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Zombie god!

Male, Canada

I am the god of the undead who controls all the zombies and other dead things from games to real life and it's always a pleasure to see who dies! me and my minions don't give up easily so always be prepared for a fight. Also a reviewer at eShop Gurus and owner of Nintendo Friends!

Thu 19th January, 2012

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Undead_terror commented on Review: Meme Run (Wii U eShop):

I'm surprised that you didn't mention the fact that you can actually fall down through the ground sometimes and the multipliers screws up sometimes, saw it in some gameplay vids.



Undead_terror commented on Renegade Kid Is Bringing Survival Horror Title...:

YES! TAKE MY MONEY! I would buy all three games day 1 whenever they are released, I just hope that Dementium 1 will have a added survival mode like Dementium 2 and the survival mode of D2 will return (if it comes out), if D3 comes out then I would want that to have a survival mode as well, I also hope that this isn't a episodic thing like Moon, I am still waiting for the rest of the episodes...and they did say a season 2 was going to be a thing...busy busy busy.



Undead_terror commented on Video: What if... Smash Bros. Had Announcers F...:

The announcer from KI should only say UUUUULLLLLLLTTTTTTTTRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAA when Link, Toon Link, Ike, Robin, Greninja, mii brawler (and anyone else that has a multiple hit smash) uses their final smash, they do a lot of hits to make a ultra.