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KillScottKill commented on Weirdness: Sony Uses Art From Super Smash Bros...:

Mega Man hardly has any reason for being in there anyway. Mega Man 8 was on PS1 (as well as Saturn) and PS3 got MM9 and MM10 like everything else. If anything, that should be X. X5, X6, X7, and X8 were exclusive home console releases to Playstation. X4 and X3 also had Playstation releases.



KillScottKill commented on Review: Watch Dogs (Wii U):

@JaxonH the problem is people are taking the 6/10 to mean how it rates as a port, and that's just wrong. In terms of how it stacks up to the original releases on PS4 and X1, it's about 8 or 9 out of 10 as a port. The only thing about Watch Dogs on Wii U that is truly handicapped compared to the others is the missing main DLC.

But again, the game itself isn't great. Put away Ubisoft hate, graphical nitpicking, or how much the Gamepad is used. It's just not a great game. Again, 7/10. The reviews on its initial launch were spot on.



KillScottKill commented on Review: Watch Dogs (Wii U):

6? Ubi bias. It's a 7.

It's not a bad port. People saying that just don't know the game. Watch Dogs was never great in the first place. It's pretty much a 7 on any console. The issues the Wii U version has exist on the other consoles as well. Mediocre games can be ported as well as possible and it won't change the fact they're mediocre.

I'll finish it. It's not terrible. Better than AC3 (that game sucked across every platform) but not as good as AC4. I still recommend AC4 to anyone who hasn't played it. Plus it's a lot cheaper than Watch Dogs, for the moment.



KillScottKill commented on Guide: The Best Black Friday Nintendo Deals in...:

OP didn't do enough homework.

The best Wii U deal is at Toys R Us where the 8GB Wii U bundled with Skylanders is just $200. If you like to download, you'll buy an external hard drive either way, so the 8GB unit is fine.

Also didn't mention that Walmart has Wii Party U for just $25 with the black Wii Remote bundled in. A huge steal.

Not getting any Nintendo stuff, personally. Only game I'm out for is Assassin's Creed Rouge. May also get Skyrim at Best Buy or Alien Isolation.



KillScottKill commented on Video: How Does Watch Dogs Use The Wii U GamePad?:

@BoltedArc your reading comprehension is deplorable. No one who criticized Nintendo use of the Gamepad (or lack thereof) praised Ubisoft's use of it. It just doesn't make any sense to pan Ubi for not going crazy with it when the first party developer is just as guilty of neglecting it on their own platform.

And where do you get off telling people how to spend their own money? A game is a game is a game. If I want to vote with my wallet and buy a full price game to support third party titles on the Wii U, that's my prerogative. If more people were willing to do that in the first year of the Wii U's life, we wouldn't even be talking about a Watch Dogs that was delayed. And calling it broken is so beyond ignorant. You clearly haven't played it given your stance, so how could you possibly know if it's broken? Everyone who HAS played it has done nothing but praise it for holding up far better than the skeptics anticipated.

For the record, it has nothing to do with clamoring for M rated games. I OWN Bayonetta 2, thank you very much. I just want the best Wii U library with a diversity of games, like any sensible owner would.

Really you've done nothing but make yourself out to be a petulant child. Leave the complex issues regarding the Wii U's library to us adults.



KillScottKill commented on New Super Mario Bros. Wii Hits 10 Million Sale...:

@shaneoh ouch nice burn. 10/10 would sting again.

Are Nintendo fans still seriously not ready to accept that NSMB games are uncreative, homogeneous bores that are living off the fame of Super Mario Bros. 3? The same people that herald these as great games are the ones that champion a dumpster fire like Skyward Sword as the greatest Zelda ever. Zzzzzzzzzz



KillScottKill commented on Video: How Does Watch Dogs Use The Wii U GamePad?:

Bought it last night and played for a few hours. Enjoying it so far.

Glad to see some people point out the hypocrisy of those panning Ubi for not using the Gamepad better when Nintendo and their closest devs themselves don't use it predominantly (SM3DW, DKTF, MK8, ZWW HD...). Also getting sick and tired of the complaints about hacking being so simple. For one, this is an open world game with hacking elements. There is so much to hack in the world that having a complex Gamepad style mini game around every corner would destroy the flow of the world. And for the record, there are puzzles attached to the more important hackable things. One security system I hacked had a Deus Ex styled puzzle attached to it, and every ctOS tower (equivalent to Assassin's Creed's viewpoints) has some sort of real life puzzle that deals with manipulating obstacles to make it to the hackable tower itself.

It's a good balance. The last thing that needs to be said is that any flaws with this game are directly tied to the nature of the game itself. It's not a bad port, like many would have you believe (same way AC4 wasn't). Anything wrong with this game is also wrong on PS4, XB1, etc.



KillScottKill commented on Video: This Is What Watch Dogs Looks Like On W...:

@JaxonH I really don't get the hate for the "it's just a map!" stuff when it comes to the Gamepad. It's an open world game. What is more useful than a map on your other screen? So much time saved.

And I get people want little hacking mini games and whatnot to be on their two, but I just don't care. That kind of stuff always takes me out of games. I want the second screen to be helpful, not an excuse to waste my time and distract me from what I was doing.



KillScottKill commented on Video: This Is What Watch Dogs Looks Like On W...:

Thanks NL. Exactly what I wanted to see.

Didn't get on launch because I'm broke atm, but will buy new for the U in the future. I've done my homework and seen that opening scene across the consoles several times. That looked pretty darn good on Wii U. On par with the X1 and way better than last gen consoles. Exactly what I wanted. Sold, Ubisoft.



KillScottKill commented on The Nintendo Wii U Is Better Value For Money T...:

@NintendoMan94 but where is that going to get you in a year or two? These consoles are a generation long investment. Plus there are games beginning to see 8th gen exclusivity (like AC Unity).

As for MK8, it's a fine game - not bad at all. It's just not worth all the hype it gets as being "THE GAME" to get a Wii U for. I suppose Nintendo keeps beating its drum because it's a console mover to casual gamers, but it's hardly a gem. Like I said, I only got about a week's worth of enjoyment out of it because it's short and doesn't add much to the franchise. I suspect Smash will be similar. I'd rather play something like Bayonetta 2, a new Zelda, or a really creative new Mario experience. Those are the kind of things that are really unforgettable.



KillScottKill commented on The Nintendo Wii U Is Better Value For Money T...:

@Dr_Corndog lol what? How is that any different? Xbox, Playstation, or PC - the point is that you would still need a separate machine from your Wii U to play these games. The platform doesn't matter. I suppose you could say, "yeah but most people already own a PC and don't need to spend additional money," but that isn't always the case. All I have is a MacBook Pro, so playing AAA PC games is out of the question. If you want to be a dedicated PC gamer, it still costs additional money just like a PS4 or Xbox One would.



KillScottKill commented on The Nintendo Wii U Is Better Value For Money T...:

"[if] you want to play these great games, you want to have these fantastic experiences, you have to upgrade to the Wii U."

Yeah and if you want to play major AAA third party titles, you have to own a PS4 or Xbox One. Sounds like a wash to me. And by the way Reggie, MK8 ain't that good. I really wish Nintendo would stop being so proud out of a game I got less than a week's worth of enjoyment out of.

I agree that Wii U is a better value. The PS4 and Xbox One are money vacuums comparatively. Sure they cost more up front, but then there's PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold. Plus games don't see price drops as easily and every disc has to install, ensuring you'll need to buy a hard drive for additional storage even if you exclusively use physical discs instead of retail downloads. I've had my XB1 for a month and own five games. Half of my storage space is GONE. It's ridiculous. Thank God the Wii U doesn't do that.



KillScottKill commented on Review: Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (Wii U eSh...:

Just finished it this morning. Great game. Not as good as SotN, but none of the GBA games could be given the limitations. In the scope of the GBA library itself, this game stacks up with the best of them. Absolutely fantastic for a handheld game. But yes, it was very short, I imagine in part due to how taxing it was graphically and musically compared to even Circle of the Moon.

One other thing: the fight with Julius Belmont in this game is to die for. Absolutely beautifully designed and perhaps the most enjoyable boss fight in the entire franchise. I died over and over, and not once did I get frustrated because it was FUN and not bull-. That is great game design.



KillScottKill commented on Poll: Should Nintendo Follow Microsoft's Lead ...:

@jayblue patently false. The Wii U has outsold the Xbox One in both lifetime and since the Xbox One's launch, globally. No Microsoft console has ever beaten a Nintendo console in lifetime sales.

Both consoles are hemorrhaging money because they cost more to produce and sell than they're bought for. But the Xbox is so expendable because Microsoft shareholders are more concerned about other things and only allow Microsoft to be in the gaming arena as long as it doesn't lose money. If things keep up, there won't be a 9th gen for Microsoft. Nintendo will still be around because it's all they know.



KillScottKill commented on Poll: Should Nintendo Follow Microsoft's Lead ...:

@jayblue two completely unrelated things. The Xbox division is in a lot of trouble. Microsoft as a whole is a giant and can afford to buy up an independent IP without batting an eye. Xbox might die off because it's becoming unprofitable and a burden on shareholders, not because Microsoft is in any threat of going under.



KillScottKill commented on Two Pokémon Game Boy Color Titles Dated For N...:

Don't buy these and support the Pokemon Co's ridiculous stance on downloadable titles. They'll shovel this off on you, but not give us what we really want, which is eShop versions of the Gen I games patched to use 3DS wireless in place of the link cable. Somehow, re-releasing the originals 'contradicts the spirit of Pokemon' or some other sanctimonious nonsense. That and they don't want eShop games cutting into their sales of what's become yearly Pokemon shovelware.



KillScottKill commented on Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty Wii U Delay Seems to b...:

So dumb. People who have the 8GB unit (I'm one of them, by the way) either don't buy these kinds of games or have already sprung for a cheap hard drive. Really that 8 GBs is more like 4 anyway. Sure, maybe you could fit a game like this on there, but then there'd be no room for anything else (your save files, patch updates for other games, etc.).

There's just no point in worrying about this.



KillScottKill commented on Watch Dogs Companion App Updated For Compatibi...:

Don't care much as I never use these extra modes or DLC (which is why I'm not butthurt about no DLC/not having to spend more money). My backlog is too big to play beyond the standard campaign of games.

I just got an Xbox One and could buy this for it, but I'll pay extra and get it for Wii U. I'm a big boy and can deal with Ubisoft's practices without becoming bitter.



KillScottKill commented on Review: Castlevania: Dracula X (Wii U eShop / ...:

"the biggest issues we have with Castlevania: Dracula X stem from the primitive controls and lazy level design. Cheap deaths, clunky mechanics and high difficulty combine to make for more hair-pulling moments than most would care to endure. "

LOLWUT. Oh my God, this entire review is by someone who has no idea what Castlevania truly is. Everything you harp on is what's signature to Castlevania and what makes it great.

Don't listen to this review - Dave doesn't know design. This game is like a 7.5/10.



KillScottKill commented on We'd Be Cheating Fans By Bringing Assassin's C...:

And once again, a news update about Ubisoft turns Nintendo consumers into petulant children.

Who's to say he's wrong? Unless you're a programmer and can 100% say for sure with evidence that the Wii U could run ACU to it's full potential, then you don't really know and have just as big an axe to grind against Ubisoft as you claim Ubisoft does for the Wii U.

As far as Rogue goes, I'd love to play that on Wii U but I COMPLETELY understand why it's not coming to Wii U. For one, it benefits neither side. Ubisoft obviously doesn't think their M-rated games sell on Wii U and would probably take a loss on that game. Plus, I don't think Nintendo would want the publicity of a "last gen" game only coming to PS3 and 360 ending up on Wii U too. That wouldn't look good. And really, even if it were, you people would be complaining anyway about the Wii U getting Rogue instead of Unity. You know I'm right.

P.S. : everyone calling AC3 and AC4 crummy ports on Wii U either didn't play them or had zero perspective. AC3 was broken on every console and AC4 is still the best experience I've had on Wii U to date.