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Caryslan commented on Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival and Mario Ten...:

@Angelic_Lapras_King And that is why I'm trying to get an Xbox One this holiday season.

I'm not really into JRPGs as it is(Dragon Quest is the only one that holds my intrest) and the rest of the Wii U's lineup this holiday season looks weak.

Not to mention, the Wii U is not getting Black Ops III, Fallout 4, or the other games that I want to play this holiday season.

Well, at least Cloud will keep me around playing Smash.



Caryslan commented on Editorial: It's Not Fun to Criticise Nintendo ...:

This is the reason why I'm getting an Xbox One this holiday season. I love my Wii U, but its just frustrating to see so many games that I don't care for this year. I'm a huge Kirby fan, but I have zero interest in a sequel to a DS game I did not like 10 years ago with the first one.

Splatoon was awesome, no question about that one, as was Mario Maker.

But my most played Nintendo games this year were Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS and Majora's Mask 3D.

A game from 2014 and a remake of an N64 game were my most played games on Nintendo systems in 2015.

Most of Nintendo's content this year has simply felt like filler intended to pad a schedule that quite frankly has gotten weaker since its obvious the AAA games are being made for the NX.

What does not help, and I've said this numerous times before is a lack of third-party games on the Wii U. I spent hours playing Dragonball Xenoverse on my PS3, while my brother played Battlefield Hardline on the PS3 as well.

I want to play games like Black Ops III and Fallout 4 on the Wii U, but they aren't coming. So, my Wii U will keep on being a Smash Bros player while I buy a Xbox One to play the third-party titles that I want to play.

As for Nintendo's 2015 Holiday lineup? Its the worst I have ever seen from Nintendo.

The one silver lining in all of this is that 2016 will be awesome with Dragon Quest VII and VIII, Twilight Princess HD, and Fire Emblem fates arriving net year.

But in regards to 2015, this year really sucked if you were a Nintendo fan and wanted something more then Mario Party with an Animal Crossing skin, another Animal Crossing game, and Amiibo's being shoved down everyone's throat.



Caryslan commented on Video: Check Out Cloud Strife's Marvellous Sup...:

@Whopper744 If I can ask, why not get a PSP and download FF VII off the Playstation network? If you're worried about the version running badly, I can tell you that the PSone Classics version of FF VII works perfectly on the PSP, and you can pick up the system pretty cheap used(about 40-50 bucks to start off)

That, and you would also get access to VIII and IX if you enjoyed VII.



Caryslan commented on Final Fantasy's Cloud Is Set To Cause Some Str...:

@IceClimbers That is something some people are missing the point on.

This is not about who has been on Nintendo platforms or who has strong ties to them. Its all about money.

And Cloud is going to be a bigger seller then pretty much anyone else people care to name. Alucard, Simon Belmont, Shovel Knight, Shantae?

Cloud is a more popular character then all of them, with a larger fanbase.

At this point, I think Snake is coming back. Snake is about the only third-party character left who can match Cloud's popularity.



Caryslan commented on Final Fantasy's Cloud Is Set To Cause Some Str...:

@Kirk Square did not drop Nintendo like a ton of bricks with Final Fantasy VII. The game started development on the Nintendo 64, and was moved to the Playstation due to the N64's choice of media not being big enough for the game Square wanted to make.

People really need to stop with this idea that Square betrayed Nintendo. Nintendo built a system that did not suit the games that they wanted to create, while Sony did have such a system.

Which is still an issue to this day and why Nintendo has so much trouble getting third-parties onboard.



Caryslan commented on Final Fantasy's Cloud Is Set To Cause Some Str...:

@ricklongo Why would he be rolling in his grave? At the end of the day, Cloud prints money and has an insane fanbase behind him.

Let me put it this way, Cloud will print alot more money then Shovel Knight or Shantae ever could. Heck, he'll likely print more money then some other major third-party characters.

Cloud has a large fanbase and this is his first fighting game appearance outside the Final Fantasy series.

Mr. Yamauchi would likely applause this as a brilliant business move and a chance to stick it to Sony who could not get Cloud into their own SSB-style game.

Mr. Yamauchi was about making money and Nintendo's power. Cloud will draw in a new crowd to Smash, and he will make money.

This choice was not about ties to Nintendo, it was about Nintendo seeing a golden cow and milking it.



Caryslan commented on Final Fantasy's Cloud Is Set To Cause Some Str...:

@duffmmann The problem with Geno is that at the end of the day, he's simply another Mario character. Putting him or Mallow is would be fun, but he does not showcase Square Enix's history or their place in gaming history. They would simply be another set of characters with a Mushroom icon next to their names and the Mario victory music. It would be a waste of a third-party spot.

Now, if they wanted to honor a Square Enix series in Smash, you can't go wrong with Dragon Quest.

All 11 main series games are on Nintendo platforms in some form, with I, II, III, IV, V, VI, IX, X, and XI all having debuted on Nintendo systems.



Caryslan commented on Chibi-Robo!: Zip Lash Endures Awful UK Launch ...:

@Mogster Nintendo's release schedule makes no sense either. Why in the hell are they sending Chibi Robo and Yoshi's Wooly World out to die in the holiday season that is stacked with Halo 5, Fallout 4, Black Ops III, and Battlefront.

If this were Zelda, I could maybe get it. Even Mario Tennis would make sense as a nice holiday game to pad the schedule. But 2015 is one of the most stacked years in terms of major releases, and they put two games that are from smaller franchises to die.

Even if someone wanted to play Chibi Robo, why would they buy it if they are already planning to pick up Halo 5 or Black Ops III if they also own a PS4 or Xbox One.

Both of those games should have been summer releases. I don't know how Yoshi is doing, but Chibi Robo was just sent marching to its death coming out this time of they year.



Caryslan commented on Super Smash Bros. + Splatoon Wii U Hardware Bu...:

@Gridatttack Well, I'm opting for an Xbox One mostly because of the exclusives, but also because I have never been a PC gamer. The only two PC games I've ever played for any length of time is Simcity 3000 and Simtower.

That, and I've read that certain games like Batman: Arkham Knight and Mortal Kombat X have some issues with the PC versions.



Caryslan commented on Super Smash Bros. + Splatoon Wii U Hardware Bu...:

@SteedLaw Good for you, but I own a Wii U, and I could list tons of games that the system will never get.

Shall I start with Fallout 4? Mortal Kombat X? How about a racing game like Forza?

I understand your gaming needs a different from mine(I'm a single male and I'm splitting the cost with my brother) but I could name off tons of games that the Wii U is not getting along.

Where are the racing games(not Kart based ones)? Or the tradtional 2D or 3D fighting games? Western RPGs? FPS? Sports Games? Wrestling Games? More niche titles like games based on Dragon Ball or Naruto?

Is it getting Star Wars Battlefront?

Don't take this the wrong way, I love my Wii U. I think it has a great selection of games, but many games I want to play are missing from it. That's why I'm hoping to score one of the Xbox One deals this holiday season.

To play the games that aren't on the Wii U.

I know you have your reasons, but I think its harsh to judge the Xbox One and PS4 as garbage systems that have bad games or are missing genres when the Wii U has that issue as well.

Tastes differ, and while I can understand you might not like the lineup of the PS4 and Xbox One, I can say that nothing on the Wii U this holiday season really intests me. I don't want to play an Animal Crossing party game, I already have Mario Tennis on my 3DS, and while Fatal Frame looks cool, its not my cup of tea when it comes to horror games.

Xenoblade also looks nice, but between it and Fallout, I would rather have Fallout 4 to be honest.

If Zelda U was coming out, I might be more interested, but the Wii U's lineup this holiday season is rather weak.

Again, its a matter of differing tastes. You might like the lineup on the Wii U this holiday season and it might even be good for a new Wii U owner. But I've had my Wii U for over a year, I have pretty much all the games that I want to own for that system.

At this point, the Xbox One offers tons of games that I want to play going into next year.

One other thing I want to say. You brought up the fact that the PS4 and Xbox One don't have games that appeal to average nsumers, but yet, the PS4 is the top selling home console of this generation at over 30 million units sold, while the Xbox One is at 18 million at last count.

The Wii U just barely broke the 10 million sales mark and barely surpassed the Dreamcast's lifetime sales(a system widely considered a failure) and if rumors are true, will be replaced next year with another home console.

So, don't take this the wrong way, but the average consumer has spoken in favor of the PS4 and to a lesser degree the Xbox One. Not bashing the Wii U, but those are the facts if we look at sales numbers.



Caryslan commented on EA Will Evaluate "Any And All Opportunities" W...:

@Quinn_Blackwood For many years, the Sega Genesis outsold the SNES in most regions of the world. In NA, Sega was the top console maker until 1994, when Nintendo made a comeback with Donkey Kong Country.

But the funny thing is that Nintendo never truly beat Sega. Nintendo won because Sega's managment at the time were idiots, and they did not realize the value of the Genesis and 16-bit software in western markets. Because the Genesis had never caught on in Japan(the only region where the SNES outright beat the Genesis), the Japanese CEO of Sega opted to push back support for the the Genesis worldwide in favor of the the Saturn. Which pretty much handed the entire 16-bit market to Nintendo on a silver platter.

One funny thing to note is that in 1998, both the SNES and Genesis were being sold as budget systems, and the two rivals staged one last battle as the Playstation and N64 stole their spotlight.

The Genesis by all accounts beat the SNES in the final battle of the 16-bit war.

History tends to paint the SNES as the winner, and I won't argue that point. But I was there during the 16-bit wars, and history tends to forget how hot the Sega Genesis was in NA in the early 90's.

And while Sonic played a major role in that success, it was EA's support that helped push the Genesis's success.



Caryslan commented on Feature: Why We're Still Playing... Super Metroid:

@B64111980 Uh, I never said Castlevania came first or anything, all I said was that Castlevania Symphony of the Night did the Metroid style gameplay better then Super Metroid.

Although, your comment is a bit off. Castlevania is almost as old as Metroid is, the only difference is that the early Castlevania games were standard platformer games.

There are three styles of Castlevania games, the classic stage by stage platformer games, the Metroidvania style games, and the DMC/GOW style 3D Castlevania games.

One thing I should also note is that SOTN is not Castlevania's first attempt at a Metroidvania game. Castlevania II predated SOTN by over a decade, and introduced the basic concepts that later Metroidvania games would draw from(RPG style level up system, massive overworld to explore, upgradable weapons and equipment)

As for why they call them Metroidvania's, its a nickname given to the Castlevania games that use Metroid's style of gameplay.

In other words, mixing Castlevania's gameplay, monsters, and world with the Metroid style of gameplay.



Caryslan commented on Feature: Why We're Still Playing... Super Metroid:

While I think Super Metroid is awesome, I don't think its the best Metroid-style game out there.

That honor goes to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, with took every awesome thing about Super Metroid(the bosses, the cool areas to explore, the music, the general ambiance of the game) and ran with it.

I applaud Super Metroid for being an awesome game on its own accord. SOTN is just much, much better at pretty much everything.



Caryslan commented on Pokémon Hoopa Distribution Confirmed for McDo...:

Ok, I'm just going to say it. What is the point in including a mystery gift option that allows you to download special Pokemon if it never gets used.

Let me put this another way, why should I have to haul my 2DS to a Mcdonalds, deal with a clerk who can barely take my order for food on a good day, and have people look at me funny as I ask for a Pokemon code.

Nintendo, why can I not just download this in the comfort of my own home? Why do I have to jump through hoops to go download a Pokemon?



Caryslan commented on Details Emerge on How Nintendo Accounts Will Work:

So, I'm just going to ask.

If I buy Super Mario Bros on the 3DS, can I also download it on the Wii U without having to buy a separate version for each system?

In other words, like how Sony does it where if I buy say Final Fantasy VII as a PS1 Classic, that version can be be used on up to two PS3 and PSP consoles that are tied to the account that bought the game in the first place.



Caryslan commented on Analysis: There Are Reasons to be Optimistic A...:

@DarthNocturnal The only people who want Nintendo to go away are Sony or Microsoft fanboys who want Nintendo games on their systems, the talking heads for mobile gaming who think handheld systems should have died long ago and are upset that the 3DS refuses to die, and investors who scream that the sky is falling everytime Nintendo suffers a setback.

For all the fanboy hatred towards them, even Microsoft and Sony admit that Nintendo has a place making systems, and that the market would feel different if they left.

When the other console makers want Nintendo to keep making systems, then it becomes clear that only petty people want Nintendo to fail.

And every single time, Nintendo proves them wrong. Nintendo according to these people should have died back during the Gamecube era. And that handhelds would finally die a quick death at the hands of mobile devices. Which of course, did not happen.

The 3DS endured and created a nice little market for itself.

Nintendo always finds a way. That is the difference between them, and Sega, Atari, and the other failed console markers.



Caryslan commented on Weirdness: Miyamoto Wanted A Murder-Free Golde...:

Somehow, I get the impression that Miyamoto never saw a Bond movie, and never really had an idea what the franchise was about.

It's possible, that he did not even know it was a licensed game, and assumed it was just Nintendo's attempts to join the FPS boom of the 90s.

Its a funny bit of trivia either way.



Caryslan commented on Genei Ibun Roku #FE Directors Reveal More Deta...:

@AVahne Would you have rather seen Fire Emblem go the way of Metroid and F-Zero? Once Nintendo loses faith in a series, its very hard for a series to make a comeback. Look at the long road Star Fox has endured with its most recent game.

I don't get why people, especially older Fire Emblem fans hate the game so much. Older features like Perma Death are still in the game, you can ignore the pair up system, and you can raise the difficulty of the game.

I suppose the only argument that I understand is the one where the maps have no variety outside of Route the Enemy. But all of Fire Emblem's old features like Perma Death are still there.

The only difference is that casual players can enjoy the game as well.

I've played Fire Emblem since 7, and Awakening is my third favorite game in the series after Sacred Stones and Path of Radiance.

Now, my opinion is that Radiant Dawn was too hardcore for its own good. The enemy AI was jacked up in the game, your units were oftern pointlessly under powered, and the story was a jumbled mess.

If anything, Awakening brought me back into the series after I was dissapointed by Radiant Dawn.



Caryslan commented on Genei Ibun Roku #FE Directors Reveal More Deta...:

@Tsurii What would have been wrong with a proper cross-over? I would have rather seen a game where the best characters from Fire Emblem and SMT team up to take down an evil that threatens both their words.

Ok, I'm sure most people would dismiss that as boring and generic, but I might have been interested had they gone that route.

Now, we have a game about pop singers, the Fire Emblem characters simply being mirages that "lost parts of their body because of their training and fighting or some nonsense" and a feeling that this is less of a crossover, and more of a SMT or Persona game with Fire Emblem elements sprikled on top.

As a Fire Emblem fan, what is there to appeal to me if I have never cared to play the Persona series?

I may still play this game if it goes on sales or gets insanely high review scores, but I guess I expected something different from a game that started out as a crossover.



Caryslan commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes ...:

So, Majora's Mask 3D remains the only Zelda game worth getting this year from the looks of it.

Fine with me, Mario Kart 7 and Smash are better multiplayer games overall anyway.

I am firmly in the camp that Zelda is better as a single player game anyway.



Caryslan commented on Yes, Fatal Frame's Lingerie Outfits Have Been ...:

Here is my issue with this. It does not matter if the lingerie suits seems tacky or out of place. The issue is that NOA is censoring content for a game that is already rated M by the ESRB.

M ratings are the gaming equivalent of R ratings. In other words, you can expect M rated games to have very graphic Blood and Gore, nudity, sex scenes, and cursing. Other systems have this content all the time, some of it from the first-party developers themselves.

Sony of course had God of War which pretty much takes full advantage of the M rating, games like Witcher 3 and Dragon Age have sex scenes.

The issue I have is this. Nintendo is stepping in and deciding what kind of content players should have in their games. This is no different from them censoring blood in Mortal Kombat back in the 90s.

Only this time, its arguably worse, since this game is clearly aimed at an adult audience. As for the Nintendo is doing this to protect thier family values argument, I have a simple reponse. The game is rated "M" already. All Nintendo needs to do is point out that the game is intended for adult audiences and point to their family friendly franchises like Mario and Kirby for younger players.

Sony sells God of War alongside Little Big Planet and Ratchet and Clank, and people don't slam Sony if a kid plays God of War.

This just comes off as petty and pointless censorship. It does not matter if you think the costumes are out of place or tacky, the fact is, this is censorship and it has no place in 2015, especially if Nintendo is trying to sell their game to an adult audience. An audience that has far more mature content all the way up to sex scenes on games found on both the Playstation and Xbox.



Caryslan commented on The Current Final Fantasy Director Would Like ...:

I don't know how much power this guy has over Final Fantasy, but everything I've read so far about XV has made me lost interest. All Male Party? Pass... Dudebro storyline? Pass. Having to keep a car gassed and maintained or you have to push it across a massive overworld? Pass. Lets cut out all the iconic monsters because it does not fit the theme of the game? Pass Yet another radically overhauled and changed battle system that is even worse then Final Fantasy XIII's? Pass.... Oh, and they also decided to keep the mechanic where if the party leader bites it, you lose automatically. Again, Pass

Its, Final Fantasy XV is not what I want from a Final Fantasy game. And to be blunt, the series has been lost ever since X.

So no, I don't want him anywhere neat Zelda, because Zelda itself has become more gimmicky and less fun since Twilight Princess.

I agree Zelda needs a new perspective, but the current director of Final Fantasty is not it.

Now, if the Dragon Quest team wants to take a crack at Zelda, I would welcome that. The Dragon Quest team seems to be the only ones that can make a new game that does not drive off their older fans.

Screw Final Fantasy XV, I'll be getting Dragon Quest XI



Caryslan commented on Sony Wishes The NES A Happy 30th Via Twitter:

@thehappyjack I've seen some comments like this, and I have to ask, how could anyone percieve this as being arrogant? I'm not directing this question just at you, but at others who have posted comments where they think Sony is being disrespectful

Had the NES failed in the marketplace, its likely there would have been no Sega, Sony, or Microsoft making video game consoles. The NES paved the way for not only the revival of game consoles after they crashed in 1983, but also introduced the model of third-parties being licensed to make games for consoles, and paying fees back to console makers.

The Genesis, Playstation, Xbox all built off of the foundation that the NES built. Many long running series like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Mega Man, and others were even born on the NES.

So, I take the phrase "Thanks for paving the way" as nothing but respect by Sony. Because everything we have in gaming today, from the way systems are sold(hardware at a loss, but games make up for it), the model of licensing third-parties, and even major franchises all began on the NES.

I think people would have less of a problem if Sega, Microsoft, or some third-party had said this. I think the issue is that Sony tweeted this, and rather then think its a nice little tweet patting Nintendo on the back, twist it into something evil because we all have to think of Sony as the evil empire that screwed Nintendo over and stole their business from them.

I'll take it for what it is, a nice tweet thanking Nintendo for leading the way with the NES.



Caryslan commented on Talking Point: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight P...:

I honestly don't see a problem with remaking Twilight Princess or at the very least, giving it a fresh coat of HD paint. The game will be 10 years old next year, which means there is an entire generation of gamers who missed it the first time.

Granted, I can see the argument against remakes since we have had so many, but Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and Wind Waker were all at least 10 years old when their remakes came out, and the hardware that they came out on has been out of production for years.

So, that leaves the consumer two choices, either buy old hardware and carts or discs that may not work properly due to age, or hope these older games appear on a Virtual Console or download service.

A remake generally accomplishes two things, they often update the games for modern audiences by fixing issues or updating gameplay features and they make the games look better.

I skipped Majora's Mask the first time on the N64 because I hate the stupid controller on that system. Without the 3DS remake, I never would have seen the brilliance of the game when compared to other Zelda games. One other thing that helps the Majora's Mask remake is the vastly improved save system when compared to the N64 version.

As for Wind Waker HD, I missed it the first time it came out due to tons of crap that was going on in my personal life at the time. The HD version let me play Wind Waker without having to hookup outdated hardware and buying over priced used discs to enjoy the game.

I did play Twilight Princess for the Gamecube when it came out, and that is the version that I prefer over the port on the Wii. So, I welcome an HD remake that brings back the Gamecube control scheme because while the Wii version is pretty common, I think the Gamecube version is better simply because I don't have to mess with motion controls. Plus, the mirrored world of the Wii Version just felt weird.

So, I for one welcome an HD remake/remaster of Twilight Princess. I honestly don't get the hostility some people are giving this game or the other Zelda remakes/remasters.

What is wrong with reintroducing these games to new generations of gamers or letting older fans replay classics they loved in the past without having to pay for outdated hardware and games that look terrible on modern TVs anyway?



Caryslan commented on Video: This is How Single Player Works in The ...:

After playing OOT and Majora's Mask 3D, I have one simple question. Why can we not get a brand new 3D Zelda built from the ground up for the Nintendo 3DS?

I did not care much for A Link Between Worlds, and this game just looks lame especially if you want to play it solo.

Well, at least this saves my credit for Fire Emblem Fates and maybe Dragon Quest 8 if it comes to the west next year.



Caryslan commented on Editorial: A Wii U Price Cut is Still Worthwhi...:

I have said it before and I'll say it again. The Wii U is Nintendo's Saturn.

A follow-up system to a very successful predecessor that while having a very good library of games,was doomed from the start due to bad hardware decisions, questionable marketing, and third-parties abandoning the system in droves to work on platforms that were easier to develop for.

On top of which, the parent company(Sega, Nintendo) made bone-headed decisions that helped drive away much of their audience and gave them a bad impression in the marketplace.

In Sega's case, it was ill-fated add-ons to the Genesis and letting the Genesis market die in the west that sealed their fate with the Saturn.

In Nintendo's case, it was launching the 3DS overpriced with a poor launch line up and the belief that it would sell because it was a Nintendo handheld. Couple that with Nintendo's focus during the Wii and DS era on the casual market(which while successful money wise left hardcore gamers bitter towards the company) and letting the Wii wither and die with a massive decline in games in both 2011 and 2012 on the platform.

My point is this, the Sega Saturn saw numerous price cuts in an attempt to stay competitive. It never worked. The Playstation and Nintendo 64 destroyed the Saturn in the West, and Sega's attempts to match the price of their rivals caused them to lose money.

No matter what games Sega put out on the Saturn, people no longer cared. The Saturn has a wonderful library of games, but Sega has burned their audience so badly, people were not willing to give the Saturn a second look.

I think the Wii U is having the same issue. The launch and first-year of the Wii U left such a bad impression, that most people simply don't care what Nintendo has to offer, or if they do want Nintendo games, they are fine with a 3DS.

Microsoft is having the same issue with the Xbox One. They have struggled to keep pace with the PS4 due to fumbling the ball during the pre-launch period of the Xbox One. Sony pounced on Microsoft's mistakes, leaving Microsoft playing catch-up despite having some good bundles and price cuts to their system.

Video game consoles are an investment, and many people generally can afford one or two systems per generation. If you leave a bad impression on the audience you are trying to cater to, they will simply go to another platform that has left the best impression.

The Playstation destroyed the Saturn due to launching at a lower price point in the US, and its games looking much better compared to early Saturn games. Sega was never able to overcome the impression that they were selling an inferior system, and Sony never gave them the chance to stage a comeback. By the time impressive games like Virtua Fighter 2 launched, people no longer cared. They already had Playstations and saw no reason to go buy a Saturn.

This is the problem with the Wii U. It left a bad impression before it even launched, and Nintendo paid the price for it. Sony and even Microsoft sold their platforms as the true-next gen systems, and Nintendo could never overcome the stigma of selling a PS3-level system in terms of power with a gimmick attached.

Price cuts will not help the Wii U anymore then they helped the Saturn.

The best Nintendo can do is keep their current audience happy and focus on the next generation.



Caryslan commented on Takashi Tezuka Gives His Opinion on Hard Level...:

I can live with hard levels.

The worst kind of levels are auto play "Don't Move" levels that require no player interaction at all. Those levels try to pass off their lack of interaction with flashy sounds and graphics, overloading the screen with objects, and making it look like Mario might just die, but he won't as long as you don't push buttons.

What I hate about them is that they are the most common level type, and go against what Mario should be. Mario did not become popular by overloading the screen with flashy graphics and bouncing Mario all over the place like he's a ping pong.

Mario became popular with fun levels and gameplay.

I can't fathom why these kinds of levels get the most stars. If you aren't going to buy a Mario game to play Mario levels(or ones that play like Mario levels that are created by users) then why bother with Mario Maker?

Auto Play "Don't Move" levels are worse then taunt parties in Smash. At least I can crash a taunt party. When I play the `100-Mario challenge, I can't do anything but watch Mario bounce around the level while strobelights shine and out of place sound effects play.



Caryslan commented on Nintendo Has "Moved On" From Game Boy Games on...:

Ok, I'll buy Nintendo's excuse for the Game Boy games.

Now, what is their excuse for not putting out NES games on the 3DS VC? The Wii U is still getting NES VC games.

I just wish Nintendo would come out and say that they don't care about the VC service on the 3DS.

Its sad when Sega does a better job of putting out their classics on Nintendo hardware then Nintendo does.



Caryslan commented on The Pokémon Company Withdraws Settlement in L...:

What I find funny about all this is that he picks Pokemon of all things to screw with. Anyone who has a passing intrest knows the hoops Nintendo themselves have to jump through to get Pokemon in Smash Bros or other titles outside the Pokemon games.

And that's Nintendo, the publisher of Pokemon games.

I have to agree that this guy kinda temped fates by having a Pokemon themed event where he charged money. An event that also served alcohol.

Tons of cons, little game stores, and other places hold Smash Tournaments all the time. Hell, some of them run Pokemon themed events. And they never get in trouble because they don't charge money.

I don't blame the Pokemon Company here. Some other members have made a point about struggling artists on here and I'm a writer who is trying to be published.

I would be protective of my IPs as well.

Maybe this should be a lesson to everyone. Copyrights exist for a reason, and I see a culture especially among younger generations that copyrights are a suggestion that can ignored whenever they feel like it. To some people, this comes off as a money grubbing company that is picking on an innocent business.

But maybe the Pokemon Company did not appreciate the image of Pikachu being on posters for an even that served alcohol with a DJ that proudly boasts that he is for 18+ events(Honestly, the first post on his facebook page has the B word). Granted, it says unoffical on the flyers, but if you don't pay attention or fail to notice that, you could end having a parent freak out over Pokemon(a series aimed at kids) being on a flyer for an event aimed at adults.

Why do people think companies fight so hard to protect their copyright and their image? Because Pepsi does not want their logo or slogans on something that hurts their brand.

Let me ask everyone this. Suppose you created an IP that is beloved by millions if not billions of people worldwide. Suppose your IP is aimed at children, and is a brand that parents have trusted for decades. Maybe they watched or read, or played this brand when they were kids.

Now, suppose you are a parent that sees a flyer for this child-friendly IP for an event that serves alcohol and is aimed at adults with a DJ that is not for children.. Hell, maybe it could be even worse and it could be an adult-oriented business trying to drum up business.

If your IP that you spent countless hours creating, building, and marketing to the public was suddenly shown in a negative light that is against the brand or image that you want would you not be upset? Would you not be angry that your characters are being used to promote another business that you want nothing to do with?

Now, suppose you try to be reasonable and you reach a settlement in the interest of being fair. But rather then having the person who sued you be grateful, they slam you online and try to paint you in a negative light. How dare they go protect their copyright!

Listen, I have no compassion for this guy. He used an IP to drum up business. There is a reason why the mom and pop burger place down the street does not have Mickey Mouse plastered all over their windows to "drum up business" Companies like Mcdonalds pay tons of money for promotional deals.

There is a reason for that. Copyrights are not suggestions, they are the law. You ignore them at your own risk.



Caryslan commented on Miyamoto and Tezuka Discuss the Difficulties o...:

@rushiosan I'm shocked that you would think the DKCR games are easy, given they are much more brutal then Rare's DKC games ever were.

They are fun games, but the modern DKC games are chock full of cheap difficulty that was never in the rare ones. Let me put it this way, I have blow upwards of 20 lives in DKCR on the Wii trying to beat a level, while I have rarely seen the Game Over screen in Rare's DKC games.

As for Mario Kart 8, I don't get how that complaint does not apply to other games in the series. Its pretty much a given that if you're in the top three in a race, you will likely be hit by some item that screws you over, and as long as the Blue Shell exists in the series, 1st place will never 100% be for the taking even you are really good. I have dominated races in Mario Kart games by being in first place for the first couple of laps before a Blue Shell ruins my day and screws me over.

That's one of Mario Kart's major flaws, some of the items are so powerful, they can mess you up no matter how good you are. At least in Smash, a talented player can dodge many items and all players have an equal chance of grabbing them. But in Mario Kart, it kinda screws you over being in the top spot at times because the lower ranked racers will get some item that is nearly impossible to counter.

If anything, MK8 took some major strides to improve the issues the previous games had by finally giving you an item that nullifies the Blue Shell and making fall off the track less costly.



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@Ralizah While Yamauchi was an amazing business man, that statement about Playstation being a blight because of too many games is nothing but hypocrisy at its finest.

The NES, SNES, and Game Boy all had their share of garbage games, and the same argument could be tossed their way.

And he never saw the Shoveware City that was the Wii's libary. For every Mario Galaxy, the Wii probally got 5-10 garbage games that tried to cash in on either Wii Sports or Wii Fit.

The problem with this statement is that every popular system gets it share of garbage games. Every popular system, especially the market leaders got their share of garbage games.

Look at the Game Boy and Game Boy Color. For every good to decent game, there were tons of garbage that came out.

Playstation as never been alone in that regard.



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After the Ouya failed, I would not be shocked if people are a more cautious with these startup crowd funding consoles. The Ouya never even remotely lived up to its hype.

Plus, 299 bucks is tons of money to ask for given At games is selling retro themed Atari, Coleco, Intellvision, and Sega consoles on a chip for 50 bucks at your local Walmart.

Those consoles do well because they are retro systems. They sell to people like me who want to play a Sega Genesis cart that they have laying around.

But even with that said, I don't want to go back 20 years to carts anymore then I want to trade in my HDTV for a old tube one.

Technology moves forward for a reason, and while I have my issues with modern systems, they do have their perks, including making older games from previous generations(NES,SNES, Neo Geo, Genesis) better due to save states and filters that make the games look better.

If I were given the choice of playing Super Mario Bros 3 on the NES with the original cart or playing it on a Wii U or 3DS with the perks of having it look better, save states, and in the case of the 3DS playing it anywhere I wanted, I would pick the modern versions every time.

Why would I go back?



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I have a question, I keep seeing a model with this color scheme all over the internet with Mortal Kombat 1-3 included. But none of the feature lists or even the manual say if it supports saving or stave states.

Anyone have any idea if this model supports save states?



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I know alot of people are going dismiss him because its someone from Sony saying it, but is he wrong?

The 3DS is over four years old, and is only sitting at the 50 million mark. This is despite its library featuring Pokemon, a 3D Mario, New Super Mario Bros 2, numerous Zelda games, Super Smash Bros, Animal Crossing, and several high-profile third party franchises like Monster Hunter.

Let me put it this way. If the 3DS was to be taken off the market tomorrow, it would not only be the lowest selling Nintendo handheld of all time, it would not even surpass the sales of the PSP.

The 3DS is in its twilight years. Its over the hill so to speak in terms of getting its user base to expand. Most likely, everyone who wants a 3DS already has one, given most of Nintendo's major franchises have already hit the platform, and there is a 99 dollar model with the 2DS for budget minded gamers.

Now, I won't argue that Sony dug their own grave with stupid decisions in supporting the Vita, but even supposing they played their cards right they would have been lucky to have sold maybe 20-25 million units, a massive drop from the sales of the PSP.

People can dismiss his statements all they want as a bitter company that could not compete with Nintendo and are now trying to save face, but the proof is in the pudding.

Nintendo, the undisputed leader of handheld systems has struggled to sale the 3DS this generation. Going from 80 million units with the GBA and over 150 million units with the DS is a massive drop.

Mobile gaming has taken a huge bite out of portable gaming's pie, and if nothing else, Nintendo admitting that they have to move into that market as well is proof that even the king of handhelds is not immune to this shifts in the market.

I still think handheld gaming will have a market, but its not going to post the insane numbers it once did. I think it will become a niche market for gamers who want a real system on the go.

But anyone who thinks handheld gaming will expand and grow again is ignoring reality. The 3DS managed to sell over 50 million units despite an insanely strong library, their chief rival making terrible mistakes, numerous models that catered to different audiences, and marketing that promoted the system to gamers above all else.

Mobile gaming is growing bigger with each passing day. In many ways, its even starting to compete with home consoles and PCs now. And while I hate mobile gaming's influence as a whole(The whole Freemium model is highway robbery at its finest) the sad truth is that handheld gaming has been impacted.

Look past the fact that the Vita failed or that the guy saying this is a Sony employee and look at the truth. The 3DS should be sitting at 80 million units at this point, if not more Everything is there to give it those numbers.
It has the games, the support, and it priced no different from past Nintendo handhelds.

The issue is that kids don't want to play Pokemon or Mario on a Nintendo handheld and the casual market has moved on as well. Nintendo is losing the new generation to mobile devices. I have to wonder how many 3DS and 2DS owners are people my age, older, or are in their 20s that played the DS and the previous Game Boy models.

But go ahead everyone, dismiss this as a bitter Sony employee who wants to make excuses for their own failures.

Just don't be shocked when the next Nintendo handheld sells fewer units while mobile gaming takes more and more of the audience that used to buy a Game Boy, PSP, or DS.



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@MarioWiiU Problem is, most people bought a Wii to play Wii Sports or Wii Sports Resort. Granted, Mario Kart Wii sold millions of copies, but you have countless Wii systems that are sitting in nursing homes, doctor's offices, or owned by non-gamers who don't care about Mario, Zelda, or any of Nintendo's traditional franchises.

To them, their Wii is still good enough. My parents are one of those gamers. The only thing they ever really played on their Wii was Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort.

And that right there is probably Nintendo's biggest mistake this generation, not only did the forget the lessons that sold the DS and Wii in record numbers(Simple=Bringing in a new audience) by trying to push 3D and the Gamepad. They never did a proper sequel to Wii Sports Resort.

All they put out was a remake that has fewer games and options then Resort did.

Which means people who bought the Wii for Wii Sports saw a new system with a confusing controller(the complete reverse of the Wiimote), Nintendo shifting their marketing away from them, and a new Wii Sports game that offered fewer features then Resort did.

Nintendo could have kept the casual market while trying to get the hardcore market. I own a Wii U, and my parents won't touch it. They don't give two flips about seeing Mario in HD, or fancy new stuff like that. The Gamepad is confusing compared to the Wii Mote.

My point is this, the biggest problem with the Wii U is the fact that the Wii's audience simply never upgraded. To them, they have no reason to upgrade as long as their Wii can play Wii Sports, and can play video services.

And if their Wii does happen to break down, they can simply find another one for dirt cheap.



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@XCWarrior Yeah, because I totally want a person who has no experience doing voice acting being the voice behind iconic characters like Ryu, Sonic, Batman, and countless other characters.

Here's another idea, why don't we just fire all the writers and replace them with high school students ? It could save companies like Nintendo and others money to have their games written by teenage interns who are looking for extra credit for their English class!

Now that is an appealing thought huh? We could have all video games feature voice acting by homeless people, stories written by high schoolers, and a Casio keyboard composing the music!

Voice actors should have a fair chance to ask for more money. Most of them are not top tier actors who star in Disney, Pixar, or Dreamworks movies, or ones that star in long running shows like the Simpsons who pretty much have a guaranteed role until the show ends.

Most of them work from job to job, and I would have to assume they have a higher risk of being replaced pretty much at will. To put it another way, people will notice if another actor is suddenly playing a role in a TV show or movie.

Look at David Hayter. He was the voice of Snake for over ten years, and he suddenly got dumped by Konami. In a role that he assumed was his since he had held it for so long. He did not even have a chance to compete for the role, it was simply taken from him.

Sonic has gone through numerous voice actors over the years, and the first cast that worked on the Adventure games just got dumped one day because Sega wanted the 4Kids cast to take over.

My point is this, is it wrong to ask for more money when your project sales millions of copies or you are voicing an iconic character? Especially since you stand a higher chance of being dumped from your role when ever the producing company feels like it?

To dismiss them with the statement that "Lets just replace then with homeless people" is insulting. So, why don't we replace striking factory or airline workers with homeless people? After all, you can just pay them in food. I bet companies would love to exploit another cheap source of labor to save a few bucks so their upper management can buy their fancy toys or go on vacations.

By the way, you brought up Mario and Zelda as examples of games that don't use voice acting.

But let's not ignore Nintendo franchises that do use a good amount of voice acting in their games, such as Fire Emblem, Xenoblade, Star Fox, Smash Bros, Kid Icarus, and a handful of others.

Let me understand this. You would be fine with Chrom, Lucina, Ike, Pit, or Fox being voice by some random homeless guy they find on the street?



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@KnightRider666 Nintendo saves me money that can be put towards the awesome sales Sony has been having over the past couple of months.

Honestly, I don't get why every update for the eshop is so lackluster or why the 3DS has not gotten a new Virtual Console game in almost 9 months.

They have NES games on the 3DS service, so why can't we get Star Tropics i & II, the first Earthbound, or Vs Excitebike?

Every week Nintendo just slaps 3DS owners in the face with their pathetic eshop updates.

Yes Nintendo, the universe will not blow up if you put out Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and Star Tropics in the same week.

You might be shocked when you make the fans like myself who don't care for Animal Crossing happy.



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I want more version exclusive powerups.

In other words, I want the various Suits from SMB 3, the different colors of Yoshi in SMW theme, and the Ice Flower, Flying Squirrel Suit, and Mini Mushroom to be added to NSMB U.

I love the themes, but something feels missing since those elements were such big parts of what made the original levels so special.



Caryslan commented on Nintendo Hammers Out A New Update For Super Ma...:

Well, I might as well do some shameless promotion.

Here are my Mario Levels. I think that they have the Mario feel down pretty well. Feel free to let me know what you think!

March of the Giants(NSMB U Style)

Land of the 8-Bit Giants(SMB Style



Caryslan commented on Editorial: Nintendo is a Toy Company, and That...:

@BinaryFragger I love both my Playstation and Nintendo platforms, and I commonly switch between them depending on what I want to play.

If I want to play something like Destiny, Duke Nukem Forever(Yes, I loved that game), Dead or Alive 5, God of War, old Sega arcade games, a retro collection of Genesis games, Doom 3, Destiny, Dragon Ball Xenoverse, I play my PS3 or PSP and have a blast

If I want to play something more retro or offbeat, I play my Wii U or 3DS. Games like Captain Toad, Fire Emblem, Kirby, Smash Bros, Zelda, DKC, Mario Kart, and Xenoblade are what keep me coming back to Nintendo platforms.

That, and Mario games. Mario games are always fun, no matter what.

And this is what I think many people forget, Video games are supposed to be fun, and while Nintendo is a world class developer of games, other developers can also create fun games as well.

I have never gotten some of the people on here who say that they are bored of the PS3 or Xbox 360s. Out of the hundreds of games on those platforms, split between numerous genres and retro/modern games, how could you be bored of those systems or think everything on them are "interactive movies" that aren't fun?

I think some people get so caught up in fanboy loyalty, they can't see past their preconceived notions about the big three.

"Xbox is nothing but a shooter system with only games aimed at dudebros!"

"Playstation is nothing but a movie player that steals all their ideas from other companies!"

"Nintendo does nothing but kiddie, cartoon games! Nothing for mature gamers!"

Time and time again, I see these comments all over the place and I shake my head. Outside of the really bad systems, all game consoles have something to offer.

I was a Sega fanboy back when I was a kid, but as much as I loved Sonic and Sega games, I played DKC when we bought our SNES and I had a blast.

I don't get the comments where people say that the Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo systems have nothing to offer, besides either brown FPS games for the first two, and cartoony platformers for the latter.

If that is true, then why do I see numerous games for all systems on store shelves, many of them all in different genres?

One other thing I want say is that I disagree with the common belief that modern gaming is worse then previous generations. Its different, mostly because the shifts in technology allows developers to create new games and experiences that they never could before.

But are games any worse? That's subjective, but I think there are as many gems coming to systems now then there were in any previous generation. Gaming is not any better or any worse. Its the same mix of gems, classics brought back to modern consoles, great to decent games, and bad games.

Its simply evolved with the shifts in technology.



Caryslan commented on Editorial: Nintendo is a Toy Company, and That...:

You know what, I'm not bothered that Nintendo or even video games are called "toys" for one reason.

To any given person, driving a fancy sports car, a boat onto a lake, a hunting rifle to go hunt game, or countless other things are considered "toys"

Hell, there are still people who love to build things with Legos well into adulthood.

Toys does not always mean not outgrowing GI Joe and Barbie. To me, toys means something you have fun with.

For some people its a sports car, a plane, a boat, or something else.

For others like me, and the others on this site and owners of game consoles, game systems are the "toys" that we bought to have fun with and get some enjoyment out of.

So, no shame in hearing Nintendo be called a "toy" company. They make people happy, in the end, that is all that matters.



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@Einherjar I would say Namco Bandai is still doing well. The only real argument you could make against them is that they are still relying on their lineup of games from the past couple of decades (Tekken, Soul Calibur, Tales, Ace Combat, and licensed anime games like Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Naruto)

Their output has been solid and nobody has a bad opinion of them.