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Caryslan commented on Nintendo Download: 4th February (North America):

If Nintendo ever wonders why 3DS sales are down, maybe they should check out their weekly updates. The 3DS update is not even pathetic anymore. Its Nintendo slapping 3DS owners in the face while spitting in their food and hitting them in the groin with a baseball bat.

Come on Nintendo, give 3DS owners something. You have a good number of NES games that aren't on the service. Why not start there?



Caryslan commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS is Yet to ...:

Honestly, I don't see any reason to upgrade my 2DS to a new Nintendo 3DS. I don't care about 3D, I don't own any amiibos, and only one of the exclusive games really interests me.

Meanwhile. everything else that I want to play like Dragon Quest VII, Dragon Quest VIII, Metroid Federation Force, and other games are all perfectly playable on my 2DS. I can still play virtual console games for the NES, Game Boy, and Game Gear.

My point is this, Nintendo has done nothing to make the New Nintendo 3DS appealing to me as an consumer, and I can't be alone on this.

Now, if Nintendo offered SNES and GBA games as New Nintendo 3DS exclusives, it might tempt me to upgrade. Of if they made an exclusive 3D Mario platformer that could only be played on the newer model.

But the fact is, the New Nintendo 3DS offers nothing but Xenoblade. And paying 200 bucks for that game alone is not worth it when my 2DS is still fully capable of playing all the other games I want to play.

Even the loss of Xenoblade it not as big of a blow given the number of top quality RPGs that are coming to the 3DS this year.

To be blunt, the New Nintendo 3DS offers virtually nothing to justify its price point.



Caryslan commented on Gallery: Gear Up for the Final Super Smash Bro...:

Not sure if I'll get either, although Corrin looks fun(even if I decided to skip the game he's from)

I'll still proudly main Ganondorf and show all the fancy new Characters with their cute little gimmicks the true meaning of messing with the holder of The Triforce of Power:)



Caryslan commented on Poll: Which Nintendo Franchises Do You Most Wa...:

@LUIGITORNADO Only problem is that Mario Kart 8 is not even two years old. But Nintendo could get around that problem by putting out a Mario kart 8 Special Edition with both DLC packs included.

Like what is rumored with Smash Bros for Wii U.

I think its too soon for Mario Kart 9. There is generally a 3 to 4 year gap between Mario Kart games.



Caryslan commented on IHS Technology Adds to Speculation of an NX Po...:

@patbacknitro17 They said the same thing with the DS when it was announced. I recall Nintendo calling the DS the "third pillar" to the Game Cube and Game Boy Advance, and how the DS will not replace the Game Boy.

And how did that turn out? We have not had a new product with the Game Boy name in over ten years, and for all intents and purposes, the DS replaced the Game Boy as Nintendo's flagship handheld brand.

They only said that to have a safety net in case the DS flopped. If the DS failed to catch on, then the Game Boy brand would have been protected, and Nintendo could have carried on with that brand if needed. Once the DS took off, there was no need for Nintendo to use the "third pillar" nonsense.

The Game Boy Advance finished its run and the DS brand took over as Nintendo's main handheld line.

Don't take Nintendo's statements about the NX not replacing the "Wii U or 3DS" as fact. If the NX takes off, you can believe Nintendo will drop the DS and Wii brands and focus on the NX.

They did it once before, they will do it again.



Caryslan commented on IHS Technology Adds to Speculation of an NX Po...:

@Aneira The NX could be a handheld and a completely different project could be the successor to the Wii U. So far, we know nothing about the NX outside of rumors, "reports" from analysts that guess on what the hardware could be, and the assumption that the NX will unify Nintendo's handheld and home console lines.

But that NX could very well be nothing more then the next Nintendo handheld. People tend to forget that.

And a new handheld coming out this year would not be odd. The GBA, DS, and 3DS all came out before the Gamecube, Wii, and Wii U.

It makes more sense for Nintendo to put out a new handheld first, given that is still their biggest business.



Caryslan commented on The Official Fire Emblem Fates Site is Now Liv...:

I'm getting Birthright because it retains all the features of the series that I've enjoyed since Sacred Stones, such as an overworld map, bonus battles, the ability to grind for EXP(useful for building up weaker units like Clerics), and some other features that I love in modern Fire Emblem games.

Nohr looks like a throwback to the first GBA game as well as the earlier ones before that, were bonus EXP was rare to come by, weaker units were often thrown to the wolves to fend for themselves, and the game is linear with no chance to play bonus chapters or missions outside of the main storyline.

I'm not sure having different victory conditions and a harder difficulty is worth losing some major strides that series has made in recent years. I loved the first GBA game, but I thought Sacred Stones was better. I might consider Nohr is they added in Bonus EXP like you got in Path of Radiance, but I don't think you get event that. From what I read all the EXP and Gold is only earned from the chapter battles in the Nohr path.

Do arenas even return in the Nohr path?

So, it looks like Birthright it is for me. I'm sure I'll be labeled a casual Fire Emblem fan, but Sacred Stones and Awakening(which improved many of the basic ideas Sacred Stones had) are my favortie games in the series with Path of Radiance being a close third.

So, I'm spoiled on bonus EXP, overworld maps, bonus battles, and other stuff like that.

The Nohr path is just not for me.



Caryslan commented on Fire Emblem Fates Removes 'Petting' Feature in...:

It felt weird petting my Pokemon with a stylus, it would have been really creepy to have been doing it with human characters.

I'm all for anti-censorship, but this was a feature that has no place in a strategy RPG. I'm fine building supports and having characters bond, but touching another character just comes off a creepy.

Thank god it got removed. If you cancel you pre-order because a pointless feature like this got removed, then maybe Fire Emblem is not for you. Fire Emblem is a strategy RPG, not a fondling simulator.



Caryslan commented on Here's a Breakdown of the Extra e-Reader Level...:

Ok, it might be worth double-dipping in SMB3 even though I already own the NES version on the Wii U.

I complain about Nintendo's treatment of the virtual console, but I am very impressed. They have stepped up their game lately.



Caryslan commented on Nintendo Removes Infamous Drugging Scene From ...:

@Aerona I'm a huge Fire Emblem fan, and even I have to agree. The GBA games and Path of Radiance were never this weird. Even Awakening did not go into this territory.

I really hope Fates still has good core Fire Emblem gameplay. I thought Awakening did a good job in that aspect.

I just hope at some point, IS remembers that people buying Fire Emblem games want a strategy RPG, so a touching mini game or whatever this scene is supposed to be.

Path of Radiance is one of the best games in the series, and it had little to no stuff like this.



Caryslan commented on Nintendo Removes Infamous Drugging Scene From ...:

@ejamer I'll agree with you on that. Pretty much all my info comes from the article and the fact that Nintendo themselves are removing or changing the scene.

I will say that it might come off better in the Japanese version. Maybe its an issue of something that comes off as either "cute" or "funny" in the Japanese version that could not be translated properly to the west.



Caryslan commented on Nintendo Removes Infamous Drugging Scene From ...:

Nintendo did the right thing here and this comes from a guy who blasted them for removing the swimsuits from Fatal Frame. I'm sure in the Japanese version it comes off better, but in the west, this support conversation has two major red flags that could land Nintendo in hot water.

1. The Protagonist spikes a woman's drink without her consent. Given the recent headlines about Bill Cosby and various attempts to make rape and sexual assault receive more awareness with the general public, Nintendo keeping this in is just asking for trouble. Think about how this sounds, a male character spikes a woman's drink to make her fall in love with him. How is that not creepy or asking for Nintendo to get slammed?

2. The idea that Homosexuals need to be "cured" is opening another Pandora's box that Nintendo does not want to deal with. With the recent push for gay and lesbian rights along with better awareness, Nintendo will just look bad if they push this scene.

People can stand on their censorship soapbox all they want, but I agree with Nintendo fully in this case. People will run with the ball with headlines such as "New Nintendo game promotes date rape!" or "Nintendo game has gay characters being cured."

This is not a swimsuit on a character. This scene touches on two major red button issues in society.

Maybe in Japanese it comes off as better or these is some context that can't be translated.

That's Bill Cosby territory that we are entering, and the female character being homosexual makes this even worse.

Its a bad idea and Nintendo is right to change it. I'm always the first to bash Nintendo for censorship, and in many cases they do come off as overprotective when it comes to content.

But in this case, Nintendo is doing the right thing.



Caryslan commented on GDC Survey Shows Declining Interest From Devel...:

@Xenocity "Low sales and unruly customers" huh? Maybe WB would find their customers less "unruly" and good sales if their games worked without any problems.

PC gamers tend to even more picky then Nintendo gamers when it comes to taking crap from companies. You give them an bad product on a PC, and they will reject your game in droves.

I like Mortal Kombat X on the Xbox One, but that is a jerk move by WB. So, because they can't fix their games or make them work, they are going to pull out of the market because customers are upset?

Its like a manager at Burger King being shocked if a person is upset that their burger is undercooked.

Customers have a right to complain and be "unruly" when they are spending money on a product. Its just a damn shame WB is taking their ball and going home like a spoiled child rather then mending bridges with customers.



Caryslan commented on GDC Survey Shows Declining Interest From Devel...:

@6ch6ris6 Because the platform has been in decline in terms of sales since 2013. Sales of the 3DS have stagnated despite Nintendo putting out newer models and some major games in an attempt to boost sales.

Plus, western developers aren't really supporting handhelds this generation. Both the 3DS and Vita have seen massive a massive decline in western support.

Its much more notable on the Vita due to the PSP getting a good number of sports games list gen. Western Developers have shifted their support to mobile devices. EA for example is one of the biggest supporters of mobile devices.

At this point its not a matter of "if" the PS4 beats the 3DS is lifetime sales, its "when"



Caryslan commented on GDC Survey Shows Declining Interest From Devel...:

I'm not surprised. At this point the Wii U is pretty much keeping a seat warm until the NX comes out and keeping people who did buy the system happy with new content so they don't turn on Nintendo. Something Sega failed to do when they killed the Saturn and went almost a year and a half with no system on the market before the Dreamcast arrived..

The Wii U's lineup in 2016 is pretty good, but its safe. An HD port of an older Zelda game, a spin-off of a popular franchise that is a port of an arcade game, a 2015 release that got delayed(Star Fox Zero) and two games(Zelda Wii U and Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem) that we have known about for years.

So, I'm not shocked the Wii U is not getting any real support. If these developers are working on games, their efforts are likely focused on the NX.

The Wii U and to a lesser degree 3DS are systems whose best days are behind them. Especially if the NX unifies both Nintendo's consoles and handhelds.



Caryslan commented on Talking Point: The Allure of the Virtual Conso...:

@Xenocity Just a small correction, some Xbox Live Titles can be played on the Xbox One if they are included with the backward compatibility lists.

So far, some of my XBL games that I owned on the 360 like Doom, Doom II, Wolfenstien 3D, Perfect Dark, and Sonic CD are all playable on my Xbox One. And I know others like the Golden Axe Collection, Pac-Man Championship Edition, and other games.

Its not all the XBL games on the 360, but its a decent number of them.



Caryslan commented on ESPN Plans On Broadcasting Super Smash Bros. E...:

I think that Smash Bros is the best choice, even among other fighting games. Outside of Marvel(which often has too much going on the screen at times), Smash works perfectly as a spectator game. Its fast-paced, there is tons of movement around the stage, insane hype moments can happen with good gimps, KOs, or good reads.

Smash is just a perfect game for this kinda thing. I would say its even better then even Street Fighter in attracting a casual crowd that might be flipping channels.

The good news is that I no longer have to watch Twitch(which never works on my computer) or see the comments that are often pointless and stupid.



Caryslan commented on Reaction: Nintendo Titles Miss the UK Top 40 O...:

To be honest, expecting a Nintendo platform to sell insanely well in the UK is like expecting the Xbox to become the top system in Japan. Just as the sun rises every day, those two platforms are destined to fail in those two markets.

Why? Because their output does not sync with what those markets want. The Xbox has failed to gain any traction in Japan because the games that helps push the brand in the west are games that never do well in Japan anyway and the few western games that do break through and sell in Japan like Call of Duty are on the Playstation anyway.

As other people have pointed out, Nintendo has always struggled in the UK and Europe as a whole. In the past, this was due to Nintendo's late entry to the market(which gave Sega time to establish themselves) and their crappy treatment of European customers.

Their lackluster treatment of the UK has now bit them in the behind, because even with them showing serious efforts to win over consumers in the region, most gamers see no reason to go to Nintendo platforms that have fewer games then the Xbox or Playstation. People in the UK don't have loyalty to brands like Mario or Pokemon. Not in the way Japanese or NA gamers get warm fuzzy feelings of nostalgia when we play a Mario game or remember the hours spent playing Pokemon Red back in the day.

All they see is another platform game that looks good and plays well, but is on a system that is missing the third-party titles they want to play. This is why I harp on and on about the lack of third-party support on Nintendo home consoles. It does matter, because it makes Nintendo's systems look bad when they have fewer games then the Xbox and Playstation on store shelves.

Unlike NA, Nintendo does not even have a large number of gamers who grew up with the NES, SNES, or N64 that will give Nintendo a chance because they remember having a blast playing Mario Kart or Smash Bros. Much like the Xbox in Japan, the brand never really established itself there.

Nintendo and Microsoft both face a major problem in the sense that neither brand is truly global. What I mean by that is a brand that does well in all regions of the world. Nintendo, Sega, and Microsoft have always had this issue. Their systems dominate or at least sell well in a few regions while they struggle in other markets.

The only video game brand that has successfully managed to break through that glass ceiling is the Playstation. Barring the PS3 and the Vita, all of Sony's systems have managed to be successful worldwide in all the major markets.

I hope for the best with Nintendo, but its more then "People in the UK only buy Fifa and Call of Duty!" Nintendo's struggles now in the UK is a direct result of them letting the market slip away back in the 80s and 90s while other companies like Sega, Sony, and Microsoft all came in and stole their potential customer base from them.



Caryslan commented on Video: Hyrule Warriors Legends Footage Shows a...:

@Ryu_Niiyama I have Fallout 4 on the Xbox One and I have yet to see any issues. Granted, I don't have a PS4 and copy of Fallout 4 for that system to compare laying around, but Fallout 4 is playable on the Xbox One.

I think people put too much stock into framerates when it comes to games. Of course, 60 FPS should always be a target, but many major games run at 30 FPS and are perfectly playable.

And just like the difference between resolution between the PS4 and Xbox One, I doubt many people honestly care at the end of the day. Granted, a blade of grass or other texture might look better on one system then the other, how many people are going to notice?



Caryslan commented on Video: Hyrule Warriors Legends Footage Shows a...:

@XCWarrior Thing is, Xenoblade is the only reason to pick up a New Nintendo 3DS and that's because it is exclusive to the new hardware. I know games like Monster Hunter 4 and Smash Bros play better on the new model compared to my 2DS, but as long as these games remain playable, I don't see any reason to upgrade.

Hyrule Warriors would be tempting were it not for the Wii U version.



Caryslan commented on Feature: The Biggest 3DS Games of 2016:

Am I the only one who thinks the 3DS has a much stronger and better lineup then the Wii U does this year?

Either way, 2016 is going to be an awesome year for my 2DS! Between Fire Emblem Fates, Dragon Quest VII, Dragon Quest VIII, Hyrule Warriors Legends, and the VC versions of the old Pokemon games, it will be a challenge to balance my trade-in credit.

And that's not even getting into the awesome games on the Xbox One.

Going to be a good year for games!



Caryslan commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2016:

It should say something when I voted for Twilight Princess HD. Pokken Tournament looks fun and I have high hopes for Star Fox(especially if they can add in online play)

But Zelda Wii U has me very uneasy given Nintendo has shown off so little regarding it and I have been disappointed by every new Zelda game since Spirit Tracks.

As for Genei Ibun Roku #FE, I'm just not intrested in it For someone like me who is a huge Fire Emblem fan, I just don't see anything in that game that really draws my attention.

But the 3DS has some good games coming in 2016. I'm looking forward to Fire Emblem Fates, Metroid Prime Hunters, Mario & Luigi Paper Jam, Dragon Quest VII, and Dragon Quest VIII.

Even if the Wii U is somewhat lackluster for me, the 3DS lineup looks awesome.



Caryslan commented on SEGA Reveals the Logo for Sonic the Hedgehog's...:

@AtlanteanMan You do realize Sonic is what made Sega a household name and allowed them to challenge Nintendo?

Not taking anything away from Phantasy Star, Shinobi Golden Axe, or Sega's other IPs from the 80s and early 90s.

But Sonic(and Madden) is what pushed Sega to Nintendo's level.



Caryslan commented on SEGA Reveals the Logo for Sonic the Hedgehog's...:

@DESS-M-8 What in the world are you talking about? Sony and the hype train for the PS2 over two years before it was even released was the biggest reason why the Dreamcast lost all its momentum and failed.

If you want to go further back, it was the failure of the Sega CD, 32X, and Saturn that helped lead to Sega's downfall as a console maker and were the biggest reasons Sega lost the confidence of its customers.

What did Microsoft do to kill the Dreamcast? That system lost because Sega simply could not sustain a fight in a crowded market where its rivals were bigger and had more money.



Caryslan commented on Feature: Five Key Reveals and Releases That Wi...:

Well, my 2DS will see some playtime this year with Fire Emblem Fates, Dragon Quest VII, Dragon Quest VIII, and the VC versions of Pokemon RBY.

As for the Wii U, there are some good games coming out, but the Xbox One is also getting some awesome games in 2016 like Doom, Shadow Warrior 2, and others, so that system will get some priority.

So, looks like most of my credit in 2016 will be spent on my 2DS and Xbox One. I do have to say, Pokken Tournament does look fun.



Caryslan commented on Nintendo Dominates Festive Sales in Japan as 3...:

@andrew20 Why would Microsoft make games for the Vita when they are currently locked in a battled with Sony worldwide in the home console market?

Microsoft is better served just walking away from Japan and focusing on the other regions.

As for an Xbox Handheld, I would hope Microsoft is not dumb enough to even try to enter that market. For all of Nintendo's issues, they are the unchallenged leaders of the handheld market and have yet to lose their throne.

Even Sony, who has won two of the last four console generations, and is leading the current gen can do nothing to dethrone Nintendo.

Only two handhelds have ever sold decently in the face of Nintendo's domination in the market. The Game Gear and the PSP. All others have not even come close to giving Nintendo a fight.

An Xbox handheld would only be a money drain on Microsoft and would take away their focus on the home console market.



Caryslan commented on Nintendo Dominates Festive Sales in Japan as 3...:

@AVahne I've been a Fire Emblem fan since 7, loved all the games(barring RD) up through Awakening, and I'm looking forward to Fates coming to the US.

But I have no hype at all for Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem. Everything I've seen so far just does not click for me as a Fire Emblem fan. Its hard to say, but I barely see any of the elements that I love about Fire Emblem in this game.

Its not even a Strategy RPG, which makes me lose even more interest.

I'm sure it will be a good game, and if it gets cheap, I may try it.

But for right now, I would have rather seen a brand new Fire Emblem game built for the Wii U.



Caryslan commented on Talking Point: The Easily Forgotten Hardware R...:

Honestly, the New 3DS is a pointless upgrade for me. Outside of the Xenoblade port(which I admittedly want), there is really no other selling point for me. The better 3D does not matter since my eyes were bothered and had problems registering the 3D of my first 3DS, the C-Stick is cool, but I can play Smash 3DS just fine without it, and the Amiibo support is pointless since I don't own any figures and even if I did, there is an adapter for my 2DS.

The main selling point of the New Nintendo 3DS would be the games, but as far as I'm aware, the only games that are exclusive to it are Xenoblade and Binding of Issac.

All the other games that I'm looking forward to that are coming in the next year such as Fire Emblem Fates, Dragon Quest VII, Dragon Quest VIII and others are all playable on my 2DS.

And since Nintendo missed the boat by not making SNES or GBA games exclusive for the New 3DS, its got even less of a selling point for me.

I'm not saying its a bad system, I think its good for people who are new to the 3DS family or have a use for the upgraded features.

But for me, my humble little 2DS gets the job done.

At this point, even if my 2DS broke, I'm not sure if I would get a New Nintendo 3DS. I would probably go for the cheaper option and just buy another 2DS.



Caryslan commented on Nintendo Download: 24th December (North America):

@IceClimbers Microsoft of all companies seems to be the one that has their eyes on the ball right now. The Xbox One is getting some great exclusives, their major first party titles seem to be coming out on time, they are going all in with Xbox 360 BC, and they seem to be going out of their way to make consumers happy.

Maybe having to eat some humble pie made them back off.

To be honest, Sony's arrogance and return to this habits of the PS1 and PS2 eras, and Nintendo's often questionable tactics and lack of third-party support made me get an Xbox One over Black Friday.

I have not regretted my purchase since then.

None of the big three are perfect, but Microsoft seems to be going out of their way not to annoy consumers.



Caryslan commented on Masahiro Sakurai Talks About the New Fighters ...:

Something I want to point out is that the characters like the Inklings are likely being saved for Smash 5. Why would Sakurai blow a brand new First-Party franchise and a requested characters on DLC?

Corrin is a safe pick because he's both from an established franchise in Smash, and he also is a character who would have likely missed the cut for Smash 5(If Fire Emblem 15 or 16 came out, Corrin would likely lose to the main character of those games)

So, DLC gives Corrin a chance to shine, allows Sakurai to show off some other elements of Fire Emblem besides the Lords and their swordplay(Much like Robin showed off the Magic and item durability system) and lets him save the Inklings and Splatoon as newcomers for Smash 5.

All of our DLC for Smash 4 have either been veterans who were cut from previous games, third-party characters who may or may not return in Smash 5, and one new first-party character from an established franchise in Smash.

Sakurai is saving the good stuff like the Inklings and maybe King. K Rool for Smash 5. Smash 5 may happen alot sooner then people think, especially with the NX coming out next year.



Caryslan commented on Sales for Dementium Remastered Have Been Much ...:

Ok, I'll just say it. Why would I play a horror FPS game on a system without dual analog sticks when I have Doom 3 sitting on my PS3?

If they really wanted to get people to buy this game, then put it out on the Wii U, PS3, PS4,Vita, Xbox 360, or Xbox One!

Systems that have proper control schemes to support this kind of game. Bad controls is the main reason why I never got into Ironfall and I don't see this game being any better on the 3DS. I played the original on the DS, and touch screen FPS controls are horrible. I don't see it being any better.

And if they honestly wanted to change my mind on this, then offer a demo. This goes for any developer. If you want me to take a chance on a game, offer a demo for me to try.

Especially if your game is digital only and can't be rented from a Redbox.



Caryslan commented on Evergreen Nintendo Releases Hang Tough in the ...:

Fallout 4 is an RPG game that sold in the millions and was one of the most hyped games of 2015. Why? Because Bethesda went out of their way to market the hell out of that game. I don't know about the UK, but in the past month, I have seen tons of Fallout 4 ads on TV shows, including Football games.

This is despite Fallout already being a million seller franchise with two popular entries(3 and New Vegas) on the previous generation of consoles and coming off the success of Skyrim.

Bethesda did not rest on their past success and just assume the Fallout name would sell the game. They hyped the hell out of it.

To use a non video game example, look at Disney and Star Wars! Everyone knows what Star Wars is, and the movie could sell itself. But Disney has initiated a marketing blitz to get The Force Awakens out to the public.

Xenoblade Chronicles X could have been the Wii U's big holiday game. It could have been something that turned heads and made people look at the Wii U this holiday season. No, I'm not saying it would have been something that would have sold 10 million copies, but in the absence of both Zelda and Star Fox, Nintendo could have pushed this game further.

Where are the ads for Xenoblade? I can see a Fallout 4 and Star Wars Battlefront ad nearly every commercial break during football games, but Nintendo can't use some money to push this game?

For the first time since the Wii U launched, 2015 was a year where Nintendo finally gained some momentum with the success of Splatoon and Mario Maker. But rather then end the year on a high note pushing Xenoblade, they instead dump it at the end of the year to get buried under Fallout, Call of Duty, Battlefront and the other major games of the holiday season.

This is why Nintendo's games don't sell. Not everyone watches their directs. Some people don't even know about a game until they see an ad on TV or hulu!

Did Nintendo go hire marketing teams who were in charge of the N-Gage, 3DO, and Jaguar? Where did they get the people who run their marketing department?



Caryslan commented on Microsoft Gets Cute About Possible Rare Replay...:

@JaxonH The Xbox One won me over as a customer due to havng stronger exclusives, BC with the Xbox 360(I can play Doom II again!), a better control that does not have any gimmicks, and some cool hardware features like the ability to stream to any Windows PC in my house.

I love my Xbox One, and I have no intention of selling it off for a PS4 or NX.



Caryslan commented on Masahiro Sakurai Talks About Fire Emblem Chara...:

@ollietaro Personally, that is the reason why I loved Scared Stone. I could develop my weaker characters without having to throw them out to the wolves.

Path of Radiance had the most balanced exp system overall, since it rewarded you based on how you did in battle, but also allowed you a chance to develop your weaker characters and level them up without having to worry about tossing them out before they were ready. You could keep them away from battle and give them some bonus EXP. Also made leveling up healers(the hardest class to level up) alot easier.

It also helped that Ike was a powerful lord, which meant you did not have to spend time babying him the same way you did Eliwood.



Caryslan commented on Microsoft's Phil Spencer "Would Be Happy" To S...:

@WaxxyOne The Xbox One has good games, and if Black Friday sales are any signs, it has a pulse.

The Wii U is pretty much a dead platform, awaiting the day when Nintendo takes it out behind the barn and puts a bullet in its head to end its misery.

Do I sound morbid? Maybe, but I own both a Xbox One and a Wii U. My Xbox One is still getting tons of support not just from Microsoft, but from other third-party developers. And let's be honest here, outside of Sony snapping up exclusive content that they help fund like Street Fighter V, 99% of the major third-party games will arrive on the Xbox One.

The Wii U has been a barren wasteland this year, with major droughts and virtually every major third-party title skipping the platform. The Wii U has good games, that is a fact. But it has no changed the fact that the Wii U has no chance of ever overtaking the Xbox One, much less the PS4.

The Wii U is on life support, awaiting the day when the NX arrives.

And if the PS4's sales prove anything, its that the system with the better library does not always win. Both the Xbox One and the Wii U have better games then the PS4(which is pretty much selling on hype, promises of games in the future, and having the best graphics), but both are behind in sales.



Caryslan commented on Microsoft's Phil Spencer "Would Be Happy" To S...:

@Einherjar Yeah, because the company with the worst selling home console on the market right now is going to save anything.

The PS4 and Xbox One were virtually tied over this year's black friday in terms of sell percentage(PS4 at 42%, Xbox One at 41%).

The PS4 is doing better then the Xbox One, but people really need to stop with this idea that the Xbox One is selling worse then the 3D0 and has no chance to win this generation or at least come in at a good showing in second place.

I have a question to you and everyone who keeps acting like the Xbox One is a sinking ship. Did people think the PS3 was a sinking ship when it was being crushed by the 360 and Wii during its first few years on the market?



Caryslan commented on Talking Point: Nintendo is Right to Move On Fr...:

@electrolite77 Unless I'm wrong, did Sony ever give numbers for the Playstation 3 in the years that is was being outsold badly by the 360 and Wii? Because I recall Sony never giving firm numbers until they started to approach the 360's sales.

Sony always played with the numbers, either by giving percents(PS3 sales are 88% higher this year), or lumping them with PS2 sales to make them look better.

I guess my point is, I don't understand the idea that the Xbox One is this failure of a system that is going to make Microsoft leave the video game market.

At the very least, we know Xbox One sales have surpassed sales of the Wii U. Microsoft also saw massive success during Black Friday of this year.

If I had to guess, Microsoft has likely sold 15-20 million Xbox Ones. Which at the lowest number, puts them at half of the Playstation 4's sales. Not the best sales, but its not a gap that is impossible for the Xbox One to close over time.

Why is everyone writing Microsoft off? The PS3 competed with two platforms that outsold it for years until it finally closed the gap.

Why can't the Xbox One do the same.



Caryslan commented on Sega Slashes Full-Year Net Profit Projection B...:

@Technosphile To be fair, Sega would not have survived for very long with both Nintendo and Microsoft entering the fight with the Gamecube and Xbox.

They were already being destoryed by the PS2, and the Gamecube and Xbox would have been even more powerful consoles that were backed by companies with deeper pockets.

Sega could have made the jump to being a third-party developer. They had the IPs and the fanbase to do it. Their problem was making crappy, rushed games and tossing them out onto the market.

With that poorly thought out strategy, Sega could not even compete with other Japanese developers, much less the big boys like EA, Activision, and Ubisoft.

And I agree with you about the Dinosaur comment. I love Nintendo, but they are losing their place in the gaming business with each passing day. Now, it seems like its a battle between Playstation, Xbox, and PC, with Nintendo platforms shoved off in a corner.



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@rjejr A problem for me is that the sorry lineup of the Wii U this year and the fact that the major third-party games I wanted to play failed to arrive on the Wii U caused me to get a Fallout 4 Xbox One bundle.

So now, my Wii U has to compete with the Xbox One for my limited credit next year. Which means the Wii U is behind the Xbox One and 3DS in terms of me using my credit(can't pass up Fire Emblem fates, and Dragon Quest VII and VIII!)

So, while the Wii U has a good lineup, I may just wait till the system dies and pick up the games that I missed.

It is a shame though, had those games like Twilight Princess HD come out during the droughts this year, I would have gotten them. It was the droughts and lack of games that made me go pick up an Xbox One.



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@Angelic_Lapras_King And that is why I'm trying to get an Xbox One this holiday season.

I'm not really into JRPGs as it is(Dragon Quest is the only one that holds my intrest) and the rest of the Wii U's lineup this holiday season looks weak.

Not to mention, the Wii U is not getting Black Ops III, Fallout 4, or the other games that I want to play this holiday season.

Well, at least Cloud will keep me around playing Smash.



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This is the reason why I'm getting an Xbox One this holiday season. I love my Wii U, but its just frustrating to see so many games that I don't care for this year. I'm a huge Kirby fan, but I have zero interest in a sequel to a DS game I did not like 10 years ago with the first one.

Splatoon was awesome, no question about that one, as was Mario Maker.

But my most played Nintendo games this year were Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS and Majora's Mask 3D.

A game from 2014 and a remake of an N64 game were my most played games on Nintendo systems in 2015.

Most of Nintendo's content this year has simply felt like filler intended to pad a schedule that quite frankly has gotten weaker since its obvious the AAA games are being made for the NX.

What does not help, and I've said this numerous times before is a lack of third-party games on the Wii U. I spent hours playing Dragonball Xenoverse on my PS3, while my brother played Battlefield Hardline on the PS3 as well.

I want to play games like Black Ops III and Fallout 4 on the Wii U, but they aren't coming. So, my Wii U will keep on being a Smash Bros player while I buy a Xbox One to play the third-party titles that I want to play.

As for Nintendo's 2015 Holiday lineup? Its the worst I have ever seen from Nintendo.

The one silver lining in all of this is that 2016 will be awesome with Dragon Quest VII and VIII, Twilight Princess HD, and Fire Emblem fates arriving net year.

But in regards to 2015, this year really sucked if you were a Nintendo fan and wanted something more then Mario Party with an Animal Crossing skin, another Animal Crossing game, and Amiibo's being shoved down everyone's throat.