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Sat 9th Jan 2010

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ToastyYogurt commented on Video: Mario Kart DS Skids Onto Wii U Virtual ...:

Ugh, not giving the DS VC games local multiplayer was such a missed opportunity, especially since they were launching with a Mariokart game. I find it hard to believe that they'll put a Mariokart game on VC with absolutely no multiplayer options, yet they won't put any main series Pokemon games on VC. Pokemon might have a huge emphasis on the multiplayer aspects but there's a much stronger single player experience there than in Mariokart.



ToastyYogurt commented on Splatoon Release Date, Modes and amiibo Inform...:

Anybody else feel like Amiibo are starting to become keys to unlocking on-disc content with this announcement? From what I understand they unlock missions that you can get special gear from. Doesn't sound like these Amiibos do much besides unlock content.

But even though I'm afraid this could turn into a cash-grab, it's really hard to not want these. I might end up picking up the 3-pack, especially to get that Squid Amiibo. Surprised that one isn't getting sold on its own, out of the three I want that one the most.



ToastyYogurt commented on Microsoft Once Had Some Pretty Wild Ideas, Inc...:

Wait, Microsoft thought XBox was going to be a casual gamer's machine?! In that case it seems a little odd that the original system's aesthetic design had a dark, "hardcore" vibe to it, from the casing to the system menus. But it's not like Microsoft knows their audience most of the time.

As for XBox potentially having been a free console, that's an interesting one. They would have had to push a lot more effort into software sales to make that profitable, and there's the problem of somebody taking one and not buying any games, or taking multiple XBoxes.



ToastyYogurt commented on Another Wii U GameCube Controller Adapter Batt...:

I got one from Best Buy a few weeks ago. Apparently they got fresh shipments at the time I got it so they had a few in stock at many stores.

@Sugglebutt: I got mine mostly to help with 8 player games, at the time I was used to using Gamepad/Pro Controller/Classic Controller Pro for Smash and have only ever used a Gamecube controller for Melee. Then I got the adapter, tried playing some matches with a Gamecube controller, and found it was great for muscle memory thanks to having differently sized and shaped buttons. That and the shoulder buttons are very comfy. I think part of the reason people love it so much though is because the Gamecube controller became the de facto way to play Smash during Brawl's area with the Wii. Wiimote and Nunchuck was a weird way to play games that didn't involve motion controls whatsoever, Wiimote alone was uncomfortable and the default setup was lacking a way to grab, and Classic Controllers were just plain uncomfortable before the CCPro was released. Even after the CCPro came out, why spend $20 on another controller when you could use controllers you already had? By the time Smash U was ready for massive publicity, Nintendo was trying its hardest to get the competitive scene to adopt the new game, thus they introduced a way to use the controller most competitive smashers were used to.



ToastyYogurt commented on Fans Demonstrate Changes From Sonic Boom: Rise...:

I find it odd that Big Red Button is making changes to such little things as aesthetics (lighting, controller diagram coloration, etc.) post-release. It's making me think that Sega rushed this out for the holiday season and Big Red Button really does care about their work, tweaking it even after the game came out. Even if they somehow fix the horrible framerate issues, which has to be the biggest problem with the game, I doubt any sane man will still find it a good game. I haven't played it but I heard it was pretty boring, and watching videos of it I could barely tell what kind of game it wanted to be, none of its gameplay facets seemed to stand out enough to define its genre further than generic action.



ToastyYogurt commented on This Fan-Made Facelift Of The Original Paper M...:

I like that it makes the original look closer to TTYD, but I don't like the changes. Why make Twink a Luma? It gives him a lot less visual flare and kinda screws with the story (it's minor but it's annoying). Also, is that a bandage I see on Kooper's face? What's that doing there? Is this guy trying to work Kooper into being Koops's distant cousin or something?



ToastyYogurt commented on Kickstarter Project Wants to Turn Your Game Bo...:

A cool idea. Yeah, there's other ways to play Gameboy games on a TV, but have you ever booted up a GB/C/A emulator and ran it full screen on an HD monitor with no ugly blurring filters? It looks really nice and sharp, much nicer than using a Super Gameboy or Gameboy Player on an HDTV.

That said, I wouldn't be willing to pay that price even if I still had an original Gameboy, and the device itself looks like it fattens up the Gameboy considerably., providing a thick midsection between the Gameboy's two original halves. Is it still easy to play on the device itself?



ToastyYogurt commented on Nintendo Teams Up With Loot Crate To Deliver a...:

Oooooh, I'd totally pay for that. As long as the price is comparable or better than going to the store and buying them myself. Or at least ordering on Amazon (considering the price of shipping and handling).

I kinda want to amass a collection. This sounds like a great way to do that.



ToastyYogurt commented on Poll: Should Nintendo Follow Microsoft's Lead ...:

@darthllama But there are other less risky ways to hopefully boost sales. Better advertising, for one thing. I think conveying that Wii U is an entirely new console (rather than the confusing "total upgrade" phrase they've been using) and showing off the Wii U's awesome library would do better than a price drop. You have no idea how much of a loss they are taking currently for each Wii U sale, They could be expecting the average owner to buy 4 games within a year and you don't know it. You don't think they'd be a little hesitant to push it to 5 or 6? And do you think they want to risk getting the kind of people that bought a Wii and only ever owned Wii Sports and maybe Wii Fit? Granted, 4 is a made up number, and those kinda people aren't likely to buy a Wii U anyway, but still, you don't think Nintendo wouldn't be risking anything by shaving the price on a console they are ALREADY taking a loss on?

Yeah, most people buy a couple of games with a console, but what if Nintendo has to expect them to buy more games initially for the console than what they're willing to buy? You can't just have faith that the consumers are going to buy exactly as many games as Nintendo needs them to buy to make a profit, eventually there will be a point where there's a gap between how much money needs to cover the cost of the console and how much money the average consumer is willing to spend on games. I think Nintendo is approaching that point.



ToastyYogurt commented on Poll: Should Nintendo Follow Microsoft's Lead ...:

@darthllama Hardware sales aren't the only thing though, what I'm saying is selling consoles means nothing to their bottom line if they can't make a profit off of software sales. Nintendo was originally selling their consoles at a loss, then when they cut $50 off the price they sold it at even more of a loss. In order to comfortably sell the console at a loss they have to be sure the average consumer buys enough games to cover that loss for a reasonable time. What happens if Nintendo cuts the cost, systems fly off the shelves, but not enough games are bought to cover the cost? I understand how selling at a loss can benefit console sales, I remember how the 3DS sold much better after the price was slashed by $80 and sold at a loss. But selling at a loss can be bad if you overestimate your customers.



ToastyYogurt commented on Poll: Should Nintendo Follow Microsoft's Lead ...:

A price drop at this point sounds dangerous. They dropped the price last year when they were selling the console at a lost from the beginning. I'm no expert but I feel like lowering the price any more would be risky. How do you know the software sales from new owners will make up for the loss in hardware sales if that loss is too great?



ToastyYogurt commented on Masahiro Sakurai Gives a Glimpse of Super Smas...:

I was hoping it was a new character too, something that would be unlocked on 3DS via connecting it to a Wii U with the character unlocked or something. Oh well, at least now there's a cool little explanation of that attack [that character] does, and we get a neat little trailer for it.

Pretty silly that he's teasing it and soon announcing it like there isn't already a version of the game out with the full roster. I mean, you'll have the people who haven't gotten the 3DS version and have also been living under a rock avoiding all the spoilers, those people will be shocked and amazed. But most people in the loop already know who the character is.



ToastyYogurt commented on These GameCube-style Mario Bros. Controllers O...:

Holy crap, that's pretty much identical to an actual GC controller. Much nicer than the pdp "wired fight pad" for that reason alone.

Even though I've been a CC Pro smasher for a few years, I like the idea of these GC-style Classic Controllers. Essentially wireless in that I don't have to run a cable through the room, while at the same time feels and works like a GC controller. Besides the adapter, a great option for people that love that setup.

As for turbo buttons, eh. I don't use them myself, and if you're going to enter a tournament I'm willing to bet a GC setup with the adapter will be used.



ToastyYogurt commented on Unused Announcer Audio in Super Smash Bros. Re...:

OH MAN, I hope Special Smash is in the Wii U version. Gotta get my reaction training with speedy smash....

8 player smash would be pretty interesting, wouldn't be surprised if it was a planned 3DS mode but was cut due to immense lag. Would be cool if it was a mode in the Wii U version by recognizing both GC and Wiimote/Nunchuck/CCPro/Gamepad/Pro Controllers and/or playing online. Wouldn't get my hopes up though, it's not something I imagine a lot of people have asked for.



ToastyYogurt commented on We'd Be Cheating Fans By Bringing Assassin's C...:

Yeah, it's pretty obvious Ubi's writing off the Wii U now as a "casual" system without a substantial user base. Never mind how crappy most of the Wii U ports were, never mind the console was simply in the adoption phase at the time, they're not turning a profit because Nintendo didn't sell enough systems! /s

I don't really care that much though, unless another Rayman game comes out perhaps. I can't say I'll never buy a Ubisoft game again, I've actually been thinking about trying Assassin's Creed, but I have a PC I can do that with. I roll with Nintendo for Nintendo games, PC is my everything-else machine.



ToastyYogurt commented on Video: Take a Look at All of the 3DS HOME Menu...:

I might dabble if I ever have pocket change left on my eShop account. Right now I like how the black theme matches my Cosmo Black 3DS. Plus the color of the folders fit in and are appealing than that jarring blue on a white background....

I also like how the top bar has been rearranged, though I wish they would move the "Change Theme" button in the Home Options Menu down a notch or two so that the brightness setting is on the top. I'm always readjusting that to balance visibility and battery life in the current situation.



ToastyYogurt commented on Video: Début Footage of UCraft Aims to Show M...:

Every time I see something by this guy (yeah, the developer is one guy), I become more and more convinced that he has no idea how to make appealing asthetics. His trailers and games just feel so generic. Yeah, I understand it's just one guy working on these games, but I feel like it shouldn't be too hard to take his minimal resources and make a more attractive experience. Though he might need some help if he wants to make an actually good game.



ToastyYogurt commented on Nexis Games is Developing U Craft, a Minecraft...:

Heh, reminds me of Total Miner and the other Minecraft clones that plagued Xbox Live Arcade before an official version for 360 was released.

Can't imagine this being as good as the real deal, though. It's bound to be missing features considering the scope of the game it's based on, imo. Combine that with the developer's track record and in a best case scenario, I can see it being a compromise for those who have no other way of playing Minecraft, nothing more than that.



ToastyYogurt commented on Weirdness: This Original Life-Sized Pikachu Ne...:

I like that they're looking back to the old Pikachu design. Love it when older designs are looked back at.

@GumbyX84 My Chespin Pokemon Center plushie is "Trainer Sized," haven't measured his height to check but I can imagine it being close but not quite, given their interesting work usage. I believe the Emolga and Minchino plushies there claimed to be life size.

I haven't seen a large-sized Eevee there on my trip 5 months back, though. Just the 6th gen starters, Emolga and Minchino.



ToastyYogurt commented on Nintendo Unveils Transparent 2DS Models and Po...:

OMG! I was recently moaning the lack of colorful, translucent electronics in recent years. Seeing a translucent N64 controller makes my heart squeal with glee. This almost makes me want to buy a 2DS. Almost.

Now if only Apple would make their stuff look like this again:

Please excuse my reminiscing over the late 90's/early 00's.

EDIT: Just realized the buttons and d-pad seem to have the letters/lines grooved in rather than printed on, as if to mimic the original GBA. If so, that's pretty freaking awesome.



ToastyYogurt commented on Hyperkin's RetroN 5 Console Allegedly Infringe...:

Don't see why people think complaining that your work is being used without permission is wrong, regardless of the work's practicalities. If you drew a picture and I traced it, don't you think I should at least credit you for the original drawing I based mine off of?

The emulators are protected by GPL, Hyperkin should've honored the terms provided by each emulator's license. It's not about whether the emulators are used for illegal activities or not, it's about fair use. If you think the developers have no right to be asked for permission for use their work and credited, then you're just being bloody unreasonable.

I think this can be straightened out. In a firmware update, give credit to and ask permission of the emulator devs, use a different Snes emulator, and make the Retron5 OS open source and modable.



ToastyYogurt commented on Weirdness: Modder Recreates Donkey Kong Countr...:

Woah. That is super pro.

@Usagi-san: Copyright infringement? Yeah, sure. Does anybody care? No. This is as harmless as fan fic. It's not competing with Nintendo's products in any way (be it sales or piracy or what have you), and it's obvious that Nintendo didn't make this. If this Doom mod were to be paraded around as a prototype of a N64 port of DKC or painted DK and Co. in a bad light or something like that, then yeah, Nintendo might want to take it down.
I used to be anal about copyright like you. Then I stopped where it didn't make moral sense and found these things more enjoyable.



ToastyYogurt commented on A 3DS Can be Used as a Controller in Super Sma...:

Beyond using it as a last ditch resort, I can see people who are too used to the 3DS version to take advantage of this feature. If you're used to the way the Circle Pad feels over a control stick when fighting, you might as well take this offer up.

Also a really nice feature in the last ditch resort area. What if I go to a friends house and we spontaneously decide to play Smash Bros., but he doesn't have enough Pro controllers, CC Pros, and/or GC controllers with adapter, along with the Gamepad, forcing someone to play Wiimote or Nunchuck? I almost always have my 3DS on me (because Streetpass) so this would work awesomely in a pinch.