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Caryslan commented on NPD Results Bring Solid 3DS Numbers as Wii U S...:

@Dreamz To be fair, the PSP is an old system that is likely on its way out the door by the end of this year anyway. Barely any stores stock the system or its games now, and the few that happen to sell anything PSP related might sell a few systems and a handful of games. The PSP is a pretty poor example to use. It has not had a major release in awhile, and the system is pretty much on life support. To be very honest, I'm shocked Sony even managed to sell 5.000 PSPs last month. Gamestop has pretty much stopped selling used PSP games. That should say something.

As for the Vita, you're halfway right. Its not selling in the West, but it has been selling pretty well in Japan. In fact, it just beat the 3DS this week on the Japanese charts, and tends to be the second best selling system in Japan after the 3DS family. So, the Vita is not doing insane numbers, and its pretty much not selling in the US, but it is a potent seller in Japan.

And I agree with you, the Wii U has tons of good games. I played a Sega Saturn back int he day, so I can understand where you're coming from.

But the Wii U sales are not great, and Nintendo has pretty much gone from having the best selling console of last generation(after the DS family) to being a distant fourth with its only lead being over the Vita(Although in Japan, the Vita outsells the Wii U)

I do think people overplay numbers, but here's the thing. The Wii U is still being sold at a loss, and as it keeps struggling, the more likely Nintendo is to lose money. Do I think they will be driven from the market like Sega? No, but this is not a good thing either. Nintendo's heavy hitters have failed to make an impact, and many consumers are either sticking with their current systems, or going to the Xbox One or PS4.

I think Nintendo can turn it around, but horrible sales like this can't keep up. The Wii U is in Saturn Territory right now.

Now, I do like the Wii U. I intend to get one this year if I can. But I think sales matter. They are not the life or death thing some people make them out to be, but 70,000 units is a horrible number and something that does need to be turned around.



Caryslan commented on NPD Results Bring Solid 3DS Numbers as Wii U S...:

@budkin And this right here is Nintendo's biggest problem. Kids and families are their biggest market, and many are getting confused over the difference between the two consoles. Now, Sony and Microsoft avoid this issue by targeting the "hardcore gamer" market and in Sony's case, using a logical numbering system that clearly shows that the Playstation 4 is a successor to the Playstation 3, and is the fourth console in the Playstation Line.

The problem with the term Wii U, is that for parents who don't visit gaming websites and watch Nintendo directs, they can't tell the difference between the two consoles outside of one having a screen.

Look at the DS family as an example. You had DS, DS Lite, DSi, and DSi XL.

If a parent has already seen Nintendo's pattern with the DS family, they might assume a Wii U is just another Wii Model with a controller that has a new screen.

Let me put it this way, Wii to Wii U lacks the clarity that PS3 to PS4 has to the consumer. With the Playstation, even an uninformed consumer(like a parent) can likely assume the PS4 is a newer console compared to the PS3. With the Wii U, what screams "this is a new system?"

Not every consumer is going to watch Nintendo Directs and browse the internet. There are tons of parents who buy these systems for their kids, see the Wii U, and assume its a minor upgrade like the DSi was to the DS Lite. Add in the fact that Nintendo is now marketing Wiimotes as Wii U accessories, and you likely have alot of confused consumers who assume the Wii U is the same as the Wii, and either buy the older model that is cheaper or simply hold off buying a Wii U if they already have a Wii.

I understand Nintendo likely wanted to keep selling Wii games, but I honestly think simply naming the console the Wii 2, or something else altogether might have helped with some of these problems that Nintendo is facing now.

I'm not saying this is the Wii U's entire problem, but confused consumers are not helping things either.



Caryslan commented on Ubisoft Expects Watch_Dogs To Be One Of The Bi...:

@unrandomsam To be blunt, that's really meaningless given Mario Kart Wii has been on the market for a far long period of time that GTA V. Let's compare the numbers in another few years when GTA V has had a chance to come out with its special editions(if they do like what happened to GTA IV)

Its a hollow victory when you think about it. Plus, GTA V will have more of a chance to catch up and surpass Mario Kart Wii's sales. The PS3 will be around for another few years, while the Wii is pretty much on life-support.

Now Tetris shocks me. Looks like nothing will ever knock that game off its throne.



Caryslan commented on Feature: The Castlevania That Konami Doesn't W...:

@khululy I've always found it funny that people will bash Lords of Shadows for playing like God of War, but they ignore the fact that SOTN and the Castlevania games that followed took alot of cues from the Metroid series.

Honestly, I will never get the hate the LOS tends to get. "It does not play like Castlevania!" Then will someone please tell me what Castlevania should play like? Because by that argument, the Metroidvania games are not real Castlevania games either. The only ones that would be "Real Castevania." would be the classic games.

And what entails a Castlevania game? Some magic checklist that people have in their mind. Let's see, Lords of Shadows had a main character with the name Belmont who used a whip-like weapon as he explored towns, marshes, graveyards, ruins, Castles, and other places that are generally found in Castlevania. He uses Sub Weapons, a few of which are based on classic ones, as he fights against a varied assortment of mythlogical creatures.

How is that not Castlevania? Over the years, Castlevania has had four unique play styles. There is the Classic style, the Metroidvania Style, the 3-D Action Game Style, and the 3-D Adventure Game style that were the Nintendo 64 entries. LOS fits into the same style as the PS2 entires. In other words, it already fit into a play style that already existed in the series!

Castlevania has never had a single defined style! That's why the comments that "LOS is not a real Castlevania game!" are so laughable. So what if LOS plays like God of War? The Metroidvania games take massive cues from Metroid and even the PS2 entries played very close to Devil May Cry.

I understand people don't like LOS, but to bash it while praising garbage like Haunted Castle and The Castlevania Adventure is just sad. At the end of the day, garbage is garbage, and LOS is a far more polished and enjoyable game that those two titles could ever hope to be.

I personally don't like Skyward Sword, but I'm not going to start comparing it to the CD-I Zelda games and act like garbage is suddenly better because I don't like the direction a game takes. As much as I dislike Skyward Sword, its still a more polished game than the CD-I games. Garbage does not suddenly get better just because you don't like an entry.

Haunted Castle and The Castlevania Adventure are pretty much considered garbage by most gamers who have played them. LOS on the other hand, gets bashed less for being a bad game, and more for being a "God of War Clone" and "Being nothing like the other Castlevania games!"

I'll be blunt, LOS is better than Haunted Castle and The Castlevania Adventure. Everyone is free to their opinion, and maybe there are some who like those two games. But the LOS hate just gets petty at times. "It plays nothing like Castlevania!"

Tell me, do people who say that say the same thing about Mega Man? Because that series also does not have a defined gameplay style. You know, kinda like Castlevania.



Caryslan commented on Ninterview: Jason "Mew2King" Zimmerman on Mast...:

@dkxcalibur I would suggest you look into a Wii Classic Controller Pro and get used to that. I'm guessing Smash 4 will allow you to use it as a controller setup, and you can practice and get used to it with Brawl.

Plus, its a standard controller with buttons that pretty much match all the buttons on the Gamecube controllers. Since it has two thumb sticks, you can also keep your C-Stick setup on the right thumbstick.

If anyone is looking for an alternate to the Gamecube controller, the Wii Classic Controller Pro is most likely your best option.



Caryslan commented on Ninterview: Jason "Mew2King" Zimmerman on Mast...:

Am I the only one who liked using the Wii Classic Controller Pro over the Gamecube Controller in Brawl?

I like the WCCP's button layout(Which is closer to a Playstation pad) over the layout of the Gamecube controller, and I liked the thumb stick on the CCP more than the Gamecube one.

It's all a matter of preference, but the loss of Gamecube controller support in Smash 4 does not bother me, since I'm used to the Classic Controller Pro.



Caryslan commented on Job Cuts Hit Sega's London Office:

@ThreadShadow So Sega could then lose even more money? Shenmue was a money sink for Sega back on the Dreamcast, and both games in the series sold poorly. I agree that Sega should focus on more than just Sonic, but why do people think Shenmue is this huge series that will magically sell millions? The first one barely made it to a million on the Dreamcast and was a money sink. The second one bombed on the Xbox.

Why would a third game do any better? Shenmue is not worth it at this point. Sega would be better served focusing their efforts on other games.



Caryslan commented on Video: What Could The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward...:

@RennanNT Trust me, unless the next Zelda game is somehow worse, I doubt it will change my opinion of the Skyward Sword. Skyward Sword soured me on Zelda for awhile although A Link Between Worlds brought me back.

I simply don't like Skyward Sword. For me, the Zelda cycle has nothing to do with it. It had some cool ideas, but Skyward Sword for me was not what I wanted as a Zelda fan.

Of course some people like it, but I loved Twilight Princess(My second favorite game in the series) and Skyward Sword felt like a step back from everything that made Twilight Princess awesome. About the only thing Skyward Sword did better was the motion controls.



Caryslan commented on EA Boss Peter Moore Apologises For Frostbite's...:

I have never liked EA, and while I have purchased their games, its generally when they are used or off a markdown rack. To me, EA is everything that is wrong with video games, and their business polices are starting to bite them in the behind.

The killed off Simcity with their stupid polices, and Battlefield 4 was so broken and horrible, Call of Duty: Ghosts destroyed it in sales. Last time I checked, Ghosts has sold 20.35 Million copies across all platforms while Battlefield 4 sold 9.04 million across numerous platforms.

Now, this was during a year where Ghosts got low review scores(although I enjoyed it) and Battlefield 4 was being hyped as the COD-Killer. Those sales are also well below Battlefield 3's numbers.

I don't the tweets tastless, I just find them stupid. Its like EA wants to win the "We don't know how to run a business award". In the past year, numerous major franchises like Dead Space, Medal of Honor, Crysis, and Battlefield have all bomed on store shelves. Its not just Nintendo fans who are fed up with EA, numerous Microsoft and Sony gamers are starting to get tired of them.

EA and DICE should not be making tweets like this. DICE put out a broken game that got trampled by Call of Duty: Ghosts. Maybe they should be more concerned with fixing Battlefield 4 rather than fanning the flames of fanboy wars.

As for EA, what was the last hit game that they had without the words "Madden" or "Fifa" on its cover? Why would a company that has had a string of bombs in the past few years be so determined to burn so many bridges? Has anyone at that company stopped and thought about “Gee, this may not be such a good idea. We might need Nintendo at some point”?

I honestly don't get EA anymore. They went from being the worst company to being a company that has no clue what they are doing. I wonder how long it will be before Take 2, Activision, or Ubisoft surpasses them?



Caryslan commented on Capcom Cuts Profit Projections By Over 50%, De...:

@Bryon15 And what makes you think Nintendo would be the one to scoop them up? They have some valuable IPs, so tons of companies would want to get their hands on Capcom. Also, Capcom could be broken up and have its IPs and assets sold bit by bit like what happened to Take Two and Midway.

If Capcom did go under, Nintendo could come up a loser and get nothing if Capcom either gets bought by Sony or Microsoft or by a third-party that does not generally put their games on Nintendo platforms.

Plus, even if Nintendo did by Capcom, why does everyone thing they will magically revive Mega Man Legends and other series like that? Nintendo can't even put out a new F-Zero despite fans asking for it for years.

I like Nintendo, but they are not a savior who will revive Capcom even if they did buy them. There are tons of Nintendo Ips that have sat on the shelf for years even though fans want them revived. I would rather see Nintendo focus on that before they buy anyone up.



Caryslan commented on Talking Point: The Logic Behind Game Boy Advan...:

I have a gut feeling that GBA and DS games is Nintendo's saving throw after N64 and Gamecube games did not work out as they had hoped. A year and a half into the Wii U's lifespan, and there are no N64 games. Not to mention, the Gamecube has all but vanished from discussion for the Wii U's Virtual Console.

I think the issue is that Nintendo is having trouble with the emulation of N64 and Gamecube games on the Wii U, and is likely having trouble getting them to work with off-TV play or with restore points.

The N64 and Gamecube would have been a bigger deal than GBA and DS games coming to the Wii U Virtual Console. But because of unforeseen issues, Nintendo needed something to feel the gap that those two consoles left. They had GBA games ready to go for the 3DS, so it was easy to re-purpose them for the Wii U's Virtual Console. The DS was likely easy to work with as well.

Let's be honest here, as popular as the GBA is, the Gamecube would have created more buzz and made more sense being on the Wii U.

I still think the 3DS will get either GBA or SNES games down the line. The Gameboy and NES well is almost dry in terms of major games, and there is a market for games like Super Metroid and Earthbound on portables.

I think Nintendo will do something major with the 3DS's Virtual Console. Their main focus is just on the Wii U right now.



Caryslan commented on Poll: Have Your Say On The GamePad's Role With...:

@Doma If that's the case, then why do NES and Game Boy games tend to place on the charts on the 3DS eshop despite numerous newer 3DS and DSi download games? Why where there so many NES games on the Wii Shop's VC charts despite the SNES, N64, Genesis and other platforms that were "superior" to those games being on there as well?

Yes, certain NES games have aged poorly. But there are tons of classics like the Super Mario Bros games, Castlevania I-III, Mega Man 1-6, Ninja Gaiden, Kirby's Adventure, and numerous others that have aged very well, and are just as playable and enjoyable as they were back in the 80's and early 90's. Many of those even stand up well against their counterparts on the SNES and GBA

If nobody cares about NES games, then why are they on the charts? Surely if "nobody" cared then everyone would stop buying Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros since they lack features that their sequels have, especially ones on the SNES.

I think the SNES is the superior system, but I don't get this logic that the NES is full of unplayable games that nobody cares about anymore. In some cases, the argument could even be made that certain NES games like Super Mario Bros 3 and Castlevania III were superior to their counterparts on the SNES.

I love the SNES and GBA, but I still think the NES and Game Boy are still viable platforms even today. Many of their games stand the test of time, and the few that don't were never really good games in the first place.

As I said before, if people don't care about these dusty old games, then why does Super Mario Bros still appear in charts on Nintendo's shops, despite being a very old game? I just checked the Wii Virtual Console charts, and Super Mario Bros 1 & 3 are at the top of the charts, with numerous NES games on the charts.

I think many people still care about NES games.



Caryslan commented on Ronimo Games: PS4 And Xbox One Are More Of The...:

@Volke93 Where in the world did I say that I want to see Nintendo die or be driven out of business? I own a 3DS and a couple of 2DSes, I have owned virtually every Nintendo platforms that has come out over the years. And contrary to what you think, I want the Wii U to be a successful system. In fact, I'm hoping to get a Wii U sometime this year!

But I'm not going to blindly praise Nintendo like they are the perfect company, nor am I going to spew venom at Sony and Microsoft for no good reason.

Don't get me wrong, I agree that the PS4 and Xbox One are not worth the money right now. I think they are very expensive systems that offer little over the PS3 or Xbox 360 at this point in tme. Now, my opinion will likely change in a few years after both platforms get their major titles. Just like my opinion of the Wii U has shifted.

Also, before anyone thinks I bash Nintendo only, let me say this. I have bashed Sony and Microsoft as well over the years. For Sony, I think their handling of the Vita has been pathetic, and they have done little to save their dying handheld. For Microsoft, I don't like some of their business polices.

So, I'm not hoping Nintendo goes out of business. I think Nintendo has a unquie place in gaming, and I think the market would be worse off if they got pushed out.

At the same time though, I'm not going to give them a free pass for everything they do either. They are a company that wants my money. I have every right to call them out as a consumer. But the same goes for Sony and Microsoft. None of the big three get a free pass.



Caryslan commented on Ronimo Games: PS4 And Xbox One Are More Of The...:

@Volke93 That's not really a fair comparison, given the PS4 and Xbox One have only been on the market for a few months. Think about how sorry the Wii U's libary was until Pikmin 3 arrived in August of last year. All consoles have a period between their launch and the second wave of major games where there are only a few gems to play.

The Wii U has had a year and a half to build its library. Give the PS4 and Xbox One the same time before you play the "better library card"

And its not all people blindly buying a system based on hype and blindness. Look at what has already been announced for the PS4 and Xbox One.

Halo 5, Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy XV, Batman: Arkham Knight, Assassin's Creed Unity, Wolfenstien: The New Order, and Elder Scrolls Online.

Keep in mind, that's a short list and many of those games are not coming to the PS3, Xbox 360 or the Wii U.

People often buy a video game console as a investment. I'm sure there were people who bought a 3DS or Wii U due to the promise of eventually getting a Smash Bros, Zelda, or Pokemon game.

Many of those same people are buying a PS4 or an Xbox One now. Yeah, the library on both platforms is barren right now, but the major titles are coming pretty soon.

So no, I don't think people who are buying a PS4 or an Xbox One are being foolish. Were the people who bought a 3DS over the promise of Pokemon or a Wii U because the new Smash Bros game fools as well?

Honestly, why do people act like systems launch with all their major hitters and don't suffer droughts. Have people forgotten what the post launch of the Nintendo 64, PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube?

Those were just as bad(if not worse) than what the PS4 and and Xbox One are going through. It happens with every system.



Caryslan commented on Ronimo Games: PS4 And Xbox One Are More Of The...:

@bmprsvz777 Nintendo did not create the idea of off TV play. Sony did it years before with the Playstation 3 and the PSP with Remote Play. The only reason why we heard little about it was because it required two systems to use, and only a few PS3 games supported the feature.

But, remote play does allow PS3 owners to play dics-based PS1 games on the PSP.

So, Sony beat Nintendo to the punch with this idea. Although, I would say Nintendo took the idea, refined it and managed to make it a standard feature on the Wii U.



Caryslan commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Major Wii U Retail T...:

@JaxonH Here's the thing, I did not buy A Link Between Worlds until I played a demo at a Gamestop. I was on the fence about it, but after being burned by Spirit Tracks and Skyward Sword, I was not willing to take a plunge on ALBW even with all the praise that game was getting.

For me, it felt like Nintendo has gone the NSMB route with Zelda by taking an older Zelda game, and rehashing ALTTP with a new coat of paint.

It took me playing a demo to see the potential in that game, and I ended up getting it with my credit. Not only was I happy with my purchase, but ALBW restored my faith in the Zelda series. I loved that game.

And here's my point, I think demos help get people who are on the fence to buy a game. Had a Link Between Worlds gotten a demo on the eshop, I would have purchased it alot sooner(I got it this month). Also, Nintendo as unfortunate as it is, has to deal with the stereotype that their games are all rehashes of old games that came out in the 80's and nothing ever changes.

I think a demo could help shatter that illusion if done right. The store ALBW demo showed me that it was more than ALTTP with a new coat of paint. Once I played the demo, and I saw the creative ways the dungeons were done, I bought it.

Not that it would need the help, but as an example, Pokemon X/Y could have a demo that shows off new features like Mega Evolutions while shutting up the people who claim Pokemon never changes.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze could have a great demo that shows off one or or two of the best stages in the new game. Something to tell people that this game is not simply DKCR rehashed.

I think demos help consumers make a choice about a game, especially if they are on the fence. Videos and reviews can only show and tell so much. Sometimes, its best to have a sample of a game to just know how good it is.

And I don't buy those studies about demos hurting sales. I could maybe see a demo for a bad game turning off consumers or hurting sales. But for a high-profile or a good quality game? There is no way anyone can convince me a demo would hurt sales of those games.

I would even venture to say that having a demo helped the sales of both Fire Emblem: Awaking and Bravely Default. Demos are a marketing tool. If a demo is bad or is for a poor quality game, than yeah, the demos will help hurt sales.

But a good demo or one for a great game, can only help things. I wish Nintendo would embrace more demos for their games. Even for major series like Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon.



Caryslan commented on "Dark And Edgy" Sonic The Hedgehog Film Report...:

Why in the world does a movie based on a video game series about a blue hedgehog who runs at supersonic speed, hangs out with a two-tailed fox, and fights an overweight egg shaped man who builds robots have to be Dark and Edgy?

I'm not against a Sonic movie, but why can't the tone be closer to Sonic Colors?

Besides, why has Sega spend the last few years trying to make the recent Sonic games more light-hearted and less serious if they are simply going to back to the darker and edger themes?

Sonic is still a pretty popular character. We don't need to shove a gun in his hands and have him saying curse words to sell tickets. Let the movie stand on its own, and be a light-hearted film like Colors or the early Sonic games.

I don't mind Sonic having attitude since he was supposed to have that as part of his personality since the first game. But there is a difference between a character having an attitude, and something beind Dark and Edgy.

You can still have a serious storyline even if there is humor involved. Pixar and Disney movies manage to pull it off all the time! You could still have the stakes be pretty high while Sonic saves the world from Dr. Eggman.

Sonic Generations was about Sonic's world being erased because of changes in time, but it still had its humor. I hated Shadow the Hedgehog because it was like a person's fanfiction gone too far. When one of your endings has Eggman get killed off, then you know they went too far.

I don't want to see the Sonic series ever cross that line again.



Caryslan commented on Keiji Inafune Stills Wants To Make Mega Man Le...:

Why does everyone thing Nintendo would make Legends 3 even if they could somehow buy Mega Man from Capcom? If anything, they would simply focus on the classic and X series since those are much more popular and would likely sell better than a new Legends game.

With that said, I would love to see a company like Retro take a crack at creating a classic Mega Man game with modern technology. Mega Man 11 with Retro's genuis would be nothing short of awesome.



Caryslan commented on The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Sco...:

@King47 I felt the same way after Spirit Tracks and Skyward Sword. Both of those games turned me off the Zelda franchise, and I kinda ignored A Link Between Worlds for several months as a result.

But for me, A Link between Worlds more than made up for my disappointment with Spirit Tracks and Skyward Sword. It reminded me of why I loved Zelda in the first place, with a fun overworld to explore, enjoyable dungeons, and a game that did not feel the need to hold your hand with helpers pointing out the obvious("Master, your hearts have fallen drastically. Please replenish them immediately" when the game is beeping at you and Link is limping)

For me, A Link Between Worlds is what Zelda should be, and I hope the next console one takes some cues from it. I also loved the changes they tossed in, like the ability to rent items and the ability to tackle dungeons in virtually any order(A throwback to the first Zelda on the NES)

I recently got this game, and I'm loving every second of it. Such a great game, and it made me a fan of Zelda again!



Caryslan commented on Ex-Castlevania Chief Koji Igarashi Is Grateful...:

Somehow, I don't see Konami being as stubborn as Capcom when it comes to Castlevania. With the Lords of Shadow series ending with the most recent game, and Konami being fully aware that Mecury Stream is moving on, I think Konami might have something up their sleeves.

I would not be shocked if a retro style Castlevania or another Metroidvania gets announced, maybe timed around Koji's announcement.

Here's the thing, I don't see Castlevania ending. Unlike Mega Man, numerous teams have worked on Castlevania games. Even if Lord of Shadows 2 flops, Konami can toss a Metroidvania onto PSN, Xbox Live, and the eshop, and fans will gobble it up. It would also overshadow Koji's project if Konami times it right.

The only reason why Mighty No 9 made so many waves is due to Capcom's stubbornness with the Mega Man franchise. If Capcom announced we were getting a Mega Man 11 or a Mega Man X9 in 2014 or 2015, Mighty No. 9 would lose some of its hype.

I don't think Konami is stupid enough to let someone else profit off the Metroidvania formula. I have a gut feeling that if Koji tries to make a new game with the Metroidvania formula, Konami will be ready with one of their own.

Konami knew that no matter how Lords of Shadows 2 does, that's the end of the LOS series. I think they have something else planned for Castlevania.

I find it very intresting that Konami did not let him use the term Castlevania to describe his plans. It might be a simple matter of protecting their copyright, or they already had their future plans for the Castlevania series laid out, and Koji was not involved in them.



Caryslan commented on 3DS Faces a Renewed Vita Challenge in Japan as...:

Maybe I'm wrong, but has the 3DS gotten any major titles over the past couple of weeks? I think all the games that are charting now, have been out for at least two weeks.

Plus, Japan is the only region not getting Yoshi's New Island this week, so that's not going to help boost 3DS sales until it launches this summer.

I am shocked the PS4 is holding on to the top spot. Given how quickly the Wii U plummeted over there, and the general lack of interest consoles have gotten over the past generation in Japan, I was thinking the PS4 would have dropped off by now, especially since there don't seem to be any Japan-centric games at launch.



Caryslan commented on Matters of Import: Prepare To Die In Fire Embl...:

@EliwoodMason What does this have to do with what I said? My only comments were that I'm surpised Nintendo did not release Fire Emblem before 2003 in the West, especially given the popularity of Shining Force showed that an audience for these kinds of SRPGs did exist before Melee introduced us to Marth, Roy, and Fiire Emblem.

What in the world did I say about grinding? I was not even comparing Shining Force to Fire Emblem! My only point was that it was shocking Nintendo refused to bring over Fire Emblem before the GBA, while Sega took a huge chance, and had a fairly succesful series.. And its possible that had Marth and Roy been dummed out in the western version of Melee, we might not even be playing Fire Emblem at all.

I'm not making fun of Fire Emblem, I'm just stating a simple fact. Where did you get the idea I was talking about grinding?



Caryslan commented on Matters of Import: Prepare To Die In Fire Embl...:

@RadioShadow I never really got this logic, given Shining Force was pretty successful for Sega across several platforms. If I remember correctly, Shining Force I and II sold really good on the Genesis, while Shining Force III did well in the US, despite the Saturn dying around the time it came out.

I think there was a market for these types of games in the west, Sega was just the first to figure it out.



Caryslan commented on Nintendo Download: 6th March (North America):

I would advise anyone who's waiting for Super Mario Bros 3, has a 3DS, and wants a decent retro platformer to play, to check out Adventure Island II if they got some money to spare. Adventure Island II it a pretty fun game, even if its a bit on the hard side.



Caryslan commented on Nintendo Download: 6th March (North America):

Given Adventure Island II skipped the Wii VC, I'm glad it made it onto the 3DS. I'll be picking it up today. At least we seem to be getting a new VC game every week on the 3DS VC.

Now, if only Super Mario Bros 3 and Final Fantasy would come out soon....



Caryslan commented on Retro Studios Talks Up Wii U And Has Been Work...:

To be honest, I'm really hoping Retro is doing a brand new IP that they alone are in charge of. Don't get me wrong, I love what they have done with Donkey Kong and Metroid, but a development house this talented should be allowed to do their own IPs, rather than simply working on old IPs that Nintendo hands them.

One of the great things about the old Rare was that alongside their efforts with Donkey Kong, they also worked on their own IPs like Killer Instinct, Perfect Dark, Jet Force Gemini, Banjo Kazooie, and Conker.

Imagine the awesome games Retro could come up with if they worked on a brand new IP that's not tied to an existing Nintendo franchise. Maybe Retro could give Nintendo their own first-party FPS game, or maybe something that might make the Wii U appeal to Western Gamers even more. Rather than hoping they work on a new F-Zero or Star Fox, I say let them showcase their talent with their own IP that they create.

As much as I want to see a new F-Zero or Star Fox, I would rather see Retro start making their own IPs and further diversifying Nintendo's lineup of games.

Imagine Retro making a FPS, Western RPG, Action Game, or something else that is Nintendo published. Given their talent, it would turn heads, and might bring back lapsed fans who are tired of Nintendo's standard offerings, and might make other system fanboys quiet down when they see that Nintendo can publish games that appeal to western tastes and aren't Mario and Zelda.

Retro is the only western second-party that Nintendo has. I'm all for letting them showoff the talent that they have gained by working on Nintendo's IPs, and the result could be a major advantage for the Wii U if they can make that one game that appeals to people who are tired of Mario and Zelda.

Rare did it back on the N64. In fact, it could be argued that Rare played a larger role in saving the N64, than Nintendo themselves did, and much of their output were their own IPs.

Why not give Retro that same shot?



Caryslan commented on Wii U Lifetime Sales in Japan Overtake the Xbo...:

@yuwarite Because most of the games that they want to play are often already on the PS3, PSP, Wii, Vita, and 3DS.

Yakuza 1 & 2 came out on the PS3 months before it arrived on the Wii U, and most of the new games in the series have been on the PS3.

The issue is that while the Wii U has games that appeal to Japanese audiences, a large portion of those games are also on the Playstation and Nintendo's handhelds as well, which does not do the Wii U any favors.



Caryslan commented on Remake Request: Virtua Fighter 2:

I love Virtua Fighter 2, but its really dated compared to later VF games like VF4 and VF5 that refined the mechanics that VF2 helped create. Don't get me wrong, VF2 is still a fun game, and I downloaded the port that came out for the PS3, but it feels really dated at this point.

It was a technical marvel for its time, but later VF games have surpassed 2 in almost every way. I would rather see them port VF 4 to the 3DS and focus the rest of their efforts on making VF6. A remake of VF2 with only the 11 original characters, but with modern mechanics seems pointless. If you want to use VF2 characters, but with modern gameplay just pick up VF5 Final Showdown off PSN and Xbox Live. It pretty much builds off VF2's gameplay And improves on the flaws that VF2 had.

Now, the only way I might be open to a VF2 remake is if they add all the new characters from VF3, VF4, and VF5 to the roster like they did with VF1 10th Anniversary Edition.

In other words, Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown's Roster with the gameplay mechanics and stages of Virtua Fighter 2. Now that, would be worth looking into.



Caryslan commented on NPD Data Shows More U.S. Gamers Switching to D...:

@DanMan82 That's a good question, and kinda related to the fact that TV networks never look at stuff like Hulu and their own streams when they decide to renew shows. I've had several shows that got canceled because the ratings were not good, but they were often the top shows on Hulu.

You would think with the massive push into digital, more companies would pay closer attention to those numbers on digital services.. I wonder how many copies of DKC:TF for example, were bought digitally in Japan compared to retail copies.

I will say this, if this trend keeps going, Gamestop may go the way of Blockbuster in about 10 to 15 years. If might go quicker if companies figure out a way to "trade" in digital downloads for credit on an online store.



Caryslan commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Direct Pointed to Anot...:

@Action51 I do have a right to voice my opinion on a product, and I don't consider it spamming. What, am I only allowed to post here it my post says something like "I love how Nintendo is handling the Wii U! Best job, everyone else is a hater!"

I don't dislike the Wii U's lineup, there are some games that have caught my eye. But lets be honest here, Nintendo does not have the spark that they had in the past. It seems like they have no idea who they want to target with the Wii U.

Notice in my posts, I did not bash the Wii U or its hardware. Nor am I comapring it to Microsoft and Sony's platforms outside of a comment regarding third-party support. In other words, I'm not some hater who is on here bashing Nintendo as a hobby because I'm bored.

Everything you have seen me type for the Wii U, also applies to the Vita. What you have are two systems that lack a direction, and any kind of focus. But, I do think Nintendo has done a better job of addressing the Wii U's issues than Sony has the Vita.

As I said before, I am not "spamming" these boards. My posts are more than "Nintendo SUCKS!"

I have stated my opinion on a product, which is well within my right. There is no rule that states that every post must be pro-Nintendo in nature. I'm not blindly bashing Nintendo, I am just pointing out issues with how the Wii U has been handled.

Am I right? Maybe not, but its my opinion. I will say this, Nintendo does have a habit of pulling out a suprise when their back is against the wall. That's how we got stuff like the Wii back in 2006. Maybe Nintendo does have something big planned for E3 that will help reverse the Wii U's problems.

And not every post I have made on this site is bashing the Wii U. I have praised the system, and hope nothing but the best for it. I do intend to buy one once the price drops or a killer app arrives. But I'm not going to sit here and remain quiet.

All of use express their own opinions on this topic. I would ask for respect. I have made only three comments on this story, two of which were replies.



Caryslan commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Direct Pointed to Anot...:

@IceClimbers Right now, the Wii U does not have anything that makes me want to lay down the money for one. Wind Waker HD is cool, but the 3DS got a new Zelda, I don't really care for Pikmin, Sonic Lost World is on the 3DS, and I can just wait for Monster Hunter 4 to get an online Monster Hunter game.

For third-party titles like Call of Duty, Castlevania, and others, I have my PS3.

About the only Wii U game that has my intrest is Super Mario 3D World.

This is not me hating on Nintendo, its just reality. Where is Kirby, Yoshi, and Mario Golf? They are on the 3DS! Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Luigi Mansion, all those are on the 3DS! What is on the Wii U that will make me want to lay down the money for it?

The Wii has SSBB, Metroid Prime 3, Punch-Out, and several other games that made the system worth it. Games that were not on the DS.

The Wii U? Most of its games have counterparts on the 3DS. Even the new Smash Bros is getting a 3DS version that is getting the same characters!

Nintendo should be showing off a new Metroid, F-Zero, something that makes people stop and say I need a Wii U! Where is the Wii U's Mario 64, Wii Sports, or Donkey Kong Country? Where is that game that makes you say I need to buy a Wii U!

Every Nintendo platform in the past had those games. Where are they now?

The 3DS has a future and a purpose.

With the Wii U, it seems like Nintendo is just throwing darts at a board and hoping they stick. "We have GBA and DS games on the Wii U VC! Uhh, we are focusing on health, that's big right? Hey, did you know we have smart phone teams! Everyone says we should get into that!"

Where is the Nintendo that went after Sega in the 90s with killer games and took back their marketshare? Where is the Nintendo that managed to revive the 3DS?

I'm not bashing Nintendo, but it seems like they are lost with the Wii U. Even the Gamecube had focus, it just had to compete in an era where the PS2 was dominant.

And this is my point, if I really want my Nintendo gaming, what does the Wii U have to offer? It seems like the 3DS is the place to go for Nintendo games.

I don't want the Wii U to fail, I just wish Nintendo had a better strategy than "Uhh, we like, uhh have GBA games on the eshop...."

Come on Nintendo, show off some killer games! The Wii U is a interesting idea, but its like the Vita. It has some good games, good hardware, but it seems to have no direction.

Compare that to the 3DS, and its like night and day.



Caryslan commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Direct Pointed to Anot...:

I wonder if Nintendo would be better served getting out of the home console business, and focusing their efforts on Handhelds. Its almost night and day when you compare the two product lines.

With the handheld market, Nintendo is the king of the pack and the one who often sets the standards of what makes a successful handheld. Their games are perfect on handhelds, they have pretty good third-party support, and their handhelds all have no trouble printing money. Not to mention, they are in a market where Sony can't get a foothold, and Microsoft has zero intrest in joning in. Outside of mobile gaming, Nintendo is virtually unchallenged in the handheld market.

With the home console business, its the reverse. Nintendo is just another contender for a slice of the pie, their consoles while innovative, still miss key features that have been other other platforms for years, they have trouble getting third-party support, and while their games are good, there are fewer new games than on the handheld consoles.

In many ways, Nintendo's issues are the same as Sony's, just reversed. Sony has a strong home console business, but a poor handheld business, while Nintendo has a strong Handheld Business, but a weak home console business.

I want to ask everyone a question. Do you think Nintendo would be well-served getting out of the home console business and focusing only on handhelds? Do you think it will help Nintendo out?

I'm just curious.

For my opinion on the subject, I think it could go either way. But there is one thing, Nintendo's handhelds have been their strongest product line for almost 20 years. They could survive on handhelds alone if they had to.



Caryslan commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Direct Pointed to Anot...:

Honestly, another drought is not going to make me want to get a Wii U, especially since I am still very bitter about how the Wii's last couple of years went down. At this point, just sticking with my 3DS and PS3 is the safer bet over the next few years.

All the Nintendo games that I want to play like Kirby, Yoshi's Island, Mario Golf, and even Smash 4 are all coming to the 3DS, giving me little to no reason to consider the Wii U this year. This is the reality for me, what is the point of buying a Wii U? The 3DS is getting more games than the Wii U.

And I can still catch up with most of the latest console games on my PS3.

I'm not a fan of Mario Kart, Smash 4 is coming to the 3DS, and all the other Nintendo games that I want to play are on the 3DS as well. What does the Wii U have to offer over the 3DS?

In the first half of the year alone, the 3DS is getting Yoshi's New Island, Mario Golf, Kirby, and several other top-tier games.

The Wii U is getting Mario Kart 8 and what else?

I love Nintendo's systems, but I'm not paying $249 to have droughts. Not when I can get more games on the 3DS. If I really want to play Nintendo games, I'm better off saving my money on a Wii U and supporting my 3DS instead.

Right now, the other two systems are not even the Wii U's biggest competitor. Its the 3DS which offers more Nintendo games for a far cheaper cost. If you really want to play Nintendo style games, just get a 3DS. It offers more than the Wii U and is much cheaper.

Why can't Nintendo get this? Why are they not offering games that can't be done on the 3DS? Back during the N64 days, the N64 offered games you could not get on a Game Boy Color. Now, it just seems like the 3DS is the better deal anyway you look at it.

Lets see, better third-party support, more games coming to it and a cheaper cost, what does the Wii U have to offer over the 3DS?

Nintendo's own portable is beating its newest home console in every area where it matters! I don't think I have ever seen this before! Every previous Nintendo handheld, as good as they were, still often lost to the cocurrent home console. The Wii could do things the Wii DS could not, and the Gamecube had games that were impossible on the GBA! Now, the Wii U just comes off as pointless against the 3DS.
About the only thing it has are HD games. Otherwise, I don't see a massive jump over what the 3DS is capable of.

Until Nintendo gets that, I don't think things will change. If you want to play Nintendo titles, the 3DS is simply the better option right now. And it looks like nothing will change that opinion anytime soon.

I don't think I'm the only one who has that thought process.



Caryslan commented on Mario Kart 8 Accelerates to Number One on Amaz...:

@babyguess Zelda sells good, but its been pretty hit or miss in recent years. Skyward Sword did not do very well in Japan from what I recall, and it sold below what Twilight Princess did on the Wii alone(not counting Gamecube version sales)

So, while I consider Zelda a soild seller, and something Nintendo needs to help push the Wii U, I don't think it is a series that pushes hardware the way Mario Kart or Smash Bros does.

About the only Zelda that I recall being a true system seller(Meaning people went out and bought a system for that single game) was OOT on the N64, and argubly, Twilight Princess on the Wii. Maybe A Link To the Past might be in that group as well, because it did push SNES sales and it came out pretty early.

Most Zelda games do sell well, but most of them come out late or in the middle of a system's lifespan. Look at Zelda U, it will likely come out in 2015, at the earilest, which means the Wii U will have been on the market for three years.

As I said before, I do think Zelda can sell and get people onto a system, but the series simply lacks that mass appeal that Mario Kart, Wii Sports, or a Smash Bros have.



Caryslan commented on Mario Kart 8 Accelerates to Number One on Amaz...:

Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros 4 are the two games that will make or break the Wii U. If both prove to be highly successful games, than the Wii U may finally get the big system sellers that its needed since it launched.

On the other hand, if they flop, then I doubt Nintendo would have anything else that could potentally push the Wii U's numbers.

This is great news about Mario Kart 8! I hope it proves to be a very successful game! Mario Kart is probally Nintendo's killer app for their consoles, with Smash being a close second.



Caryslan commented on Talking Point: The Watch_Dogs Wii U Delay Demo...:

@IceClimbers The NES, SNES, and Nintendo's handhelds have strong third-party support, and they were very successful. The NES won its generation due to the the third-party titles that could not be found anywhere else, while a major factor behind the SNES beating the Genesis was the third-party games that could only be found on the SNES.

Look at Nintendo's handhelds, and see how the strong third-party support helps them dominate.

I know Nintendo's first-party efforts will always be the man attraction, but I think you're underselling the impact of third-party games on Nintendo's platforms. All those systems has Nintendo's first-party classics, but they also had very strong third-party support as well.



Caryslan commented on Talking Point: The Watch_Dogs Wii U Delay Demo...:

@StreetRat Assassin's Creed sells, which is the reason why that series keeps getting new games. All those games you mentions were either poor sellers(Beyond Good & Evil) or have sold poorly in recent years(Rayman and Prince of Persia)

This is just like Shenmue with Sega. People expect these companies to make these games even though they have proven to be poor sellers in the past. How many more Rayman games have they made in recent years? How many of those games have flopped? The last Prince of Persia game bombed in sales, and the 2008 reboot did not do much better. As for Beyond Good & Evil, it bombed back when it came out. What will be any different 10 years later?

You may not like Assassin's Creed, Tom Clancy, and Just Dance games but those are the Ubisoft IPs that sell.

Its like Nintendo with series like F-Zero, Star Fox, and Metroid. Those are all series that fans are asking for, but the reality is that they aren't major sellers anymore.

That's the reason we see Nintendo focus so much on Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, and Kirby. Because those games are what sells.

It may not be the games you want, but its true for Nintendo, Ubisoft, and others. They all focus on a small set of core IPs that tend to sell.



Caryslan commented on Watch_Dogs Delayed Again on Wii U, Will Arrive...:

@boynerdrambling You do realize the N64 has nothing to offer third-party developers, and that Nintendo do not do much to endear themselves to third-parties in that era.

Here were the choices for support during that era. Either support the N64 which was difficult to program for, used an outdated form of media that could not support the games that they wanted to make, and was being made by a company who had a history of bullying third-parties to get what they wanted.

The Playstation on the other hand, was easier to program for, and offered media that supported the growing size of games in that era.

In other words, Nintendo drove away third-parties with their stupid development choices when they made the N64 and their stubborn desire to play by their own rules against the rest of the industry.

You do realize games like Final Fantasy VII would not have been possible on the N64, right? The limited space of the carts was the entire reason why Square Soft left Nintendo and went to Sony. Not to mention, Carts were a much bigger risk for a company that making games on CDs.

Now, I do agree with you that a crash could happen, although I don't really see any of the big developers really going down. Plus, for a crash to work, it has to affect the industry in all the major regions. If Ubisoft as an example, can still find success in Europe and other regions while a crash happens in the US, then it really does not change anything.

As bad as the crash of 1983 was, it really did not hurt much besides the US home console market. Arcades still did good business, and Europe and Japan were left untouched by what happened in the US.

Even if a crash happens, its not like every aspect of gaming will do down with it. Mobile Gaming might very well survive, and even grow stronger since consoles will leave a massive void.

Something people need to understand(not talking about what you said, but in general) is that if a crash happens, Nintendo does got get off scot free. Nintendo could be hurt just as badly as Sony and Microsoft if a crash does happen. They are tied to the market just as much as the other two.

So, for everyone who keeps hoping for a gaming crash with the idea that things will magically change, please stop. A crash is nothing but bad news, and could very well kill consoles once and for all. As for companies like EA, they can simply shift their focus to mobile gaming and PCs.

If a crash happens, consoles and even handhelds will be the platforms that stand to lose the most. PCs will endure, as will the mobile gaming market.

But I don't see there being a huge 1983 level crash. I think if anything, the market will eventually undergo a recession and many companies will be forced to review how they have handled things in the past. I think the market will start to pull back, while it waits for the next "Call of Duty" level blockbuster to show up.

This is less of a crash waiting to happen, and more of a market that hit its peak in popularity, and is undergoing a downturn as tastes change.

Will the market begin to get smaller? Yes, but I don't think we will see a 1983 crash ever again. The modern gaming industry has its issues, but I don't see the perfect storm that led to 1983's crash.

I think the gaming market if heading toward a downturn, but its still not enough for a crash.



Caryslan commented on Sega Has "No Plans" To Release Sonic Boom In J...:

Honestly, this makes sense. Sonic has never been big in Japan, and the main markets where the series sells are in the West. Why not let a Western Developer take a swing at the series? Its not like they could really do any worse than then Japanese developers.

Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations were good games, but they showed that Sonic was still far removed from his glory days. Maybe a shake up is what is needed to get the franchise back to its glory days.

I don't see the harm in this. Give the franchise to someone outside of Sonic team, and see how it does. Why is everyone thinking it being in the hands of a Western Developer means it wiill automatically be a horrible game? Its not like Sonic Team has been hitting it out of the park with Sonic games that are scoring 10s and 9s.

Sonic has been in some good games recently, but he's also been in some horrible ones. And even his good games are getting overshadowed by most other platformer

Maybe this is the spark the series needs.



Caryslan commented on Nintendo Reveals Release Windows For a Host of...:

This is nice and all, but would it kill Nintendo to also include the VC games that are coming to the 3DS? I'm getting tired of saving my points hoping Adventure Island II, Final Fantasy, Super Maro Bros 3 or other VC games come out in any given week.

Why is NOA so quiet about upcoming Virtual Console games?

Unless I'm wrong, NOJ does put out release dates for their VC games. Why can't Nintendo do the same? Or at least let third-party developers give out dates on their sites.



Caryslan commented on Poll: Have Your Say on Satoru Iwata's Nintendo...:

@MaverickHunterX I would say around October or November is the best time for Smash 4 to arrive. Next to Mario Kart, Smash in Nintendo's second biggest hitter and I think it needs to come out around the time the other two systems are getting their heavy hitters.

The Xbox One is getting Halo 5 around the time, and I would not be shocked if Sony has a major holiday title ready to go as well. Yarn Yoshi, X, Bayonetta 2, and Hyrule Warriors are likely major games, but I don't seem them pushing units the way a Smash Bros can.

Rushing Smash Bros out in the summer will waste its sales potential, and leave the Wii U without a major title during the holiday season. Mario Kart 8 coming out in May helps push the Wii U, especially during the barren Summer Months where few major titles are coming out to platforms. It also sells the Wii U at a time were kids are getting out of school, and might have time to play the game.

Yarn Yoshi and the others could be supplemental games that help keep the Wii U going, while Smash Bros 4 would be the major holiday title that helps the Wii U during a period where the Xbox One gets stuff like Halo 5.

Plus, I don't want Smash 4 to be rushed to the market. If it misses May of this year, if it misses the Holiday season, then so be it. Smash Bros will sell no matter when it comes out, and I would rather have a game that surpasses Brawl, over a game that was rushed out without giving Sakurai time to finish it the way that he wanted.



Caryslan commented on Pac-Man Museum Reportedly Cancelled on Nintend...:

Ok, before everyone attacks Namco and acts like they are stabbing Nintendo in the back, let's keep in mind a few things. First off, maybe an issue with the emulation of certain games played a role in the game being canceled. Namco did mention that the Wii U and 3DS versions being "delayed" played a role in the game being canceled. Maybe the Wii U and 3DS versions fell behind the other versions so much, Namco felt they could not make their money back on the project.

Does it suck that this game got canceled? Yes, but Namco must have a good reason beyond the fact that they want to spite Nintendo fans. The fact that a 3DS version got canceled should send up red flags that something more is up than Namco being mean or wanting to "stab" Nintendo in the back.

"A delay in development." can mean many things. Maybe Namco could not get all the emulated games to work on the Wii U or 3DS. Maybe they and Nintendo could not reach an agreement on how the game would be sold on the eshop.

My point is this, can we at least give Namco some benefit of the doubt before we all demonize them? The fact that the 3DS version got canned as well says something.

Maybe Nintendo and Namco could not reach an agreement on the game's DLC or the price on the eshop.

Lets all take a step back from this. It sucks that Namco did this, but they may not be the evil company that everyone thinks they are. Maybe something happened that caused them to back away from the Nintendo versions.

At least give them a little benefit of the doubt.



Caryslan commented on Nintendo Still Working On Bringing Game Boy Ad...:

@slidecage Last chance to save their handheld side? Their handheld side is doing very well, despite the mobile market being a threat. The 3DS has sold 45 million units, is the top selling system in Japan and other regions, and is nothing but pure profit for Nintendo at this point. What is there to save? Its beating the Vita, and 45 million sold in 3 years is an impressive number, especially when you consider everyone was saying the 3DS would not be successful thanks to mobile gaming.

Even if it is selling below the DS' level at a comparable timeframe, its still their most profitable system right now!

And how do they not care about the 3DS?

Last year saw the 3DS get tons of excellent games, and this year looks just as good. Killing off the 3DS family would be sucide at this point. I would see them killing off the Wii U before they did anything to mess with the 3DS family.

Even if the Wii U flops, the 3DS is still a decent enough success for Nintendo. Why would they kill off such a successful system? They could survive on their handheld business alone at this point.



Caryslan commented on Satoru Iwata States That Nintendo Should "Aban...:

@WaveBoy As much as I love my Wii, I still think the PS3 is a really good system that gets alot of unfair hate. Yes, the PS3 has western franchises, but it also has a great selection of JRPGs, Japanese-style games, and it library covers a very wide array of genres. Plus, it helped me rediscover some classic games from the past like the Vs games, Wonder Boy, The Simpsons and X-Men arcade, and tons of other great games I had forgotten about.

Let me ask something, if you think the Wii is a great system, why do you dislike the PS3 so badly? There are tons of JRPGs, Platformer games, and a vast array of genres on the PS3. My point is, the PS3 has alot more than "Western Games" on it. Its pretty much the home of Japanese third-party development for consoles this generation.

I love my Wii, but I think the PS3 is just as good, if not better.

I'm not bashing you, but why do you not like the PS3? I mean, if you loved a game like Xenoblade, then the JRPGs alone should make the PS3 appealing to you.



Caryslan commented on Satoru Iwata Confirms That DS Games Are Coming...:

@WaveBoy As much as I would love to see the Saturn emulated, its very unlikely to happen at this point. The Saturn is very difficult to emulate, and it is one of the few platforms that does not have a decent Computer emulator, and on consoles, its even chances of being emulated are even worse.

From what I've read, the Saturn's hardware is the problem. The Dual CPU setup is difficult to emulate, even on modern platforms.

Now, while the Saturn might be out, I don't see any reason why the Sega CD, Dreamcast, and Sega Arcade games can't be emulated on modern platforms. There are tons of classics on those platforms that deserve a second chance.



Caryslan commented on Satoru Iwata Confirms That DS Games Are Coming...:

I know this is a pipe dream, but here would be my dream VC lineups for the 3DS and Wii U

Game Boy
Game Boy Color
Game Boy Advance
Nintendo DS

Wii U


Why not put Wii VC games onto the Wii U? Those would make more sense than trying to shoehorn DS games onto a platform where they make no sense.



Caryslan commented on Satoru Iwata Confirms That DS Games Are Coming...:

So, the Wii U is getting both DS and GBA games? Does Nintendo not want to expand the 3DS VC beyond NES and Game Boy games or something? And why not get Gamecube games on the Wii U? DS and GBA would make so much more sense on the 3DS while the Wii U would get the N64 and Gamecube, which are the most logical platforms for that VC.