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Sun 20th January, 2013

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Giygas_95 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Brings Life to the 3DS...:

It sort of frustrates me to be honest...I mean it looks great, but I can't make myself upgrade every single time they release a new model. I already upgraded from the original to the XL so I think I'll stay where I am.



Giygas_95 commented on Reaction: Picking Apart The New Nintendo 3DS A...:

Eh, I already upgraded from the 3DS to the 3DS XL so I'll probably stick with that unless this new model were just super cheap (which isn't likely). I can't say that I like the use of micro SDs, and the stylus on the bottom doesn't go over well with me either. I just hope that that second circle pad doesn't mean the current models are going to miss out on a lot of games that will be built around two circle pads. Also, I imagine it may lead to more first person shooters on the system.



Giygas_95 commented on Nintendo Download: 28th August (North America):

Dang, I've been waiting SO long for Mega Man X3. Can't wait to finally download it when I get home. I probably will never use the X Collection version again!

Great week. I'd also like to check out Thorium Wars, The Fall, and Azure Striker, but I'll probably have to limit that a little for my wallet's sake.



Giygas_95 commented on EarthBound Celebrates 20 Very Strange Years of...:

So glad this came to the VC. I had never played if before that, but it was a huge hit with me.

Now, listen to this as you open that scrapbook and think back about all those Earthbound memories.

Amazing thing about this game to me is that, even though I never played it before its VC release, it feels like it was right there with the games I played when I was very young: Super Mario World, Super Metroid, A Link to the Past, Super Mario RPG...

Arrrrgh, now I want to play through it for the fifth time.

@ricklongo Uhhh...Peaches? ;)



Giygas_95 commented on Mario Kart 8 DLC Coming In November, Features ...:

Link racing in Mario Kart. Weirdest thing I've ever seen. I like it! And I like the addition of Animal Crossing characters and new tracks! Too bad they don't add Captain Falcon as a playable character...

Anybody notice that tiny picture of an F-Zero track?

Some other disappointing characters though. I was hoping for Silver Diamond Tanooki Luigi, Platinum Gold Baby Wario, and 20 assorted colors of Yoshis. :P



Giygas_95 commented on Azure Striker Gunvolt Blasts Onto 3DS eShop on...:

@SparkOfSpirit Personally, I'd have enjoyed them more without the Metroidvania aspect. Wandering around until I found the right place in ZX was annoying. I think they should have made it like the first Mega Man Zero and just had you instantly warp to the place you need to go when you start a mission. A better map would have helped too.



Giygas_95 commented on Captain Falcon, Lucina and Robin All Join The ...:

YAY. I've been enjoying Awakening a lot lately. I'm glad the Captain is back too! At least we know F-Zero isn't COMPLETELY dead. :P

And wow, four Fire Emblem characters!

You know, this just goes to show how great Captain Falcon would have been in Fire Emblem Awakening. Imagine Falcon Punching all the enemies on a map. :D



Giygas_95 commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Legend Of Zelda Game?:

A Link Between Worlds. I always liked A Link to the Past better than Ocarina of Time, but then Between Worlds came along and one-upped A Link to the Past. I was kind of torn as I'm sure many of you were though. This series has no shortage of masterpieces.

@JeffreyG Same here! I think ALBW really was better than ALttP which is impressive considering that ALttP was one of my childhood favorites.



Giygas_95 commented on Review: AiRace Xeno (3DS eShop):

I got this and Speed together, and I must say they're quite fun. I wish this one didn't have half as much content as Speed though. I hope they do one on Wii U!



Giygas_95 commented on If Your Free Mutant Mudds 3DS Update Causes Is...:

Well, glad to hear it! It's weird, because I couldn't find the update on the eshop or by starting up the game this morning, but other people on Miiverse were already playing it (and posting 3D shots of the ghost levels). Well I'm sure glad they're on 3DS now because I prefer having the 3D effect, but I also loved the ghost levels. Now we get both! :D