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Wed 30th March, 2011

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Azooooz commented on Super Smash Bros. on 3DS Lacks Circle Pad Pro ...:

@manu0 When you press the home button, the game is suspended, and you can go to other apps like Internet Browser or Miiverse. This is not the case with Smash Bros. running on old 3DS, which uses almost all of the hardware resource. New 3DS model won't have this issue.



Azooooz commented on Release Day Patch Being Deployed in Super Smas...:

I feel really sorry for Sakurai. He tells us not to go to spectator mode too early to avoid spoilers. Yet the Internet has done so.

I wish that we get the game soon enough, and I can't wait for Nintendo to announce Wii U version release date. It's our biggest mystery.



Azooooz commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

New 3DS features:

  • Improved CPU performance
  • Better 3D technology and viewing
  • Internet browser uses HTML5, like the Wii U
  • NFC built-in
  • Improved brightness adjustment
  • New Nintendo 3DS now uses micro Sd instead of standard SD.
  • Wireless transfer between 3DS and PC through the same network.
    Interchangeable 3DS plates.
  • Improved Battery performance.
  • Increased Screen size, but keeping the same resolution.
  • Coloured 3DS buttons, with the addition of C-stick.
  • Zl/ZR has been added.
    Let me know if I missed something.


Azooooz commented on Pokémon X & Y Themed Toys Coming Down Under T...:

I remember when I was a 9 years old, Burger King had Pokémon spinning toys, where I got the Clefairy one and also displaying a Pokémon animated series. I started to visit the restaurant more often just to see a Pokémon episode there until the offer ended.

I hope McDonald's would do that.