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Thu 8th Aug 2013

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Frank90 commented on Timing Of NX Launch Could Help Nintendo Grab S...:

He's right, but don't forget the support that 3ds got from Namco, Capcom, Atlus (god atlus is responsible for almost half of 3ds library), Square and Nintendo Studios like GameFreak. So if it's a mixed console I don't have a doubt that will be a success!



Frank90 commented on Site News: Nintendo Life Turns 10 Today:

HAhaha wow 10 years? I'd access the site since 2008 when I bought my Wii, first from smaller Brazilians websites focused on Nintendo that use NL as reference, and a few months later become my daily routine enter on NL every morning while I'm eating my break-feast. And while this year was pretty mediocre, for Nintendo itself, you guys keep the energy so thanks a lot @ThomasBW84, @AlexOlney, Anthony and everybody that keeps NL alive!



Frank90 commented on North American Yo-Kai Watch Demo Coming on 22n...:

I'm feeling the same, I'm very bored with Nintendo, no games, no announcements, nothing excited, just look at nintendolife main page, "amiibo storage", "indie blablabla", "game x delayed" "game y will skip wii u". 2015 worst Nintendo year since...I don't know...ever?



Frank90 commented on Mii Fighters amiibo Triple Pack to Arrive as T...:

@DarkCia No, I'd remember, but and I want Xenoblade a LOT, but Fatal Frame with no physical release is just sad. But just look at PS4, everymonth you have at least 2 games to look foward, I'm really sad with Nintendo this year. Let's pray for a great 2016 (which already looks better with Fire Emblem, Bravely Second and Project X Zone 2)