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Astrophysics. Perfume. Taiko. =Life

Female, 29, United States

Hobbies include playing Taiko, Aikido, woodworking, astrophotography, art (both history and creating), music, and well of course video games. I am a multisystem gamer but Nintendo is my foundation.

Fri 30th May, 2014

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Ryu_Niiyama commented on Composer Noriyuki Iwadare Returns For More Lan...:

@Gorlokk Sure! my email is my username without the underscore at gmail. Again it is an original 3ds not an LL (I just bought the MM n3ds which is why I don't use the system anymore) I still have the box and everything. I just don't want to sell it because I've gotten my money's worth and I know how cost prohibitive importing can be.



Ryu_Niiyama commented on Nintendo Submits Trademark for NES Controller:

Seeing as they put it on merch (i have a water bottle!!!) I can see why they would keep that trademark current.

Edit: Now that I think about it I would love for Nintendo to make a set of playing cards (trump) that reflect each of their controllers or consoles. A gaming history of Nintendo as you will.



Ryu_Niiyama commented on Fire Emblem: If Special Edition Bundle Sold Ou...:

why are people calling this a rip off? It is literally two full games... not a palette swap with a few dialog changes. Honestly I'd consider pokemon more of a rip off if you are going to nitpick about it. However no one complains that the major difference for most pokemon games is just what pokemon appear in the game...the story is the same.

Also there has been no evidence that the games will be split for the west...likely because of the expected backlash. Either way I'm buying the whole thing.



Ryu_Niiyama commented on Fire Emblem: If Special Edition Bundle Sold Ou...:

@Kami2Kami They will likely change the subtitle for western audiences but for a Japanese audience the word "if" implies a choice or alternate location/story/dimension. Just like how "vs" is often used to imply a team up when (at least in NA) it carries an implication of opposition.

Either way I'm sorely tempted to import this.



Ryu_Niiyama commented on Hands On: Hitting the Tracks in Mario Kart 8 D...:

@outburst That could work if you only bought your favorites, but for those of us trying to collect all of them? I would hate to drag out all the required amiibo for a racing suit. Perhaps if you could race as the characters sure but honestly I think it is fine how they did amiibo for MK8.



Ryu_Niiyama commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Use Downloadable D...:

Hmm good excuse for me to buy a new hdd. I have a 1.5TB I can put on the Wiiu if I clean it off. I wonder if you can control where it downloads? My 32 GB usb stick has been more than enough since I buy my games retail, but I don't want to fill it with patches...and yet a TB drive seems too much... I'll have to look into this more.