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hi my names alana im six and im a beauty queen

Thu 9th Aug 2012

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SilverLightning commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

wait hold on the New 3DS is going to have exclusives?!?! thats going a bit far, although this new 3DS does look tempting and i could probably get £80 for my XL plus its cradle and if it comes out around may or june i can buy it with birthday money. but i want Nintendo to really sells this to me. like £95 for the normal £105-110 for the XL, i want them to really sell the features, NO EXCLUSIVES?!!?! i do not want that many exclusives on the system that will make me force to buy it just so i wont feel left out which will make me mad. Nintendo you have my attention and you may get my money if they play there cards right



SilverLightning commented on Super Mario 3D World Coming To Wii U This Dece...:

slightly disapointed by this, when nintendo said "3D mario game" i was expecting and like 64, sunshine and galaxy, with the open world, good exciting plot line and most importantly collecting 120 stars, when they showed super mario 3D land in 2011 i was hoping for that but let it pass as it was on a handheld, but on a home console we should be given something on the scale that galaxy was super mario 3D world seems great and i will buy it but i was hoping for something new this seems alittle rushed



SilverLightning commented on UK Retailers Call For Wii U Price Cut And Fres...:

nintendo went wrong with its launch games, they thought third party support would help it sell by having darksiders, FIFA, COD and mass effect 3 most of these games are avalible on the Wii, PS3 and the 360, no will buy a Wii U to play COD because they can already do taht on there previous generation console, the Wii U didnt have enough first party support at launch and thats where nintendo is going wrong and there is still no first party support since launch, sure the was NSMB.U but every ones seen it all before, nintendo land was perfect for Wii U but no one knows about it because it was never advertised, nintendo needs to make a new advertisement approch and first party support is needed before people start saying "what the hell is a Wii U, the noise the fire trucks make"



SilverLightning commented on Nintendo Receives Zero BAFTA Game Awards Nomin...:

so another port of little big planet that is on a system that has only sold 2 million has been nominated, while a game that people have been waiting for for 25 years with the biggest plot twist ever, good acting, great visuals, and awesome gameplay on a system that has sold 20+ million hasnt been nominated... that doesnt make sense, i bet sony payed the BAFTA's so LBP Vita will win so the crappy unsellable system might sell abit more



SilverLightning commented on Rayman Legends No Longer a Wii U Exclusive, De...:

MESSAGE FROM 3RD PARTY SUPPORTERS OF NINTENDO**** 'we are sad to say that every game we are going to make this year has been delayed, were not going to tell you why because we dont have too, its just that we've finished them but we've desided to sell the rights to sony and mircosoft so they can make ports which for some reason will take just under a year even though they are finished and ready for the Wii U and 3DS we just feel like being a bunch of peepee heads'



SilverLightning commented on Rayman Legends No Longer a Wii U Exclusive, De...:

never wanted to say this but wii u is failing in europe 3 delays in the past 3 days! and the Wii U isnt even finished yet no TVii in europe yet! what is wrong with game develops they are starting to slack off, and ubisoft going against there word of it being an "exclusive"!!! and Nintendo where is Miiverse on the 3DS it was ment to come last month is that delayed too. if nintendo want to sell Wii U's heres a tip actually FINISH MAKING IT!!! and actually release games!!!



SilverLightning commented on Emergency Maintenance Scheduled for Nintendo O...:

maybe everyting is being put on the nintendo network, or there mushing all the shops together, like if you put £10 on your 3ds eshop it will be avalible to use on your wii U eshop, or miiverse might be put on the 3DS, but the whole emergancy thing makes me thing its just a regular clean out of the servers



SilverLightning commented on Nintendo Network Premium Website Goes Live:

NEED HELP!!!!!!!!! i cant seem to log in to the website i have a 32GB premium Wii U and a nintendo network ID, but when i try to log in it doesnt work i know my details are correct because i checked. have i missed something?