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I almost always have my 3DS with me where ever I go just in case I have a chance to play it. I have always loved nintendo's handheld systems. My favorite video game series is the Fire Emblem series.

Sun 4th November, 2012

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Klunk23 commented on Fire Emblem Bringing The Battle to the Wii U i...:

C'mon America. This would be awesome. I was so close to beating the game last year, but some guy at school decided it would be funny to pull the cartridge out of the system while I was playing and it deleted my save data. Since I don't play my Gameboy Advance that much any more I haven't gone back to it yet but this is the perfect excuse to go through it again.



Klunk23 commented on Captain Falcon, Lucina and Robin All Join The ...:

Well I guess this puts down my hopes for Henry as a playable character. Joking aside I love the new characters. The sword centered move sets of Marth and Ike was what made them my favorite characters so Lucina looks right up my alley. Though her move set looks the same as Marths, Being a newcomer she'll have to be different in some way, so I'll be looking forward to seeing more on her. Robin looks very interesting. Unlike the other Fire Emblem characters he isn't really a sword based character (which it confuses me why people are complaining about him being one). I mean, he has a sword but he seems to barely use it. The main bulk of his attacks are projectile based attacks. I'll have to try out his move set before I see if I'll play as him out not. He's a cool edition either way.



Klunk23 commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Explains His Belief That the ...:

@unrandomsam In terms of how they are toys that you scan into a game somehow, they are the same. But how they are used in gameplay is very different (from what we've seen so far as we've only seen their use in smash). So why they definitely based Amiibo off of Skylanders and Disney Infinity, the way they are using them is adding their own creative spin to it.



Klunk23 commented on Feature: Braving the Queue At Nintendo's Best ...:

Here in Omaha, Nebraska they decided to hand out tickets with Numbers on it. The only issue is there was also a line for some reason(maybe to make it more orginized or something, I don't know). Which confused me and my friends and we ended up getting in line without realizeing we needed tickets. After about an hour and a half of waiting someone else in line informed us of how we needed tickets. When we went up to the Best Buy lady to explain our situation she saw how long we waited in line and instead of giving us tickets with number 250 or something, she asked what number the people in line we were behind were. They were 156 so me and my three friends got numbers 156.1, 156.2, 156.3, and 156.4. The only issue is that she didn't tell the employees who were over running the game about our numbers, so when we got up to the game for our turn, they were super confused. The one employee looked really ticked at us and looked ready to send us home. Luckily they did let us play. Which is great because we would of waited there at best buy for 3 hours for nothing.
Now on the subject of the actual game, it was fantastic. I ended up beating my friends and claiming 1st place as Little Mac. I had to resist playing as my favorite Marth, but I thought what was the point of coming if I'm not gonna try something new.



Klunk23 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Innovative E3 Approa...:

This years E3 is fantastic on Nintendo's part. The Digital Event contained a nice amount of info, and the whole presentation of it was great. And thanks to The Nintendo Treehouse new info and gameplay footage is constantly coming in. And the Smash Tournament really showed the game off great, while at the same time being as fun as ever to watch.



Klunk23 commented on 1001 Spikes Hitting 3DS and Wii U on 3rd June:

Well, I've got Cave Story, VVVVVV, Nightsky, and Ikachan. Nicalis is one of my favorite publishers on the eshop. I'll have to try this out eventually. Once they've fixed the bug and I've got the money.



Klunk23 commented on Nintendo Download: 22nd May (North America):

Well, Just read the review on Sword and Soldiers and I'll think I'll get. Can't really argue with that price point. Plus since Summer Vacation starts today so I'll have plenty of time to play it.



Klunk23 commented on Nintendo Announces "Mario Kart 8 Test Drive Da...:

Cool. Already preordered at GameStop so I'm already set to go for the poster. Plus the GameStop closest to me is participating in the event so that's great. Then again, it looks like basically every GameStop in the Omaha area is participating.



Klunk23 commented on Review: Mario Golf: World Tour (3DS):

Well, wasn't planning to get this... but after this review I think I've got to. Man Nintendo, you give us two games in four months(one of which I was not in to), and then you give 4 games in just over a months time. Not that I mind the games, but my wallet is gonna be hurting.



Klunk23 commented on Poll: Have Your Say on Nintendo Direct Bonanza...:

Before the Smash and Tomadachi directs I would of totally chosen multi-game presentations every time. But both of those were just so amazing that I really had a hard time choosing so I just said I couldn't decide.



Klunk23 commented on Nintendo Shows Off New Courses for Mario Golf:...:

You know, I keep forgetting that this game is coming out with all the hype over Mario Kart and Smash Bros. I'll try the demo next week, but probably won't get it for a while. With Tomadachi Life, Mario Kart, and Kirby all coming out soon.



Klunk23 commented on The North American Version Of Tomodachi Life W...:

@unrandomsam As far as that goes that's not at all how Nintendo of America translates games. When they translate one of their own games they translate it in a way that it'll reach a wider audience. While there are people who wouldn't mind playing a game translated like the way you described, there are many people who would find the game more enjoyable if it was translated in a way that was culturally relevant.