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Mon 28th July, 2008

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AVahne commented on This Controller Wants to Bring the 'Next Gen' ...:

I agree with the second and third points, but:
"The D pad and the left analog should be swapped."
is more of a preference thing. I'd rather have the sticks stay symmetrical, especially considering the d-pad and face buttons will be the most used buttons here.



AVahne commented on Guide: How to Get the Most Out of Super Smash ...:

So no local tourneys....well it's Nintendo, so I should've expected missing features and disappointment. Of course, I'll also expect their faithful fans to come flaming me for not worshipping Nintendo.
Hopefully the ProCube controller comes out someday...



AVahne commented on Dragon Quest XI Is Coming To The Nintendo 3DS ...:

Neither X nor XI are confirmed for NX;they're only under consideration for it.
Anyway, PS4 version looks beautiful while 3DS version looks cute and retro. I'm saddened that there isn't a Vita version, but oh well.
It's interesting to see them make a new major RPG on both the strongest console and the weakest console of the 8th generation though.
One gives them a ton of freedom to let their ideas flow and create a huge world while the other challenges them to work within extremely strict limitations to try to deliver game that can at least be an accompaniment to the stronger version.



AVahne commented on Video: The Original Starter Pokémon Look Simp...:

Awesome! Of course it'll be about 8 years (10th gen) before Nintendo will make a console that's capable of running Unreal Engine 4 and even then they'll have trouble handling 8th gen-level development just like they're having trouble with 7th gen right now.
But it'll be worth it to finally see Nintendo games in such beautiful environments. Can you imagine a Zelda game like this? If course it'll be a decade before we get something like that on Nintendo platforms, but it'll be something.



AVahne commented on Nintendo's Japanese YouTube Channel Serves Up ...:

Same here, I'm getting the game since it looks funner than a CoD game to me and seems to be worth the $50-60 cost more than Splatoon is (I'm gonna get flack from the Nintendo crowd for this, and I don't care). I know they're allowed an opinion, but those PS2 comments really confound me. The game does have some weak points when it comes to graphics, like the vehicle models and textures and some of the environment textures, but I really have to wonder if I'm looking at the same game those journalists are playing. It's perplexing.



AVahne commented on Don't Worry, Samus Will Be In Metroid Prime: F...:

I don't give a flying fark about whether or not Samus is in the game. That's a non-issue to me. In fact I WOULD welcome a game about the troopers as Prime 3 made me want to see more of them. However this game is just. Plain. UGLY.
It's not even a matter of this being an "art-style" or a case of gameplay over graphics. The game. Is ugly.
And if we were to speak of the style, it just doesn't fit with the Prime name at all. Reggie comparing it to Wind Waker was an incredibly stupid move. I know he was trying to say that it'll be a game that will be appreciated for its visual style later, but it won't. Zelda was a series that already had experience in cartoony or at least non-dark situations. Even if expectations were high for a darker looking game, the game could be appreciated later since its visuals were designed to look good for a long time, were CHARMING, and because it wasn't a completely alien concept for a Zelda game.
With Metroid (especially Prime series) the games were always dark. Even if they wanted to try something lighter, they should've gone for some truly stylized graphics like what EX Troopers had. What they have here is a kiddy-looking N64 game that they're making in 2015, before realizing they were supposed to make a 3DS game and then started haphazardly slapping specular maps on EVERYTHING.
With the gameplay, it'll no doubt be fun like many Nintendo games, but as a co-op shooting game it looks generic and uninspired. You're better off with almost any other co op shooter. Heck, it'll likely be better to buy 2 or 3 copies of Lost Planet 2 for yourself and a friend or 2 than one copy of this game.



AVahne commented on Exclusive: Project CARS "Simply Too Much For W...:

The anger ninty fans have mostly stem from the broken promises that the devs stupidly made in all their past interviews. They made the Wii U out to be powerful or at least powerful enough without first getting a full understand of its capabilities and limits. The limits pretty much got them in the end. Anyway, it looked like they did it to help promote the game but also to help make them look good to the industry. Every other dev was, nowaways proven justifiably, bashing on the Wii U's capabilities and here they were supporting it. As I see it, they're still a relatively new studio even with all the experienced members they have. They could make themselves look good to not only Nintendo fans, but to the entire industry. It would help them get a publisher for the game. If they could say that they could get their extremely ambitious game running smoothly and attractively on something as weak as Wii U and then go through with it, good things probably could've come their way.



AVahne commented on Exclusive: Project CARS "Simply Too Much For W...:

How about Need for Speed Most Wanted? It did come out later than the other versions, but the devs DID put in quite a lot of effort to deliver the best console version on Wii U. Of course it's too bad they didn't get rewarded for it since barely any Wii U owners bought it. It came late, but even then there should've been plenty of Wii U owners who would grab the game considering how starved for good games they were. It didn't even come as late as every other third party game at the time.



AVahne commented on Exclusive: Project CARS "Simply Too Much For W...:

Thank you so much for posting this comment. Just one correction: this game was not funded by Kickstarter. It's a common misconception that just won't die. In fact, it seems Nintendo fans had a ton of misconceptions about this game's situation on Wii U; I know I did back before I expanded my gaming horizons.
Anyway this game had its own crowdfunding campaign that Slightly Mad did themselves and this was done back before there was even talk of a Wii U version.
I can't say that I'm not disappointed by this news, but I guess I should've expected the cancellation. The Wii U is simply too slow for a sim as ambitious as this. It wasn't just graphics; there were too many other elements to this game that would demand far more processing power even with adequate optimization.
Whelp, at least we still have arcade racers like FAST NEO coming. Of course they're probably nowhere near as ambitious, expansive, and demanding as CARS, but they play at Wii U's strengths to deliver something pretty and fun.
But yeah, instead of just ogling FAST NEO and flaming CARS, people need to realize these games are doing two completely different things.



AVahne commented on Negative Reception For Devil's Third Is Due To...:

He's getting kinda cocky, but seriously those attrocious framerate and "PS2-level" graphics claims are making me doubt your opinion. Sloppy gameplay is one thing, but blindly slandering a game's visuals is another.



AVahne commented on New Pokémon May Be On the Way Following Movie...:

Gamefreak's handling of recent games has me wary of new games. If I were to get a 7th gen game, they'll need to make it ultra awesome and even then I'll probably just wait for the third version so as to not get a completely obsolete game. Since, you know, they have no idea how to patch in new pokemon forms.



AVahne commented on Speculation Grows That AMD Will Provide the Ni...:

Being weaker than PS4 would be sad (being weaker than XBone would be worse), but if this is a TV console hopefully they can at least put out something more powerful than next year's Nvidia Shield with Tegra Parker. I wonder why AMD and Nintendo are expecting this thingamajig to net them tons of money. We'll find out next year...and this time I'll likely call BS on most of their claims. Not gonna be fooled by another 3DS or Wii U.



AVahne commented on First Impressions: Basking in the Glow of Atlu...:

I'll pick up Stella Glow (along with Lord of Magna) later on, as long as they're still available physically. There's a deluge of great JRPGs on Vita that I still need to fight through, so it'll be a while before I can make a return to my 3DSes and give them some love. I especially need to finish Hyperdevotion Noire before picking up Stella Glow; can't have too many chibi SRPGs on my mind or I'll start getting confused.

And before anymore comparisons are made, Stella Glow is nothing like Fire Emblem (pre- and post-Awakening). Gameplay is more like Final Fantasy Tactics, IF's SRPGs like Agarest War, and many other similar SRPGs.



AVahne commented on First Impressions: Trying to Believe in Devil'...:

The game definitely isn't the best looking on Wii U and I know that Nintendo fans are the absolute least capable of having solid judgement on technical graphical fidelity, but people need to stop comparing these graphics to 6th gen level graphics. The Wii would explode trying to run with models, lighting, and textures of this level, as would any consoles before it. The shading on characters like Ivan look fine as well. At least he looks much less like a plastic Barbie doll than Bayonetta did. These graphics are serviceable and do not look out of place on 7th gen consoles and Wii U.
Now with framerate and gameplay...They need to put more work into those. Is Itagaki listening to fans and Nintendo's debugging group at all?
As for gameplay



AVahne commented on Metallic Blue New Nintendo 3DS XL Looks Set fo...:

This is all Muricans will eeeevverr get from NoA. Because they are being so gracious to release a new SKU here, they want allll Nintendo fans to buy em all and pledge their eteeernal allegiance to themmmm.
...I'm been playing Re;Birth3 a little too much....



AVahne commented on Devil's Third Will Be Released In North Americ...:

Nintendo can do no wrong. And even if they do, it's not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. That's the general attitude of these people. Nintendo and their white knights all live in little bubbles, totally oblivious and ignorant of the happenings in the industry and the actual mass market.