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Einherjar commented on Video: Catch Up With Combat Tips in the Xenobl...:

@Will-75 Localization, it takes a lot of time, especially with RPGs.
Remember how long it took for Shovel Knight to come to europe ? And thats not really a text heavy game.
On top of that, its one of Nintendos major flagship titles, im pretty sure they are taking extra care so that the translation is as flawless as it can get.

And on top of that they need to get the infrastructure running, siince the game has online components. They need to set up regional servers, test them properly, set the day one extra install files into motion.
Although a year seems like a lot of time, its a rather short time for a game of that scale.



Einherjar commented on Gallery: Details, Screens and Video for This W...:

@rjejr Like @DarthNocturnal said, its the poster boy of the series and its armor is one that really incorporates the series gimmick of "making armor out of monstes" since the dragon Parts are still very visible and recognizable (Like the Neck Plates on the helmet or the wing tips on the weist armor).

And yes, that sword looks amazing
Bonus trivia: Its called the Djinn or, if upgraded, the Blazing Falchion and is a "Sword and Shield" type weapon.



Einherjar commented on Gallery: Details, Screens and Video for This W...:

@CapnKael Nope, not at all, its "completionism" And youre not the only one infected with it

I recently bought the last 3 packs i passed because i took a little time off of Smash and thanks to Ryu, i was finally able to clear the "100 Man Smash in under 3:00 Minutes" (2:20)

I really love the Mii costumes and the detail that went into them but ive yet to play all the extra Stages.



Einherjar commented on Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Will Support 18 amiib...:

I still think that this is a dumb idea to cross these two frenchises. But still, it looks fun

I just hope that they have improved the pacing, Dream Team Bros was an absolute bore and sadly, the one and only game in the Mario & Luigi series i have never finished.



Einherjar commented on Chibi-Robo!: Zip Lash Could Possibly be the La...:

I never really played any Chibi-Robo game, as it never really appealed to be.
I remember back in the day, that i didnt even know what kind of game thats supposed to be. And with a limited budget, thats a no-buy.

But if they want to establish Chibi Robo as a character and franchise, Smash Bros is right there.

It helped to kickstart Fire Emblem in the west, a (free) entrance as a Smash 4 character to promote its newest game will make quite a lot of people curious about the franchise that otherwise never really got any attention.

The interesting thing is, that they actually kept going with it, although it never really was a successfull IP.



Einherjar commented on Excellent Shovel Knight Sales Prove That Indie...:

Maybe its because Yacht Club didnt treat Nintendo platforms as a second thought choice and didnt make up any excuses why it didnt have this or that feature, why they cant support it in the future etc.

Also, it reached its main target audience. Most Nintendo fans grew up with platformers and are still coming back to Nintendo systems for them. Shovel Knight, being a homage to NES platformers, fits right into Nintendos Portfolio.



Einherjar commented on Climate "Not Healthy" For Dedicated Handheld G...:

@Wouwter Word !

In all seriosuness, if you treat your handheld platform like Sony did, no climate will ever be remotely healthy. Grossly overpriced system. Even more disgusting prices for ridiculously small flash cards (that are necessary, even though the games come on cards themselves), next to no support in terms of inhouse games, unexplainable compatibility issues in regards to backwards compatibility, horrendous localisation issues (PSN EU is a wasteland compared to anywhere else) .

I loved my Vita...for teh 2 hours of enjoyment it brought. Other then that, it was pretty much abandoned by default. Its not the climate Sony, its your own darn fault.



Einherjar commented on Preview: Fabulous Fashion and Questionable Gam...:

Its is a multiplayer game, it was advertised as a multi player game, im not shocked that it only really works as a multi player game.
So whats the big deal ?

Will people next moan about MOBA games not being single player friendly ?
Yes, it uses the Zelda license...and ? Is it prohibited by law that the frenchise may not be used for anything but singleplayer adventure games ?

As for the 3 or 1 player aspect: If the mechanics wont work that way, they wont work that way. Pass, next game.



Einherjar commented on Video Game Voice Actors Contemplate Strike Act...:

@HappyMaskedGuy I just love that youre not a total keaton Very sympathatic person...but im becoming sarcastic again.

But in all seriousness, this isnt just a matter of paying voice actors adequatly, under the asked for conditions, it also causes a lot of unpredictable future costs for devs / publishers.
They get payed for a job well done and recieve future payment should the game sell well enough.
Should this become the norm, i can see several smaller studios not hireing VAs at all to avoid such a problem.
Normally, if were not talking about Scrooge McGame Publisher here, income from one game flows directly into the next project, with calculateable backup funds should things go south.

WIth this, devs / publishers must also calculate further VA costs depending on a games sales. This. plus localization issues can cause quite a lot of problems.



Einherjar commented on Analysts Wonder If Super Mario Can Save Ninten...:

Im among the few (if not only) people around here, who loves a strong mascot wit a regular presence.
Mario is also a franchise that is strong enough to survive experimentation. Unlike, say, Metroid, which saw a gigantic backlash due to its upcomming spin off game, its perfectly fine for Mario to be featured in the most obscure ways possible.
If they would go the UbiSoft route and pump out NEW Mario Bros games on a conveyor belt, id too be fed up.
But as long as the games a varied, i dont really care which cast is involved.

As for "saving" Nintendo...i think there are other companys out there that are in a more desperate need for a saving throw....



Einherjar commented on Video Game Voice Actors Contemplate Strike Act...:

@HappyMaskedGuy Nope, but the "We deserve mor ebecause our job is hard" argument isnt all that convincing, looking at all the jobs out there that are also taxing and downright damaging and also underpayed.
That they should be payed adequately is a no brainer, but their job isnt that much harder then anybody elses is.
How about programmers, should they get a bonus for working 24h shifts when the game ships 2mil units too ? Or should they be happy with their basic sallary ?

If they arent grossly underpayed at the moment, this sounds like a "big name bonus" to me.



Einherjar commented on Video Game Voice Actors Contemplate Strike Act...:

As much as i understand the situation these people are in, there are a lot of jobs out there that ruin you. There are even plenty of jobs where you talk constantly throughout the day.

I worked a job where i had to carry 80kg weights for about 9-10 hours a day. It ruined my back and even damaged a spinal disc.

So yes, i do think these people deserve a proper payment for their job and no, its not because its such hard labour. There are way harder jobs out there that a payed much much worse.

And in regards to "wrecking" your voice: The only person i would take that at face value would be Sean Schemmel and Christopher Sabat.

And for the article: The example of Sutherland in MGSV isnt the best example, since Snake is pretty much a silent protagonist in this one
His overall line could very well have been recorded in one single session.



Einherjar commented on Konami Denies That It Is Walking Away From AAA...:

@Caryslan Totally forgot about Namco, my bad. Yes, they are also doing rather well and, like you said, also concentrate mostly on their tried and true formulars. They still dish out the occasional Pac-Man game, both for arcade lovers and ones for their platformer fans. They regularly revive their oldschool library and they improve but dont change their mainstay IPs.

@Gauchorino You just made my day and won a lifetime support of cookies But seriously, i grew numb to these kind of arguments. If Nintendo would have followed suit, they could have endet like Sega / Komani / Capcom who all tried to follow western game designers.
Like Caryslan above already said, Namco is also going rather strong. What are they doing ? Japanese stuff, arcade games, anime fighters. The same guff they always did.



Einherjar commented on Konami Denies That It Is Walking Away From AAA...:

@Chaotic_Eevee Of course they are not the Konami you know. Look at them, all they have is a bunch of IPs with no one to handle them properly.
Every big "visionaire" has left them.

Its Sega / Capcom all over again. The only functional company from the golden days is Nintendo.
Funny to think, that it is the one company that is always scolded for "not changing" and yet, its the only one still standing rather firmly.



Einherjar commented on Don't Count Nintendo Out, Says Former Xbox Bos...:

@Raptor78 Exactly. Seeing the pretty much nonexistant exclusive first party content and having a gaming PC, a PS4 / XOne is pretty much irrelevant.

@Bliquid Buddy, im a PS4 owner myself, and that thing is catching a lot of dust, trust me. I got mine cheap and for a very narrow reason (Koei Titles). Other then that, this brick has nothing to offer.
Im also a PC gamer, with around 400 Titles on my Steam account. They didnt get there out of Nintendo fanboyism my friend
An XOne is pretty much the only system i dont own counting from the NES / Master System days onward.

@electrolite77 The concept was questionable ? Its a frikin DS for the TV, nothing else. Whats so cryptic about a Controller with a built in screen ?



Einherjar commented on Don't Count Nintendo Out, Says Former Xbox Bos...:

@TheWPCTraveler I wouldnt call the WiiU a multi media device per se.
Yes, it had a few streaming services, but the console OS itself is strictly catered towards games.
If you look at, say, the PS3, it supports music and video files, pictures, also has several streaming services and even an in-house movie store and it doubles as a DVD / Blu Ray player. So gaming wasnt its only major focus.

Im pretty sure that these features are slowly creeping into Nintendo systems too, but will never be a major selling point.
And the WiiU basically flopped, because people got their nerd-boners from hearing what kind of hardware its competitor came with.
That it hasnt been put to good news was irrelevant.



Einherjar commented on Don't Count Nintendo Out, Says Former Xbox Bos...:

Says the man responsible for overprived paperweights

But hes not wrong. Nintendo never aimed to produce multi media boxes, they never strived to make more than a gaming console.
And truth be told, i dont see anything wrong with calling them toys.
Toys are a thing to entertain you with, not enrich your life or something.
And thats pretty much what Nintendo systems do. They are "just" fun video game consoles. Nothing more and certainly nothing less.



Einherjar commented on Xenoblade Chronicles and Fire Emblem Character...:

@the101 Its not really a brawler though. Those combos you see are automated, you basically just initiate them via button combo (direktion+button). The trick is, to experiment with the timing when to start the next chain of attacks to keep your enemy juggling.
It looks like a brawler, but is a classic sRPG



Einherjar commented on Miyamoto: Star Fox Zero Has Been Delayed, "I A...:

I guess the initial disappointment was heard, as the game looked like it was already finished (hence the constant reminder, that it will most like arrive before Zelda).

For me, they can take all the time that they want. With Nintendo, you can be pretty sure that the additional time wil go into the game itself, not into starting PR campaigns.

Lets hope for the best



Einherjar commented on First Impressions: Digging into Shovel Knight:...:

@rushiosan Do you want me to ?
You talked about graphics, i talked about sprite frame / hight limitations, tile layout, pallete limitations, music limitations etc.
Something, Shovel Knight took to heart although they, like i said, cheated with the color palette.

Thus, i quit the discussion before another "but look at them graphixz, its so retro" discussion breaks loose.
Nothing personal



Einherjar commented on First Impressions: Digging into Shovel Knight:...:

@SaKo But thats just it: "although they're not 16 bit"
Just like 8bit, 16bit games had a really destictive style to them and so far, ive yet to see a modern game replicate that.
With Shovel Knight, they did not only replicate this "8bit style" bit they also kepts its limitations (although they admitedly cheated with color pallets here and there)

"16bit style" mostly means 2D games these days, everything with pixels is considered 8bit by default.
Im pretty sure that we wont see another Seiken Densetsu 3, Star Ocean or Chrono Trigger anytime soon, as the tilework alone was a piece of art.



Einherjar commented on Tatsumi Kimishima Named As New Nintendo President:

@amiiboacid I drew the comparison in other comments already.
The N3DS is nothing less then the GameBoy Color of its family.
A 3DS remodel with enhanced hardware specs and a handfull of additional features.

But so far, nothing a CirclePad Pro couldnt handle...which costs you 20 Bucks new.
The DSi offered a fair share of downloadable games not available on the DS itself.
Again, the N3DS only offeres a single game that is exclusive and there are no other games even announced that take advantage of the system other then maybe "reduced startup times".

The GBC was also not supposed to be a completely new model, but was treated this way by its fair share of exclusive games.
Some were enhanced by it but downwards compatible, others were strictly exclusive due to taking advantage of the GBCs enhanced hardware.



Einherjar commented on Tatsumi Kimishima Named As New Nintendo President:

@amiiboacid How about you simply look at the fact that the system only has a single game in its library and nothing else on the horizon ?
Its biggest rival is the 3DS itself. The system is extremely widespread and with literally no reason to upgrade whatsoever, the N3DS is dead weight.
Its a pure "enthusiast" system, which isnt enough to break even.

With more software, the whole thing would have looked completely different.
Heck, even ports would have elevated it from just another 3DS reskin to maybe a portable Wii.
Mario Galaxy 3D, Metroid Prime Trilogy 3D, Twilight Princess 3D.
Xenoblade showed, that the system can handle these games. Heck, the game pushed the Wii and runs without any major sacrifices on this handheld.

But no one took advantage of it, not even Nintendo themselves, which is a pity.



Einherjar commented on Tatsumi Kimishima Named As New Nintendo President:

@Darknyht Over here (Germany) we never really had that sort of problem. We had a strong presence in electronics stores, many demo units (and ive yet to see a Xbone / PS4 one), cardboard ads etc. Right now, our stores are overflooded with Mario Maker stuff. A lifesize Mario cutout at pretty much every corner, cardboard blocks scattared all across the store etc.

@PlywoodStick Thats the point i was trying to make.
The N3DS is technically nothing more then the GBC was. A gameboy with slightly better hardware and a better screen (in color, which was a big deal back then).
But other then the GBC, the N3DS never saw the support the GBC had recieved. The only game really taking advantage of it is Xenoblade.



Einherjar commented on Talking Point: Tatsumi Kimishima Is A Safe Pai...:

@The_Dude_Abides Youre comparing apples to oranges here.
Valve isnt really a game developer anymore. Nintendo on the other hand is both, a console manufacturer AND first party game developer.
Something, that both Sony and Microsoft have lost over the years.

Youre comparing the provider of a digital marketplace for games to a console manufacturer also providing their own games.
Thats a whole new level of "missing the point"



Einherjar commented on Tatsumi Kimishima Named As New Nintendo President:

@Chaotic_Eevee And there are also countless of people who defend the numerous remasters on the PS4, argumenting that "they havent played them before"
Interesting, since they are the most prolific titles of the predecessor system. Why did that system also sell like hot buns and what have these people been playing all these years ?

Also, how is it possible that a console causes so much confusion, yet people have no problem writing esseys about the differences in smartphones that look almost identical to each other, also recieving nothing more then a new suffix.

If you ask me, its mostly nonsense downtalking. If you dont want to get it, you wont get it. The system was clearly marketed as the one with the lesser hardware. And that was reason enough for people to toss it away.
Again, look at smart devices. People love their uber powerful devices, although nothing really comes close to utilizing that properly.



Einherjar commented on Tatsumi Kimishima Named As New Nintendo President:

@SamirMalik He has that "Sensei" look which could really mean anything and nothing.

@Caryslan I dont think anyone wants Nintendo platforms to perform like an Xbox at the moment. As for the current PlayStation, that thing literally sold for no reason. It could be called the PS3-60FPS Edition.
With the PS4 Vs, the WiiU its literally 3rd Party games Vs. 1st Party games. And having a gaming PC, i take the latter any day of the week.

@Chaotic_Eevee I think the WiiU marketing was fine, we just live in times where people mostly care about graphics and technical shenanigans and not about games per se. And thats the WiiUs Achilles heel.
The N3DS on the other hand....yes, that thing was dead at birth.
It is the GameBoy Color of its particular family, a remodel with new hardware capabilities that no one really took advantage of.
They should have made that handheld only when they had enough dev teams to support it with exclusive software.
Xenoblade showed what a beast it is, but that was far from enough.
Heck, even some more Wii Ports would have been nice.



Einherjar commented on Weirdness: Wii U Title Bombing Bastards Become...:

To be fair, the original title was "meh" anyways.
But granted, i was a little confised that it went through with Nintendo in the first place ^^.

@ultraraichu Most of them are preoccupied whining about the fact, that PS+ doesnt offer the newest retail games for free
And if that isnt cool anymore, they come up with excuses for the vast amount of "remastered" editions. Been there, done that.

For me, it speaks volumes that i already spend more time with Mario Maker, which released yesterday than with MGSV, which released over a week ago and which is hailed as (again) THE reason to upgrade to a next gen console.



Einherjar commented on Community: Create, Share, Play and Rate Each O...:

@ThomasBW84 It already said that i completed every example level and it even unlocked MINOR SPOILER the 4 official NWC Stages. But the first two rows of Stages is still missing :/
I just hope that they get added once they pop up in the now randomized 10-Mario Mode...or my inner completionist is about to implode