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Tue 17th Jun 2014

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TheJebou commented on Bravely Second End Layer is Heading to the Wes...:

Hyped beyond belief the first game's repeat part actually had some deep changes and got the player know more about the characters, both allies and foes. Also for the impatient people there was the lamer ending, but the true ending is a must.



TheJebou commented on Swedish Newspaper Questions The European Relea...:

How can one not take this game as humorous? It has a special edition "Happy boobs"! Is there something wrong with all of them having huge boobs? Its not like I'm going to rip clothes off of all the women I see after playing this, just like I wouldn't start shooting people after playing gta.



TheJebou commented on Poll: Which is the Best Pokémon Game?:

Heart gold all the way! I loved/love everything about Johto region, also the battle against Red was so great! Somehow ORAS was kind of a disappointment for me, the hand holding was just too overwhelming.



TheJebou commented on Review: Watch Dogs (Wii U):

I think the review was made to please the ubi-hater nintendo gamers, not that I can defend this port too much. I do still think a 7/10 would be the right score.



TheJebou commented on Wii U Owner Proves That Rejecting The End-User...:

By no means do I believe that Nintendo would do these worst case scenario things that this agreement enables, but just the fact that you have to give that consent is kinda bad. I always just agree to all of these, but I do understand why some people don't want to agree to such terms.



TheJebou commented on We'd Be Cheating Fans By Bringing Assassin's C...:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't different structure between the consoles the reason for the "lesser" ports on wii u? So it would be too much work for ubi to make the game on wii u properly as it doesn't really have too much target audience. They should just say they don't want to take such an undertaking and stop saying that wii u can't handle it :L



TheJebou commented on Mega Camerupt, Mega Gallade, and Mega Sharpedo...:

Hopefully mega Sharpedo doesn't become too strong with the combination of speed boost, protect and then mega evolving. All of these pokemon do deserve their mega evolution, but it is especially nice to see that they gave Gallade a mega evo too. Not too surprising, but nice



TheJebou commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

NOOO I really don't have the money if it comes out in the early 2015 because of all the great releases. I really hope that it doesn't get any exclusives and it's not that much better, because I would hate to be disappointed in my normal 3ds xl. They do look great tho... :L



TheJebou commented on Captain Toad Won't Be Tracking Treasure In Eur...:

What?? I guess they have their reasons (whatever they are) but this kinda makes me not want to buy the game and will definitely impact on the overall sales of the game in Europe a bit. I will still buy it though, but I really hate these kinds of release date gaps :/



TheJebou commented on Bravely Default Flutters Gracefully Past The O...:

Great Bravely default is actually my favourite game on the 3ds and I just started playing it through again. I have never played the demo, but the real game deserves all of those million sales and even more. Can't wait for the sequel, hopefully it comes soon after the jp release to the rest of the world too :3