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Sun 14th April, 2013

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Kaze_Memaryu commented on Yoshio Sakamoto Striving For "New Entertainmen...:

Yeah, Sakamoto. We all know how your ideas of "new entertainment" worked out last time. Keep it simple, stop the lousy Hollywood applications.
Now the Metroid series is on hibernation (again), but this time because of bad sales figures. Take notes.

@Wolf_Link It's not about the characterization of Samus, it's about the lack of common logic throughout the whole plot, and the complete disregard of everything the Metroid series stands for.
I don't know why defenders think critical voices (and haters) are just raging about Samus' personality when there are much more glaring flaws all over the place. It was one of the first disconnections, but not the worst part.



Kaze_Memaryu commented on Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshid...:

Can't say I've had much trouble so far, but MiiVerse rules can be kinda limiting at times where it's not neccessary.
Nintendo might want to look into the fact that people can take care of themselves in certain positions (like spam, bullying, spreading lies - what's the blacklist for if nobody has a reason to blacklist someone?) instead of playing it overly safe. At some point it stops being fun to do anything on MiiVerse with some restrictions.



Kaze_Memaryu commented on Guacamelee! Developer Stirring Up A New Title,...:

The concept looks nice, and if they properly utilize the core gameplay, this can be really intriguing.
But the art style is really irritating me. To me, it doesn't look complimenting, but rather unfitting. It's hardly expectable, but Drinkbox should consider going for a more sinister and less colorful look. What they presented in that trailer really took the tension out of the idea.



Kaze_Memaryu commented on Interview: 4 Corner Games Tells Us Why It's Go...:

Well, that was a very open interview, indeed. If only more developers laid out their thoughts and intentions like this, it would help potential consumers sympathize with the folks behind a game, which in turn raises chances of actually buying it.
I am convinced that this'll be worth the few bucks she demands, so yeah - keep going!



Kaze_Memaryu commented on Road Redemption's Latest Footage Looks a Bit M...:

I loved Road Rash, so a spiritual successor is always welcome. I'll see how this comes along.
But what does put me off is that they expect you to pay for an alpha version! Unless they discount the alpha price from the final game, this is somewhat greedy, especially considering they'll save themselves a lot of work on bugfixing, since they won't have to look for them as much.



Kaze_Memaryu commented on Yo-kai Watch 2 Coming to 3DS in Japan with Two...:

This looks to become a second Senran Kagura case, to an extend. Everyone wants the game, and when the sequel is announced, everybody wants that. Unless we get Youkai Watch very soon, it might become difficult to catch up with this soon-to-be series.



Kaze_Memaryu commented on Bravely Default Producer Says to Expect Info o...:

@Unca_Lz Yeah, but that goes for almost every pay-to-win mechanic. It's not about wether it's optional or not, it's about the developers' intentions with a microtransaction. Some games (like League of Legends) limit themselves to stuff that has no bearing on gameplay, but others (take Aion or Candy Crush Saga as examples) do it to deliberately rip off score hunters and PvP enthusiasts (and rich kids who are too lazy to put some effort in their gameplay).

In this case, it was nothing more than greed, though I wonder if it was Squenix or Silicon who came up with this. Regardless, it's a paid success, something that shouldn't exist within games, since it's pretty close to corruption in sports, except that everyone willing to pay can do it, and there's no competition in Bravely Default.



Kaze_Memaryu commented on Next-Generation Visual Novel Nero Confirmed Fo...:

Ohoho, those viuals are gorgeous! This even makes Avatar pale in comparison (yeah, suck it, Cameron)!
But VN's are always a risky deal, for bothe the developers and the consumers. The highly depend on taste as well as imagination, making them a difficult thing to recommend on consoles if you're not already a fan.
I'll keep a close look on this!



Kaze_Memaryu commented on Nintendo Direct: Nintendo Shows Off The Peculi...:

AHAHAHAHAHA! Give them a prize, this is GOLD!

But why does Samus look like Michael Jackson with a blonde wig? And just how freakin ready IS REGGIE'S BODY???

I really didn't think too highly of this game, but now I'm getting this BY FAR over SSB3D!



Kaze_Memaryu commented on Android Game Inspired by Muramasa Takes Some Heat:

As much as I admire everything VanillaWare (and especially George Kamitani), this is plain ridiculous. People exaggerate for the sake of exaggerating.
The assets of both games share some resemblance, but looking closely, the visual details differ in key parts (shading, level of detail, coloring style, perspective) which are distinct enough to confirm that, while Soul Hearts is clearly inspired by Muramasa in many ways, it's definitely not a plagiarism case.
That, or the dev's went the extra mile to remove details and change shadings to cover their traces (which would be almost as time-consuming as doing them from scratch).



Kaze_Memaryu commented on Job Cuts Hit Sega's London Office:

Eggman voice: "You're FIRED!!!"

Somehow I'm not surprised. For the ambitions they have, they lack the ideas to keep up.
I can almost smell some Kickstarter projects from a group of ex-SEGA's...



Kaze_Memaryu commented on Feature: How A Team Of Dedicated Fans Is Fixin...:

The competitive fanbase of Smash Bros. is really stunning at times. Considering the sheer amount of work they've put into Project M, and the genius modifications used to break the limits of Brawl's coding, the outcome is, while being insanely balanced and fast, kinda sad, since it will inevitably fade into obscurity once SSB3D/SSBU are out.
If only my Wii could still read discs, I'd get SSBPM instantly and play until my fingers bleed!



Kaze_Memaryu commented on Subtle Character Design Changes Spotted for No...:

Aww, come on! The original design was much more interesting! It had that additional slice of personality, which goes down without the ponytail (especially the ponytail!), and the missing midriff, while not being everyone's taste, also made him look a bit sleeker (which makes sense considering he's a psychic and not a regular soldier).

I just hope this change doesn't reach all the way to europe.



Kaze_Memaryu commented on Super Smash Bros. Hitting 3DS This Summer, Wii...:

Not the best decision they could make. As it stands, this will (once again) give the WiiU worse reputation than it deserves. And if it doesn't allow you to use the same save data for both games (like Monster Hunter does), most 3DS owners won't bother to begin with.

Also, Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 8 are the only potential system sellers for WiiU this year, so delaying Smash Bros. until winter isn't helpful at all.

To be honest, in my opinion I think they should've taken some folks from the 3DS team and added them to the WiiU team. That way, they would've been able to release both versions on early winter, making the christmas deals their great success.



Kaze_Memaryu commented on Weirdness: These Chinese Game Controllers Look...:

Well, China. That's bound to give you a better image!

@HopeNForever Strictly speaking, Sony had the idea some time before Nintendo, but they were too cowardly to try it until Nintendo's success - and then they waited some years with it to avert massively negative media.
Also, both controllers work radically different (light position detection and infrared for WiiMote, Camera-based position scan and lightbulb for PS Move).



Kaze_Memaryu commented on Official English Azure Striker Gunvolt Site Is...:

Until we have a european release date, I'm still worried. But damn, this game looks awesome!

EDIT: The site won't load for me for some reason. Anyone else got this problem? Maybe it's because I'm browsing via Gamepad.

@Knuckles You missed the detail that the Sumeragi Group upholds peace by hunting psychics, with Gunvolt being a member of a rebellion group of psychic outcasts.



Kaze_Memaryu commented on Feature: Kickstarter's Wii U and 3DS Campaigns...:

Apexicon does have an interesting concept, so I'll look into that (also has a very low funding point, so what's to lose here).
Twisted Fusion, as I said on its own article, needs either some polishing or a better idea to run off with, otherwise I can't be bothered.
But I'm really on the fence about NUREO, so I'll see what happens this week.

The rest of these doesn't interest me at all.



Kaze_Memaryu commented on Kid Icarus AR Cards & Toad Folders With Bookma...:

It's a pity that these are so hard to get in EU, since most of the distribution was Club Nintendo-exclusive, while many stores never even stocked them. And now some resellers try to sell a display with 24 packs for a whopping 98€ at least! Talk about ripoff.
Still, I would've loved to collect more of them (got around 200 different ones just from CN packs).



Kaze_Memaryu commented on Super Smash Bros. Direct Will Bring the Hype o...:

I can see why Smash is getting an entire dedicated Direct, but still. The only things about it that matter now are the release date and possibly another newcomer, so this will most likely be a pretty boring Direct.

Also, I'd prefer more information on yet to be announced titles and X.



Kaze_Memaryu commented on 3DS eShop-Exclusive Harvest December Visual No...:

Uh-oh... no offense, CIRCLE, but I've seen plenty of your grammatical abilities. And I hate bad grammar in novels.

@Phantom_R Visual Novels are by no means pure novel level, but that's not the intention of most, anyway.
However, I can't help but think you've read the wrong visual novels. Try the original FATE/ ones, for example (or any of the earlier Nasuverse novels in general). Messed up theming at times, but incredibly atmospheric.