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I'm a pretty good artist. I like playing video games... I hope I can be part of a game designing studio when I'm older and educated. And I love Nintendo.

Mon 12th December, 2011

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kyuubikid213 commented on SmileBASIC Will Bring Petit Computer Game Deve...:

I skipped out on the first one because I didn't have the money and heard it was hard to make games on it.

I'm grabbing this one. I want to design games in the future, so why not start now? It'll be relatively impressive if I go into the field with a couple games that I made on my own (more or less) as a part of a portfolio.

Also, I recently bought a Game Boy Advance and have been even more interested in making a game that feels like a GBA title. Sure, there are a hundred-thousand other people that want to do the retro thing, but I think starting small (relatively) is good.

Hope this comes to America. Maybe I'll buy Petit Computer so I can get a jump start on learning Basic.



kyuubikid213 commented on Standard 3DS Consoles Will Have Limited Online...:

While I do use these features a lot on both my 3DS and Wii U, I don't think it'll be a problem if/when I'm playing online. I am disappointed there won't be any Miiverse posting from the 3DS version, but the better screenshots would come from multiplayer, so you wouldn't be able to go to the home menu anyway. As for no access to the internet browser, I don't know why I'd be on the browser when I'm playing Smash Bros to begin with. I'll likely have my laptop or phone close enough to browse for leisure...and I'd be looking up strategies for battle well before I get into a match with anyone.

These features missing aren't a big loss, but now I'm not sure if I'll be able to ride out the rest of this handheld generation without upgrading. If the 3DS is just the midway point to the Next Nintendo Handheld, I sure hope a new Zelda title, Metroid, Mario, or excellent 3DSWare game don't 100% require the New 3DS.

If I am able to ride out this generation with my original model 3DS, I don't know what I'll do for the next one. It'll definitely get upgrades, so it'd make sense to wait. If it doesn't get upgraded soon, I can save money when a price drop hits. If I don't get it close to launch, I could miss a few great deals/promotions like the Ambassador Program. If I wait a year to get it, I'll be behind the curve on games...maybe even the Next Pokemon game... I don't know how to feel about this. It was different with the GBA SP. It was different with the DSi.





kyuubikid213 commented on Watch Dogs Wii U Release Dates Confirmed:

If it reviews well and plays well (not as buggy and glitchy as ACIII (which ACIV was good, so I expect this to be better than that)), I'll get it sometime down the line. I have no incentive to get it at launch and on top of that, I have no money, so I won't even be getting Smash, Hyrule Warriors, Omega Ruby, or Bayonetta 2 at launch.

I did impulse buy Mario Kart 8 in May... Good thing I didn't have to choose between Mario Kart and Watch Dogs. Thanks, Ubisoft!



kyuubikid213 commented on Poll: Tell Us What You Think of the New Ninten...:

As long as it doesn't halve or quarter the amount of games coming to the original 3DS systems, I'll be fine.

If there's going to be a trend of heavy hitters coming to the 3DS, then I hope it's got backwards compatibility so I can upgrade. (Backwards compatibility to the DS, I mean.).

It's not set in stone that I won't get it, but, as some of you know from a recent forum post, I don't want to buy the system if it's only going to allow me to play 3DS games slightly better. If it gets a ton of exclusive games that make it worth the asking price, I'll buy. If I can get to the next Nintendo handheld without it, I'll do that.



kyuubikid213 commented on Guide: New Nintendo 3DS - Everything We Know S...:

I've seen quite a few people in these comments that think this new system is all about Amiibo or the extra buttons. Those are small compared to the CPU.

For original 3DS, 3DS XL, and 2DS owners, there will be an add-on that gives the system NFC functionality. This means you can still get the Amiibo figures. You just have to get the add-on.

For 3DS and 3DS XL owners, the extra buttons can be purchased by buying a Circle Pad Pro. It's about twenty U.S. Dollars and adds a right circle pad and ZL/ZR buttons to your system. It doesn't even require any crazy way to attach it to your system. You just push it in and you're good to go. You could, in theory, play New 3DS games that utilize the added controls. You just have to get the add-on.

The improved 3D effect, while cool, won't impact your experience too much since the 3D is optional anyway. The auto-brightness feature isn't a necessity for games either. PC connectivity and microSDs also can be done without.

The CPU is the issue. You can't buy an add-on to emulate that. Newer games could require the faster hardware. Older models would be obsolete. Some would say this isn't an issue, but with Xenoblade already confirmed to be New 3DS exclusive, what's to say there won't be more? The fact that out off all the games it could have been they chose Xenoblade is important. Xenoblade has a cult following. It's widely received as one of the best, if not the best, JRPGs of the 7th generation. If they wanted sales and maximum profits, they would have made a version for the original 3DS or at the very least, a spin-off. Nintendo might actually throw support toward these new models and leave the older models in the dust. Otherwise, why not have their mascot test the New 3DS waters? Sure, Xenoblade isn't as massive as Zelda, Metroid, or Mario, but it's still huge. And it's not a new title either.



kyuubikid213 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Brings Life to the 3DS...:

No. I'm not.

I'd be pleased with it and watching it from behind my Cosmo Black original 3DS model, but they had to add more CPU power.

If it were used for some side features like multitasking (someone mentioned that in the comments to the Reaction Video) or simply making Miiverse run faster or allowing the 3D to be better or whatever, I'd be fine. The moment they said the Xenoblade Chronicles port would REQUIRE the added CPU power, I got worried.

I don't have the money to be able to shell out for another system so soon. I wouldn't be bothered if this was a simple reveal of new tech as their next console or something... Or even if this was hinted at along the way. We're only 3 years into the 3DS's lifespan. It's not exactly dead. It's been doing remarkably well, actually.

I don't want there to be a bunch of must-have games that come out on these New 3DS's that force me to upgrade. I had a DS Lite and was able to get through the DSi revision without NEEDING to buy it for any game. Sure, there were games that had DSi features (camera usage mostly) and there was Flipnote, but I didn't have to purchase a DSi to play any of the games I wanted.

Now I'm worried that my $250 purchase from only 3 years ago won't last me the 5-6 years I thought it would. Will there be a Wii U revision that boosts it's hardware capability to PS4/One levels? Was that a waste of money? Should I have waited? Will the next console from Nintendo get a revision so soon into it's life? Will any upcoming 3DS games be made with the older systems in mind? Will I have to buy a New 3DS if I want to play Omega Ruby? A possible future Zelda title?

The Circle Pad Pro didn't even make an issue out of things. Sure, some games were made more with the Circle Pad Pro in mind, but as a peripheral, it didn't see much (or any usage) anyway. The Circle Pad Pro gets use in Resident Evil Revelations, Kid Icarus, Metal Gear Solid 3D, Kingdom Hearts 3D, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, and Moon Chronicles. Out of an entire library of games, only 6 (correct me if I'm wrong) use the thing and the games are perfectly playable without it.

The Amiibo functionality will be an add-on, so that wasn't a worry...but CPU?

I hope Nintendo knows what they're doing. I really and truly do.



kyuubikid213 commented on Xenoblade Chronicles Coming to 3DS in Japan:

I already own Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii (luckily, I was able to get it as the praise just started ramping up for only $44 at GameStop) so I won't be getting this.

I said it on the Reaction Video article and I'll say it again. I really hope this doesn't mean 44 million people have to buy another 3DS to play newer games. This isn't a great move in my opinion. It's looking like it's doing a Sega upgrade.

If it were just Circle Pad Pro features being added, that'd be fine. A faster CPU and New Exclusive games is a path I can't follow...

Again, if, down the line, there are a TON of 3DS games that require the faster CPU, then I'll bite the bullet. As of now though, I already have Xenoblade Chronicles and my 3DS works just fine. I know there's system transfer, but there's no WiFi at my GameStop, so I can't trade in my system and break the new one out of the package to keep all of the stuff I had before.



kyuubikid213 commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

This is cool, but... I'm not going to buy this the second it hits shelves.

I like the faster CPU and Circle Pad Pro being built in, but I already have a Circle Pad Pro. I have a 3DS and it's been working fine for me. I can also buy the Amiibo adapter if I really want to use them on 3DS games.

To be honest, I hope there aren't too many games that follow the Xenoblade Chronicles port and are ONLY playable on the New 3DS. That'd be a slap in the face to 44 million people... Of course, half of those people probably jumped on board when the XL hit stores and a small margin likely own all the models currently out, but I'll hold off on this one unless a significant amount of games I want are ONLY playable on the new models.

As for Game Card and stylus placement, I'm not a fan. I'm also not exactly excited about microSD cards since all of my stuff is on a normal SD card and I'd have to buy a microSD card and adapter to transfer over my saves and games.

Here's hoping it's more or less like the DSi where I can still buy all the games I want without worry about compatibility.



kyuubikid213 commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Confidently Outlines Nintendo...:

Just so long as this means Nintendo will continue to create a varied experience of games (Metroid for shooter/horror, Zelda for adventure, Mario/Donkey Kong for platforming, etc...), I'm fine.

I like some of the "casual" games. I like some of the "hardcore" games. I play what interests and entertains me.

Nintendo, do what you need to do to keep making money. Just keep making games and I'll be here to support. With my wallet.



kyuubikid213 commented on New Legend Of Zelda "Only Possible" Thanks To ...:

I'm really looking forward to this game. I've been looking forward to it since the tech demo...haha...

Seriously though, I'm not surprised. It'd be kind of depressing if they DIDN'T take advantage of the Wii U's hardware to make a great game.

I'm glad to hear there'll be a map on the GamePad. It sounds like they'll be using the techniques they used in Ocarina of Time 3D for this new game. Personally, I'm not bothered by being pointed in the right direction. The Zelda games usually have big worlds. For someone like me with a big backlog, I like having Navi or Fi tell me where I need to be headed to keep the game going. It's a pain when I haven't played a game in a little while and forget what I'm supposed to be doing and end up wandering aimlessly for hours. I hear complaints about this all the time, but it's not like you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO GO HERE RIGHT NOW. The game's just telling you where you should be headed. (I had this issue with Egoraptor's Ocarina of Time vs. Link to the Past Sequelitis. Yeah, Link to the Past doesn't hold your hand as much, but it's not like Link to the Past is a game many people can get through without a guide in the first place. Pointing you in the right direction is NOT the same as forcing you to go from point A to point B like a truly linear experience.)



kyuubikid213 commented on Miyamoto States That Nintendo Is Sticking With...:

@Legromancer I think it's funny how you consider the Wii U a failure when it's outselling (and even outshipping) the Xbox One. On top of that, the Xbox One isn't the same Xbox One that came out at launch anymore. The Wii U has only made improvements since it's reveal while Microsoft's been backpedaling constantly to appease the media and their fans and ultimately failing on both accounts.

Sure the Xbox One will get support the Wii U will likely never see, but the Xbox One is now only a slightly underpowered PS4 that's going to get Halo and nothing more. There's no more Kinect to make it unique. It's going to get all of the same games as the PS4 except a few exclusives (which haven't set the internet on fire like Infamous Second Son did and Uncharted 4 is), and it's been weaker than the system since it came out.

The Wii U, while losing on many other fronts, is still the Wii U we purchased in November 2012. It's gotten more features, more games, and is becoming a must-have console for gamers that can afford having more than one console and WANT more than one console.



kyuubikid213 commented on GameStop President Says "Don't Bet Against Nin...:

I can understand that, and I respect it.

Can I ask why it's not proven it's worth to you though? The idea of a giant DS play style was enough to sell me on the GamePad and Off TV play was something I've loved it for since day one. What do YOU want from the GamePad for it to "prove it's worth"?



kyuubikid213 commented on GameStop President Says "Don't Bet Against Nin...:

Asymmetrical gameplay - okay, fair point about it not being prevalent, but in those few titles that used it, it has great potential and proves to add that much more enjoyment to local multiplayer.

Dual screen gaming - I really don't know what games you're playing where it's annoying. In the games I play where it makes the most difference (Batman, Mass Effect, ZombiU, Wind Waker HD, Assassin's Creed) it's really convenient and I find it hard going back to one screen when I'm on my 360 or Wii. Having a large map always at hand is NOT a hindrance. It's a hell of a lot less annoying than hitting the pause button, navigating through a couple menu pages, looking at where you have to go, and "B"ing your way back to the game.

Touchscreen button hybrid - allow me to respond to that with this: How useful is the PS4's touchpad in any PS4 game and what does it do that the select button or d-pad already didn't? And how useful is the share button in any PS4 or One game? They removed a button that was designated for menus or secondary functions to put in place a sharing feature that could have been added to a menu seen after pressing the home buttons on the respective platforms. At least the touchscreen adds something without taking something else away. Look at how easy it is to switch Mario Kart to Off TV mode or switch to the map or horn (a useless feature, but it's not like you HAVE to use it).



kyuubikid213 commented on Somebody At Ubisoft Really Doesn't Like Mario ...:

I never felt one way or the other about this DLC. I was going to download it regardless because it was free. More cars, more play styles, I suppose.

It doesn't ruin the magic because it's still Mario Kart... This DLC won't change Mario Kart 8 into Forza 5.

Relax, people...



kyuubikid213 commented on GameStop President Says "Don't Bet Against Nin...:

It still hasn't proven it's worth to you?

Off TV Play, quick menu access, new play styles, asymmetric gameplay, dual screen gaming, and touchscreen/button hybrid control and you're still not sold?

What are you expecting exactly? Sure, every possible use for the GamePad hasn't been implemented, but Off TV Play and quick menu access was enough to sell me on the idea when I bought Assassin's Creed on day one.

I'm more sold on the GamePad than removing the Select button for a "share" button...



kyuubikid213 commented on Activision Confirms That Call of Duty: Advance...:

"Hardly Surprising"??


Call of Duty came out on the Wii and DS alongside each PS3, 360, and PC release. While the 3DS got no such love, the Wii U got both Black Ops II and Ghosts.

I'm shocked to see Advanced Warfare won't come to the Wii U simply because Activision took the effort last generation to port the game to the Wii which was vastly underpowered, had awkward online, and used Wii pointer controls until the Classic Controller was finally supported and the DS which was a different beast entirely.

After knocking the DS and Wii out of their Call of Duty release platforms, I thought the Wii U would still be supported if, at the very least, DLC maps and such weren't included.

I'm upset now. Truly sad.



kyuubikid213 commented on Talking Point: A History of the Sexualisation ...:

Sexualized? A bit, yeah, I suppose. It's not like it's the sole focus of the game or like Samus is jumping in the next DOA Volleyball game.

Is it an issue? Not in the slightest. She's got to wear something under her Varia suit and I don't really see her in anything besides the Zero Suit, no matter what iteration of it they use.

I think Samus, Zero Suit or not, is still a strong female character in games that's respected for her incredible feats and general "pro-skills". I don't think there are many people who turn on a Metroid title for the skin-tight Zero Suit. It's not what the early Tomb Raider games were and it's not what Dead or Alive is.



kyuubikid213 commented on Talking Point: A Virtual Console Revival Could...:

I'll say NO to the subscription service, thank you.

I just think Nintendo should bundle games together as package deals and/or lower the prices to some VC games.

Most of all though, there just needs to be more games on the VC. More games means more money.



kyuubikid213 commented on Watch Dogs Will be the Only "Mature" Ubisoft G...:

Assassin's Creed III was my first Wii U game. I loved it. I thought it was great. Then, after I beat the game for some reason, the bugs and glitches became more prominent.

I get the feeling Ubisoft tried harder with Black Flag, but it doesn't look as polished as ACIII.



kyuubikid213 commented on Feature: HD Remasters That Would Be Perfect fo...:

If there are any more remakes on the Wii U, I would like for Nintendo to remake games from the GCN back.

We can play Wii games already, so the Wii remakes would only turn the gaming media to rain (more) fire down on the Wii U for not having any games worth upgrading for whereas the One and PS4 are LITERALLY following that path.

I just think it'd be interesting to see the original Zelda remade or even 3D sequel/remakes to SNES classics. I want a remake to truly show how far gaming has come since the last outing the game had as opposed to showing how we can now add a few lighting effects or pretty up the polygons a little more.

I really hope Nintendo's next console is backwards compatible to the Wii U...



kyuubikid213 commented on You Won't Be Able To Cross Swords Online In Hy...:

I love how everyone's telling Nintendo to get with online when Mario Kart 8 has online features. Y'know, it's like people need to complain about something to go on living. You'd think they just announced no multiplayer at all for future Smash Bros. titles with the way they're acting.

To be perfectly honest, if this game is anything like any Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors game, having online multiplayer would only lock you into playing one game for over an hour. Those fights last a LONG time.



kyuubikid213 commented on Talking Point: The Wii U eShop is Raising Toug...:

I don't get why you guys are attacking @DefHalan for defending The Letter. I bought into it because it looked like a dumb game that I would have gotten my $2 worth out of. It's not like it could get any worse with the updates and DLC (which are free, by the way) and it's not like it's a waste of time either.

I understand that it probably shouldn't have been released in the state it was, but on the other hand, this was a failed IndieGoGo campaign that used what money it got to go ahead and put the game out. It's not like they released this and are charging $15 for it. It's also not like Treefall Studios is some big headed developer that thinks they made the greatest game since Super Mario. He knows he made a game that people are playing because of it's reputation. It's bad. It's awful. It's a damn mess, but people are buying it. People are hating it and enjoying it.

I don't want the eShop to change. As it's been noted earlier, we can look up reviews if we are on the fence about buying a game. There are even reviews on the eShop (basic, but still reviews) so you don't even need to go "online". If you let everything in, that's fine. The gamers will decide what's good and what's garbage. Developers that put time and effort into their game may strike a chord no one thought they wanted struck. Developers that release absolute garbage will simply fail.



kyuubikid213 commented on Latest Wii U System Update Allows Console To C...:

Okay. Well, if my Wii U ever starts acting up on me, I'll be sure to use this feature. Otherwise, I'll just buy a HDD for my Basic Wii U.

I don't download too much digitally, so I haven't had any trouble with my storage space... and I've got a 16GB Flash Drive in there that's able to hold small downloads like The Letter, Update Data for Assassin's Creed, and Trine 2.



kyuubikid213 commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Be Promoting Th...:

I don't think buying the Wii U as a tablet device is the way Nintendo wants the system to go. If that were the case, it would be able to go much farther away from the console (and probably BE the console itself).

Also, if Nintendo ever gets around to selling GamePads separately, we're back on square one with confused buyers. Many moms will buy the GamePad for their kids thinking it IS the Wii U and come home only to see the "Sync to your Wii U" screen and nothing else.

Nintendo should keep pushing what they've been pushing and showing how it works. I played Assassin's Creed III on my Wii U and now when I play on my 360, I'm constantly looking down at my hands to look at a larger "mini" map, quick menu options, and longing for Off-TV play.



kyuubikid213 commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Legend Of Zelda Game?:

@KillScottKill I respect Egoraptor's opinion, but I think he was super biased against Ocarina. Also, he complained about not knowing where to go in the open-ended Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, so I don't know why knowing where to go in Ocarina is a bad thing in his eyes. You can still explore. Sure, there are obstacles you can't overcome until you get a certain item, but at least the world is still open to you. And there are plenty of secrets, too. If you explore the world because you don't feel the need to go wherever Navi, Impa, Zelda, or Sheik tells you to, you will find secrets you can come back to.

To those who don't know, Egoraptor has a Sequelitis series where he compares two games from the same series and gives his own personal comments and opinions toward what the newer games did right or wrong. His most recent one is a 30 minute video where he details why he finds Ocarina of Time to be overhyped (and as a side note, Skyward Sword). He does however contradict his standpoint from past Sequelitis episodes several times in his LttP/OoT video. Another example is how he rags on Skyward Sword for not bringing anything new EVEN THOUGH the game is built around the Motion Plus controls and the 1:1 sword control (unlike Super Castlevania IV and Simon's new whip abilities).



kyuubikid213 commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Legend Of Zelda Game?:

I love each and every one of the Zelda games, but I have to give my vote to Ocarina of Time (3D) simply because it's the only one out of the ones I own that I've gone back and played again... I'm on my fourth playthrough of Ocarina of Time 3D now and I still love it just as much as I did when I bought it.

Twilight Princess is amazing, Skyward Sword is marvelous, Link's Awakening DX has a charm I rarely see in video games, Wind Waker HD is just incredible, The Legend of Zelda stands up very well for a 30 year old game, Zelda II is...different, but alright, Phantom Hourglass was an incredible experience, Link to the Past is absolutely wonderful, Link Between Worlds is interesting, Four Swords Anniversary is the best time waster I've ever played (though sadly never with friends), and Majora's Mask has an atmosphere that stays with me long after playing.

The Legend of Zelda series in general lives up to it's name. It's a legend amongst games. Even the "worst" of the Zelda games is still a brilliant GAME.



kyuubikid213 commented on Nintendo Files Patent for "Eye Tracking" Devic...:

If this were to work...and work well, I'd probably buy it. Having that much more immersion in a game would be pretty great.

On the other hand, I don't want to have to run out and buy scents for every game I own and I don't want to clutter my entertainment center with fans and such. It's a neat idea, but I think it would need some more time. (I haven't read the entire patent.)

I see this as a proper first step to Virtual Reality, though. Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus look cool, but it's just a gyro sensor attatched to small screens placed in front of your eyes. That's not so much Virtual Reality as it is a Virtual Boy with color and a gyro sensor.



kyuubikid213 commented on Video: Curve's Jonathan Biddle Takes Us Throug...:

I enjoy steath games. I haven't played many serious console ones, but I enjoy them (and stealth elements in other games) nonetheless. When I was younger, stealth WAS horror. Heheh.

I'll keep my eye on this one...

Boy, with all of the game announcements lately, I kind of wish I could win the lottery... That way, I could get what I needed with my newly won dosh and throw all of my paychecks at these upcoming games.



kyuubikid213 commented on Video: Hands-On With Captain Toad: Treasure Tr...:

Just watched about half of it...and I'm impressed.

It definitely looks like there's a lot more than just more Captain Toad stages (which to be honest would be worth the asking price if there were enough of them).

Personally, whatever engine they used for SM3DW (and now Captain Toad) is a great one and I hope it gets used more. It looks absolutely stunning in even 720p!



kyuubikid213 commented on Video: Hands-On With Captain Toad: Treasure Tr...:

I'm interested in this game because I found the Captain Toad levels quite interesting in SM3DW.

I don't doubt it'll be worth the asking price, but I think I'll watch the video now to see how they expanded on those intriguing little mini stages.



kyuubikid213 commented on Stats Suggest That UK Kids Are More Likely To ...:

If I had to choose between a smartphone/tablet or a dedicated handheld gaming console, I'd choose the handheld.

There's nothing wrong with tablets, but when it comes to gaming, I'd choose the original Game Boy over one any day. The buttons are the biggest issue as multiple times gaming on tablets/phones the touchscreen has either not registered my touches and swipes or done the opposite of what I intended.

Also, games on dedicated devices have more depth. Fact. Games on phones and tablets are getting close, but on a system made purely for a gaming experience, there's so much more that can be (and usually is) offered. I know about games like Clash of Clans and I know about games that try to emulate home console experiences, but (not going to knock Clash of Clans because I haven't played it) they're just uncomfortable to play without a controller input. I know there are controllers supported now, but I'm going to call you crazy if you'd rather get a tablet and a controller for it as well as a stand to rest your tablet on just to play games you could have gotten far easier on a console.

I just... To show you where I'm coming from, I have 2048. Got it for free on my phone. Play it a bit. Have fun with it. I heard it came to the 3DS eShop and I'm seriously considering the purchase. I just prefer gaming on dedicated consoles that much.

I've also tried to play games similar to my other DS/3DS experiences like RPGs and such, but they were so difficult to control that I couldn't deal with it. And I didn't care.



kyuubikid213 commented on Miiverse Update Adds Post Embed Option, Activi...:

@Tsuzura I personally only want 1.

2 isn't really an issue to me because, well, the GamePad comes with the system...and it's actually a lot easier to navigate the eShop with the GamePad than it would be without it. It's not...necessary, for lack of a better word.

As for 3, customizable Miis could be cool, but at the same time, Miis aren't really used for much where their customizations would mean anything. The Avatars you make on the 360 have customizability, but I really don't care about it and often forget he's there. At least the Miis show up as your icon where necessary and flood your startup every time you turn on the Wii U.



kyuubikid213 commented on Review: 2048 (3DS eShop):

Dunno. I have it on my phone, but my phone can't hold much stuff on it. Getting it on the 3DS would free up space... And I have my phone and 3DS on me at all times anyway. It's also not like $2 is obscene. They added 3D graphics and it won't be piled with ads. Seems like a fair enough tradeoff.

I might not get it now, but sometime in the future...perhaps.



kyuubikid213 commented on Nintendo Looking To Grow Wii U Audience To Tem...:

@Peach64 I'd agree with you...except I'm pretty sure if the Wii U doesn't have enough sales for the third parties, neither will the PS4 or One. There are 160 million potential buyers on PS3 and 360... I don't think third parties will let those go so can be seen with Watch_Dogs, Wolfenstein, Destiny, Dark Souls II, Call of Duty, Mortal Kombat X, Shadow of Mordor, and Dragon Age Inquisition.

On the other hand, though, it's not like the games that will be released on the Wii U without third parties will be bad. I have a lot of fun with Nintendo Land, Lego City, Super Mario 3D World, and Wind Waker.