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Sakura commented on Nintendo Download: 11th February (Europe):

I'm waiting now for the new My Nintendo Account system. Might as well since I have enough games to be going on with. Unless there's a mega discount, I'll wait till the end of March for all eshop purchases. Would be nice if they added purchases from last year, but I highly doubt it.



Sakura commented on Final Fantasy Explorers UK Sales Take a Dive a...:

With the deluge of rpgs at present and with a just better than average review score, not surprised. Have played 35 hours and there are a couple of niggles

  • trekking down the same few winding paths for every quest gets old quickly
  • the way the scenery adjusts automatically even though you keep pressing the r button to have a first-person perspective is irritating
    odd difficulty settings with some later quests way easier than some earlier ones
    single player with the monsters is irritating for the encase quests. The foe needs to be on its last legs, but by the time I've managed to bring up the command, the ally monsters have already finished off the prey as I don't have the ability to call them off.

I have no experience of FF games so there's no nostalgia for me and I still don't feel any the wiser. I've only played a couple of other rpgs - Fantasy Life and Awakening. Explorers is okay and probably a good training game, but not as good as it might have been. Fantasy Life has been my favourite so far, but looking forward to Fates. Not surprising that hasn't got a date - maybe they are waiting for a window when it will stand out more instead of being a choice between that and Bravely Second, Legend of Legacy, Etrian Mystery Untold 2, Stella Glow, Project X Zone 2 and Xenoblade on the Wii U. It's great to have so many, but they are being released pretty close together.



Sakura commented on Hands On: Searching for Clues in Detective Pik...:

I'm also intrigued by this game. The article mentions that the syncing of audio and mouth/face movements is good. It would be nice if they re-do those elements for a localisation because English certainly wouldn't sync with Japanese facial movements. I could live with a dubbing though. Sure that speakers of other languages are well used to dubs and it's better to have the game at all than worry about syncing.

I've read that it's rumoured to be episodic. Wouldn't surprise me that further episodes are released if this does well. A departure for the series that could be very popular. The little I've understood of gameplay I've watched was laced with humour. Nice when things make you smile.



Sakura commented on Here's Exactly What Has Changed With Fire Embl...:

Whatever I feel personally, I can absolutely understand taking it out. Can't speak for other countries, but the UK is re-evaluating its attitude to sexual abuse amidst high-profile allegations and the realisation that the problem is more widespread than ever thought before. True that this is a long, long way from sexual abuse, but including a petting feature like that in a game on a system owned by many children does make it incompatible with current poltico-social drives to limit exposure to anything that might be deemed inappropriate. These things are always in flux, but for now I think it's the right decision.



Sakura commented on Review: Level 22 (Wii U eShop):

Another one on the watch list. I relate. There is no "on time" for mental health crisis management. Everyone's late for something or another 3 or 4 times a shift. Crises don't like defined time-frames.



Sakura commented on Preview: Looking for the Light in The Legend o...:

@Ralizah Same here. I did start TP, but never finished because of the Wii controls so this is essentially a new game for me. Plus got the special edition for £35, though Nintendo pricing is a bit excessive. I really hope it's never fully digital or the prices will be off-putting.



Sakura commented on Talking Point: My Nintendo Can Be a Tipping Po...:

"It'll do" sounds about right. No apparent change to accounts for current hardware is a bit disappointing and does point to digital dominance on NX. Prices being higher for digital I would expect greater rewards. Everything points to future potential, but actual changes benefical to end users of current Nintendo hardware are very small. NNID still tied to consoles, no cross-buy etc. I think this is preparation for NX and 3DS/WiiU owners won't be much better off unless you live somewhere where only digital is available or there was no Club Nintendo before. Very good for those customers, but then it really should have been implemented before now.



Sakura commented on Talking Point: My Nintendo Can Be a Tipping Po...:

@manu0 Seconded.

It will take more than a reward system that offers around 10% back from eshop purchases (going by the US old system) to make me not buy the physical game with a discount of 15-25%.

And the graphic for the platinum points rewards seems to show 3DS themes. What use will they be for the "new users" of the Nintendo Account who are supposed to be those who do not already have the hardware? I know it will show what you can get if you buy, but will that really drive sales?



Sakura commented on More Details Emerge on the Launch of My Nintendo:

D'oh!! The first link in the article explains most everything.
It does not mention any points for physical purchases. That's worse than we had before.
Graphic also shows the My Nintendo/Nintendo Account launch in Japan in mid March and the rest of the world late March. More like 6-8 weeks than one month to go.



Sakura commented on Nintendo Outlines Future Plans for 3DS and Pro...:

Personally not keen on targeting games to a certain demographic. I'd rather they just make good games that attract players because of their quality and the fun had playing them. Targeting games means we end up with things like amiibo Festival and those games never rate well.



Sakura commented on Download Sales Continue to Increase to New Hig...:

I like the eshop for Indies, but if there's a physical version I buy that because it is easily 25% cheaper. No way will I be increasing my eshop purchases as long as physical still exists.

Edit: The above still stands even though the new reward system seems to offer no points for physical purchases. Still not going to purchase a £40 digital game to get some points whilst I can buy a £30 game. The rewards will not be as valuable as the original discount.



Sakura commented on More Details Emerge on the Launch of My Nintendo:

Shame that the downloading to different devices has been deconfirmed for now. Whole thing still seems a bit sketchy to me.

Points and coupons are understandable, but still no confirmation on how to earn them apart from registering Miitomo gets a platinum point. I guess that there will be a few ways to earn both points and coupons. Please let us get something for the games we've bought and played since the cessation of Club Nintendo. Plus let there be something for physical purchases too.

How the rest of the list of items will function isn't at all clear. In-store credit? Only for those living in New York or online stores that don't exist in most countries? Remote downloads I expect to mean you can order on PC/mobile from the Nintendo Store and the games will automatically download to the registered 3DSWii U. Emails? That could mean simple registration of an email. I'm not feeling particularly clear on this. It doesn't feel all that much different from the way things have been for a few years now. Cloud integration might be interesting later on, but this is the Club Nintendo replacement and not the Nintendo Account. Cloud integration might just mean you can see your purchases and info on a PC. Hoping for more details.



Sakura commented on Feature: Five Key Details That May Emerge From...:

@HeroOfTime32 Yes, the financial year starts in April and runs to March the following year. It's a relic of the Julian calendar system when the New Year was celebrated on March 25th (in England). We moved to the Gregorian calendar in 1752 and moved the New Year to Jan first. The financial year is still based on the old system of four quarters of three months each starting with April, probably so that those who rented out properties did not lose out as a result of the shorter year in 1751, which had 2oo and something days only to accommodate the changeover.



Sakura commented on Nintendo Share Value Climbs Once Again Ahead o...:

So investors are taking a punt on Nintendo announcing positive news. Aren't we all?

I wonder how much of that confidence is based on fact and not rumour and to what extent the cut of rates to -0.1% by the Bank of Japan on Friday is making a difference.

More interested in the announcements than the share value so fingers crossed for something solid. Even an annoncement of an announcement would be nice at this stage. Surely My Nintendo and Nintendo Account details are incoming?



Sakura commented on Nintendo Download: 4th February (Europe):

Legend of Legacy for me in the year of the RPG though I'm still ploughing through FFE from last week.

How to Train your Dragon 2 has awkward controls but the graphics are alright. It might have been fun for younger gamers had the controls been slightly easier to master. Might still be okay at £6.99 for a child who has patience enough to persevere and enjoyed the movies.



Sakura commented on Poll: Which Nintendo Franchises Do You Most Wa...:

I'm going to be really sad and say I'd like the StreetPass Mii Plaza to be transferable to the NX, whatever it turns out to be. It's not a game, but I've spent so much darn time collecting those hits and puzzle panels that if it wasn't supported I'd feel I'd wasted my life...yeah, I know I've done that already, but still...

Otherwise, as long as the quality is where it should be, Animal Crossing, Pikmin and something so amazing we'd never guess at it. Hoping it is truly hybrid too. I still play my 3DS way more than the WiiU despite there being no reason I can identify.



Sakura commented on Shadow Puppeteer Publisher Suggests Installing...:

@bofis If you don't turn the external drive on )or connect it) it will automatically install to the WiiU internal drive. I often forget to turn mine on, then wonder where all my game icons are and get reprimanded by the system on connection.

I guess I'll download to the system itself then.



Sakura commented on Rumour: Super Smash Bros. Planned as NX Launch...:

At this point there's been soo much speculation that I'm confused about what has been actually announced and what remains as merely rumour! Wasn't there a positive (as in real) announcement of a game in development for NX a while ago? It was going to on on other systems too, but I can't remember what it was.

Ports are okay if as @rjejr says, the install base is expected to be much larger, drawing in new players. In that context it makes sense, though brand new games would be nice. Can we not have both and both Nintendo and third party? Did we ever get confirmation of the rumoured Paper Mario?

I really hope that NX release info is amazing enough to be positively received when they finally get round to issuing some kind of statement. The disappointment otherwise will turn the interweb into a system killer before it's even anywhere near launch. Not sure leaving so much time for speculation is a good thing.



Sakura commented on Nintendo Download: 28th January (Europe):

Shadow Puppeteer and taking a chance on FFE retail £22 from Tesco. Lego will go on the list too for when it eventually drops in price. I'm sure the cost of Dimensions sets can keep them afloat till then.



Sakura commented on Talking Point: Online Gaming Can't Recreate th...:

Ideally I'd like all three modes; single, online multiplayer and local mulitplayer. When online works, then it's great, but lag, disconnections and over-competitive trolls can spoil it. Local is good fun, but difficult for me to implement with shifts etc. Single player is the best option and is the most satsifying mode for me.



Sakura commented on Rumour: Intelligent Systems Is Working On New ...:

With the criticism of the holiday line up for Wii U and the seeming lack of very many titles for this year, it is surprising this has been kept under wraps. But, if true then, great! As long as quality is present, of course. NX/Wii U dual releases are seeming a little more credible perhaps. Or perhaps not. What I wouldn't give for some solid good news!



Sakura commented on Nintendo Further Explains Fire Emblem Fates Lo...:

If "I am right and you are wrong" is the only argument then this isn't even a discussion. Morality is no longer absolutely defined by religion and, in fact, has always been separate and mutable in reality. Games merely reflect the current times.



Sakura commented on Shadow Puppeteer Begins Its Wii U Adventure on...:

Hi devs
The game looks great! I'd like to ask if anything is lost playing single player or if it's a full mode. I know it's designed primarily for local co-op, but I prefer to play single player as I'm often on call and awake when others sleep or asleep when everyone else is awake. With other obligations I really can't guarantee I'll be around for a planned gaming night so mostly it's single play all the way.



Sakura commented on Macquarie Report Believes a Competitively-Pric...:

I'd really just like some solid information. The rumours are interesting, but it's been nearly a year since that early leak, with guesses now based on previous guesses. Be nice if Nintendo announced something when they implement the new account system.



Sakura commented on Talking Point: The Allure of the Virtual Conso...:

I have wondered if NX might actually be a streaming device what with the cloud based patent and the new account system. Plus, NX stands for no-eXecute in programming essentially meaning code can be run from a protected memory, but not written to it. So, could NX actually run games from a server and save in the cloud only?

Probably not. I wait to be shot down in flames, but it's just an idea.



Sakura commented on ​3DS System Version 10.4.0-29 is Now Availab...:

People who cheated in Badge Arcade are reporting bans on 10.4 for that game. Lack of options on the new Pokemon VC games too. Seems like Nintendo finally is really meaning business here. They really ought to have done this ages ago. Implementing it in Shuffle would have stopped all those ridiculously high scores.



Sakura commented on ​3DS System Version 10.4.0-29 is Now Availab...:

@Xenoblade97 Sounds like some of your extdata is missing or corrupt. The hits and accomplishments are stored in the system itself (hence the medal), with the puzzles and game data being in extra data on the sd card. If you've recently done a transfer, just put the old sd card into the new console. If not, try reinserting the sd card. If you ever did a backup in extra data management, you could restore that. You could also try deleting the extra data in data management to reset to zero if all else fails.



Sakura commented on ​3DS System Version 10.4.0-29 is Now Availab...:


Homebrew access is blocked at the moment, though I would expect a workaround is already in progress. What people are able to do is update the emulated partition on their pirate-friendly consoles to 10.4. The system firmware will still be on 9.2 or lower. It's like having dual boot on a pc. People wanting region free is understandable, but the piracy aspects really hurt developers and game hacks/cheats render online play unfair. I expect more updates to follow pretty soon.



Sakura commented on ​3DS System Version 10.4.0-29 is Now Availab...:

A vulnerability was found a couple of weeks ago using homebrew on 10.3 that allowed downgrading of firmware to 9.2, which in turn allowed installation of pirated games using a custom firmware and/or use of flashcarts. This most definitely was to do with blocking piracy imo, which is fair enough considering the potential monetary losses.



Sakura commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Next Generation of Exper...:

I absolutely understand the need for an updated business model that reflects the rapidly changing nature of technology/markets and consumers' use of that technology in the market. I do wonder, however, about the archival prospects for mainly online games/services and their longevity. If everything is in the cloud, then retro gaming of this era will not be possible once the servers are shut down, at least in the conventional way. I don't like the idea of losing savedata.

I also hope that opening up to online will not mean that's the route most Nintendo games will take henceforth. Embrace online multiplayer if you must, but leave me alone with the single player experience on my console that doesn't depend on online.



Sakura commented on Amazon Joins Retail Rivals in Offering Game Di...:

If this were available in the UK, I might bite and finally pay the yearly subscription instead of just select months for the video element. 20 % off of their current prices would make Amazon very competitive. But it's not available, so I'll just sit here in hope.



Sakura commented on Talking Point: Considering amiibo Features and...:

Begrudingly I admit that I need to pay if I want to play and sometimes the extra plastic is really not wanted. Games were £40 when I was (much) younger. I see the monetisation of the industry now as a way of bolstering profits, since many games are still £40 in a competitive online marketplace. Sometimes I pay and begrudge it, sometimes I pay and am satisfied it's a good deal, sometimes I pass by a game and buy something else instead. The constant is having to pay someone for something, whatever form the delve into my purse takes.

I'd be interested to know how things are going with Lego Dimensions. Have gamers bought the £30 two-hour levels or have Lego collectors bought the £30 sets? That's a game where I have remained firm and bought only the base pack. I just cannot justify £600 for one single game, though I feel irritated by the desire to play all the game has to offer.

I have similar questions about amiibo Festival: how many hours have people played the game and how many bought it exclusively for the amiibo? It's not entirely bad, but no-one is going to argue that it's critically acclaimed. Use of amiibo there was too gimmicky by far, even for Nintendo!



Sakura commented on Weirdness: Conceptual Artist Attempts Tetris W...:

"...strive to be number one in our fields.. where you have to achieve more than others.

It's about squeezing in as much perfection as possible"

That sounds like psychopathy to me. How much capitalism encourages/benefits the pyschopathic trait is another question.