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Wed 30th March, 2011

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Azooooz commented on Super Smash Bros. Hitting 3DS This Summer, Wii...:

After a lot of thinking, I'm actually ok with Smash Bros. Wii U being released in Winter this year, because I know Nintendo will improve it. Days go as quick as a lightning, and the winter comes before you know it.



Azooooz commented on Rumour: Wii and DS Wi-Fi Disconnection May Be ...:

Well, running four platforms' servers costs a lot of money for Nintendo, shutting down two platforms' servers not only help Nintendo save money, but also let them able to concentrate on current platforms (Wii U and 3DS). If the rumor is true, then it's understandable.



Azooooz commented on Nicalis Boss Tyrone Rodriguez Thinks The Wii U...:

Well, he should know by now that he's not forced to make Wii U Gamepad the only playable controller. He also has:
1-Wii U Pro controller.
4-Wii classic controller.

Also, Off-TV is one reason that makes the Wii U different from other consoles.

Oh well, opinion respected.



Azooooz commented on The Next Batman Game Is Arkham Knight, And No,...:

Publisher/developer: "We have a new game for Wii U".
Nintendo fanboy:"Nah, I bought Wii U just for exclusives".
Publisher: "Our new game is coming to all platform except Wii U".
Nintendo fanboy: "Why u no release it for Wii U?"

And the cycle goes on...



Azooooz commented on Latest PS4 Sales Figures Take it Past Wii U Li...:

Anyone who's surprised by this news must have been living under the rock. Sony's marketing hype was way too much than Nintendo's, despite a few exclusive titles for it. Hopefully Nintendo can turns things up for the Wii U this year (at least this year's E3).



Azooooz commented on Nintendo Switching Off Wi-Fi Connection Servic...:

Come on, people! Move with the time already! This is something that will eventually happen. Microsoft did this, Sony will do this in the future, and Nintendo has settled it. If there is a new online service that's better than the old one, then they should concentrate their efforts and time on the new one instead of the old.



Azooooz commented on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Only Sell...:

Like other users have said, DKC:TF is a title that is favorable to Westerns more than Japanese. Also, the install base of the Wii U in Japan is very small compare to other territories like North America and Europe. Besides, not everyone is a fan of Donkey Kong.

Japanese gamers favorite genres are fantasy, science fiction, mecha, and sports like baseball. Nintendo should look at one of these genre to be able to score new consumers fir their Wii U install base.



Azooooz commented on The Year of Luigi Officially Ends on 18th March:

I've noticed something. When the Year of Luigi has begun, Nintendo's troubles with Wii U has started. Bash me all you want, but it's true.

Hopefully, after March 18, Nintendo will make a comeback with Wii U, make some jaw-dropping announcements for the struggling console.



Azooooz commented on Lucario The Aura Warrior Returns To Battle In ...:

Why would people want Mewtwo to return? Mewtwo doesn't have moves that would make him such a worthy character to include, except his recovery and grapples. I'm happy that Lucario made it, because he fits Smash Bros. more than Mewtwo.

Simple explanation: Lucario has both offense and defense moves that grow stronger the more he gets hurt, thanks to his Aura (Fighting Spirit), while mewtwo doesn't. Also, Lucario is faster than Mewtwo.



Azooooz commented on Talking Point: Is There A Future For The Wii U...:

To those who agree on dumping the gamepad, think about what you'll miss:

1- Touch screen mechanism (Drawing, Internet Browsing).
2- Off-TV (Best thing happened for gaming).
3- Additional multiplayer aspect (Asymmetrical Multiplayer, Additional fifth player).
4- TV remote (very useful feature IMO).
5- Inventory/Map functionality.
6- Front camera features (video chat, or games that use the camera)

Think about it: If, and I hope not, Nintendo drop the gamepad from the Wii U, then what are the differences that make the Wii U sets apart from XONE/PS4, or even PS3/X360?

Not only that, Nintendo will rethink its strategy about how to make Wii U a unique console without Gamepad.

My advice is to try the Wii U Gamepad for at least two weeks before giving nonsense suggestions.



Azooooz commented on Talking Point: Is There A Future For The Wii U...:

@Volmun I couldn't agree more. When the Wii remote motion controlling concept appeared, most people laughed at it, saying it's a gimmick. Three of four years later, Microsoft revealed Kinect, while Sony revealed PS Move. Heck, almost all smartphones and Tablets are equipped with motion controlling capabilities. It became standard, even dualshock 4 has it.