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A Certain wolf who has yoshied his evil past and now lives a normal wolfie life sipping tea and watching anime. And sometimes plays games, too. Avid Fan of JRPGs, Anime, Art/Writing, and Wolves

Thu 3rd July, 2008

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CanisWolfred commented on Video: Greatness Awaits In This New Project CA...:

Hah, didn't even show the Wii U boxart at the end there. Still had the logo, though. I'm still waiting on a release date, you know, but once it's out, I'll probably still pick it up. I'm too cheap to buy a wheel, so I'll likely get the Wii U version so long as they don't muck it up.



CanisWolfred commented on Zelda-Style Adventure Midora Runs Out Of Kicks...:

Honestly, I'm not convinced they ever had any intention of making Midora at all. I think they just hired a cheap knock-off sprite artist to make the most obvious Minish Cap clone mock-ups and get people hooked, then funnel the money towards other projects.

No matter how you cut it, though, it was the backers who got screwed, and I don't like it, not one bit.



CanisWolfred commented on Review: Mega Man Zero 3 (Wii U eShop / Game Bo...:

@mjc0961 I didn't see the whole conversation, but again, we don't have Mega Man Zero 1-3 first, because we already have The Mega Man Zero Collection which is widely available at a cheaper price, and it comes with extras. Any fan of the series is actually doing themselves a disservice by not owning it.

But it's fairly difficult to get ahold of in Europe as far as I can tell. VC would actually be a better choice for those looking for a decent price for the games.



CanisWolfred commented on Poll: Vote For Your Ten Must-Play Games On Nin...:

I actually had more trouble coming up with 10 games, though that's more due to my playing habits. Had to throw my 10th vote to Codename Steam, even though I just got the game...but I'm pretty confident.

Also, I'm liking the mostly even spread so far.



CanisWolfred commented on The Wanderer Class and One Month of Free DLC R...:

@DontPlayDumb Don't play dumb, you're gonna buy it anyways. Besides, the DLC quests seem to be tedious crap that most people wouldn't care about anyways. I'm more surprised they bothered making them rather than the fact they're giving them away for free. It'd be like selling more fetch quests at a dollar each in World of Warcraft. Most people are just gonna ignore it, unless they're desperate.



CanisWolfred commented on Hyper Light Drifter Might Not Hit Wii U Until ...:

Jokes aside, this is proof that Kickstarters shouldn't really have "release dates" since they're usually the kind of internal "we'd like to get it done by then" sort of thing that usually isn't released to the public. If they need an extra year, fine. But you shouldn't have promised to have it done by June 2014 in the first place...



CanisWolfred commented on Games Industry Analysts Somewhat Divided On Ni...:

I agree with the "It's Too late" crowd, that ship has long sailed - the "wild frontier" of Mobile gaming is seeing a lot more failures than successes these days, I doubt there's any "motherloads" left to dig up. But good luck standing out in a crowded marketplace where no one wants to pay a dime just to play games on the bus or in the lunchroom for a few minutes, Ninty. Seriously, you'll need it.