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FlaygletheBagel commented on Poll: Which is Your Favourite Super Smash Bros...:

Favorite in the last reveal is Robin by far. Never been a big Captain Falcon user. My favorite newcomer so far is Little Mac, and my favorite character in general is Mario. Not the typical choice, I know, and they nerfed him in Brawl, but I grew up playing as him in every installment. I'll give him a try before anyone else when I play Wii U/3DS.



FlaygletheBagel commented on Sakurai Explains Why Chrom Didn't Make It Into...:

@Haljalikakick64 Fair enough, and I agree with you. I only used the Melee argument because I've seen people discredit the entirety of Smash 4 just because of the roster. That would be as silly as if I said Melee was crap because of all the clones. I don't really consider Toon Link a clone either, but I included him for the sake of argument, to concede that he had at least had a similar moveset as Link and that some might call him a clone based on that.



FlaygletheBagel commented on Sakurai Explains Why Chrom Didn't Make It Into...:

This article should shut down peoples' complaints about Lucina, not encourage them. She's essentially an alt costume for Marth (with extremely minor differences) separated into her own character slot. This is like if people complained that the Male Wii Fit Trainer would be an option in addition to the Female one. Just because Lucina has a slot on the roster doesn't mean she's taking the place of a "more deserving" character. She's essentially an alt with her own character space.

Sheesh. Everyone worships Melee but there were way more clones in that game than in this one. Dr. Mario, Falco, Ganondorf, Roy, and Young Link were all clones in Melee. It surprises me that having one or two characters like that in Wii U/3DS (Toon Link and now Lucina) is making people complain this much.



FlaygletheBagel commented on Feature: A Night At The Theatre With Symphonic...:

Sorry to hear it didn't live up to expectations; I would've thought the London Symphony Orchestra doing Zelda music would be awesome to listen to.

I love the 25th anniversary CD that came bundled with Skyward Sword, and I'm a HUGE fan of the Twilight Symphony.



FlaygletheBagel commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

Not gonna lie, I like the idea of download-only, but the game selection is awful. IMO if you spend 600 dollars on Nintendo stuff in a year, you should be offered a bigger selection than this. This is basically Nintendo flipping their middle finger to their biggest supporters.

Guess I'll pick up Game and Wario since it's one of the few I haven't actually played.



FlaygletheBagel commented on Sony: PS4 Is "Welcoming Back" Wii Owners Who S...:

I have a PS3 for its exclusives, its Blu Ray player, and the occasional multiplatform game, and a Wii U for Nintendo exclusives. And to be honest, I don't really see myself getting a PS4 anytime in the next couple years. It's got nothing that appeals to me, and nothing at E3 stood out to me either. MGS5 will be for PS3 AND PS4, so why drop 400 dollars on a console that currently has nothing unique?

Funny thing is, as I get older, I get less and less interested in the "hardcore" consoles of Sony and Microsoft and get more drawn towards Nintendo for its innovation and unique gameplay experiences. With most people it probably works vice versa, but not for me. I don't have much time these days for video games, but when I do, I like the pure, unadulterated fun Nintendo offers.

Anyway, on-topic, I think Sony is reading their data wrong. Most casual gamers who were only Wii owners have just moved on to their smartphones.



FlaygletheBagel commented on Captain Falcon, Lucina and Robin All Join The ...:

It amazes me people are upset over the character reveals today. What would you have preferred, Chrom? He's just another sword user who would've had a slightly different moveset from Marth at best.

Robin is an incredibly unique fighter, and Captain Falcon was revealed as returning (which Sakurai really has no obligation to do), and Lucina, even if she turns out to be a faster and weaker clone of Marth (which I doubt she will be), that still makes her one of only two clones in Smash 4 (correct me if I'm wrong. I'm counting Toon Link. I don't count Falco or Luigi as clones since they have distinct movesets).

Point is, this is one of the most diverse rosters in Smash Bros history, and people are still hating on it. Heck, you have Mario, Mega Man, Pac Man, and Sonic all in the same game and people are still complaining.

Be excited to play the game and enjoy it for the awesome game it will be, or don't buy it. It's as simple as that. I for one am going to love this game and can't wait to pick up both versions.



FlaygletheBagel commented on Feature: Our Hopes and Dreams for E3 2014:

I'm keeping my expectations low. Let's be honest, how much is Nintendo going to cover in a 40 minute Digital event? Probably not much.

-I expect to hear more about the games we already know about (but probably not all of them), like Zelda U, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, Monolith Soft's X, Yarn Yoshi, Hyrule Warriors, Smash Bros. If they do that and reveal nothing else, I'd honestly be pretty satisfied with it. That's a solid lineup of games.
-I bet Super Mario Sunshine is getting an HD remake, a la Wind Waker.
-Nintendo will talk in great length about the NFC figurines and how they will operate with Super Smash Bros. and one other new crossover game.
-They will give some quick new info on Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.
-Super Smash Bros is likely getting a 3DS bundle.
-We'll see a new Smash character getting unveiled.
-One surprise 3DS reveal is coming. They have to talk about it for 90 minutes, so it's got to be something complicated and in-depth. It can't just be a platformer. My guess is it's Advance Wars 3DS.

Thats all. Even a couple of those things are probably not going to happen. But either way, I'm excited for Nintendo' event and I'll keep on buying their stuff regardless of how much or how little of it there is.



FlaygletheBagel commented on Talking Point: The Timing of Nintendo's Super ...:

Question. Is it actually confirmed that the new Super Smash Bros games don't have their final titles yet? I'm just curious if Sakurai ever said anything about changing the titles. Believe me, I hate the titles "Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS" as much as the next guy, but I don't think they ever said anything about giving them new names. Idk, maybe I'm just not remembering.



FlaygletheBagel commented on Advance Wars Bringing the Battle to the Wii U ...:

NoA has the worst Virtual Console out of all of them thus far. I want to have faith that they'll release Advance Wars and a few other GBA titles to get things off the ground, but who knows at this point? They've withheld SMB3 for months, so a delay in GBA games honestly wouldn't surprise me.

It's a shame that I even said that. Nintendo's sure figured out how to keep my expectations low lately.

Come to think of it, Nintendo of America is doing a lot of weird stuff at the moment. Dropping out of PAX East (which they've never done before), staying quiet about games (VC and otherwise)... Makes me think something else is going on over there.



FlaygletheBagel commented on Talking Point: Important Steps to Bring the 3D...:

I think Nintendo's going in a confusing direction in a lot of ways, not only with the lack of synchrony between 3DS and Wii U, and not only with the slow, pitiful trickle of Virtual Console games, but also in their long-term planning.

Take the Virtual Console as an example. Just about any game from the Gamecube era and back could (potentially) be mapped and emulated on the Wii U (analog trigger quibbles aside). But what happens when Nintendo tries to start emulating Wii games on future consoles? Or Wii U games, for that matter? Is every Nintendo home console that comes out in the future going to need to be compatible with Wii Remotes in order to download old Wii titles? Will future consoles need to have a Gamepad-like accessory in order to play or emulate Wii U games?

You see what I'm getting at here? Nintendo introduced innovations in the Wii and Wii U that they ultimately have to include in future consoles, if they want to keep up with their tradition of backward compatibility. That could potentially hamper their console development in a lot of ways.

Granted, Nintendo isn't bound by backwards compatibility, nor is it an obligation that they make the next console compatible with Wii U games (Gamecube obviously was not compatible with N64 games, nor was an N64 compatible with SNES titles). But considering Nintendo is a company with such a rich back catalog of games, it seems disheartening to consider the possibility that future consoles will need to cap their selection at the Gamecube and exclude games that require the Wii's motion control or the Wii U's Gamepad. But who knows? Nintendo has come up with some crazy stuff before, so it's possible they can do it again. With or without their more recent titles.