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Thu 28th February, 2013

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Jazzer94 commented on Diddy Kong Nerfed In Latest Super Smash Bros. ...:

Yay lets make the game even more boring and have probably the most formulaic and uninteresting Luigi played all the time instead, honestly this patch was so disappointing other than the game saving my tag now at least Falcon didn't get nurfed he is pretty much the only fun thing to play and watch.

@DreamyViridi Other than actually having actual kill potential (and not having to wait an age to kill) he was far from cheap.



Jazzer94 commented on Video: Xenoblade Chronicles X May Have Been Su...:

Lighting is different yes but I'd say the one example of the floor where it looks blurrier isn't enough proof as a later shot the ground looks the same, objects not being there though has nothing to do with downgrades.



Jazzer94 commented on Review: Mario Kart DS (Wii U eShop / DS):

@Sanya Yeah you basically described online, it would have been neat if LAN party acted as local multiplayer but given the fact you need and accessory for ethernet support I doubt it would be worth the time.

@Hero-of-WiiU Sad thing is DK64 in UK/EU is the 50hz version so I'd much rather wait a week or two for the 60hz one.



Jazzer94 commented on New Fire Emblem on 3DS Takes Shape as Two Sepa...:

@TingLz I never feel the need to buy Pokemon twice and really as long as you got a friend or someone to trade with you get pretty much everything you would buying two games. I can't see that being the case here which is why I really want to know just how much these games share of then characters.



Jazzer94 commented on Talking Point: It's Too Early to Write Off the...:

Nintendo will ride the Wii U out for most likely 2 more years (could be 1 but I doubt it) but the majority of people have written it at this point that can't be argued with. Honestly people overreacted to the Zelda delay and if not for Twilight Princess I don't think we'd be seeing so many assumptions of Zelda U possibly being on NX.