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Zombie god!

Male, Canada

I am the god of the undead who controls all the zombies and other dead things from games to real life and it's always a pleasure to see who dies! me and my minions don't give up easily so always be prepared for a fight.

Thu 19th January, 2012

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Undead_terror commented on Nintendo Download: 28th August (North America):

Nothing for me but all the Capcom sales are pretty much a steal, awesome prices for good games, but I wonder why the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is cheaper on Wii U then it is on the 3DS...but I remember when the 3DS version was on sale like last year, started playing it for the first time since I got it on sale just to see it on sale again!



Undead_terror commented on Wii U Owners Finally Get The Nuketown 2025 Map...:

Well you can only assume that there are testing how much people would get the DLC, AW will be on last/new gen and PC and all will have DLC, guess they will see if they can make more money along with the Wii U version or would it be a waste of time for them....but they should of tried earlier.....