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Sun 20th Jan 2013

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Giygas_95 commented on Gallery: Gear Up for the Final Super Smash Bro...:

@Fee One of my favorite things to do is beating Little Mac players with him. That's pretty funny. Beating projectile users with him is hilarious too due to the big disadvantages those matchups give him. Other night I down air meteor smashed a Samus and then finished them off with a Ganoncide. It was amazing.



Giygas_95 commented on Gallery: Gear Up for the Final Super Smash Bro...:

I'm in the minority (at least I think it's the minority) that's more excited for Corrin than Bayonetta.

I know each 3DS stage gets just two songs, but I wish they'd add the two Fates songs to Smash Run. Anyone else feel the same way?

Third screenshot down: Donkey Kong be like "DAT BOOTY DOH."

@Fee Yep, Ganondorf's amazing. I've beaten plenty of smaller, faster fighters with him on FG 1 on 1 and even some larger ones too.



Giygas_95 commented on Nintendo Confirms Bayonetta, Corrin & Final Mi...:

Can't wait for Corrin . Bayonetta not quite as much, but I'm still interested. Still, I can't help but feel they should have gone with Elma instead of Corrin. Xenoblade could use another character after all, and Elma is in pretty much the same situation as Corrin release time wise (coming soon or recently came out).

@Whopper744 Same here. I'm not so big on Bayonetta, but Corrin I am looking forward too. At the same time though, I didn't have any more specific characters I wanted in after Roy (except maybe Elma like I mentioned) so I guess I'm good.

@NintendoFan64 Hey I feel ya. I wanted those stages back too along with Poke Floats and Great Bay, but to be thankful and focus on what IS there right? And there is a lot there to be thankful for.

Smash 4 is about to be complete, guys!



Giygas_95 commented on Image & Form Hails SteamWorld Heist as "an Eve...:

Does anyone that plays Heist ever stand inside Gat Parret's Orbithouse and just listen to the music? I love that song. Great game also of course.
@rodaco I honestly find this game to be more compelling and easy to pick up than Codename. It's just...more fluid you know? If there's one thing that'd make it cooler to me though, it's that you could move freely in missions in much the same way as with Codename STEAM and just have a limited move range. This game actually uses more of a grid format though, albeit in a side scrolling perspective.



Giygas_95 commented on Random: Eager Super Mario Maker Creator Shares...:

And here I'd been working on a series called Lost Mario World. Now everyone's gonna think I'm ripping off on this guy. That said, I'm sure his levels will be far better than mine.

Also does anyone know what he's referring to by Mega Mushrooms? I didn't think those were even in this game. I know the amiibo ones make you big, but I thought that was only for SMB style.



Giygas_95 commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's 2015?:

3DS side was a bit weak for me with the only big things really being Codename Steam and Steamworld Heist. Luckily there was also lots of great Smash DLC. I know there was MH4U, but I never got it.

Wii U side was much stronger. Xenoblade X, Fast Racing Neo, Splatoon, Mario Maker, and I'm still planning on getting Yoshi's Wooly World. Overall I'm a bit dissatisfied with the 3DS's 2015 lineup, but the Wii U's made up for it in full.



Giygas_95 commented on Nintendo Download: 31st December (North America):

NoA really doesn't seem interested in uh... putting out updates that will wow and excite people does it? Even around the Christmas and New Year season.

Hey, does anybody have an educated guess as to when Yoshi's Wooly World might get an eshop discount? I want to download it, but $50 is kinda pricey for me right now.
@MadAussieBloke Where've you been for so long? Haven't seen you in months!



Giygas_95 commented on Feature: Why We're Still Playing... Metroid Fu...:

If there's one thing I wish I could change about this game, it's that I'd love to have unscripted SA-X encounters and for the SA-X to be smarter. Unscripted encounters would elevate the tension to a whole new level. Other than that, really good game.



Giygas_95 commented on Poll: Did The Final Video Presentation for Sup...:

I have to say, the ending was really cool. I loved hearing Sakurai's final words about the game and his thanks to the developers and fans. I also loved the montage of fighters they did afterwards. I'm just sad It's all coming to an end though...



Giygas_95 commented on Nintendo Confirms Details for the Super Smash ...:

@LasermasterA I doubt it's impossible. It does seem a little suspicious that he was dropped as an assist trophy doesn't it? Almost like they wanted to keep the possibility of putting him in open...

As for me...I just want Dillon, Lyn, and Dark Samus...but they're all assist trophies...while boring Rosalina becomes a fully fledged fighter!



Giygas_95 commented on Video: Five Ways FAST Racing NEO Isn't F-Zero:

Awesome thing about this is that the game is it's own thing while also having the F-Zero-ish Hero Mode. It's the best of both worlds! Can't wait to play it tomorrow!

@AlexOlney Was that bit of dialogue at the very end actually in the game? I wasn't expecting a Spiderman reference...



Giygas_95 commented on Splatoon And Super Mario Maker Honoured At The...:

@BulbasaurusRex Yeah my thoughts exactly. Hold off on the awards until early next year. Having them in December seems like big time jumping the gun. It also meant that Fast Racing Neo couldn't get nominated for Best Racing game, and Just Cause 3 couldn't get nominated for Best action adventure game.

I mean it's quite common for some of the year's biggest releases to be in December.