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WYLD-WOO commented on Video: Enjoy a Turbo Boost With This Mario Kar...:

@vitalemrecords - This is how I understand it will work. Everyone will race together regardless of purchasing the dlc. The people with the dlc will have an option to choose from two sets of races (one set being a random choice of four dlc tracks). Sounds fair to me, I'm sure 90% of people will get the dlc anyway.



WYLD-WOO commented on Gallery: Project CARS Screens Focus on Realist...:

Well, I personally like this idea. Forza 4 was really poor imo and I've still got hope for this being the driving game of this year. You can't compare this with the might of Mario Kart, nothing can compare with MK.



WYLD-WOO commented on Citizens of Earth Release Pushed Back to 20th ...:

Been kind of strange as I've not played a good rpg since South Park was released. This has been on my radar for a while, no problems with the delay. We are normally used to much worse treatment, here in the EU.

@sinalefa - Shocking right! let's hope this sets a way forward for other future releases.



WYLD-WOO commented on Mario Kart 8 Software Update Will Unlock amiib...:

Haha, some people on this thread sound like they need a new toy to play with.

l completely missed this cool news yesterday... Another great function of amiibo and another reason to purchase ya favourite one. Hope they come out like the costumes on mario golf, they would look perfect on a mk8 Mii.



WYLD-WOO commented on Video: Try Not To Overheat As You Watch Excite...:

@rjejr - I knew you would at least have ideas and that's more than I've come up with. Using the characters not currently used in MK would make a lot of sense and would explain the lack of choices with the selection proposed for the dlc. Great idea and I hope Nintendo see eye to eye with you on that.

My only one idea which is linked with a battle type of mode and would work simliar to smash. Which would involve a new battle mode with the option to battle with or against.



WYLD-WOO commented on Video: Try Not To Overheat As You Watch Excite...:

How brilliant that the track changes each time you play, Excite bike style. Assuming we are getting more that 3 laps then on this track then? Good dam you Nintendo, where is Link on that Master Cycle?

Right, release date... Them mk8 dlc pre-paid cards are going on sale in Japan from 31st. So, I can't imagine retailers would want them on the shelf too long, before the first dlc arrived. Plus, expecting before the smash release dates. However, we have six more tracks to see and at the current trend it been one a week. If we do see another track trailer tomorrow or next few days. Then, I expect an early of the month release.



WYLD-WOO commented on Football Up Online to Kick Off in Europe Soon:

We need a light hearted fun and qwerty football game for Nintendo consoles and this is not it.

@andrea987 - Don't forget sensible soccer.... As much as it pains me to say. FIFA 15 is pretty dam good this year on my Xbox One.

@Azooooz - Egg Ball most definitely wins. I've called it that for years.



WYLD-WOO commented on Yoshi Circuit From Double Dash!! Makes A Comeb...:

Wow, some double dash love! Wonderful to see Nintendo breaking the rules again with this dlc. First impressions are pretty good for this classic track looking like it belongs in the main game. Loving the little details, like yoshi being still wet coming-out the waterfall.

Very interesting to hear more info on this new jeep kart. Could this be the option for inside drifting drivers that want to fire hop too...



WYLD-WOO commented on Nintendo Releases Drop in UK Charts in Face of...:

@JosieC84 - FPS games always seem to do very well in Australia too. Destiny is number 1 at present . Every country has a main sports game that always does well. FIFA is ours because of the culture of football in the UK. In Australia EA golf games always do well. So.... Don't throw stones in glass houses.



WYLD-WOO commented on Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy States a ...:

I feel it's so important that CAPCOM keep all future Ace Attorney games with a digital only release. Would be nice to see a special physical release with extras for real fans. Great price compared with second-hand DS originals and worth every penny.



WYLD-WOO commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014 - Fal...:

@Kevlar44 - Hey, I agree with you. I'm sure the other consoles will catch up mid/late 2015, tho. Out of all my consoles, I still spend most of my time at present with my Wii U. I only have a few retail new gen games for my xbone one and I'm lookng forward to a few titles coming-out on each console. Evil Within is pretty special from what I could see playing the demo recently.



WYLD-WOO commented on XSEED Will Release Rune Factory 4 as an eShop ...:

Marvelous!!! I heard a few days ago about the USK rating be applied for but was still not sure on what was going on. I really believed RF4 was lost to us Europeans forever. Nice to see XSEED not confirming a release windows untill the certification process is complete.



WYLD-WOO commented on Event: Mario Kart 8 UK Championship 2014 At EGX:

A massive congratulations to Jamie and well done to all that took part. I had a fantastic weekend and enjoyed the experience of the finals. Sniff... Sniff.. I won't tell everyone where I finished up -sob-

I must say that from what I could see all the Nintendolife guys, worked really hard to arrange and run the events at EGX last weekend. They deserve a lot of credit for what they achieved.

Any of the finalists that I've not added as friends, please add me when you get the chance.



WYLD-WOO commented on Video: New Bravely Second Trailer Sets The Sce...:

Seems like ages ago that I finshed the first game, which I really enjoyed. 100% expecting a western release, due to excellent sales of the first.

Could this be the best looking game we will ever see on a 3DS? Maybe, just maybe...