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Using my talent till i got no more


Fri 16th May, 2014

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GuyWithTheGames commented on Somebody At Ubisoft Really Doesn't Like Mario ...:

came here just to see if ubisoft would get any hate, and their was the obvious ununny jokes of comparing them to EA, but i'm impressed with how little their was of it! not a fan of the dlc myself, it's free so may download just in case i ever do want to use it, but still



GuyWithTheGames commented on Michel Ancel Forms New Studio While Continuing...:

half the comments on this article in a nutshell: "love you ubisoft you released many wiiu games with only one of them selling, how there you be hesitant!"

can i just say i disagree with half the people on this site?
Watch the insults and profanity, please — TBD