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Thu 22nd September, 2011

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SkywardLink98 commented on Video: The 10 Best Zelda Games As Selected By You:

I'm surprised by the fact Skyward Sword even placed considering just how many on the internet despise it. Unsurprising however is that the Ocarina of Time cultists overpowered the rest of us and landed that the title of best Zelda game ever.



SkywardLink98 commented on Gallery: A Closer Look At 13 amiibo Toys:

I'd really like a quality Marth figure... But that Marth is dang ugly lol. Probably none for me unless Nintendo steps it up in the quality department. You'll definitely miss my 5-10 dollars Nintendo!



SkywardLink98 commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

This kind of screws me over. Me and 3 siblings are all on the one club nintendo account, and don't own a Wii U. It's not fair for just one of us to get the download game, but we can't get the VC title on the Wii for all of us to share.



SkywardLink98 commented on Retro-Styled 2D Action Adventure, Midora, Hits...:

Title:"Retro-Styled 2D Action Adventure, Midora, Hits Funding Target and Will Come to Wii U and 3DS"
Article:"With under a day of funding to go the project has raised over $67,000 of its $60,000 target; despite the Wii U and 3DS versions being listed as a stretch goal for $80,000,"
Most misleading title ever NintendoLife. I thought you were better than this.



SkywardLink98 commented on Parent Trap: Amiibo Charts A Fresh Course In T...:

"Although this encouraged collectors to buy multiple versions of the same character, in the game they unlocked specific abilities not previously available to the original version." Really? I'm pretty sure the Skylander I got for the first game have all the abilities that a newer version of the same character (and in my house we have two of this character).



SkywardLink98 commented on E3 2014: Ubisoft Admits to Holding Back Comple...:

I guess it makes some sort of sense. Family games normally are sold to parents, who typically see the games on TV, in store advertising, etc (at least in my experience, yours could be different). If they go all out now, it won't sell as well as it will in the future if it's released when the Wii U has sold really well.



SkywardLink98 commented on Talking Point: Just How Similar Are Tomodachi ...:

Kate Ellis wrote:

One of Animal Crossing’s greatest features was its ability to let you visit your friends’ towns, steal all their fruit, run through their glorious flower beds and generally go on a rampage.

...I've decided never to let Katy Ellis come to my town in Animal Crossing...