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Im a ROM-Hacker. Whats that, you say? To simply put it, I modify aspects of existing games (mostly old mario games like SMW), to add new levels, music, graphics, etc. Essentially, is like making a new game ;)

Tue 14th February, 2012

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Gridatttack commented on Skylanders Trap Team Tablet Starter Pack Poses...:

This is expensive. Why 65 euros for just a lolcontroller, the figures, and a clip of sorts?

I dont think the controller is expensive as a retail game :P

BTW, I wonder the specs one needs for the game. Might be a battery drainer.



Gridatttack commented on Review: Seiken Densetsu 3 (Super Nintendo):

Loving this, playing it now with my brother, thought its harder for sure than SOM. We never had to grind in SOM, but here, you have to, otherwise the enemies will pwn you.

Also reproduction cartridges are lame. Unless you really want to play it on the real console, I say you play the ROM on the PC instead. You're as guilty playing the translation as playing them in whatever platform, since repros just burn the modded ROM, and they charge an insane price which isn't justified and no profit is going to square anyway (and sometimes removes the translator credits) :P



Gridatttack commented on Review: Mega Man 5 (Wii U eShop / NES):

Eh, the game is good and I love the music, but idk, I feel this one is the most forgettable of the first 6. Not that its a bad game, but again, idk, there's something that I cant specifically point out why I feel this one is forgettable.



Gridatttack commented on Review: Mega Man 6 (Wii U eShop / NES):

One of the best NES MM games. Haters gonna hate :3

Graphics are awesome. I always hated the lame solid colors BG of the original games.

And the international robot master theme is pretty cool.



Gridatttack commented on Hacker Claims to Demonstrate an Exploit to Mod...:

@Zyph That depends. See team twiizers. They havent released any of their exploits publicly because of pirates.
If these guys manage to make custom tracks, the tools used for it wont allow cheating (because its only a program to make custom treacks)

But of course, when other real hackers/cheaters come to make their own explits, they will ruin the good guys image.



Gridatttack commented on Hacker Claims to Demonstrate an Exploit to Mod...:

People dont seem to get it. The guy who made the video is full against piracy and cheating. :P
Of course, you just go "hurrr durrr ban teh hackers"

Im kinda excited, because MK8 custom tracks would be pretty cool. (proper battle course arena, anyone?)



Gridatttack commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Explains His Belief That the ...:

I dont know how this will fare out. Considering kids are all over tablets and cheap, lame/easy, etc. games, the only audience that is still left its all the people (grown ups from the past egenration of games) who mainly likes all the repetitive gory/FPS stuff. Of course, there's that small percent of people who actually likes other games for innovation n stuff.



Gridatttack commented on Review: Shovel Knight (3DS eShop):

This looks pretty cool. I wonder, how long is the main game? Does it has post game content?
Im deciding to get this or retro city rampage. Thought whichever game is longer will get my money :P
(im in dire need of a new game :<)



Gridatttack commented on First Impressions: Getting Creative With Mario...:


True, yes, but I only see this happening with SMB1.
SMB3, SMW1 NSMBDS/WII have many different things that cant be possible with mario maker. Overworld editing, the greater selection of sprites. Multiplayer in the case of NSMBWII. Im pretty sure they wont add all the sprites from NSMBU.

In the end, the more content will be by hacking the original games. Level design will vary too. This app is geared toward challenge levels, while in the hacks of the names mentioned above, you see smooth level design.

But we wont know until this thing is released :P