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I hate Nintendo fanboys but love Nintendo fans. WiiU, PS4, Vita, 3DS. PSN: XFsWorld Miiverse: XFsWorld

Fri 28th September, 2012

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XFsWorld commented on Capcom Won't Greenlight Sequels If A Game Does...:

@Caryslan Personally I wouldn't buy Revelations 2 on 3DS anyways. I would buy it on another platform because like you said, I know it would be gimped. I'm just thinking bout others, like Capcom is losing a chunk of money not having it on 3DS since they are so money hungry. Hmm but if it did come to Vita I would buy it for that platform.



XFsWorld commented on Preview: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Go...:

It's gonna take me some getting use to. I haven't really played Smash Bros since the GameCube one, so that's been a long time. And I got so use to playing Playstation Battle Royale. So I find the controls in Smash a bit arkward. It sucks that the demo doesn't have a training mode. Also I really wish I could use the D-Pad. :/

Btw the 3D effect looks great.



XFsWorld commented on Watch Dogs Wii U Release Dates Confirmed:

It's too late Ubi. Some has already played on other systems. Like me, I played it on my friends PS4 and didn't really like it.....I would have gotten it if it came out the same day as the other versions. Mario Kart 8 wouldn't prevent me from getting Watch Dogs.