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DeltaPeng commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Update 1.0.2 Adds ...:

This is nice! A complaint I had is that there weren't enough 8 player-compatible Smash stages. If they did this, I am hopeful that Custom stages will be opened to 8 players, someday.

A kudos for these new stages, it's a nice surprise update



DeltaPeng commented on Club Nintendo to Close, With Replacement Loyal...:

It will be sad not to have club nintendo anymore, but it will be interesting to see what new program pops up. I do like free digital games, but I did envy the game soundtracks others were getting, maybe this new program will have the same rewards for everyone.

That aside, I thought the old program with surveys, though monotonous at times, was nice in that I felt I got a say in helping Nintendo shape their games. I hope some form of user feedback is still incorporated in this new program, my recommendation to to streamline the questions a bit (make the process easier), do away with the hard/short deadlines for survey completion, and remove/enlargen character count limits (text is easy to store, don't limit what could be very useful feedback).

I've bought multiple games at times, but didn't have time to progress very far through them before reaching the survey deadline, even more so since working a full time job. That said, I can't provide as accurate feedback as I would like, unless I try and rush the games. Particularly this is a problem with the hardware Systems, if I recall I only got a survey for the initial purchase of the 3DS XL, and maybe no review of what I thought after I had actually tried and used it for a decent amount of time. I find that not allowing this user feedback (and/or rushing it) prevents Nintendo from getting more valuable/worthwhile/honest feedback.

I realize that with millions of purchases and people filling out surveys it is difficult in general to review all the feedback, and some of it is probably not as detailed as Nintendo may like (i.e. just saying a game is 'good' or 'bad' with no explanation of why you personally thought it was so, doesn't help much from a developer standpoint). Some or maybe all people may just fill out the surveys to get the coins, so may need to find a different way to reward feedback, or not reward surveys (other than possibly an easy to fill out semi-detailed 'rate this game' kind of deal) at all and only reward the purchase/registration of the game, and just leave the text/detailed feedback to those who are providing it to try and make the games better.

I recommend not completely doing away with surveys/detailed_rating_system though, as that would be cutting out the standard way for the 'verified' gamers/buyers of the software to provide feedback.



DeltaPeng commented on Video: See How The New Nintendo 3DS Compares T...:

Can anyone tell me how the sound volume output compares on the 'new' 3DS' compared to the originals? I found the original 3DS XL to be too quiet on some games, while the original 3DS speakers could output a higher volume than the XL



DeltaPeng commented on Lucadian Chronicles is the Latest Free-to-Play...:

I'm looking forward to checking this out, as I like card and strategy games. If it is collectible card game, I hope they don't make collecting everything too grindy (i.e., must perform repetitive tasks (or log in long hours of normal play) that are usually monotonous in order to unlock new items).

If the strategy is good and the user interface operates well, I'd buy in. Appreciate the one time cost over dlc, as that could ruin the balance of things in a strategy game, though optional dlc (such as customized looks/appearances kind of items, preferably at reasonable prices) could work, for those who really get into it.



DeltaPeng commented on Review: Mighty Gunvolt (3DS eShop):

I agree that this rating is higher than it should be. The text is Engrish (broken English) that was hard to understand, and the game itself was very short. The controls are pretty smooth, but the level design was very bland and a lack of real challenge (aside from bosses) ruined it for me.

6/10, maybe lower because it is overpriced. I'd say pay no more than $2 for this



DeltaPeng commented on Video: GameStop Shows How It Faked 'Karissa th...:

I agree with Ryu_Niiyama, it would have been better to hire an actual 10 year old who is good at the game.

As a PR stunt alone it gives the game publicity either way, but the way they did it sends a message, "age doesn't matter, you can 'settle it in smash' and be better at this game/esport and beat those who are older / have potentially more general gaming experience". But since it was faked, it's like, nope, just kidding. Only adults can be pro at this game. Of course that's not explicitly stated, but it gives that impression. And may make people doubtful if they ever see something like this again, even when it could be legit.

So, there's where some of the disagreement comes in, methinks



DeltaPeng commented on Teyon Games Adds Text and Voice Chat to 3DS eS...:

Since it requires that your friends have it as well, the price could stand to be lower. I do think this is a neat app though, so I plan on keeping my eye on it. Ability to buy download codes of the app for friends would help make this more appealing



DeltaPeng commented on Nintendo Teams Up With Loot Crate To Deliver a...:

Depends on price, and range of amiibos offered. Is the amiibo that is sent a random one (for every customer, or per month for all subscribers)? If it is all random, is there a chance you could get a duplicate?

The problem with this is that I want some fairly specific amiibos, but I may be interested in this if they have a large enough incentive to go this route (much cheaper price, special edition amiibo, if other non-amiibo Nintendo stuff is included). Otherwise, it seems like this deal is geared towards those who want to collect them all, or who don't have any preferences or who like surprises.



DeltaPeng commented on Runbow Developers Picked Wii U for its Massive...:

More local multiplayer games for variety is good, as I anticipate my WiiU becoming a party machine with 8 player Smash!

Color changing concept is interesting, and it seems to work well in the video, though it does look like it will get quite hectic over time! From the description I thought it was going to be an endless runner, in which case each player would probably only need 1 or 2 buttons. Per the video though it looks like each player can run and jump, which may require 3-6 buttons (4 directional and 1-2 action), so I am assuming this would require each wiimote to be connected to a Wii classic controller or to use a WiiU pro controller.

I anticipate the standard party I would have would be 5-7 people, but having the capability for 9 is nice



DeltaPeng commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Update Incl...:

@Porky Lol, well, that may be true, as aside from grabbing it is pretty worthless. I played this one guy online, 1v1, Megaman vs Megaman, and once leaf shield was up you pretty much had to run or be grabbed. It may be different when playing against characters with non-projectile attacks with reach



DeltaPeng commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Update Incl...:

From what I've tried so far (pre-update), I'd say Little Mac needs to be nerfed. And Megaman's leaf shield grab. And Sonic in general from the little I've seen of him.

Little Mac has way too much knockback on side A attack even at low percents (making it too easy to push light-med characters around), and having super armor for what looks like side and down smashes is a bit much.



DeltaPeng commented on Nintendo's Quirky amiibo Video Shows How They'...:

Related to being able to play SSB4 as your amiibo character, I prefer the way Nintendo has it set things up in making the amiibos their own AI. This makes the amiibo's more like pokemon or sparring partners. From what I can tell, you can use custom equipment and moves in SSB4 WiiU as a player, so there's nothing stopping you from playing as the character you want with the same equipment (minus some hassle to get it all set up and/or equipment availability on a friend's save file), but this way doesn't require purchasing an amiibo. If Nintendo took the skylander's approach of forcing amiibos to use special equipment or even to use the character itself, it would mean content being locked out of SSB4 and only accessible to those with the amiibo characters, which would be less generous than Nintendo's current offering and upset a lot of fans. Being able to play as a character without having to buy it's related toy is one of the amiibo's high, high selling points. Or technically, it probably makes the figures sell less for Nintendo, but as a buyer I am much more comfortable and satisfied with putting money down for Amiibo's and Smash brothers with the route they are taking.

From the amiibo training partner perspective, similar to the video, and assuming it adjusts it's fighting style based on who fights it, each amiibo can become quite different (compared to other players' amiibos) and provide a unique experience. It opens up new ways to play. Similar to the video, instead of playing a free for all 4 player match, you can play an 8 player, team battle (2v2v2v2) of one human player and their amiibo sparring partner. But again, amiibos aren't required to enjoy SSB4*, so if you don't like them you can ignore them without losing out.

*Though it makes it seem a little that way in the video. Jack could have used a level 9 CPU for his teammate, but assumably it would have been much weaker than the level 50 amiibos (though I assume the amiibo level does not equal and scale the same as the standard CPU level).

Could amiibos give someone an unfair advantage in battle? Sure, it's like having a handicap or higher leveled CPU character than someone else. But it should be seen more as new ways to play and try the game (i.e. the sparring partner example shown in the video). And rather than using an amiibo only for yourself to win, one could always team it up with newer players to help them catch up to speed / compete in a battle. Per the video, they could have allowed Jack to use one of their spare amiibos, or if they had no extras, they could have taken a level 9 CPU partner for themselves and allowed Jack to use their higher leveled amiibo. This didn't happen because the point of the video was to advertise the gist of the amiibo training process and provide conflict, but in real life the amiibo scene can be more welcoming/friendly :p



DeltaPeng commented on 8 Player Smash Mode Confirmed For Wii U Super ...:

I'd say having the 'possibility/potential' of 8 players is pretty great. I'm sure there won't always be that many people playing the game at once, but I've often had 5-6 people around who want to play Smash, so now this opens up the ability to add them also into the fray. If the amiibo thing goes viral, then it allows a 4 player match with everyone teamed up with their own amiibo, to bring the count to 8 (similar to the commercial). This makes the amiibo prospect of being a 'training partner' much more of a reality as it doesn't remove any human player slots (from the standard 4player perspective).



DeltaPeng commented on 8 Player Smash Mode Confirmed For Wii U Super ...:

I'm curious to see how 8 player smash battles would work. It may require the 4 player gamecube controller adapter (as the WiiU doesn't naturally support 8 wireless controllers...though not sure how hard it would be to get around that from a technical standpoint).

I think 8 player free for all would indeed be chaos, but a 4v4 or 3v3 team battle could work quite nicely I imagine. Or if there are different levels of skill, adding more players to a team could help balance that / give the newer players a chance to experiment (i.e. 2v3, 3v5, etc).



DeltaPeng commented on Nintendo Download: 16th October (North America):

Hopped on to the eshop yesterday prior to coming here, and wow this is a pretty good week for what look to be quality game releases.

Purchased Ballpoint Universe, Ping 1.5, and considering Paper cut monsters and Chests o booty (about to check some reviews on it). Lone survivor looks interesting, though not really my style of game. All are quite well priced too



DeltaPeng commented on Weirdness: Sony Fan Creates Petition In Hope O...:

There were a couple games like the Smash series kind of genre, but not reaching the quality and polish of the original (Playstation All Stars, and some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash up).

So it seems that it's more a matter of other companies not making this kind of game on their system rather than their being a restriction on it.

At worse he's trolling, and no reason not to ignore (a neutral situation).
At best he's ignorant and heaping praise on Nintendo (a positive situation, others are taking notice and agreeing that this Nintendo game and series is great and going as far as to sign a petition).

Either way, the chances of this occurring are basically 0 so it can only be a good thing for us.



DeltaPeng commented on Talking Point: The Super Smash Bros. 3DS Demo ...:

I see a few comments that say, I'm disappointed because I meet the qualifications and didn't get a code, but the qualifications were only there so that'd you have a Chance to get a code. It wasn't a guarantee. I didn't get a code despite meeting the qualifications.

That said, I'd say that if anything, this was an interesting PR move as a big game like this generally hasn't gotten demos early. It was a generous move to also include a fair number of extra codes for the players that did get them. Can't complain a ton since the demo will be released publicly in a week.

Aside from wanting to limit download craziness and I don't know, maybe it's affect on Nintendo's network?, I wonder if a different strategy would have been better. Like, just giving the demo to all platinum and/or gold members of Club Nintendo for their loyalty. Or, both get the demo, but plat gets an additional code(s) to share. That would help club nintendo members feel more included/special for their support, particularly since some of us feel a bit cynical from the last club nintendo rewards (which were a step down from previous years). And yet, would that cause us to feel 'elite' or somehow better than the more casual gamers? That would have a negative impact overall and in the long term. Brand loyalty is fine, but I definitely see it go overboard in terms of console wars and sometimes 'hard core' vs 'casual' gamers, where regardless we should all be treating and seeing each other respectfully and as equals. While limited people did get it, since they also got a large number of extra codes, it does seem that the intention was for them to share those codes with others. Again, demo will be released soon, not a big deal (in spite of I am a fairly large smash fan). If anything it was an interesting idea, and Nintendo's been trying a lot of new things lately, some of which have been quite good, so I much appreciate them trying new things.

An aside: I personally don't think selling codes was wrong or cynical. I think it's ridiculous that some people are paying more than a few bucks for it, but as long as it's not mis-advertised, and it is noted that the demo will be available in a week, it just shows how much those people wanted the code. Selling online also better ensured that those who want the code can get it. Yesterday on these forums, we had a number of people beg/asking for codes, or to send them a code via email, and after awhile how do you determine who has actually gotten a code? Or of the available people, who most wanted the code (aside from excessive begging)? In that sense, selling online helps to direct it to those people who wanted it most. There was and is no rule that one could not sell a freebie from nintendo, nor is there a rule that one had to give any unused codes away for free. Of the two, the option to give away freely is obviously the 'nicer' option, but it's not an obligation on their part.



DeltaPeng commented on Preview: Fantasy Life is Waiting to Become Par...:

Are there online features for this game? It would be very cool if you had online options to trade and play with other players. Then mayhaps, one group of people, if interested, could stick with a Blacksmith life to specialize in it, and become the armor making gurus that others trade with, etc etc

Edit: Hmm, it looks like this can be done to some extent locally via multicard play, it seems. I may have to get this game then



DeltaPeng commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

I'm liking the enhancements they are adding so far, the colored buttons and changeable face plates (of the new 3DS, non XL) are looking nice. The extra processing power and memory are definite pluses, and while I don't use the 3D effect often, the viewing angles looks much better such that if I had a new 3DS I might use it more.

My main gripe with 3DS XL are that the speaker volume is pretty low compared to original DS. I do have slight hearing loss, but it is quiet to the point where I need to sit 'too close' to my 3DS XL screens to hear the music in certain games, which is bothersome and defeats the purpose of my getting the XL screens. So, I hope these new versions have better speaker volume capability.



DeltaPeng commented on Nintendo Confirms amiibo Launch Range of 12 Fi...:

Glad that they're competitively priced with skylanders and disney infinity characters (and not more expensive). Still a bit pricy though, especially if trying to collect them all, so I'll probably focus mainly on getting the ones I like that look good or that provide decent in-game functionality.



DeltaPeng commented on Register Smash Bros. on Both Wii U and 3DS and...:

Was just going to buy the WiiU version as a home console version is the definitive version (imo). Pondered the 3DS per portable, but it would kind of depend on whether I could find matches with other players who owned the game. With this news...I feel compelled to buy both to own that soundtrack, Smash has such a good collection of music.

With this, the 'New 3DS' news, and competitive amiibo pricing, I'm gonna have to start setting aside money now to get everything I want. This is aside from Mario Kart 8 getting ridiculous amazing dlc and that hyrule warriors is around the corner O_O

It's almost too much awesome to handle



DeltaPeng commented on Talking Point: A History of the Sexualisation ...:

Misc points:
It would be interesting to find out how the opinions line up when divided by male and female gamers.

The outfit is considered skimpy in terms of how much skin is shown and/or how skintight it is.

The argument that it's okay to over-sexualize Samus because other games do that to their women is not really a good reason.

The way a character dresses does affect how they are perceived and does say something about that character's personality. In this case it does make Samus seem shallower, as a bounty hunter wouldn't quite run out to battle in such attire.

Since this game is intended for all audiences, and we know that all audiences will be buying this game in bulk, it would have been better had made this outfit more conservative. It's not that a girl can't be pretty, but there are more creative ways to make a girl attractive without having to show excessive amounts of skin



DeltaPeng commented on Mario Kart 8 Update & DLC Scheduled for 27th A...:

That's neat that they are updating the game functionality, and the features look pretty useful.

If they do future updates, I'm hoping the number of vids you can save are increased (I filled mine up pretty fast), and it'd be cool if you could save the slow-mo to the actual video.

Either way, kudos to Nintendo for updating the experience. Their first entries into DLC / feature updating are looking pretty positive.



DeltaPeng commented on These Official Wisdom Tree T-Shirts Are So Bad...:

Lol on the Super Noah's Ark 3D shirt

In terms of gameplay, I thought the Noah's ark game by Wisdom tree was pretty good. Technically, God brought the animals to the ark so there'd be no need for Noah to get them, but the gameplay idea and game goal is much better with Noah collecting the animals.

I agree that there could / should be more Christian-themed games out there, even if they aren't blatantly Christian or exactly as stated in the Bible. Having more games that try to creatively teach good morals would be helpful. I think there's room for creative expression as long as it doesn't cross specific boundaries, like misinterpreting some core Christian doctrines (if you intend to be a 'Christian' game).



DeltaPeng commented on Poll: Is Online Co-Op a Major Miss in Hyrule W...:

It would be a nice feature to have, but considering it's not a port of a game but a brand new one (hence much more models to design, story, maps, strategy to add, etc), it's fine for a first release. If a sequel came out, they could build off the first game and may then have more time to devote to more of the extra features



DeltaPeng commented on Reaction: Nintendo's Drop in Momentum Is A Big...:

A thought, I read a lot of the initial comments yesterday about wanting more retails games, and concern as it is hard for Nintendo to focus on creating games for both systems (seems one gets the focus and games over the other).

I think this is the trend and the way dedicated gaming is headed in general. The reason being that it is getting harder over time to justify the price of a console and $50+ games, particularly as PC gaming and steam regularly discounts and drops prices of games within the year, if not within a couple of months after a games release. Combine that with mobile phone gaming a < $10 apps, and console gaming can't continue doing business as usual.

The popularity of eshop is an example of this, the public is preferring cheaper, smaller titles that are more risk free (being cheaper) and cost effective (easier to develop), and diverse (more developers). The low amount of retail games, not just in Nintendo platformers but across the board, is also indicative of this, and the head towards digital (as the overhead for physical product, distribution, and store display is high). Part of this is the demand for cheaper games from the consumers, part of this is a demand for quality (as there were many retail releases on the Wii and DS, but a high number was shovelware). To be successful, I think developers need to give up or re-analyze the idea that a retail game they make will sell at the $50+ range, and/or that they will make a viral hit and become insta-rich, as the market is instead towards the cheaper / smaller titles. There are exceptions for the quality games that come out (i.e., a lot of what Nintendo makes is worth that price range, for a time), but expecting all retail games to be at that price, is unrealistic in the way the market is turning.

Since things are turning towards digital and download only, and retail game releases only being made for the games that are more quality, the issue comes in that game droughts are seen 'in terms of retail releases'. In spite of there not being as many retail releases on the 3DS this year, there was still a fair number of eShop releases made. That, and while I hear complaints that not many games were released 'this year' that people wanted to buy, surely there are other good games that were made earlier that haven't been tried yet? If you haven't played a good game that was say released in 2008, then that's as good an opportunity as ever (maybe better, since it's cheaper now) to buy it and play it.

Along those lines, I think a way to save the console industry and/or improve public opinion of it / remove the idea of gaming drought, is to create a more detailed and comprehensive review list of games that are available on a system. eShop for example, has a fair number of quality titles on it, but the average consumer does not know about them. If Nintendo made more news about just how many games are available and just waiting to be bought, and from the convenience of your home, I think people would see more the value and opportunity that their system has. A solution for the average consumer who goes to their local department or gaming store, is to advertise and display pamphlets / or cardboard cutouts, etc of the games available on a system that denote it as Download Only. Gamestop does this for some of their games, but if this was done for a lot more of the eshop titles, it would raise a lot of awareness at a reasonable cost (one cutout per store per game title). If these stores were enabled to sell digital download codes for said eshop titles, again, awareness is raised and 100's of games that already exist are brought to the consumer's attention.

That said, thanks for reading my wordy exposition. Here's some eShop titles I enjoyed / are in my queue that look pretty good. As a gamer, I've grown up on Nintendo classics, love platformers.
Rabi Laby 2 = $2
Bloody Vampire = $5
Crimson Shroud = $5
Steam World Dig = $8?
Mutant Mudds
Pop Island = $2?
Escapee Go
Liberation Maiden

I'd be interested to hear what people's favorite eshop and retail titles are, though I wonder if there'd be a convenient way for each person to just make a list of their favorite titles? Then if someone has similar tastes as you, you can just check out games on their list. That may be a good way to spread the word among friends and miiverse



DeltaPeng commented on Review: Rabi Laby 3 (3DS eShop):

I think Rabi Laby is my favorite eshop puzzler, gives you a good think. Now if only I could get past that 'impossible' ice stage in Witch's cat...hmm...

For those on the fence, Rabi Laby 2 has a cheaper price of $2 compared to the others in the series



DeltaPeng commented on Nintendo Download: 31st July (North America):

Megaman battle network is an amazing series (MMBN1 and 3 are the best, 2 is also good). I think it's strikes a stronger chord if you've played at least some of the original Megaman games, but still a solid experience.



DeltaPeng commented on Doodle To Your Heart’s Content in Upcoming W...:

Online functionality needs to return to Swapnote. That was among my favorite Nintendo apps.

Aside from that, it is surprising that more drawing games haven't come out for the WiiU. Being an artistic game, I hope that this allows screenshots to Miiverse



DeltaPeng commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

Yeah...I appreciate that some retail games are included in Platinum, but I don't care much for either. My friend happens to really want DKCR 3D so this works out as a gift, but for my sister and her fiance (Gold level members) they have a fairly so-so selection to choose from. I don't think there's anything Gold-Platinum that my sister would like enjoy (maybe Mario Minis, but that's plat).

That said, my favorite reward is exclusive Nintendo swag or game OST (or, an mp3 download would suffice), though I realize the shipping cost alone can be expensive. If they go the digital route in the future, the selection should be better to appeal to more gamers. Or, could give eshop credit as a reward ($5 Gold, $10 Platinum) which would be equivalent or less value-wise to the provided rewards at less cost to Nintendo (as that's about the price of shipping and ~item) yet provide an option everyone could enjoy



DeltaPeng commented on Talking Point: The Wii U eShop is Raising Toug...:

They could always make a sort option by popularity and ratings, then the user would dictate good games and non. If this option was in the eshop, would easily be able to see things like most downloaded, highest rated, highest rated based on most ratings, etc



DeltaPeng commented on Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley Re-Tools Its Ite...:

My first and fav harvest moon experience was PS1 Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. The items and tool management was always a bit of a hassle, but I'm glad to hear they are streamlining the process.

Agree with Oaf7724, keeping the tool upgrades seems like a better option, adds the feeling of advancement.



DeltaPeng commented on Parent Trap: Amiibo Charts A Fresh Course In T...:

One point to make (based on comments I've read), I want to point out that it isn't confirmed that different versions of the figures unlock more or less content on one game or another, but more that it is a possibility based on whether alternate figures are made in the first place, and whether that's the route chosen in terms of cross play functionality. I think it would be cool to have alternative posed figures in terms of optional collectability and personalization, but for the gamers' wallets and value per cost it would be best if all variations of a character's figures unlocked the same content in the games it will be compatible with. On the other hand, a company has to make money, so we'll see how things turn.

I personally think the route Nintendo is going with the characters in Smash is a good one. If you could play as your amiibo-stat-boosted character, it would give you an unfair advantage against someone just joining in the Smash world that isn't as (financially) invested. On the other hand, if given to the newer players, it gives them a needed boost to compete on a higher level with you, so that could be a plus. In a similar way you could just play 2v1, you vs (the newer player and your amiibo) which would give your opponent an advantage while still letting them learn how Smash plays at the standard and balanced stat level. I've played Smash from the original and am among the best in my group, so I'm looking forward to having an Amiibo AI that is stronger than Lv9's that I can fight against or throw in the 3rd or 4th player spot as needed.

Others mentioned wanting an amiibo themed game, and while it's possible, I'm glad Nintendo isn't starting with it. An amiibo themed game seems more like 'pay to unlock content already on the disc', where amiibo's currently feel more optional and less like they're forcing sales on you. As mentioned, I'm satisfied with the current route Nintendo is going with Smash bros, all characters are unlockable at no extra fee, and the core content to enjoy the game for hours on end and get your money's worth is already available.

The number of different kinds of amiibo characters and how vast the functionality is could put a strain on development. I'm hoping it will be a suitable amount of content and that they find a good balance, as the more content added the higher the amiibo's asking price will likely be and the longer development will take for games using amiibo. It does make me super curious as to how amiibo could be used in the other games though...



DeltaPeng commented on Review: Jet Force Gemini (Nintendo 64):

This game is amazing, not a big shooter fan at all, but this third person shooter is a lot of fun. I never completed it, due to the task of trying to get all the tribals being ridiculous, but it's a blast otherwise and multiplayer was a ton of fun (just watch ending on youtube and all is good). Good soundtrack that sets the feel of the game, loved the aspect of exploring. Each of the three main characters has a special ability to allow them to access areas that others can't (or, at least not easily). Revisiting worlds with other characters to discover new areas was an amazing aspect of the game, and many times areas you can only see in the distance are actually accessible later on. 9/10 and one of my favorite N64 games. Another good game that may not be well know is Mischief Makers. 2D platformer, that game can be frustrating to master (and traverse certain areas), but it is a masterpiece, well executed and lot of creativity in it.



DeltaPeng commented on Soapbox: Mobile And Tablet Gaming Is Creating ...:

Some games work better w touchscreen n others w buttons. I find buttons are better for more precise control, but touchscreen is better for menu or muliple choice type selections. I think the DS systems are incredible for merging the two, and the dual screens lend themselves well to this as well (stylus for precise touch controls, dual screen to prevent visual impairment from touch input).



DeltaPeng commented on Disney Infinity's First Wave of Power Disc "Bl...:

This is old news and this info was released when the pricing for the game and starter packs was released. Maybe no one understood what it entailed? I'm just a bit surprised this is getting such a strong negative shock from so many people



DeltaPeng commented on Nintendo Reveal Why Its 3D Mario Title Isn't S...:

I like what I see so far. I like the NSMB series, and now having an actual 3D mario world that's multiplayer sounds awesome. This kind of gameplay will be difficult to pull off well, but if anyone can do this right, it's Nintendo. It's like how ppl wanted multiplayer in Mario64, except here you get 4 players along with the power suits. Mixing up the character abilities is nice too in giving each player a slightly different experience (and reason to swap and replay)



DeltaPeng commented on NBA 2K14 Won't Be Slam Dunking On Wii U:

Point being, Nintendo can't force other devs to publish for them, but as far as I'm concerned, Nintendo is doing all it can to end the game drought. It very much is the catch 22 someone mentioned earlier - people want the console to sell before they dev, but consoles don't sell without the games. Someone's got to put the risk in for the rewards.

Yeah, 3rd party devs don't do well on Nintendo consoles I hear. A lot of that though, it's not a particular bias, but I feel like the quality per price (of 3rd as opposed to 1st) just can't compare. We don't just need games, we need quality games from other devs, preferrably that cater to what nintendo fans hold dear (gameplay, amongst other things, is a big one). Sports games, while welcome, I'd say is not a genre many nintendo fans would pay $50-$60 for (it's not our preferred style of game, my thoughts as a long-time nintendo gamer, anyway).



DeltaPeng commented on NBA 2K14 Won't Be Slam Dunking On Wii U:

Not a big sports games fan, but a few I've enjoyed- Tecmo Bowl (NES), NBA Jam (SNES), and Wayne Gretzy's hockey (N64). Other than that, I fancy the more zany sports games like Megaman Soccer (SNES), Super mario strikers charged (wii).

The lack of games is frustrating, but WiiU is still pretty new. Nintendo has a ton of big franchise releases coming soon, that it surprises me how many games they have in dev which should be released within say a year's span from now.

Is it not impressive that a new 3D mario, mario kart, smash bros, pikmin, multiple zelda games, game & wario, and yarn yoshi may all get released, again, within a 1~ 1.5 years or so from now? This does not include many of the hit 3DS games that came out recently. Nintendo is working hard to get good, and quality, games out, so give them some time and slack.

And, if talk of indie devs coming to WiiU pan out, that would enhance the many good things on its way for WiiU owners



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Last comment was for those speaking for/against the particular game mentioned, The Last of Us, though of course the main topic was on delivering better narrative, which as I mentioned at the top of my post, I'm all for. Main issue I think nintendo fans have, is, while nintendo games are often times seen as 'kiddy', I think the better term or theme we nintendo fans like is the more that the games are more 'innocent' or everyone friendly. Sure, life isn't always black and white, and nintendo could benefit from adding more complex character development / issues that a character must overcome, but it doesn't mean that this cannot happen in a whimsical or more cartoonish world. Games should not be written off / pre-judged based on the realism of its graphics (or lack thereof).

To improve narrative, and to go with nintendo policies, I think devs need to find more creative forms of conflict that don't involve violence or introducing "M" content, which I'd be against in the long haul (maybe for the occasional game, but nowadays it's unfortunate as it's more of a standard).



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As one comment amidst the others, it may be best to rather say we are looking for more "sophisticated" or complex stories rather than more "mature" stories, as that is getting mixed up with the M rating on games (which, admittedly, tends towards the drug/violence/sexual content that many people are looking to avoid on nintendo consoles/games). As iterated many times over, more sophisticated stories is fine, but in my opinion (and likely that of many nintendo fans) is just don't sacrifice gameplay quality for it.

This comes down to different groups of gamers, nintendo fans tend towards gameplay, while ps xb are more graphics and story (though with a lot of that does come the ESRB "M" rated themes, tho typical, is not necessary for "deep" games). Nintendo obviously caters to gameplay, so those fans who look for solid gameplay flock to them. Likewise, graphics/narrative for PS and maybe fps for XB. Posting about a game that caters to XB and PS fans, it should be expected a lot of people here not to like the game or this game style/genre, or for that game to be a game they would prefer. Yes, the game has it's merits, and sensibly we can say 'yeah the graphics look good' and whatever else, but fans looking for gameplay mainly will not be all that excited about this game. And that's fine, it's everyone's own opinion. We aren't automatically fanboys or ps and xb haters because of this, but it's a typical reaction throwing, again, a game that has a different focus into a nintendo i.e. gameplay loving gamer forum. Can I assume a mario game thrown on a ps or xb forum would not receive unbiased heaps of praise? No, most likely it would be criticized for lack of story or graphics, but those gamers fancy games that have that, so there you go.

Conclusion, yeah you want all nintendo fans to 'praise the game for its amazing graphics and story', which is fine as a game should be praised for its merits, but expect people to not favor it or speak well of it (at least initially) as it is not in their line of preference. One could say, don't be closed minded and try it, and the same could be said back to ps and xb fans who groan at new mario/zelda games.



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Coins get reset every 2 years, and at the beginning of every nintendo year your status resets, so you cannot save coins for gold/platinum status.

Best explanation is on Club Nintendo site. Summary: When you earn coins it adds to your status (need to earn 300 within the Nintendo year for gold, and 600 total for platinum), and spending coins will not detract from the number of coins needed to earn gold/plat status. If you reach either status, you get an extra reward on top of anything you buy or have already bought with your coins. If you check Club Nintendo there should be a place where you can see if any coins you have will be expiring at the end of the Nintendo year (believe it starts up in July).

Hence, if you've already reached platinum status, you should save registration codes on games and systems you buy until next Nintendo year so that they can count towards that year's gold/plat status.