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A Certain wolf who has yoshied his evil past and now lives a normal wolfie life sipping tea and watching anime. And sometimes plays games, too.

Thu 3rd July, 2008

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CanisWolfred commented on Capcom Shows Off Comparison Screens For Phoeni...:

@dAviD7 What Direct? What are you talking about? I can't find any news of a physical release outside Japan anywhere, nor have I seen news of a Direct going on within the last week. EDIT: Found the direct, watched it myself, and I did not see a box for Phoenix Wright Trilogy, only a logo. They didn't really say anything about it being Physical, only that it was coming to the 3DS in Australia at some point...



CanisWolfred commented on Hyperkin's RetroN 5 Console Allegedly Infringe...:

>Releases program for free that usually allows people to utilize illegally obtained software
>Complains when someone uses it without asking their say-so so people can play games they actually legally bought

Yup, this'll go down so well...



CanisWolfred commented on Review: Teslagrad (Wii U eShop):

@TylerTreese What is your avatar from? Because I'm pretty sure I had a nightmare about a guy who looked just like that, exact same mask and all.

Anyways, this game sounds fantastic, and knowing me, it'll take twice as long for me to get through it as the rest of you...



CanisWolfred commented on Review: Mega Man X3 (Wii U eShop / Super Ninte...:

I really hated the bosses in this game. They were difficult in a way that just required you to do the same thing over and over again for way too long a time. I remember the Snow Bison or whatever it was was especially brutal. I think I even had his weakness weapon and the buster upgrade, and still it took at least 6 or 7 shots before he went down, and the whole fight required me to dash around the stage 4 times before I had a chance to get off a shot. And you had to do the pattern perfectly, or you'd get hit. Not fun. Not fun at all.



CanisWolfred commented on Poll: Tell Us What You Think of the New Ninten...:

Honestly, I'm just glad it has Z buttons. I'd say the C-Stick if it was an actual stick and not a tiny nub...

That said, hopefully I won't get it. This is obviously just a stopgap and the true successor will probably be announced in less than 2 years.



CanisWolfred commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

@Kaze_Memaryu True. But I might try to hold out until the end of next year to see if FFXV is on the horizon for the PS4. If not, I'll grab a "New 3DS XL" (or maybe just a regular-sized one depending on the weight) used - even if it only saves me a little (or nothing after the warranty...but I'd try for a warranty regardless...). That's if it doesn't turn out to another undersupported extention, like the DSi and GB Micro before it...



CanisWolfred commented on Nintendo Confirms amiibo Launch Range of 12 Fi...:

12's a good number for a launch, assuming they crank out a new one every other month or so.12.99's a bit out of my range, though. But I'm sure if you're patient, you could get one for 33% off within a few months, or maybe get some B2G1F deals in the Fall.



CanisWolfred commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

This is exactly what I hoped Nintendo would never do...yet I'm probably gonna buy it anyways. I feel like such a jerk...

@Kaze_Memaryu Obviously I agree with you 100%, but the performance boost isn't as much the issue as much as it has more buttons and a second analogue nub (which looks dubious, btw). I actually kinda hope this doesn't do very well tbh. I don't want this to be a trend.