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I'm a pretty good artist. I like playing video games... I am going to design video games or be an animator after I get out of school.

Mon 12th Dec 2011

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kyuubikid213 commented on Video: Hands On With The Revo K101 Plus, The U...:

Looks cool, but I'll stick with my GBA and GBASP.

I don't really get why you say goes beyond all that Nintendo can offer in its official capacity...

when half of the extra features don't work well and could be done better on other hardware (official or otherwise).

On top of that, most places I've been to are selling GBAs and GBASPs for around $40 which...isn't that bad really. With this, you get more features, sure, but as stated above they don't all work flawlessly, so...meh.

However, I will concede that sleep mode is kind of cool. Way better to have it on the console than built into games.



kyuubikid213 commented on Poll: Nintendo's Free-to-Play Experiments - Ar...:

They're not bad games, but I don't spend much time playing them because I like deeper experiences.

Yes, I've played Pokemon Shuffle for about a week straight eagerly waiting for my hearts to reset to have another go, but that was just for a week...about 5 months ago. Since then, my time's been devoted to Splatoon, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Super Smash Bros., and tons of other games that just have more to them.

They're harmless though and they're not hurting anyone. If you don't like them, don't get them. They're not even loaded with ads like free-to-play games on Android or iOS...though I can't speak for the mobile phone version of Pokemon Shuffle.



kyuubikid213 commented on You Can Now Buy A Replacement Wii U GamePad On...:

Nice. Can't wait until this comes west.

I would love to finally have two GamePads with multiplayer on the Wii U, but that's a fantasy...

What would be really nice is if they released a new model of the GamePad alongside these. Slimmer (though I have no complaints on the bulk), longer battery life, improved camera (hahaha), better speakers, and a built in collapse-able stand (for those who play off-TV with controllers...I did it once...don't judge me).



kyuubikid213 commented on Shigesato Itoi Explains, Once Again, Why Mothe...:

Hey, that's all fine by me. Just localize Mother 3 and I'll buy that so I can support the series instead of just playing the translation cart I have (though I'll keep playing the translation cart unless it's released on the 3DS).



kyuubikid213 commented on Shovel Knight is Now Playable on Wii U Emulato...:

@Stu13 Uh...what?

Assuming Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo keep building their systems to last, we won't have to worry about that. Hell, I've got a PS1 and I know a few people that still have their original NESs.

Also, if the companies still exist as we know them in 30 years, the original Splatoon would probably be on Virtual Console.



kyuubikid213 commented on Splatoon Bundle Boosts Wii U Sales in Japan as...:

My whole thing on the price drop is...I can't honestly believe that the price is what's keeping people away from the system.

Both the PS4 and One launched at around $100-$200 more expensive than the Wii U with a library of games that was ENTIRELY available on the predecessors that most of us already had or PCs that, again, a lot of us had.

No, people just didn't want the Wii U. Because it was Nintendo? Maybe. Because of the GamePad? Probably. Graphics? I guess. Poor marketing? I think that's the best answer.

PS4's slogan was "Greatness Awaits" and here we are, two years later and "Greatness" has only been shown in, like, 6 titles so far including Bloodborne, The Witcher 3, and Fallout 4 (as far as I can tell from the internet) with other hopefully excellent titles coming out in the coming year(s).

The Wii U pretty much had a lot of what people wanted from the Wii in the beginning, but they WANTED the PS4 and One more for whatever reason.

Three years in, I'm not convinced a price drop will make anyone buy the system. If the current lineup (and upcoming lineup) of games isn't enough, I doubt the system being cheaper will do anything. If it's WAY cheaper (like a ludicrous $150) then PERHAPS some will bite into it, but again, a console stands more on it's GAMES than anything...or at least it should.

I actually regret buying my PS4 as soon as I did because the games I want still don't have a release date...and the games that are out I either have on my 360 or could get for a few dollars.

TL;DR I seriously doubt a price drop will suddenly make Wii Us fly off the shelves. But then again, maybe they'll see a nice boost for a while worked for Microsoft last Holiday.



kyuubikid213 commented on Amazon Lists Pokémon Red, Yellow And Blue At ...:

Please say more about Nintendo being greedy and being able to get it physically for the same price.

I'm getting whichever copy my friends don't get because, let's be honest, at $10 it is a good deal. Unless of course, you've got a GameBoy, a link cable, your original copy (or are willing to pay $20-$400 for a copy), and friends with the necessary equipment. If that's the case, then...yeah. Pass this.

However, in my case, I DO have a GBA and a copy of Silver (which was given to me), but no link cable and none of my friends still have their old systems. What we do have is 3DSs and $10 to spend on a classic.

Do I feel that $10 is a little high? Maybe, but I wouldn't expect it any lower than $7...and even then, it's not like the games aren't worth $10 for all the hours you can put into them.



kyuubikid213 commented on Poll: Did The Nintendo Direct Comeback Fire on...:

I'm going to save this poll so when you all start complaining about not getting new games and that Nintendo releases the same thing over and over again, I can point to the fact that out of all the titles coming in the next 6 months or so, Twilight Princess HD is what got you the most excited. Not a sequel or a spin-off or even a new IP, but a remake of a game you can play by just popping the disc in your system.



kyuubikid213 commented on Video: Check Out a Graphical Comparison for Th...:

Anyone expecting more from this previous generation port is kidding themselves. This is how it's always looked. This is how it's looked this whole generation. Slight resolution bumps in textures and other minor fixes. That's it.

Now, with remakes that come many years later on the other hand or those between systems with a substantial bump in power (ps1 to ps2)...THOSE get rehauls that look superb.

Personally, this is about what I expected from Twilight Princess HD (if it were going to be a thing because I really didn't want it to be). It cleans up where it "needs" to and we'll see what other bells and whistles get added when the game launches. I won't be getting it unless it REALLY adds a lot of content and REALLY knocks it out of the park. I've still got my copy of Twilight Princess on the Wii and I think it still looks fine...HD or SD. The game is still fun to play and that's what counts.

Geez. A lot of complaining about graphics at NintendoLife lately. Ah well. Guess that's what modern gaming's all about.

I don't see anything wrong with this, but I guess if you're constantly setting the bar as high as the Second Coming of Christ, you're bound to be disappointed constantly.



kyuubikid213 commented on The Game Awards Will Take Place on 3rd December:

If Nintendo does win anything, I'll be surprised.

It seems like the usual winners for these things are one of the seven games that come out, like, a week before the awards show...which is stupid.

The GAME OF THE YEAR should be a game that's held its own throughout the year...not just a hype release that finally came out and gets the award while the hype's still flowing--and that goes for every developer.



kyuubikid213 commented on Here's a Breakdown of 3DS Software and Hardwar...:

@datamonkey To be perfectly honest, it doesn't matter if Nintendo releases the games "their fanbase have been crying out for" or not.

Since I joined this site, I have heard complaints about not getting a new Star Fox almost friggin weekly. Now Star Fox Zero is announced and what's the response? Outcry over graphics of all things and how it looks too similar to Star Fox 64 (the only game I ever hear these people talking about--none of you talked about Command or Assault, just 64). On the complete opposite side of the coin, Nintendo announces Splatoon and it's greeted with...excitement. No one wanted Splatoon. Everyone was too busy begging for another Star Fox to even consider a new IP. Where's Splatoon now? It's one of the reasons to buy the Wii U.

No, I hope Nintendo keeps doing what they're doing games wise as opposed to listening to a fanbase that has absolutely no clue what they want...and when they get what they think they want, they whine like spoiled children.



kyuubikid213 commented on Rejoice, The Wii U Has Finally Outsold Sega's ...:

Before now, naysayers were constantly touting that the Wii U was a failure because it didn't even pass Dreamcast numbers.

Now that the Wii U has passed Dreamcast numbers, the naysayers have shifted their argument and still say the Wii U is a massive failure because it took longer.


Guess if the PS4 doesn't beat out 80 million by the end of it's life, it'll be a failure, too, right?



kyuubikid213 commented on Video: Nintendo Goes for the Zany Approach in ...:

@ShikabaneHime13 Okay. Yeah, the demo was pretty bad at that.

@Torterror, in Pokemon, nothing's automated. I control my Pokemon's attacks and just feel like I have more control in general. In the YoKai Watch Demo, the YoKai at my disposal were rather competent and all I really did was occasionally spin the disc and pin the main enemy. The soultimates were neat, but since they were my only combat input, they didn't wow me as much as they could have.



kyuubikid213 commented on Aonuma Talks the Legend of Zelda's 30th Annive...:

All these comments about wanting this Zelda game on the NX.

We still don't even know what the NX is... And a lot of you guys assumptions on it being better is pretty much centered on the "it's not the Wii U" stance.

I'm pretty sure that they've spent quite a long time developing this for the Wii U and we're unlikely to see an NX port unless it's still running on a similar architecture, in which case all of your NX daydreams will come crumbling down.



kyuubikid213 commented on Rumour: Dataminers Dig Up eShop Listings For S...:

Sounds great if they're getting ported like Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid Prime Trilogy.

Personally, I don't want Twilight Princess to get remade just yet. I think it'd be better to hold off on that until the NX launches. Whether it's a handheld or console, I'd be much happier for that.

Of course, GamePad features may make it worth getting.



kyuubikid213 commented on Video: Ocarina of Time's Kakariko Village Gets...:

@KingofSaiyans I do own both PS4 and Wii U and enjoy both.

I just get upset when so much focus is on the visuals when the games are still great. I don't think Pikmin 3 would be a better game with more polygons and higher res textures just like I don't think Metal Gear Solid V would be a worse game with slightly less visual flair. Beefier specs don't always mean higher quality games as we've seen too many times this generation already.



kyuubikid213 commented on Talking Point: Star Fox Zero's Delay Could Be ...:

Hell. Guess that means Xenoblade Chronicles X, Super Mario Maker, Fatal Frame, and Yoshi's Wooly World mean nothing and the impact Splatoon has is gone.

Final nail. I'm so mad I clicked on this article...but hey, it reminded me why I left this site alone for a little while.



kyuubikid213 commented on Video: Watch Miyamoto And Tezuka Pick Apart Th...:

As a future game designer, I liked this video and the section on Super Mario Maker in the E3 Digital Event.

The way they were talking about World 1-1...made me think back to Egoraptor's Sequelitis videos (not the Zelda one) and he pretty much hit the nail on the head, it would seem.



kyuubikid213 commented on Video: Metroid in Unreal Engine 4 is Shiny and...:

@NinjaWaddleDee First off, Federation Force isn't even out yet, so calling it trash doesn't make sense. Try again after you've played it.

Second, Metroid's never not been a creepy game and as far as Nintendo's titles go, it's the most "realistic."

I did not grow up with the SNES, but I have played pretty much every Metroid title (as I'm sure you have as well) with the exception of Pinball. This demo doesn't look or feel like Metroid to me in any way and I'd be personally offended if Nintendo made the next Metroid look anything like this. In my opinion, Metroid Prime looks better than this demo by a long shot. Prime has better lighting, atmosphere, and effects than this demo and, most importantly, it feels like Metroid.

This demo is not Metroid and I really don't think it looks good in the slightest. If ANY game came out looking like this, I can see the reviewers tearing it apart on visuals alone.



kyuubikid213 commented on Video: Metroid in Unreal Engine 4 is Shiny and...:

I really hope people are kidding when they say stuff like...
"This looks good."
"I want the next Metroid to look like this!"

In my opinion, this looks bad and it doesn't have the feel or atmosphere of any Metroid I've ever played. Hell, you all give Other M so much flak, but I'd rather play that over THIS any day.



kyuubikid213 commented on Nintendo Explains Reasoning Behind Upcoming Mi...:

Only things I'd really want from Miiverse would be the ability to post screenshots for all games and a messaging system for BOTH Wii U and 3DS with the ability to message between the two.

Otherwise, I can't say that I've used Miiverse that often lately.



kyuubikid213 commented on Don't Worry, Samus Will Be In Metroid Prime: F...:

I honestly can't wait for this game to come out and be a solid 8/10 so everyone can shut up already...

This is why I don't get my expectations impossibly high.

Like, seriously, I go into E3 and Directs expecting no more than information on previously announced titles. Any new reveals are surprises to me and I want to learn more. Have there been games I hadn't been interested in? Of course, but it's still nice to have an optimistic approach as opposed to getting upset that the [strong]specific game I wanted didn't show up[/em].

...and for the record, I like Other M. Is it the best game ever? No. Is it the best Metroid ever? Hell no. Is it a functional and fun game? In my opinion, yes. If it was called anything other than "Metroid" I guarantee it'd be an obscure Wii gem.



kyuubikid213 commented on Exclusive: Project CARS "Simply Too Much For W...:

Okay, Slightly Mad. That's fine. I hope your game has fun competing against Forza and Gran Turismo as well as the other third party racing heavy hitters.

I'll just use the money I could have spent on your game elsewhere.

They'll have to wait until the game's on store shelves (with mostly positive reviews) if they want to see my money...and judging from the current state of Project Cars on other platforms...this could just be developer laziness.



kyuubikid213 commented on Review: Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains (3DS):

It's a solid game that deserves its 7/10. I tried playing the tribute game online, but it's just...TOO complicated for me.

This is nice, while still offering a challenge (in World Mode anyway) that's from the game and not the controls.