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ToastyYogurt commented on Sony: PS4 Is "Welcoming Back" Wii Owners Who S...:

Oh my god, Sony, stop flaunting around bullcrap statistics. It's one thing to have solid, sound statistics with thorough and to-the-dot research explained, but to take a statistic like "40% of PS+ users on PS4 didn't have a PS+ account before" and then assume that many of those people came from other consoles is stupid and arrogant, especially since PS+ wasn't required to play online on PS3. They could have found better statistics, too. A percentage of how many PSN IDs were created on a PS4, albeit still not accurate enough to make the claim resonable, would have been a better stat, since people who have had a PS3, PSP, and/or Vita prior to the PS4 would likely log in with the profile they made on that system. Or better yet, if Sony just stopped giving out these "statistics" until they per chance stumbled upon one that could not be reasoned against.



ToastyYogurt commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Be Promoting Th...:

I think part of the tablet appeal is it's a device you can easily take into another room if you want. The gamepad, not so much. I 'spose it depends a lot on the design of your house and where the Wii U resides in it, but mine's in the basement where the biggest TV an the comfiest chairs are. Every room besides the the basement gets very weak (we're talking Gamepad stuttering for a few seconds, every minute or so) to nonexistent signals. I don't think most families would want a tablet that can't leave the room, let alone one that is inferior to most tablets in almost everything but gaming.

I think Nintendo should just focus on games, anyway. While more streaming options would be welcome, I don't see a reason to target tablet-desiring children. If they were too give something along those lines a shot, though, I think enticing mobile developers of popular mobile/tablet games to release their games to the eShop for the same price would be a swell idea. If kids see they can play Doodlejump, Fruit Ninja, and other games of the sort (sorry, I'm not up to speed with all the games kids play on tablets these days. :P) on the Wii U, with a TV showing off the game being played and throwing in some possible multiplayer options, I think that might draw in a few sales.



ToastyYogurt commented on Cave Story 3D to Arrive on 3DS eShop in North ...:

Eh, this version looks so stupid. Maybe it's mostly nostalgia factor messing with me, but the re-imagined graphics and music just ruin the charm for me. I'll bet it's still an enjoyable game, but I wouldn't play it over the 2D eShop version, which has got to be the best version of Cave Story ever made.



ToastyYogurt commented on Hacker Claims to Demonstrate an Exploit to Mod...:

Hmm, I think there's room for them to create a modding system that would prevent piracy, at least until some pirates possibly exploit these guys' work. They said they were only interested in game mods, if they don't make a homebrew launcher, or otherwise reveal a way to run any little bit of code on the system unfiltered, they should be fine. If they just make a program that installs a patcher on a Wii U, specifically for modding games and some little OS stuff (like the text font), pirates won't immediately be able to rip and run pirated games. Unfortunately there's always the possibility that their code can be reverse engineered.

Cheating might be a little trickier to prevent, since cheats are essentially mods. Could they possibly force all code changes to be only client side and make online games merely desync? Eh, I can't say I actually know how that works, and that would only be useful if the server automatically disconnects if a game gets too synchronized, which I'm not sure about either.

I would like it if this project came through, as long as some good mods came out of it. Custom Mario Kart tracks, 3D World levels, Smash Bros. stages and characters.... On the other hand, though, if this gets released to the public it could potentially lead to further modding, if other people reverse engineer their methods. Piracy would be brutal to Nintendo this gen, considering they are selling consoles at a loss, hoping to turn a profit with game sales.

On the other hand, Nintendo's also been very good with patching exploits this gen, so hopefully they'll step in if things get out of hand, and no sooner.



ToastyYogurt commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Should Beware the Slip...:

I don't mind much, as long as the Mercedes Kart's stats don't throw the game off-balance, and it's very unlikely Nintendo would do that.

In game advertising really depends on me, I guess. It can add realism to a game, like the realistic racing games that do utilize billboards advertising Burger King, or when used in a game like Pikmin 2 or Super Monkey Ball, it just adds a sense of surrealism and silliness.

I'd hate to see Mario Kart 8's billboards get replaced with real world advertisements, though. This is the first time the fake products, services, and organizations "advertised" in a Mario Kart game really caught me. Seemed like Nintendo really took inspiration from real life products and thought about what those kind of things would be like in the Mushroom Kingdom. I thought the "Women of Racing Organization" banner was very interesting when I first saw it. Billboards like that gave a little more depth to the Mushroom Kingdom imo, in a Mario Kart game of all things. Throwing real advertisements on those billboards would be alienating. It's surreal in the wrong way, the games I mentioned earlier actually had the products being advertised in them, not literal advertisements. It would just feel.... wrong.



ToastyYogurt commented on Don't Worry, Splatoon Will Have A Local Multip...:

@Splatom I'd like that. A 3DS eShop version that could do local multiplayer against both Wii U and 3DS players, while single player would be limited to matches against the CPU. If that was a reality I'd still hope that the Wii U version has a Download Play option to use 3DSs as controllers, just in case any of the players didn't buy the 3DS version.



ToastyYogurt commented on Don't Worry, Splatoon Will Have A Local Multip...:

Retail? Huh, I thought it would be an eShop game, considering its focus on online arena-style multiplayer. Oh well, still excited for this. 1v1 should givew the Gamepad less need to be used, since it's used to jump to teammates or across the map from spawn. Don't give the option to teleport at all (I think 1v1 would be more fun that way), give each player their own screen (GP player on GP and non-GP player on TV, of course) and put a map on each screen, and I think that could work.

Would be nice if we could get 4 player support for some 2v2 games, though, or even battle royale. Maybe just not use the gamepad, in that case? It would be nice if a 3DS could be used as a controller, it has a gyroscope in it which means it could be used in a similar way to the gamepad, though the touch screen might be too small for quick finger taps. 3DS XL could possibly work, though since the maps are designed to fill a widescreen, I dunno. They could potentially put the full map on the top screen and force scrolling around on the bottom screen, but that might be too sluggish.

They probably won't do 3DS as a control option, but I at least hope that Wiimote and Nunchuck will be an option for local play. I hate aiming exclusively with a control stick.



ToastyYogurt commented on Bayonetta Download Code Included With Retail a...:

Ugh, I was hoping to rent this to see if I like it first but now if I want to play the first game before the sequel I guess I have to buy the whole thing without knowing if it's my cup of tea or not. Not to mention having to buy a hardrive, even after clearing my Deluxe Wii U of demos I'll bet it won't be able to fit a 11 GB download in there without deleting some actual games.

Wish it came as a two disc package, but thinking about it, I guess the cost of including a second disc might run the price up (I know discs don't cost much these days, but it's the only reason I can think of for making it download only, besides losing resale value which I don't think Nintendo would ever do or agree with doing), which would kinda kill the whole idea of the first game being a freebie.



ToastyYogurt commented on E3 2014: Nintendo Planning To Release Amiibo F...:

@BlueStar101 Oh man, as expensive as it could be to buy, a website where you can upload your Mii and get a Smash Bros. Amiibo of it would be awesome. Such a personal thing for the idea of making your friends fight your Amiibo. I've seen other games have similar websites for that. With Rockband 2 you could order a figurine of your avatar, Rabbids Go Home let you buy a figurine of your customized Rabbid. Needless to say, both of those options were very expensive for a figurine. Don't think Nintendo would go to the trouble of setting that up, being the company that likes to feature low price points they'll feel people probably won't want to buy such a figurine at a proffitable price (heck, even non-proffit would probably be too much).
As an alternative, I could see an Amiibo that has a genericmii on it, or better yet, a transparent figure of a Mii (to better represent any possible Mii), that let's you do a one time only upload of any Mii. Both options would be cool to have, one for the average consumer and the other for people with way too much money on their hands. :P



ToastyYogurt commented on E3 2014: PDP Shows Off its New GameCube-Styled...:

Wow, a lot of options for people wanting a GC(-style) controller for Smash. Imma bet most people are going to stick with the adapter though, especially since new first party GC controllers are going to be manufactured. Dunno how well this'll sell, though I wouldn't put it past finding an audience. I bet there's people who wouldn't want a wire running through their living room (the TV in my basement used to be 20-30 feet from the back of the room where half of the corner hugging couch lied, I would have had reasons to want only wireless(-ish) then) and lack a Wavebird (It would be cool to see that controller see a rerelease considering its high off-market price today, but I doubt it will).

I don't see what all the fuss over GC controllers is though. I grew up with Melee but I'm content with my Classic Controller Pro when it comes to Smash.



ToastyYogurt commented on Here Are Five New Retail Titles Coming to Wii U:

@memoryman3 I'm seconding @JaxonH on the idea that a more powerful console wouldn't simply drive up sales. Take a look at the Gamecube. It was designed to be competitive in power to it's rivals (Heck, I believe I heard it was more powerful than the PS2), and it did great on its own terms. But Nintendo was still thrashed for being "kiddy" and didn't get as much third party support as PS2 and Xbox did. A competitively powerful system isn't going to get more third party support by default. It needs an audience that wants those games more than anything, and for that Nintendo would likely need an image change alongside the more powerful console, which would be pretty difficult and a risky proposition.



ToastyYogurt commented on Weirdness: Gaze in Wonder at Junkboy's 16-Bit ...:

I thought the Other M hate was mostly on how Samus was portrayed, I heard the game itself wasn't bad. I haven't played it though. I'll probably pick it up someday, Gamestop's used price is pretty low thanks to all the hate.

Anyway, nice stuff. I always love me some pixel art, and demakes just look really cool.



ToastyYogurt commented on GameStop Plans to Close Around 120 Stores in t...:

I hope one just downtown from me doesn't close down. I'm not a fan of their business practices either, the people they staff are often of the "dudebro" gamer variety and it depresses me to see people ignore Nintendo, especially if that person is representing a gaming store and thus can be blindly depended on by the misinformed to represent the business. But I do like flipping through the preowned Wii games and seeing if I spot any gems I missed back then. The best part about buying Wii games used is that a lot of good third party games are ignored, decreasing demand and thus decreasing preowned price down to $10 or less. I'm pretty sure they're the only place close to me that stocks used games, so I'd hate to see all the ones close to me go down.



ToastyYogurt commented on Road Redemption's Latest Footage Looks a Bit M...:

@Kaze_Memaryu The alpha version includes access to "all future versions" of the game. I think that includes the full version, so you don't have to pay again.

It's pretty common practice for PC games. You're essentially "preordering" the game and in return you get to play the alpha version while you wait for the full version. Steam even has a program called "Early Access" to facilitate games that do this. The idea is players of the alpha version will help support the game by reporting bugs and suggesting features; it's an easy way for indie devs to get an army of playtesters.



ToastyYogurt commented on I Am In The Movie Hits North America on 27th M...:

Huh, those effects are actually pretty cool for running on a DSi. Don't see myself using it though. Unless the effects could be used for more than a Matrix clone, I'd rather use a higher rez camera instead of that measly .3 megapixels.



ToastyYogurt commented on Talking Point: Important Steps to Bring the 3D...:

Cross-play would be awesome, but I think Nintendo is on to something by leaving it out of Smash 4. The big reason it's absent is that the two versions differ in stages and graphical styles. They're essentially different games, and I believe that's exactly what Nintendo wants to think, what with the E3 trailer ending with two logos, one for each version, rather than one unifying logo. Betcha they'll have different names too. Originally I was going to get just the Wii U version, thinking there would be cross-platform online play and both games would sport the same stages. But now knowing they sport different stages, and most of my friends are likely to get the 3DS version over the Wii U one, I want both. And I'm not one to buy both versions of Pokemon or anything like that. Nintendo essentially guaranteed more money out of me with these decisions, and I'd be surprised to be the only one.



ToastyYogurt commented on Kiki's Koi Koi Is Coming To The Wii U eShop:

@Boxmonkey Why not have multiple consoles? I understand if you have financial problems with that, but if you could afford it I think it's the best way to enjoy all the games you want. Plus, if you don't you'll miss all of Nintendo's handmade, tender, love in a box, also known as their games.

I think you're overreacting, anyway. So many good games have come to and are on the way for Ninty's shiny new console (don't forget it takes time for a console to get its feet off the ground in terms of games, some longer than others), and you drop the straw on Nintendo after an announcement for an indie game you're not interested in?
Maybe you're just not interested in the types of games Nintendo offers anymore, and I can't argue with that, people change tastes. But the fact that you say "OMG I'm switching to Sony" over this little piece of news bewilders me.



ToastyYogurt commented on Nintendo of America Releases Snaps of Young Ce...:

....Nintendo needs better taste in celebrities. And a new marketing committee. Turns me off how much they've been using boy bands and Disney Channel "Stars" to promote their products. Also, their other commercials suck nowadays. What happened to the people that came up with "Wii would like to play?"



ToastyYogurt commented on Electronic Arts CEO Discusses The Company's Pl...:

I normally don't question why certain news is reported on NL, but.... why is this news on NL? EA is clearly irrelevant to Nintendo nowadays, and I don't think the exploring of this modality is going to change that.

EDIT: For those pointing to the Virtual Boy as a sign that VR will fail: Don't forget that the biggest reason the VB failed was that horrible, headache-inducing red monochrome, and its bulky form that forced you to play with the thing on a table. Now that it's possible to throw a full-color screen into a lightweight device, I can see VR becoming more widely adopted. I'm not saying it won't be a failure, but I think it has chances for success. I can't see Nintendo easily embracing it though. They prefer to follow their own vision rather than current trends (Which is something I love about Nintendo. It's a business that's after its own ambitions rather than what will make them the most money in the short term, unlike EA and a lot of other American companies). Given the kind of games Nintendo mostly makes (read: not first person, the most sensible fit for a VR headset), I can't see them really wanting to embrace it.



ToastyYogurt commented on Soapbox: The Nintendo Wi-Fi Disconnection Remi...:

I was reminded how much more enjoyable local multiplayer could be over online play when I went to a sort of "Game-a-thon" event and played some Smash 64 with some strangers. My opponents were nice and playful, and we had a lot of good laughs, like when I got really close to defeating the master player of our group, 1 life each, just me and him.... and I accidentally stepped on my own land mine and flew clean off the stage. :D We ended up getting the entire room's attention from our shock and laughter.

Almost made me want to open up a place where people could just get together and play video games. Online play doesn't give you that kind of intimacy, you aren't in the same room with your opponents, and sometimes your opponents are so disconnected as fellow players trying to have fun that they continually call others on the server names. That is, if the game has voice chat at all (I'm okay with it not being there for that reason).

That's why when I usually play games online, it's mostly because I'm alone and the alternative is playing against CPU players, i.e. MarioKart or Smash, or I'm playing online alongside friends. And I've never really gotten into the whole "Deathmatch" craze. :P



ToastyYogurt commented on Video: What Could Super Mario Galaxy Look Like...:

....If you actually understood my comment, you would understand that Nintendo's Piracy FAQ doesn't apply to what I said. I acknowledged it's illegal. But as far as I believe, it's not truly piracy unless the creators of the product aren't currently making money off of it. Take Mother 3 for example. Currently out of print, and will very likely never see a VC release anywhere other than Japan, seeing as there's no official translation anywhere else. Copies on eBay skyrocket to prices higher than most people would be willing to pay for a GBA game. And even if you did manage to grab a copy, you'd need to know Japanese to actually understand it. Nintendo, Itoi, and the developers involved aren't making any money off of it at the current time, and even if they eventually do begin making money off of it again, it would likely be only available in Japan. Therefore, I don't think it's wrong to grab the ROM, an emulator, and the translation patch to play the game.
Another instance is me trying to set up an emulator to play Double Dash online with some far away friends. I'd never be able to get together with them in real life to play, and I own an actual copy, so I don't think I'm doing wrong.
Yes, in both of these cases, I am breaking the law. But the law can be very stingy at times. I get that it's trying to protect the ability of a business to make money, and I respect that. But if it's an instance where the company won't lose money from my actions, then I don't think it's a bad idea. I frown upon piracy in other instances.



ToastyYogurt commented on Video: What Could Super Mario Galaxy Look Like...:

It is HD. The term "HD" only applies to the resolution. Of course, an official HD remake would likely clean up the graphics, replace the textures with higher rez ones, throw in some more polygons, and perhaps add some graphical effects (<3 light bloom), but it doesn't have to be done in that manner to be considered "HD."



ToastyYogurt commented on Video: What Could Super Mario Galaxy Look Like...:

Illegal? Yes.
Morally wrong? IMO, only if you don't currently physically own the game. That or the game costs $150 on eBay and may never see a VC release.
Either way, will you get caught? Nah. The servers hosting ROMs can get shut down if the owners aren't careful, but nobody gets arrested for downloading ROMs.

I don't condone piracy, but downloading games that the original creators no longer make money off of (a.k.a. Every game out of print without a VC release) is a different story.



ToastyYogurt commented on Razor Global Domination Pro Tour Bringing Its ...:

@eLarkos Oh, I see what you mean. I don't see it being a problem, though. Worst that could happen is the graphics look like crap (couldn't care less :P) or the game's designed for short bursts (depends). I feel like those are the big differences between handheld and console.



ToastyYogurt commented on Razor Global Domination Pro Tour Bringing Its ...:

Have Wii U ports of XBone/PS4 games been watered down? I remember the ugly intestine-resembling.... THINGS that were most Wii ports of PS360 games, but considering I haven't really been able to tell a difference graphics-wise between this gen Playbox and last gen (keep in mind I don't own a PS360 or XBone/PS4, so I guess I'm not much of an authority on the subject), I imagine one could dumb down a game for Wii U without losing too much important details. That is, if they care about the port. But I don't play any Wii U ports, so I wouldn't know.



ToastyYogurt commented on Nintendo's Battles With Clones and Copycat Sma...:

I'm not arguing about whether it's a fact or not. Yes, it's a fact, they did that. But is it relevant to this situation? No. Since then, Nintendo's redeemed themselves with innovation upon innovation, avoiding copying the competition to the point that the media often ridicules them for it. Needless to say, they're not the desperately branching, desperately following company they were 40 years ago. If Nintendo was shamelessly copying ideas from Microsoft and Sony, then yeah, it could be a relevant fact. But as far as I see, they're content with finding their own audience with their own ideas and own visions.



ToastyYogurt commented on Nintendo's Battles With Clones and Copycat Sma...:

@unrandomsam Look, yes, it happened a long time ago. I'm sticking with that. Nintendo is not the same as they were 40 years ago. 40 years ago Nintendo was trying to tap into other markets. After they found their foot in games, they've been trying their own innovative ideas. They no longer make clones. If they made clones now and told people not to make clones, that would be hypocrissy. But since that is way in the past for them, it's not. If a bully decides to change his ways and become a nice guy, then later call someone else a bully, is he a hypocrite? No, because the situation no longer applies to him. Therefore, Nintendo is not in the wrong.



ToastyYogurt commented on Nintendo's Battles With Clones and Copycat Sma...:

@unrandomsam Nintendo's not doing it now. That's the thing. They did "cloning" a lot when they were trying to branch out from being a playing card company, but that was a long time ago, and those were just generic clones. It's one thing to make a game that plays identically to Mario, but branding it a Mario game without licensing is another. Nintendo is trying to protect their IPs. You can't fault them for doing that. You don't seem to understand that because you're too busy finding one loose claim to prove everyone wrong. That's a stupid way to live, and you're not going to get many people to like you if you keep at life like that.



ToastyYogurt commented on Nintendo's Battles With Clones and Copycat Sma...:

@unrandomsam: ....The Color TV Game (that Pong clone) was made in the 70s, before the NES and before they were actually a game company. Don't use something they did 40 years ago as an example for hypocrisy. If I was a jerk 5 years ago, that doesn't necessarily mean I am a jerk today.

And I believe they did try to stop sale of those 50 in 1s, it's just harder than you think to tell every mall in the world to stop selling them after they shut down the company manufacturing them.



ToastyYogurt commented on "Phantom Gate" Trademark By Nintendo, Game Fre...:

I doubt it has anything to do Mystery Dungeon, or any spin-off, since Game Freak is one of the trademark filers and they only work on the main games. I'm thinking a feature in Pokemon Z, or maybe a new addition in the Ruby/Sapphire remakes. This is assuming that either or both of these projects are being worked on, which is likely.

P.S. I'd enjoy a new Mystery Dungeon only if they brought back the personality quiz. I loved that bit more than I probably should have, it was exciting to wonder what Pokemon I was going to be throughout the entire game. And, you know, make the story as deep as the older games. I haven't played Gates to Infinity, but I heard the story was shallow compared to the rest of the series. And without the story, I don't really see a point in playing. There's better roguelikes out there.



ToastyYogurt commented on Sakurai Reiterates That There'll Be No Subspac...:

@GOM1 - It's not lazy. I think it's for the better. By having a less ambitious story mode, it might give them more time to refine and balance the main game. I can't confirm it, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Subspace Emissary is in part to blame for Brawl's characters being noticeably unbalanced to the point where certain characters were being banned from tournaments, and some fans thought it fit to make a game balancing patch called Brawl+. Sakurai might have used the excuse because he might not have wanted to admit he did a bad job on character balancing, but at the same time he seems like a person with very ambitious viewpoints and may actually believe that the cutscenes being uploaded to the internet ruined the game, using that excuse to cover up the real reason. I'm pretty sure there's some deeper reasoning to it than that, seems kinda silly when an individual can choose not to watch the cutscenes before playing the game.

Besides, there's plenty of people that hated Subspace. I, for one, disliked it, and I understand that there a plenty out there that will miss a Subspace-esque mode, but I think it's for the better that the part some people liked about the game is scrapped to spend more time on the part everybody likes.



ToastyYogurt commented on Book Focused on EarthBound's Development and L...:

I thought this was a Nintendo fansite. Why's everybody so quick to hate on Nintendo when we haven't even heard their side of the story? For all we know, Nintendo could have actually had a legitimate reason for denying the publication of the book. It's possible. For example, they might have been afraid that some sort of company secret(s) might slip into the book and they did not even want to risk the idea of even reading it over and missing it. It sounds crazy, but it's plausible, and not the only possible reason. Besides, it's just a book. Nintendo hasn't tried to stop the fan-made Mother 4 yet. And I see plenty of Mario merch around stores. Nintendo is not as anal about their properties as your might think. They gotta have some kind of grip over their licenses. Remember when Nintendo allowed all those crappy cartoons to be made in the 80s? How do you think that Zelda cartoon affected the image of Link?