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Einherjar commented on Video: Something's a Bit Off About this New Tr...:

Haha, great :D
I can hear the screams for this becomming a thing already.

And you know what ? Animal Crossing Vs Phoenix Wright doesnt even sound half bad. Who doesnt want to solve the case of the stolen strawberry pattern chair ?



Einherjar commented on Game Jam Tasks Developers With Creating A Zeld...:

@Arckadius Which would be as pointless as it would need some serious retconning ;) Leave things as they are, there are plenty of female characters suited for the role of a protagonist already.

@Zombie_Barioth I think it was explained in A Link to the past, but my memory is a tad blurry.
But yeah, the Hylians are pretty much the center piece of the Hyrule chess board. Theire royals are the decendents of the goddesses.
The Gerudo tribe, pretty much demi gods, were send to Hyrule to watch over the planet and its inhabitants. And once every century, a male Gerudo is born, leading the Gerudo tribe to their new purpose.
Ganon turned against pretty much everything, the Gerudo tribe couldnt battle their own kin so it was up to the Hylians, the race closest to the goddesses, to clear things up.
Ganons and Zeldas gender are fixed by lore, Links by sheer "coincidence", because these green claded lads are all mimicking the hero of time, which pleases the goddesses, which grants them the courage triforce.

Switch that around and you had to explain why the chicken laid a dinosaur egg ;)



Einherjar commented on Review: Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley (3DS):

I still think that this Minecraft-esque apprach is technically a great idea for the series.
I also dont mind the lack of "dating-sim" aspects, as this is by far the thing i like the least about Harvest Moon games.

Should it come to europe, im pretty sure i take a dive regardles of peoples opinions about the game.
Maybe not for full price, but im still interested.



Einherjar commented on Game Jam Tasks Developers With Creating A Zeld...:

@Zombie_Barioth If i remember correctly, its also said that only princesses of Hyrule have the inate powers to seal away Ganon(dorf) for good.
Pretty much like the whole Kingdom Hearts Disney Princesses thing :P

So yeah, Zeldas and Links gender are fixed by the overacrhing prophecy, ganons is linked due to the overall lore.
There could be a female Link and a male Zelda, but they wouldnt be able to defeat ganon. (because myths, legends and prophecys in fantasy universes are always 100% true). And there can never be a female ganon.



Einherjar commented on Game Jam Tasks Developers With Creating A Zeld...:

@Sanqet Because it would bring nothing new to the game at all. Just some different shout samples.
Link has no personality, no backstory, no nothing.
BUT the games overarching lore is, that at a certain age, boys dress up as the fabled hero of time.

There is literally no point and no need for a gender swap here,
In games where your actions define the games story, like many western CRPGs, its definitly a good thing to have a character creation tool.
But for a series with such a thin story such as Zelda, there is no actual need.

@Zombie_Barioth My best guess: Tumblr Culture -.-
Its the new "in" thing to be against everything, to find problems where there are none and think everything must be changed so that no one feels left out. How reasonable that is seems to be of no concern.

Also, Zelda storylines are paper thin, at least on a game by game basis. Like pretty much every Nintendo franchise, its rather "background lore" driven. And literally the only perisistant thing throughout the whole series that never ever changed in 30 years is the triforce trinity.
The couragous boy, the wise princess, the powerfull warlock.
The male / female hero duo against the male gerudo, the first of his kind in centuries. Its literally the only consistant thing.

@Quorthon It still begs the question: What exactly is your point ?
It doesnt matter if the overall demographic is evenly split or not.
There are plenty female protagonists and support characters. Why should anything be changed ?
Stop reading studies and go out and ask actual gamer woman.
There are plenty Zelda fans among them. Ask them if Link being a boy made the series overall any less fantastic over the last 30 years,
Again, there is no need to change anything. What worked for 30 years will work for another 30 years.



Einherjar commented on Game Jam Tasks Developers With Creating A Zeld...:

"The Legend of Zelda" and therefore, also the legend of Link are a prophecy about a female princess and a male boy united by the triforce.

Switching around the gender of a character that has been established 29 years ago just for the sake of switching genders would be ridiculous.
Not to mention that the gender of most Nintendo characters is completely irrelevant.
The only persons gender that is actually plot relevant in Zelda is ganondorf, being the first male Gerudo in centuries.

I also love the circla arguments when it comes to videogame character genders. "The gender is irrelevant, so why not make him a girl"
If the gender is irrelevant, its also irrelevant that he has been a boy for 30 years now, so theres no point in changing that now.

As for a female lead in general, why not ? There are plenty characters to go with here, Give Impa a spot in the limelight ? Shes already an established warrior, weve seen very little of the shiekah tribe so far, she would be a gread addition for some sort of prequel setting.
Or a Gerudo warrior, trying to stop Ganon herself to lessen the shame of her tribe thats caused by him.

And the list goes on. The Zelda universe is so rich and coloful, why change things established 30 years ago when you could just expand another characters story ?

Also, why do people want to settle with such "workarounds" ?
Whats so "progressive" about that ? Why not demand a proper female character that portraits the demographic, why take away an existing one instead ?
Thats the point where i start to think "youre not trying to push for a more inclusive cast, youre trying to conquer it for your own"

Also, to those poeple mumbling "but he already looks feminin".
Dingdong, wakeup call. Looks have nothing to do with gender.
A feminin look has always been a staple of beaty in asian countries.
Fot whatever gender there is. Feminin = beatiful. Gender didnt matter.
Take Zhao Yu form the Three Kingdoms. A man so beatiful, that plenty of men fell for him. HIs descrion could fit a woman pretty well.
His orientation ? Hes married to a woman.



Einherjar commented on Iwata: Nintendo NX Will Surprise People And Ch...:

@Quorthon Which implies that its another system with a different set of games.
What would be the point of that ? It may as well be a "man-in-the-middle" device. Who knows, a streaming mediaserver, streaming WiiU games to the 3DS and vice versa, maybe with support for other media like Music, Movies and whatnot.
NX could stand for Nexus, a crossingpoint of Nintendos devices.

It could be a dedicated Nintendo Smartdevice, a tablet which could also be used in combination with the WiiU.

We know absolutely nothing about it.
But im pretty sure that we can rule out a replacement if any existing platform.
The WiiU has too many flagship titles still in the works to be ruled out so soon, Nintendo is known for delaying / canceling games to move them to the next upcomming platform, the 3DS just got upgraded, its highly unlikely



Einherjar commented on Iwata: Nintendo NX Will Surprise People And Ch...:

Well, that sounds like a third device in the family.
I guess his quote "only expanding on existing hardware" means consoles and handhelds, bringing something new to the mix, maybe something in between...whatever that may be.
Well, lets wait and see.



Einherjar commented on Zelda Lookalike Oceanhorn: Monster Of Uncharte...:

Its rather interesting to see, that many famous games from the "profitable" mobile market all try to enter the Console / Handheld market, while teh console devs try to enter the mobile market...

What exactly is wrong with the market right now ?



Einherjar commented on Mobile Developers Extremely Positive About Nin...:

@rjejr What @BLPs said. Pretty much no one even heard or knew about these things. It wasnt advertised, it wasnt promoted. Heck, it wasnt even on the games box or anything.
With UbiSofts example, parts of the game were locked away if you didnt have access to the companion app, and thats what people got irritated by.

Sonys "advertising games" ran completely under the radar and thus, had no purpose whatsoever. They werent even any good as a stand alone title.
Thats basically why Sony canned the whole thing, it didnt work.
If you need to advertise your advertisement, somethings horribly wrong.
And be honest, most if not all of Nintendos own IPs dont really need "appetizers" as they are pretty well known and you know in advance what youre going to get.

And if that didnt get people interested so far, youre not going to win them over via mobile companion apps.

Trust me, this will end up like this:
"I dont need a 3DS, i can play Mario on my phone."
"But it isnt the same you know"
"They are all the same anyways"

Just look as Smash 4, people felt like "double dipping" although both games featured vastly different content.
People wont care that the next big Mario title is so much more than the mobile game, "its still a mario game, no need for a new console"



Einherjar commented on Mobile Developers Extremely Positive About Nin...:

@BLPs And not only that, many other companies, like UbiSoft face heavy criticism for their companion app practices.
Like i stated in an earlier post, the instances of a big "proper" video game company branching out into mobile gaming not facing heavy criticism are few and far between.

More often then not, these mobile "adverts" create more bad press then they help actually advertise the game in question.
Because lets face it, most people heavily into mobile gaming arent interested in video game consoles. Why ? Because they already have their gaming platform.
And those that do know about said advertisement games probably knew about the actual game beforehand anyways.



Einherjar commented on Weirdness: Can A Star Fox Barrel Roll Work In ...:

And then there is the G-Diffuser system.
To quote the Arwingpedia:

"The G-Diffuser system could also manipulate a gravity field around the ship, causing it to 'fall' through space, the higher the gravity, the faster they fall, and without any of the variables that an atmosphere would provide, terminal velocity would be based on the strength of the gravity field directing the ship. This gravity field would also explain their maneuverability, why they can move from one area to another without much turning or leaning, because it is proven that there is no hang-time in which you float in the air, you go up, you come down, no middle point where you float."

Adn for the scientific explaination:

"The G-Diffuser system appears to be a system intended to reduce the effects of gravity/acceleration on the pilot of an Arwing. The effects of this system might be duplicated by future advances in Zero-point Energy (ZPE) technology. ZPE is the so-called "background energy" of space, created by tiny pairs of particles that spontaneously appear in space as a result of Heisenberg Uncertainty. These particle pairs are theorized to cause electromagnetic drag on accelerating objects, resulting in the phenomenon that we know as inertia. Harnessing the Zero-Point Energy could result in a nearly limitless power supply as well as certain theorized anti-gravity/inertia-less effects, coincidentally duplicating the action of the G-diffuser system."



Einherjar commented on Sega Producer Explains Exactly What Went Wron...:

@Kosmo I think the Jal & Daxter comparison isnt too far off actually. They even have a similar premise of abandoning seperate stages in favor of one giant seemless world.
The difference worked in Jak & Daxter...
The Ironic part ? The guy who founded Big Red Button was the Art director at Naugthy Dog.

You see, what got me the most in this interview was the fact that he thought the game was too much to handle for the studio. Its a roughly 60 people strong studio.
Now look at one of the most successfull titles to be released in the last couple of days: Cities Skylines. Team strength: 7
Towm buildier "Banished" ? 1 single Person.
Both highly complex games that worked from day one without major flaws.

Again, Boom brought nothing new to the table. All of its ideas had been done before. Even outright copying them would have been better then the job they had done.
What exactly was too much for them to handle ?
The Leveldesign was broken, the basic beat em up gameplay was broken, the hub world concept was broken, the running sections were broken, heck, even the cutscenes are broken and messy.

There is not a single piece of this game that works properly.
I know of many many games with tacked on minigames and sub-modes that didnt work out, but at least the core game worked.

Big Red Button is simply put, completely incompetent when it comes to making games. There is no other way to put it.

You cant fill an entire game with that. Dont get me wrong, those sections were stunning, but for an entire game, they are much too simple.
To this day, i still think that the best ballance between speed sections and platforming was hit in Adventure 1 and 2 and maybe even in Generations, which offered both playstyles.
Sonic isnt just about running in one direction at mach 1.
It has always been a platformer, sometimes even a slow paced one (Again, look at stages like Marble Zone).
High speed sections are fine, but not as its core gameplay, as it would get bland rather fast.
And whats wrong with gimmicks like powerups and such ? They are the lifeblood of any proper platforming franchise. As long as they are thought out well and are properly integrated into the overall gameplay, im perfectly fine with tinkering with the formular.



Einherjar commented on Sega Producer Explains Exactly What Went Wron...:

Are you freakin kidding me ?
"In focus tests, we heard all the time, people were sick of speed"
There, first error: Focus Group tests.
People have no clue what they want until they got it. Thats simply how things work.

"Sonic was too fast, they wanted to slow down"
If you look back at EVERY Sonic game before the PS360 era, Sonic WAS slow. Heck, the argument that Sonic is a pure "hold right and win" game is bollocks.
Just look at Marble Zone and tell me, that this is high octane, constant running gameplay. Even Sonic Adventure had proper platforming, you know, the slower, wait for the right moment to jump kinda platformer.

Frick, even 06 had some decent platforming "ideas"...Remember the last, recent Sonic games that were praised ? Colors and Generations. What did they have in common ? Freakin platforming gameplay !

Remember what Unleashed was criticised for ? Its freakin beat em up sections, god darnit....Is it really that hard to notice, that this is NOT what your buying audience, NOT the focus test group wants ?
A solid, slow paced platformer interrupted by OCCASIONAL high speed sections ? Is it really THAT hard to notice ?

"The biggest mistake in Boom was adding too many features to it. It was too much to ask of any development team"
It worked for Adventure, where basically every Character played completely different. And it worked there, whats the problem, and what "features" are you even talking about ?
Mach seed sections ? Done before, no witchcraft, no level design required. At the very least a proper scene designer.
Beat em up gameplay ? It couldnt have been more mundane then it was. Also, you pulled it off in Unleashed and even there, it was a secondary mode so to speak.
The Hubworld ? What was so difficult about that ? It was barren, empty, void. There was literally nothing, just one, giant map to design.
Who did you hire ? A class of apprentices ?
This title HAD no features at all. Not even something that didnt work out. There was nothing, it was as basic and mundane as it could have been. You couldnt make it more bland, even if youd tried...

" I was tasked with creating an experience that appeals to an audience which doesn't play Sonic"
First: WHY ? Second: Then dont make a Sonic game...Sonic is 24 Years old. If people arent interested in him now, they will never be.
Oh, you mean the "new" audience ? Yeah, they are not interested thanks to your previous efforts...isnt that hard to figure out, isnt it ?

"Solo Sonic games, I don't know how long that can last there isn't enough variety to sustain it. "
Implying that Boom offered any variety at all...

"The future of Sonic games needs to be Co-Op, it worked really well in Sonic Boom"
There is NOTHING that even remotely worked at all in Boom.

"community and online play, that sustains it. In general, you need to do multiplayer and add online multiplayer aspects, that will sustain and keep the franchise alive"
No, you dont. You know what keeps a frenchise alive ? Good freakin games. Online shenanigans arent going to turn poop into solid gold.

Please tell me that this man had a serious head injury and isnt really as dumb and blind as his answeres make him sound....



Einherjar commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Heading For a Period of ...:

We cant fight it, we shouldnt fight it but we also dont have to like it.
I know, i know. Get your "change is bad" memes out, i dont care.

I liked Nintendo the most because they never lost their way. They always were the Nintendo we grew up and loved while the other two major players constantly reinvented themselfes and not always with a good outcome.

I wholeheartedly whish that this turns out to be the right decision, but i have my doubts. Very few "classic" gaming companies entered the mobile market without tarnishing their name somehow.

I am very sceptic about this and i can completely understand why people "fear" this whole thing. Lets all just hope for the best...



Einherjar commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's DeNA Plans and Ideas...:

To be fair, its the sum of all things that "scares" people here.
Moile "gaming" as a whole is known for its rip-off nature, and with Nintendos Pokemon f2p experiemnt, it doesnt look that much different.

Then, we have companies likes Square, who basically neglect proper game releases and just throws half hearted mobile ports onto the market.Another sign of why people "fear" them branching off into mobile gaming.

It also doesnt help, that Nintendo is rather vague with their recent announcments, leaving more questions then answers. Same with Project NX. Will it replace something ? Will it be a third device in the family ?
And all those speculations might actually hurt them in the long run.

Misinformed people might not buy a handheld, "because i can play these game on my phone later". And others might be shy to buy a WiiU because "it might be replaced by that new console".

Thats why people fear that the mobile market might just horribly backfire. Instead of becomming interested in a new device, people might just say "well, i can play Mario on my phone now. They are all the same anyways, right ?"

And should that happen, it becomes "THAT Sega moment"



Einherjar commented on Video: Here's How Long Mugen Power's New Ninte...:

On a slightly off-topic note: What does "Mugen" actually mean ?
Theres a Fighting Game Engine with that name, an RPG series by Compile Heart and a Battery company...and i still have no clue what that word actually means :P

For me, the regular battery life is more than enough. On the go, the battery life lasts long enough for quick play sessions and at home, pluging the sytsem into the main is really a non-issue.



Einherjar commented on Nintendo Working On New 'Dedicated Game Platfo...:

Well, Nintendos platforms are basically all dedicated game mashines, instead of multi media devices. So that could basically mean anything.
But lets look at the Infographic:
NX isnt the centerpiece, nor is it replacing the WiiU. Its just another bubble alongside all these devices.
And seeing that they Smartphones and tablets seperatly, although they are basically the same, it could very well be a new model of either the 3DS, which is unlikely or the WiiU, which is, at this point, way more likely.

Seeing that they are branching out to mobile platforms, i think we should also think about the possibility of a new WiiU Gamepad. One, that could store games on itself and act as a standalone off-TV WiiU alongside a regular WiiU controller.
Or it could be a remodel of the WiiU in a way that it actually "unifies" all listed devices. As some sort of Hub platform.
Remember that patent they were claiming ? That "center of your live" thingy ? Maybe it acts like a games media server, distributung games to all platforms in reach when in LAN or transfering them proper to take with you.
With Nintendos deals with CrunchyRoll and their Nintendo Anime channel, its also clear that they want to branch more into the overall entertainement thing.



Einherjar commented on Weirdness: The Mail on Sunday Still Thinks We'...:

@Volmun Hey, no worries, i didnt take anything personal ;)
Just wanted to add more to my own ranting :P

@whodatninja And why should they ? ;) But they should at least look at the devices name. Thats what these blokes are payed for.
Get technical stuff wrong ? Well, no body is an expert at everything. But getting the name wrong is just lazy. It has nothing to to with being misinformed.



Einherjar commented on Weirdness: The Mail on Sunday Still Thinks We'...:

@Volmun Pretty much this. Im not expecting them to suddenly become tech savvy and know every little detail about that thing.
But getting the name of a product wrong that currently among the best selling gadgets on the market is, frankly, rather lazy indeed.

Hey, i still need to look at the back of my phone to know what model it is, because i have no clue about these things. But im also not writing an article about them. And its no witchcraft to look at the box and see "Nintendo 3DS" and not a single mention of the GameBoy anywhere.

The next thing hes going to write about is Apples MacPhone 6, you know, since Apple used to make Macs back in the day :P



Einherjar commented on Weirdness: The Mail on Sunday Still Thinks We'...:

@Peach64 Well, to be fair, if youre reporting about "the gadget of the week" you should at least do a little bit of research, even if its just a quick look at the wiki page. From there, you get the correct name for the product.
The funny thing isnt that they "accidentally" called it a GameBoy, the actual funny thing is, that these people get payed to be too lazy to even look up the name of the product on its box.



Einherjar commented on Gallery: The Natives Are Most Definitely Hosti...:

Yeah, this is a blatant rip off, from the UI, to its textures all the wa to its models. But to be fair, it might not be all that bad if its done right.
But they should definitly aim to do their very own thing with it, and not just turn it into a carbon copy of Minecraft.

Minecraft modders have shown time and time again that little, subtle changes can turn the entire game upside down. And i hope that these guys try to aim for that too instead of "just" releasing an off brand Minecraft clone to please the masses.

Sure, im still sceptic and far from convinced, but im willing to give it a shot once its here.



Einherjar commented on Kaio: King of Pirates, by Keiji Inafune's Comc...:

Going over your estimated budget is one thing, But his first Kickstarter got him 4 times the money he asked for, and he STILL had to ask for more.
That raised the first eyebrows. Then suddenly, they planned to produce a cartoon show alongside the game. Another thing backers were a little miffed about.
The third and final nail in their coffin was how they treated backers and general supporters. Everyone who disagreed with their radfem community manager got blocked and thus, lost every backer priviledge theyve "paid for". Even worse, for the longest time, those people were denied of a refund for all of this, which lead to some serious trouble for Comcept, forcing them to refund quite a lot of people getting pissed off by their project.

There's no need to get personal- MorphMarron



Einherjar commented on Kaio: King of Pirates, by Keiji Inafune's Comc...:

Yeah, awesome, another small publisher loosing a truckload of money -.-
And yeah, after that Mighty No.9 debacle, im not really suprised.
Maybe they should consider a brand namechange to Incompetentcept or something.
First, they fudge up their business plan on Mighty No.9, having to ask for more and more money, then planning a TV show (great plan if the initial money ask for the game wasnt enough...), then they hire a community manager who blocks backers for disagreeing with her and her radfem ideas...
Nothing short of a trainwreck if you ask me.
The worst of all: Even the die hard MegaMan fans, that were so eager to see this game lost interest in it due to all this. And thats an accomplishment if you ask me, but not a positive one.

Comcept bit of more than they could chew on pretty much all of their products and now they are starting to choke on it.
Its sad that the Marvelous has to suffer because of it...



Einherjar commented on The Man Behind Fluidity And Stealth Inc Discus...:

@Quorthon Sorry, im not reading another wall of text from the guy that misses the point in the first freaking column -.-
Its nice that you made a list of games probably more popular then, say, Call of Duty but im not entirely sure where you got the idea that this is relevant to the fact, that CoD is still among, if not the most well known FPS out there.

We were talking about FPS, werent we ? So why bring out the entire hitlist of games ?

I also just love well informed you are about my gaming habits ;)
Youre a wizard Harry !
Where did you learn to look into other peoples minds ?

But seriously, stop the preaching, or at least try to be on point.
No one is "villifying" anything, no one is talking about Shooter hybrids or any other games incorporating shooter elements. Were talking about straight to the point First Person Shooters. No Borderlands, no Far Cry.
Wofenstein, yes, thats one major contender you brought up, and im rather thankfull that this game endet up the way it is.

Also "They dropped the arsenal because it was unrealistic"...who said games needed to be realistic ? If gaming would drop everything that is unrealistic...well, i hope you like Simulator games.

But seriously, im out. The "you know nothing, i know all, so youve proven my point" thingy kinda rubs me the wrong way buddy. I kinda dont like people pretending to know how "well versed" others are. You have no clue about my gaming track record. Heck, you dont even know what exactly im talking about !

So yeah, have a great day, im dropping out.



Einherjar commented on The Man Behind Fluidity And Stealth Inc Discus...:

@Quorthon The main problem is, that said "Dudebro" games dominate the market and thus, everyone knows them.
So its rather easy to fall back to them when it comes to comparisons.
Be it Call of Duty, Battlefield, Medal of Honor or on the PC, Arma.
The most well known FPS on the current market are Military Shooters.

And im pretty sure, that if people talk about FPS, they dont mean FPS-RPGs (Borderlands, Fallout 3) but the pure FPS genre.
And there has been rather little variaty as of late.

I, for my part, welcome games like Splatoon with open arms. Its offensively colofull, cute and most of all, its different, its fresh and its more than just "shooting dudes" with mashine and shot guns.

And to say that fans of shooters like Turok just got out of touch with the genre isnt quite right.
This type of shooter has simply died out. 2 Weapons, tunnel levels, get from point A to point B objectives are all too common these days, which replaced a ridiculous amount of even more ridiculous weapons, gigantic levels and objectives other than to kill and survive.



Einherjar commented on The Man Behind Fluidity And Stealth Inc Discus...:

In regards to the "Nintendo Fans dont like shooters" discussion:

I dont think that this is completely true. Nintendo fans have grown up with colorful (and not just in terms of color pallets), creative and fun games.
What most people detest are the obligatory grey/brown military shooters.
They are not bad per se, but there are far too many of them and far too less really creative ones.

You see, Splatoon, also a shooter, gets hyped to no end because it is something completely different.
What do i call a "creative shooter" ? Well, take a look at the old Turok series. Its arsenal alone made it enjoyanble.
In modern shooters, the difference between your weapons is rather slim.
To quote a friend of mine: "The difference is the amound of ratatatat they make, when i push a button".
In Turok, to stay with the example, pretty much every weapon was vastly different, creative and outright fun to use.

Another example would be Perfect Dark. Many very unique tools to play around with and the mission structure didnt just consist of "killing everything in sight" And it was also very well recieved by Nintendo Fans.

So yeah, its not the "shooter" in general that isnt liked, its the dull kind of shooter that hands you 40 kinds of assault rifle rather than one auo locking, skull drilling multi missle launcher and a bow shooting explosive arrows going "ayyyyy" :P



Einherjar commented on Here’s Why Axiom Verge is Not Initially Comi...:

@ColdingLight Like many others have said, most Indie devs praise both the console itself and the eShop. Thats why people get so up in arms when a few devs use excuses.
But here, we have technical issues because of the WiiUs different architecture, which is perfectly understandable and reasonable.
No platform would be worth it, if it costs you insane amounts of money to port it or takes too much time.
But excuses like "there is no demand / install base" are just wrong at this point.
They arent abandoning the console out of the blue, they encountered technical issues ;)
The same happened a couple of times during the PS3s early days, when it wasnt even able to get the Unreal Engine 3 to run on it, pretty much the Backbone of last gen. And look what happened ?



Einherjar commented on All Theatrhythm Dragon Quest DLC Set to be Free:

Hmm...might they have actually learned a thing or two from their mistakes ?
Whatever it may be, this can only benefit the game.
I only wish that they would pack up the Curtain Calls DLC into affordable packages.
I dont mind paying its retail price in DLC again, if it doubles the playable content. But Curtain Calls DLC costs almost double the main games retail price which is a definitive no-go for me.
So Square, youre shot: Make DLC bundles and / or a DLC sale.



Einherjar commented on Gallery: Splatoon Development Updates Show Off...:

Pretty much one of my most anticipated games ever :P
And i cant even say why exactly, it just looks like pure fun to play, from its artstyle to its modes and the overall premise.

And its the first time that im hyped for a (somewhat) pure online game since...ever.



Einherjar commented on Poll: Which 2015 Nintendo Blockbusters Should ...:

@unrandomsam You cant compare those two things.
The MK8 DLC "just" added new tracks, unlocking completely new mechanics equals a completely new game.
Everything would have to be tweaked that way, which, to be frankly, would be ridiculous.
Something loke that could happen as an expansion or even as a sequel, but definitly not as an unlockable through an Amiibo.
You cant finance one project with a completely different.
Small goodies, yes, but not an entirely different engine...



Einherjar commented on Review: OlliOlli (Wii U eShop):

OlliOlli is an awfull game...its overly simplistic, it doesn offer much...and its impossible to put down :P
Jokes aside, it well worth the price IF you enjoy score attack games and maybe even rythm games.
And if you do, its really hard to put it down. Its one of those games that really gets you into "the zone".
Just one more run, just one more perfect grind combo, this time with spins in between jumps, this time take another route, this time....

Simply put: If you like arcade score attack games, its well worth your time :)



Einherjar commented on Poll: Which 2015 Nintendo Blockbusters Should ...:

Mario Maker could go the "Little Big Plate" route.
Amiibos could unlock tilesets or even change the character you play (not the mechanics, just the skin).
Scan Adult Link = AlttP Tilesets, Scan Toon Link = Cel Shading filter etc.
Just small, non game changing features as an added bonus to play around with.

But my dream scenario would still be a new Animal Crossing game, where you can invite these Nintendo characters into your town via Amiibo figures.
Tab Bowser onto the gamepad and he will be living next door, including a themed house.
And if they want to sell these things more agressively, make them give you exclusive furniture. Although i think that this will irk some people...

And you could even use the Villiger Amiibo as a portable saving device to locally visit your friends town if youre over, something, that has been lost with the Memory Card.

But back to the above games: Other then Splatoon, which could benefit from more cosmetic items through Amiibos, i cant think of a proper use of them in these titles.



Einherjar commented on Nintendo Confirms Wil Wheaton as Voice Actor f...:

@ACK Totally agreed, thats also why i started getting involved in this sorty thing: To get the fun back into games and throw out politics and social / gender studies.

@Zombie_Barioth This, and that Jack Thompson wasnt as influential in the scene itself. He was heard by the mainstream media and maybe the odd one out politician, Sark on the other hand is also heard by a handfull of devs and manufacturers (like Intel)
And youre absolutely right in that it is mostly "the others" who start such a discussion. You cant complain about "getting attention of GGers" and then rant against them in public TV shows.
These people want the confrontation to go on since it nets them a huge load of cash for doing nothing at all.
You cant even complain about her work, as she hasent done anything. Her video series never properly kicked off although she sacked in all the money, she cancelles speaches left and right although they are greenlighted by the police and shes already payed etc.
Its profitable. If these "journos" and their pals truely wanted it to stop, youd simply see a "this game was made by my pal / was donated by company XY" under their articles and the case would be closed for good.

Heck, just look at NL. This is the first time ive seen this topic come up here. Why ? Because NL has never done anything wrong. If GG is such a ferocious beast just out to destroy the scene, this topic would be all over the forums.
Or look at the Escapist. Problems there are sorted out and the site is actually doing better then ever. All it took was a "we screwed up, lets work together to make it better".

But enough of that, this farce has gone on for far too long. And honestly, i liked it better when the topic didnt matter at all on here.



Einherjar commented on Once Bitten, Twice Dead Coming to Wii U:

@Kaze_Memaryu What makes them bearable in the Resident Evil series is. that they are given a somewhat plausible backstory.
They are the byproduct of a completely different failed experiment, and in many games, you even get to whitness the decying process through a diary or something similar.

And the most important part: They are a threat ! They arent cannon fodder, not even in RE6, where they are pretty much invulnerable unless you load them with bullets or aim for headshots. Depending on the situation, thats quite stressfull.

But im really really sick of these ever same Zombies that are nothing more than a nuisance...oh well.

@Trapleton I already explained it. Wont do it again.