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Sun 14th April, 2013

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Kaze_Memaryu commented on Slender: The Arrival Is Stalking Its Way To Th...:

Slender: The Arrival is literally just a glorified copy of the free original game with slightly improved, but still sloppy, visuals. Nothing else. Why should anyone pay for that?
And even then, the game isn't even good to begin with, just popular with the average YouTube addict because of fakers trying to come off as scared on a Scarecam that annoys more than anything.
Just get the free PC original, this joke isn't even funny anymore.

@SunnyShores You seem to miss the part where most of that stuff sucks. Good games get their fair share of praise, but they gotta earn it. But that's what you're missing in the big picture. While ther are enough people who buy trash from the eShop, many wait for actual quality, which is rare on eShop so far - including Slender: The Paid Arrival.
Why should people appreciate junk? No matter the platform, Slender still loses its appeal after 3 attempts, and even then, suffers from almost nonexistent context, randomized events, and no sense of danger. He's there or he isn't, but he appears entirely at random.



Kaze_Memaryu commented on Feature: Breaking Down Over 50 Must-See Things...:

The Direct was pretty underwhelming. 8-player Smash is just chaos for the sake of chaos, Smash Journey is bland when thinking about what could've been possible, and most of these 50 things were taken over from Brawl, anyway, making their noteworthiness questionable at best.
The only parts that actually stood out as good ideas were the new Stage Editor, and the Master Fortress (though presenting it without even the slightest context is really cheap).
All in all, Super Smash Bros. Unite feels more like it's trying to be deliberately party-ish than a motivating, expansive platform fighter full of adventure. While none of the things seem actually bad, they also don't make much of a difference, or leave a sense of adventure or accomplishment anymore.



Kaze_Memaryu commented on Talking Point: Platinum Games Has Secured a Go...:

Platinum makes deliberately niché games to appeal to a small, but stable audience. This makes it easier to implement mechanics that stand out as being tricky to use, but fun to master. Their games leave room for error, but make it very clear that you can do better, that there IS a way to do it flawlessly, only that this way demands great understanding for the mechanics without ever getting an in-depth explanation about them.
But by crafting these mechanics to be moderately acessible, but not frustrating or boring to improve in, their games feel much more complete than some others. You rarely have a moment where it feels like PlatinumGames missed an opportunity, you're too busy dropping your jaw every ten seconds - if you like the genre.



Kaze_Memaryu commented on Review: Shantae And The Pirate's Curse (3DS eS...:

@treeofmana That's absolute nonsense. Properly raised kids can easily tell fiction from reality, and an explanation is all you need to teach kids that this isn't realistic. @Kirk raises the point how everyone's complaining about "sexualization" where there isn't, and he's absolutely right. Everyone thinks even the slightest sliver of skin objectifies sexes and degenerates kids, yet kids only think that way because it's all over the news, and paranoid parents and moral-obsessed white-knights won't shut up about it.

@sketchturner Depends on whose "moral standards" you mean. Because many of them are more about paranoia than actual morality and tend to ignore that the issue is mostly artificial.

@SUBTERRANEANguy We only need to accept the existence of different moral grounds, not respect or even respond to them. We can accept that people think this or that is questionable, but nobody has to agree or even be cool with that unless it's coinciding with ones' own moral grounds.

@PvtOttobot You think this is "exploiting"??? Wow, that's a whole new level of white-knighting... If anything, it's complimenting. I'd understand your concerns if it was about Senran Kagura or Conception II, but here, there's literally nothing remotely wrong, unless you're allergic to boobs.

@odd69 I'll betcha, if I were to write about male objectification in God of War, Nier, or Street Fighter, people would call me an idiot.



Kaze_Memaryu commented on Resident Evil Creator Shinji Mikami Is A Fan O...:

Rebecca was a bit less independent than some other RE women, but the same could be said for Billy, which was the general theme for RE0, anyway.

I see where Mikami is coming from, but the whole point of RE0 was that the characters were dependant of each other the entire time. But working together isn't the same as being submissive, which is what Mikami seems to be confusing.



Kaze_Memaryu commented on Review: Shantae And The Pirate's Curse (3DS eS...:

Waiting for an EU release date is just torture for me by now... T_T

"...there is an unnecessary level of sexualization..."
Did I accidentally click on a Polygon article?
In all seriousness, while the game is rated G, the target audience is SO not kids. WayForward aimed the Shantae series at teens from the get-go, and that hasn't changed by now. Besides, nobody's gonna have seizures from seing big racks (except for Polygon writers, apparently).



Kaze_Memaryu commented on Link amiibo Compatibility Confirmed for Hyrule...:

This reignites the one big question that's bugging me about amiibo: will Nintendo be in charge of the entire product line, or will they allow 2nd- and 3rd-party developers to bring out some? Because if other companies than Nintendo did that, I'd prepare myself for some really great stuff!



Kaze_Memaryu commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd October (Europe):

I've been up non-stop, waiting for someone to withdrwa the Bayonetta LE pre-order. And I'll keep going! I WANT DAT BOOK!

@BensonUii Try to keep an eye on Amazon, anyway. Many people pre-ordered multiple boxes to sell them for double price on ebay via reservation, and around now they're probably gonna cancel all pre-orders they couldn't sell, meaning some boxes will likely be available for us.



Kaze_Memaryu commented on Poll: Nintendo Minute Debate - Is Super Mario ...:

It's obviously a mix of both. No point in taking sides.

Super Mario Bros. 3 is mostly the blueprint for general level designs, at least in terms of theming, secrets, and general Overworld Management. Super Mario World laid the general way of incorporating powerups into levels, as well as the somewhat more non-linear structure of levels, and general atmosphere.
Well, at least in a nutshell. There's a lot more to Mario games in general, seeing how Nintendo aims to incorporate unique mechanics with every new entry.



Kaze_Memaryu commented on Wii U Owner Proves That Rejecting The End-User...:

Doesn't turning the WiiU off equal to not agreeing to the EULA? When you don't agree with a contract, you discard it.
But I don't like how Nintendo secures control without much insight. At this point, the only possible way to escape the EULA changes would be to keep the WiiU offline indefinitely.

@theswweet That's kinda what's worrying me as well. They can submit changes to the general system functionality without any notice.
While I don't think this'll directly affect gaming, there's always the possibility of them starting to monitor stuff or restricting access to certain things (like specific websites with the browser) that would dampen some people's experience.



Kaze_Memaryu commented on Pier Solar and the Great Architects Landing in...:

@ricklongo At least that's what I think. According to their homepage, the company is based in Iowa, but I'm pretty sure they're actually a german team, or at least started as one... sadly, it's kinda hard to find info on it right now.

@Subie98 Depends on your definition of meh. After reading the article, it's rather obvious they missed the point of the game in quite a few ways.
And even then, it's exactly what I'm hoping for: an intriguing, yet very classic RPG, almost to a fault. That's precisely what most RPG's in the 90's were like, and that's exactly what they were going for.



Kaze_Memaryu commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Amazon Listing Say...:

@noctowl 30 hours really isn't much. Took me around 5 hours to unlock all stages and characters, and it already bored me at that point, and I sold it after finishing Classic on 9.0 with all chars except Mii Fighters, clocking in at around 50 hours (some All-Star and matches with friends in between, online was disappointing due to lag and no proper matchmaking).
Just keep in mind, my definition of "complete" will most likely differ from yours, and that's how it should be. I'm not telling anyone to stop playing with my stern criticism, just that what it offers is by far not enough for my taste.



Kaze_Memaryu commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Amazon Listing Say...:

@Einherjar Performance-wise, that's absolutely true. But I'm more concerned about the immense lack of options in general, and the comparably low replayability. The final nail in the coffin would be to keep stuff like coin matches, Adventure/Tournament Mode, and/or Special Brawls to the WiiU version - which are all easily implemented into the 3DS version, yet are painfully amiss.
Besides, Nintendo brought the comparison issue upon themselves by trying to sell SSB4 off as a dual-platform release instead of making it more apparent that SSB3D isn't just an early 3DS port. And by comparison, even the content of SSB3D falls much shorter than necessary.



Kaze_Memaryu commented on It'll be Possible to Catch All 719 Pokémon Us...:

@Serebii I'm thinking the same. But I don't get why they never bother to include them, not even in postgame. They ARE still part of all Pokémon, excluding them because GameFreak themselves don't include them anywhere is pretty lazy.

But that's a general gripe. What really bothers me is how they don't even care about proper presentation for legendaries anymore. Would it be so damn hard to create some kind of ruin/cave/whatever to traverse before finding a legendary? Since they're so easily found by now (or rather thrown straight in your face), the exploration aspect kinda starts degrading.
GameFreak must be aware how satisfying it is to find a closed-off area, only to discover the MacGuffin required to pass (yes, it's cheap, but still exciting) and get a cool area to traverse BEFORE meeting the legendary. Instead, we get a checkpoint, and the Poké just pops out.



Kaze_Memaryu commented on 3DS Homebrew Hacker Makes Progress on New Nint...:

Jeez, do I have to start drwaing pictures now?!

@Sforzando Oh, please, don't delude yourself. DS homebrew games were just as terrible as every other instance. Sloppy, shameful, bugged abominations which the people behind it dare call "games".
Also, going open-source with a console is most likely the stupidest thing anyone can do. Not only is it extremely hurtful for Nintendo's business, it's also the fastest way to lose any kind of significance in the market.
Just because you think certain games should be free doesn't mean the developers should follow suit. They put work in it, and they paid for a devkit - if you don't want to pay, then you're not allowed to play. Simple as that.
Also, "I've been saying for years that Nintendo should allow anyone to develop games for their systems. That would make flashcarts/hacking unnecessary." is probably the worst thing I've ever heard. Game development isn't for "everyone", and it sure as hell shouldn't be. Console gaming is a market, first and foremost - allowing any random bungler to develop for it would end up just like smart device gaming: a platform flooded with junk.

@Noelemahc The point is that these Homebrew games never offer anything distinct on the hacked platform. They lack any kind of talent to make console games, and all they do with Homebrew is prove this inability even further.
Besides, what do I care about what smealum says? He will never be able to fully close off exploits for piracy, period. And pirates are gonna work 24/7 to abuse his oh-so-glorious Homebrew for their means. It doesn't matter what he wants, it will happen if he dares to release this.



Kaze_Memaryu commented on 3DS Homebrew Hacker Makes Progress on New Nint...:

@Sforzando The point is that not everyone is allowed to make games for Nintendo platforms. Without a devkit, no dice. So, why does anyone waste time on making these in the first place? For the most part, to create the illusion of making games for a Nintendo platform, while gleefully ignoring how terrible 99% of all Homebrew games are. But the Wii already proved how worthless and amateuristic Homebrew apps are in general. All Homebrew dev's do is spread their junk to platforms it belongs to even less.
Also, I never said smealum would be responsible for Homebrew misuse, but it's inevitable. But unlike other projects, Homebrew has no appeal other than convenience. You can't possibly tell me that's a good goal to aim for.



Kaze_Memaryu commented on 3DS Homebrew Hacker Makes Progress on New Nint...:

So not worth the justification. Homebrews might be attractive to people, but that still means the opening for piracy exists, regardless of who supports it.
To be honest, I find it disgustingly selfish to see people support this hack despite the piracy potential, especially when it's all about a measly bit of convenience nobody actually needs. Nonetheless, some folks are so exceedignly lazy that they want everything to run on anything, and use "options" as the main excuse to keep it up.

Yes, I hate region locks, and yes, I'm generally in favor of any kind of region-unlocking, but this here is pathetic bull. It's just to allow custom-made stuff on a 3DS - which is especially hypocritical when keeping in mind that Homebrew apps/games are developed on a PC, anyway, yet some see it as a good excuse for opening the gates of abuse on a different platform instead of releasing their stuff on PC.

In general, the dangers BY FAR outweigh the benefits, and there's no way around that.



Kaze_Memaryu commented on Eiji Aonuma Wants Mario Kart 8's DLC Master Cy...:

Argh! Don't praise this, Aonuma! Bad Aonuma, bad!

But as long as he has a good explanation and usage for it, Aonuma should go right ahead and include mechanical vehicles in Zelda games. Motorcycle stuff worked in Kid Icarus Uprising, as well.



Kaze_Memaryu commented on Super Smash Bros. Website Introduces amiibo De...:

It's an interesting feature, but nothing I'll see myself use much. For the most part, amiibo's will be a collectible for me, albeit an expensive one.

@DESS-M-8 What would be the point of that? The characters are already in the selection screen, and unlocking them via amiibo would turn the figures into exactly the kind of physical DLC Nintendo avoids and Activision/Disney embraces.
Amiibo is supposed to offer additional features that are at no point required to 100%, or even finish, any games.



Kaze_Memaryu commented on Pokémon X & Y Won't Be Patched to Accommodate...:

Wait, what?! That's some major bull! That means X/Y won't be fully compatible with OR/AS despite being the same generation of Pokémon games!

Okay, that means I'm more than just out of this. That's a really unfair move from GF, even when keeping in mind that Giratina's origin form wasn't available to D/P, either (which also was kinda unfair and short-sighted).



Kaze_Memaryu commented on You Can Now Purchase Select Digital Titles on ...:

It's nice to be able to get codes for gifting; otherwise this feature is pretty hollow. Calling convenience catering a "long-needed feature" is rather nonsensical - it's nice, but neither groundbreaking nor noteworthy.
Actually, it's unsettling how lazy and impatient people can be - as if those few minutes of waiting for download + installation would break their bones or something (unless your connection is slow, but that's not my problem).



Kaze_Memaryu commented on Review: Bayonetta 2 (Wii U):

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, ohboyohboyohboy! Still more than a week to go! I'm playing the demo almost every day, and by now I almost manage a full Pure Platinum run on it! I have to get this game!

@FullbringIchigo It's just desparate whining because Bayonetta"isn't Nintendo".



Kaze_Memaryu commented on Mega Man Felyne Armour Makes Monster Hunter 4 ...:

@HappyHappyist Oh, that's right. Nonetheless, the armors aren't DLC, and not downloading the event quests means you might miss out on some very useful events for farming.

Generally speaking, the whole "if you don't like DLC, don't download it" phrase is so utterly cheap and annoying, it's unbelievable. Some people might be annoyed with the very sight of these armors. What should they do? Not downloading the event quests doesn't mean you'll never see that stuff, so are they supposed to kick anyone who's wearing one of the armors?
It's really short-sighted to assume not getting DLC in an online-multiplayer game will magically resolve the annoyance. Others can still use it, and everyone has this content, be it in-game or via patch. And in the case of MH4U, the event equipment is completely out of place by now.
And while I personally don't mind people using them, I can see this becoming a very worrying trend.



Kaze_Memaryu commented on Mega Man Felyne Armour Makes Monster Hunter 4 ...:

Well, I guess that does it. CatMan is a thing now. But seriously, this getting more and more out of hand. What's next? Leon Kennedy? Ryu and Ken? Miku Hatsune?! ... I shouldn't jinx it.
But in all honesty, Capcom is kinda losing it right there. Yes, these cameos are cute and funny/cool, but is that really necessary? Couldn't you look for more fantasy-styled cameos? Xenoblade, Pandora's Tower, Last Story, Baten Kaitos - there's so much stuff that would be much more fitting than this. Why this sudden separation from the fantastic world that is Monster Hunter?

@HappyHappyist You are aware that these aren't DLC, right? They're special armor sets for the hunter/felyne which you can forge through special items from event hunts.
This was already the case with MH3U, where several special weapons required some kind of diploma/paper from one specific event quest.