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  • News StreetPass Being Looked into for Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D

    Potentially allowing gamers to "play" the game without actually playing it

    The 3DS is set to offer handheld gamers a variety of functionalities that were previously unavailable. It's easy for the 3D visuals to be stealing the limelight, but what about things like StreetPass? How will developers utilise this subtle yet intriguing feature? Since the unveiling of the Metal Gear Solid 3 tech demo at E3..

  • News Be Britain's Best Nintendo Gamer and Win a 3DS

    The search is on!

    Last year saw Josh Stevens crowned Britain's Best Nintendo Gamer 2009 in a packed-out event in London, and now he'll be given the opportunity to defend his crown by taking part in Nintendo's newly announced Britain's Best Nintendo Gamer 2010. Qualifying kicks off in two weeks in participating Game and GameStation stores on the 16th...

  • News Feast Your Eyes on 3DS's Launch Line Up in Japan

    Updated: Not necessarily day one titles

    Update: It's come to our attention this is only a list of titles for the console's launch window, not necessarily those titles that will be available at launch. Some will, some will follow weeks later.* February 26th is the date those lucky Japanese get to buy their very own 3DS, but what good is a new console without new software? Judging from the console's..

  • News Marvelous Willing to Bring Muramasa: The Demon Blade to the 3DS

    Company also confirms 3DS Harvest Moon title and zoo life game Animal Resort

    There are certain games that we'd love to see on the 3DS purely because playing them on a handheld system is enticing enough. Then there are games that will surely benefit from the extra punch that the 3D effect will provide – and Muramasa: The Demon Blade could be of them. When Siliconera spoke to Tomio Kanazawa, group..

  • News 3DS to Boot Games Straight from SD and More Informative Nuggets

    Such as firmware updates whilst on the move

    Those gamers who have struggled with rapidly filling SD cards on DSiWare may think it's too little too late, but Nintendo has confirmed the 3DS will be able to launch downloaded games directly from the card. The company is including a 2GB SD card with every 3DS console in Japan to allow all users to download titles immediately, loading them straight from..

  • News Super Street Fighter IV Trailer Shows New Modes in Action

    Little bit of gameplay too

    Fighting fans will be spoilt for choice on 3DS: the trailer for Dead or Alive: Dimensions looked pretty sharp, but this trailer for Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition could sneak a first round victory. As well as showing the super-smooth fighting action, it also shows off two modes that make use of the


  • News 2011 Release for 3DS is a Move to Avoid Stock Shortages

    Seems a smart decision

    The pre-conference buzz around 3DS was for a release in Japan late this year, with Nintendo's share price jumping hugely at a rumour the machine would launch in October for ¥18,000 (around $215/£136/€157), though that news turned out to be the Mario edition DSi XL. It turns out the original plan was to launch the machine in 2010, but Nintendo realised it would never be..

  • News WayForward Not Working on A Boy and His Blob for 3DS After All

    But is another studio?

    Back in June, when the 3DS was revealed, Nintendo released a long list of games on their way to the system, with Majesco's A Boy and His Blob right at the top of the list (alphabetically speaking, anyway). Now developer WayForward has confirmed it's not currently working on the title, and that the announcement of the game was...

  • News Ubisoft Reveals Driver and Splinter Cell Games for 3DS

    Screenshots inside

    Cast your minds back to E3 and that long list of upcoming third-party releases for 3DS: it's going to take a while for each of those games to be revealed, but Ubisoft's doing its part by showing off the first screenshots of Driver 3D and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory 3D. Splinter Cell seems to take some of the stylistic inventions of most recent title Splinter Cell: Conviction but..

  • News Nintendo Predicts 4 Million 3DS Units to Sell in Debut Month

    That's Nintendo with its conservative hat on

    It's all very well showering us with release dates and pricing (well, for Japan anyway) and the trailers and screenshots certainly don't do any harm, but how well does Nintendo think the 3DS will perform sales-wise? Nintendo is predicting the 3DS to shift more than 4 million units by the end of the fiscal year ending March 2011. With the Japanese launch..

  • News Brand New 3DS Screenshots For Your Eyes to Behold

    Ocarina, Paper Mario, StarFox, PilotWings and more!

    Information is great, but if a picture speaks a thousand words then we have several novels' worth of words for you to digest with brand new screenshots of 3DS games. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Paper Mario, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Steel Diver,

  • News New Dead or Alive: Dimensions Trailer Lands a Few Combos

    Tecmo shows off some gameplay footage

    Among the invited developers and publishers at Nintendo's exclusive 3DS event today was Tecmo Koei, the studio behind Rygar: The Battle of Argus; the Wii instalment of the Platstation action game from 2002. The developer's upcoming Dead of Alive: Dimensions for the 3DS has been progressing steadily and the...

  • News Super Monkey Ball 3DS Title to Roll Out Next Year

    Get ready to tilt some monkeys in the palm of your hand

    Earlier today we brought you the 3DS software trailer and the only reason our eyeballs didn't implode with excitement from the barrage of treats on display was because we're weren't seeing it in 3D. At just under three minutes in duration, it showed clips from twenty 3DS titles and one of them features little monkeys running around inside..

  • News Tales of the Abyss Coming to 3DS

    3DS port in the works for Japan

    Namco Bandai has just announced that their Playstation 2 RPG Tales of the Abyss will be making its way to Nintendo's new 3DS system in Japan. They've also stated that the game will be an updated port in full 3D glory. We've seen speculation and rumors in the past about the game coming to various platforms, but it...

  • News 3DS To Get Revamped Online Shop

    Better interface, faster menus and a new Virtual Console

    Nintendo's Wii Shop Channel and DSiWare Shop may have some great games on them, but browsing the services for content could be a bit easier. Unless you go in there knowing what you want, finding something new and interesting can be a bit cumbersome, as sifting through menu after menu can take some time. With the 3DS, Nintendo hopes to change..

  • News SpotPass is Essentially WiiConnect24 for 3DS

    Get new content just by leaving the machine on

    The 3DS's StreetPass feature maximises the console's portability by offering interactive features with no user input required, but Nintendo hasn't ignored the machine's at home functions, creating a system called SpotPass to enable the 3DS to communicate via the Internet whilst in Sleep Mode. Working in...

  • News 3DS's StreetPass Communication Feature is Tag Mode Done Right

    Smart, fast and actually useful

    The DS's Tag Mode is an under-used feature of the hardware, with very few games getting the most out of it. That hasn't deterred Nintendo from making it a bigger feature of its upcoming 3DS however, with the StreetPass system taking games social. It's not just the 3D screen that is 3DS's big revolution: Nintendo is pitching it as a new playstyle, called "Carry..

  • News See Plenty of New 3DS Games in Motion Right Here

    Resident Evil: Mercenaries, Super Monkey Ball and more

    Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition, Final Fantasy: Chocobo Tales, Super Monkey Ball and more all combine to make this 3DS software trailer a pretty tasty affair. Plenty of 3D games make their motion debuts, as well as with Capcom's Resident Evil: Revelations and recently announced Resident Evil: Mercenaries both looking absolutely fantastic.

  • News Play with Augmented Reality with 3DS Pack-In Cards

    Six special cards to enjoy AR

    Whilst PlayStation Move and Xbox Kinect press on with augmented reality games, Nintendo has a few tricks up its sleeve as well, bringing the genre to 3DS with six specially created cards to interact with 3DS's built-in software. If you're not sure what augmented reality is, it's a type of gaming that uses a camera to...

  • News See 3DS's Menu, Mii Creator and More in Motion

    Video shows off new features

    So far Nintendo has announced the Virtual Console for 3DS as well as the ability to transfer DSiWare to 3DS, but it has a few more things to show off. This video shows the console's Mii Creator in more detail, with a photo used to create the basis of your Mii character. It also delves a little deeper into the Tag Mode...

  • News Yes, You Can Transfer DSiWare to 3DS

    Software you've bought can be saved

    One of the worries about the 3DS was whether the DSiWare that you'd lavished your hard-earned Nintendo Points on would make the jump across to the new console. According to a Nintendo PDF, the answer is "yes, but with limitations." Those limitations seem to be that some software simply won't be transferable at all, though there were no indications of..

  • News Virtual Handheld Confirmed for 3DS

    Not a joke this time

    For years, gamers have been clamouring for a VIrtual Console-style system for the DS, allowing them to download and play their favourite GameBoy titles. You just have to read the comments on this spoof article to know how keenly awaited the service was. Now, with the 3DS, Nintendo has answered your calls, as it's announced it's...

  • News Capcom Announces Franchise 3DS Titles

    Mega Man Legends 3 project and Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D

    Capcom's just announced two upcoming 3DS titles, a Mega Man Legends 3 project as well as Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D. The former will continue the spin-off series while the latter will present missions from the Mercenaries Modes of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5 in brain-melting 3D, and with worldwide WiFi multiplayer to..

  • News 3DS Details Unleashed at Japanese Press Event

    Nintendo releases 3DS information

    For those of you who don't already know, Nintendo is holding a special news conference to release details on their plans for the upcoming 3DS system. We'll be posting tidbits of information in this article as they announce them. 3DS will be released in Japan on February 26, 2011 and will retail for 25,000 yen...

  • News 3DS Launches Feb. 26 in Japan

    Europe and North America join the fun in March

    During Nintendo Conference 2010, CEO Satoru Iwata announced the Japanese launch date and price for the upcoming 3DS handheld. The portable will release on Feb 26, 2011 and retail for 25,000 yen. The two launch colours are Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black. Prices vary by market and it's tough to say that the price will be exactly the same in other territories,..

  • Rumour 3DS Tech Specs Revealed

    Specifications, not spectacles

    The technical specifications for Nintendo's upcoming wonder machine, the 3DS, have found their way online, IGN reported recently. An anonymous source has divulged to them that the hardware will feature two 266MHz ARM11 CPUs, a 133MHz GPU, 4MBs of dedicated VRAM, 64MBs of RAM, and 1.5GBs of flash storage. Other devices using ARM11 include the Zune HD, some Android..

  • News Super Street Fighter IV Producer Hints at Extra 3DS Content

    Game to use as-yet unannounced 3DS features

    A portable, fully-equipped, 3D-enabled conversion of Super Street Fighter IV sounded too good to be true just six months ago, but here we are in the knowledge that Capcom is bringing Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition to the 3DS with all 35 characters intact. Will it be adding more to the mix? Producer Yoshinori Ono is reluctant to confirm or deny..

  • News Retail Rumour Pegs 3DS for April Launch Across America

    The mill gears are grinding again

    We know you're impatiently waiting for September 29th, when Nintendo will finally announce the release date and pricing for its upcoming 3DS handheld, but if this rumour turns out to be true you could be waiting impatiently for the console a little longer than first thought. An anonymous retail source – your Scepticism Meter is probably exploding around now –..

  • News Gaijin's Alex Neuse Plays Silly Beggars About 3DS Development

    Let's play "will they, won't they"

    Those Gaijin Games guys are a wily bunch: the first teaser for BIT.TRIP FATE was vague as they come, but even that has nothing on Alex Neuse's slippery 3DS comments to Eurogamer. When quizzed about whether the studio had plans to develop on other consoles, Neuse did – or perhaps didn't – have this to say: I...

  • News EA's Budding Line-Up of 3DS Titles Starts With My Garden

    No need to water your 3DS, do that in-game

    The upcoming 3DS clearly packs a punch in the visuals department in more ways than one, and instead of portraying more human forms of photo-realism, EA has decided to introduce itself to the party with a gardening simulation as its first release on the platform. My Garden (a working title), is exactly what it sounds like. Offering a variety of different..

  • News Independent PC RPG Eternal Eden Heading to 3DS

    RPG Maker title ahoy!

    The DS has taken years to gain its reputation as a heavyweight console for RPG fans, but the 3DS may quicker out of the blocks, with Eternal Eden one of the first announced entries in the genre. A translation of an independent PC game developed using RPG Maker VX, the story revolves around three children who live in a garden...

  • News n-Space Interested in Bringing Geist Back from the Dead on 3DS

    3DS makes Cube translations easy

    n-Space is a busy place to be at the moment, with a duo of handheld Bond titles in GoldenEye and Blood Stone under development as well as Call of Duty Black Ops and TRON: Evolution for Wii and DS. That hasn't stopped the developer from contemplating resurrecting its own IPs though, with GameCube spiritual shooter Geist on its "interested" list. The..

  • News Resident Evil: Revelations Uses a Version of Capcom's MT Framework

    The first title to use portable version of Capcom's game engine

    When it was revealed that what we saw in the Resident Evil: Revelations trailer at E3 was rendered in real-time, people had a hard time swallowing that nugget of information. Although Nintendo is tight-lipped about the technical specs of the wonder-machine, Capcom has recently touched upon what the 3D system is really capable of. A..

  • News Suda51 Talks About No More Heroes 3, 3DS Game Ideas and More

    Find out what qualities are important to him as a game designer

    When you have an unorthodox game designer like Goichi Suda and a wonder machine like the 3DS that's sure to ignite a few sparks in developers' creative minds, we as consumers could very well be in for a treat. The CEO at Grasshopper Manufacture, more commonly known as Suda51, recently spoke to Revogamers about ideas he's considering..

  • News Let's Look at Some New Dead or Alive: Dimensions Screenshots

    Show us ya movez, Tecmo

    With Nintendo slated to make announcements on September 29 regarding pricing and release dates for the upcoming 3DS handheld, we're hoping more third-party developers start rolling out information on their new wares. Today, we've got some new screenshots of Dead or Alive: Dimensions characters Kasumi, Ayane, Hayate and mutton-chopped Raidou duking it out on Nintendo's future..

  • News Tecmo Finally Masters the Single Entendre with Dead or Alive: Dimensions

    3DS fighter gets named

    Tecmo's Dead or Alive series has walked a fine line between serious and absurd ever since its first home conversion offered the option to boost the bounce of its female fighters. Plenty of conversation (amongst other things) arose after the game's unveiling at E3 for 3DS, under the then-uninspiring title of Dead or Alive 3D...

  • News You'll be Shocked by Japan's Most Wanted 3DS Franchises

    Better sit down

    We all want 3DS, and we all know the games we want to see on the system, but what do our gaming counterparts in Japan want to play? If you said "Square Enix RPGs", you just scored five points. Japanese site 4gamer surveyed over 20,000 gamers to find out which title – announced or otherwise – they were most excited about. Unsurprisingly, Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest..


  • News High Voltage Software Has 3DS Ideas That "Break The Mould"

    Conduit developer has "hundreds" of them

    The upcoming Nintendo 3DS has shown that it can perform new tricks that no other portable system has performed before, and this latest raising-of the-bar has opened up the minds of developers and allowed them to conceive of new ideas that were previously not possible due to the available technology. Having...

  • News 3DS Unlikely to Feature Achievements System

    Finer points still being thrashed out

    After the 3DS's big reveal at E3 this year, a series of videos hit the 'net showing various developers and publishers talking about how exciting the machine was for them. One such video featured EA's Ryan Stradling, who spoke about the 3DS's online features including the potential for an Xbox 360-style...

  • News Headstrong Hard at Work on Trio of 3DS Games

    But what are they?

    Previously known as Kuju London, Headstrong was responsible for bringing Battalion Wars 2 and House of the Dead: Overkill to Wii, and is currently working on Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest, but the studio's looking to cast its development net wider with three titles in the works for 3DS. Steve Pritchard, Headstrong's Development Director, confirmed to German site 10do.de that..

  • News Prepare for a Perfect Super Street Fighter IV Experience on 3DS

    Two control methods promised too

    It's been a long time since a Nintendo console received a Street Fighter game – not counting Virtual Console, that is – so the announcement at E3 that Capcom was powering-up its Super Street Fighter IV meter for a Level 3 Super Combo attack on 3DS was music to our ears. Still, there were nagging doubts that the game would suffer compared to its big console..

  • News 3DS Gets Tactical Launch Title Courtesy of X-Com Creator

    Julian Gollop beavering away

    You may not know the name, but Julian Gollop is one of the creators of the highly-regarded X-Com tactical series, a turns-based strategy game fondly remembered by many. Although the series itself isn't headed to Nintendo platforms any time soon, Gollop has announced he's bringing a turns-based tactical RPG to the 3DS in time for the console's launch. Citing critically..

  • News 3DS Could Cause Eye Problems in Later Life

    Just wait and see

    We read in a recent report that 1 in 10 people can't see 3D properly, but there have been concerns that even those who can see 3D images could suffer from eye strain and poor vision from playing the console too much. As such, Nintendo recommends children under the age of 7 do not play 3DS with the 3D effect on to prevent any...

  • Podcast Episode 18 - 3DS Report and Gaijin Games!

    Take another journey into sound

    Another month, another Monday: that can only mean a brand new episode of the Nintendo Life podcast. James Newton will be talking more about the 3DS following his 3DS First Impressions, as well as waxing lyrical about promising party title Wii Party and more. Zach Kaplan returns with a leaner version of This Nintendo Life and Sean Aaron interviews Chris Osborn from..

  • News Sakurai Testing, Testing Kid Icarus: Uprising's Online Features

    May have versus mode, may not. Who knows?

    We didn't get chance to wrestle with Kid Icarus: Uprising at the 3DS event in London as the game's still being feverishly worked on behind the scenes, and a recent interview with GamesMaster Magazine reveals the game's online modes are still taking shape. Masahiro Sakurai: The online capabilities are...


  • News 3DS Coming to Japan by October

    Gamespot backtracks on 3DS release window report

    Gamers interested in Nintendo's new 3D portable might want to start saving a little sooner. It seems that Nintendo has just confirmed to Bloomberg Japan that their new 3DS system will indeed launch in Japan by October of this year, according to a recent article on Gamespot. We've already heard about Nintendo's upcoming announcement on September 29th,..

  • News 3DS Release Date and Price Will be Revealed in September

    Place your bets now, please

    Although we recently got chance to have a second bite at the 3DS apple, there was no further information available about when the machine would be released or how much it would cost. Now we have a clearer idea of when that information will be forthcoming. Nintendo has confirmed to Bloomberg that it will announce these...

  • Hands On We Experience 3DS in London

    We play PilotWings Resort, Nintendogs + Cats and more!

    Our intrepid reporters Darren and James made a trip to London's rather posh Millbank Tower yesterday to experience the one and only 3DS. First things first: there were no new titles available here, no new information about the 3DS and no word on its release date and pricing. It was simply a chance to get hands-on with the machine to see if it..

  • News New Trademarks Suggest Potential Names for 3DS Tag Mode

    Possible software titles pop up too

    It's not uncommon for companies to register trademarks for potential names of products and services, and whilst most will disappear into the mist of time, never to be used, a select few actually will. We'll leave it to you to decide if the latest Nintendo trademarks hit the spot. That is, until their potential use. We know the company plans to offer 3DS gamers..

  • News Here's a Pokemon Black & White Video Chat Video For You

    And another mysterious beast revealed

    A few weeks ago we brought you news that video chat could be coming to Pokémon Black & White for DSi and 3DS owners. Now the feature's been confirmed, with its television debut on the Pokémon Sunday show, and it seems you can even draw on your friends' faces using the touchscreen for some on-the-fly facial...

  • News EA Boss Lavishes 3DS with Praise

    It's "incredibly cool" and "magical", you know

    Just in case you thought the world had forgotten about 3DS since the newsplosion that was E3 2010, EA reminds you the machine is coming with a few choice words. The company's Chief Operating Officer, John Schappert, spoke to IndustryGamers and bestowed high praise on the machine, calling it "incredibly cool" and "magical". Mr..

  • News Shu Takumi Talks Ghost Trick, Ace Attorney

    Would love to see a 3DS Phantom Detective

    Recently, PlanetDS.de published an interview with Shu Takumi, a creative director at Capcom who's working on Ghost Trick and whose past projects include the first four Phoenix Wright titles. In it, he discusses his excitement with Phantom Detective: I swear none of you have ever seen anything like it...

  • News 1 in 10 People Can't See 3D Properly

    Potential problem for 3DS

    The upcoming launch of Nintendo's 3DS is getting people pretty excited as they imagine their first glimpse of true 3D gaming in the palm of their hand. For 12% of those giddy gamers, however, the moment could be a disappointing one. According to British charity The Eyecare Trust, as many as 6m Britons can't properly process...

  • News 3DS Form is Final Shape, says Hideki Konno

    Don't go changin'

    Most of the released images of the 3DS so far have come with a "not final form" caveat, but it seems you can start to ignore that now, as Nintendo hardware honcho Hideki Konno has stated you can take those images as the final shape, making the confirmation in a brief but wide-ranging interview with Wired magazine: Wired.com: In 2004, when the first DS was first shown at..

  • News Live Video Chat Could Come to Pokemon Black & White

    Live Caster feature for DSi and 3DS only

    Pokémon Black & White is shaping up to be a big push forward for the series: as well as a revamped graphical style, three-on-three battling and more, the latest information suggests it will allow DSi and 3DS owners to use video chat in local and WiFi Connection play. Pokémon website par excellence Serebii has posted scans of a Japanese promotional..

  • News 3DS Anti-Piracy Measures are Too Sophisticated for Human Brain

    So says THQ man

    Nintendo's suffered badly at the hands of piracy this generation, although it's done its best to stem the flow with a series of court cases and lawsuits. With its next-generation 3DS handheld the company's keen to combat the problem still further, employing more preventative technology than before; technol

  • News Nintendo Admits Advertising for 3DS Will be Tricky

    "Do I need these glasses or don't I?!" exclaims hypothetical customer

    It wouldn't be tough to argue that Nintendo's forgotten child, the Virtual Boy, was doomed from the start. Among the myriad factors that contributed to its downfall was the inability to successfully advertise the product, as we detailed in our Making of the Nintendo Virtual Boy feature. How do you accurately print screenshots..

  • News 3DS Could Feature 3G Connectivity

    If cryptic interview is to be believed

    We know that Nintendo is keen to do more with the connectivity features of its upcoming 3DS, with the ability to download new content automatically via WiFi. Now a rumour has surfaced that the machine could also feature 3G technology to offer an always-on Internet connection. Ryuji Yamada, President at Japanese wireless company NTT DoCoMo, revealed in a recent..

  • News Metal Gear Solid Creator Briefs Us on What We Can Expect in the 3DS Instalment

    But will he be involved?

    With the recent confirmation that what was shown at E3 was more of a tech demo than work-in-progress, you may be disappointed at the prospect of no Metal Gear Solid at all on the 3DS. Well, you can now breathe a sigh of relief because Hideo Kojima has cleared a few things up with regards to the demo and where it leaves us with an actual final product. The construction of..

  • News Bplus Blowing Up 3DS with Vector Tank 3D+

    Prepare for more 3D explosions than ever

    Capcom, Konami, Nintendo and other big-name studios are all hard at work bringing some of their big name titles to the 3DS, but that's not to say the smaller developers are going to be left behind. Bplus, of Niki - Rock 'n' Ball and Bit Boy!! fame has just announced it will be bringing Vektor Tank 3D+ to 3DS in Q2 2011. The first scree

  • E3 2010 Best of E3 Awards

    Nintendo Life honours the great and the good

    The most recent episode of the Nintendo Life podcast revealed the winners of the Reader's Best of E3 Awards, and in case you've not caught the show yet here they are: Reader's Awards: Best Wii Game – Donkey Kong Country Returns.Best Handheld Game – Kid Icarus: Uprising.Best Overall Game –

  • News Our Perceptions of 3DS Metal Gear Further Solidify

    May not be what we saw at E3

    The latest Kojima Productions podcast revealed more detail regarding the upcoming 3DS Metal Gear title. It seems that the publishers are paying attention to the feedback from E3 in shaping the new release and in deciding whether the series comes to the potent portable at all. Judging by the buzz, it seems quite likely...

  • News Still Hope Rayman Origins May Find its Way to Nintendo Consoles

    Updated game info page says Wii and 3DS is "to be considered"

    The Wii excels when it comes to 3D platform games, but it's certainly no slouch in the side-scrolling department. With a healthy back catalogue including Klonoa, New Super Mario Bros. Wii and A Boy and His Blob, as well as upcoming treats Kirby's Epic Yarn and Donkey Kong Country Returns

  • News Sony: Please Be Nice to 3D Glasses, Nintendo

    SCE exec would like to see the two companies promote 3D together

    President of Sony's Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida is happy that Nintendo has joined Sony aboard the 3D train with its reveal of the 3DS handheld. But during an interview with IGN, he expressed his disappointment with Nintendo's narrow put-downs of 3D glasses, which are a keystone of Sony's approach to the new tech. I have hope..


  • News Kid Icarus: Uprising to Show Other Control Schemes How it's Done

    Sakurai proud of inventive controls

    The 3DS offers a huge wealth of control options for game designers to make use of: a traditional D-Pad and face buttons as well as an analogue stick, touchscreen, motion detectors and even the camera can all be used to control titles. Masuhiro Sakurai, the man in charge of bringing Kid Icarus: Uprising to the...

  • News Reggie's 3DS Date Confirmation May Have Been a Mistake

    Contrasting comments cause confusion

    You may remember this video from the weekend: the President of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime, appeared on a popular late night talk show to play some Donkey Kong Country Returns and decided to show off a little of the 3DS as well? And when asked by the incisive interviewer "when will the console be coming...

  • News The War on DS Piracy may be Hard to Win, but Iwata Optimistic with 3DS

    What modern tools can be utilised for the latest member of the family?

    Nintendo has always made efforts to combat the various forms of piracy its consoles has had to endure. From sales of illegal flash carts to the copying and distribution of retail games, individuals have been known to pay upwards of US$1.3 million should they get caught. The company acknowledges the difficulty in trying to st

  • News Reggie Confirms 3DS is Coming Next Year

    Barely audible over a million hearts breaking

    The discussion of whether Nintendo's 3DS will reach one of the Western territories before Christmas has been a back-and-forth affair. Will it, won't it, will it, won't it? Well, it won't. On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, as well as showing the world his incredible skill at Donkey Kong Country Returns,...

  • News Kingdom Hearts DS Release Re:coded to Tease 3DS Title

    Nomura tells all!

    According to a recent interview with Square Enix director Tetsuya Nomura, the 3DS Kingdom Hearts game will be a brand new adventure in which characters Soru and Riku explore worlds previously unforeseen in the series (no Pixar characters, though). If you want any more tidbits, though, it might do you well to check out the upcoming...

  • News The 3DS Might Make it in Time for Christmas Shopping Lists

    All we want for Christmas...is you!

    When the Wii launched in Europe around the Christmas period back in 2006, it was undoubtedly one of the top-sellers of the holiday season and with supply shortages surpassing what was expected, Nintendo was in a position where it couldn't satisfy consumer demands. If CVG's source is correct, we could see the 3DS...

  • News DSiWare Will Not Be Transferable Unless Nintendo Makes Changes

    Reggie's comments may worry some

    One of the major questions arising from Nintendo's unveiling of the 3DS, other than "when?" and "how much?", was "will I be able to transfer my DSiWare content?" As the content is currently locked to each device rather than an overall account, it's not currently possible to transfer the games between two DSi systems, prompting the..

  • News Sega Pondering Bringing Adult Titles to 3DS

    Alien and House of the Dead could find handheld homes

    The 3DS's initial line-up is full of mature titles, with Metal Gear Solid 3 and the new trailer for Resident Evil Revelations showing exactly what's possible on the console. Now Sega is pondering bringing some of its more mature properties over to the machine. Speaking to GamesIndustry.biz, Sega...

  • News Iwata: 3DS Games May Cost as Much as Wii Titles

    Better start saving or thinking up Sanford and Son-esque money making schemes

    With the 3DS generating as much hype as it is, it's no surprise that its software may cost as much as your average Wii release. You get what you pay for, and this handheld could hardly be classified in the same ballpark as the Game Boys of yesteryear. No, friends; the 3Ds is nothing less than a Game Man. Or woman. Gender..

  • News Glory Be! Pachter Actually Has Something Nice to Say About 3DS

    Analyst must have gotten out of bed the right side this morning

    Every time Nintendo does or doesn't do anything, well-regarded analyst Michael Pachter almost always has something snide to say about it. The man has forged a career out of shooting down new projects and pouring scorn over potentially exciting games. It seems, though, that when it comes to the 3DS, he's actually quite impressed: The..

  • E3 2010 Your Chance to Salute the Best of E3

    Reader's vote returns!

    So E3 is over for another year, now a distant memory as we look to the future to anticipate when we might all be able to join Corbie in appreciating the 3DS for ourselves. It's not time to forget just yet; in fact, quite the opposite: it's time to celebrate the best of E3 in our imaginatively titled Nintendo Life Best of E3...

  • News 3DS Online Content to Push, Not Pull

    In new Nintendo console, the games come to you

    There are still no hard-and-fast facts about how the 3DS's shop will function, but several recent interviews with Satoru Iwata have revealed a potential sea change in thinking at Nintendo's highest level: as well as Mr Iwata's post-E3 comments that the console could support video chat, a discussion with...

  • News 3D Video Chat Possible says Iwata

    Is there nothing it can't do?

    We know the 3DS will have improved online capabilities, and we know it's capable of taking 3D photographs, but an interview between Forbes and Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has hinted at a combination of the two: online three-dimensional video chat. Although Mr Iwata chooses his words carefully and never states such a feature is planned, he does say that a number of..

  • News Valentine & Redfield 'Fall Out' in the Resident Evil: Revelations Trailer

    ...over a mysterious prisoner?

    Last week's E3 event showed us a glimpse of Capcom's latest instalment in the Resident Evil franchise built exclusively for the 3DS. Now it's time to take a look at the official announcement trailer where the screenshots were taken from. Get ready for some gun-pointing and interrogation. Resident Evil: Revelations sees the return of Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield..

  • News Iwata: Nintendo Looking to Improve Online Efforts

    Company is "not satisfied" with current functionality

    When it comes to online functionality, Nintendo doesn't rank particularly high among developers – and they know it. Earlier, Shigeru Miyamoto expressed the company's need to rethink it's online strategy on a macro level. Now, in an investor Q&A session held during E3 last week (via Kotaku), CEO Satoru Iwata explained t

  • News Sony President Not Impressed With 3D Handhelds Sans Glasses

    Cover the 3DS's ears

    Nintendo and Sony are two companies at the forefront of 3D gaming, with the former tackling the handheld market, and the latter focusing on the home console demographic. With 3D televisions already under Sony's belt, it's understandable that it wants to focus on hardware that will compliment its new sets. Kaz Hirai, President at Sony Computer Entertainment, has recently shared..

  • News 3DS Design May Still be Tweaked, Expected to Launch by March

    Feedback from E3 taken onboard

    Now we know what's to come on Nintendo's upcoming new handheld, the big question gamers want answered is when it will be out. Following last week's report that the 3DS should be released by the end of the fiscal year, Reggie Fils-Aime has spoken to IndustryGamers and confirmed the scheduled launch period and the possibility of the final look being different to what..

  • News Iwata's 3D GameBoy Advance is in a Drawer Somewhere

    Prototype console hidden amongst socks

    Nintendo's interest in 3D graphics stretches far back in time, from the days of the Virtual Boy to the newly-unveiled 3DS. They may have been the only two 3D machines to reach consumers, but that doesn't mean they're the only ones Nintendo cooked up, as an interview with CEO Satoru Iwata reveals. During development of the GameBoy Advance the company added a..

  • News 3DS Powered by Pica200 GPU

    No, we've never heard of it either

    For months it was thought that NVidia would be providing the graphics power behind Nintendo's 3DS portable, but a recent report revealed the chip manufacturer would have no part in the console's construction. So whose technology is making those impressive graphics possible? Digital Media Professionals, that's who. The Japanese company recently announced its..

  • E3 2010 3DS Could be Region-Locked

    Decision not made yet, says Reggie

    With no concrete release date for the 3DS yet in any territory, gamers everywhere are already plotting which importer to go with should the machine reach their country last. Nintendo of America's President Reggie Fils-Aime says the company has not yet decided if the machine will be region-locked, leaving the door...

  • News 3DS Could Turn Pages as Well as Heads

    Iwata hints at the system as an eBook reader

    With the 3DS being the fifth generation of Nintendo handhelds, it seems to have so much more potential thanks in part to the era of technology it is present in. With all the hi-tech talk of stereoscopic visuals, taking 3D pictures, motion and gyro sensors, it can be easy to forget about the more simple applications that a modern games system can handle..

  • News Sony Senior Director Gives 3DS the Thumbs Up

    Mick Hocking sees Nintendo's foray into 3D gaming as mutually beneficial

    It seems to to be pretty difficult to have a bad word to say about the recently unveiled 3DS, even if you are the competition. Following from the recent praise that a Microsoft general manager gave to Nintendo's "experimentation" with 3D gaming, a Sony senior director has now echoed that encouragement. Senior group..

  • E3 2010 First Impressions: Nintendo 3DS

    Hands on with Nintendo's amazing 3D portable

    Any time there's an announcement of new video game hardware, a certain buzz is created. In all truth, you couldn't walk five feet on the streets of Los Angeles on the way to the Convention Center without hearing someone talking about Nintendo's upcoming 3DS system. Even the line for the Nintendo keynote...

  • E3 2010 Rumour: 3DS May Allow Game Installs

    Off the cart, on the move

    Japanese paper Nikkei, a source of many rumours that have been true in the past, is reporting that one new feature of the 3DS will be the ability to copy software from game cartridges onto the 3DS's internal memory, opening up the possibility of a console packed with games and no more lost cartridges. Of course, this raises...

  • E3 2010 Nintendogs and Cats for 3DS

    Snuggle up with new pets on 3DS

    Nintendogs is a worldwide phenomenon, having sold close to 25m units in its lifetime. Shigeru Miyamoto has often spoken of his desire to add felines to the mix, and now he's finally getting his wish as Nintendo announces Nintendogs + Cats on the way for 3DS. Like most of the titles for 3DS at E3 t

  • E3 2010 3DS Will be Out Within 12 Months

    Early next year at the latest

    We were all expecting to find out solid release dates and pricing for Nintendo's next generation handheld, but its press conference made no mention of when we'll be able to get our hands on the 3DS. Eminent European site Eurogamer, however, has received word from one source that the console is pencilled in for a launch...

  • E3 2010 EA Hints at 3DS Online Functionality

    Friends list, sports updates and potentially even achievements

    We already know that 3DS will include a WiiConnect24-like mode whereby users who carry their console around in sleep mode will still be able to interact with other consoles, exchanging information and downloading content anywhere they go. An interview with EA producer Ryan Stradling over at the Nintendo E3 Network seems to hint that the..

  • E3 2010 Namco Bandai Games Announces its Initial 3DS Line-Up

    Pixel chomping, rubber burning, super saiyan, metal-suited.... er...super robot goodness.

    Of the many peaks at this year's E3 event, the unveiling of the 3DS and the wave of game announcements that came with it were certainly up there. Namco Bandai Games is carrying on that momentum by announcing the five games it is currently working on for the new...

  • E3 2010 Reader Questions - Day One

    You ask, we tell.

    Well Day 1 of E3 was a busy one, and Nintendo came out with guns blazing during its Press Conference. Its booth was easily the busiest and there were enormous lines of media members waiting to get their hands on the Nintendo first-party hardware and software. While I don't tour Nintendo's booth until later this afternoon, I was fortunate enough to get some hand on time with the..

  • E3 2010 Nintendo's Press Conference Highlights

    Miss the show? Catch the highlights reel

    We brought you live text updates from Nintendo's press conference, but sometimes there's excitement only seeing things in motion can bring. Now you can live – or relive – all those cherished memories of times gone by with this highlights compilation from the show. From Satoru Iwata showing off the 3DS to Shigeru Miyamoto jumping onstage to unveil Legend..

  • E3 2010 PilotWings Resort Set to Soar on 3DS

    Yes, there will be jetpacks

    Time to date yourself, PilotWings fans: it's been 14 years since the series last saw a brand-new entry. That was PilotWings 64 in 1996, launching alongside the Nintendo 64. Why, some of you may not have even been alive then. But you're alive now (we think), and along with the announcement of the 3DS came the reveal of a new title in the series: PilotWings Resort. Taking..

  • E3 2010 Corbie's Reaction to 3DS on Video

    "Incredible, absolutely incredible"

    We've already read a few of Corbie's first thoughts on the 3DS, but we have a feeling you'd be much happier hearing them come straight from his mouth. What about being able to watch his face at the same time? Well, that's getting a bit creepy now, but okay: we'll oblige. Check out this extremely brief video interview conducted by the Nintendo E3 Network to gauge..

  • E3 2010 Two New Professor Layton Mysteries On the Way

    One for DS and one for 3DS from Level 5 (updated with trailer)

    The first Professor Layton was a huge crossover hit all over the world, bringing non-gamers to the DS in droves, enchanted by its blend of puzzle and adventure in a rather whimsical shell. Last year's Pandora's Box was every bit as good, and now the saga continues with two more mysteries...

  • E3 2010 Dead or Alive 3D

    More in your face than ever. You know what we mean.

    Not only is 3DS set to receive some Super Street Fighter IV action in three-dimensions, notorious (but actually rather good underneath) beat 'em up Dead or Alive is heading to the console as well. Two fighting games for one Nintendo handheld might just be a record, you know. With series stalwarts Ryu Hayabusa, Ayane and Kasumi already confirmed..

  • E3 2010 Kingdom Hearts 3DS

    We knew about Re:coded, but this is new

    And so the great E3 2010 content marathon continues with a few short but sweet shots of Square Enix and Disney's crossover Kingdom Hearts, heading to 3DS in the near future. The official announcement merely confirms it as an entry in the Kingdom Hearts franchise, failing to clarify whether it will be a remake of an existing title – something we've seen a..

  • E3 2010 Kid Icarus: Uprising

    Pit returns in 3D! Updated with trailer!

    You might remember the mysterious Project Sora from last year, an unknown title set up by Masuhiro Sakurai, famed creator of countless Nintendo characters. Today at E3 2010 we found out the game's real name is Kid Icarus: Uprising and it's heading exclusively to 3DS, and it looks amazing. If the footage shown...

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