendo's future is even more uncertain.

But if you think I ever hoped he would be fired, my answer is no. I think the man did a good job. For all the flak people(myself included) gave him over the Wii U, he did guide the Wii and DS to great success.

No, I am sad that he's passed on. Regardless of my personal feelings towards his decisions running Nintendo, he was still a man with a family, friends, and co-workers who deeply cared him. That's not even going into the millions of fans that he brought joy to over the years since he was in charge of Hal.

This is horrible news for everyone involved.



Caryslan commented on Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Passes Away Ag...:

Regardless of my personal feelings over Nintendo at E3, I will say that this is sad and very unfortunate news. What bothers me is where Nintendo goes now.

Iwata was handpicked to lead Nintendo by Hiroshi Yamauchi when he retired. We as fans can debate all we want the direction he took Nintendo, but one thing is for certain. He cared deeply for Nintendo and its future.

I've had my issues with Nintendo over the past few years, but I bought their systems and their games. Iwata for his part, kept me buying Nintendo's hardware, and even with all my issues, kept me as a fan. I can never put myself into his shoes or understand the pressure that he endured.

But I will say that my thoughts go out to his family, his friends, the people he worked with, and Nintendo itself.

He was a great man, and he helped keep up the legacy of Nintendo being an entertaining brand for millions of people.

I'll be honest here, I'm.... Just bothered by this..... It's just so damn sudden....

Hell, he kept on working, never took time off! Who would have thought something was wrong.

Rest in Peace Mr. Iwata, and while I will never know him or his family, they will remain in my thoughts and prayers.



Caryslan commented on Nintendo of America Confirms Plans to Bring De...:

@JaniN83 Outside of maybe the sales argument(and there's no gurantee that this game will sell even decently on the Wii U), how would this game be a "waste" on other platforms?

Games can be great regardless of what platform they are on, hardware often has little to do with the quality of a game.



Caryslan commented on Devil's Third Will Be Released In North Americ...:

@MikeW I fear this is going to have a major impact on Nintendo as well in the sense that if Devil's Third does end up selling poorly, you now have given Tomonobu Itagaki all the ammunition he needs to blame Nintendo for "screwing" him over.

And to be honest, he has a fair point. He can simply point out that Nintendo agreed to publish his game in all regions, and he, working in good faith believed Nintendo would do their part to uphold their end of the deal. But now, due to NOA backing out, it will likely create a ripple effect that will hurt the game's sales in other regions. If I'm hearing NOA is refusing to even touch this game, then why would I buy it even if I live in Europe or Japan?

I hate to say this, but NOA may have screwed up here. Regardless of the quality of Devli's Third, they should have upheld their end of the deal and published it. Standing on a soapbox now only hurts them now, since Itagaki will now blame all the issues with the game not selling on Nintendo.

He's very well known for being outspoken and confrontational. In a time where Nintendo is trying to court third-parties for the NX, do they really need someone like Tomonobu Itagaki telling the world how Nintendo screwed him over?

Even if NOA is in the right here, Itagaki can simply twist things in his favor, telling the world how Nintendo backed out of a publishing deal, refused to help his studio develop the game, etc.



Caryslan commented on Devil's Third Will Be Released In North Americ...:

You know what will be really funny? If this game comes out and ends up getting good review scores(at least a 7.0) and NOA looks like a fool for not bringing this game over.

Which again, would prove how out of touch NOA really is. Maybe this is a quality issue, but lets not forget that NOA is the same company that made the bone-headed decision to not give Xenoblade or The Last Story a shot until the uproar from fans forced them to change their mind. And then their amazing solution was to put Xenoblade out on a very limited release and give up the NA rights to The Last Story to another company.

I don't trust NOA's decision making at this point. Even more so then the rest of Nintendo, NOA has made numerous blunders over the past several years.



Caryslan commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Strategy Needs to be Glo...:

One of the things Nintendo should do is buy or create more western Development studios and let them do their thing. Put people in charge who understand the Western markets, and have them do games that cater to the tastes of western gamers.

Of course, Nintendo would still be around to offer advice and judge a game's quality, but they would not get involved any more then that.

For the older gamers on this site, I will point out that Rare used to be this for Nintendo. Rare did the games like Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Conker's Bad Fur Day, and other titles, that Nintendo would never develop on their own. What was Nintendo's reward? The N64 was a popular system in the west.

Have a development studio that is Nintendo owned, and Nintendo branded that does western RPGs, FPS games, those kinda games. Retro would be a good place to start. Take Retro of Donkey Kong and Metroid duty, and let them work their magic on an orginal IP that is catered to western gamers.

Nintendo does not have a Rare anymore. They don't have a secondary company that makes the types of games that they themselves won't make. Rare helped the N64 be a successful system. Maybe Nintendo should remember that lesson, and realize that having western developers under their control making games for western consumers will only help them out.



Caryslan commented on Nintendo Download: 9th July (North America):

@Superryanworld Yeah, once again Sega beats Nintendo at their own game when it comes to the Virtual Console.

Let's see, Sega was the first one to fully translate a Japanese-only release for international VC consumers(Monster World IV), brought out two Wii Virtual Console games with online play, and now have kept alive the 3D classics line Nintendo let die.

Sega has tons of issues, but when it comes to getting their backlog out, they have made Nintendo look bad. All I see from Nintendo is excuses about the VC. They don't have a big enough team to port VC games, doing anything with VC would take away from their other projects.

If Nintendo does not care about the Virtual Console, then kill it. Then I won't have to waste time every week hoping Star Tropics finally makes it out.

What boggles my mind is how Nintendo just lets their single greatest advantage over Sony and Microsoft slip away, which is the massive backlog of games spanning generations. They treat the VC like its an afterthought.

How hard is it to have a VC team that goes out an gets old licensed games for the VC, translates the classics we never got like the older Fire Emblem games, work closely with third-parties to get their games on the VC.

Why does Nintendo not run VC game sales? I mean real ones, not the rare "we took a buck of Super Mario Bros" type sales.

I'm sorry, but this is just pathetic. What happened to the VC? Why does Nintendo not care about it anymore?



Caryslan commented on Nintendo Download: 9th July (North America):

Its been about 4 months since the 3DS got a new Virtual Console game, while the Wii U has gotten two new platforms added(three if we count the Wii) and at least a new VC game every week.

Honestly, this is even worse then the VC drought the Wii suffered a few years ago. The NES, Game Boy, and Game Boy Color have hundreds of games that could potentially arrive on the 3DS VC and yet week after week, the 3DS gets screwed over.

Can anyone at Nintendo explain why we did not get Earthbound Zero? How about putting a team on translating the first Fire Emblem for the Famicom? How about finally adding SNES and GBA games to the 3DS?

There is no excuse for the recent drought of VC games on the 3DS. If the issue is that Nintendo has already put up all the games that they published on those platforms( which is not true given some Nintendo published NES and Game Boy games are missing) then get third-parties back on board.

Come on Nintendo, do something!



Caryslan commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (...:

I rank OOT in the same category as Final Fantasy VII in the sense that while they were major trailblazers in terms of moving their genre forward and in moving their respective franchises into 3D, they have aged poorly, especially in the sense that other games have built on their foundations and vastly improved on them.

Not to say Ocarina of Time is a bad game by modern standards, it holds up well. It just that everything that made it so innovative and special back in 1998 is standard not only in other modern games, but every 3D Zelda that followed it.

The other issue that hurts this VC release is the fact that it got an awesome remake on the 3DS that blows the Nintendo 64 out of the water in terms of controls, gameplay, graphics, and content.

If you don't own a 3DS, then the Wii U virtual console version may be worth the money. But why buy this if you have a 3DS? OOT 3D is the superior version.



Caryslan commented on ​Fire Emblem Fates Birthright Edition Is The...:

I love Fire Emblem, but I'm not sure I like the direction the series is taking with Fates. Namely, the fact that there are two separate versions, each with their own storyline, and you have to pay for at least two of the storyline.

Sacred Stones did branching paths, and I never had to pay money or I would be locked out of Ephraim's path. Eirika and Ephraim had different maps, different characters to recruit, and a reason to play separate paths.

I know people are going to point out how Fates is doing it differently, but its the same basic concept in the end. Lock the player onto a path once they make their choice.

I know some people are going to bash me as a hater, but I love the Fire Emblem games. I would have loved to have seen this where all three kingdoms are in a single game, and the player is locked on a path on a save file until they beat the game.

I'm not sure if I feel good paying 40 bucks for an incomplete game. If all three storylines are linked, and required to fully understand the game, then I'm not sure I like having to choose one version, only to pay for another version later.

Just my two cents on the issue. I would have preferred if Fates was a single game, with all three paths open to the player on one game card.

I'm just not sure if I'll get this game. Maybe if they do a special edition that offers all three paths, I might get it. Because right now, I'm not even sure which version I would want.



Caryslan commented on Smash Fighters Settling it at Evo in Big Numbers:

@KO-Cub Unless I'm wrong, major tournaments like Evo don't allow DLC characters that have been untested. In other words, they have to make sure a DLC character does not break the game, aren't overpowered in comparison to the core roster, and ensure there are not any glitches that can crash the game or make it unfair for the players.

Mewtwo had enough time to be tested, and because they found nothing about him that could make him unfair, he's allowed.

Its not that there is not anything wrong with Ryu, Roy or Lucas, I think the issue is because of how close to Evo they came out, there simply is not enough time to test them to ensure they are fairly balanced compared to the roster and there aren't any glitches that can crash a setup.

If I recall, Mortal Kombat 9 had several DLC characters who were not allowed at an Evo because of how closely they were released to the event.



Caryslan commented on ​Shigeru Miyamoto Defends Star Fox Zero's Co...:

@Wii-1 What are you talking about? Many of the best games ever made have pick up and play style controls. The depth in those games did not come from forcing the player to use some weird or complicated control scheme, but from the depth of the gameplay itself.

Let me use Virtua Fighter as an example. Virtua Fighter 1, 2, 4, and 5 all have a three button control scheme which is a Punch, a Kick, and a Guard Button. A player walking up to play Virtua Fighter can quickly figure out the basic controls of the game.

But here's the kicker, Virtua Fighter with only three buttons(4 in VF3) is widely considered the deepest fighting game series ever made. The depth comes not from forcing the player to master an complicated control scheme, but from the button combinations that lead to various moves.

As for your Mario Kart example, something to keep in mind is that no Mario Kart has ever had a complicated control scheme. In general, Mario Kart has an accelerate, a brake, a button for going into slides(not sure what to call it) and the control pad or analog stick for controlling the Kart.

What you are talking about is not depth in terms of mastering a complicated control scheme, but mastering the gamer mechanics themselves. Most people can pick up and play Mario Kart in minutes. The challenge is mastering the gameplay mechanics for the Karts and knowing the courses themselves.

Again, like the VF example. Mario Kart offers a simple control scheme, but tons of depths in its gameplay.

Pick up and play games have always existed. As I said before some of your best games have easy to pick up control schemes, but deep gameplay.



Caryslan commented on ​Shigeru Miyamoto Defends Star Fox Zero's Co...:

Feel free to call me lazy if you want, but my opinion on control schemes is simple. The less buttons and craziness you have to fight to play a game, the better. A control scheme in my opinion should be easy to understand within five minutes of playing a game, and should feel natural to the player.

Were Wii Sports and Super Mario Bros enjoyable because they had simple, easy to understand control schemes? You don't have to go nuts with dual screens, motion controls, gyroscope support, and other things to have a deep game.

Virtua Fighter is considered the deepest fighting game series on the market, and it relies on a three button scheme(4 in Virtua Fighter 3). Its entire depth is based around how those buttons are used. Look at Smash Bros, again it uses a simple control scheme.

I don't agree with this mindset. Games with complicated controls are a turn-off for me, and I have walked away from or traded off games that were harder to play then they should be.

That's the main reason why I don't play games on the PC outside of Simcity 3000 or Simtower. When you have 20 buttons all over the keyboard, and then mouse buttons that are needed to control a game, then I'm not interested in playing, especially when console versions of the same games offer simpler controls.

As I said before, feel free to call me lazy or afraid of change. But I think no game should have a player fight with the controls to enjoy it. Why should I take days to master this new Star Fox's control scheme when I could understand the control scheme of the SNES Star Fox and Star Fox 64 in about 5 minutes?

Why fix something that is not broken?



Caryslan commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Tackles Metroid Prime: Federa...:

@jakysnakydx If Reggie is nothing more then a figurehead, then that explains alot of Nintendo's issues right now. Back in the 80s and 90s, NOA was able to make its own decisions in regards to how the NES was marketed in the US, and what games made it over here.

Hiroshi Yamauchi of course always had the final word, but NOA was allowed to operate as it saw fit.

Little know fact that I'm sure many people on here may not know. It was Howard Lincoln and Minoru Arakawa were the ones who got the exclusive rights to Tetris on the Game Boy and NES. It was Nintendo of America who managed to get the Game Boy's killer app and deal that gave Nintendo the rights to Tetris.

At one point, NOA had alot more freedom in how they operated. Maybe that's some of the issue now. NOJ is calling the shots and I'm not sure they understand the Western Markets.

Sega had a problem around the time of the Saturn's launch, where Sega of Japan took a much more hands on role in running Sega of America, and it backfired horribly because Sega of Japan never understood the differences between the regions. Namely, the fact that cutting back support on the Genesis/Megadrive in the west was a bad idea, since the platform was still very popular in NA and Europe(for those who are wondering, the Megadrive was never very popular in Japan)

Because of Sega of Japan's desire to be more hands on, they gave the 16-bit market to Nintendo, and lost many of the employees of Sega who had made the Genesis such a success in NA.

I hate to say this, but I'm seeing the same thing out of Nintendo that I saw out of Sega. A Japanese parent company who wants to be more hands on while not understanding the differences between regions and the tastes of gamers that tend to differ in each region.



Caryslan commented on Tablets Stole The Wii U's Thunder, Laments Shi...:

@Project_Dolphin Here's the thing, the Playstation is marketed to everyone who has a passing interest in video games or media. That's how it has always been.

Look at your PS3 section at a video game store next time you are there. If the store has a good selection, then you will see a wide array of games that appeal to different tastes in gaming. Want an anime style JRPG? How about a Fighting game? Racing games up your alley? Want to play an action game? Is there a sports game that you want to play? Are you a fan of anime like Dragon Ball or Naruto who wants to play games based on those IPs?

Then the Playstation has you covered. Hell, at this point, the Xbox has you covered as well!

The Playstation and Xbox are designed to appeal to the mass audience by not only playing a wide array for games, but offering the ability to play disc-based movies(DVDs and Blu-Rays), download movies and TV shows from online stores, and having apps that not only include Netflix and Hulu, but have expanded to things like NFL Sunday Ticket.

As much as people want to paint the Playstation and Xbox as dude bro Call of Duty boxes that thrive on nothing but mature games soaked in blood, gore, and nudity the reality is that Sony and Microsoft have figured out how to make their consoles have mass market appeal.

Here's the thing, Sony and Microsoft have figured out how to appeal to virtually any audience with their systems. Nintendo on the other hand, has not figured it out yet. Look at the games on offer for the Wii U. There is much less variety and fewer features on the Wii U then on the other two platforms.

And this ties into my previous post. Nintendo systems are going to get ignored by all but the most hardcore of fanboys as long as they keep putting out systems that offer fewer features and have fewer games, which in turn, limits variety on their systems.



Caryslan commented on Tablets Stole The Wii U's Thunder, Laments Shi...:

@Project_Dolphin So, the answer is for Nintendo to keep selling under-powered hardware that has a gimmick attached to it? I don't want Nintendo to become another Sony or Microsoft by ditching Mario to the curb or throwing away their IPs, but lets face reality for a second here.

Barring the Wii, every single Nintendo console since the SNES has lost sales and its place in the marketplace. As each generation passes, Nintendo loses ground to Sony and Microsoft and with that lost ground, they lose their association to the general public.

Atari and Sega were once synonymous with the word video games. But due to mistakes and competition, they lost their place in the business. Sega is now a company that gets by peddling out Mobile and Sonic games, while the original Atari is owned by other companies.

Both were greats at their primes, both were the first things people thought of when they said the word video games. But look at them now. One is a shell of its former self, and the other is a brand name that gets trotted out when they want to make a retro 2600 system or collection.

You don't think it can happen to Nintendo? Think about this, there are generations of gamers now who grew up on the Playstation and Xbox. They played the games on those platforms, became fans of the systems, and now associate gaming with either the Playstation or the Xbox.

Nintendo is losing ground with each generation, and as they lose ground they lose more and more relevance, becoming more and more reliant on selling to a small group of Nintendo fanboys who remember their glory days on the NES, SNES, or Nintendo 64.

Can you honestly tell me that Nintendo approach is working? The Wii U is a failure in terms of sales, the 3DS has stagnated, and third parties have left the building to go work on games on the Playstation, Xbox, and PC.

Being innovative is one thing, but simply put its no longer working. Consumers don't give two flips if the Wii U has a tablet controller. They are going to the PS4 and Xbox One because they see consoles that have more features, more games sitting on the shelves, all their favorite franchises(WWE, Madden, Fallout, Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, etc) and a promise of better support going into the future.

I don't see how creating a system that is comparable to its rivals is Nintendo suddenly selling out. The same innovative games will be there, the only difference is that Nintendo will have hardware that is not a generation behind their rivals, and they will have third party support.

I bet the NX will be Nintendo throwing another dart at the wall and hoping this gimmick sells like the Wii did. One thing people tend to forget is that for the Wii's sales, it arguably did tons of damage to Nintendo's brand. People stopped seeing Nintendo as a serious contender who was putting out cutting edge tech. Rather, people started seeing Nintendo as a gimmick company that sold Mario boxes on underpowered hardware with a gimmick attached.

More importantly, they will keep losing new generations of gamers to the Playstation and Xbox.

And as each generation passes, Nintendo gets shoved further and further into that corner as the third-tier company that can't compete with the big boys in the market place.

Ironically, the same fate that so many of Nintendo's rivals fell into during the NES and SNES era.



Caryslan commented on Video: Star Fox Zero - What We Know So Far:

@element187 Because I wanted a game that did not look like a rehash of Star Fox 64 with gamepad controls tacked on and an HD coat of paint.

Why does this game not have online multiplayer? I'm sorry, but Star Fox games are not that long. Why should I get excited for what looks like a 60 dollar rehash of Star Fox 64?



Caryslan commented on Satoru Iwata Didn't Apologise For Nintendo's E...:

The issue for many people, myself included is not that we did not get what we wanted. The issue is that Nintendo thought this was the best thing they could limp out of the barn, especially after Sony and Microsoft showed off some pretty cool stuff at E3.

For months, even years perhaps, people have defended Nintendo's mistakes time and time again. I myself a guilty of that as well. We have defended Nintendo, whitewashed over their mistakes, and created the image of a David struggling against the Goliaths of Sony and Microsoft.

For years, it was the third-parties that were to blame for not wanting to make games for Nintendo. It was Sony and Microsoft's fault for creating a generation of dudebro gamers who could never understand Nintendo. It was the gaming press who were out to make Nintendo look bad.

Let me blunt here, for years Nintendo benefited from a fanbase that gave them free passes and blamed everyone else for their woes.

People may think I'm nuts for saying this,but browse the comments on Nintendo Life. If a third-party refuses to make a game for the Wii U, its not Nintendo that gets the blame. It has to be part of an evil plot to keep Nintendo down by denying them third-party games.

The gaming press is bashing Nintendo? Must be part of an evil plot to bring down Nintendo, because we all know Sony and Microsoft have never been criticized by their fans or the gaming press!

If you went by some of the comments on this site, Sony and Microsoft are evil companies who have third-parties and gaming press in their back pockets while Nintendo struggles in an unfair battle while flying the flag of classic gaming values.

This E3 accomplished something amazing. It finally shattered the illusion that Nintendo is a gaming god that is being unfairly pushed around by bigger companies.

Do people want to know why this E3 angered everyone so badly? Because it was a damn insult. For all their faults, Sony and Microsoft to their credit listen to their fans. They have to listen to survive in the marketplace. Sony learned from its mistakes with the PS3, while Microsoft has managed to recover from their PR mistakes with the Xbox One back in 2013.

I'm not saying either company is perfect, but there is a reason why their systems sell and why they get third-parties lining up at their doors to make games.

Microsoft and Sony hit the right buttons with gamers at E3 this year. Nintendo could have done the same, but they trotted out a weak line-up of games and called it a day.

If a potential buyer of the PS4, Xbox One, or Wii U was asked to judge their purchase through this year's E3, who would pick the Wii U?

I'm glad Nintendo is getting some backlash from its fans. This is long overdue and something they have needed. For years, I have seen a bubble surround Nintendo while its fans gave every excuse in the book to justify why they are at the end of the day, selling outdated hardware with poor third-party support that has fallen behind in sales compared to its rivals.

The thing to remember is that Nintendo has made promises time and time again. How many times have we heard that they would improve third-party support? How many times have they made promises and failed to keep them?

But even through all of that, the fans supported them, defended them. Maybe this E3 was the straw that broke the camels back.

Hopefully, the backlash will make Nintendo realize their direction is flawed and they work to correct it. Lackluster PS3 sales scared Sony into correcting things with the PS4, and Microsoft has done everything in their power to get back into the good graces of gamers with the Xbox One.

Like them or hate them, Sony and Microsoft have a business model that works.

Nintendo on the other hand is losing ground every single year. The Wii U will go down as the lowest selling Nintendo home console ever, and will likely be around Dreamcast and Saturn numbers when it is all said and done, the 3DS has stalled, and the only thing that has saved Nintendo from becoming the next Sega is that they figured out fans will spend money on little figures of Mario.

I'm sure people will slam me as a Nintendo hater. Fine, although I own a Wii U and a 2DS and love both system. I'll gladly admit Nintendo's 3DS lineup is solid and outside of the Metroid game, was a highlight of E3. The issue is the garbage they trotted out for the Wii U this year. A Star Fox game in 2015 with no online multiplayer and forced gamepad controls? An Animal Crossing spin-off when people wanted the real deal? No signs of Devil's Third or Zelda Wii U?

I figured Nintendo would not have an F-Zero or anything like that. But outside of Mario Maker and Xenoblade, there is really nothing to personally look forward to on the Wii U this year.

Star Fox might have gotten the nod, but it looks like a rehash of 64 with HD graphics and some ideas from Starfox 2 thrown it. Why in 2015 is Nintendo terrified to put online in their major AAA titles? I can understand if online multiplayer does not fit the game, but its a Star Fox game. Surely, they could have put in online multiplayer in a game like that.

On the positive note, the 3DS lineup looks great, as does the Smash DLC and Earthbound 1. Its just the rest of Nintendo's E3 that was horrible, especially compared to Microsoft and Sony's shows.

And to be blunt, as a Wii U owner I feel insulted that this is the best Nintendo can come up with. Its clear they are biding their time for the NX to come out.



Caryslan commented on Iwata Vows To Listen To E3 2015 Digital Event ...:

@hYdeks If you are a Nintendo fan, what is there to be satisfied about? The fact that the Wii U is dead last in sales? Or how about all the great third-party games that are going to other platforms while skipping the Wii U? What about the fact that Nintendo now seems so out of touch, they put together a direct like this?

I love Nintendo's games and their hardware, but this is just sad. Their back is against the wall, countless people think Nintendo is a has-been whose days making hardware are numbered. Simply put, the press is more concerned with what Sony and Microsoft is doing then what Nintendo is doing.

Nintendo is losing third-party support right and left, and their hardware is showing all-time lows compared to previous generations.

So, how does Nintendo respond to this? Do they come out with guns blazing and show us some must have games? No, they fumbled the ball in the endzone.

This was their chance to quiet down critics and they blew it. Its not a matter of being happy with Nintendo. Its a matter of Nintendo putting up the worst show possible. If Microsoft or Sony had done this, they would have been booed off the stage.



Caryslan commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3 Digi...:

@Jellitoe No kidding. I'm in no rush to buy a new console and I already have a Wii U, but Nintendo really fumbled the ball this time.

There is a reason why the Wii U is struggling so badly. I don't know if I'll get a PS4 or Xbox One in the future, but one thing is for sure.

Nintendo is not making me want to go and buy the NX or any other new hardware that they are working on.

Sony and Microsoft for all of their faults tend to have a pulse on what gamers want. Nintendo just looks like an out of touch company getting by on their past.

Even Sega at their worst was not this badly out of touch. I... I just don't get it anymore.... Is this really the same company that sold the NES and SNES?

What happened?



Caryslan commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3 Digi...:

This is the reason why Playstation and Xbox are selling very well while Nintendo struggles in the charts month after month. This is the biggest gaming show of the year and this is the best they could do?

No wonder people think Nintendo is a third-rate video game company that gets by peddling out of date hardware and games starring their aging mascot. Why would anyone go out and buy a Wii U based on what Nintendo showed off?

If someone who was considering a new system was sat down and was asked to pick a PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U based on E3 press conferences from this year, who in their right mind would pick the Wii U?

I love Nintendo, but they are so out of touch with what their fanbase wants, they would not have a clue if a neon glowing ball marked "Metroid" or "F-Zero" hit Iwata in the face.

If this is the best Nintendo can do at the biggest gaming show of the year, and the NX is supposed to be shown off at next year's E3, then I'm deeply worried about Nintendo. Despite all their claims to the contrary, its clear they still don't get it, and from the looks of it, they will keep getting shoved into a corner while Sony and Microsoft take all the gaming press and get all the attention.

I don't hate Nintendo, I just wish they would do better.

This was their chance to come out with guns blazing, to show the world that despite the negative news about them, they are still very much a major player in the video game business.

Instead, they come out firing a nerf gun and helped fuel the fire that they are out of touch with the very fanbase that helped sell the Wii U and 3DS to this point and the only reason why they are not going the way of Sega is because they can sell little plastic figures of their characters.

I just don't get it. There is no excuse for such a poor show from Nintendo, especially when Sony and Microsoft had such good shows.



Caryslan commented on Just Dance 2016 is Bringing Its Funky Moves to...:

@dumedum Sadly, this is how it goes and why Nintendo loses third-party support. Why bother with special games catered to the Nintendo crowd, when they can have the Xbox, Playstation, and PC gamers eat up their games that they simply port between the three platforms while racking in the cash.

This is the main reason why third-parties have pretty much walked away from Nintendo. They can see better success on other platforms with less effort put into their games.

Until this business model collapses, I don't see anything changing. And given Microsoft, Sony, and even the PC are built on the business model of making third-parties happy and ensuring they get their games, I think Nintendo will just fall further and further behind in terms of getting key support.



Caryslan commented on Street Fighter Legend Ryu And Fire Emblem's Ro...:

@jakysnakydx No, Ryu being a fighting game character is exactly why he fits so well into the roster. Not counting Captain Falcon(who uses a Brawler, combo game based moveset) and Little Mac(who is a boxer, a common type of character in a fighting game), Smash has never had a straight fighter in the roster.

So, I don't see how it is pointless. You can't even argue that Ryu is out of his element fighting against Mario given Capcom makes him a staple character in every VS game.

My opinion is this, if Ryu can throw down with Spider-Man, Dr. Doom, Rocket Racoon, Magneto, and the Hulk without anyone blinking an eye, they why is everyone so opposed to him being in Smash? That's one of the main reasons why he always gets picked for cross-over games.

Not only is he the most famous, well-know, and popular fighting game character ever, he's also the one who is the most straight up in terms of his personality and gameplay. Which means Ryu fighting Marvel characters is fun for that novelty alone.

Its fun to see Ryu outside of his own series, because we see him fighting things that are not only outside his element, but technically more powerful then he is.

So, there is fun in seeing Ryu fight the Hulk and now if this leak is true, Palentania.

I want to see Ryu fight Mario. If nobody has any issue with him being in ever VS ever made, then I don't see the problem now. We finally have a straight-up classic style Fighting game character on the roster. Ryu being in add variety.