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Thu 20th December, 2012

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datamonkey commented on Michel Ancel Forms New Studio While Continuing...:

I can't believe how many of you are "giving up on Ubisoft" just because their games haven't sold on Wii U and you're abandoning them? It's not their fault Wii U owners didn't invest in their games so you can hardly blame them from pulling Wii U support. They aren't charity developers!

Personally I loved Far Cry 3, AC4, Watch Dogs and Rayman Legends and am looking forward to their next round of releases. If that's not on Wii U then so be it, but I'm not missing out on loads of good games just because I'm a butthurt Nintendo fanboy... You're missing out otherwise...



datamonkey commented on Reaction: Nintendo's Drop in Momentum Is A Big...:

In my opinion the Wii U has been badly managed since its launch in 2012 with far too many AAA game droughts to mention.

3DS had a stellar year in 2013 for software which was awesome, yet 2014 has been considerably weaker in comparison so no wonder hardware sales are down there too.

Unfortunately I can't really see what is going to turn Nintendo's fortunes around at the moment unless QOL has mass appeal...?



datamonkey commented on Captain Toad Won't Be Tracking Treasure In Eur...:

Crikey my Wii U has hardly had any retail games released that I'm that bothered about since launch in 2012 and this was on my radar for day one to change that. Looks like the barron spell will continue for me unfortunately into 2015...

After being a Nintendo gamer since the NES, I have to say this is by far the worst couple of years for Nintendo releases I remember (excluding 3DS), even the N64 faired more consistent first party releases...



datamonkey commented on The Denpa Men Are Going Free-To-Play In Japan:

What do they expect releasing a very similar game 3 times over in a very short space of time?

They should have taken longer with a proper sequel that had better gameplay. Instead it just feels like they wanted a quick cash-grab...



datamonkey commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's System Updates Bring...:

Nintendo should be commended on the improved Wii U user experience it has since launch but I still feel there are many improvements still to be made.

Top of my list is the proper account system. For now all of my money is going to Sony and that will not change until Nintendo sort unification out.



datamonkey commented on Wii U System Update 5.0.0 Now Live, Adds Quick...:

@Figeluren - You misunderstood what I meant.

I meant it would be cool if you could turn off the Gamepad screen the whole time you are playing the game (if you're not using it obviously!) so it would save precious battery while it's not being used.

I rarely use the Gamepad screen unless it's a necessity so being able to turn it off in games that don't use it - which is quite a few - would be a great bonus.

I'd imagine this would have a big effect on the battery per charge...



datamonkey commented on Review: Mario Kart 8 (Wii U):

Can't wait! Will also be getting W101 with the free game promotion so very excited!

Glad to hear the blue shells are a little bit fairer this time as that's my only complaint in this series.



datamonkey commented on Nintendo Reports Financial Losses As Expected,...:

I really hope Nintendo have a good strategy in place to turn the Wii U's fortunes around other than DS VC games and NFC as they stated...

It's about time they got the big guns out from their IP library like F-Zero, Excitebike, Starfox, WaveRace, Zelda, Metroid to name the obvious. Where are these awesome games?