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I'm a dude who likes pinball, making petit programs, making pinball table designs, Kirby: Air Ride's City Trial mode, and I am a born again Christian.

Wed 1st August, 2012

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mystman12 commented on Matters Of Import: Collectible Badge Centre Br...:

If they release Kirby Air Ride badges I'll be interested, but otherwise I just don't really see me liking this that much, as I have my home menu sorted just right, so that I only need 1 and 1/3 pages, so I would pretty much never see these. It's still a cool idea, nevertheless.



mystman12 commented on Koji Kondo Discusses Music Creation for Iconic...:

I kinda know what he means when he talks about how the main tunes don't come to him at work. Though I'm certainly not a composer, some of the music used in the ponball game I'm making is a tune that just popped up in my head while I was mowing the lawn. Once I was finished I immediately recorded it, and years later put it in my game!



mystman12 commented on Sony Pictures Is In Negotiations With Nintendo...:

This is going to be great, or a flop, since Sony really is a hit-or-miss studio, but when they hit, some great movies can result. Also, I hope Waluigi will be in the movie!

And how come everyone hates Avi Arad and the new Spider Man movies?! I've seen both and I think they're excellent, although I've never read the comics so maybe the reason most people hate on them is because they aren't true to the comics... Which would be stupid since they are still good movies regardless.



mystman12 commented on Review: Tested With Robots! (Wii U eShop):

@Quorthon Um, no. 10 euros would roughly translate to about $10, not $500!

As for this game, just how does this stuff get approved for the eShop?! I have made my own games that are better than this (In Petit Computer), but none of them are super great and hence I'm not trying to charge people for them. One game I made is a simple, short, yet difficult (haven't even beaten it yet!) shoot 'em up boss battle game, if that makes any sense. It didn't take a long time or much effort to give the game good controls and jumping physics, and I wasn't even taking the game very seriously while I was making it. It was more of a practice project. So why countless developers can't even take the time to put good controls and physics in ther game is beyond me. And the loading times... I don't even understand how that's possible unless you're telling the program to wait one second every time it loads a tile of level data. Petit Computer, which is far, far slower than the Wii U could load these levels in a half a second. In fact, I could probably recreate this game with non existent load times and good controls in Petit Computer...



mystman12 commented on The Latest 3DS Home Themes in Japan Have Monst...:

See, those monster ones (Especially the one with the alligator) are prime examples of the problems I have with themes. I mean, who wants to hear that music whenever you go to you home menu? And who wants to hear a random water splashing noise every time you scroll 3 spaces? And the limitations with animations are pretty lame as well... Why are they limited to like, three frames of animation? I'd love to get some themes, but each one I'm interested in either has, bad menu music, weird sound effects, or one of those weird animations... There is a nice Animal Crossing one I've thought about buying though... I just wish we had options, like being able to toggle a theme's music or animations on and off. I'd be just fine with the skin themes add.

And yes, I want those cat themes. :P



mystman12 commented on Mega Man 2 Fan Remake is Now Available to Play...:

Already about halfway through the first part of the game. I've never played through an entire Mega Man game before so this is a good chance to. Although I feel a little guilty about not just buying it on the eShop Virtual Console... Oh well! :P



mystman12 commented on Anniversary: The Nintendo DS is Now 10 Years Old:

I actually won my DS Lite from a contest on the back of a hot dog package! When it arrived, I sold my transparent GBA so I could buy MySims... I have another transparent GBA now though so yeah! I never played many of the more popular DS games, but some of my favorites are WarioWare D.I.Y., Worms Open Warfare 2, and I have fond memories of Cooking Mama 2. And even DSi Ware has brought some incredible games like Petit Computer and Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon. And of course, download play was (and still is) an incredible feature. Happy Birthday DS!



mystman12 commented on Anniversary: 20 Years Ago Today, Rare Resurrec...:

Donkey Kong Country is my favorite franchise! Everything from the beautiful graphics to the music to the gameplay is all just so good! So happy 20th Birthday Donkey Kong Country! I hope we get to see many more installments in the future!



mystman12 commented on Nintendo Download: 20th November (North America):

DK: King of Swing...
DK: King... of... Swing..?

I'm sorry Nintedo of America, I'm just... What? Why? No, you... you don't do that... Wow, just...

It's Donkey Kong Country's 20th Anniversary, and you give us this?!?! I've been patient with the NA Virtual Console but this is probably the most upsetting thing they've done yet. I have the games and an SNES to play them on, so I'm not upset that I can't play them, but I am upset at the fact that it's the 20th anniversary tomorrow, the games are released in all other regions, there are other people who still won't be able to play these incredible games because of this, and most of all, the released a totally different DK game that no one really cares about. If they wanted to release a GBA DK game, why not Mario VS. Donkey Kong? It's like Nintendo of America was like:

"Hey, DKC's 20th anniversary is soon! Let's release the DKC trilogy this Thursday!"
"Nah, let's release DK: King of Swing instead!"
"Okay, that sounds good! That'll totally be enough to satisfy everyone! TROLOLOLO-"

Seriously, I wouldn't be nearly as upset if DK: King of Swing hadn't been released. It almost seems like they think that's good enough, like people will just take any Donkey Kong game and be satisfied. Nope, doesn't work like that.




mystman12 commented on Review: Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire...:

I want to know about the difficulty as well. X was great, but way too easy which made me kind of wary about getting another Pokemon game. I really want a good challenge this time around, where as in X, once I got past the 1st gym leader everything was way to easy.



mystman12 commented on Teyon Games Adds Text and Voice Chat to 3DS eS...:

Looks, cool, and I'd probably pick it up if was like $2, but $8 is a little pricey for what it offers, and I'd rather just use iMessages and Facetime. I also wonder if it supports SpotPass and if I can message friends even when they aren't using the app.



mystman12 commented on 3DS Homebrew Exploit Set to be Launched on 22n...:

This could be cool to have... Once Nintendo releases their next gen portabable and the 3DS isn't making money anymore. I'm glad this guy doesn't support playing 3DS ROMs, but once he releases this and the info on how it's done, it probably won't take long for some other people to figure out how to do it. of course, I'm sure Nintendo will be on this pretty quickly as well.



mystman12 commented on Feature: Our Predictions For The Animal Crossi...:

I just want a Tropical Freeze track with music by David Wise- and I was thinking the image on the bottom right could be that. It doesn't look quite like a Dark Moon track to me. Besides that, there are literally zero new Donkey Kong tracks, which doesn't seem right since every Mario Kart has at least one.



mystman12 commented on 3DS Version Of Petit Computer Hits Japan Novem...:

Been waiting for this for a while, so I'm glad it's finally got a Japanese date pinned down! Hopefully the NA release isn't that far off, although it probably won't be until 2015.

@BensonUii Actually, this isn't just for New 3DS. By "new 3DS version" the article meant a new version of the app is getting released on 3DS. I really do think New 3DS is the stupidest name choice ever...



mystman12 commented on Eon Ticket StreetPass Relay Announced for Pok...:

Sounds like a neat way to use StreetPass! Definitely better than X/Y's StreetPass anyways. I still wish we would get StreetPass Pokemon battles, trading, Pokédex comparisons, etc. though... So many missed opportunities...



mystman12 commented on New Nintendo Direct Airing 5th November:

How is it I'm the only one here who wants something for DKC's 20th anniversary?! Especially since the image used for the article is Donkey Kong... Sitting in front of a birthday cake...



mystman12 commented on New Nintendo Direct Airing 5th November:

Something to celebrate Donkey Kong Country's 20th anniversary would be nice, even if it does just end up being the games getting released on NA Virtual Console, but I would love some sort of DKC Collection pack with all three original games and a remixed soundtrack by David Wise or something. Gamecube VC would also be awesome!

(Also Kirby Air Ride 2 please!)



mystman12 commented on Video: Join Us For Nintendo Life's Haunting Ha...:

"Devil's Crush is one of the best pinball games ever made."

Heh heh, ha haha! BWAHAHAHHAAHAHA- Okay, I've never played it for myself, but with games like Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon, the Pro Pinball series, and The Pinball Arcade... I really can't see it coming close to being that good. Granted, I've never been fond of the more, "video gamey" style pinball games, which even includes Zen Pinball, even though I love normal pinball, so I really can't judge the game. I bet it's a blast for people who do enjoy that kind of pinball! As far as spooky pinball goes, though, I'd probably just play Bram Stoker's Dracula or Monster Bash on The Pinball Arcade.

I also need to play through Metroid Fusion some time. I have all those Ambassador GBA games and I haven't touched half of them!

Anyways, I'll probably just end up playing a lot of Five Night's at Freddy's, and maybe I'll try to rush a Petit Computer game I was working on that sort of kind of fits for Halloween. Hopefully in FN@F, I'll finally be able to complete night 5.



mystman12 commented on Another Minecraft Clone, Cube Creator 3D Comin...:

Big John Games?! I've been a small fan of the company ever since they made Coaster Creator 3D and when I was treated really well when they apologized for not answering an email I had sent them earlier, and I wasn't asking for it so I was pleasantly surprised. They just make some good games, nothing incredible, but just some nice, good games. I don't know how I feel about them making a Minecraft clone, as I just don't like clones of games in general, but I mean, the screenshots don't look that bad, I dunno. I probably won't pick this up, as I have Mibecraft Pocket Edition on my iPod, (and the PC version, of course) but I will probably try the demo.

Also, still waiting for that Coaster Creator 3D update.



mystman12 commented on Review: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Qu...:

I'm torn... Do I like this better or Tropical Freeze?! I love them both, although I had a different experience with both. I played through TF by myself, but I played through DKC2 with my bro, and while he did most of the playing, I still loved it and made some nice memories at the same time. I guess they both tie in my book. Both offer amazing gameplay, music, presentation. They both deserve a 10/10 in my book, especially considering Returns is the only DKC game that got a 10 on this website, and we all know TF and DKC2 are better than Returns.



mystman12 commented on Review: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Qu...:

9/10?! 9/10?! What?! This review says nothing but how absolutely incredible this game is with no complaints, and it doesn't get a 9?! That doesn't make any sense... I guess this is one of the reasons why my brother dislikes review scores.

But yeah, this is one of my most favorite games and has one of my most favorite soundtracks, (I'm especially fond of tracks Mining Melancholy, Krook's March, and of course, Stickerbush Symphony) so I'm just going to assume the reviewer meant to give it a 19/10 and forgot the 1. :P



mystman12 commented on Nexis Games Launches Kickstarter For Minecraft...:

I need to see how much they're asking for, but if it's more than $5000 I can't see them possibly making their target. They certainly haven't made a good name for themselves, and I don't understand why anyone would Kickstart a Minecraft clone, unless maybe it looks unique enough or someone literally only has a Wii U to play games on and they want to play Minecraft really bad.



mystman12 commented on Satoru Iwata Outlines Nintendo's First QOL Pla...:

Interesting... I don't have any trouble sleeping or going to sleep, but I do have trouble going to bed a turning out my lights at a decent time, so I never get as much sleep as I should. I wonder if this could help with that sort of thing or if it's more for people who just have trouble sleeping in general. Too bad it's not coming any time soon...



mystman12 commented on Video: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Opening Cin...:

Definitely not watching it until I get the game, but I am a little disappointed from the sound of it. Ah well, it's not like this is going to make the game worse or anything, but an amazing Intro could have made it just a little more epic!



mystman12 commented on Review: Riding Star 3D (3DS eShop):

WHAT?! But on the eShop this game is said to be "The most professional riding simulation in fantastic stereoscopic 3D view" (No period) :P

If Nintendo wants to let games like this onto the eShop, then fine, but they should at least check there product descriptions to make sure they aren't just flat out lying. (And to make sure they remember periods)



mystman12 commented on Wii U Owner Proves That Rejecting The End-User...:

...This guy is acting dumb. Who cares if you actually agree with everything or not? Just hit accept and turn off automatic updates, but nope, this guy has to make sure he agrees with everything there. I update my 3DS all the time, and I'm not 18, but I don't take my 3DS to one of my parents just so that they can tap the "Accept" button. Unless the agreement says that after agreeing your soul belongs to Nintendo, just hit "agree", ignore it, move on, and enjoy your system.

That said, Nintendo probably shouldn't lock down and disable a system like that, but the solution is so stupidly simple it really doesn't even matter.