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AVahne commented on Gorgeous Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Editio...:

That's pretty cool, ESPECIALLY considering this is NoA we're talking about. A tad too expensive for me though, especially if that artbook isn't hardcover.
If I were to pay more than $70 for an LE, I'll be saving my money for Neptunia VII's LE which will likely be $75.
Still interested in the game though. Will likely wait for it to be on sale, since I have other games on priority.



AVahne commented on Netflix Update Goes Live on Wii U:

Still needs Wiimote support. Using Netflix on the Wii U is a pain due to the battery life being so bad and the charging cable being so flimsy.



AVahne commented on Bandai Namco's Project Treasure Is Now Called ...:

Seems like Japanese devs have a real hard time getting UE3 to run well enough on Wii U. Still, this game looks really fun! I know it'll be coming over, but I'd like to know when we'll get our beta test. Hopefully it doesn't overlap with Blade and Soul's beta or another possible Tree of Saviour beta.



AVahne commented on Review: Devil's Third (Wii U):

Game surely doesn't look great visually overall, but honestly I don't understand how people are blasting the graphics from a Wii U standpoint. Considering every other game that has released on Wii U, including Bayonetta 2 (people seem to love to praise its visuals for whatever reason), it's not bad at all for a Wii U game. There are better looking games on Wii U, but taking into consideration the art styles and what other games are going for technically, they're not that much better looking. Performance could've been better though :/



AVahne commented on FAST Racing NEO Developer Shin’en Multimedia...:

From what I know of Shin'en, their sales expectations are usually pretty reserved, so it won't be hard too please them. Though it may be different for this game considering how much sheer effort is being shoved into this game compared to their older ones.
Honestly though, the people complaining and claiming blackmail are hilarious. Devs are simply being more transparent than they've been before and despite what Nintendo and their fans like to think inside their bubble, the games industry is always rapidly changing in one way or another.
Fast Neo was likely very expensive for them to develop. Before, they mostly developed for handheld, which were usually much cheaper to dev for since their technology was usually way older than home consoles. They successfully transitioned to home consoles probably because Nintendo now develops their home consoles (Wii amd Wii U) with a similar design principle as their handheld i.e. using ultra old hardware and really getting the most out of it. But even with Nintendo slowly moving into 7th gen-level development with Wii U (they're still struggling to get a grasp of it it seems; I worry for when they release their 9th gen home console with 8th gen-level capabilities), it's likely that it's still pretty expensive for an indie that loves to push visual boundaries to do. So I'm hoping they sell a lot of copies. They're hoping they sell a lot, and they want people to know, especially with the current climate in the industry and in the Nintendo area specifically.



AVahne commented on Flowers Will Apparently Factor In The Future O...:

Fairies like flowers, and flowers are represented by grass types and grass types are weak against fire, so....fairy types will finally be weak against fire?
I really hope this is what this means, so that we can finally kill these demonic abominations WITH FIRE.



AVahne commented on Card Matching Game And Kirby's Dream Blanket A...:

How many people still have come for all these things at this point? I know that in terms of fanservice, NoE has always been far superior to NoA and always will be, but it's getting ridiculous with how many things they're putting on the catalog before Club Nintendo dies.



AVahne commented on Poll: Is Pokkén Tournament The Wii U Release...:

Not really hyped, but I'm just not in the mood for buying any Wii U games at the moment anyway. Will probably get this in the future though, but only if they have AT LEAST 40 playable characters.

Also, this is an arena-style fighter/combat game. It's almost nothing like an actual fighting game like Tekken, so it's not like this will have a high learning curb for kids.



AVahne commented on Nintendo 2DS Drops To $99 In North America:

That (or lower) had been pretty much the unofficial price with retailers for a couple of years now. Why it took Nintendo so long to do a price drop beats me. Will be interesting to see if retailers drop the price of copies without MK7 even further to $50 or something.



AVahne commented on What Can be Said About This SENRAN KAGURA 2: D...:

3DS used to have a few pretty "strange" games as well during the first couple years. All stayed in Japan of course, but they're there. Like that one game about being trapped in a room with a girl.
But yeah, nowadays Vita gets more of them since more devs are finding they have more power and "interaction" to play with on Vita and people of a certain kind to cater to. Most stay in Japan, but thank goodness for English-translated Asian versions and region free.



AVahne commented on What Can be Said About This SENRAN KAGURA 2: D...:

Sadly the game didn't seem to do so well in Japan (seems like there are story and balancing issues or something; think there were also complaints about two important characters not being playable, though now said characters are playable in Estival Versus as DLC). Because of that, the Japanese DX Nyu Nyu pack LE is insanely cheap now. I'll just get that since it's cheaper and come with 5 mini nendoroid figures.



AVahne commented on Video: Here's How Zombi Shapes Up Against The ...:

Overall textures are better on the port. Some floors and walks look similar in quality, but smaller details such as posters are much better looking in the port. That said, the Wii U version's darker lighting and dusty camera lens filter created a great atmosphere on Wii U and it puzzles me why they changed it.



AVahne commented on Nintendo Removes Ironfall Invasion From 3DS eS...:

You said a very small percentage. Yes, you didn't specifically say that a lot of games don't get localized, but at this point it sounds like you're just trying to find ways to put the Vita down. Especially when the 3DS is guilty of the same "crime". Unlike the Vita though, you'd have to buy a Japanese 3DS in order to enjoy those games that never get localized.



AVahne commented on Nintendo Removes Ironfall Invasion From 3DS eS...:

I keep an eye on 3DS and own two systems in two regions. I KNOW what games are localized. Don't tell me that I don't look hard enough, as I've had to tell the same thing to Wii bashers last gen. Just because I say negative things about Nintendo doesn't mean I don't love them.



AVahne commented on Nintendo Removes Ironfall Invasion From 3DS eS...:

If you can say that about Vita, you can easily say the same about 3DS. I actually keep an eye on both systems, and it's not as if Vita misses so many games that could be localized. I guess I should expect commentors on a Nintendo fansite to do whatever they must in order to bash the Vita.



AVahne commented on Nintendo Removes Ironfall Invasion From 3DS eS...:


Check again

Soul Sacrifice and SS Delta
Ragnarok Odyssey and RO Ace
Freedom Wars
Toukiden and T Kiwami
Various Warriors games
Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1, 2, and 3
Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD
Akiba's Trip
Hyperdimension Neptunia PP
Hyperdimension Neptunia U
Hyperdevotion Noire
A whole lot of Atelier games whose names I can't remember
SAO Hollow Fragment
Ys Celceta
Criminal Girls
Conception 2
Persona 4 Golden
Project Diva f 1 and 2
Various Bamco and Capcom games that I'm too lazy to list
Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus

And there are many more, but I need to get back to work. Lots of games get localized, you just need to know where to look for this information. Try
Lovely site



AVahne commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Dismissal of Chris P...:

Poor guy. I don't agree with the things he said about fans not appreciating localization costs as it all sounded like stuff to me, but really sucks for him to lose his job over it.

"Fans lack appreciation for character localization insofar that their favourite characters are, in some cases, lightly written or not written at all, and thus logical character development is seen as an affront to the fans. This again, spoken glibly."
This man has never played a Neptunia game I take it? It's difficult to "appreciate" character localization if the localized version is written so incredibly poorly. Especially if the character is the MAIN character.
In regards to Nintendo, what characters are he talking about?



AVahne commented on Nintendo: Wii U GamePad Is The Only Real Innov...:

It's a cool device for a few minutes, but Nintendo's just spewing PR bullshit right now. It's not as innovative as they love to say it is and what usefulness it could've had is wholly wasted maps and tiresome minigames.
I mean, like, where the fark is Endless Ocean for Wii U (heck, where's Endless Ocean 3D for that matter)?

I can only think of ONE game that can take full advantage of both the gamepad and the Wii U's very limited graphical and computational horsepower, and that would be an Endless Ocean game.
And while I'm at it, the only game I think that could make full use of the 3DS's 3D screen, it's now often ignored touchscreen, and it's extremely limited graphical and computational horsepower would be an Endless Ocean. Even better, now that New 3DS exist it could be an exclusive game for that to make handling such a game a bit easier on the handheld.

Anyway, for all the "innovation" that Nintendo loves to brag about, the Wii U (and 3DS) is still just wasted potential.

And honestly, I find the touchscreen in Vita more useful than the one on the gamepad with the touchpad sometimes being used for convenient shortcuts or "innovative" gameplay like in Tearaway. Also the Dualshock 4 (I don't even have a PS4) is better designed with that touchpad looking to provide a lot of convenience.



AVahne commented on Core Console Market Bigger Than Ever, Despite ...:

"Bodes well for Nintendo NX"
This can only be true if Nintendo were to make the NX a good enough console rather than another Wii-wannabe like the Wii U was. And considering it's Nintendo, it'll be another Wii-wannabe.



AVahne commented on CoroCoro Magazine Posts More Images Of Mysteri...:

Yeah I'm starting to think that "new" giant pokemon is just a form change of Zygarde.
Hell for all we know, that green blob could be Zygarde, too. As in instead of staying as the balancing pokemon, it changes form into a giant dragon god of destruction and ejects its reasoning or conscience or good side or whatever and that's what the blob is.



AVahne commented on Early NX Reveal Was To "Reinforce Commitment" ...:

Yes we get it. Stop telling us the same damn thing over and over and redirect that energy toward convincing the higher ups to make a good console for once. And if it's a handheld, don't make it a flimsy toy that likes to emo-cut itself.



AVahne commented on Fire Emblem Fates Looks Set to be a Single Rel...:

Nintendo says one thing and Amazon says another...
Well, I wouldn't be surprised if Americans have to buy all the parts separately and pay a total of $100 or more while Europeans can get at least two parts for the price of one game.



AVahne commented on Mighty No. 9 Producer Shares Regret Over Delay...:

So it's okay when Nintendo delays a game, because it'll automatically be better if they do, but when Comcept does it it's automatically "BOO YOU SUCK!"?
Personally, I really enjoyed Soul Sacrifice, Mighty Gunvolt, and Azure Striker Gunvolt, so I think this game should be worth the wait.



AVahne commented on Chris Pranger From Nintendo Treehouse Discusse...:

We get it, however there's still a lot of nonsense going on at Nintendo. Yeah I know Nintendo would do anything to avoid taking a hit, but to not want to release a game in NA when it's already localized in EU? Do they really enjoy destroying their image that much?

Also, yeah it's expensive, but how can small companies like IFI spend so much money paying voice actors and translating their games yet make less sales than a Nintendo game AND STILL continue bringing games over? Sure their grammar and editing needs some work and certain people over there like to destroy the original scripts (cough N**k D***r cough), but their games have TONS of text to go through. Much more than a Fire Emblem game at least. More than The Last Story as well.



AVahne commented on 3DS Can Last For Another Two To Three Years In...:

Well going from DS to 3DS it won't seem like the 3DS is underpowered since there's a generational difference in power between the two. However once you've opened up your horizons and are able to compare the 3DS to its direct competitors, indirect competitors, and to consoles of ages past you'll see that's it's extremely outdated.
It's still a great handheld, mind you (though...only once you've found a model you like...a lot of them are pretty iffy favorite is the Standard New 3DS...most perfectly built handheld by Nintendo since the Game Boy Micro imo), but it's undeniably underpowered and, in my opinion, woefully overpriced.



AVahne commented on 3DS Can Last For Another Two To Three Years In...:

For 3DS that sounds about right, though 3 years sounds optimistic. I expect 3DS software releases in Japan and localizations in the west to continue to dwindle as we approach 2017 with the final software drought starting in America first. Europe should be seeing its final 3DS releases at a similar time to Japan; about a year after NA.

The Vita however, because it designed to be relatively powerful, should last AT LEAST another 5 years. Vita development is definitely picking up a ton of steam in Japan and, like PSP with DS, it should continue seeing releases long after the 3DS has died. Thankfully we have more publishers focused on localizing Japanese games this gen than last gen so in the west we can hopefully expect the Vita to continue getting games for 5 more years as well.
Considering that 3DS's successor will most likely be barely more powerful than Vita like how 3DS is barely more powerful than PSP (due to lowering costs and maximizing profits while sticking in some weird, rarely used gimmick), the Vita should still look attractive for Japanese devs to work on.