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Female, United Kingdom

Wed 12th January, 2011

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Yai commented on Preview: Mario Kart 8:

Looks amazing! My only complaint is they keep picking the less fun retro courses. Cheep cheep beach keeps coming back ): Where are the fun courses like DK mountain or waluigi pinball?



Yai commented on Review: Quake II (Nintendo 64):

My family used to play this back in the day. Multiplayer was always great fun, though in terms of gameplay the original quake is my favourite of the series.



Yai commented on New 3DS Firmware Update 6.0.0-11U Now Live:

Just got it. Kinda annoying that I can't backup Animal Crossing or Pokemon Mystery Dungeon but nice that games like Fire Emblem are covered!

Still getting the plaza update.



Yai commented on Capcom USA Senior VP Responds to Ace Attorney ...:

I guess it is understandable if the previous games sold that badly.. I'm getting this day one most likely as I love the series. If it means other games in the series could be brought over that haven't then I hope that this game sells well. Phoenix Wright is a really unique game but insanely compelling. xD



Yai commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Playing Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity since it released last week here. I was worried at people's general reactions to this entry in the series but after having played it through I love the game!

Also Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D because I never played the Wii version and I had no idea it was this good. xD Trying to hold out until AC:NL though..



Yai commented on E3 Nintendo Direct Date and Time Confirmed:

Cannot wait to see what the 3D mario will be like. Mainly because it has been ages since a game with the calibre of things like Galaxy or 64. Smash as well, as I found Brawl pretty amazing. I wonder if they will show some new big secret thing as well o:



Yai commented on Monochrome Pokemon Come to Europe on March 4th:

Nice to see a game come out around the same time for once.. annoying having to wait months :<

Not sure if I will buy it though, some of the new designs are meh. Overall the game is probably really awesome though.