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Tue 5th Nov 2013

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Poki commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

Damn, Nintendo! Just make the screens four times the resolution (so that old games still look great) and update the GPU and you'd have the perfect 3DS successor!



Poki commented on SteamWorld Dig Wii U Release Date and Pricing ...:

The game is awesome, played it multiple times on the 3DS. Still, it is the Motherload "clone" (although with many unique ideas) with the least amount of content I played so far. I mean, less than four hours for the first complete play through? That's not enough for such a game in my book.



Poki commented on Captain Toad Won't Be Tracking Treasure In Eur...:

Too bad, I'm actually pretty hyped for this. So all the games I'm looking forward to (except Bayonetta) are pushed to next year - Xenoblade Chronicles X, Devil's Third, Zelda and Captain Toad? Looks like a bad second half of the year now after all.



Poki commented on PS Vita Owners Can Now Give Their Handheld Tha...:

If I had a Vita, the slip case would be mine! But as it is, I'll wait for the next Sony handheld until I jump at it again. I loved Monster Hunter on my PSP, but now with MH3U and MH4U on the 3DS there's little reason for me to invest in the Sony ecosystem again.



Poki commented on Unepic Gets a Fresh Update for Wii U:

Just put about 10 hours into the game, and I'm not too far into it. It's definitely fun, and I'm looking forward to continue it. It just has been a busy time since I got my 3DS XL - too many great games to play on that thing.



Poki commented on Buy A 3DS XL Or 2DS With One Of Six Games And ...:

That'd be pretty much the only deal that could make me buy a 3DS XL now. The 3DS XL Animal Crossing special edition should count for console AND game, right? That'd make €190 for a 3DS XL with AC and Pokemon - what a great price! Still, doesn't matter when it's not in Europe.



Poki commented on Shovel Knight:

Wow, with Citizens of Earth, Pier Solar HD and Shovel Knight there are three very interesting RPGs to come to the Wii U in march! Of those three, I am only sure to buy the first two though, Shovel Knight sounds a bit boring, but we'll see.



Poki commented on Citizens of Earth:

Looks very cool! Should be released March 14 according to Metacritic, which is pretty soon. Hope it's not overly expensive, but it sure looks like it's worth a spin.



Poki commented on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Only Sell...:

I only buy a few games at full price a year, and this year there are too many other games to buy (only at the second half of the year though). So I'll wait until there's a sale on DKC:TF - if there ever will be one. For €30, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.



Poki commented on Nintendo Ends Partnership With Austrian Distri...:

I live in Austria, and if that move at least means that I can buy Nintendo eShop cards without driving a few hours, I'd be happy. If it also means that Nintendo is able to explain to everybody what the Wii U is so I don't have to every time I talk about games, even better. Maybe they will even do local offers or something, but we'll see.



Poki commented on Review: Unepic (Wii U eShop):

How much content does the game have? I know the numbers, but I mean how long does it motivate you to play / replay it?



Poki commented on Super Mario 3D World Struggles Against PS4 Tit...:

So by that logic a crap game for a good console should sell better than a good game for a obsolete console?

And, as for Wii U games, there are enough exclusives that I feel like I'm getting out enough of my investment - Pikmin 3, W101, MH3U, SM3DW, NSMBU, Lego City Undercover, Zelda WWHD, ZombiU and some more. On top of that, many multi platform games are best on WiiU because of Off TV Play (yep, I'm lovin' it) and for the fact that you can get all menus off the TV screen for the most immersive experience among all consoles (loved AC3 on WiiU!).



Poki commented on Super Mario 3D World Struggles Against PS4 Tit...:

A game with a Metascore of 55 outsells one with a score of 94? Wow, that's a real bummer, also considering that Mario is one of the most well known gaming brands while Knack is a ... well, over-promoted piece of averageness.