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Tue 2nd April, 2013

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kenzo commented on Weirdness: Should Rap Star Iggy Azalea Ever Go...:

I love how all these unknown Australians go to the United States and out-American the Americans.

Its revenge for all those American shows we sat through growing up.

Where do you think Iggy learned all her extravagant flossing and blinging from.

One thing looks wrong though. Those fine tattoos on her hands will look like unreadable smudges within two years.



kenzo commented on We Have Shigeru Miyamoto To Thank For The Supe...:

Super Stable 3D - Chop chop, Get Shiggy With It !!.

What is the point of developing this technology if it was not meant to be used.

Makes you wonder what eventual products they really intended to use it for.

Perhaps its about time Nintendo made a 3DS game called 'Up-ending the Tea Table'.



kenzo commented on Developers Outline Their Ideas for Nintendo's ...:

The 3DS NEXT has to have TWO inner high resolution cameras.

The selfie craze needs to be capitalised on.

Surely the ability to show ones face and head in 3D is useful for real-to-life Miis, for 3DS video chat, for avatar creation, for virtual makeup or hairstyling or cosmetic surgery, and for manga-fication.

If these images could be exported to 3D printing, either locally or by online mail order, then personalised amiibos or caricatures could become all the rage.

The 3d cameras on the 3DS are a great idea but poorly implemented so far.



kenzo commented on Video: New Nintendo 3DS In-Depth Review: Episo...:

If people are having trouble keeping in the 3D sweetspot, then maybe a version of Nintendo Cardboard should be developed.

Its like a cardboard box strapped to your head which forms an inter-face :) between the 3DS and your face. It keeps the top screen locked at the right distance and position to see the 3D fully, but allows viewing and access to all the other controls on the lower screen with the hands.

Could cost less than $2. :)



kenzo commented on Hands On: We Check Out The New Nintendo 3DS XL :


I have actually constructed the circularly polarized filter from the plastic lens of Real3D glasses and mounted it on the NEW 3DS XL.

It is positioned at the top of the screen over the inside camera and red eye light.

If fits quite well. I cut a section 35 mm x 10 mm from one lens polarizer, using a knife and then trimmed it down with scissors.

I used tissue to clean both sides of the film, before attaching with regular clear tape at both left and right sides. The tape folded nicely over the top edge, avoiding the screen and outside cameras.

Does it actually work.

It seems to work very well in game. I have played Resident Evil Mercenaries a few time to gauge its performance stability. I like it and will keep it on my 3DS.

There are aspects to the 'filter' which may have no bearing on super stability, and thus won't offer any possible advantages. I don't know what these modes are, but shimmering effects are still visible 'outside' of the game play - in normal usage.

Super stability could be affected by the gyroscopes, screen brightness, tilt of lower screen, blinking, head motion or smeared glasses - just to name a few variables.

In any case I will keep the filter on as it seems 'better' to use, and it seems no worse than without it. Thanks.



kenzo commented on Hands On: We Check Out The New Nintendo 3DS XL :


Ideally, circularly polarized light will change handedness upon specular reflection. So if a light beam (red eye light) goes outbound through a right handed circular polarizer (3D glasses film), it will be specularly reflected back (from the spectacles) as a left handed circularly polarized beam. This part of the reflected light will be blocked by the right handed circular polarizer covering the inside camera (and will be attenuated).

There are complications in practice - of course.

Not all the reflected light will be fully reversed (especially off the metallic glasses frame), and not all of the reversed light will be blocked (because of birefringence in the quarter wave retarder film comprising the circular polariser AND the circular polarizer may not polarize the infra-red portion of the red eye light either ... ).

Look, its just a throw away idea and I will try it. Wish me luck.



kenzo commented on Hands On: We Check Out The New Nintendo 3DS XL :

I have noticed some minor stuttering in the 3D super stability whilst using the 3DS XL in the dark with glasses. Paradoxically, I cannot really check for the same effect without the glasses because its not easy to see the screen without them. Ha ha.

I wonder if the occassional break in lock is 'normal' but is just more noticeable in the dark than during daylight ....

I am going to try something to eliminate this perceived effect.

I want to tape a thin film of circular polarizer material over the red eye light and the inside camera. This should suppress unwanted reflections of the red eye light from the glasses - as long as it doesn't impair the regular super stability function because of too much general darkening of the reflected light.

The material for the polarizer comes from those cheap throwaway 3D glasses they hand out at the 3D movies. This will be interesting, if slightly mad.

I must say that using reading glasses has a benefit that it magnifies the screen slightly, and makes the viewing experience more immersive than without them.



kenzo commented on Hands On: We Check Out The New Nintendo 3DS XL :

I think there is a bit of rose coloured glasses going on with the NEW 3DS XL.

I like it too - but all the hype about it is not believable.

1. The c-stick is not a "second circle pad".

It is not as easy to use as a circle pad for a number of reasons.

Its travel is too short and stiff for precise use, it cannot be custom calibrated in the settings (so far), and in-game it can be confused with the X or Y buttons in gameplay.

2. The shoulder buttons are awkwardly placed, and can result in both buttons on a side being pressed at once, screwing up gameplay. Also to get a good reach to all shoulder buttons the hands must be moved up a little on the 3DS. This is even a bigger problem on the larger XL model than the regular one. Its just not right ergonomically and very un-Nintendo like.

The shape and relative placement of the shoulder buttons could have been much better.

3. The stereoscopic 3D is very good.

The super stable 3D works very well in stabilising side-to-side and rocking motions.

However there is not the same stability in the distance of viewing aspect.

The NEW 3DS needs to be held at the recommended 35cm distance from the eyes. If the console is not kept with about +/- 5cm of that recommended distance then double images will start appearing in one or both eyes.

This is the most disappointing aspect of the 3D.

For an older person like myself who needs to hold the unit slightly further out to see it clearly, this is not ideal. I bought a pair of cheap 2.5 dioptre reading glasses to make the ideal 35 cm screen viewing distance comfortable.

I believe there may also be some flickering issues playing in darkness with glasses on as well.

Hopefully some software updates can correct some of these issues.



kenzo commented on Lucky New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Gamers Jump ...:

I don't know what people are really complaining about.

The NEW 3DS Ambassidor model is way cheaper than the original one !

If people are disappointed for not being eligible for 'a limited edition', then that's the whole point of 'limited edition'.

Look, Nintendo games customers and customers game Nintendo.

Its just a game with dollars, not play coins. Don't be upset.

Anyway, an investment in electronics is a bad investment, thanks to rapid obsolescence.

Nintendo will happily sell you a razor to make money on blades. You may even get a haircut in the process.



kenzo commented on Mario Kart 8 Beats Stern Competition To Become...:

Nintendo could make a cross-over game combining Smash and Mario Kart.

It could be called Road Rage Kart.

Art imitates life. You get to smash into the other drivers and then beat them up at the scene of the accident.



kenzo commented on Pixar Movie, Up, is Now Available for 3DS in J...:

What happened to the 10 minute limit on 3D movies. Has it been removed.

I have watched Avatar in 3D on the 3DS but in 10 minute chunks.

'Hopefully' the NEW 3DS with its wireless PC access and higher speed WIFI connectivity, will allow streaming or uploading of full 3D movies from PC.



kenzo commented on Sharp Gearing Up to Supply 'Free-Form' LCD Scr...:

With this freeform LCD technology, its not too hard to see where this is going.

The front face of the WiiU gamepad or 3DS handheld could be made from a complete screen, with real buttons and controls poking through it.



kenzo commented on Talking Point: The Time Is Right For A Nintend...:

I think there may be a small problem with Nintendo making a phone with its video games on it.

I don't know what the laws are in your respective countries, but I thought a minor (under 18 years old or equivalent in your jurisdiction), cannot technically own a mobile phone.

I see plenty of young people with phones, but I assume they are bought in the name of an adult for use by a minor. It surprises me that adults who buy phones for their youngsters seem never to get put before the courts when those youngsters break the law using those same phones.

There needs to be some legal clarity and certainty on this point, or Nintendo will be making a risky business case if it proceeds.



kenzo commented on Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry Almost Made Our D...:

A Dirty Harry Video Game would be great as long as it wasn't one dimensional.

There is certainly a lot of material to work with even today. Just turn on the news.

A sort of anti-hero game would be good. Marvellous in fact.



kenzo commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Outlines Core Nintendo Philos...:

Hey Shiggy,

The 3DS could be easily modified for a virtual reality headset.

It doesnt have to be as 'good' as an oculus rift, since the 3DS screen is not as good as a cell phone screen but stills does the job.

The idea is to take the two screen format from the 3DS and mount them together on a suitable visor with low powered reading lenses, and then use a separate controller/touch pad to operate the screen / console remotely.

The visor can be relatively open at the sides and below for better situational awareness and for better social interaction.

The ingedients are already there, but Nintendo needs to package it up in an attractive form.



kenzo commented on Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty Wii U Delay Seems to b...:

Whats the obsession will massive digital downloads by game producers.

They are just trying to shift extra costs to users, and save themselves money - instead of providing proper retail distribution through physical media.

One thing that hasn't really been considered is the download whack from the internet services provider. If you don't have a good service, with either a big monthly download limit or a high download speed, then you have to suffer or go without.

This situation could apply to many potential customers.



kenzo commented on Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Lead the ...:

I would like to see 3DS coverplates with a built in game case so you can snap your physical game cartridges in and out of when required.

Three game cartridges should be able to fit in a 3 x 1 row arrangement.

More if both cover sides were used.

I actually have a 2 cartridge plastic game case stuck to the topside of one of my 3DS XL's with double sided tape for easy carrying. Don't know how I will get it off without damaging the real cover .. mmm.



kenzo commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Takes Smash Bros.' C...:

Lets recap why Nintendo are DOOMED !!!.

1. 3D is a gimmick and doesn't work

2. Mobile phones are taking over gaming

3, Theres no second circle pad for 3DS

Whatever .....

Nice to see New 3dS XL outsell New 3DS by 2 to 1 - despite being the blander option.. .



kenzo commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Will Suppor...:

It seems very clear that Nintendo will discontinue the old 3ds and 3ds XL with this move not to support the Circle Pad Pro in future games.

All the people that would have bought a 3DS anyway have already bought one. The New 3DS is for the new generation whose mummies don't want them getting blind with the poor 3D effect.

This is good news as Nintendo need to demonstrate market leadership and maintain a strong footing in the handheld console market.



kenzo commented on Project CARS Wii U Delay Was To Ensure It's As...:

I am looking forward to Project Cars on the Wii U.

Having a dashboard on the gamepad might be good.

It makes sense to delay the release over the other consoles.

You have to put your limited resources into products that will give you income so you can do other projects.

Success breeds success, and frankly the Wii U is not successful compared to the other consoles as far as sales so far. You cannot expect developers to be charitable.

An advantage of a delayed release, is that much of the bug work has been sorted out and the polish been put into the game. Just hoping it won't be a lazy 'lets get this over and done with' port to the Wii U.



kenzo commented on The Japanese New 3DS Packaging Is Both Cute An...:

Whats to stop people making their own coverplates and images.

As soon as the New 3DS is released someone will make these as knockoffs, or customised home made 3D printed covers with custom ink transfers.

This will become a cottage industry.



kenzo commented on Reaction: Picking Apart The New Nintendo 3DS A...:

Has anyone realized the sweet spot 3D headtracking for the New 3DS, could be used in another way.

It could augment the second circle pad control for camera view changes.

Deliberately looking to the side of the screen could cause the view to rotate on purpose around the scene.

It could even work like Track-IR, where looking slightly one way or the other amplifies the change in view.

Imagine just pressing a button in game and moving your head to control the camera view.

This could be a revelation if it works.

PS. Even winking could be detected and used for game control too ....



kenzo commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

Just a few afterthoughts on what need to be fixed on the New 3DS.

1. Those led lights at the bottom right side where the lower palm goes, need to be dimmed or switched off during game play.

The blue light that you see there, particularly at night time in a darkened room, is a really annoying distraction (unless you cover it awkwardly with your hand hold).

That blue light thing was a fad about five years ago, and it shortens your life too (blue screen of death).

2. Two infrared lights need to be mounted at the back of the top cover, next to the external cameras, like a Wii sensor bar. This will be useful for six degree of freedom positional tracking when used with a Wii U or other new console. The leds could even be put under the casing as the IR lights will shine through it.

Nintendo recently patented such a position tracking concept so its an anomaly given the new 3DS is seemingly being targeted for use as a wii u gamepad accessory.

3. Potentially both upper and lower screens could be equipped with the new 3D screens and new head tracking technology.

Alternatively, just the lower screen could implement perspective correction 2D to give the apparent 3D effect. Be interesting to see motion parallax of the lower 2D screen combined with the upper 3D screen.



kenzo commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

What they haven't announced is the use of the new 3DS as a gamepad for the WiiU.

Its obvious they updated the internal hardware for a reason, now we just have to see what future proofing has gone into it.

I really want to see how good the stereo head tracking is.

Hopefully the stereo sound will also track the users head and adjust stereo accordingly. Hope they also fixed the sound volume too.

Be interesting to see what they do with the 2DS, if it gets upgraded.

Nice one Iwata San.



kenzo commented on Only 3DS Games Sold Over One Million Copies in...:

Nintendo have to keep an eye on the demographics of the Japanese market.

The Japanese population is decreasing because fewer children are being born.

The aging of Japan means this market is slowly being reduced for gaming.

Obviously, Nintendo need to generate Japan-like sales outside of Japan.

Hence ethnocentricity for Nintendo is not an option for sustainable growth.



kenzo commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Be Promoting Th...:

The gamepad needs a box over it with a fresnel magnifier, to bring the screen up close and personal. Controls are still accessable from the sides.

The gamepad will send you blind otherwise.

The gamepad could also serve as a Windows XP computer replacement.

Since Microsoft discontinued XP support, the web browsing has become a crapified experience.

And .... where do you plug the mouse into the gamepad ?

Also Nintendo need to do something about enhancing Wifi range as the gamepad has trouble working in small apartments..



kenzo commented on Nintendo Files Patent for "Eye Tracking" Devic...:

i am no patent attorney but I have noticed something wrong with Nintendos patent.

This application claims the benefit of priority from provisional application No. 61/378,921 filed Aug. 31, 2010, the contents of which are incorporated herein by reference.

The priority date for this US patent 8704879 (granted April 22, 2014) and new patent application US 2014/0184588 (filed March 5, 2014) - is August 31, 2010.

However, very similar subject matter to Nintendos claimed invention was published by budda on the mtbs3D forums on September 4, 2009 - as described earlier in this thread. This is 12 months before the priority date of Nintendos claimed invention.

It seems budda's publication of this prior art could substantially invalidate Nintendos patent, because of the loss of novelty, loss of originality and because of obviousness to those skilled in the art. It strikes at the heart of Nintendos patent claims.

I call OBJECTION ! Your Honor.



kenzo commented on Nintendo Files Patent for "Eye Tracking" Devic...:

This two camera tracking idea for a future Nintendo console application is a great idea.

However I have seen something very patently similar described by a person called 'budda' on the mtbs3D virtual reality forums.

see this:

And I quote at the end: -

"As I noted previously, this device could be used as a head tracker, or gun aiming device for a first person shooter.

The essential elements are the IR LEDS and IR Camera, which could be configured in various ways to acheive the same results.

For instance, I would like to see a wireless version of the Wii Camera (without the Wii Remote body) attached to some glasses.

In principle this should be easy to do, but no-one has apparently done it.

Another idea would be to mount a miniature fish-eye lens on the Wii Camera to get wide angle tracking. And so on. "



kenzo commented on FIFA 15 Is Lacing Its Boots For A Wii And 3DS ...:

Perhaps Nintendo could make a soccer board game called "Button Football".

This is a real life board game that is passionately played in Brazil.

I saw it on a World Cup highlights show and it looks like serious fun.

Its available on phones too, but Nintendo could do a better job.



kenzo commented on FIFA 15 Is Lacing Its Boots For A Wii And 3DS ...:

EA knows a FIFA game for WiiU would be superior than PS or XBOX.

Because the gamepad would allow better tactical view and control of the game, and thereafter EA could not do a lazy and convincing backport to those other consoles.

In order to save face and its profits EA has slammed the Wii U instead.

Looks like its back to Mario Strikers and Rayman Legends Kung Foot.