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Sakura commented on Editorial: It's Not Fun to Criticise Nintendo ...:

NintendoLife isn't laying the ground for a "poor" review of Amiibo Festival, are you?

There are valid criticisms of that game and of others. Nintendo themselves stated they were looking to new directions. They can't hit the target every time.



Sakura commented on Review: Typoman (Wii U eShop):

Well, as long as I'm not philogrobolized or in a zwodder due to the effects of ale-passion, I reckon this is right up my street.

Really enjoyed the demo and willing to overlook the sometimes clunky gameplay.



Sakura commented on Nintendo Download: 19th November (Europe):

Looking for a visual of the Totem theme, I came across a website offering free 3ds themes in exchange for a FB like. You then get asked to fill in all sorts of bogus surveys etc.

I did put the address here, but I think people will be dumb enough to try it, so have removed it.

Pretty sure this is a phishing/other scam site and god knows where the FB likes go to - could be anywhere. There's no such group on Facebook. Be very wary. Has to be dodgy. They just want to clog up your inbox with spam or get access to your personal details to wipe out your bank account.

No such thing as free in the wider world of the internet.



Sakura commented on Editorial: Linkle May be a Clunky Introduction...:

Quite like the idea of a new female character that could reflect me more than the traditional Link. However, I think this is a case of art imitating life in that there are justifiable movements against inequality where women come off a lot worse all over the world. Popular culture picks up on these ideas and integrates them into output. Star Trek TNG was heavily influenced by the trend towards psychology and so we had Counsellor Troi, for example. I think it's important to have these issues explored. It's more than appeasing a vocal minority; it's an exploration of contemporary society.

Having said all that, I am more against than for changing Link. An extra character is great, but I don't like the idea of messing with an already established Link. There is always a swing too far when it comes to levelling out polarising opinions. There are certainly still horrendous abuses of women all over the place. But, there is also an acceptance that it's okay to belittle men that is not okay.

This is stupid, for example, and there would be an outcry if the genders were reversed:


I'll not be too bothered which way the series goes in the end, in the same way that knowing some saddo who can't get a real partner can waste a few tissues by watching pixel cleevage in his bedroom doesn't bother me in itself, but the extrapolation of seeing women as sex objects does.



Sakura commented on Hands On: Getting Pinned Down By Nintendo Badg...:

It's not a bad little game, though the bunny is a bit psycho. Some nice humour there too - "Peach is in another catcher". But the pricing is something to keep an eye on as it is pretty addictive even though I don't really know what to do with the badges as the themes I already have are enough for me.



Sakura commented on Pre-ordering Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Will Net...:

There are a fair few people who buy from Nintendo to get the bonus items to flog on Ebay, thus getting the actual game at quite a discount. Depends on the game and the bonuses, but you can always find the stuff on Ebay for exaggerated markups.



Sakura commented on These Are Nintendo's Black Friday Hardware And...:

@Antray1984 I wondered about that, but then I thought that they probably wouldn't care if it were still profitable for them. But I think they are right that shoppers don't want that kind of experience. I want no part of a crowd behaving like a savage mob. But they do have a website.

@DESS-M-8 There's always a catch. If you look at some of the offers in store, sometimes they are not even the cheapest way to buy. Buy 2 get 1 free @ £5 each or buy a three pack for £8, so the promotion costs you £2 more than the normal price. Or they have a promotion and stack the shelves in a way that doesn't make it clear that not all items are included. Always buyer beware. Marketing is almost as dishonest a profession as politician.

I'll check out Amazon - they had some good DVD box set deals last year. Otherwise I'll stick to my Clubcard and Nectar deals where shopping is much less fraught.



Sakura commented on These Are Nintendo's Black Friday Hardware And...:

Any news for Black Friday in the UK? Asda is not taking part, citing "shopper fatigue". Sounds like shorthand for "people aren't that interested and can spot the con of getting rid of end of line or unpopular stock". Amazon seems to be promoting deals, though, and I'd rather do online anyway. But, as with all these promotions, it's only a good deal if you were going to get things anyway. And always check the specs.



Sakura commented on Interview: Image & Form Discusses SteamWorld H...:

Looking forward to this. Big budget games get too much hype and are often disappointing, so it's a real treat to find a very pleasant surprise in a decently priced game where the development process is to make a really good game rather than cash in on a franchise, shoehorning in things that don't really fit to keep it fresh.



Sakura commented on The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Is Rece...:

If there's amiibo support, they must be doing something more than an upscale. More details to come to convince me of epicness, but still getting that amiibo no matter what. I'm not that bothered by the visuals, but gamepad instead of wiimote would please me very much.



Sakura commented on Video: We Gawk at the Contents of Nintendo UK'...:

Loads of freebies from the Nintendo Store atm. Limited time only deals

Console bundles at a discount
Free amiibo display case when you spend £50 with code DISPLAYCASE1
Free Splatoon faceplate for wii U gamepad when you spend £75 with code SPLATOONCOVER1
Free Skull Kid statue when you spend £100 with code SKULL1
Free amiibo travel case when you spend £120 with code TRAVELCASE1

Only one code per transaction.



Sakura commented on All DeNA and Nintendo Smartphone Apps Currentl...:

"Strong virality of mii"

Although I know they mean that they hope that having one's own mii will be desirable and open potential revenue streams by increasing awareness of and attachment to the Nintendo brand, I can't help thinking of the plot of a low budget film where infected miis sneeze into the faces of mobile users spreading an incurable disease.



Sakura commented on Photos With Mario Arrives in Europe With Speci...:

Well, lots of announcements today! I expect them to feature in the Direct so not getting my hopes up too high for something epic on that front. Nevertheless, it's still nice to see this and the Badge Centre in the EU. Maybe the AC photos app for everyone, too? These photo apps aren't that great, but they are advertising and why bother creating them if they are not easily available?



Sakura commented on Nintendo's Share Value on the Rebound Followin...:

@SCAR I don't think a drop in share value means that Nintendo takes anything from investors. Nintendo gets a pay out from the initial sale of a share only. The investor "owns" a part of the company, may get dividends, but not always, instead relying on the increasing value of shares on the market over the long term. Investors obviously want the company to do well so that the perceived worth of their shares is increased; you can get more money for a share that is a safe bet. The $4 billion total drop in share value does not mean a loss of $4 billion for investors. Many of those investors will have bought their shares when the price was lower than the current low value; their portfolio is worth less if they want to sell right now than it was before the Miitomo announcement, but in terms of how much people have lost, it will not be $4 billion and many people will not have lost a cent in real terms. It is only the perceived value right now that is affected by drop in share value.



Sakura commented on Chibi-Robo!: Zip Lash Endures Awful UK Launch ...:

Seems like Nintendo is experimenting with their "new directions" policy a little too much for most. Many of the new releases have a backlash of disappointment - Happy Home Designer, Amiibo Festival, Tri Force Heroes, Chibi Robo, Federation Force...

The games are not entirely bad, but neither are they generally perceived to be "epic" or even "very good". They seem to be viewed as just a little better than "acceptable", merely "fair to good". "Good" is usually good enough for me. I'm enjoying Tri Force Heroes (single player, mostly). HHD is alright, but a bit repetitive and lacking in challenge so I'm not overly impressed with that, despite its AC charm. Chibi Robo is sitting in the box waiting and I'm sure I'll enjoy it as a solid platformer. Amiibo Festival.. well, I'm missing that one entirely as it still has no appeal for me.

Could really do with some exciting news in the form of the promised Direct. Plenty of potential out there, but to get the general community hyped again, I feel there needs to be something more than what has been perceived as a slightly under par series of "spin-off" games. Maybe it was just too much change all at once.



Sakura commented on ​Parent Trap: Choosing The Right Nintendo 3D...:

@DontPlayDumb Well, that was just my experience. Downloaded Alpha Sapphire on a N3DS and it took probably about 10 minutes. Then immediately downloaded Omega Ruby on a 2DS and it was still going well after an hour, nearer 2. System transfer also took longer from the 2DS to a 3DS than it generally takes between two 3DSes. It could just have been that particular unit, I suppose, but download of Tomodachi Life on a different 2DS also took an age. I'm so used to the zippy speeds of 3DS that it took me by surprise.



Sakura commented on ​Parent Trap: Choosing The Right Nintendo 3D...:

I have a few systems now and have owned all of them at some point. I play mostly on the smaller N3DS, mainly because the fingerprints on the outside of the new XL drove me nuts and having changeable cover plates is great because I can still get a new feel without stumping up the money for an entirely new console.

The biggest difference I've noticed between systems is wifi download speed. This is extremely fast with the New 3DS models, fast enough with the original 3DS, but really quite bad with the 2DS. Retail game download times are a few minutes with the 3DS systems, but up to 80 minutes with the 2DS using the same internet connection and downloading the same game. That was a surprise, but shouldn't be a dealbreaker. The extra solidity of the 2DS and the price make it great as a child or budget system.



Sakura commented on Target Reservation Cards Re-Affirm Fire Emblem...:

If the third campaign was dlc no matter which of the two starter packs bought, I would tend to agree that the European single version could see you choose between paths at the beginning and then charge for unlocking the alternative. But, we'll have to wait and see. It always feels like the grass is greener on the other side - EU gets only 3 AC cards per pack for the same price as the 6 in the US; Splatoon was cheaper in the EU. Looking forward to Fire Emblem in any case.



Sakura commented on 1993 Kirby's Adventure Interview Reveals Cut C...:

Never heard of Kirby vaccum cleaners...just Henry. Kirby is a common surname though, meaning (someone from) "the settlement with/near/of a church (Kirk)". Now also used as a forename, but moreso in the US than in Britain. Definitely prefer Kirby to Gasper. These old interviews remind me of how innovative Nintendo has been through the years.



Sakura commented on Video: The Story of Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowd...:

The way I feel about Parliament at the moment, I think I'd prefer to celebrate the attempt to blow the whole thing up rather than the failure of the plot to succeed. Democracy has to win out, but there are times when it's really not all that democratic, so...

The bonfire was traditionally a celebratory fire following a feast in which the bones of the animals eaten were burnt (bone + fire = bonfire) and there were many bonefires in June, celebrating the solstice/Saints' days. Later, heretics were added to the fire to see their bones well and truly destroyed. Can't beat Medieval England for a bit of bloodthirsty destruction in the name of religion. So that's why there's an effigy of Guy Fawkes that is supposed to be burnt. Lewes is choosing a different effigy this year. I wonder if it's technically treason, though that isn't punishable any more.



Sakura commented on More North American Women Own A Games Console ...:

My consoles are all mine, I tell you! I expect I'm probably in the minority. The research is likely flawed because of the reasons pointed out. Studies are pretty useless anyway. My favourite was the one reported by the BBC that had found that people who take a lot of medication die before those who do not. No account had been taken of how ill people were and considering that those who take the most medication are the sickest, then that study showed that sick people die before those who are relatively well. D'uh! Or perhaps that taking medication does not prolong life to a level comparable with the healthy population. It's possible to completely miss the point if you try hard enough.



Sakura commented on Those Who Buy Stella Glow Digitally Will Recei...:

"otherwise unobtainable"

Sometimes they say that and then make it obtainable to all a little while after launch. Sometimes they don't though. I'd prefer they stick to their word and not apply "exclusive" retrospectively to the launch period alone. On the other hand, it opens up the theme for everyone, so I suppose that's actually good. Just all too aware of the duplicity of companies. And Government. And the list goes on.



Sakura commented on Nintendo May Monetise Miitomo Through Outfits,...:

"we are planning other applications that will work with Nintendo's dedicated video game systems"

That makes Miitomo a little more intriguing to me. I will definitely get it anyway to try it out, but whether I keep on using it and spend any money on it, will depend on its usefulness to me in my games.



Sakura commented on Nintendo Re-Iterates Drive to Seek Innovation ...:

@WoB I also think that would be a really great idea, providing they give us something with more appeal than Amiibo Festival. Something along the lines of the other toys-to-life games with a Nintendo twist might be good. Peach could get kidnapped (again) and it's up to many different characters to rescue her? Levels could include all kinds of gameplay with all kinds of IPs, tribute for the kidnapper has to be collected by completing the levels? I wonder if they have anything at all planned. It seems like a missed opportunity to not tap into the amiibo market more.



Sakura commented on Make Your New Nintendo 3DS Cuter With Yoshi Co...:

I do like Yoshi, but not really feeling these plates. I don't know, maybe I'll get them if I can find them at a reasonable price. Just finished Yoshi's New Island. Much better than I expected given the reviews. Finishing a level isn't hard, but collecting all stars, coins and flowers adds a lot more depth and the bonus levels, especially worlds 4,5 and 6, are really quite difficult. Lost about 500 lives on the bonus levels.



Sakura commented on Video: Just Who Exactly is Miitomo Designed for?:

I'm intrigued to see how this app integrates with Nintendo Account and My Nintendo. I have liked the mii integration in games so far. I especially like the plaza games. Tomodachi Life was great fun, though a weird experience. However, there are definitely certain issues. The plaza games are pretty much impossible without homepass or the relays. The accomplishments are pretty much impossible without cheating. The last time the EU had a special mii was a year ago and there have only been 13 ever, I think. Just seems that Nintendo has pushed some features and then not supported them. It's left me wondering what the point is and if they push Miitomo, will it actually be properly supported in the West?




Sakura commented on Nintendo Shares Level Out After $4 Billion Dro...:

Anybody explain really briefly how shares work for a company? What effect is there on operating profits/bottom line? Or a link to a dunces guide.

nvm. Issuing stock raises money for a company to invest in the business. This is better than loans because there is no interest, no paying back. The buyer essentially is entitled to a share of the profits, usually paid in dividends, though there is no obigation for company to pay dividends. Most people make money on shares because they generally appreciate over time, meaning they can be bought when the price is low and sold when it is higher. Decisions companies make have an effect on share prices as people consider whether they are likely to go up or down in value. If a company goes bankrupt, shareholders have a right to claim money once all debts are paid. Nintendo is far from that. Share prices are going down now because people think that the company's shares will not be worth more later so best to get rid of them now. If I had money enough, I'd be buying now.



Sakura commented on The Legend of Legacy Isn't Too Far Away From a...:

@Captain_Gonru FantasyLife2 was supposed to be released this summer in Japan, but it's been delayed until 2016. It's described as being pretty similar to the 3DS game, but with a village area and updated controls (well, yeah).

Video in the "with added content" link in the article doesn't play, but the discussion is interesting. Described as pretty much the same game, Fantasy Life 1.5.



Sakura commented on Nintendo Life Weekly: Miitomo, Twilight Prince...:

@Grumblevolcano I'm also waiting for more info on the TP possible HD remake. All games are working though so I have plenty to keep me busy. Brilliant! Thought the DVD player I was looking for doesn't have HDMI so I'll need a new one. Still, more than happy with what I did find working. So jammy!



Sakura commented on Nintendo Life Weekly: Miitomo, Twilight Prince...:

Still reading "unannouced" as a verb in NL healines stating the likes of, "Nintendo has unannounced games coming before Christmas." Had my head stuck in too many books for too long. Anyhow, the Project Treasure game with the Lost Reavers? What happened to Project Robot? More StreetPass games? Probably Twightlight Princess HD. I didn't like the wiimote as a controller so never finished it. Maybe I should go back and try again, though I have the GameCube version too now - found it in a box of tech stuff my sister left before she moved to the States (Luigi's Mansion, all the Zelda games including the special editions, Fire Emblem:Path of Radiance, Super Mario Sunshine, the Paper Marios,the Super Mario Galaxy games and about 30 others, along with the wii console to play it all on.) Extremely fortuitous find!



Sakura commented on RCMADIAX Is Bringing Its Entire eShop Back Cat...:

Blok Drop isn't all that bad at all as a budget title. Spent a little while with that, and while I wouldn't want to pay premium prices, it was worth the little I did pay. Plus, there are a few releases of titles from other developers that have only been available in the US that I would love to see here in Europe. I think "good" in general and if I don't like the look of something, I'll just pass it by.



Sakura commented on Nintendo Expecting Mobile Business To Eclipse ...:

@rjejr Hahahahahaha! Sadly,..well, yeah probably. I'm all for walking my own path and not necessarily following trends just for the sake of fitting in with the popular crowd, but when not being part of scene is damaging, it's surely time for a rethink isn't it, Nintendo? No?