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Im a ROM-Hacker. Whats that, you say? To simply put it, I modify aspects of existing games (mostly old mario games like SMW), to add new levels, music, graphics, etc. Essentially, is like making a new game ;)

Tue 14th February, 2012

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Gridatttack commented on Review: Pure Chess (3DS eShop):

@Windy I see your point on DLC, but I think we must remember in some cases DLC is extra content from the main game.
However, its not the same when the DLC is available from the beginning, since they should be included in the game instead. But DLC works as extra content from games that have been released for quite some time. (like FE:A)



Gridatttack commented on Feature: How A Team Of Dedicated Fans Is Fixin...:

Yes, brawl needed to be fixed (hi balancing issues & random tripping). Its just fanboys that cant see whats wrong with brawl :>

Anyway, this is a nice mod. I dont play brawl anymore. This mod proves to be great and its not as slow as brawl :>



Gridatttack commented on Super Smash Bros. Hitting 3DS This Summer, Wii...:

Of course, people dont get it. 3Ds version is ready. Wii U one is still missing stuff. Having the 3DS version to help ease a bit is nice. People are whining since the start because they already want the game and they are impatient :P
Now heres the 3DS version as the main entree before the wii U version :P



Gridatttack commented on Massive Pokémon Reveals Occur During Super Sm...:

Genwunners are suffering. Let them rage :3

Greninja is an awesome addition, and is what new smash games hype are: new characters. You got the past games to play as mewtwo if you are expecting it to appear :>
Also for some reason, I keep seeing greninja as in shiny color. I hope they include his shiny coloration as an alternate color.



Gridatttack commented on Review: Pure Chess (Wii U eShop):

Shame to hear online sucks. But damn, the visuals look fantastic. I like how you can change even the environment. When I get a wii U, this will be the first game I will download.



Gridatttack commented on Review: Yoshi's New Island (3DS):

The game looks fun, level looks okay, but there is one flaw, one MAJOR flaw. the music selection SUCKS.
YIDS music had lame music too, but I think its better. Why? Because it has more diversity. Of the videos ive seen. Its the SAME song ALL over, with just remixed slightly/different instruments. If they arent the reusing the overworld theme, its just a boring tune like the boss battle. The cave The castle comment.

I wonder WHY is it so hard for them to get the music right, its already there, on the SNES, waiting to be retouched. Dont get me wrong, I love some of the tunes the games has (overworld theme), but its a huge letdown when you expect awesome themes like the original cave music.



Gridatttack commented on Tyrone Rodriguez Continues to Lobby Nintendo t...:

@stipey We might never know, but the way the things are implied, it does it in a not friendly mode :P Best thing to do would be to ask directly to tyrone, but I really dont see that possible :/

I wonder something, this tyrone rodriguez has worked or is on the team meat? Because otherwise I can go dig proof, because a blog post they made in christmas some years ago, they flat out made fun of Christianity with a mocking remark.



Gridatttack commented on Tyrone Rodriguez Continues to Lobby Nintendo t...:

@stipey I know where you are coming from, I played the game too. While that point of view might be correct, still the way it was presented its not completely right.
You can see in the start of the game how it is presented. Im sure if the developer was with the intention you said, it wouldn't be so crud in the way it decided to represent it.



Gridatttack commented on Review: Super Mario Bros. Deluxe (3DS eShop):

@retro_player_22 Lies. Sounds like a rushed release. because you know, the game HAS the missing 5 worlds of lost levels, but they aren't accessible (because some aren't complete) So that portion of the 'bigger cart' has nothing to do here :P
And based on the end of your reply, sure lest count SMB1 only as the main meat. Then, why buy this if you can get the good scaled original NES version for less than the GBC (based on the prices of the other GBC games, this would be 6$, while the good NEs version is 1$ less)
The other 4$ are worth to get the original lost levels, because original graphics, and all the worlds :P



Gridatttack commented on Review: Super Mario Bros. Deluxe (3DS eShop):

@retro_player_22 The small screen doesn't do justice. And by lame port, i mean they couldn't get it right with the lost level part (its missing 5 worlds entirely)
And I know the extra features. They are nice and all, but that isn't the main meat of the game. The main thing fails and the extra content isn't enough to justify it.



Gridatttack commented on CoroCoro Magazine Reveals New Rock/Fairy-Type ...:

I hope all 3 mythical pokemons appear in the next game version. I always hated this distribution thing because its limited only to "developed" countries :/

Considering this was the case for meloetta and keldeo, I would hate that if happened again :(

Thought the game mentions that alexa was supposed to go to search for a mythical pokemon in the mountains, so either its an event item or will appear in the new game.



Gridatttack commented on Preview: Japanese Gamers Get Their Free Super ...:

@Tsuchinoko I know :P
This is why i added the complete word on my post :P

Also they just butchered it down: same boring graphics as SMB1, IIRC, no wind hazard in some levels and of course no world 9 &A-D.
What just pains me is, that the game does include some unused unfinished world C and D levels and there's an unused object in the game which has the graphics of the ground tiles of SMB2 on the famicon.
Heck, I dare to say that even the lame SMAS port is better :/



Gridatttack commented on Video: Yoshi's New Island Trailer Shows Off Ve...:

I like the art style. It wont be a "more of the same" :>
Anyway, I just hope they don't mess with the music, because YI;DS failed hard there (cave theme...why ;_;)

As stated before, i hope the level design is as creative as the SNES game.



Gridatttack commented on Mario And Zelda On Mobile Could Bring New Play...:

Mario/platforming games dont belong on a touchscreen. Because its hard to control and you will need for your device to be multitouch.

As for RPGs like pokemon and titles from the 2d zelda, they would actually work. Ive played crystal and the first zelda on a smarthphone and the touchscreen controls arent that bad.



Gridatttack commented on Christian First-Person Shooter Super Noah's Ar...:

It seems the original one will become rare, since that version was black and needed another SNES game.
This reprint seems like a normal cart.

Oh and I wonder what exactly the writer of this article ment by wisdom tree being stuck in the past other than needing vista to play SW :P



Gridatttack commented on Pokémon Bank Remains Offline in Japan as Nint...:

@Royalblues that will likely be the case. If the next gen ends being on the 3DS, it will be easy for ninty to make the past gen to transfer the new gen to the new one.
The problem now was that since past gen is on DS, they stated that they can only made it possible this way. And heck, the transporter its kinda blarg. You cant select any box, and you can only transfer a whole box at a time. And this box will always be box 1 of BW2.