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Tue 18th September, 2012

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Nintenjoe64 commented on Trust Us, You Need This Super Famicom Box Art ...:

I would love to see a Commodore 64 box art version of this book. All we had to judge games on in the 80s was box art and some of the box art was genius. I used to buy cassettes with a cool alien picture on the front and get home to find I had bought a choose your own adventure book that didn't feature aliens.



Nintenjoe64 commented on Resident Evil Revelations 2 Confirmed By Capco...:

Karma will get them all. Nintendo used to bully 3rd parties and now everyone bullies them. Karma in action.

Now we are seeing multiple publishers (who pretty owe their existence to Nintendo), continually stabbing Nintendo and its fans in the back. They'll not last too long doing that, especially if Nintendo leave the hardware business. The worst thing that could happen to those 3rd parties is having to compete with Nintendo releasing games on the same systems as them.



Nintenjoe64 commented on Resident Evil Revelations 2 Confirmed By Capco...:

I don't mind this skipping Wii U but it does seem harsh on the 3DS owners who pretty much made this game possible. Imagine the outpouring of internet hatred if RE7 turns out to be a Wii U exclusive. It would probably be good for the series like RE4 was :)



Nintenjoe64 commented on Xenoblade Chronicles Coming to 3DS in Japan:

I think I am content with my Wii version but I would buy an HD Wii U version (at a budget price) and am half hoping they include the original in 'X' like they did with Bayonetta. I won't hold my breath though.

If they bring a Xenoblade themed 3DS bundle to the West I will get one....



Nintenjoe64 commented on Wii U Shooter Splatoon Almost Starred Mario As...:

I have been wondering (for about 7 years) when they would make a Mii online-FPS. I even thought paintball would be more their style as it is a good way to avoid the need for graphic violence.

@rjejr last good new IP Pikmin? What about Wii Sports/Fit, Disaster, Battalion Wars, Pandora's Tower, Geist, Baten Kaitos, Xenoblade, Endless Ocean and CAPTAIN RAINBOW!!!! The last one was a joke but all the others are relatively new and I enjoyed them.



Nintenjoe64 commented on Nintendo Confirms Two More Virtual Console Tit...:

Nintendo should start putting games that were cancelled late on in development on the VC like Starfox 2! Either that or just bring at least one SNES game per week. I can't complain too much though because I have a VC backlog of at least one game per system.



Nintenjoe64 commented on Miyamoto States That Nintendo Is Sticking With...:

I think 2 screen gaming is good. It takes a little while to get used to for each game but it definitely added to the atmosphere in Zombi U (I personally think this would translate well into any genre not just slow paced horror) and would definitely be able to enhance most games of reasonable complexity.

My biggest fear is that Nintendo will abandon the gamepad at the end of the generation with only a couple of genuine proof of concept games like they did with the Wiimote+.



Nintenjoe64 commented on Talking Point: The Wii U May be Best as One of...:

I only put PC because I won't go a generation without wasting a few months of my life to CS:GO and Civ 5. I can't see me buying either of the other consoles despite owning all 3 last gen. The main reason I won't need another console is that the selection I already own and the upcoming games are enough to last me the whole 5-7 years. The Wii lacked Action-Adventures and shooters last gen but it had some of the best shooters and action adventures I have ever played. The Wii U pretty much covers all my gaming needs. It's up to next-gen to show me something I didn't know I wanted but I just can't see them doing it without there being a PC version.



Nintenjoe64 commented on Nintendo Download: 28th August (Europe):

If I complete Golden Sun before Thursday I need to download Fire Emblem while it's on offer. Then I should really buy all the Ubisoft games on promotion because they'll double in price soon. Might get Steamworld Dig if I complete Fire Emblem before Shovel Knight is released. So many games, so little time.



Nintenjoe64 commented on Activision Confirms That Call of Duty: Advance...:

I would be sad if I thought Advanced Warfare was going to be different to the last few CoDs but the multiplayer gets worse with every game and the single player is only good for the set pieces. They had it right with Modern Warfare and should have left it like that until they were able to make a significant jump in quality or add something new (I know there have been some good things added in the last 7 years but hardly enough for 7 £50 games). I would buy a Wii U version of the Modern Warfare Trilogy before I bought any of this new laser gun BS.

Nintendo needs to make a decent FPS and actually promote it, not Splatoon, Splatoon is its own thing. They pretty much invented the 'realistic' console shooter market by publishing Goldeneye and have since abandoned it.



Nintenjoe64 commented on Talking Point: A Virtual Console Revival Could...:

The prices are too high but a SNES/GBA RPG will last me weeks and only costs as much as a pint and a half of lager in London. I think they need to encourage multiple purchases with 'buy one/two get one free' offers and have steam-like sales on the stuff nobody is buying.

I am pretty sure Sega must have some kind of retro console plan by the way they have never really looked into bringing a significant number of Arcade, Saturn or Dreamcast games to consoles. If Nintendo could get Dreamcast and Saturn games on the VC, there'd be a revival. Some of the DC games would look incredible on the gamepad and the Saturn has dozens of games I could never get a reasonably priced PAL copy of.



Nintenjoe64 commented on Feature: HD Remasters That Would Be Perfect fo...:

I don't really need any of those except Waverace as I have all the other originals except Metroid which I have individually. I voted Metroid Prime Trilogy but only if they added some online features.

I'd like to see them retry Geist. It was let down by a few technical issues that the Wii U could sort out, not to mention that it is a pretty unique game. Like a post above me, I would prefer they went back further and maybe remade some NES and SNES classics in a modern 3D perspective. Games like the 2D Zeldas would still play well despite being based on relatively flat worlds.



Nintenjoe64 commented on Mario Kart 8's Hackers Open Up Over Their Plan...:

Piracy is bad but would probably put an extra 5 million Wii Us in circulation!

I hope they haven't made it easily available knowledge to hack MK8 because MKW online was a joke when the cheaters were in town. Nintendo need to add a 'kick cheat' button or just a report button.



Nintenjoe64 commented on Yokai Watch 2 Passes Two Million Sales in Japa...:

Ultra Street Fighter IV should be on Wii U without doubt. It's annoying to see so many titles getting repackaged for other consoles where they're not going to sell in particularly huge numbers while being missing out the console that actually needs a Streetfighter/Tomb Raider/GTA/whatever game.



Nintenjoe64 commented on Weirdness: A Resident Evil TV Show Has Been Pr...:

I think a TV show that followed the stories that you learn about as you play the games would be pretty good and might not even feel like a weak attempt at jumping on the Walking Dead bandwagon but this could be a new level of terrible not even seen in the films.