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DeltaPeng commented on Talking Point: The Wii U eShop is Raising Toug...:

They could always make a sort option by popularity and ratings, then the user would dictate good games and non. If this option was in the eshop, would easily be able to see things like most downloaded, highest rated, highest rated based on most ratings, etc



DeltaPeng commented on Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley Re-Tools Its Ite...:

My first and fav harvest moon experience was PS1 Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. The items and tool management was always a bit of a hassle, but I'm glad to hear they are streamlining the process.

Agree with Oaf7724, keeping the tool upgrades seems like a better option, adds the feeling of advancement.



DeltaPeng commented on Parent Trap: Amiibo Charts A Fresh Course In T...:

One point to make (based on comments I've read), I want to point out that it isn't confirmed that different versions of the figures unlock more or less content on one game or another, but more that it is a possibility based on whether alternate figures are made in the first place, and whether that's the route chosen in terms of cross play functionality. I think it would be cool to have alternative posed figures in terms of optional collectability and personalization, but for the gamers' wallets and value per cost it would be best if all variations of a character's figures unlocked the same content in the games it will be compatible with. On the other hand, a company has to make money, so we'll see how things turn.

I personally think the route Nintendo is going with the characters in Smash is a good one. If you could play as your amiibo-stat-boosted character, it would give you an unfair advantage against someone just joining in the Smash world that isn't as (financially) invested. On the other hand, if given to the newer players, it gives them a needed boost to compete on a higher level with you, so that could be a plus. In a similar way you could just play 2v1, you vs (the newer player and your amiibo) which would give your opponent an advantage while still letting them learn how Smash plays at the standard and balanced stat level. I've played Smash from the original and am among the best in my group, so I'm looking forward to having an Amiibo AI that is stronger than Lv9's that I can fight against or throw in the 3rd or 4th player spot as needed.

Others mentioned wanting an amiibo themed game, and while it's possible, I'm glad Nintendo isn't starting with it. An amiibo themed game seems more like 'pay to unlock content already on the disc', where amiibo's currently feel more optional and less like they're forcing sales on you. As mentioned, I'm satisfied with the current route Nintendo is going with Smash bros, all characters are unlockable at no extra fee, and the core content to enjoy the game for hours on end and get your money's worth is already available.

The number of different kinds of amiibo characters and how vast the functionality is could put a strain on development. I'm hoping it will be a suitable amount of content and that they find a good balance, as the more content added the higher the amiibo's asking price will likely be and the longer development will take for games using amiibo. It does make me super curious as to how amiibo could be used in the other games though...



DeltaPeng commented on Review: Jet Force Gemini (Nintendo 64):

This game is amazing, not a big shooter fan at all, but this third person shooter is a lot of fun. I never completed it, due to the task of trying to get all the tribals being ridiculous, but it's a blast otherwise and multiplayer was a ton of fun (just watch ending on youtube and all is good). Good soundtrack that sets the feel of the game, loved the aspect of exploring. Each of the three main characters has a special ability to allow them to access areas that others can't (or, at least not easily). Revisiting worlds with other characters to discover new areas was an amazing aspect of the game, and many times areas you can only see in the distance are actually accessible later on. 9/10 and one of my favorite N64 games. Another good game that may not be well know is Mischief Makers. 2D platformer, that game can be frustrating to master (and traverse certain areas), but it is a masterpiece, well executed and lot of creativity in it.



DeltaPeng commented on Soapbox: Mobile And Tablet Gaming Is Creating ...:

Some games work better w touchscreen n others w buttons. I find buttons are better for more precise control, but touchscreen is better for menu or muliple choice type selections. I think the DS systems are incredible for merging the two, and the dual screens lend themselves well to this as well (stylus for precise touch controls, dual screen to prevent visual impairment from touch input).



DeltaPeng commented on Disney Infinity's First Wave of Power Disc "Bl...:

This is old news and this info was released when the pricing for the game and starter packs was released. Maybe no one understood what it entailed? I'm just a bit surprised this is getting such a strong negative shock from so many people



DeltaPeng commented on Nintendo Reveal Why Its 3D Mario Title Isn't S...:

I like what I see so far. I like the NSMB series, and now having an actual 3D mario world that's multiplayer sounds awesome. This kind of gameplay will be difficult to pull off well, but if anyone can do this right, it's Nintendo. It's like how ppl wanted multiplayer in Mario64, except here you get 4 players along with the power suits. Mixing up the character abilities is nice too in giving each player a slightly different experience (and reason to swap and replay)



DeltaPeng commented on NBA 2K14 Won't Be Slam Dunking On Wii U:

Point being, Nintendo can't force other devs to publish for them, but as far as I'm concerned, Nintendo is doing all it can to end the game drought. It very much is the catch 22 someone mentioned earlier - people want the console to sell before they dev, but consoles don't sell without the games. Someone's got to put the risk in for the rewards.

Yeah, 3rd party devs don't do well on Nintendo consoles I hear. A lot of that though, it's not a particular bias, but I feel like the quality per price (of 3rd as opposed to 1st) just can't compare. We don't just need games, we need quality games from other devs, preferrably that cater to what nintendo fans hold dear (gameplay, amongst other things, is a big one). Sports games, while welcome, I'd say is not a genre many nintendo fans would pay $50-$60 for (it's not our preferred style of game, my thoughts as a long-time nintendo gamer, anyway).



DeltaPeng commented on NBA 2K14 Won't Be Slam Dunking On Wii U:

Not a big sports games fan, but a few I've enjoyed- Tecmo Bowl (NES), NBA Jam (SNES), and Wayne Gretzy's hockey (N64). Other than that, I fancy the more zany sports games like Megaman Soccer (SNES), Super mario strikers charged (wii).

The lack of games is frustrating, but WiiU is still pretty new. Nintendo has a ton of big franchise releases coming soon, that it surprises me how many games they have in dev which should be released within say a year's span from now.

Is it not impressive that a new 3D mario, mario kart, smash bros, pikmin, multiple zelda games, game & wario, and yarn yoshi may all get released, again, within a 1~ 1.5 years or so from now? This does not include many of the hit 3DS games that came out recently. Nintendo is working hard to get good, and quality, games out, so give them some time and slack.

And, if talk of indie devs coming to WiiU pan out, that would enhance the many good things on its way for WiiU owners



DeltaPeng commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Should Aim to Produce ...:

Last comment was for those speaking for/against the particular game mentioned, The Last of Us, though of course the main topic was on delivering better narrative, which as I mentioned at the top of my post, I'm all for. Main issue I think nintendo fans have, is, while nintendo games are often times seen as 'kiddy', I think the better term or theme we nintendo fans like is the more that the games are more 'innocent' or everyone friendly. Sure, life isn't always black and white, and nintendo could benefit from adding more complex character development / issues that a character must overcome, but it doesn't mean that this cannot happen in a whimsical or more cartoonish world. Games should not be written off / pre-judged based on the realism of its graphics (or lack thereof).

To improve narrative, and to go with nintendo policies, I think devs need to find more creative forms of conflict that don't involve violence or introducing "M" content, which I'd be against in the long haul (maybe for the occasional game, but nowadays it's unfortunate as it's more of a standard).



DeltaPeng commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Should Aim to Produce ...:

As one comment amidst the others, it may be best to rather say we are looking for more "sophisticated" or complex stories rather than more "mature" stories, as that is getting mixed up with the M rating on games (which, admittedly, tends towards the drug/violence/sexual content that many people are looking to avoid on nintendo consoles/games). As iterated many times over, more sophisticated stories is fine, but in my opinion (and likely that of many nintendo fans) is just don't sacrifice gameplay quality for it.

This comes down to different groups of gamers, nintendo fans tend towards gameplay, while ps xb are more graphics and story (though with a lot of that does come the ESRB "M" rated themes, tho typical, is not necessary for "deep" games). Nintendo obviously caters to gameplay, so those fans who look for solid gameplay flock to them. Likewise, graphics/narrative for PS and maybe fps for XB. Posting about a game that caters to XB and PS fans, it should be expected a lot of people here not to like the game or this game style/genre, or for that game to be a game they would prefer. Yes, the game has it's merits, and sensibly we can say 'yeah the graphics look good' and whatever else, but fans looking for gameplay mainly will not be all that excited about this game. And that's fine, it's everyone's own opinion. We aren't automatically fanboys or ps and xb haters because of this, but it's a typical reaction throwing, again, a game that has a different focus into a nintendo i.e. gameplay loving gamer forum. Can I assume a mario game thrown on a ps or xb forum would not receive unbiased heaps of praise? No, most likely it would be criticized for lack of story or graphics, but those gamers fancy games that have that, so there you go.

Conclusion, yeah you want all nintendo fans to 'praise the game for its amazing graphics and story', which is fine as a game should be praised for its merits, but expect people to not favor it or speak well of it (at least initially) as it is not in their line of preference. One could say, don't be closed minded and try it, and the same could be said back to ps and xb fans who groan at new mario/zelda games.



DeltaPeng commented on Limited Super Mario Accessory Box Reward On Cl...:

Coins get reset every 2 years, and at the beginning of every nintendo year your status resets, so you cannot save coins for gold/platinum status.

Best explanation is on Club Nintendo site. Summary: When you earn coins it adds to your status (need to earn 300 within the Nintendo year for gold, and 600 total for platinum), and spending coins will not detract from the number of coins needed to earn gold/plat status. If you reach either status, you get an extra reward on top of anything you buy or have already bought with your coins. If you check Club Nintendo there should be a place where you can see if any coins you have will be expiring at the end of the Nintendo year (believe it starts up in July).

Hence, if you've already reached platinum status, you should save registration codes on games and systems you buy until next Nintendo year so that they can count towards that year's gold/plat status.



DeltaPeng commented on Talking Point: Wii U vs Xbox One - Online Requ...:

@Yamagushi while I'm glad you are wanting what's best for developers- which is good, as consumers we don't tend to consider the work involved behind a game- a point to be made (concerning lending games one owns and whether that is piracy): it should be considered that up to this point games are created with the expectation in mind that they will be borrowed and shared. Sure, in the ideal world developers would see more profit for their work, and middle sales stores may not claim the profit instead, but this is the way the gaming hobby has tended, and as many people stated, the ability to lend and sell used games is currently common and expected among games and similar media such as movies, board games, etc.

Maybe this should change to favor the developers more, and by changing perhaps the industry will be more profitable and more games will be created. That would be the ideal case. As is, though, since games like other entertainment media has not had this restriction, it's a little unfair to claim that borrowing/lending games is unfair or not morally right. Perhaps in future games this can and should be changed, but as is this is and has not been the case nor the expected standard. As stated before, I believe that games were intended to be shared amongst family and friends and that developer's had this in mind of at least accounted for it before launching the product for sale. Consider multiplayer games, did developers expect that in a game with 4 player co-op, that the owner will single out 3 of their friends to give out those multiplayer spot rights to the copy to enjoy the experience with you? No, rather, it is extra functionality that gives extra value to the game, so that the owner can enjoy the experience with lots of other people (and buy more of their game :p).

Who knows? Perhaps developers will band together and change this 'right', but as things stand there are no laws or rules concerning lending a game to a friend (bar obvious things like piracy). I for one think the main issue of removing used games is price-setting, if only one store controls all the goods then we may have older games remaining at $50 from creation till....forever. This would affect sales due to supply and demand, which would be the company's decision, but overall for us gamers that would mean that we'd typically get to play less quality games and that gaming as a hobby becomes less feasible for the masses. Chances are there will still be a lot of well-priced games, but some of the more quality works (like Nintendo's own or others) would be less accessible on the condition that price points if prices get set and do not change.

If we are wanting to improve the situation for devs, we can talk about solutions in how this could be done - rental stores, perhaps online renting or online accounts that give you access to a library of games, etc. My personal opinion is lending is fine as games are essentially the same as other entertainment media, and if a company really wanted to avoid sharing they could put their game up for digital download only. In this sense nintendo WiiU wins out because it combines both physical and digital download options, rather than forcing one method (if indeed ps4 and xbox one end up doing this).



DeltaPeng commented on Mega Man Soundtracks Released on U.S. Capcom S...:

Even though I won't be buying them all, I'm glad they are now officially released and at a reasonable price. Mega Man music is fantastic, some of the best of it's kind; I'm just surprised it's taken so long to release them. If all the Mega Man music was out and affordably priced like this, I'd definitely capitalize on more if they had more albums released, such as the X and MMBN series. If it were cheaper, I'd buy it all, but for now I can be content with MM3 soundtrack :))

And yes, I'm sure you could download these elsewhere on the internet "for free", aka via pirating capcom's intellectual property.