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Giygas_95 commented on Video: Nintendo Now Shows Kirby's Super Cute S...:

@unrandomsam Well, so to Famitsu Return to Dreamland was worthy of a 10, and to Nintendo World Report this was worthy of an 8. That's just their opinion. It doesn't mean RTD is automatically better than this. In my opinion, RTD is more worthy of an 8. It was good, sure, but it felt just a little uninspired to me. On the other hand, I may end up playing this and think it's worthy of a 9 or 10 (or I may not, who knows). Once we've played it, we can decide if it's definitely better than RTD or not.

Also, the reviews of this and Return to Dreamland on Nintendo World Report were done by different people, so you can expect different opinions.



Giygas_95 commented on Nintendo Involved In Patent Dispute Over Wii U...:

"Secure Axcess is chasing 'compensatory damages, costs, among other reliefs' relating to the sale of the Wii U without proper authorization."

Because Nintendo and retailers need authorization from some company we've never even heard about to sell their own hardware?



Giygas_95 commented on A Detailed Analysis Of Super Metroid Is Now Av...:

Interesting! It is my favorite game so this does seem a bit enticing...

On the other hand, the book's name made me think of a book about the anatomy of the creatures known as Metroids. That would be really interesting if someone actually wrote an anatomy book on them, although there isn't much source material to go off of.



Giygas_95 commented on Nintendo Shows Off Upcoming Golden Sun and F-Z...:

Man, Golden Sun, Maximum Velocity, AND SMB3 next week. I can't wait.

Golden Sun's graphics kind of look like Chrono Trigger's to me which is a good thing. Maximum Velocity is my favorite F-zero game (yes, you heard me right), and SMB3 is about my second favorite game of all time (behind Super Metroid).

@Mandalore Here you are, friend!

Oddly enough, they forgot about GP Legends and Climax in this round table, calling MV the only handheld F-zero to date.



Giygas_95 commented on Review: Metroid Fusion (Wii U eShop / Game Boy...:

@hcfwesker It has nostalgic values for me as well because

1: It was my first Metroid game
2: Played it with my brother, and we beat it when we were young (without a guide yet, but it actually took us whole years.) Getting stuck at a certain place for years (specifically the red area in Brinstar. For the longest time, we couldn't figure out how to find Kraid) and then suddenly figuring it out and getting to new areas before finally finishing the game...very gratifying.

Some games are kept alive by nostalgia, but not Super Metroid! It's incredible with or without it.



Giygas_95 commented on Review: WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! (Wii...:

This is better suited to a handheld in my opinion so I'll stick with the ambassador version. It's really fun though, and acing every microgame can take quite a while. A couple of Orbulon's are ridiculously hard to ace (like the one where you have to choose which cup the water is going to go in by looking at the four interconnected pipes).



Giygas_95 commented on Feature: The Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Direct...:

This direct got me a lot more hyped! Sakurai and his team must be working their tails off for two versions, and I can't wait for both!

I'm a little disappointed at Dark Samus only being an assist trophy though. I had hoped she would be a playable character (plus she would have made an excellent villain character representing the Metroid franchise). Some of the other assist trophies are pretty great though. I really like Elec Man and the pong game.

I'm pretty excited about Little Mac and Mega Man though. If Ike doesn't return, one of them may become my new go-to character. I wish he would have told us a little more about Mega Man's final smash though.



Giygas_95 commented on Review: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (Wii U e...:

I got this back at Christmas of '03. Really great game, and I was excited to be able to play it (along with Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3) later when we went on a long trip.

I love this music. So peaceful and nostalgic.



Giygas_95 commented on The Club Nintendo Rewards Are Confirmed for April:

Trajectile for me! I've had my eye on it since I got Starship Defense from Club Nintendo.

It would be nice if Nintendo enriched their monthly lineup a little bit though. Maybe an NES, SNES, GBA (once more of these are available), DSiware, and 3DS game each month.



Giygas_95 commented on Video: Check Out The Mario Kart 8 Visual Upgra...:

@JohnRedcorn Yeah, you pretty much nailed it.

Still, the difference between say, Moo Moo Meadows on Wii and this new version is quite astounding! My dad's really gonna be excited when this releases, as will I of course.

I just hope one of those courses they showed for a moment at the beginning wasn't Moonview Highway...ugh...



Giygas_95 commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Wii U
Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga
Metroid Fusion (because, like @ThomasBW84, I already had it on 3DS, but so what?). The screen smoothing feature makes GBA games look so much better on the big screen. I may get Advance Wars at some point. And goodness knows I can't wait for Maximum Velocity on Wii U (even though I have it on 3DS as well! It's my favorite F-zero!).
Mega Man X and X2 and perhaps some Mega Man NES games in anticipation of Mega Man V, Xtreme, and Xtreme 2 next month.

Retro City Rampage
Splinter Cell 3D
Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island
Yoshi's New Island
(And maybe even Metroid Fusion on 3DS as well. Hah, I like it that much!)

@ProudasaPeacock You may not live very long then if you don't get up to eat, drink, or go to the bathroom!



Giygas_95 commented on Retro City Rampage: DX Update Available Worldw...:

I've been looking forward to this patch. I've wanted the waypoints feature for a while now. I can't believe the game has 148 songs...

Can anyone tell me what the prison stealth mission is called? I've been trying to find it under the replay story mission menu, but I've had no luck.



Giygas_95 commented on Review: Metroid Fusion (Wii U eShop / Game Boy...:

I've recently played back through the whole franchise except for this one. I was going to do it on my 3DS...but I think it'll be epic on the big screen so I'll get this now along with Superstar Saga later!

Good review. That was an interesting point he brought up about Metroid 2 indirectly causing Metroid Fusion. I never thought of that.

It was a wonderful Christmas when I got this way back in 2002. I've played through it almost as many times as I've played through Super Metroid. One feature I would love if this game had is if it tracked the SA-X's position in real time which would cause you to be able to run into it anywhere. You'd have to keep an eye on your map in order to avoid it. Or perhaps it wouldn't be marked on your map which would make things even more tense!

Plus, the game has this great little Easter egg that looks nearly impossible to achieve!

Also, I thought this was interesting.



Giygas_95 commented on Review: Young Justice: Legacy (3DS eShop):

That was a pretty funny review. Especially the end: "Shoot on sight. Bury deep. Curse its grave. Honestly, just thinking about this game makes our blood boil. Young Justice: Legacy is downright offensive." Hah hah...Pretty funny Mr. Wahlgren! You're getting to be almost as good as Mr. Reed!



Giygas_95 commented on EA Boss Peter Moore Apologises For Frostbite's...:

I'm not bothered by those tweets, but reading some of these comments...It'd be better if April 1st were just another day.

And I honestly wish it were.

At the same time, those tweets seemed more like they were made by someone using April Fools Day as an excuse to make a jab at another company rather than to make an actual joke. It's not very professional in my opinion.



Giygas_95 commented on The Wonderful 101 Saving Wallets on Wii U eShop:

I got this back at Christmas, but due to Super Mario 3D World, Pikmin 3, a host of other games since then, and school, I've just kind of ignored it. I'll play through it sometime! I'm playing through on Normal. I guess that's why that guy with the huge sword practically slaughtered me (although I did win!).



Giygas_95 commented on Six Portable Mega Man Games, Including Mega Ma...:

I hope they release more than one a month. I'd seriously like to get my hands on the GBC games.

Edit: Whoops, I just realized the article and Capcom Unity both said they'd arrive every week after that. Well, that's good news! I voted for Xtreme 2 to release first, but it'll probably be either V or Xtreme 1 first.



Giygas_95 commented on Review: Super Mario Kart (Wii U eShop / Super ...:

My brother always loved this game, but I hated it...I never could get a handle on the controls. I actually didn't like the GBA game for the very same reason. Maybe I haven't played them enough, but the later Mario Karts (Wii, and 7) are more up my alley.

I initially had the same problem with F-zero Maximum Velocity, but I got used to the controls, and it's now my favorite racing game. Maybe the same could happen with MK on SNES and GBA. It just seems like the controls on those two MK games slide all over the place.



Giygas_95 commented on Super Mario Bros. 3 Is Warping To North Americ...:

Mmmm...The only GBA game among those that I want but don't already have on my 3DS is Superstar Saga. I may get it...or I may wait until the 3DS gets a proper GBA VC. I've heard Golden Sun is good though, so that's a possible one for me also. I do have Maximum Velocity on my 3DS, but I'd love to see it on a big screen so I may get that one too. As for SMB3, I'll get it on Wii U for the $1 price and especially 3DS because I've been wanting to play the original on my 3DS for ages. I'd still like to know what happened to "Super Mario Bros. 3 will release on both the Wii U and 3DS Virtual Console before the end of 2013" though.