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Sakura commented on Player Profile: Mario Kart 8 Championship - Fi...:

Hmm, I am really bad at Mario Kart... Drive too conservatively I think and tend to get nobbled by every banana, shell and fireball thrown. Need to watch some experts, but can only make EGX on Thursday. Must be footage somewhere on the net. Hope everyone has a great time. The skill baffles me.



Sakura commented on Nintendo Unleashes its Plans for EGX London 2014:

Thanks, but I was thinking of actual events like those at Birmingham New Street and Euston last year where Nintendo UK gave away prizes etc. There are a few events organised by StreetPass UK communities and those might well be worth a look, but I really meant official Nintendo things. And please Nintendo will you release a special mii for the EU for goodness sake? Wouldn't this be a great opportunity to boost StreetPass participation etc? Really not understanding your stance on this, Ninty.



Sakura commented on Player Profile: Mario Kart 8 Championship - Fi...:

I stink at Mario Kart worse than a dead goat decomposing in the midday desert sun, a goat whose abdomen has burst from internal rotting and is leaking guts and fluids into the cess pit in which it's lying surrounded by floating turds and seething masses of wee beasties, a stink that brings tears to the eyes and makes your skin crawl, the air's so thick you can almost taste it... Still, wish the finalists all the best!



Sakura commented on Nintendo Announces Super Smash Club for Canada:

Another inexplicable localisation of a feature/event that it would be nice to have available across regions/nations....Why do you do that, Nintendo? Surely there's a way to make the Nintendo gamers' experience more consistent no matter where you live and play. Why so much difference between the extra content, Club Nintendo, promotions etc? It is appreciated, so why so locally limited?



Sakura commented on A 3DS Can be Used as a Controller in Super Sma...:

Nintendo does some really amazingly cool stuff! I do wish they'd do it a bit more uniformally across whole systems/generations though. I guess the inconsistencies are the price of continually innovating, but I would love a more easily updateable set-up so we could create our individual mega consoles with all the options we crave. It's feeling more and more like the WiiU could be a stepping stone to something ultimate. And it's not bad at all in it's own right now we've got all the fabulous games. Imagine designing your own console like you can with a PC. Ahhhh!



Sakura commented on Guide: New Nintendo 3DS - Everything We Know S...:

I'd like one in white, but the new XL one not the new original one. Also, I like the idea of switchable faceplates. XL or original? What to do, what to do? Will have to wait and see what's actually confirmed for release in the different regions. Wouldn't it be good if these were region free? As it's not been announced I doubt it, but we could dream.



Sakura commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

I would like a white XL whatever they end up calling these, though I quite like the idea of switchable covers of the original upgraded console because it prevents scratches. Suppose there will be hard cases enough for the XL model soon enough.
I would not think there will be too many exclusive games - Nintendo would lose too much money by disregarding the current install base. This is a new iteration of an established console, not a brand new console, more like the ds lite upgrade to dsi, than the changes brought in by the introduction of the 3ds.



Sakura commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

Wow! Another massive surprise! Nintendo is awesome.

Nintendo's really good at keeping its developments secret. I wonder what the punishment would be for leaking this kind of info. I love this kind of innovation. I would think that there will be extras for those with older consoles like the amiibo pad thing. Not sure what the price point will be though for the new consoles. £109 seems a bargain considering that the current XL goes for £139 - 179. Have they chosen different, more efficient components or have prices decreased in electronics overall?



Sakura commented on Nintendo Life Set To Host Mario Kart 8 Tournam...:

Any more info on the Streetpass weekend? Any events nearer B'ham? At EGX only on Thurs at the moment. Is it worth turning up on Sat too?

Pretty sure MK8 will see me placed last in nearly every race. Fallblox on the 3DS and I might have a chance. MK8, just too rubbish.



Sakura commented on QOL Trademark Filings Point to Quality of Life...:

Looks like someone was comissioned to do some research into the mass appeal of last gen consoles and focussed in on the educative potential of those devices - Brain Training, Wii Fit, Art Academy etc. Now they want a "something" to (re)capture that market.

Big companies and organisations always use garbage graphics like that to explain relatively simple concepts. (You should see what they dish out in the NHS!) A "standalone" platform apparently? Then why does the graphic show links to Wii and DS software? At this stage could just be a diary where you write down what you've done that day in terms of "educative" gaming! More information needed.



Sakura commented on Nintendo Reports Losses for Q1 of Financial Ye...:

I don't know much about business, but the article does say that Nintendo expects a return to profit. Could that mean that investment has been made and products to be released are likely to make a return on that investment? Depends how much they are going to continue to invest in product development and how well sales actually perform.

The WiiU isn't a failing console, IMHO. It does what its does very well and is providing quality entertainment for many. It is, however, failing to have mass appeal in the marketplace, according to sales figures. Is there a business model that could work for Nintendo where they create for their hardcore fanbase staying true to their ideals and still remain a viable and vibrant company? Why not? What's wrong with a niche market? Does it necessarily mean lower profits and lower quality products? Certainly not the latter, for me at least. Whether Nintendo can generate profit without major mass appeal will be answered only in hindsight. Lots of things coming out though - Zelda, Amiibo, SSB, Splatoon, more Pokemon etc. May not appeal to everyone, but does it have to? And how big a role is negative press playing in all this? Stores in UK have also massively shrunk their displays. Is that because the press is saying what they think will sell? Always skeptical, I don't like to be told what I should and shouldn't like. There is no should and shouldn't...

Another 3DS promotion would be nice, btw. Streetpass day with exclusive content via spotpass (special mii, pokemon, whatever)? Pre-order bonus merchandise like that Zelda musical chest?



Sakura commented on Video: Don't Miss The Thrilling Final Episode ...:

Well, I love Tomodachi Life! It takes a somewhat quirky sense of humour to appreciate it and it's not for everyone, but for those that it suits it doesn't fail to provoke a smile or chuckle on a daily basis. I shall still be playing this while thousands of others dive into battle in SSB, for which I am struggling to raise any interest. It's great there's stuff for different audiences. The songs here on NL are fabulous!



Sakura commented on Talking Point: With E3 Long Gone, Nintendo Sti...:

How about improving QOL by releasing special miis in EU!!! Yeah, I'm on about that again! Seriously, just release 2 more and I'll shut up because both my consoles will have the accomplishment. P.S. My mii's pants had best turn gold if I ever manage all those accomplishments. 100 000 mii encounters is years away...



Sakura commented on Review: Quell Reflect (3DS eShop):


Thanks for the reminder! I'd forgotten about it. Definitely going to buy as soon as my current game on Pocket Football is done. Managed to get a good team now, but too late for the competition as need too many points.



Sakura commented on Satoru Iwata Recovering From Surgery To Remove...:

Get well soon Iwata!

He seems to have been very lucky for this to have been detected early. Prognosis for late detection is not at all good... Now if the Japanese government would take as much care of the Tsunami victims as Nintendo does it's executives, that would be great indeed. Show them the way Nintendo!



Sakura commented on Video: Love Is In The Air In This Week's Days ...:


You got a Filsamech special mii!! I know it's a relatively minor issue, but that makes me jealous! I'd love one! Come on Nintendo, get them out in Europe! BTW all miis act strangely in Tomodachi Life, do you mean more strangely than normal?



Sakura commented on Wii Owners Are Upgrading To PlayStation 4, Cla...:

There will always be a market for Nintendo games because they are an innovative company, they take risks and have many great IPs. Yes, there may be an argument for saying that Sony and Microsoft have more mature content which is more realistic. That's fine, great if you want that, I'm pleased for you. It's not for me though. Too much realism in real life, just watch the news. I want Nintendo's take.



Sakura commented on E3 2014: Nintendo Planning To Release Amiibo F...:

SSB is not for me, though from seeing gameplay I can understand how it will be fun for many. Still may pick up a couple of figures though. Would be good to have a mii figure that shows all achievements for all games played by user, shown in miiverse perhaps, but then they'd have to create an achievements system to make use of it and 3DS achievements already driving me nuts because of the lack of special miis. Hope they maximise potential for these amiibos and don't leave us in the same vacuum of disappointment that we've had with plaza games before homepass because we couldn't get enough hits to play them. Coming up with innovative ideas is promising, but has to be followed through if amiibos are not going to get smashed against walls in frustration. It's a fine line. They need to offer enough so that they are worth buying, but not so much that you can't play the associated games without them. Pricing will be an important factor, for me at least.



Sakura commented on Guide: Sharing The Love With The Tomodachi Lif...:

Err, unless I've missed something big (and that is possible) you can't transfer the panda suit from the demo version unless you upgrade to the full version. If you can, can you tell me how because send/receive and QR code features are all locked in the demo.



Sakura commented on Review: Tomodachi Life (3DS):

I love it! You can get away with doing slightly outrageous or rather quirky things and just laugh at how crazy it all is. Almost lets you experiment with ways of being that real life doesn't allow. What if I just...



Sakura commented on Wii Sports Club Baseball and Boxing Arrive on ...:

Personally not bothered about this but glad there is the option for those who will enjoy. There are so many games that I now feel like there are more games I want to play than physically have time to get around to. And Zelda Wii U is still to be revealed, 3DS remarkably strong in the handheld market...

p.s. hope they give Europe some special miis during E3 for that 3DS accomplishment...hint, hint!



Sakura commented on Mario Kart 8 Sells More Than 1.2 Million Units...:

6.17 million Wii U units? Sounds like a fair few customers to me, despite not being as high as other consoles. Is that the number of consoles sold by Nintendo to retailers to sell on or the actual number of consoles sold by retailers to customers?



Sakura commented on Nintendo Download: 5th June (Europe):

Have had Tomodachi Life on pre-order for ages. Also might pick up Adventure Time if I like the review to save for later. So many games at the moment - Animal Crossing, Pocket Football, Mario Kart 8. many...



Sakura commented on Kirby Seizes Top Ten Single-Format Chart Débu...:


That's a really good point though ZombieU, Rayman. Mario Bros and quite a few 3DS games (Fire Emblem, Bravely Default, loads) aren't really geared to female fans in particular. And the games that are, are frankly not the best Nintendo has to offer (thinking fluffy pet simulators, Barbie, Imagine range). Maybe it's just that PS4 and Xbox one are assoicated in my mind with FPS and games with a predominantly masculine tone creating a reality-based combat experience. Nintendo franchises are still quite cartoony in style. It's that reality/fantasy split that strikes me most. I think there's room for both concepts and I love the direction Nintendo takes with most of its games. Would be nice to see something with real popular appeal for that young(ish) male audience though. Very pleased that Nintendo doesn't bow to market pressure, but also slightly worried for the future of the system (Wii U) if it's currently not shifting units. Back to your original point, I am female and like Nintendo, so maybe there's something in that. I know plenty of male Nintendo fans though.