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Caryslan commented on Sony: PS Vita Is Better Than 3DS And The Wii B...:

The Vita is much more powerful then the 3DS, it has a better form factor that fits better into your hands, it has the ability to play movies as well as playing games. The Vita is a great system in every single category expect the one that matters most, and that's games.

The 3DS blows the Vita out of the water when it comes to games, and it has support the Vita could only dream of. Which is a shame, since the PSP was such a great handheld and that did have Sony's support.

The Vita does not even have Sony supporting it.

I think the Vita has the best hardware out of any handheld on the market today. Its just a damn shame that hardware is wasted and not being taken advantage of. All the power and features in the world is worthless if there aren't any games to play on a system.

And that is the category where the 3DS beats the Vita hands down.



Caryslan commented on The Nintendo Wii U Is Better Value For Money T...:

In a few years, the PS4 and Xbox One might be worth the money.

Right now? They are not worth the money that Sony and Microsoft are asking for. I have not been impressed by either system since they debuted, and I have yet to see anything that changes my opinion.

What does $400 buy you? Two systems that mostly have remixed ports of games that are barely a year old and new games that can be found on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

The PS4's holiday bundle this year is Pathetic. Grand Theft Auto 5 and The Last of Us? Really Sony? A bundle that has two remixed PS3 games? That's the most pathetic thing I have ever seen. Where are the real next-gen games? People think this is worth their money?

Why in the hell would I get a PS4 or Xbox One when I can get games like Mortal Kombat X, Dragon Age Inquisition, Forza Horizon 2, Little Big Planet 3, Destiny, Advanced Warfare, and Titanfall on the PS3 and Xbox 360 that I already own?

This is why I went with the Wii U, it has the games that I can't get anywhere else. Not to mention, if I want to play new games like Mortal Kombat X, i can just pick them up on the PS3.

I'm sure in a few years, the PS4 and Xbox One will be worth the money once the market for PS3 and Xbox 360 dies out, and games like Batman: Arkham Knight, Fallout 5, and Elder Scrolls VI arrives.

But for right now, I consider both of those systems a waste of money, hardware that has yet to impress me. I picked the Wii U and I don't regret my choice at all.

Out of all the 8th gen home consoles, the Wii U is the best value right now.



Caryslan commented on Little Mac Is Officially The Least Successful ...:

@JellySplat Ganondorf can do that as well, and he has more potential killing moves then Mac. Mostly due to his air game not sucking, flame choke being able to punish careless edge guarders, and his d-air.

But I have shocked people with how quickly Ganondorf can take out his opponent. To be honest, Ganondorf in my opnion has the best KO potential in the entire cast. Once he gets in and starts hitting stuff, he can destroy most characters in a few seconds.

If you hate Little Mac's KO potential, you're going to hate Ganondorf. He can kill a good majority of the cast around 50-60% with normal attacks and 40% if a reversed warlock punch connects. And he got Super Armor in this game when he does Warlock Punch.



Caryslan commented on Preview: Power Sliding Around The Legend of Ze...:

I am looking forward to this DLC, although I am a little bummed that Diddy and Birdo did not make it back through DLC.

But tracks look fun, although I did notice something.

Mario Kart 8 seems to be going to the record of having the most Rainbow Roads in a single game. So far, we have the Mario Kart 8 version, the N64 version that's in the retro cup, and now the SNES version.

I do love the Rainbow Roads, but do we need three in a single game? At this point, the SNES one kinda looks bland compared to its N64 and MK8 counterparts.

Still like the DLC, and I'm looking forward to it, but three Rainbow Roads like overkill at this point.



Caryslan commented on The Man Behind Sega's Wonder Boy Series Hates ...:

@Sherman I have the feeling that the issue with the first Super Mario Bros is not so much the controls, but the physics engine and Mario's inertia in the game. The later Mario games give the player more control over Mario's jumps, and he stops on a dime if the player need him to.

With the first SMB, Mario does not have as much control in the air as he gets in later games, and when a player stops him when he is running, he slides a bit before he fully stops. Meaning Mario often goes into pits, enemies, and other things in SMB that he would never hit in later Mario games.

It does not make the game bad or take away the importance of the game, but I do feel that Mario lacks the precise control that he gains in later games. Of course, it's better then most other characters of that era.



Caryslan commented on The Man Behind Sega's Wonder Boy Series Hates ...:

@JudgeMethos About the only Mario games where I hated the controls were the ones on the Wii, and that's because Nintendo had an obsession with shoving motion controls into games even when they made no sense. I know people praise the Galaxy games, but me flicking a Wiimote to make Mario jump will never feel as natural as using a normal controller and pushing a button. I'll be honest, the control scheme is a lot of the reason why I never got into either Galaxy game.

New Super Mario Bros Wii was better, because you could ignore the motion controls if you wanted, but it was still annoying to have to flick a controller to make Mario Spin Jump.

That's why I love the Mario games on the Wii U, Nintendo finally got the message and offer control options for people who don't want control gimmicks like motion and touch screens for every single game.



Caryslan commented on The Man Behind Sega's Wonder Boy Series Hates ...:

@SahashraLA Many of the Wonder Boy games were good, the series vanished mostly because Sega never bothered promoting any of the games. But Wonder Boy III: Dragon's Trap, Wonder Boy in Monster World, and Monster World IV are some of the best action-adventure games of their era, and did the Zelda II style of gameplay better then Nintendo did.

As for the controls, the only three games where the control feels loose is the first Wonder Boy, the arcade version of Wonder Boy in Monster Land, and Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair. Those games also have a common tie of being arcade games.

But for the other games, I think the controls are pretty good.



Caryslan commented on The Man Behind Sega's Wonder Boy Series Hates ...:

@andyg1971 Several of the Wonder Boy games are classics in their own right, they just don't get the attention or the cult following that other games like Mother tend to get.

But Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap blows Zelda II out of the water in terms of quality, and Wonder oy in Monster World and Monster World IV are some of the best action-adventure games not only on the Genesis, but across all 16-bit consoles.

Wonder Boy made the concept of a Zelda II game work when even Nintendo failed. In fact, they were building on Metroid's formula and improving it years before Super Metroid and Symphony of the Night even came out.

Are there some ok Wonder Boy games? Yes, the first one and the arcade one were generic platformers while Monster Land has some issues due to being an arcade game.

But Wonder Boy had some classic games that still stand up very well. What hurt the series was the fact that Sega never promoted it as much as the other games they published and even many Sega fans ignore the series for other games that Sega made.

But as someone who has played most of the Wonder Boy games, I will argue that they are classc games, and some of the best action adventure games ever made. Plus, they did what Nintendo themselves never could. They made the Zelda II formula work and made it better.



Caryslan commented on Genyo Takeda Discusses Nintendo's Hardware Future:

Nintendo, as long as TVs exist and shows need commercials, there will be a need to advertise on TV shows. I know people love to hype how Television is dying and how digital platforms will soon replace it, but the reality is there are tons of things on TV that can't be seen on Hulu the next day.

Namely, sporting events. Microsoft and Sony advertise during those games, and some of the highest rated daytime games for Football can reach 11 million viewers. That's not even going into Sunday and Monday night football games.

I like the Nintendo Directs, but here's the issue with them. They are catered to people who follow news about Nintendo's consoles anyway. For the casual player who might be watching a Football game or a parent that is trying to decide which system to get for their kids this holiday season, they aren't going to look for Nintendo Directs to watch and youtube videos.

What will get their attention is ads during TV shows. And this is where Nintendo is losing their chance to promote the Wii U. Microsoft and Sony have no issue blitzing TV shows with ads showing off their consoles and games.

I applaud Nintendo for their Directs and moves into other forms of media, but Televisions still exist and people still watch shows. Until they vanish, maybe Nintendo should focus more efforts on TV ads.



Caryslan commented on I'll Take Zelda And Mario Over Sharing Call Of...:

@DualWielding I'm not expecting any third-party developer to lie. The point I was trying to make is that Nintendo versions of games get missing features, content, and other things that are in every other version, often for no reason at all.

Let me make an example here. Suppose there are three stores that are going to sell a new release of a movie that just came out on home video. Stores A & B are carrying Blu-Ray versions with tons of content and an extended cut while Store C is given a bare-bones DVD version that has no bonus content and is a shorter cut of a movie.

Now, you have a studio that openly touts how Store C is only going to carry the bare-bones DVD version and how shoppers at Store C are going to miss out of features and content.

In other words, the studio screwed Store C out of sales by offering a inferior version of a product and openly touting that fact. Who would buy this new release at store C when they could get better versions elsewhere? Why did Store C get a lesser version of a movie? How can they compete if a better version can be bought somewhere else?

And that is what I'm talking about with multi-plat games, mainly ones on the Wii U. Why are Wii U versions missing features and content that are on the PS3 and Xbox 360? It's a more powerful system. It can handle online multiplayer, DLC, and everything those two consoles can.

Third-parties don't need to lie about a thing. They just need to offer the same versions across all platforms unless hardware limitations come into play.

When you have third-parties openly state a Wii U version will not have features or content, they are pretty much saying "don't bother with the lesser version, go buy this on the Xbox or Playstation." It not only hurts Nintendo's efforts to get people to buy their console, but it takes away freedom of choice for the consumer.

Third-parties have openly screwed over Nintendo and have helped fester a negative opinion of the Wii U and what its hardware is capable of. I'm not saying a full-featured Call of Duty would magically change things, but when third-parties openly mock the Wii U, its fanbase, and shortchange Wii U versions of content and features, it artificially changes the market to their whims. In other words, for whatever reason they don't even want to give Nintendo a chance to compete on equal footing.



Caryslan commented on I'll Take Zelda And Mario Over Sharing Call Of...:

@Smug43 While Nintendo does deserve some of the blame, it does not help that third-parties screw them over time and time again when it comes to features or content. Take Call of Duty for example, all of the versions on the Wii and Wii U lacked the content of the other versions. But even if it could be argued that the lack of add-on content was due to poor sales, it does not help that Activision treated the Nintendo versions of Call of Duty like they were afterthoughts.

Time and time again, Call of Duty on the Wii and Wii U were not announced with the other versions, promoted with the other version, and were not even displayed on posters or at the end of commercals. Activision pretty much treated the Wii and Wii U version as afterthoughts.

So, it's not all Nintendo's fault that their consoles don't get the support that they deserve. When third-parties actively screw over Nintendo, what can they do? If they threaten them, then the third-parties walk anyway. They don't view Nintendo as anything more then a way to make a few extra bucks.

The thing is, third parties have gotten bold about openly telling the world how the Wii U versions of their games will miss out on content. They don't even bother hiding it, they pretty much give the middle finger to Nintendo and its fans.

Which in turn drives away Nintendo owners who might have bought those games and fuels the percpetion that Nintendo consoles are only good for Mario and Zelda.

This is my issue, Nintendo might have their share of the blame for third-party problems, given their relationship with them in the past, but third-parties are to blame as well.

When they openly mock the Wii U and announce how Nintendo versions of games are going to miss features, they get rewarded with poor sales. Which in turn gives them an excuse not to support Nintendo anymore.

It's a vicious cycle, and I'm not sure what Nintendo can do. They can't force third-parties to make games for their consoles, and if they try to play hardball like Microsoft and Sony do, then third-parties will simply ignore them.

But that's the thing that hurts Nintendo when it comes to third-party support. How can they even compete with games like Call of Duty when they are getting the short end of the stick every single time? They don't even get the chance to sell a comparable version that everyone else gets and let consumers decide.



Caryslan commented on I'll Take Zelda And Mario Over Sharing Call Of...:

Let me put it this way, do I want Advanced Warfare on the Wii U? Yeah, because I like the Pro Controller and I think the Wii U version of Black Ops 2 is the best looking one, while Ghosts blows the PS3 and 360 ones out of the water when it comes to visuals and gameplay.

But I'm not heartbroken over not getting Advanced Warfare. I have a PS3 sitting right next to my Wii U, and my most recent big game purchase was Mario Kart 8.

So, I can live without Advanced Warfare on the Wii U. If I want to play Call of Duty, I have both Black Ops II and Ghost that I got for cheap. People are still playing those versions.

I know the argument is that Nintendo needs those games to survive, but here's the thing. Games like Madden and Call of Duty were on the system, and you could do cool things like off-tv play on a Wii U Gamepad. The visuals of Black Ops II blows the other two versions out of the water(I own all three versions and have HDMI cables for all systems) and people still turned their nose up at Call of Duty on the Wii U and mock the system for being "weaker" then the PS3 and Xbox 360(which is not true)

So, Nintendo gains nothing by catering to the mainstream "hardcore" gamer market. Those gamers don't care about Nintendo, and many of them want Nintendo to be driven out of the hardware market so they can finally play Zelda or Mario on their shiny Playstation or Xbox consoles.

I just got a Wii U, and I love my system. I'm not bothered by the lack of third-party support, because quite frankly, I don't care for most games that are coming out and I have a PS3 anyway if I did want to play them.

Nintendo is seeing results with their approach. Yes, the Wii U is struggling and not out of the woods yet, but titles like Mario Kart 8, Hyrule Warriors, and Bayonetta 2 are not only turning heads, they are helping attract people to the system.

I used to think third-party support mattered, but multiplats never seem to sell on Nintendo consoles. This is not even an issue with DLC or third-parties cutting back on content. The Gamecube had the same problem where its third-party multiplats sold at levels below their PS2 and Xbox counterparts.

I think Nintendo should focus on their own identity in the marketplace. You can get Advanced Warfare on 5 systems, but Mario Kart 8 is only on one system. At some point, people will have to pony up some money on a Wii U if they want to play Mario Kart, Zelda U or Xenoblade X.

That has been what has always sold Nintendo consoles since the N64. The strength of the games you can't find anywhere else.



Caryslan commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Online Braw...:

@RedKnightXIII Little Mac only does good on flat stages, that's why he domiantes for Glory.mode. He's less dangerous in for fun when he's forced to deal with stages with platforms, ones that move, or others that weaken his great ground game.

I don't say ban him or nerf him. His air game is pathetic and his recovery is likely the worst one in the game. You nerf his ground game, you leave him with nothing. I think the best thing is to update For Glory to allow certain stages to have platforms like Battlefield.



Caryslan commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Online Braw...:

I'll just stay offline until it's fixed. I try not to quit matches, but sometimes I get called or my dog needs to go out or something, so I have to leave matches at times. It's still a shame Nintendo punishes people who quit in For Fun matches. What's the point of a casual mode if you can't leave when you feel like it? Other Multiplayer games like Call of Duty let you leave a match at will, with the only penalty being a loss on your record.

I can understand For Glory mode since it's a serious mode, and nobody should be quitting even if they are losing.

But if people are getting these bans while playing a For Fun match, then maybe Nintendo needs to remove the bans for quitting a For Fun match. I feel that 10 mins is too much as it is, but a lifetime ban?

I like the concept of the system, but Nintendo needs to avoid glitches like this. Imagine the bad press if things like this affect the Wii U version.



Caryslan commented on Review: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Qu...:

@Action51 No, I never thought the Galaxy games were really that special. To be honest, I thought they were overrated. Do I think Mario 64 is better then the Galaxy games? Yes I do.

Mario 64's courses were like little virtual playgrounds with tons of stuff to explore and discover, with the ability to tackle the stars in any order that you wanted.

I don't know what it is, but I could never get into the Galaxy games. I played both of them, and they bored me. I could never get into the courses and the powerups just did feel that fun to use.

Quite frankly, I think 64, Sunshine, 3D Land, and 3D World are all better then the Galaxy games in my opinion. They were more fun and enjoyable to play through for me. 64 had that magical playground feel with its levels, Sunshine had Fludd, and 3D Land and World managed to capture the fun of both 2D and 3D Mario games.

It's not really nostalgia for me, since I enjoyed 3D Land and 3D World and I love the newer 2D Mario games(especially NSMBU)

Its just that I never could get into the Galaxy games. I can't quite put my finger on it, I just never enjoyed them.



Caryslan commented on Review: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Qu...:

I'm just going to say it, this is the best platformer on the SNES without a doubt in my mind. Yes, I think it's better then Super Mario World, Yoshi's Island, the SNES Kirby games, and Donkey Kong Country.

This is just an awesome and perfect game.



Caryslan commented on Nintendo Returns to Profit as Wii U Sales Show...:

@Yorumi Nobody is saying it will surpass the PS4 or that it won't go down as the worst selling Nintendo console, but it is showing some growth and it has started to dig itself out of the hole that landed in last year.

The PS4 is a beast, and I highly doubt it will lose this generation unless Sony gets stupid. Its selling pretty much on hype right now, and it will likely never lose its lead once the good games arrive.

But the Wii U has a chance to take second place this generation. Why do I say that? Because the Xbox One is struggling itself. Think of how many tricks Microsoft has pulled out of the hat to even stay in the market. They dropped the Kinect, they dropped the price of the system twice this year(once around June, the second for the holidays), they have given away free games, and have done everything in their power to make the Xbox One look good.

But outside of Halo and Forza, what can you get on the Xbox One that you can't find on the PS4?

And that is where I think Nintendo will find its success with the Wii U. As a secondary console that people buy for the exclusives. The Wii U is seeing growth, and while its not an insane number it does show that people are starting to show interest in the system.

If things keep going this way, I could see the Wii U take second place right behind the PS4. The Xbox One just seems lost, and Microsoft is throwing everything at the wall in an attempt to get people to buy it.



Caryslan commented on Poll: Should Nintendo Follow Microsoft's Lead ...:

Thing is, the Xbox One sales cut is due to Microsoft becoming desperate to sell the Xbox One. I'm getting the impression Microsoft in not only concerned with the PS4, but the Wii U this holiday season.

The PS4 is riding on the hype engine that has carried this year, while Nintendo is going to go in riding on Smash and the exclusives you can't find anywhere else. Honestly, what does Microsoft really have? A Halo collection filled with games most people already played? Forza Horzion 2? Sunset Overdrive? They need the price drop to stay alive, they don't have real compelling software this holiday season.

The same could be said of the PS4 of course, but Sony is a master at marketing and hyping their system this generation.

Nintendo does not need a price drop. Going to 249.99 is not going to magically solve anything. What they need is to show the exclusives the others aren't getting and to hype the hell out of Smash.

That's where Nintendo will do well this holiday season, they have the single best exclusives this holiday season. Between the 3DS and the Wii U, they need to just stay the course.

Microsoft is bleeding money in their game division, they need to do something desperate to jumpstart the Xbox One. They don't have the content to push systems, so they are going for a price drop.

I'm not saying Nintendo does not need to get things started either, but they can endure it better the Microsoft can. Smash Bros for Wii U has tons of hype, Mario Kart 8 will still sell systems, exclusives like Bayonetta 2 and Hyrule Warriors will attract people to the system, and the Wii U has been dong better over the last few months, while it seems like the Xbox One is losing sales with each month.



Caryslan commented on Poll: Buying Bayonetta 2 - eShop Convenience o...:

This is sounding what happened with Fire Emblem Awakining last year. Nintendo and stores underestimated demand, so there were fewer copies on shelves and the game sold out.

This is good to hear, hopefully Bayonetta 2 and Hyrule Warriors can give the Wii U a push leading towards Smash Bros' release.



Caryslan commented on Feature: Five 'New Things' We Want in Super Sm...:

@Azooooz Because there are fans of Lucas, Wolf, Mewtwo and other characters that did not make the cut that want them back in the game. DLC might also allow the Ice Climbers to rejoin, since time can no be focused on getting them to work in both versions.

How can DLC not be a good thing? It gives cut characters a second chance to come back into the roster, and might even give us some newcomers.



Caryslan commented on Rumour: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Dat...:

@Inkling How is Nintendo any different now then they ever were? Because they now offer DLC for games that already packed with features and content? If Smash Bros 4 gets DLC, those characters are icing on top of a 50+ character roster and feature-packed cake.

Not all DLC is a evil money grab. If done right, if can enhance games and help them extend their lifespan. DLC for Smash would allow characters like Mewtwo, Wolf, Lucas to finally come back. Without it, we might never see them until potentally the next Smash Bros.

As for HD, of course Nintendo is going to focus on that aspect. Their current console is an HD system after all. Not that it really affects the quality of their games. They still play just as good as they ever have. Now, they just look better with an HD coat of paint.



Caryslan commented on Poll: Nintendo Minute Debate - Is Super Mario ...:

@Hikingguy People also tend to forget that many enemies that appear in modern Mario games like Shy Guys, Snifit, Pidgit, Pokey, Bob-omb, Birdo, Cobrat, and Ninji all first appeared in Super Mario Bros 2.

Super Mario Bros 2 often gets treated like the black sheep of the series, when it introduced many things to the larger Mario universe. While it might not have set the standards that later games follow like Super Mario Bros 3, World, or 64 did, there is no way to deny the impact Super Mario Bros 2 did make.



Caryslan commented on Poll: Nintendo Minute Debate - Is Super Mario ...:

The problem with this question, is that both games did an equal job of adding new and innovative features to the series and the platformer genre as a whole.

Here is what both games brought to the table.

Super Mario Bros 3
-Introduced an overworld map to the series

-Introduced a way to collect and stock powerups for use anytime on the world map

-Introduced mini-games and battles to the series

-Introduced a powerup that allows the player to fly

-Introduced powerups with their own abilites that offered different advantages based on the level

-Introduced the ability to skip levels and worlds at will

-Introduced smaller castles in the middle of the world that had a mini-boss to defeat.

Super Mario World
-Introduced a map that allowed the player to move freely between areas and visit levels at will

-Introduced the ability to store items for use inside a level.

-Introduced the concept of levels having multiple exits, many of them leading to different paths on the world map.

-Introduced the concept of a rideable animal buddy to the series(Yoshi)

-Introduced the concept of bonus worlds that could be accessed by playing very well.

-Introduced Baby Yoshis to the series that if properly taken care of, would give the player access to unquie abilites. In other words, the concept of taking along something that hinders you at first, but if developed helps you out later on.

-Introduced Switch Palaces, which allowed the player to add special blocks to courses that offered more powerups, and new paths in levels.

-Introduced Ghost Houses to the series, which had gimmicks that made them different from normal levels.

It's easy to act like Super Mario World did nothing to innovate the Mario series, especially since many of its changes and things that it added are less obvious then what Super Mario Bros 3 introduced.

For example, while Super Mario Bros 3 did introduce the concept of more powerups with varied uses, Super Mario World introduced the concept of not only a ridable buddy, but each color of Yoshi having its over powers and abilites. A concept that would later be adapted by Donkey Kong and Kirby.

Yes, Super Mario Bros 3 introduced the world map, but it was still a linear map. Once you beat a level and a world, you were done. Super Mario World introduced the concept of going between areas at will, and revisiting levels as well. And while old games like Mega Man allowed you to revist levels, it was often to stock up on E Tanks. With Mario World, it introduced the concept of revisiting worlds to unlock new paths, switch palaces, star roads, etc.

Look at Donkey Kong Country, it's overworld was inspired by what Super Mario World did offering the player the ability to revisit old areas and tons of levels with secrets that are unlikely to ever be discovered on the first playthrough.

I don't argue that Super Mario Bros 3 is an innovative game. But to simply dismiss Super Mario World as a prettier SMB 3 that lacked innovation with Yoshi as the only new thing is foolish.

Look at how many platformers of the 16-Bit era drew their inspiration from what both Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World did.

Both are innovative to their series and their genre in their own ways. Super Mario Bros 3's innovations are much more obvious since it followed Super Mario Bros and both versions of Super Mario Bros 2. That's why so many people say that it's more innovative, because the bonus games, world map, new power ups, etc are obvious changes. They are much more clear from the second you power on the game

For Super Mario World, the innovations are less obvious. But as you get through the game, as you truly begin to play it, the innovations are there. A ridable buddy, a large, expansive map that no longer locks you into an area, replay ble levels with tons of secrets, hidden paths to discover and unlock, bonus worlds besides the 8 normal worlds with their own secrets, the list goes on.

Both are innovative games in their own right,and there is no clear answer.



Caryslan commented on Nintendo Celebrates Super Smash Bros. and Wii ...:

@Faruko I think what makes this even more impressive is that it came out in a month where Destiny was running on the hype machine and getting most of the gaming press, and a strong month for Madden(since September is when Football season starts)

That's the key for Nintendo, they need the games that will make people want a Wii U. Hyrule Warriors sold very well, and its another feather in the cap of the Wii U. They don't need to beat the PS4 or take the crown as the top system this generation.

Just carving up a nice little market as a secondary system will do them very well. As the lines between the PS4 and Xbox One's libraries become blurred due to having pretty much the same games, the Wii U stands out more and more.

Smash will sell Wii U's this holiday season, and I think the Wii U might have a good chance of keeping its second place spot. Microsoft themselves are struggling to sell the Xbox One, and even a free game promotion did not help them this past month.

I think Nintendo has to be very happy right now. They just need to keep the games coming. Build up a library of games people can't find anywhere else. That has always been their strength with the N64, Gamecube, and Wii.

It will work again. It might not make them the top system this gen, but they don't need that title. The Wii U will still sell good as a great secondary console for people who want to play Nintendo's games.



Caryslan commented on Weirdness: Sony Fan Creates Petition In Hope O...:

Maybe instead of doing a petition about getting a port of Smash onto the Vita, maybe he should make a petition that tells Sony to give a damn about the Vita.

The Vita is now over two years old, where is the exclusive God of War game? Gran Trusimo, other Sony franchises? The 3DS alone is not the reason why the Vita is failing, its Sony's own lack of concern for the system. They could turn it around in the west, they don't care. The 3DS keeps selling because Nintendo keeps putting games on there that people want to play.

The Wii U has struggled like the Vita, but its starting to sell better, and there's a major reason for that. Nintendo is putting out games that people want to play.

What was the last major Vita exclusive? Killzone? The Wii U has started to see better sales because Nintendo is putting their best efforts behind the system. They are getting rewarded for their effort. Sony could reap that same benefit with the Vita, but there's nothing to sell it. The revised Vita landed with the Borderlands 2 bundle and then nothing. Sony did nothing to build on the hype of a hardware revision.

Minecraft, argubly the one game the Vita has that could sell the system and maybe take some people away from portable Smash is quietly launched on the Playstation store like they are ashamed of it. Sony could have been marketing the hell out of this game, putting out hardware bundles.

The first portable version of Minecraft that plays like the console ones would get tons of people to buy a Vita! Minecraft is argubly bigger then Smash, that could have been the game that could have jumpstarted the Vita. And again, Sony wastes the chance.

Smash Bros would not sell the Vita, because that's not the Vita's problem. The issue is that Sony is not putting out games for the Vita that makes people want the system and they don't care to market the system.

Maybe this fan should blame Sony for leaving the Vita to die, rather then attack Nintendo because they have exclusives for their systems.

All consoles have exclusive games. You buy Nintendo for Mario and Zelda, you buy Microsoft for Halo and Forza, and you buy Sony for Uncharted and God of War.

Why does this fan not get that?



Caryslan commented on Nintendo Celebrates Super Smash Bros. and Wii ...:

I think 190,000 units for Hyrule Warriors is pretty good. Despite the Zelda name, at its core its a Warriors game, which is a niche series in the West. People who want a true Zelda experience might have skipped it over or will wait till it drops in price.

For me, I just got my Wii U a few days ago and I picked Wind Waker HD as my first Zelda game to play through. Hyrule Warriors looks fun, but I want wait a bit on it.

190,000 is not a bad number, in fact I think it the best debut for a warriors game in the US in years . Not to mention, the game came out on September 26th, which means there are only a few days of tracking.

I can see Hyrule Warriors reach 250,000-500,000 units at some point.



Caryslan commented on Hardware Review: The New Nintendo 3DS Is The B...:

I kinda wish they would do a new 2DS. A model with all the shiny new features but without the 3D and the form factor of the 2DS. I prefer the design of the 2DS, it fits better in my hand then the design of the 3DS models.
I'm not sure I could ever go back to that square flip-top form of the 3DS models. I tried using my old 3DS a few weeks ago and it felt uncomfortable.



Caryslan commented on Capcom Won't Greenlight Sequels If A Game Does...:

I really don't want Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft to buy Capcom or any other major third-party studio. Why not let Bandai Namco buy out Capcom? Out of all the major third-party companies in Japan, they seem to have no real issues.



Caryslan commented on Capcom Won't Greenlight Sequels If A Game Does...:

@XFsWorld Here's the problem, they wanted to build Revelations 2 on much more powerful hardware. Putting it on the 3DS would have either resulted in a gimped port or gimping and holding back the other versions. The 3DS is the weakest system on the market right now, and I doubt even the "New 3DS" would have done any better.

Capcom had two choices. Either make it on the 3DS and hold back on things the development team wanted to do in order to expand the world and gameplay, or in an attempt to make 3DS owners feel better give a gimped port that would likely be trashed anyway.

It's been obvious from day one that Revelations 2 is a console game. The only handheld on the market right now that could handle a port is the Vita. I don't understand why people want a 3DS port. Do people want a gimped port that will be trashed by everyone while they play superior versions on other hardware?

I can understand people being upset with the Wii U not getting a version, but let's just give up on the 3DS version. Like it or not, the 3DS hardware is what is keeping it from getting this game.



Caryslan commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Release Dates Conf...:

There's no Wii U system bundle with Smash? Ahh well, I'll just get another bundle and skip Smash Bros on the Wii U when I get the system since I already have it on my 2DS.

Still kinda shocked Nintendo would skip a bundle like that. A Smash and Mario Kart bundle would sell insane numbers this holiday season.



Caryslan commented on Want Bayonetta 2 On PS4 And Xbox One? You Migh...:

Here's what I don't get, the first Bayonetta sold a little over a million copies on two systems. That's the entire reason why Sega did not want to fund and publish a sequel, they did not see any potential in the franchise.

So why the big fuss if Nintendo gets this game? Not trying to sound insulting here, but we're not talking about a Devil May Cry, God of War, or Ninja Gaiden here. Bayonetta is a niche franchise. How many Xbox and Playstation gamers would have bought this game were it on their systems anyway? How many of them bought the first game.

They are crying over a game that many of them likely did not care about in the first place. Nintendo did not get exclusive rights to a big third-party franchise here. Bayonetta has its fans, but its no Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, Street Fighter, or Madden in terms of fanbase and popularity.

Maybe Bayonetta 2 is better off on Nintendo platforms. At least it will get the attention it deserves as as opposed to being lost in the sea of games that are coming to Playstation and Xbox.

But people really need to stop acting like spoiled brats. Nintendo has lost far larger franchises to Sony and Microsoft in the past(Final Fantasy anyone?) and their fans pretty much carried on. I would assume many people got a PS1 to play alongside their N64 so they could play Final Fantasy VII.

But when the reverse happens, everyone cries like a spoiled child. And it's not even over a major franchise!

Bayonetta is a niche series that barely sold a million!

Good lord, I think there was less fuss when the Xbox One got Tomb Raider as an exclusive, and it's a much bigger series.

Sometimes, I am just disgusted by the self-entitlement of modern gamers.



Caryslan commented on Fantasy Life Makes Top 10 UK Chart Début as H...:

@AdanVC Umm, the UK has never been big on Nintendo. Unless I'm wrong its pretty much been Playstation land over there since the PS1, and before that Sega and computers like the Amiga were real big.

Nintendo has always struggled in the UK. I think their handhelds tend to do well, but their home consoles struggle in that market.

Can anyone else add anything to this? Am I right or wrong about this?

I just always heard that Sega, Sony, and computers like the Amiga were big in the UK and Europe and Nintendo's always had trouble over there.

I do know Europe was one of the few regions where the Master System beat the NES.



Caryslan commented on Fantasy Life Makes Top 10 UK Chart Début as H...:

While I don't want Nintendo to bend over and kiss EA's behind, this does show a clear problem. Namely, the fact that the Wii U needs games like Fifa and Madden.

People can scoff at that comment all they want, but Football and Soccer are big sports and the games based of them sell millions of copies.

Think about this, if Madden and Fifa were on the Wii U, it would make it more attractive to consumers(especially given its lower price), and that in turn might help other games.

Like EA and their games or not, these are major titles that sell tons of copies each year and Nintendo's newest console is not getting a cut of the pie.

If nothing else, why does Nintendo not make their own exclusive sports that are not based on Mario or the Wii series? They did it back on the SNES and N64, and Sony sells millions of MLB: The Show each year, so the market is there.

Sports games sell millions of copies across numerous leagues and are some of the major titles on platforms each year. People can bash Fifa all they want and act like the people who but those games are idiots.

But they sell well and are on Playstation & Xbox. Not having Fifa on the Wii U is hurting the system. When people go into stores and see Madden on everything but the Wii U, how does that look to consumers? Not getting Destiny is one thing, not getting yearly sports games like Madden and Fifa just makes it look bad to casual consumers.

I don't care what anyone says, the Wii U needs Madden and Fifa.



Caryslan commented on Nintendo Confirms Development of Games That Wi...:

@AdmiralThrawn What? Am I supposed to applaud Nintendo and blindly cheer them on no matter what they do? I have bought their consoles since the NES, I own a 3DS and 2DS. I have every right to voice my opinion as a consumer.

I don't get it, I'm a whiner because I'm not blindly hopping on the "Everything Nintendo does is great bandwagon!"

I have a legimite point. This is the first hardware revision that looks to outright screw over consumers who own the older hardware.

But let's play a little devil's advocate for a moment. How badly would Microsoft and Sony get bashed if they pulled something like this? Suppose Halo 4 had only worked on the new Xbox 360 S models. Would that have been ok?

This is a stopgap, and there is concern Nintendo will make games "exclusive" to the new 3DS to ensure people buy the new model. The DSi had a shop, but older DS owners could still play retail games. Right now, Xenoblade is being dangled as a carrot to get people to buy a stopgap system.

How long before the carrot becomes a Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, or Fire Emblem game? Even better, how long before the true 3DS successor gets announced and makes the New 3DS irrelevant? The Dsi came out in 2009 and less then a year later, the 3DS was being shown of.

But I love how you just dismiss all my arguments as whining. Because apparently, I have no right to voice my opinion about products that I have bought.

This is a cash grab plain and simple, and you apparently missed the other point I was trying to make. The post that I responded to made the argument that everyone does hardware revisions. And they have a point, Sega, Sony, Microsoft, all of them have offered hardware revisions.

But the point I was trying to make was that Peace Walker worked on all PSPs, regardless of the model. Destiny works on pretty much all PS3s. There is no game being put out that splits the userbase like this.

But Nintendo is doing that, they are dangling an exclusive game that can't work on older hardware like a carrot to go buy a hardware revision. The NEW 3DS is a hardware revision.

And before someone brings up the Game Boy Color, I was playing games when the Game By Color was out. Nintendo treated it like a new system rather then a mere upgrade or hardware revision.

Maybe the New 3DS will turn out like that. But I don't appreciate my opinions being slammed as whining. I spend money on a product, I have every right to voice my opinion about what a company does. Especially when they put out new versions of hardware that cuts away at a userbase and splits it.



Caryslan commented on Nintendo Confirms Development of Games That Wi...:

@bizcuthammer The thing is, the later revisions of the PS3, Xbox 360, PSP, and Vita did not get exclusive games that would not work on older hardware. Someone could buy Destiny and play it on a launch PS3 provided they have the room to install it on the HD. The PSP went through 5 revisions, and games worked the same across all versions of hardware. Ghost of Sparta and MGS: Peace Walker worked on a launch era PSP just as well as a PSP-3000.

The Xbox 360 is a little dicer since the older models lacked an HD, but its the same concept. Newer games will work on older versions of the same hardware.

The issue is not a hardware revision, the issue is that Nintendo is selling the New 3DS as another revision of the 3DS hardware, but cutting out a segment of the market that own older 3DS consoles with games like Xenoblade.

You brought up the Vita, but again its the same thing as the PSP. Newer Vita games work across both models, there is no "Well, Borderlands 2 will only work on the Vita-2000" nonsense.

This is why people are upset. Nintendo is trying to sell a hardware revision as a new console that plays exclusive games. Its a stopgap system, that will likely be replaced once the 3DS' real successor is ready to go.

The problem is that Nintendo is splitting they market and their userbase with the stunt. Do you think Microsoft would have been given a free pass with something like "Well, Halo 4 will only work with the Xbox 360 S" or Sony with "Well, The Last of Us will only work with the Super Slim PS3s!"

No, and reality is, no company should get away with this. Halo 4 and The Last of Us work fine with older Xbox 360 and PS3 models, because doing so would have split the userbase.

But now, Nintendo is basically leaving older 3DS owners out in the cold with this stunt.

Hardware revisions are a good thing, they allow a company to fix issues with older versions of hardware, integrate newer tech into their consoles, and keep the system fresh in the eyes of consumers.

But hardware revisions should never split up a userbase. What purpose does the New 3DS serve? Its nothing more then a stopgap console, just like the DSi before it. If Nintendo was going to make games exclusive to new hardware, why not wait a bit and put out the real successor to the 3DS?



Caryslan commented on Talking Point: History Shows Us That Nintendo'...:

@DESS-M-8 I don't know how it was in the UK, but numerous PS1 and Saturn game showed in-game footage. I remember the Crash Bandicoot commercial where he parked in front of NOA's headquarters and showed off real gamplay footage.

The general consumer was not swayed by smoke and mirrors that Sony put on. The reality is, the Playstation had the games that people wanted to play during that era, and has the best libary of any console during that generation.

The N64 and Saturn had their gems, but their libraries were much smaller then the PS1's.

Symphony of the Night Final Fantasy VII, VII, and IX, Resident Evil 1-3, Capcom's fighting games, Meta Gear Solid, the list could go on and on. Those were on the PS1. Those games are the reason it sold so well, along with better marketing then anything Sega or Nintendo tried during that generation.

I don't get why people are so determined to take away the PS1's success during that era and act like they only did well because they tricked an easily amused customer base who went "FMV cutscenes!! OMG, I have to own the PS1!"

The Sega CD, 3D0, and Saturn all had games with FMV cut scenes. Hell, the Sega CD and 3D0 had interactive FMV games and both systems are look at as jokes years later. All three of those systems bombed. Why? Because for all their flash, they did not have the games.

The Saturn did have the games, but many of them, never made it to the west.

The Playstation deserved its success. Sega and Nintendo both made foolish mistakes that Sony was able to take advantage of, and they had the games people wanted to play.

I just don't get it. Not just you, but other people who have posted act like the PS1 was a system that only got by because it had nothing but flashy commercials and FMV cut scenes.

People seem to forget that games are what sells consoles. Sony had them with the PS1. The N64 and Saturn had their gems, but they lost for a reason. Sony was the company that generation with the most games that people wanted to play and the better message to get their console into the hands of gamers.



Caryslan commented on Hyrule Warriors Battles Its Way to Number 3 in...:

@Nintenjoe64 Fire Emblem warriors is the only one that makes any real sense. It would be perfect, since Fire Emblem is already based around taking on armies that are larger then your own. Just replace the SRPG gameplay with the DW gameplay.

Make characters from each of the classes playable or at least the major ones like Lords, Knights, Paladians, Mages, Archers, Fighters that kinda thing. An extra wrinkle is that they can promote into the advanced version of their classes like in the Fire Emblem games.

Fire Emblem has tons of characters to pick from, tons of content across 13 games to draw from, and a perfect setup already since the series is about armies fighting each other.

As a Fire Emblem fan, I would to see a game like this.



Caryslan commented on Sakurai Explains Reasoning Behind Removal Of I...:

I know they had their fans, but I really don't care either way. Duck Hunt Dog is the classic-NES rep that I look forward to playing as.

To be honest, the cuts that we got in this game are not that bad compared to other fighting games. You have ones like Street Fighter and Soul Calibur that cut characters for no good reason. At least with Smash 4, there was an effort to keep as many characters from Brawl as possible.

And Sakurai is at least nice enough to explain why the Ice Climbers did not make it in. Capcom and Namco would not even bother explaining why they cut almost the entire roster between Street Fighter II and Street Fighter III or the mess that was Soul Calibur V's roster.

Sagat or Sakura fan? Like Taki? Want to know where they are? Then go screw yourself if you don't like the stupid new characters we added.

At least Smash Bros kept characters like Ike, Toon Link, Lucario, ROB, and other who looked like they were going to be cut.

I know the loss of the Ice Climbers is a major blow, I played as Wolf and it sucks that he's gone as well. But there is a silver lining in this. Several new characters are waiting to be discovered in Smash 4.

Wolf may be gone, but I'm looking forward to Robin, Little Mac, Mega Man, and Pac Man.

I am just dismayed people want to focus so much on the negatives of this game. Do people complain this loudly when Capcom cuts out characters and then adds them in with updates? What are we at now, the fourth or fifth update of Super Street Fighter IV?

We have over 50 characters in this game, tons of game modes, and other cool content.

But all people want to do is complain about what the game does not have. I'm kinda unhappy to see this. Video games are supposed to be fun. Can't we enjoy games for what they do have?



Caryslan commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Sells Over ...:

@BlackSpy This won't do a thing to the Vita, it is still the second best-selling console in Japan and it gets a good amout of third-party support. If the Vita has sold steady despite Monster Hunter 4, Mario Kart 8, Youkai Watch 2, and Pokemon coming out, then Smash Brothers is unlikely to finish it off.

The Vita may be dead in NA and Europe, but it's destorying the PS4 and Wii U in sales in Japan. Sony can still have a pretty successful time with the Vita even if it remains in second place in Japan.

One thing is for sure, every week in the Japanese charts the Vita is almost always in second place behind the 3DS and its games are in the charts(unlike the Wii U and PS4)

The Vita is not likely to die anytime soon in Japan. If Pokemon could not kill it, then Smash Bros won't either. The Vita has their audience and their libary of JRPG games that the 3DS simply does not have. It will keep on selling unless Sony loses their minds and drives off third-parties.



Caryslan commented on Talking Point: The Super Smash Bros. 3DS Demo ...:

Well, I can safely say that the Smash Bros 3DS demo is the first one I have ever played for over two hours, and I'm not done yet!

I just love how well Smash Bros 3DS turned out. It plays faster and better then Brawl, Mario and Link have all be buffed and vastly improved, Mega Man is a fun character to use, the Villager is interesting but fun as well, and the new items are great and don't disrupt matches as badly as the ones Brawl introduced.

Quite frankly, I think going by this demo that this is the best Smash Bros yet..

One other thing, the new Battlefield theme is now my favorite one out of all of them in the series!



Caryslan commented on A 3DS Can be Used as a Controller in Super Sma...:

Maybe this is a major reason why Nintendo is creating a New 3DS model. To allow players who don't have a gamepad to have their own screen on a controller for a Wii U game. Sony already offered something like this with the PSP & PS3, and the Vita and the PS4.

Maybe Nintendo could not figure out a cost effective way to sell the gamepad separately or add a second one onto the console, so this is the next best solution.

If they can link the Wii U and the 3DS together, it can only benefit both systems in the long run.

Plus, this might be the test for that Console/Handheld hybrid system that the rumors keep talking about.