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Fri 7th Jun 2013

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GustavoMaciel commented on First Impressions: Our Maiden Flight In Star F...:

"This is not Starfox at its best". I'm really wondering which games achieve that, other than the SNES and N64 entries (I personally only like the SNES one). Every release after those didn't get good reviews or didn't feel like Starfox. Maybe the series really has nowhere to go.

By the way, Starfox Zero looks much better than the Gamecube one. This comparison looks like a little overreaction.



GustavoMaciel commented on Matters Of Import: Cleaning Up The City In 3D ...:

@Damo Hey Damian, the audio from the Mega Drive has been known to be hard to emulate accurately. Would you consider making a video comparison of this version with the original game using that Nomad of yours? Or even the original Mega Drive, which they say has the best sound chip of them all...



GustavoMaciel commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Dreamcast:

@JHDKoopman I remember the feeling. The visuals were so realistic, the characters had "round" edges as opposed to all the huge polygons on other consoles, the smoothness of the 60 frames per second... It was definetly a leap from the N64 and PSX. I really love this console.



GustavoMaciel commented on Nintendo 64x64: Pilotwings 64:

O absolutely love this series. The 3DS one isn't as good as the previous ones but it's still great. I too would live if Nintendo did something new with Pilotwings!



GustavoMaciel commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Flipped The Tea Table with Hy...:

This was a very good decision. It's important to make very clear that this is completely detached from the main Zelda series, and shouldn't be taken as seriously. It's like Smash Bros. It plays nothing like any of the characters' original games and that's fine, it's great just to have fun playing with those characters.