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Fri 14th Aug 2009

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HaNks commented on Soapbox: It's A Tragedy That Rare Replay Isn't...:

i find the comment that it's 'too cheap' and 'undermining' the quality of the games absolutely hillarious. some of the mental gymnastics that nintendo fans will jump through to justify the lame virtual console pricing. it doesn't matter if it's fan service or not, MS has put together an incredible package for the money and should be applauded. the fact about there being more N64 games available on the XB1 than Wii U is also very funny! Nintendo have dropped the ball in all sorts of ways...



HaNks commented on Weirdness: eBay Listings for the Club Nintendo...:

@WingedSnagret it's not scalping 'this is less a case of scalpers depriving fans, but rather provides an interesting pointer to just how popular this kind of merchandise can potentially be.' people are just willing to pay that much for it and they're still available @ CN...



HaNks commented on Live-Action Netflix Series For The Legend of Z...:

game of thrones sets a very high bar for a high fantasy production such as this to live up to. have they really got the budget and talent to do a show that would do the franchise justice? call me pessimistic for now...



HaNks commented on Poll: As amiibo Expands and Evolves, Which Fea...:

@King_Boo same, i guess we're in the minority or getting too old for this stuff or something. it's just a bunch of figures with a tiny memory chip that's used to unlock features. i might pick up a ness or toad one but it's a waste of money unless you collect toys.



HaNks commented on Poll: Which is the Best Mario Kart Game?:

well at least someone said it, MK8's downfall (and it's a pretty huge issue) is BALANCE, namely item balance. the balance of a game like this is much more important that the check boxes many of you seem to be using as criteria. and that's before we even dig deep into the mechanics.

MK8's big problem is indeed the randomness and how much of the time it's literally impossible to put in a good showing when you're stuck in the pack. doesn't matter if you're a skilled racer, most the time you're done for as the items start flowing, no way you're ever getting close to the front. the lack of dangling hurts people in the pack way more than the 1st person, half the time you win races not by racing well but just by getting into 1st at the right moment and everyone else destroys eachother. it isn't rewarding or balanced in that sense. even MK7, while not the best MK, is a lot more balanced than 8.



HaNks commented on Poll: Which is the Best Mario Kart Game?:

taking 'snaking' out of the series was a mistake, especially with things like 'firehopping' popping up in mk8. that was the whole fun on the DS version, especially with online. double dash with online would be the perfect MK.



HaNks commented on Poll: Which is the Best Mario Kart Game?:

it's out of double dash & DS (voted double dash). it certainly isn't 8, 7 is better than 8. 8 might be new and shiny but it's balancing is way off compared to the better entries. i still enjoy playing it though, no hate intended.



HaNks commented on Wii U System Update 5.2.0 Brings Folders, New ...:

@Cosats yo this isn't what i'm talking about...i'd like to be able to disable gamepad streaming/sync from the console itself. as it stands there is no way to do this, it is always synced to a gamepad (even if the gamepad is totally off/out of range) and putting out a wireless signal.



HaNks commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Brings Life to the 3DS...:

again ergonomics are out the window, that's the most dissapointing thing about these new models. maybe one day nintendo will make a comfortable handheld again. all the other improvements look great, but i'll need to be sure of a quality grip before making the upgrade, ideally something that upgrades the shoulder buttons like on the hori wheel. the ZL/ZR buttons look like a nightmare, even more troublesome than the standard L/R.



HaNks commented on Reaction: Picking Apart The New Nintendo 3DS A...:

concerned about the ergonomics, considering how i find both the OG and XL uncomfortable. i use the hori wheel on the OG model which is a godsend. they're adding a second set of shoulder buttons which look even trickier to reach than the standard L/R...i'm going to need to hold one before giving any judgements, but it doesn't look good.

would love to upgrade to a new model but it'll be entirely dependant on grips being available. the standard one is ideal in that the screen is slightly larger than the OG, which was always a tad too small. the XL i always found way too large given the resolution, totally kills the image quality.



HaNks commented on Talking Point: A Virtual Console Revival Could...:

also there really needs to be n64 & GCN titles on the wii U. GC code already runs on the system after all. maybe hire some more people or contract emulation specialists to help with releases, like the GBA thing. there really is no excuse for how badly Nintendo have handled VC.



HaNks commented on Gallery: A Closer Look at the GameCube-Inspire...:

they look alright quite good i guess but they don't support rumble do they? it would also always have to be tethered to a wii remote?

i think i'd rather stick with a wired gamecube or wavebird over this. hopefully they patch in support for games like mario kart in the future



HaNks commented on Art: Controller Evolution Photo Series Hammers...:

nintendo forgot about ergonomics in their handhelds after the gba/ds phat. the 3ds/3ds xl in particular is a big step back in this regard. gamecube pad is GOAT, just needs a few adjustments to make it the ultimate controller. hopefully they revisit and refine that design in the future.



HaNks commented on Talking Point: Deconstructing Nintendo's Retai...:

should go to greater lengths to promote the digital versions (of everything!) with price cuts, bundles etc. physical options are nice, but nintendo is still years behind with their digital offerings & ecosystem.