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Thu 3rd July, 2008

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CanisWolfred commented on Review: Watch Dogs (Wii U):

...Like I'm gonna miss this discussion...

I'm more disappointed by the gamepad features than the framerate. I've put up with playing whole PC games at 20 FPS and I didn't notice it until I found the option for the framerate counter. You can't convince me low framerate = a bad port. But it's a port that didn't capitalize on the system's capabilities, much like every other thing this game doesn't capitalize on. I like that there's a map and way-points can be set with a tap. But they could've done more in other areas, especially with the hacking and cameras, etc. It's not hard to imagine little things they could've done...

I'll probably pick it up when it's cheap ($20) but I may not make a point to get the Wii U version anymore...



CanisWolfred commented on Video: How Does Watch Dogs Use The Wii U GamePad?:

Kinda hoped the Hacking tools would be used for some touch screen gimmicks. I mean, I'm not big on touch screen gimmicks, but it just sounds too natural for this game...oh well. I'll probably pick this up some time next year, since the more I watch, the more I get into what it really is and not simply what I expected or (quite frankly) was promised it would be.



CanisWolfred commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Wii U):

Also: If this is any bit as good as the 3DS game, I'll be having a blast, and I'm not much of a Smash fan. That game I can agree that it's made with a more polished and competitive feel, to the point where a fighter junkie like me can appreciate it without it feeling uninviting. I think getting Namco was a good move there, since Tekken and Soul Caliber are/were like that as well.



CanisWolfred commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Wii U):

Pending the score is smart, online's a big component...why isn't it available to reviewers at least already? That's weird...not that it matters. The real test will be when millions of people try to play it at once...



CanisWolfred commented on Resolution Doesn't Matter With 2D Games, Says ...:

I actually saw some gameplay footage. At first I was a bit iffy when I listened to what I thought was the developer talk about the gameplay...but it turned out to be a random youtuber who probably didn't even know what he was talking about...



CanisWolfred commented on Eiji Aonuma Confirms Majora's Mask 3D Has Been...:

"I hope those that haven’t played the original game, and those of you that played it but gave up mid-way through will take this opportunity to give the new version a try."

It's like they're speaking directly to me...fine, I'll keep my eye on it. I did love the story and the atmosphere in the original, but the gameplay definitely needed work...



CanisWolfred commented on The Man Behind Sega's Wonder Boy Series Hates ...:

@Kobeskillz I also didn't think Rugratz in Paris on the Game Boy Color didn't have terrible controls when I was that age. Doesn't mean the controls were actually good. And for the record, I do have an actual NES hooked up to a CRT with a copy of SMB that I got for $5. I do like the game - it's the best 2D Mario in my opinion based purely on its pace and level design - but much like how I wouldn't call Monster Hunter's tedious controls good, or wouldn't call any aspect of Sonic Adventure's gameplay good despite having played through it so many times I could probably beat the game blindfolded, I'm not going to call the controls in SMB good simply because I'm willing to put up with its crappiness simply to get the good.



CanisWolfred commented on The Man Behind Sega's Wonder Boy Series Hates ...:

@Caryslan You hit the nail on the head. I mean, I still don't like the newer Mario games as much as the original, but I do like having the feeling of more control in them than in the original SMB (except for World, that one's just an enigma...). It's like how as good as the first Mega Man is, the not-so-spot-on controls really do make it harder to get into than its later brethren.



CanisWolfred commented on Citizens of Earth Release Pushed Back to 20th ...:

@dkxcalibur That's not an opinion, that's business logic. But according to the internet, clearly businesses don't know what they're doing, not rushing this game out the door just to release in a crowded time period where 5 big-time games just came out and plenty more are on the way...



CanisWolfred commented on The Man Behind Sega's Wonder Boy Series Hates ...:

Oh My God, Finally somebody gets it! Seriously, I've played a lot of platformers, and Mario's controls throw me off every time...

(That said, Wonderboy's controls aren't super tight either, at least in the Monster World ones like Dragon's Trap. (Never played the first Wonderboy) i do find them a bit easier to get used to, especially by Monster World IV, but they're still not games I can easily jump into without messing with the controls for a while)



CanisWolfred commented on Nintendo Download: 6th November (North America):

Pier Solar I'll get once Citizens of Earth's out. I'm also interested in Super Mario Advance, but I might just get the NES version instead unless the NES version is kinda glitchy...

I'll get The Swapper eventually, but it's out at a bad time - too many games out at once! I'll wait for a discount if only because that's the only way it'll be bumped up high enough on the list of things to buy to make it this decade. :P



CanisWolfred commented on Review: Pier Solar and the Great Architects (W...:

@BensonUii Correction, now I need to mentally bump this up to a 9. Seriously, I didn't even need to read it. I'm familiar with that reviewer, he is not qualified to review an old-school RPG in my eyes, and saying "I disagree with his reviews" would be a gross understatement. The worst points either reviewer have mentioned (besides the story, which...I can't say for sure, but most of the dialogue I've read, including the examples in this review, aren't bad at all. I actually kinda liked some of them) are the long battle sequences and the limited amount of enemies. The former is okay for me at least, since I have a lot of patience for long battle sequences. I mean, having a lot of patience is kind of a prerequisite for playing an old-school RPG. The latter...I don't think I've ever played an old school RPG that ever had more than 5 or 6 enemy types in any given area, at least ones where the enemy types actually while it's less than usual, I don't think it's an extreme difference. And if I've put up with FFX - where there were only 6 or 7 enemy types in the entire game, albeit palette swapped a lot, I don't think that kind of problem could really phase me.

The developers of this game set out to make an authentic old-school RPG, warts and all, and it sounds like they succeeded in that area, so as far as I'm concerned, it's a success.



CanisWolfred commented on Review: Harvest Moon 2 (3DS eShop / Game Boy C...:

This sounds decent for what it is, especially since aside from HM3 (which also lacks the major features of the console counterparts apparently), we're unlikely to get any full 2D Harvest Moon games on the 3DS VC. Shame, since I'd like to play More Friends of Mineral Town someday...



CanisWolfred commented on Review: Demon's Crest (Wii U eShop / Super Nin...:

@SahashraLA I wasn't a big fan of the first CQ, but the handful of reviews and impressions I've read of the sequel seem to all say it's "more of the same, if not a little worse". Shame, since I too was hoping the sequel would be improved. Oh well. At least Demon's Crest is good stuff.