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I'm a dude who likes pinball, making petit programs, making pinball table designs, Kirby Air Ride's City Trial mode, and I am a born again Christian.

Wed 1st August, 2012

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mystman12 commented on Review: Mario Party 10 (Wii U):

Meh, I'm gonna stick with Mario Party 3. The linear boards, lack of interesting items, and the kart mechanic just kind of ruin it for me. I haven't tried it yet, and I'd like to give it a shot, but it just looks so watered down compared to 2 or 3.

Also, I really wish people would stop asking for online- or at least, stop saying they'll only buy it if it had online. Because, if it did have online, I'm pretty sure there would be rage quits, connection errors, and eventually, hackers galore, and you would barely ever be able to finish any parties. I guess being able to play with friends online would be different though, but even then it's just not the same as playing with all your friends together in one place.



mystman12 commented on TEMBO THE BADASS ELEPHANT, The Game Freak and ...:

@ColdingLight Hey, I never once actually said "I am grown up"! ;) In fact, I'm not! (I'm 17) When I am however, that doesn't mean my personal convictions and standards are just suddenly going to change, and that doesn't mean I won't get a kick out of silly avatars either. When I am grown up, well, I'll probably always sort of be a kid at heart. Which I honestly don't see any problem with.

So, perhaps the best way to sum up this argument is by saying this: If you think me not playing a game with a swear word in the title and having a DK temper tantrum avatar (Although, I'm telling ya, he's tap dancing! ;) ) is childish, well, then I'm childish, and I'm proud! :P

/please end argument now



mystman12 commented on TEMBO THE BADASS ELEPHANT, The Game Freak and ...:

@ColdingLight Well, like I said before, I mentioned the Wii U not because I don't have one, but because I'm just surprised it's not coming considering who's developing it. Besides, this game is coming to PC as well, so if I did want it, I'd just get it for my computer.

As for the avatar... Really? You think because one swear word slipped past Nintendo of America's localization team into the end of a two minute long song that people usually skip anyways would ruin an entire game (And it's reputation) for me? C'mon I'm not that sensitive. I'll play a game with a few swear words in it if I want to play the game bad enough (Though that doesn't mean I approve or anything, and I'd always rather not have swearing if possible); Although, I'm not going to play a game where I feel uncomfortable just saying it's name, which would be the case here. Also, my avatar is just a funny DK64 ROM corruption I found. I always thought it looked more like he was tap dancing, but I guess it could work either way. :P Come to think of it though, it may be time for me to get a new avatar. I've had this one for a while...



mystman12 commented on TEMBO THE BADASS ELEPHANT, The Game Freak and ...:

@ColdingLight Actually, I don't need to "grow up." I just have stricter convictions and moral standards because of my faith and personality, and I'd rather not play a game with a lot of swearing in it, much less in the title. As for the Wii U thing, I'm not upset it's not coming to my "precious Wii U" (I don't even have a Wii U yet), I mentioned the Wii U soley because I was just surprised it's being made by Game Freak and SEGA (Two companies that are pretty close to Nintendo) and isn't coming to Wii U. I guess I didn't make that clear enough. Finally, regardless of the name or platform, I still wouldn't care about the game, as it just doesn't look like something I'd be interested in anyways. Putting the swear word in the name basically just made me less interested in it than I would have been in the first place.



mystman12 commented on Remake Request: Super Metroid 3D on Nintendo 3DS:

This is weird... My cousin came for a visit yesterday, and now you guys are posting a bunch of articles related to some of the stuff we did while he was here. We always play Mario Party 3, and then you guys posted the MP N64. His favorite game ever is Super Metroid, and we actually spent a large portion of our time yesterday playing through it on an emulator to create restore points everywhere.

More on topic, I'd be all for it. Maybe add another world, improve the visuals to look less tile-based and more depthy, (Like Donkey King Country Returns 3D) and of course other small refinements, and it would be excellent!



mystman12 commented on Video: More Bizzare Majora's Mask 3D Glitches ...:

Wow, these are some pretty great glitches! It doesn't seem like most modern games have crazy glitches like these, outside of betas, of course, so I'm happy when this kind of stuff shows up. As long as a glitch is complicated to perform (So people don't accidentally run into them) and isn't game breaking, I'm fine with it being in a game.



mystman12 commented on Zen Pinball 2 Set to Hit a New High Score for ...:

I really wish I enjoyed Zen's pinball tables, but I really don't no matter how much I try them. To me, they just can't compare to the rule sets, layouts, and themes that real pinball machines and some other pinball video games (e.g. Pro Pinball, Pinball Fantasies, etc) have on offer. I really want to see The Pinball Arcade come to Wii U, even though I already have it on my iPod Touch. (And I have no problems with that version, despite the touch screen controls.)



mystman12 commented on Guide: How to Transfer from a 3DS to a New Nin...:

But what if I do have a MicroSD card in my current 3DS? (Which is the case I'm in.) Would I tap "No" on the screen that says "Are you using an SD card or MiniSD card with your system? (Please select 'No' if you are using a MicroSD card.)"?

Since I already have a MicroSD card (With an adapter, of course) I feel like the process should be a little bit simpler, since I don't need to transfer everything through a PC. I just take out the MicroSD and stick it in the New 3DS.



mystman12 commented on Poll: Do Video Game Reviews Need To Have A Score?:

Honestly, I wouldn't have much of a problem with scores if people would just interperet the numbers correctly. Sadly a lot of people just scroll to see what number you guys give a game, and if it's 6 or lower they instantly decide not to get it, even if it says something like "If you enjoy this genre, then there is some fun to be had, but there really isn't a ton here to keep others entertained." Personally I do think scores should be phased out so people stop paying so much attention to them, and instead read reviews and make decisions for themselves. Another issue is that, often, people complain that a game with a glowing review didn't get 10/10 but a 9/10, and then everyone in the comments just focused on that. (The Donkey Kong Country 2 review, for example.) Also, sometimes a review site seems to contradict itself by giving, say, a sequel, that the reviewer says is better than the original, a lower score. (ex. Donkey Long Country Returns vs. Tropical Freeze on NL) I just think it would be best to remove numbers and instead just let people judge from the review and conclusion, and use a tag that says something like "Masterpiece", "Only for some", or "Another Meme Run".



mystman12 commented on Nintendo Lists Formally Tested Micro SDHC Card...:

I already use MicroSD (With an adapter, of course) on my 3DS XL, and it's 16GB so I should be fine if I decide to upgrade to a New 3DS. It appears to be a class 4 SD card, though, and it's by some brand called DaneElec, so it might be worth upgrading to a higher class SD card regardless. Maybe I should upgrade to 32 GB as well.



mystman12 commented on Weirdness: There’s A Tomato In My Super Smas...:

Haha, wow! I kind of wish I could end up with one of these defective systems, but at the same time I obviously want to be able to play the game properly. I really wonder what on earth is causing this, though. That's just really weird, especially after formatting the 3DS and the SD card... And why on earth is 1.0.4 the only affected version?!



mystman12 commented on Club Nintendo Goes Rewards Crazy With Final Up...:

I ended up getting the 2015 18 card case, since I've never gotten any of the previous ones, and it had some nice designs on it. A few hours after I ordered it I got two emails for some reason, as some others stated, but it subtracted the proper amount of coins, and both emails had the same order number, so I'm sure I didn't accidentally double order. Anyways, once things calm down, I'm going to get Wario Land II, Super Mario Land 2, and Link's Awakening with the rest of my coins.



mystman12 commented on Club Nintendo Goes Rewards Crazy With Final Up...:

Well, none of the physical rewards interest me all that much, so I'll probably just wait until like the last week and if Nintendo hasn't added any more I'll just pick up some downloadable games for my 3DS. Still hoping for a Tropical Freeze soundtrack, although an XL charging cradle would be nice, as well as a poster set with Greninja on it.



mystman12 commented on Review: Gunman Clive 2 (3DS eShop):

Still need to play the first one, and honestly, I'm not sure why I haven't picked it up yet... Right now I'm saving my eShop credit for SmileBASIC, so maybe after that releases I'll get it.



mystman12 commented on Weirdness: Hands Up If You Knew About the Supe...:

...Well okay then. I don't know how I lived my whole life without ever finding that out... Definitely useful though, and now I don't feel as bad about using restore points at the beginning of every world to beat the game! :D



mystman12 commented on Petit Computer Getting Programmed Out of the 3...:

@BlackSpy Yeah, I've made a few games. I have an original arcade game, though I never finished it as I ran out of ideas after I finished the first level... It's still very playable though. I've also made a simple shoot 'em up boss battle type thing, where you battle a giant, floating, evil baby head, (Don't ask :P) and right now I'm working on recreating Chip's Challenge. (Although I'll never get around to recreating all of the original levels, probably only like 15 or 30 or something like that.)

So yeah, Petit Computer has kept me really busy!



mystman12 commented on Poll: Which Current Generation Nintendo Soundt...:

Tropical Freeze would be an instant purchase for me, even though I've already downloaded all of my favorite tracks for free. David Wise deserves my money and the fact that I can't purchase his music yet is really dumb... Plus, I'd love having it on a collectable CD instead of just an iTunes download or something. I have purchased the Tengami soundtrack though, so there's that...