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Epic sp00ky scary skeleton...nuff said!

Thu 19th January, 2012

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Undead_terror commented on Splatoon Mii Fighter Outfits Coming to Super S...:

@Quorthon If it was a alternative then that would be pretty good, however I doubt they would do such a thing, whatever the amiibo does would be exclusive to that one method, we would know from MK8, HW, and the upcoming Splatoon game that has locked content that can only be obtained by amiibo's, wouldn't mind a bit more money but not the whole works.



Undead_terror commented on Nintendo Download: 16th April (Europe):

@SKTTR When you think about it, it's really 14, the T shirts can be used on all three classes and look different for the other gender, the monkey and cat suits look different on the other gender, but the rest look the same to the other gender.