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Giygas_95 commented on An Impressive 1.79 Million Players Have Crosse...:

This is a fantastic game...I currently have a file that I've suspended for a while, but I plan to pick it back up while I'm on summer break.

That said, I can safely say some of the GBA games are better. Blazing Sword and Sacred Stones are just TOO good.

Edit: This is a big reason why...

@VanillaLake Mmm, I'd agree, but I'm afraid Kid Icarus Uprising gives it some pretty tough competition. I was playing some of the later chapters last night and it just kept blowing my mind right and left.



Giygas_95 commented on ​Famitsu Reveals Some Fresh Details on Fire ...:

I'm sticking with classic for sure. Can anyone tell if the infinite weapon uses applies only to Phoenix mode or all modes?

Personally, like @SomeBitTripFan said, I don't think Phoenix mode will teach you anything but bad habits. If you want to learn how to play these games the RIGHT way, go with classic.

Edit: I suppose I wouldn't mind infinite weapon uses for legendary weapons, but that's it. It just doesn't really make since for things like Mystletainn or Valflame to break.



Giygas_95 commented on Nintendo Download: 14th May (Europe):

Mega Man Zero 4 is awesome! It also has one of the best boss battles in the series: Commander Craft. Beating that guy with no sub tanks or cyber elf upgrades is thrilling, and I'd encourage anyone else to try doing the same!



Giygas_95 commented on Feature: A Fit-To-Burst History Of Kirby Games:

City many hours of my life...GONE. XD

But I'd have to say Crystal Shards is my favorite for its mix and match copy ability system.

Edit: Oh yeah, like someone else said, Super Star Ultra would probably be my favorite. Dat Meta Knight mode tho.



Giygas_95 commented on Review: Cube Creator 3D (3DS eShop):

What I can't figure out is how they release this kind of stuff without the owners of Minecraft taking notice in some way.

I mean just look at the art style...It practically looks like it's using lifted assets.



Giygas_95 commented on Video: Here's Our Own Animal Crossing x Mario ...:

@DEAD It was pretty insane on 200cc I have to admit. That course really gets better the faster it is. 50cc on that stage is boooooorrrring.

Part of the madness comes from the close proximity to other racers though. You can't get separated much from other racers on it.



Giygas_95 commented on Video: New Xenoblade Chronicles X Video Goes B...:

ooooooohhhh, it looks so gooooooood...

Now that I'm done drooling, I can't wait for this game. I hope you can get your hands on that lightsaber like weapon that guy was wielding about halfway through.

Also, I can't help but feel a little sad this isn't going to involve Shulk in any way, but that's just the way it is. Guess it gives the story writers more freedom anyway.



Giygas_95 commented on Rumour: More Super Smash Bros. Code Digging Po...:

@SirQuincealot My logic is that there are more recent Fire Emblem characters than Roy, and given that he's a Marth clone (which we already have in the form of Lucina) I just don't see the point in putting him back in.

The remark about Roy being more popular with Smash players than with Fire Emblem fans wasn't so much a reason why he should be excluded though. More like something I just find irritating.

Although you said yourself that FE6 is an obscure Japanese game, which is true when compared to some of the localized FE games. That seems like even more reason to leave him out to me (Same could be said for Marth although he had Shadow Dragon which got localized).

Also, sarcasm is cheap, friend. Very cheap. ;)



Giygas_95 commented on Nintendo 3DS System Update 9.7.0-25 Has Stabil...:

The "My 3DS is so stable that..." jokes thread.

Oh well. It didn't stop me from having my game on Xenoblade 3D freeze up right after I killed a level 40 monster making me lose a few minutes of progress as well as that tough fight!



Giygas_95 commented on Rumour: More Super Smash Bros. Code Digging Po...:

@Sforzando This exactly. Besides, Roy isn't even relevant anymore, and he was only ever included as free advertisement for his game which only came out in Japan.

Besides, most people that I've seen that play Fire Emblem don't even like Roy. It seems the only people that do are those who only know him via Melee.

Also, there's already a character named Roy on the roster. How would they differentiate the two? Have the announcer say "Roy" two different ways? Or maybe have him say "Roy Koopa" as opposed to just "Roy"?



Giygas_95 commented on Reminder: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Out Now for ...:

@Mii-bot2015 What if I already have all my data on a 32 GB Micro SD? Would I just copy it all over to the 64 GB card using a computer after formatting the 64 GB to 32FAT?

Thanks by the way. I just bought this 32 GB micro SD so I'll stick with it for a while, but I may get a 64 GB at some point. My birthday's in a couple months so maybe then.



Giygas_95 commented on Reminder: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Out Now for ...:

@JaxonH That sounds awesome! I can definitely see the appeal in group hunting. As a matter of fact, I think I'd rather try that before even hunting solo although I'm sure you want to go solo first to learn the game before hunting with other people.

I'd like to download this game maybe, but with only about 6 GB left I'm hesitant. I just don't want to have too many cartridges to keep track of, but I don't want to run out of space either. Maybe I'll just start deleting stuff I don't play very much.

@Blastcorp64 Hahaha! I'm tempted to try that! :D



Giygas_95 commented on Rumour: Upcoming Mario Kart 8 DLC to Include B...:

MK7 had some of my favorite tracks in the series as well as my all time favorite Rainbow Road. More MK7 tracks PLEASE! Man, what I wouldn't give for Rock Rock Mountain on MK8. Love that track. (also, Maple Treeway in HD would be nice too...)

Baby Park is like a kiddie version of the Excite Bike track and would be awesome on 200cc (though it'd need about 15 laps to be a reasonable time).



Giygas_95 commented on Reminder: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Out Now for ...:

@JaxonH Okay, then after I've exhausted this game I might just try MH4 then. If I ever got MH3U I'd have a tough time choosing between the Wii U or 3DS version though because, while you said the Wii U version has online multiplayer and is better overall, I've always been kind of a solo player, and I prefer portability to better graphics and features. Though getting both would be awesome what with that save data transfer feature. I could play on the road and then pick back up at home on the big screen! :) One last thing, would you recommend downloading the games or just getting the cartridge? My 32 GB card has about 6 GB left on it so how big are the games (pretty huge I imagine)?



Giygas_95 commented on Reminder: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Out Now for ...:

@JaxonH Hey, I know you're kind of a Monster Hunter aficionado, and I was wondering something. Since I might like to get some other big games besides this for my New 3DS in the future, would you recommend MH3U or MH4U? What are the big differences and pros and cons of both, and is it worth getting both?



Giygas_95 commented on Review: Mega Man Zero 3 (Wii U eShop / Game Bo...:

@Einherjar I agree too because on one hand it's a bit too hard, but if you use all the elves (which would take ages to do in normal mode) or play ultimate mode it becomes too easy. There's really no middle ground unless you can get a reasonable amount of elves (which still takes a ton of crystals to do). So with that in mind, I just choose the too hard over the too easy. I really did like how 3 removed weapon leveling though. Also, 3 is much more accessible with elves, and I like how you can find enhancement parts (that ultimate foot chip tho!).

@LasermasterA I haven't played much of GV yet, but the big thing I miss is having some sort of sword weapon. Marrying Mega Man gameplay to sword based combat was a stroke of absolute genius, and it looks and feels so incredibly smooth in gameplay. Wish GV had some type of volt sword. I'm not really a fan of the tag and zap gameplay, but it's still pretty good.

@Philip_J_Reed High five! :) Two is my favorite followed by four as well. I think 2 has the toughest level design honestly.



Giygas_95 commented on Review: Mega Man Zero 3 (Wii U eShop / Game Bo...:

@Einherjar And that, my friend, is exactly why I forgo the cyber elf system almost completely in Zero 1. It's more fun and challenging to go through the game with no upgrades anyway (except I usually get a sub-tank elf by the end of the game because I have trouble beating the last boss without it). Frankly, I can't even see the appeal of Jackson mode because it makes the game so easy...which is why I haven't bothered to unlock it. Besides, the Zero Collection let's you basically play it from the get go with easy mode.



Giygas_95 commented on Review: Mega Man Zero 3 (Wii U eShop / Game Bo...:

Zero 2 is my favorite. I think it has the toughest level design of the four honestly. Zero 1's level design isn't really as challenging, but that game is a lot less forgiving of your mistakes. This one is good, but's kind of my least favorite of the four.

@HeroOfCybertron Providing you have a DS or 3DS, may I direct you to a solution to your problem?



Giygas_95 commented on Nintendo Download: 9th April (North America):


Also, I got a physical copy of Xenoblade 3D coming in the mail. Don't have a New 3DS yet, but I figured I'd like to be able to play Xenoblade the moment I get a New 3DS.



Giygas_95 commented on Poll: Which Characters Do You Want to Win the ...:

@KodyDawg Fair enough...although Ridley plays a much more key role in his stage, enough that I don't know how they'd replace him like they do Toon Link on the Train stage. That said, I really want Dark Samus dang it! The Metroid universe needs a villain representing it in Smash and I say Dark Samus would be a more sensible route than Ridley!

@VeeFlamesNL Andy could ride a tank like Bowser Jr. rides his Koopa Clown Car.

Also, I'd love another Xenoblade character. Maybe Dunban? Of course, we already have a lot of sword fighters and Dunban is a part of Shulk's final smash...Reyn would work though. I've often thought since Ricky appears as an assist trophy and in Shulk's final smash, Reyn should replace him in one of those roles, but he'd make a good fighter too.



Giygas_95 commented on Poll: Which Characters Do You Want to Win the ...:

I vote Isaac since I love RPGs (though I haven't played much of Golden Sun yet). In the actual poll on the Smash website though, I voted for Zero from Mega Man X. Now I'm thinking maybe I should have voted for my favorite Fire Emblem lord Ephraim though. Oh well, it's not like either is gonna happen.

That said, I am interested to see who gets picked (just please not Roy...we already have our Marth clone, and it's Lucina).