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Fri 28th September, 2012

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XFsWorld commented on Feature: The Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Direct...:

I really raged yesterday when Nintendo said it would release on 3DS first, but now it makes sense and don't at the same time.

It makes sense because like Nintendo said, the 3DS is not impossible to profit out of but the WiiU is a challenge. If it were to release with the WiiU version or later, the profits wouldn't be as huge. (The 3DS version would have been ignored.)

Bad for WiiU because, well you guys know why. Plus some people think the WiiU is too expensive and if they really want to play Smash they can get a new 3DS (2DS) starting at $130.

I was planning to get the WiiU version first then months later the 3DS version. I'll take the 3DS versions as a demo until the real thing until the WiiU version comes out.



XFsWorld commented on Feature: What We Want to See in Nintendo's Sup...:

I don't think they will give us a release date, maybe a release window. Price Promotion would be great for the people that's getting both versions.

A demo will not happen. They didn't do it for neither of their games for WiiU so far.