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Tue 2nd April, 2013

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kenzo commented on Only 3DS Games Sold Over One Million Copies in...:

Nintendo have to keep an eye on the demographics of the Japanese market.

The Japanese population is decreasing because fewer children are being born.

The aging of Japan means this market is slowly being reduced for gaming.

Obviously, Nintendo need to generate Japan-like sales outside of Japan.

Hence ethnocentricity for Nintendo is not an option for sustainable growth.



kenzo commented on Project CARS Shows a Tremendous Graphical Upgr...:

I like the comparison video of Project Cars 20012-14.

I noticed one small problem.

There is no echo in the tunnels or near the cliff faces by the side of the road.

Hope this is fixed for added realism.



kenzo commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Be Promoting Th...:

The gamepad needs a box over it with a fresnel magnifier, to bring the screen up close and personal. Controls are still accessable from the sides.

The gamepad will send you blind otherwise.

The gamepad could also serve as a Windows XP computer replacement.

Since Microsoft discontinued XP support, the web browsing has become a crapified experience.

And .... where do you plug the mouse into the gamepad ?

Also Nintendo need to do something about enhancing Wifi range as the gamepad has trouble working in small apartments..



kenzo commented on Nintendo Files Patent for "Eye Tracking" Devic...:

i am no patent attorney but I have noticed something wrong with Nintendos patent.

This application claims the benefit of priority from provisional application No. 61/378,921 filed Aug. 31, 2010, the contents of which are incorporated herein by reference.

The priority date for this US patent 8704879 (granted April 22, 2014) and new patent application US 2014/0184588 (filed March 5, 2014) - is August 31, 2010.

However, very similar subject matter to Nintendos claimed invention was published by budda on the mtbs3D forums on September 4, 2009 - as described earlier in this thread. This is 12 months before the priority date of Nintendos claimed invention.

It seems budda's publication of this prior art could substantially invalidate Nintendos patent, because of the loss of novelty, loss of originality and because of obviousness to those skilled in the art. It strikes at the heart of Nintendos patent claims.

I call OBJECTION ! Your Honor.



kenzo commented on Nintendo Files Patent for "Eye Tracking" Devic...:

This two camera tracking idea for a future Nintendo console application is a great idea.

However I have seen something very patently similar described by a person called 'budda' on the mtbs3D virtual reality forums.

see this:

And I quote at the end: -

"As I noted previously, this device could be used as a head tracker, or gun aiming device for a first person shooter.

The essential elements are the IR LEDS and IR Camera, which could be configured in various ways to acheive the same results.

For instance, I would like to see a wireless version of the Wii Camera (without the Wii Remote body) attached to some glasses.

In principle this should be easy to do, but no-one has apparently done it.

Another idea would be to mount a miniature fish-eye lens on the Wii Camera to get wide angle tracking. And so on. "



kenzo commented on FIFA 15 Is Lacing Its Boots For A Wii And 3DS ...:

Perhaps Nintendo could make a soccer board game called "Button Football".

This is a real life board game that is passionately played in Brazil.

I saw it on a World Cup highlights show and it looks like serious fun.

Its available on phones too, but Nintendo could do a better job.



kenzo commented on FIFA 15 Is Lacing Its Boots For A Wii And 3DS ...:

EA knows a FIFA game for WiiU would be superior than PS or XBOX.

Because the gamepad would allow better tactical view and control of the game, and thereafter EA could not do a lazy and convincing backport to those other consoles.

In order to save face and its profits EA has slammed the Wii U instead.

Looks like its back to Mario Strikers and Rayman Legends Kung Foot.



kenzo commented on Video: Nintendo Minute Unboxes The Mario Kart ...:


You are right about the Mario Wii Remote having a blue back !!!.

Nintendo did not screw up, I screwed up.

Without looking closely at the Mario Wii Remote, I thought it would be just like the all red wii remotes that were bundled with the Wii Mario Kart.

I own two red Wii consoles with red controllers, bought second hand for about $40 each. :)

Yes, many countries have the red blue and white themes - even Japan in an abstract way. Their world cup team are the samurai blues.

Still, I would go for a red white and blue wiimote as described. Thanks.



kenzo commented on Video: Nintendo Minute Unboxes The Mario Kart ...:

That Mario Kart Wii U wheel looks great with the two tone red and blue colours.

But, they screwed up.

The wiimote should have been made similarly, with a red top and blue case and even keeping the regular white buttons.

Nintendo like patronising American patriotism (as seen with the 3DSXL red and blue models) , so they really missed another great subliminal marketing opportunity here.



kenzo commented on Wii U Reportedly Uses Less Energy to Run Than ...:

According to physicists, electronics currently uses 1 million times more energy than it theoretically needs to.

Already there are electronics developments in the pipeline which promise 1,000 x smaller energy use for the same computational power. For example spintronics, topological insulators and memresistors.



kenzo commented on Talking Point: What We Want To See From Ninten...:

The 3DS needs to be improved in the following ways.

1. Being able to store physical cartridges as copies on the gaming system without having to change cards.

2. Wider aspect ratio for the top screen keeping the lower clamshell the same to make touch controls and sticks/buttons easily accessible during gameplay. This may mean an asymetrical clamshell design with overbite.

3. Retain and improve the 3D effect with improved depth when seen up close and viewing angles when seen from afar. No 3D = no buy. Improve the resolution accordingly.

4. Be able to mount the device 'Oculus Rift' style to the head so both 3D and 2D screens are visible, and use a separate classic controller touch pad combo as a 3DS gamepad extension. I play Resident Evil Mercenaries up close like this and its really immersive.

5. Its needs AC or N WiFI streaming capability for live 3D or 2D streaming for either video or gaming and useful as a PC or WiiU controller as well.

6. The speakers need to be louder and there should be better rumble or resonance through the chassis and buttons for touch immersion.

7. The 3DS should use eye tracking and stereo view compensation so the screen and gameplay always retain the focus.

8. The 3DS needs two internal stereo cameras for real time voice chat and VR Miis. Also the girls will love virtual makeup and hairstyling and anything that toys with their looks.

9. The external stereo cameras need to be upgraded and shown to be useful for something. Its a good idea to have but nothing really compelling has become of it.

Anyway. I think I have said enough ....



kenzo commented on Rumour: Nintendo Will Reveal New Hardware At T...:

New Wii U hardware ?

How about a Circle Pad Pro U for 3dsXL which is designed for streaming live 2D or 3D content to the 3DS from the WiiU. It would probably have its own inbuilt wifi streaming hardware and plug in through the game cartridge port.

Nice if it happened and supported up to four 3ds at once from a WiiU..



kenzo commented on Weirdness: These Chinese Game Controllers Look...:

The Great Wall of China was the ancient equivalent of the internet firewall and censorship. Ironically China was an advanced technology civilization but isolated itself from the World and the West caught up and surpassed it, and China is still trying to catch up fair or foul.



kenzo commented on Exclusive: Nintendo Developing "Virtual U" VR ...:

I'll tell you what's not an April fools' joke.

CastAR by Technical Illusions will absolutely kill the console market with its head mounted picoprojection glasses.

Nintendo should get onboard with them asap.

CastAR will have the ability to replace the Wii U gamepad with a piece of cardboard having a retroreflective cover. All the controls and screen can be mapped to the virtual gamepad in realtime in full 3D.

A more sophisticated gamepad would use real controls with the retroreflective screen in the middle. A stereo camera pair at the back of the gamepad could enable 'see-through' augmented reality views.

It will happen with or without Nintendo.

CEO of CastAR Jeri Ellsworth explains on Tested and Triangulation respectively:

Tested ( 22min long )

Triangulation ( 1 hr 10min long - skip ads as required )



kenzo commented on Review: Galaga (3DS eShop / NES):

Pacman Party 3D for 3DS (cartridge) has classic 2D galaga, dig dug and pac man on it. It even loads like the original ROMs when booted up in the arcade machines.

The only problems with it being on the DS systems is the small screen size - even on the 3DSXL - and the sloppy buttons/finger presses which don't react as fast as a joystick does, thus getting you killed.

Also I prefer Galaxian over Galaga.



kenzo commented on Video: Watch Us Hungrily Unbox The McDonald's ...:

I know one thing that maccas is good at.

They have the best TV ads and food merchandising around.

Perhaps Nintendo could get McDonalds to do its PR campaigns. Would you like Mario with that !

Oh, thats right - Nintendo dont do TV PR campaigns. Doh.

Personally I used to love quarter pounders with cheese and a large serve of fries, but I have not eated 'fast food' for over 10 years. But, squeezed orange juice or a soft serve ice cream cone is excepted :)



kenzo commented on Julius Caesar Will Be Taking the Battle to the...:

They want to call this 'Mad Men Football' then there will be trouble.

It sounds a lot like 'Madden Football', an extremely well known gridiron video game franchise.

They will be lucky to get the ball over the line.



kenzo commented on North American Retailers List Limited Edition ...:

It would be really cool if Nintendo put a real easter egg in the Yoshi 3DS.

They could put a green backlight in the casing that reveals another Yoshi hidden on the other side in silhouette. Even an animated egg or Yoshi running around in a circle would be amusing.



kenzo commented on Mario Kart 8 Racing Wheel Available For Preord...:

The Wii Wheel is so lame.

Nintendo could have made this a premium item.

They could have made a simple Wii IR camera attachment (either a mirror at one end of the wiimote or a separate IR camera device connected via the dongle) to look in the direction of the sensor bar to provide super sharp steering feedback.

Another overlooked feature is sensory vibration feedback through the wheel. This could easily be achieved through subsonic stereo speakers to give 'road-feel' or 'drivetrain feel' when changing gears or changing engine rpm. This would use little power, weigh little and could double as real stereo speakers.



kenzo commented on Kensuke Tanabe Highlights Potential Return of ...:


Thanks for that link.

The previous Donkey Kong Country Returns is a very faithful port from the Wii to the 3DS. It was a really unexpected development, and lost next to nothing in visuals and gained in game play aspects.

Maybe in a year or two - depending on the maturity of the 3DS and WiiU, we may see a developer port Donkey Kong Country Freeze to 3DS.

Difficult but not impossible. Just the challenge for a new Nintendo developer to make a name for themselves. And, the commercial reality is that it must appear sooner or later on the more successful 3DS platform.



kenzo commented on Capcom Claims Its New Panta Rhei Game Engine C...:

Resident Evil Mercenaries is a really great First Person Shooter that I still play every day. Vastly underated. It always makes me laugh when I discover something new in it. Capcom did a great job with the depth and variation of play, as it is very challenging.

This game also looks great up close to the face when playing the 3DS in 3D wearing cheap 4 Dioptre reading glasses.



kenzo commented on iPhone Gaming Controller Could Mean "The End O...:

Mobile phones are for people who are either busy, needy for constant social contact, have attention deficit problems or are easily bored.

Any wonder why the most popular sports in America stop and start in under 30 seconds.

This is a group that are just skaters, not really true gamers. They don't have the time or patience for delayed gratification, and to thoroughly explore the depths of real games.

Nintendo understand this situation with their games, and they are also getting a valuable lead in real 3D gaming with the 3DS.



kenzo commented on Satoru Iwata Highlights a Strengthening Worldw...:


It time for the 3DS to get another update since it is going so strongly and it has not yet reached its optimum form.

My suggestions are:

1. Make the 3DS SuperXL with a 3D screen the same size as the WiiU gamepad screen. That would bump it up from 4.8 to 6.2 inch. With the same size and resolution as the gamepad it would make for some interesting crossplay interaction with the WiiU console.

2. Keep the lower chassis the same size of the 3DSXL, as that is the right size for the touchscreen and buttons. Sure the top will overlap with the bottom. Its called 'asynchronous gaming', ha ha.

3. Make the new 3DS Super XL wirelessly stream in both 2D and 3D.

4. Fix the so-so existing 3D with a better version to increase the sweet spot. Perhaps use face tracking so the 3D is steered to the users face and is presented consistently.

End Memo.



kenzo commented on Nintendo UK Joins Japan By Calling Time On Wii...:

The Wii Mini seems to be designed to prevent modding with homebrew. So no SD card or USB interfaces.

There is no point continuing Wii production when it can run copied software from an SD card or a USB drive.

The Wii Mini is a long term program by Nintendo to reclaim the entry level console market.

The problem is twofold for Nintendo. The Wii is a reliable console so these original models will remain in circulation for some time on the second hand market. The other problem for Nintendo is the second hand Wii consoles can be bought for less than the price of a new game.

Its unbelievable what can be done with homebrew these days. It threatens the viability of console hardware for all manufacturers.



kenzo commented on Resident Evil Revelations And Mercenaries Are ...:

Resident Evil Mercenaries is the game I play most on the 3dsXL.

Its easy to play, but difficult to play really well. I suggest its really good for training your brain in making quick decisions (and dealing with anxiety issues).

In Australia, retailers are practically giving the game away. I bought a few used boxed ones for only $4, and some were actually Brand New. Doh.

People must give up in boredom or desperation with this game before they get to the really fun bits. It all starts from Level 4 onwards. So hang in there.

Another fun mod is to spend $5 on a pair of 4 diopter reading glasses, and play it wearing those. It brings the screen up close and the 3D slider can be set lower for comfort. The effect is really good with Mercs.

So, buy it !



kenzo commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Low-Key Approach to ...:


I like your mockup design. It makes a lot of sense and could compete in price directly with the original (now highly subsidised) 3DS.

Nintendo should have designed the 2DS your way.

I suppose Nintendo will have to pay you royalties for design infringements when they wake up and release this version eventually.

On the other hand they probably do have a version like yours that will stay locked in a box at Nintendo for the next 50 years.



kenzo commented on Nintendo 2DS is Actually Made With Just One Sc...:

I must be the only one posting who thinks the new 2DS looks like crap.

Its made for kids .... yeah right! It looks like it was made by kids.

The center of the 2DS needs to be a single rectangular touchscreen like any other tablet. This would make it better for web browsing or other multimedia content with touch capabilities.

One speaker ..... you cannot be serious !!! The best part of the original 3DS is the loud but clear stereo capability. This adds the audio immersion which is so important for games. I also liked the sound vibration feedback from the back of the clamshell through to my fingers.

A Wii U circle pad pro could be added to a widescreen 2DS. It would fit to the back of the 2DS in landscape mode with the Wii U gamepad buttons and controls.

An opportunity missed, and it won't save Nintendo any money either.



kenzo commented on IGN Editor: If Wii U Doesn't Pick Up, Nintendo...:

Here is an idea.

Bring a software update for the Wii U gamepad so that PC games can be streamed from a PC to the gamepad - like the Nvidia Project Shield.

It can be done now and there would be no shortage of available blockbuster games in the library then.



kenzo commented on Shigeru Miyamoto "Wanted to go to HD Sooner" W...:

Follow the pattern.

Standard wii remote => Upgraded wii remote = Motion Plus

Standard 3DS => Upgraded 3DS = 3DS XL

Standard Wii SD graphics => Wii HD graphics = Fanboy PC HomeBrew

Any company that develops consumer electronics must factor in obsolescence and competition caused by Moores Law. Nintendo have demonstrated they will change their hardware when technology sufficiently advances to make such upgrades cost effective. However they missed a big opportunity with the Wii HD. Surely to expect a console to still have commercial legs after 7 years now, when there was ample time to embrace HD technology as an interim step was short sighted on Nintendo's part. People seem to forget the Dolphin emulator runs existing games, not new HD games. AND a dedicated HD console will of course be cheaper and faster than a PC version. The Dolphin Emulator has called out Nintendo big time.



kenzo commented on Shigeru Miyamoto "Wanted to go to HD Sooner" W...:

Can someone please explain why the Dolphin Wii Emulator on PC can do HD whilst the Wii cannot. Same goes for 3D stereovision.

Fact is, Nintendo are lazy and greedy with the Wii. The dollars were rolling in on the Wii and they collected the easy cash and just let the hardware wither and rot.



kenzo commented on Soapbox: Why Region Locking Is A Total Non-Issue:

Region locking on the 3ds is discrimination - Consumer discrimination.

The Japanese should realise how disrespectful this practice is to others, since they have their own region locked fiefdom, and are doing very nicely without the rest of the world - thank-you.

If region locking is a "total non issue" as claimed by the author, then why doesn't Nintendo get rid of it. Its simply because region locking is filling Nintendo's money bags despite all the hassles involved.



kenzo commented on Time: Nintendo Is "Stumped" By The Wii U GameP...:

Hey Nintendo, why don't you come up with a way of using the 3DS XL as a gamepad for the WiiU.

Perhaps you can make a 3DS XL CirclePad Pro U that fits on the 3DS. It would be equipped with the necessary outer casing controls of the WiiU gamepad to make it work.

It would be nice to include extra features like 3D streaming of movies, and 3D Wii games (like the Dolphin emulator now does). What about two cameras for 3D selfies. Man, wake up.



kenzo commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo Virtual Boy:

With my 3D hindsight glasses on, this is what Nintendo should have done.

They should have taken the black and white Vectrex CRT unit and modified it in the following ways.

Firstly, replace the white phosphor with the standard red CRT phoshor P22. Secondly, make the CRT work in landscape (horizontal) mode instead of portrait (vertical) mode. Thirdly, use LCD shutterglasses to watch the vector type display in field sequential 3D format. Fourthly, magnifying goggle lenses could be placed over the wide screen display to give an enhanced depth effect for virtual reality viewing.

Why? Because red phosphors in CRT displays work excellently in 3D without ghosting or flicker AND it could have all been done with technology available at the time. Its all too late now.



kenzo commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's Next-Gen Challenge ...:

@ramstrong re: I think Nintendo needs Skype for WiiU, or Skype 3D for 3DS.

There is one small problem.

Nintendo did not include two inside cameras in the 3DS for taking 3D selfies ......

Would have been good if they did. Lots of interesting possibilities.



kenzo commented on Review: Xevious (Wii U eShop / NES):

I get reminded of Xevious every day. I made a ring tone out of the music for my mobile.

I have the classics game on 3DS and its a faithfull port. Same game but with depth.

My main gripe is the white bullets aimed at your ship are very difficult to see and thus avoid. This to me is a big oversight ( read MISTAKE ) and needs to be fixed ASAP to realise its classic potential on 3DS,



kenzo commented on Europe Gets An Unobstructed Flash Of Tharja's ...:

The US has one of the highest rates of teenage pregnancies in the world. Its difficult to reconcile this fact with their prudish moralistic censorship standards. No warddrobe malfunctions in video games please.



kenzo commented on Feature: 3DS - A Report Card Ahead of Its Bigg...:

I would like to see 3D streaming from a PC for games and other apps that are not available on 3DS anyway. The streaming rate would be fairly low for the low 3D resolution needed to be sent and therefore undemanding for the WiFi and PC. The 3DS controls and motion sensors could be used for interesting control effects.



kenzo commented on Madden NFL Is Skipping Nintendo Systems For Th...:

Potential third party developers are putting the nut squeeze on Nintendo.

They know Nintendo is sitting on a pile of cash and will be needing them desperately to fill out the WiiU gaming lineup for Christmas and beyond.

Show us the money they say. CEO Awata will have to play hard ball.