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DeltaPeng commented on Ronimo Games Explains Pricing for Swords & Sol...:

@Cathousemaster I don't know about releasing a game at 'as high a price as possible', doing that could just 'burn' your loyal fans or parents (who pay that price, if they later determine it is not worth the value). Could then bring bad reviews/publicity concerning the game.

I'd say for a studio, you want to find a good price point per value for your game. True, pricing too cheap could make people think your game is cheap and/or ignore it. Most of the time, though, if a game is a really good value, people can find out / will know with just a little bit of research online.

I'd say there is a market for mid-range games (who doesn't want a good game for a good price?), but most often it's a question of quality/value per price, and whether your game appeals to people (be it theme, interesting gameplay, etc). Certain games, like Mario/Nintendo games, are fairly high quality, and they have high appeal (all ages, good difficulty curve, creative stage design, etc), hence people are willing to buy them at higher prices (it's not just nostalgia, and it's not just brand recognition). Particularly, they often do game mechanics and controls very well.

On the flip side, the higher the price, the more competition (with other products/hobbies) and less willing people are to 'risk' buying your game (as most long time gamers have been disappointed with paying a price for a game they felt was much higher priced than its value). If you are an avid steam or mobile gamer, you may be hesitant to pay higher prices when you already have a lot to play or can tend to buy/try games at a much lower price (though, I argue console gaming offers a much deeper gaming experience than mobile, typically so it's worth the price difference from few $ apps).

But note, a lower price on a game doesn't mean a the total value you would/could've gotten from game sales is less. If the game is at a good price, you could even make more sales, and hence a higher overall $ amount from the game (principle of supply and demand, the cheaper something is, the more people will want or be able to buy it [higher demand]). With the way the market is, some people will impulse buy if it's a good price. If it takes too long for the price to go down, some may watch it, others will just leave it and look for good deals among the latest games.



DeltaPeng commented on ​Feature: The Poor Career Choice of Super Sm...:

Interesting article, I didn't know some gamers could make so much from professional gaming. Quite enlightening.

I'd say another big factor that Nintendo doesn't financially support Smash tournaments is that Smash is not like a PC game, being on console (and without excessive DLC) means that Nintendo tends to only make a one time sale/money from the game. Sure, they gain some money from popularity/advertising from the tourney as it peaks other players' interest to buy the game. But for Melee (where the gamecube, controllers, and game) is no longer readily produced, any financial backing is Nintendo giving away free money (minus, again, some advertising promotion).

On a game like League of Legends, you will have some people pay large amounts of money to unlock characters or new skins, oftentimes (for the ones who do pay) more than the cost of a single Smash bros game. With that and future DLC, there is always money to be made, so the producers can and have more reason to financially support/promote PC game tournies.

I prefer that Smash is basically unlocked from the start (though, it's also nice that they have been expanding the game via new characters [minus the DLC cost is not something I'm used to, feels high per character], custom stage/character transfer, etc).

Per sports players salaries in general (esport or otherwise), I tend to think they get overpaid. I can't figure out why someone would ever need, say, over $100k a year, when you should easily be able to make do with less. Sure, that excess money (from entertainment streaming, tickets) should not necessarily just go to the Sports League/Association instead, but in the ideal world it'd be nice to see that money go/be_donated to world problems instead (i.e. limited income for a single person, and excess should go to supporting the community, rather than a single person / few people). It's not that entertainment is bad (in moderation), but really, I think we tend to exalt / overemphasize the importance of it, when bigger issues are present and could be improved/changed were the wealth collected from these things distributed differently.



DeltaPeng commented on Combat Core Is What You'd Get If Super Smash B...:

It's smash-like in that it's a 4 player fighting game, but the gameplay itself will be quite different being in a 3D arena (gameplay-wise seems much more like a digimon arena game, or like a 4 player Tekken / virtua fighter). Would be tough to balance the gameplay as movement is harder and thus needs to be somewhat slower in a 3D environment, but the pacing looks pretty good. To be accessible (and probably bc of the 3D world), the controls would benefit if they were more simplistic (like Smash). The HP per fighter is a good way to go, and seems to again play / be balanced well (attacks do enough damage to make it a faster paced game [than a 4 player brawler like that TMNT one, and not dependent on mainly finishing moves [like PS all star brawl]). Is that custom fighter creation at the end? That would help a lot (in terms of replayability and character design, though making that balanced if moves are customizable would be hard).

The oculus rift support...I don't own one, but I don't see how it could be done well without giving people a headache (when a character is attacked, are they flipped (back-flip recover)? Displaying that imagery through the eyes of the fighter would be a roller coaster of an experience (and you wouldn't be able to 'see' your fighters attack movements ranges, making it in general much harder to play [I'm thinking, melee attacks in a FPS are hard enough, but trying to do that when combos and ranges are important, doesn't sound likely]).

For a one man project the gameplay looks like it is shaping up great and that it has a lot of potential. The art and character design could be better / more distinct. But, the visual-custom characters looked good and would change that up.



DeltaPeng commented on Satoru Iwata Highlights The Planned Connectivi...:

That's interesting, he mentions:
"What we are aiming to establish is not a simple extension of the existing loyalty program but a loyalty program with, say, the entertainment elements where the members feel that they have received certain rewards as a result of not only their purchases but also the history of their gameplay and how each consumer has interacted with others."

Makes it sound like you could be rewarded for helping/assisting other gamers, which is an interesting idea and could help foster a good community



DeltaPeng commented on Parent Trap: Splatoon Is The Perfect Family Fi...:

The issue with 4 gamepad support, aside from owning and selling separate gamepads, is most likely a technical issue. Trying to have the WiiU system render 4-5 separate images/views of the world and still run well, would be difficult. Maybe linking multiple wiiU systems, but that would be impractical (assuming 2 players per wiiU, would need 3-4).

Even if you could, though, the gameplay's style seems best with 4v4. A 3v3 may work, but I think 2v2 is too small a team. Splatting a player would give the other team a pretty big advantage, and one could only squid jump to one position (minus the beacon item). More players allows higher possibility to be suprised by an enemy, and to have to more cautiously approach things. Not to say it still couldn't be fun, but gameplay-wise the experience seems best with larger teams.

I think the 'family fun' aspect comes from being accessible / appropriate for all ages, and being enjoyable by everyone (even if not playing, as it can be fun to watch / backseat play, as someone mentioned earlier)



DeltaPeng commented on Nintendo Unable To Promise When It Can Remedy ...:

While demand can be difficult to predict (and hence, how much to supply), one potential solution is for Nintendo to setup their own online shop for amiibo. This will limit the amount a household can get (and hence, limit scalping). If they set up pre-ordering, they can know a good estimate of the minimum amount to create (as anyone who really wants it, will preorder), then some other base amount per store or based on a character's projected popularity.

The supply may still be a process that takes time, but then at least those who really want a specific amiibo will be guaranteed one.



DeltaPeng commented on Poll: Did The Splatoon Global Testfire Hit Its...:

I hear ya, among Friends, having the option of VC would be nice. I know some consider it to be a dealbreaker, so I'm providing some thoughts/discussion/considerations against that. But like you said, the gamepad map and quick rounds, and fairly straightforward gameplay allow the game to be played well in spite of no VC.

True, though it is important to understand that Nintendo does often want to cater to All Age audience (and that many choose and support Nintendo for their Family Friendliness), which makes sense from a business and practical standpoint (the casual gamers far outnumber the competitive and super competitive/hard_core gamers). All types of gamers are needed, though, for Nintendo to keep up business/profit and continue making good console game entertainment, particularly with heavy competition from mobile and computer games against the traditional/dedicated gaming market. That said, their primary audience being family friendly, from a design perspective it makes a lot of sense not to allow VC, at least on random matches, for the purposes and history of online competitive game VC containing a lot of crude/angry/hateful speech.

I feel like Nintendo in general has been slow to implement Online functionality in their games, so it's also possible that it's not just a design decision, but also Development-wise, they are still familiarizing themselves in how to handle Online games well (an example is Smash Brawl online vs Smash 4 online, with the latter running much smoother). Yes MK8 and SSB4 has voicechat, but it's not during the game, it's in the waiting room (and, among Friends). Perhaps it's harder to implement in game (potential for more lag)? Perhaps a similar example is their adaptation to HD games being slow, primarily bc they weren't used to the development efforts/costs needed for HD gaming. If that's the case, they will hopefully improve as time goes on, as it does seem like their Online experiences are already gradually improving.

Per Smash, I do think Stock is better over Time matches (from competitive since), but For Glory 1v1 is a Stock round (which is quite nice). I enjoy playing Smash on For Glory, Team (and 2 per WiiU, when possible) quite a bit, but I agree that if more options were available and I could make it a Stock round (and maybe add Team Atk On), that would add a lot of replayability and value to the game (take notes, Nintendo! :p).

They are getting better at allowing customization options Online, Mario Kart 8 has online rooms with some adjustable rules (and I think items?). And if you play with Friends in Smash, you can then use Custom fighters, stages, and set rules how you want. The overall Online experience is Smash is amazing, not perfect, but considering their past with little to few games with Online, it's a big step in the right direction. Hopefully, other developers and Nintendo will continue to follow suit, and it will gradually keep taking steps in that way



DeltaPeng commented on Poll: Did The Splatoon Global Testfire Hit Its...:

@Yorumi True, but a competitive player can also lose every match and still have a good time and fun (I had fun with occasional losses throughout the demo, even when I got stomped and some other players contributed like 100-0 points to the match, in part also because I am taking a more casual approach to the game), taking each game as an opportunity to improve their own game/strategy. It may not feel good to lose, but that's normal.

Personally, I don't mind losing as long as I feel it's fair. What tends to annoy me is when people win via a spammy or cheap tactic (thinking, some players in Smash bros).

I do agree that some players have fun by being competitive, I am one of them, but in terms of local play (in Smash Bros.) I find I'm the best player of my group by a fair deal. It actually has a downside as people don't like to play me as often as I would like to play, and I get less enjoyment as I feel I am not challenged. I can find people online who can stomp me, which is nice from the competitive sense, but I lose something in not being able to play it as often with friends locally. The solution? When playing locally, I use custom characters/movesets or characters I am less familiar with when I battle my friends, to even things out, and in return I still get better at the game (but in different ways/ different characters, even if I lose bc of it). That's just a personal example of how I can still have fun with it with others who play more casually, by being 'less' competitive, in ways. Just a rabbit trail of something to consider.

But anyway, I do understand the thrill of being in heavy competitive play though. For those people who do like that, can always play on the mode which allows you to invite Friends (I edited my last post with this info, if you want to check it out). That will likely become the more competitive mode (similar to playing Smash on For Glory, Teams, 2 players per wiiU).

The main point I wish to make is, there isn't [absolutely no good reason] to [not include voicechat], and that competitive players should be able to still have fun even without it (it shouldn't in my mind be a deal breaker or prevent you from being able to have fun or try the game out, because even with inexperienced players, or maybe especially with them on your team, you can take it as a challenge to improve your game or try new strategies. You may not Win the game, but it could still be a win in your own book if you challenge yourself and do well, in spite of not technically Winning.)



DeltaPeng commented on Poll: Did The Splatoon Global Testfire Hit Its...:

The game overall seems fun, and has good 'quick competitive battle' games like Smash Bros.

The main draw and replayability for this game is the online multiplayer. Inability to really play great local co-op hinders some of the value/replayability of the game, as it becomes more a solo game experience as opposed to Smash Bros, which can be excellent single or multiplayer experience (online and local).

That said though, I feel like the game 'feels' a bit sparse in terms of content/value versus price. They will have a single player campaign, which is nice, but the core gameplay mechanics' focus (of painting an area in your color and which differentiates this shooter from others) is really on the online component of the game [and hence the online content is especially important]. I played all 3 demos, had fun, and would've liked to play more, but the two stages on offer began to get repetitive. Granted, it's a demo and I played the same maps for ~3hrs, so that's not bad, and I know they'll have customizable equipment, more stages and game modes later (and that they're working on more stages).

Since the main draw is online multiplayer, and since matches are 4v4 (8 players as opposed to Smash brothers which can work 1v1, 1v1v1, or 4 players), I have some concern that online games will be later hard to matchup (worked well on the free demo bc it was worldwide and limited to certain time spots). It really depends on the number of people who will own the game, and how regularly they play it. People will be more drawn to the game and to play longer if there is a lot of content available (maps and game modes, and hence my desire for many more of them; and customizable/collectible equipment should help), and more people will get the game and play it the cheaper that it is sold. That said, there are similar online computer games (MOBA) that are similar head-to-head competitive play, and some online FPS, which are free-to-play (and make money through other means, advertisements and DLC via expansions, costumes, or in-game items) and hence they have a lot of players on it. That said, I think $60 is a little too high for the content offered (and in consideration that one may want to buy the amiibo [+$13-35] to also get content), which may prevent online matches from being easy to start (the core gameplay content in the long run). I am grateful and prefer that content / equipment be unlockable as opposed to DLC, but the cost is high compared to similar games online, and this 'barrier to entry' may prevent the core online experience from getting the exposure and play time that is should have (as it is a solid game). The map content also feels sparse at the moment, hopefully to change when the full game is released and with the upcoming (free?) DLC stages. I think the ideal price to draw people in would be closer to $40-50 for the core game.

In summary:
-(potential problem) Splatoon requires a fairly large number of players per online game (always 8, as opposed to Smash bros which standarly uses 2-4), so may be hard to regularly find matches. Game is expensive (yes it's on par for console games [which are already arguably expensive compared to computer games], but it will not gather the same kind of attention and number of players to it as similar online battle games which are free-to-play. The higher the cost difference, the larger the barrier to entry), which may prevent more people from buying and playing the game. (potential solution) Reduce game price to $40-50 range. Should bring more players online also.
-(potential problem) Game longetivity/replayability would benefit from more maps and map diversity. It's a solid game, but need diversity to keep players coming back for more. (potential solution) create more maps that offer different situations in battle, even if they are not '100% balanced' or have a lot of depth.

Ideas / recommendations:
I know they want to design good levels that are very high quality, but since the gameplay mechanics are all there and solid, I would like to see more stages even if not all of them are 'as good or balanced' say as they could be (preferring some more quantity for replayability and diversity's sake over strictly high quality stages). An example would be having a large, flat room that is square or rectangular. It's simple, and some may argue that it's not as good due to lack of depth, but at the same time the gameplay for such a stage would be quite different and interesting. It would be a lot easier to tell where an opponent is going (if looking at a map), and one can't really hide except in the ink (though each team should roughly control their half of the stage, which is a lot or space where one could be, if hiding). The focus would be either on battling, or being far enough away to try and paint more area (because there is less hiding in a flat land). Most players' attention would be focused toward the other half of the field, which leads to intense action and good sneak attacks. Anyway, I think a map like that would be fun.

My opinions. The gameplay itself is fun and pretty solid. I share my thoughts in hopes that Nintendo makes something really great from this game, as it looks like it's off to a good start.



DeltaPeng commented on Poll: Did The Splatoon Global Testfire Hit Its...:

@Dr_Corndog - the primary reason not to have voicechat would be to keep the game fun for players even if they are not competitive-minded. I hear from some players who game FPS with voicechat, that voicechat with random people tends to rarely be used for strategy, and more often you'll hear some of the most racist/rancid/putdown kinds of comments instead. From a parent's perspective, it would not be pleasant to have say, your kid playing the game and some random adult or even kid cussing him out for not "painting the area or playing the game 'properly' " or not "following a popular/meta strategy". From that POV, it makes more sense not to freely have voicechat, especially considering that Nintendo likes to keep the games enjoyable for all audiences (a plus in my book).

Granted, it would be nice if you could send a beacon onto the map (by touching a specific point) to alert all of your teammates to be 'be cautious of or go to' a certain area. Either way (having ability to voicechat or not), it's all different ways of playing a game and strategizing. A good player should be able to do well regardless of the amount of communication available. If there's not a lot and you get inexperienced teammates, then that's just an extra challenge for you to overcome as the 'veteran' of the team. Maybe instead of forging your own path (and anticipating your teammates to do the same), you can make the round a personal 'challenge round' and try to instead play the support/backup role, making the goal to keep a less experienced teammate alive (via charger/sniping or sneak/back attacks, or even a dodgy decoy :p).

Also, Nintendo announced in the Direct that they plan on having a mode where you can invite Friends from your wiiU list to duke it out. In that case, you could always Skype with them if you really want to play some rounds with the VC aspect of it.

Important thing is to not take it too too seriously, and have fun / try to make it fun for everyone.



DeltaPeng commented on First Impressions: Tapping In With amiibo Tap:...:

First, it's FREE software, so don't get too crazy over it.

Sure It'd be nice if there was no time limit, but the point is to demo a game and not have the full title, to raise interest in the title. So, it's not bad for sampling gameplay. (Nintendo's still a business and still needs to make money, so they can't freebie everything.) Being able to change Scenes (and games) ~quickly is nice, as you can easily play a memorable scene (if it is near or on one of the Scenes within the time limit).

The main purpose is to add value to amiibos, which it does, as the toys get more popular and people collect more. I have a fair number of amiibos, I bought extra to custom-paint them, but I don't have 30, and a lot of other people don't. In that sense, there's a benefit in that an individual owner is guaranteed to get a little something different/unique for the first 30 amiibos they buy/scan. That's not bad. It's meant to be something that you accrue over time as your collection or your friends' collections expand.

other notes on how the mechanics of it seem to work:
I originally thought each amiibo already had a title assigned to it (such that, I could bring the amiibo with the Punch Out demo to a friend's house to play the same demo on their amiibo tap), but I don't think that's the case. The benefit is, 30 different experiences/unlocks and no repeats for the first 30 amiibos scanned, a potential downside is that, a friend could bring an amiibo and scan it, and unlock a good demo you wanted, but now it's only assigned to your friend's amiibo. From a standpoint of being collected and used by kids, though, having a demo 'locked' to a friend's amiibo can be a good thing, encouraging more hangouts and encouraging amiibos to be brought with them (like the Smash bros, amiibo training partner functionality/intention)

Will I use it much? Probably not, but if a friend is interested in a particular retro title and I have the amiibo demo, sampling it this way is probably better than starting from the beginning of the game. I did gain an awareness of Wario's Woods from this, I didn't know it was a puzzle game and so now I'm more interested in trying it out. And I think kids would have fun and enjoy it (I'll have to test it with my nephew), so overall I'd say it's a win and accomplished at least some of what it tried to do.

For the time being, Nintendo's approach to amiibo's have been different than other companies, the digital content it unlocks is across multiple games and are smaller items. So, per amiibo collecting, at least for the time being, the most value is obtained from the physical figure itself as opposed to what it offers digitally, and it'd probably help to see it that way before buying them, rather than worrying about whether you're getting your money's worth of value from digital content. I prefer this cross-game functionality better currently, as I would prefer Nintendo to keep their games 'whole' or primarily have content unlocked outside of essentially what is locked-on-disc DLC. A good example is Smash brothers, if Nintendo locked out particular characters and required them to be unlocked via amiibo, I would either boycott it or go bankrupt. I prefer that everything is reasonably unlockable in game, and then amiibos just add optional extra for those interested.

Now, since amiibos have been getting popular and more widespread, sure, an amiibo-centric game (preferrably, free or inexpensive to download, content unlocked through amiibo) is more feasible and would be nice to have (minus if it's too good my wallet would suffer), but note that similar games like Disney Infinity and Skylanders weren't built overnight and would require a substantial development effort. The amiibo supply would also need to be improved, preferrably beforehand, else the amiibo popularity/scalping/hunt would only get more intense. The scarcity of certain amiibo already have fans upset, but I think the intention of amiibo was primarily as a Nintendo collectible figurine first (particularly, for the Smash bros. lines of characters, which explains the rarity for certain characters and why less popular characters are able to unlock less in other games). Amiibo Tap is useful in that it can use ANY kind of amiibo to do the demo unlock, adding potential value to every amiibo.

miscellaneous thinking/writing aloud
Assuming that certain amiibo (like Game and Watch) are less ~popular or probably have less amiibo unlock plans than the more popular ones. If Nintendo created an amiibo-centric game, to keep fans happy they'd have to restock and start mass-producing all the amiibo (like Game and Watch) which were probably originally only meant to be stocked in low quantities. The more different kinds of amiibo they produce physically, though, the more fans would clamor for DLC to unlock with it and the more pressure Nintendo'd have to devote resources to amiibo projects (which they may not be able to afford at this time, fans already clamor about not having enough games out). So it's a balancing act they have to figure out. On the other hand, I think Nintendo is doing well selling what amiibo stock they have (they could produce more, arguably). Competitors like Disney Infinity and Skylanders are not having a stock issue, but I imagine their profits are less from overproducing some of the lesser characters.



DeltaPeng commented on Empty Slots on Super Smash Bros. Site Suggests...:

If new characters are to be added, people shouldn't vote for characters that can essentially be re-made with existing characters and custom moves. I.e., Wolf can pretty much be made by tweaking Fox's specials, and a Bomberman-esque character can be made by tweaking Megaman

Some more interesting characters to add could be Monita (nintendo land), Sora from Kingdom Hearts (popular, and could bring PS fans to Nintendo), Banjo-Kazooie, Knuckles (classic, not sonic boom version), Inkling, an etrian odyssey character, megaman.exe or roll.exe or bass.exe, tron bonne (with servbots), an axe or a Lance wielder from Fire Emblem, Melia (Xenoblade Chronicles), WIlbell or Linca or Ayesha from Atelier Ayesha



DeltaPeng commented on Nintendo’s Free-To-Play Experiment Pokémon ...:

Pokemon Shuffle is fun to play on the go, but after awhile the capture %'s get a little too low, making using a Great Ball more of a necessity (2500 coins each). I don't know how they are doing revenue-wise, but for me, if I was going to buy into some of it (and I couldn't preferably just buy the full game), I'd want more benefit for money spent (jewels at $1 each should provide many more coins/hearts for the price). At 2500 coins a Great Ball for only an improved 'chance' to catch a pokemon, the coins run out way too fast.

Anyway, Lucadian Chronicles on WiiU is a pretty good game (strategy/card), free to download, and $8 to purchase full game (sort of free-to-play-ish, but a different style)



DeltaPeng commented on Masahiro Sakurai Praises the Achievements of S...:

Of the digital platforms I've tried (steam, nintendo eshop, ps3), I'd say they rank best to worst in that order listed. The eshop works pretty well to group together related games (price drops, multiplayer, etc), while PS3 I really don't like the searching method of selecting letter by letter (and not being able to enter a search keyword). Even then, I have trouble finding the items I'm looking for on the playstation shop.

The main improvements I see for eshop. is more sales (though they have good ones from time to time), being able to purchase a game from the internet or regardless of wiiU disk space (and being able to download it later, not a huge deal, but I have an external HD but I don't always keep it connected when visiting the eshop). There could be a larger selection of quality games, either VC or indie, but the library is steadily growing.

Other than that, the main issue is a hardware one, the standard HD space on wiiU is too limited (does not meet have enough disk space for downloads per the standard user), and buying an external is a bit of a hassle (and a Y USB cable connector, if no external HD power source).. I presume this will be corrected on the next console release.



DeltaPeng commented on Iwata Doesn't Feel amiibo Has Shown Its Full P...:

Interesting that he mentions that some amiibos cost more than others and hence are less profitable than others (as they have more detail). I appreciate that they all go for a fairly good price point, but at the same time, if it would help stock improve by increasing prices on specific amiibo (for the rarer/more_complex/more_costly_to_produce amiibo) like Rosalina, I wouldn't mind paying extra $2~$6 for them to have them more readily available (chances are, more Rosalina amiibo at a higher price point would still be cheaper than the $35+ asking price on ebay/amazon). If possible, though, cheaper is better in terms of increasing demand and ability for consumers to buy more amiibo.

And, at this point, I agree that most people (at least who research / know amiibo compatibility) are looking to buy amiibo for the figure themselves as opposed to their digital content at the current price point. If amiibo cards are made, prices should take into consideration standard DLC costs in other games, as that is essentially what amiibo unlocking does (minus functionality such as Smash bros, AI). I do know one friend who is interested in the digital content more than the figures, though.



DeltaPeng commented on Feature: Tales From the Front Line of amiibo C...:

I really wanted to get a Rosalina amiibo but couldn't due to the stock situation.

Other than Nintendo producing more stock, retailers being smart about how they sell (limit one to household, if possible), and scalpers not cheating others out of opportunity, only words I'd like to say is: I hear collectors also try to get multiple of a rare amiibo to trade others with in order to complete their collection (or sell on ebay). With the way the stock shortages are: Collectors, please don't take excess amiibo (anything more than 2 seems sketchy to me personally [boxed and unboxed]). It hurts inventory in the same way as scalpers. If you want the rare amiibo, you should be there in line each time a new amiibo releases, rather than essentially scalping one rare amiibo to trade for the others (and, like scalpers, denying others the opportunity to purchase it at the standard retail price within the first week of release, if not longer, supplies permitting).

For myself, until some of these issues are resolved, I'm planning on just buying amiibo as I see them and not going much out of my way, as it's become a frustrating experience otherwise. Can't recommend amiibo collecting to friends in its current state. Hoping Rosalina is restocked or drops in price, else I guess I'll just be Rosalina-less. :/



DeltaPeng commented on Card Format amiibo Confirmed to be Heading our...:

I wonder how well this card-amiibo will work, as the most benefit right now from amiibos as a whole comes from the figure itself (and most people complain that the current amiibo content offered isn't enough).

If the card-amiibo are cheap, like $2-4, that may work, any more expensive and Nintendo will have to improve the content offered/unlocked by amiibo, methinks.



DeltaPeng commented on Soapbox: Portable Gaming Forges a Special Rela...:

Hmm, I do enjoy portable gaming, but I think I'm a bigger fan of console gaming at this time. I started with the NES as a kid, and have been playing games since.

I tend to prefer the larger TV screen and the better hardware, I feel the controllers are generally sturdier, and I like the selection of games that appear on consoles more often.

Content-wise portables are obtaining more console-like games (as many of the games I enjoy are ported to virtual console, and releases such as Zelda OOT and MM, Star Fox 64, Mario 64, Xenoblade chronicles, etc), but a fair amount of the time (15-30%) I played console games with others around, watching, or taking turns. Many of the classic games are known for their challenge / difficulty, but having others around to share/watch and be amused by the difficulty was part of the gaming experience, for me. Now that I'm older, I don't have friends around as often, so my appeal for portable gaming may increase, but some experiences are best shared, and console gaming seems the best in terms of co-op games because of the couch co-op experience.

If Nintendo does intend to focus more on portable experiences in the future over console, I hope they include the feature to port to a TV screen (with reasonable graphical resolution), and have a way to add local multiplayer that does not require extra systems/copies_of_the_game to play. That would be the optimal/ultimate gaming console, in my opinion (though the interesting motion controls of the current wii series would probably get lost).

The DS line of systems is well suited for console-like gaming experiences if they were to make the transition, as the DS in general offers a good control scheme for buttons and touch interaction, and the extra screen can help with games like RPG's which are more text heavy and require a lot of info available at any given moment. The processing power can be a hinderance compared to console, but perhaps that has changed with the 'new' line of 3DS's.

Per personal connections, I feel I've an appreciation for different aspects of different systems (i.e. N64 and Gamecube's unique controllers, uniqueness of wiiU tablet gamepad, control scheme and dual screens of DS), but I don't know if I've felt a particular connection to a given system, in spite being a fairly avid gamer. At this time, I think I tend to 'fall in love' with particular titles/games more than the systems themselves.



DeltaPeng commented on Poll: Do Video Game Reviews Need To Have A Score?:

For review numbers to be most effective, you'd need to have the same person/people doing the reviews, and they'd have to be a group you agree with and have similar interests in games.

That said, review number score is still helpful for ignoring really bad games, but aside from that, people's views of 7-10 can differ, because different people get enjoyment from games from different factors of the game (i.e., some like graphics more, or the story, etc). I tend to agree with low scores here, but the higher scores, I don't agree as often, or it is not as detailed as I would like (noted more below).

So, I think number system should be kept, but that the game should be rated on multiple areas, a score for graphics, sound, story, mechanics. I also think the a 1-100 scoring system is better, a generic 7-10 does not distinguish enough, the really great ones from ones that are just good or above average.



DeltaPeng commented on Famitsu Article Reportedly Inks Out More Splat...:

True on the rage-quitting, hopefully there is a solution for that so as not to disrupt other players' gaming (or a heavy penalty, if the quit was manually performed)

Per voicechat, if they don't have it, I hope they have some basic pre-set communications like 'follow me' or 'attack from left/right'. Or, a beacon that can be set on the map, one per player, in that player's ~color (assuming diff player/icon colors). If not, then the strategy will just have to be for each player to manually check the map and determine a way or know their role / standard strats. May be handy to have rewards/ways to 'compliment' good players on good teamwork, or the like, after a game completes.



DeltaPeng commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Update 1.0.2 Adds ...:

This is nice! A complaint I had is that there weren't enough 8 player-compatible Smash stages. If they did this, I am hopeful that Custom stages will be opened to 8 players, someday.

A kudos for these new stages, it's a nice surprise update



DeltaPeng commented on Club Nintendo to Close, With Replacement Loyal...:

It will be sad not to have club nintendo anymore, but it will be interesting to see what new program pops up. I do like free digital games, but I did envy the game soundtracks others were getting, maybe this new program will have the same rewards for everyone.

That aside, I thought the old program with surveys, though monotonous at times, was nice in that I felt I got a say in helping Nintendo shape their games. I hope some form of user feedback is still incorporated in this new program, my recommendation to to streamline the questions a bit (make the process easier), do away with the hard/short deadlines for survey completion, and remove/enlargen character count limits (text is easy to store, don't limit what could be very useful feedback).

I've bought multiple games at times, but didn't have time to progress very far through them before reaching the survey deadline, even more so since working a full time job. That said, I can't provide as accurate feedback as I would like, unless I try and rush the games. Particularly this is a problem with the hardware Systems, if I recall I only got a survey for the initial purchase of the 3DS XL, and maybe no review of what I thought after I had actually tried and used it for a decent amount of time. I find that not allowing this user feedback (and/or rushing it) prevents Nintendo from getting more valuable/worthwhile/honest feedback.

I realize that with millions of purchases and people filling out surveys it is difficult in general to review all the feedback, and some of it is probably not as detailed as Nintendo may like (i.e. just saying a game is 'good' or 'bad' with no explanation of why you personally thought it was so, doesn't help much from a developer standpoint). Some or maybe all people may just fill out the surveys to get the coins, so may need to find a different way to reward feedback, or not reward surveys (other than possibly an easy to fill out semi-detailed 'rate this game' kind of deal) at all and only reward the purchase/registration of the game, and just leave the text/detailed feedback to those who are providing it to try and make the games better.

I recommend not completely doing away with surveys/detailed_rating_system though, as that would be cutting out the standard way for the 'verified' gamers/buyers of the software to provide feedback.



DeltaPeng commented on Video: See How The New Nintendo 3DS Compares T...:

Can anyone tell me how the sound volume output compares on the 'new' 3DS' compared to the originals? I found the original 3DS XL to be too quiet on some games, while the original 3DS speakers could output a higher volume than the XL



DeltaPeng commented on Lucadian Chronicles is the Latest Free-to-Play...:

I'm looking forward to checking this out, as I like card and strategy games. If it is collectible card game, I hope they don't make collecting everything too grindy (i.e., must perform repetitive tasks (or log in long hours of normal play) that are usually monotonous in order to unlock new items).

If the strategy is good and the user interface operates well, I'd buy in. Appreciate the one time cost over dlc, as that could ruin the balance of things in a strategy game, though optional dlc (such as customized looks/appearances kind of items, preferably at reasonable prices) could work, for those who really get into it.



DeltaPeng commented on Review: Mighty Gunvolt (3DS eShop):

I agree that this rating is higher than it should be. The text is Engrish (broken English) that was hard to understand, and the game itself was very short. The controls are pretty smooth, but the level design was very bland and a lack of real challenge (aside from bosses) ruined it for me.

6/10, maybe lower because it is overpriced. I'd say pay no more than $2 for this



DeltaPeng commented on Video: GameStop Shows How It Faked 'Karissa th...:

I agree with Ryu_Niiyama, it would have been better to hire an actual 10 year old who is good at the game.

As a PR stunt alone it gives the game publicity either way, but the way they did it sends a message, "age doesn't matter, you can 'settle it in smash' and be better at this game/esport and beat those who are older / have potentially more general gaming experience". But since it was faked, it's like, nope, just kidding. Only adults can be pro at this game. Of course that's not explicitly stated, but it gives that impression. And may make people doubtful if they ever see something like this again, even when it could be legit.

So, there's where some of the disagreement comes in, methinks



DeltaPeng commented on Teyon Games Adds Text and Voice Chat to 3DS eS...:

Since it requires that your friends have it as well, the price could stand to be lower. I do think this is a neat app though, so I plan on keeping my eye on it. Ability to buy download codes of the app for friends would help make this more appealing



DeltaPeng commented on Nintendo Teams Up With Loot Crate To Deliver a...:

Depends on price, and range of amiibos offered. Is the amiibo that is sent a random one (for every customer, or per month for all subscribers)? If it is all random, is there a chance you could get a duplicate?

The problem with this is that I want some fairly specific amiibos, but I may be interested in this if they have a large enough incentive to go this route (much cheaper price, special edition amiibo, if other non-amiibo Nintendo stuff is included). Otherwise, it seems like this deal is geared towards those who want to collect them all, or who don't have any preferences or who like surprises.



DeltaPeng commented on Runbow Developers Picked Wii U for its Massive...:

More local multiplayer games for variety is good, as I anticipate my WiiU becoming a party machine with 8 player Smash!

Color changing concept is interesting, and it seems to work well in the video, though it does look like it will get quite hectic over time! From the description I thought it was going to be an endless runner, in which case each player would probably only need 1 or 2 buttons. Per the video though it looks like each player can run and jump, which may require 3-6 buttons (4 directional and 1-2 action), so I am assuming this would require each wiimote to be connected to a Wii classic controller or to use a WiiU pro controller.

I anticipate the standard party I would have would be 5-7 people, but having the capability for 9 is nice



DeltaPeng commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Update Incl...:

@Porky Lol, well, that may be true, as aside from grabbing it is pretty worthless. I played this one guy online, 1v1, Megaman vs Megaman, and once leaf shield was up you pretty much had to run or be grabbed. It may be different when playing against characters with non-projectile attacks with reach



DeltaPeng commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Update Incl...:

From what I've tried so far (pre-update), I'd say Little Mac needs to be nerfed. And Megaman's leaf shield grab. And Sonic in general from the little I've seen of him.

Little Mac has way too much knockback on side A attack even at low percents (making it too easy to push light-med characters around), and having super armor for what looks like side and down smashes is a bit much.



DeltaPeng commented on Nintendo's Quirky amiibo Video Shows How They'...:

Related to being able to play SSB4 as your amiibo character, I prefer the way Nintendo has it set things up in making the amiibos their own AI. This makes the amiibo's more like pokemon or sparring partners. From what I can tell, you can use custom equipment and moves in SSB4 WiiU as a player, so there's nothing stopping you from playing as the character you want with the same equipment (minus some hassle to get it all set up and/or equipment availability on a friend's save file), but this way doesn't require purchasing an amiibo. If Nintendo took the skylander's approach of forcing amiibos to use special equipment or even to use the character itself, it would mean content being locked out of SSB4 and only accessible to those with the amiibo characters, which would be less generous than Nintendo's current offering and upset a lot of fans. Being able to play as a character without having to buy it's related toy is one of the amiibo's high, high selling points. Or technically, it probably makes the figures sell less for Nintendo, but as a buyer I am much more comfortable and satisfied with putting money down for Amiibo's and Smash brothers with the route they are taking.

From the amiibo training partner perspective, similar to the video, and assuming it adjusts it's fighting style based on who fights it, each amiibo can become quite different (compared to other players' amiibos) and provide a unique experience. It opens up new ways to play. Similar to the video, instead of playing a free for all 4 player match, you can play an 8 player, team battle (2v2v2v2) of one human player and their amiibo sparring partner. But again, amiibos aren't required to enjoy SSB4*, so if you don't like them you can ignore them without losing out.

*Though it makes it seem a little that way in the video. Jack could have used a level 9 CPU for his teammate, but assumably it would have been much weaker than the level 50 amiibos (though I assume the amiibo level does not equal and scale the same as the standard CPU level).

Could amiibos give someone an unfair advantage in battle? Sure, it's like having a handicap or higher leveled CPU character than someone else. But it should be seen more as new ways to play and try the game (i.e. the sparring partner example shown in the video). And rather than using an amiibo only for yourself to win, one could always team it up with newer players to help them catch up to speed / compete in a battle. Per the video, they could have allowed Jack to use one of their spare amiibos, or if they had no extras, they could have taken a level 9 CPU partner for themselves and allowed Jack to use their higher leveled amiibo. This didn't happen because the point of the video was to advertise the gist of the amiibo training process and provide conflict, but in real life the amiibo scene can be more welcoming/friendly :p



DeltaPeng commented on 8 Player Smash Mode Confirmed For Wii U Super ...:

I'd say having the 'possibility/potential' of 8 players is pretty great. I'm sure there won't always be that many people playing the game at once, but I've often had 5-6 people around who want to play Smash, so now this opens up the ability to add them also into the fray. If the amiibo thing goes viral, then it allows a 4 player match with everyone teamed up with their own amiibo, to bring the count to 8 (similar to the commercial). This makes the amiibo prospect of being a 'training partner' much more of a reality as it doesn't remove any human player slots (from the standard 4player perspective).



DeltaPeng commented on 8 Player Smash Mode Confirmed For Wii U Super ...:

I'm curious to see how 8 player smash battles would work. It may require the 4 player gamecube controller adapter (as the WiiU doesn't naturally support 8 wireless controllers...though not sure how hard it would be to get around that from a technical standpoint).

I think 8 player free for all would indeed be chaos, but a 4v4 or 3v3 team battle could work quite nicely I imagine. Or if there are different levels of skill, adding more players to a team could help balance that / give the newer players a chance to experiment (i.e. 2v3, 3v5, etc).



DeltaPeng commented on Nintendo Download: 16th October (North America):

Hopped on to the eshop yesterday prior to coming here, and wow this is a pretty good week for what look to be quality game releases.

Purchased Ballpoint Universe, Ping 1.5, and considering Paper cut monsters and Chests o booty (about to check some reviews on it). Lone survivor looks interesting, though not really my style of game. All are quite well priced too



DeltaPeng commented on Weirdness: Sony Fan Creates Petition In Hope O...:

There were a couple games like the Smash series kind of genre, but not reaching the quality and polish of the original (Playstation All Stars, and some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash up).

So it seems that it's more a matter of other companies not making this kind of game on their system rather than their being a restriction on it.

At worse he's trolling, and no reason not to ignore (a neutral situation).
At best he's ignorant and heaping praise on Nintendo (a positive situation, others are taking notice and agreeing that this Nintendo game and series is great and going as far as to sign a petition).

Either way, the chances of this occurring are basically 0 so it can only be a good thing for us.



DeltaPeng commented on Talking Point: The Super Smash Bros. 3DS Demo ...:

I see a few comments that say, I'm disappointed because I meet the qualifications and didn't get a code, but the qualifications were only there so that'd you have a Chance to get a code. It wasn't a guarantee. I didn't get a code despite meeting the qualifications.

That said, I'd say that if anything, this was an interesting PR move as a big game like this generally hasn't gotten demos early. It was a generous move to also include a fair number of extra codes for the players that did get them. Can't complain a ton since the demo will be released publicly in a week.

Aside from wanting to limit download craziness and I don't know, maybe it's affect on Nintendo's network?, I wonder if a different strategy would have been better. Like, just giving the demo to all platinum and/or gold members of Club Nintendo for their loyalty. Or, both get the demo, but plat gets an additional code(s) to share. That would help club nintendo members feel more included/special for their support, particularly since some of us feel a bit cynical from the last club nintendo rewards (which were a step down from previous years). And yet, would that cause us to feel 'elite' or somehow better than the more casual gamers? That would have a negative impact overall and in the long term. Brand loyalty is fine, but I definitely see it go overboard in terms of console wars and sometimes 'hard core' vs 'casual' gamers, where regardless we should all be treating and seeing each other respectfully and as equals. While limited people did get it, since they also got a large number of extra codes, it does seem that the intention was for them to share those codes with others. Again, demo will be released soon, not a big deal (in spite of I am a fairly large smash fan). If anything it was an interesting idea, and Nintendo's been trying a lot of new things lately, some of which have been quite good, so I much appreciate them trying new things.

An aside: I personally don't think selling codes was wrong or cynical. I think it's ridiculous that some people are paying more than a few bucks for it, but as long as it's not mis-advertised, and it is noted that the demo will be available in a week, it just shows how much those people wanted the code. Selling online also better ensured that those who want the code can get it. Yesterday on these forums, we had a number of people beg/asking for codes, or to send them a code via email, and after awhile how do you determine who has actually gotten a code? Or of the available people, who most wanted the code (aside from excessive begging)? In that sense, selling online helps to direct it to those people who wanted it most. There was and is no rule that one could not sell a freebie from nintendo, nor is there a rule that one had to give any unused codes away for free. Of the two, the option to give away freely is obviously the 'nicer' option, but it's not an obligation on their part.



DeltaPeng commented on Preview: Fantasy Life is Waiting to Become Par...:

Are there online features for this game? It would be very cool if you had online options to trade and play with other players. Then mayhaps, one group of people, if interested, could stick with a Blacksmith life to specialize in it, and become the armor making gurus that others trade with, etc etc

Edit: Hmm, it looks like this can be done to some extent locally via multicard play, it seems. I may have to get this game then



DeltaPeng commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

I'm liking the enhancements they are adding so far, the colored buttons and changeable face plates (of the new 3DS, non XL) are looking nice. The extra processing power and memory are definite pluses, and while I don't use the 3D effect often, the viewing angles looks much better such that if I had a new 3DS I might use it more.

My main gripe with 3DS XL are that the speaker volume is pretty low compared to original DS. I do have slight hearing loss, but it is quiet to the point where I need to sit 'too close' to my 3DS XL screens to hear the music in certain games, which is bothersome and defeats the purpose of my getting the XL screens. So, I hope these new versions have better speaker volume capability.



DeltaPeng commented on Nintendo Confirms amiibo Launch Range of 12 Fi...:

Glad that they're competitively priced with skylanders and disney infinity characters (and not more expensive). Still a bit pricy though, especially if trying to collect them all, so I'll probably focus mainly on getting the ones I like that look good or that provide decent in-game functionality.



DeltaPeng commented on Register Smash Bros. on Both Wii U and 3DS and...:

Was just going to buy the WiiU version as a home console version is the definitive version (imo). Pondered the 3DS per portable, but it would kind of depend on whether I could find matches with other players who owned the game. With this news...I feel compelled to buy both to own that soundtrack, Smash has such a good collection of music.

With this, the 'New 3DS' news, and competitive amiibo pricing, I'm gonna have to start setting aside money now to get everything I want. This is aside from Mario Kart 8 getting ridiculous amazing dlc and that hyrule warriors is around the corner O_O

It's almost too much awesome to handle



DeltaPeng commented on Talking Point: A History of the Sexualisation ...:

Misc points:
It would be interesting to find out how the opinions line up when divided by male and female gamers.

The outfit is considered skimpy in terms of how much skin is shown and/or how skintight it is.

The argument that it's okay to over-sexualize Samus because other games do that to their women is not really a good reason.

The way a character dresses does affect how they are perceived and does say something about that character's personality. In this case it does make Samus seem shallower, as a bounty hunter wouldn't quite run out to battle in such attire.

Since this game is intended for all audiences, and we know that all audiences will be buying this game in bulk, it would have been better had made this outfit more conservative. It's not that a girl can't be pretty, but there are more creative ways to make a girl attractive without having to show excessive amounts of skin