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Thu 8th Aug 2013

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Frank90 commented on Eiji Aonuma on the Idea of Giving Link a Voice:

To me there's no reason to have silent protagonists anymore, this kind of thing is from a bygone era, and can't survive for too long. Even Bethesda games are giving characters a voice now (yeah I know ToZ is much more sacred and better by every means than any fallout or elder of scrolls game).
In Metroid Other M the idea is great, but the actress was poor chosen and the plot/writing was awful (still I kind like that game).
I don't know maybe give us 3 to 5 options of voice (like Avatar in Fire Emblem), or give a voice and the possibility to make choices (like Commander Shepard), I don't know how but, to me, Link MUST speak.



Frank90 commented on Nintendo Outlines Details of DLC Map Pack One ...:

I'm a fan, I pre ordered the Special Edition and will buy every dlc, yeah shame on me, but I love Fire Emblem so much, that can't be helped. That said, I don't think that this kind of dlc is offensive or ripping the game off, like MKX or SWBattlefront.



Frank90 commented on The Official Fire Emblem Fates Site is Now Liv...:

Both! I'm an old FE fan, but the oriental vibe from the Hoshido is more appealing to me, and general I like the "good" guys. So I'll play with Nohr tree times (no dlc no look how unlock every character, unlocking every character, and doing everything/optimal marriage), than I'll play Hoshido 3 times, and then Revelation route 3 basically, I'll play Fire Emblem until E3 2017!!!



Frank90 commented on 2015 Brought a Decent Year of Sales for Ninten...:

@MJKOP Oh I know that are exceptions! I'm from Brazil, and here people is generally dumb and play COD, Fifa/PES, Moba sh*t and GTA, so I'm a exception too. I'm talking about the general market in USA, which is almost sad as the Brazilian one. The luck? The Brazilian market is small.



Frank90 commented on Yo-kai Watch Anime Series Coming to the UK Thi...:

Nice this probably will lead to a renewal for anime/manga fanbase. That said, Yo Kai Watch is a great game, but for now they can't beat Pokémon, specially by the copy and paste design of more than half of the Yo Kais.



Frank90 commented on Fire Emblem Fates New Nintendo 3DS XL Model Co...:

Special Edition Pre Ordered, I'm such a fan of Fire Emblem that buy anything less than the most complete edition would be offensive to me! Now I have to buy a (new) New 3DS XL again!
But...that said, this dlc price is a little abusive...right?



Frank90 commented on ​North America Gets a Project X Zone 2 Demo ...:

I'll buy for sure, but I hope that they fix the bland interactions between characters and add some decent plot. New combat system, with nice skills, itens that are more than just descriptions and I don't know...make the game better in general



Frank90 commented on Poll: Are You Optimistic About Nintendo's 2016?:

3DS already prove the valor of 2016 with Fire Emblem Fates, ProjectXZone, Bravely Default and Dragon Quest, anything else is just a bonus. The Wii U will not have a good year again, because HD games are expensive and they will not be burned with a dying console. And NX, launch day to me, unless that Nintendo show something stupid like digital only console.



Frank90 commented on Editorial: Let's Make 2016 a Year of Nintendo ...:

We'll be here at e32016 @ThomasBW84! And yeah 2016 looks great, to me is even better than anything since Fire Emblem Awakening, mainly because it's my favorite franchise and we're getting 3 fire emblem games at same time. And Bravely Second. (and dragon quest, and persona, and ffXV, and digimon cybersleuth, mass effect, etc etc). So 2016 I can't be more hyped for you!



Frank90 commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's 2015?:

@SahashraLA Well while was an awful year to me, Xenoblade, Yoshi and the future are all more brighting on my view. I really liked Yoshi (no it's not outstanding), and I'm loving Xenoblade.
On 3ds front, Devil Survivor 2, MH4U and Yokai Watch make the year at least tolerable. But 2016 already looks better, Fire Emblem Fates, ProjectXZone 2, Bravely Default, Star Fox, Zelda U, Pokkén Tournament, Final Fantasy Exploreres and maybe NX.
Hell even the first 3 months will get more games than last year on the 3ds.
So, while 2015 was bad, really bad, 2016 is gonna be way better